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Phil Neville fucks Glenn Whelan.

How the hell did we lose to Bolton Wanderers? We were infron until the shitting 84th minute?? We still lost?? That was the thoughts that went through every single Stoke City player as they sat in the changing room when Tony Pulis was giving the post match speech. They shouldn't have lost. The Britannia Stadium was such a fortress last season...what the hell went wrong? Glenn Whelan sat there and for some reason he felt that the boss was talking directly to him as he went about his ranting and raving about losing the game against a relagation threatned team, 6 minutes from time, and at home at that. Lots of players has been linked with moves away and he himself had been linked with several clubs, such as Everton, Blackburn, even Manchester United. He knew better than to think that anything would come of it, all that it was, was rumours, and they seldom came true. When he heard that Cristiano Ronaldo was leaving England for Spain, he thought that it would never happen. When Tevez was linked with leaving United, he thought it was bollocks. Yet, both came true and somehow he wanted to get away from all the crap. The bust up between James Beattie and the manager was more than they could take after a series of losses. But in the end, that's the live of a professional footballer. You take your eye of the prize, and you simply don't achieve it.

Glenn was making his way to his car when he heard someone call out his name. It was a young boy, probably 16 or 17 at the least, and he was running towards him.

"Hey Mr Whelan. Can i please get your autograph? I really like you on the pitch. You're a great player!"

Glenn smiled, took hold of the pen and magazine that the kid was holding out to him and quickly signed it.

"Thanks Mr Whelan. This is a dream come true, ive watched you ever since you started at Manchester City. You can probably hear that im Irish. You're awesome! And you're so sexy too!"

Glenn's hand froze while still writing. What? Did he hear correctly? OR was it his over sexual mind that was telling him and letting his hear that? He handed the magazine back to the kid and frowned.

"Sorry, what did you say?"

"Oh, i said i think you're sexy. So hot..."

"Thanks for man, but im not quite sure how to respond to that. You have a nice day."

"Could i at least touch your face?"

"Now listen to me, allright? Im not gay, please go now, i gave you what you wanted, please be so kind to leave me in peace."

Glenn unlocked his car and started to reverse out of the parking lot. He stopped at a local pub as he just had to get some alcohol in his body. He was not a drinker as such, he sometimes had one with the team, like when they defeated Arsenal last year, but it wasn't quite his favorite past time. He ordered a pint of Guinness and just stared into the empty space across from him. Why couldn't he be different? Why couldn't he be attracted to women. Why did he send that georgeous boy away when it was so clear that so much more could have happened between them than a simple exchange of a autograph? That fact was that he couldn't. If it was a 16 or 17 year old girl that came up and said that to him,it would have been fine. Nothing wrong, and nothing frowned upon. He was only 25 himself, and looked so much younger than his age. But, as much as he wanted, he had to chase the boy away. Because at the slightest hint of a suspiction and it would be all over the papers tomorrow. "Stoke player in gay sex scandal" Shit! Glenn closed his eyes and thought about all the times that he had to control his dick when the post showers occured. Seeing the nude bodies of Rory Delap, Ryan Shawcross, James Beattie, just to name a few, was making him so hot! But, ofcourse he couldn't show it and that was the most sinking feeling ever. To know that a club and country was expecting things from you. If he was just a regular bloke with 9 to 5 office job or some shit like that, he would have taken that handsome dude at the car park and kissed the holy shit of this sexy face, invited him to his home and make love to the boy all afternoon. And in the evening, they would watch Match of the Day together and compare sexy footballers while holding eachother close, falling more and more inlove by the second. BUT IT FUCKING WASN'T TO BE!!! In a world of musculinity and testosterone, there was no place for homosexuality. When Glenn was at Manchester City he was so freaking in love with the now infamous bad boy Joey Barton. Now, looking back to all that Barton has done, Glenn was glad, Barton would probably have fucked him up good and proper.

As Glenn was feeling a slight tear roll down his cheek, and angrily wiping it away, determined not to show any sign of weakness, he heard an uproar. He looked up only to see Phil Neville enter the bar. Now he wasn't one of the most likable footy players in England and Glenn knew that here was trouble coming.

"Hey Phil! Over here! Over here!"

