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Bentley shows why he won't allow Bale to leave

Shock upon shock for Spurs. Defeated Arsenal. Defeated Chelsea. Lost to Manchester United. Manchester City drawing against Arsenal. They were still in the top four, on their way of qualifying for the UEFA Champions League for the first time in their history. No one thought they'd still be in the running at this point in the season. But there you were.

David Bentley has been a revolation for Spurs this season. He had never been accepted completly by the Spurs faithfull and it was only this season, or should i say the latter part of it, that he has been playing regulary and doing his bit for the team, and not only in a substitution capacity. Things were finally looking up, and who knows, he might even get picked for the World Cup squad to travel to South Africa.

But a few days before the Manchester United match at Old Trafford, David recieved a shock in the newspapers. Gareth Bale was being linked with a 20 million pound move to the Premier League champions. David sat in shock as he contemplated this information. Anyone would be daft to say no to Manchester United. If there were to come an offer, it would be very difficult to keep Gareth at White Hart Lane. David was pretty sure that Gareth would say no. Not only because he knew of the Welshman's loyalty to Spurs, but what the rest of London and infact the world didn't know, was that he and Gareth was having a secret love affair right under the noses of their fellow teammates and Harry Redknapp. It was a cold night after Gareth had broken his knee in a match in 2009. David had, in total honesty, just gone over to Gareth's apartment to have a bit of a chat since they had become good friends over the time when David had joined the club. Gareth was in a dreadful mood and was afraid that he would go back to Championship football after he was sure that he was no good. David tried to talk some sence into him. Gareth was just so down and so out of control that David placed his hand on his shoulder and whispered that everything would be okay. David was feeling things that he had never had before when Gareth placed his hand on top of David's.

"You have no idea how long i've wanted you to do that, Dave." Gareth said in his sexy Welsh accent. David wasn't quite sure how to respond to this, but there was nothing that could stop Gareth from pulling his head closer and kissing the living daylights out of him. That night a lot of things became clearer of both footballers and they fell inlove from there on. Their relationship was solid, no one knew since they would be crusified in the press and certainly fired from Spurs, but no one could stop true love. There was nothing better for the two footballers than cuddling up infront of the fire and caressing eachother, feeling the other's strong arm and stomach muscles rippling underneath their touch. Gareth would always fall asleep with a smile on his sexy face after he felt David kiss him on top of his head and telling him that he loved him. After the United match the two of them were in David's car on the way to the airport to travel back to London, and not one of the Spurs team really had anything to say to eachother, as they still lost while they managed to draw level at a time. Once arriving at Heathrow, all of the players and some of their families that awaited them, left, contemplating defeat. Gareth and David were used to drive to either one of their homes, so that no one would get suspicious, and this time it was no different. The ride to Dave's house was a silent one. After a while, David just couldn't stay quiet no longer.

"So you're off to Old Trafford then?"

"What?" Gareth asked, surprised by the question.

"Come on babe, its on Sky Sports, its in the newspapers, they will probably talk about it on Match of the Day. Don't tell me you don't know that United wants you."

Gareth sighed. He was afraid this was going to be an issue. He loved David with all his heart, and sometime he would love to go to training, and maybe kiss Dave after he scored, or hold his hand during training, or ran his hands through his hair like they always do after sex...but it wasn't to be.

"Stop the car, Dave."

"You want to go stick your nose up Fergie's ass?"

"David, just stop the fucking car okay?"

David sighed, pulled over to the side of the road and turned off the enjine. He turned towards Gareth. Once again this incredible love for the man from Wales just shone through him. David knew that this could go no where in their line of work, but you cannot stop love.

"Gareth, i don't want you to go to United. I know it comes with a good chance to win the league, Champions League and shit, but...but what about me, mate? I fucking love you!"

"I fucking love you too! Blimey David, we have been through so much! Even if i do go to United, nothing wil change."

Gareth leaned forward and kissed David on the forehead. David sighed into the kiss and embraced Gareth, kissing his hair and resting his face in his neck.

"I love you, Gareth."

"So why are we arguing?"

"I was just so afraid that I'll lose you. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." David whispered as he pulled away from Gareth. He looked into the handsome man's eyes. He caressed Gareth's cheek and they both smiled toward eachother.

"Kiss me, babe." Gareth pleaded.

"Try and stop me..." David followed and pushed his lips onto Gareth's, the emotion and the totality of love flowing through them. Running his hand though David's hair, Gareth felt his 7 inch cock grow in his boxers.

"Dave, you making me horny..." he gasped.

"Then we better do something about it" David said before once again kissing Gareth one last time before starting the car once more and squeezing his leg before driving them both home. Both young, sexy footballers were once again reminded why they were so hot for eachother.

Once at Dave's home, they knew that they had to keep the apperance up for just a little longer as one could never be sure that there wasn't hiding any journalists or photographers that might see something they shouldn't or even once, a few lady students who tried to get a glipse of David Bentley's fab abs. But once inside, Gareth Bale jumped his lean frame unto David's and they passionately made out. Hands, arms and lips were clinging to where they felt they needed to be and after David started kissing Gareth's neck, the young Welshman sighed with emotion.

