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Enjoy and remember that this is all fiction and will sadly never be true.

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Wayne Rooney was staring into the eyes of Michael Carrick. Poor Carrick, who just innocently came to look for Rooney to have a drink with him. Well, he didn't expect to get this much of a look from the Roonster! Wayne had realised that when the door swung open, that Darren Gibson, to whom Rooney had just given a killer blowjob to, had duck underneath the covers and had not been seen by Carrick. Thank goodness.

"Well, I'll see you later then," Michael said to Wayne as he left the room, but not before winking at Wayne. Rooney sighed with relief as the danger was gone, at least for now. Darren's head emerged from underneath the covers and he was clearly in a state of shock. He quickly got up and got dressed. As he was putting on his shoes, Lee Martin came into the room, which he and Wayne were rooming in. Darren had come here looking for Lee in the first place and the two of them went off. As the door closed Wayne sat down on the floor, running his hands through his hair. He could still fucking smell the cum, Darren Gibson's cum on his hands. What the hell possessed him? He wasn't gay! But the deed had been done and Wayne would just have to live with that.

As Manchester United finished off their tour of South Africa by beating Kaizer Chiefs 4 0 in Pretoria, they were on the plane once more, this time to Nigeria to face FA Cup winners, Portsmouth. The very team who had denied them the Treble last season. Michael Carrick was stunned to feel the warmth this time of the year. He kept wiping off the sweat from his forehead and he desperately needed something cold down his throat. He checked the rooms and saw that he was rooming with Rooney. He and the Roonster were really good friends, on and off the pitch. They played together not only for Man U, but for England aswell. As Carrick and Rooney entered their room, Carrick immediately headed for the shower as he could stand the heat no longer. Rooney decided to wait for Carrick before going out. Rooney layed back on his bed and closed his eyes. Just as he started to drift off, he thought about what happened the previous night. He still couldn't believe it. He had wanked off young Darren Gibson and he had enjoyed every minute of it. Not only that, but wanking the young lad off was enough to make him shoot his thick footballer cum without fucking touching himself! And what's more...shit...he wished that he could do it again with all his heart. Rooney stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. Some of his lady friends said that some of their gay friends do or had fancied him. Rooney knew that he had a gay following. And now he had come from not wanting to have anything to do with it, to having it be a huge turn on for him. He slowly pulled his shirt off and stared at his chest. Well, it was nothing spectacular for him, but he had seen his stomach showing off proudly on some websites when he had typed his own name into Google. Now Wayne was feeling really horny and really wished there was someone to do with what he and Darren did last night...There was!

Oh boy. Michael Carrick was currently naked, and wet, taking a shower in the bathroom that was mere inches away from where Rooney was standing. There was a hard, long, wet cock just a door away from him. Rooney had to bite his teeth and force his body not to move as he knew he couldn't do that. Michael was his friend, one of his best, and Wayne didn't want to do anything that might mess that up. Instead he took out his laptop and switched it on. While it loaded up, his mind once more drifted back to Carrick in the shower. Hair wet, body soaking with with suds and his hairy legs all wet and shiny...Wayne gripped his cock so tightly that it actually hurt. Oh he wanted Carrick so bad at that point. He sat on a chair and logged onto the Internet and went into Google. Then he typed: "Michael Carrick shirtless" into the search engine. His finger hovered on the ENTER button for a moment or two before he firmly pressed it.

It was as if Wayne went into a state of shock. The sexy, georgeous body of Michael Carrick was staring Wayne right in the face. He clicked on some of the pics that he saw, making them larger. He never knew that Carrick was this sexy! Wayne jumped as the bathroom door opened and the real McCoy stepped out wearing only a towel. This was so ironic, he had just looked at pics of Michael on the internet and now a towel was the only thing that separated him from seeing Carrick fully nude. Wayne closed the program and went into his email, pretending to read it while Carrick was talking about the Portsmouth game. Wayne kept stealing small glimpes at Carrick and then finally, Michael took the towel off and his huge flaccid cock came into view.

"Michael, mate! Put away that thing!" he said playfully.

"Why? Jealous?" Michael laughed.

"Not a chance, mate! You might be taller than me, but I'll bet you're smaller than me by a mile."

"Ok, im not gonna stand here and argue who's got the biggest cock," Michael said firmly, putting on some briefs and trousers and just for a moment Wayne thought that he had taken his little game too far, but then Michael smiled and winked at him.

"...because we both know that I'll win the argument!"

Both of them cracked up and high-fived eachother. As Wayne felt Carrick's hand in his own, he began getting that old feeling back again. Carrick saw that Wayne wasn't smiling anymore and had just begun to worry that he had hurt his friend's feelings, when he felt his hand being kissed.

Kissed by Wayne Rooney.

Still holding Michael's hand, Wayne looked right at him and then leaned in to place tender little kisses on the length of Michael's arm until he reached the shoulder. Wayne pulled a stunned Carrick towards him and hugged him tightly. It was a matter of almost a minute when he felt Michael's hands go around his body and landing on his back, returning the hug. Michael knew what they were doing was wrong and fuck knows what would happen if anyone ever saw them like this, but they had been training and playing matches all week, there wasn't really time for getting a bit of relief. And Wayne's hands felt sooo fucking good...

Michael had no objections as he felt Rooney pulling down his trousers. Wayne kneeled on the ground and rubbed his hands all over Michael's sexy abs and chest muscles. Wayne leaned into the fabric covering the prize that he had been after the whole afternoon and he kissed it softly. Michael let out a groan that he himself had never heard before. Slowly Wayne grabbed the boxer briefs and pulled them down. There was Michael's cock, a full nine inches of pure English meat. Made in London and enjoyed in Nigeria. Wayne didn't waste any time as training was looming and he sucked Michael Carrick's cock into his warm mouth.

"Damn Wazza! What are you fucking doing to me?" Michael moaned as Wayne sucked his cock. While he held it at the base, he could feel the heartbeat of the England midfielder pulsing through the thick, red organ. As he had not gotten off in a week, Michael knew that he wasn't going to last long. He pulled Wayne up and and removed Wayne's shorts and watching the striker's cock jump up at him. Michael didn't know what made him do this, but he took Wayne by the hand and they both layed down on the bed. Then Michael swung around so that they were in a 69 position. Slowly, he grabbed Wayne's cock and slowly started to wank it up and down, letting the head make its visit every second or two.

"Michael...Michael that feels so good...why didn't we do this before..."

Michael answered Rooney's question by taking the striker's cock into his mouth. Rooney went ballistic; he had never had his cock sucked like this before. He drove his cock deeper into Michael's throat and pumped even harder. Michael sucked and sucked at Rooney's think 7 incher when suddenly all the afternoon's excitement got to much and Rooney could keep it in no longer. Wayne Rooney's powerful, white, creamy English seed sprayed the inside of Michael Carrick's mouth and he swallowed every single drop offered to him. Wayne stroked Michael's hair lovingly and rubbed his own stomach. Michael then sat on his knees on the bed, holding his cock right above Rooney's face. Rooney took hold of Michael's powerful hard dick and gave it a few wanks before it exploded, sending streams and streams of cum onto Wayne's face and chest. Carrick rubbed his love juice deep into Rooney's skin while moaning Wayne's name each time a drop of cum left his swollen prick.

When everything was over, Michael and Wayne decided that this should never happen again as it would be social suicide if anyone should find out. But both knew in the back of their minds that somewhere, they would be together again.

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