Phil Neville's eye caught the hand that was waving at him. Shit, can't a person go to a fucking pub without being recognised? He saw a some what familiar face in the crowd...was that Glenn Whelan of Stoke City? Yeah, and he was waving him over! Thank God! Someone who knew what it was all about.

"Hey Glenn. Blimey, this is insane!"

"Yeah, looks like it! Lets rather leave and have a drink at my place, yeah?"

"Whatever, lets just get out of this mad house!"

The two footballers made there way out of the bar, with a few less insults towards Phil when they saw the local Glenn with him. Once outside, and with a bit more air to breathe, they started walking to Glenn's car.

"What are you doing here anyway, Phil?" Glenn asked.

"I wanted to come and see a old friend here. I knew what i was letting myself get into by coming here, man. Luckily im not my brother or we wouldn't be getting out of here alive!" Phil laughed.

There it goes again, Glenn thought. Gary Neville was so unbelievebly sexy! He remembered that epic win against Liverpool for Manchester United in 2007 when Gary teared off his shirt and showed off those fantastic six pack body. He would give anything to run his hand through Gary's hair and running his hands all over that sexy abs. Glenn came back to the present when Phil touched his shoulder.

"Hey man, you okay? You seem a bit out of it there."

Ignoring his rock hard boner, Glenn nodded.

"Yeah Phil. Lets go."

When they arrived at Glenn's home, they got out and Glenn took Phil through the house. It was quite something for a footballer living on his ownsome. Once they were armed with a huge bag of crisps and some beers that Glenn kept for guests. Together they spoke about football and about life in general. When the topic of relationship came up, Glenn got goosebumps. He knew that Phil was married with 2 kids and...yes there it was. He was only at his 2nd beer while Phil was already downing his 5th.

"Have you found your self a fit bird to have a bit of fun around here?" Phil asked, a little drunkenly.

"No, not quite man. a little scared that they might go to the papers with some kind of made up cock story and the next thing i know, ill be on the back of the Sunday papers."

"Come om man, you have a cash, you have the reputation, you have the looks..."

"What?" Glenn interupted Phil, shockingly wondering once more if he heard correctly.

"Hey man i can be the least and notice a good looking guy when i see one."

Glenn looked deep into Phil's eyes, not wanting to take him seriously since Phil was obviously plastered.

"You think im...?"

"Come on man everyone knows that me and Gary messed around with Becks when we were younger and before Becks were with Posh! Oh i kissed that Beckham so hard i almost sucked his tongue out! HAHA!!"

Phil was really gone this time and Glenn could just stare at him in sheer disbelief. Phil and Gary Neville in a threesome with David Beckham...his cock ached for some relief! That sounded so fucking hot!

"What the...?" Glenn shouted as he felt Phil's hand on his cock.

"Come on Whelan, i can see you're in the mood for a little man to man action. Come on, its gonna mean nothing at all. I can see you're horny, and sure as fuck i am...and you are actually so sexy up close. You must have a really sexy body underneath there, oh yes man, take off your shirt. Take it off, Whelan. Show me it. Let me lick you all over..."

Glenn Whelan concidered this request for 2 seconds before he tore off his jacket and through it on the sofa. He was about to start on his shirt when Phil stood up.

"No, let me."

Glenn held his breath as Phil Neville got hold of his shirt and slowly pulled it over his head. Phil hissed as he finally saw Glenn Whelan shirtless. He was beautiful. Muscular shoulders, nice flexicle arms and a torso that was up there with the best he had ever seen. And ofcourse Phil saw a lot. Giggs, Rooney, Becks, Van Nistelrooy and ofcourse Ronaldo. Whelan was by now means Ronaldo, but still really sexy.

"Wow, you never notice a dude, then when you see him like so hard man. Feel this..." Phil said as he took Glenn's left hand and placed it on his hard cock.

"Feel that? It needs you tonight."

Phil placed his hand on Glenn's smooth chest and leaned in. Glenn gasped as Phil kissed his neck, revishing him, putting his arms around Glenn's neck and kissinghis cheek, and moving to his lips where finally they were smashed together. Glenn sighed into the kiss and hands, fingers and limbs were everywhere. He ran his hands through Phil's sunbleached hair and pulled at the hems of Phil's shirt. Phil broke the kiss and unbuttoned his shirt. Taking it off and displaying his sexy abs to Glenn. Glenn leaned down and placed his head on Phil's stomach. He breathed in the fresh smell of the aftershave that Phil was wearing and started to softly kissed the rock hard stomach muscles.

"Oh man that feels good! Feel those abs, Whelan."

Glenn fluttered his lips all over Phil's stomach while he continued to kiss and lick the hard flesh. He moved up towards Phil's chest, placing rough kisses on the defender's body until he reached his face where their lips met once more.

"You (kiss) don't know (kiss) hoe long ive been (kiss) wanting this with a guy (kiss)." Said Glenn, completly out of breath.

"You don't have to wait any longer, my friend. Kiss me again."

The two budding footy players went down on the sofa in a passionate embrace as they sank into sexual frenzy. Soon they were both naked rolling around with cocks strained against eachother, but funnily enough they didn't notice anything as their hunger for eachother deepened. For Glenn, this was what he always wanted. As he reached down to rub Phil's amazing underrated stomach, he felt his 7 inch cock instead.

"Damn you're hand feels good, mate!" Phil whispered against Glenn's neck. Glenn gave Phil a sly, sneeky smile, pushed him back unto the sofa and kissed his neck, slowly down to his collarbone, making his way down to his chest, softly caressing his nipples, past his georgeous abs and stopped at his pubes.

"Get ready, Phil Neville. Think of your brother, Gary. You two are both so fucking hot! This looks delicious..."

"Oh my...jeez Whelan! Fuck...mate don't stop, don't...oh fuck that's good! Oh mate, you make me feel so g...oh shit that's awesome!"

Phil Neville leaned back with his very hot body on display with Glenn Whelan's tongue gently caressing his cockhead, moving up and down slowly and delibratley to fulfill the groans that came from Phil. He thought back of all those nights with his brother Gary, where they made love and times when sexy Becks would join them with his big cock. Suddenly the warmth of Glenn's tongue was gone and the Stoke City player stood in front of him, hard cock stretching proudly upwards.

"Fuck me."

" sure?"

"Yeah, fuck me with your hard beautiful cock."

Phil slowly leaned backward once more, this hard shining slimy cock hardened, and looked nervously at Glenn, who simply climbed upon Phil's lap, and holding Phil's cock in place, sank his ass unto the red hard organ.

Both men groaned with utmost pleasure! For Phil it was like a warm hole of velvet had engulfed his aching cock. For Glenn, this was a dream come true indeed. He sank down ever so slowly until he felt Phil's cum filled balls underneath him. Phil reached up and pulled Glenn's face toward him and they kissed passionately. Both knew that it was just for fun, and will probably never mention it again. Glenn started to move up and down when he felt it was comfortible back there and groaned into Phil's mouth as his rock hard cock went in and out of his ass.

"Is that all you got, mate? Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

"You asked for it!"

Phil stood up and held Glenn at his waist. Another kiss was held as Phil started to fuck his cock in and out of Glenn's tight hole. Phil reached down and started to jerk off Glenn's stiff cock, the foreskin going over the head quick and fast.

"You like that? Me jacking you off?"

"Oh fuck mate, your hand feels so good on my cock!"

"It feels so warm, slimy and wet...cum on me Whelan. Cum on my abs. You know you want to. Cum for me, baby."

"Im getting close, keep wanking me!"

Glenn Whelan felt his tight, sexy body stiffen as he experienced one of the best orgasms of his young life. His cock jerked twice and spurted glob after glob of white footballer cum onto the dazzling abs of Phil Neville. Feeling Glenn Whelan's prostate contract around his stiff cock he started to pant and really started to fuck Glenn. His cock pistoned in and out like a vice. His spiky blond hair fell over his head, and Glenn sighed ran ran his hands threw it, opening Phil's georgeous face more and more. Phil grunted and held Glenn tightly against him while he shot a gallon of cum into the young Stoke midfielder. Glenn kissed Phil's neck softly in the afterglow to calm the Everton captain down. Once Phil stopped breathing deeply he leaned his fore head against that of Glenn's.

"We gotta do this more often, mate," he said with a tired smile.


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