"Shit, Dave...i want you so much!" Gareth moaned to his lover as David was busy taking off the black blazer that Gareth was wearing, while makign passionate love to his neck and down his way to the collarbone.

"Every single time on the pitch, when you score, i want to make love to you, you sexy fucker. I wanna hold you in my arms and tell everyone your mine," David whispered in Gareth's ear as his arms embraced his lover, now only wearing his white buttoned down shirt and tie.

"Let's just get rid of these, shall we?" David said with a loving smile as he swiftly untied Gareth's tie and threw it onto the sofa and then leaned in to kiss Gareth once more, only to pull away and starting to unbutton Gareth's shirt.

"I don't think you know how fucking beautiful you are," he said and slowly, inch by inch, the shirt started to slide of Gareth Bale's lean and muscular psycique until David had to, after all this time, still had to breathe in deeply as the smooth, tanned, strong body of his boyfriend. Each and everyone of the 8 pecks on Gareth's strong, hard body was there, ready to be cherished. David placed his hands on Gareth's shoulders and leaned down to softly kiss him. Gareth, knowing that his sexy body had his boyfriend totally under his control, had other ideas and pushed David hard onto the kitchen table. He tore into David's clothes like a man possessed, tearing off every single object standing in the way of David's equally sexy and tanned body. He attacked David's naked upperbody with every ounce of love that he had. He kissed and licked David's neck while running his hands up and down the rippled stomach. Slowly but surely Gareth started to sank down to his knees and kissed his way down David's chest.

"Oh, you're doing it for me now...kiss my body Gareth. Show me you love me."

"Fuck, you smell so good, Dave,"Gareth said while placing soft kisses on David's amazing body. David arched his head back and enjoyed the loving that he was getting from georgous Gareth Bale. Gareth pushed his head against David's stomach and licked his way back up, tasting every delicious bit of the essence that was David Bentley. The two lovers kissed again, moaning as the passion got too much. Gareth, being the sneaky of the two, was making his hands wander down and unbuckled David's belt, clasping it loose and unbuttoning it, pulling it down, leaving Dave in his boxers.

"Fuck! Oh shit...touch me Gareth. Touch me oh yeah...feel how hard i am for you..." David gasped breathlessly.

Gareth reached down and grasped David's stiff, rock hard 8 inch cock, and he felt David shudder with relief, as he worked David's cock through his boxers. It felt so hot and wet underneath his touch.

"How about we take these off? Im thirsty..." he whispered.

"Oh fuck yeah..." David moaned while Gareth got his fingers around the waistband of the boxers that stood between him and the delicious cock that the loved so much.

"I missed you," Gareth said as David's cock sprang up and almost hit him on the cheekbone, his mouth literally watering at this sight.

"Babe, i can't take it anymore, suck it, come on, suck it!" David pleaded as he watched Gareth hovering over his cock. Gareth winked at his lover and stroke the cock up and down once, elicing yet another moan from the David. Gareth kissed the tip and licked the piss slit as if it was a lollypop. He could feel the cock jerk and bounce under this tongue. He had enough. Holding David Bentley's cock at the thick base, he lick up the length until he once again reached the tip, taking it all into his mouth and began sucking the juices off the red hot dick. David had to steady himself as Gareth sucked up and down his pole, wanting the secrets within. He looked down and saw the lips of the Welshman gliding up and down his dick. Moving his hands down to caress the man from London's balls, Gareth gripped the steel hard dick at the base once more, taking only the bell of the cock in his mouth, intencifying his sucking motions and jerking the end of the cock at a electrifying pace.

"'re going to make me cum..." David moaned as his hands found Gareth's short spiky hair and ran his fingers through it, and suddenly he was the one dictating the pace and the caressing of his hard dick. Feeling Gareth's sweaty hair between his fingers was increasing his need to cum that much more. Looking into Gareth's eyes as he was sucking his cock...fuck...and David started to feel that all so magic feeling rising from his balls.

"Pull off babe, i wanna cum on your abs, please...oh fuck im gonna cum Gareth!"

Quick as lightning Gareth pulled the by red and pulsating cock of David Bentley and lied down on the kitchen floor, the cold feeling of the tiles not mattering an inch. David got lower, placing his knees on either side on Gareth's sexy body and started tossing off his cock. Seeing the sight of a naked Gareth Bale underneath him was a sight too much to bare.

"You're so sexy and hot, you beautiful gonna gonna cum all over you..."

And he did just that. David Bentley jacked his cock and pointed it towards Gareth's 8 pack, while hot streams and globs of cum spurted from his cock. There was so much cum, Gareth moaned as he felt the flaming hot cum splashing on his chest and started rubbing the fluid into his skin like it was lotion. Falling in Gareth's chest, kissing his neck for all that he was worth. Gareth was getting to teary eyed in experiencing all this love, but David had other ideas. Slowly rising from Gareth's sticky cum filled chest, he slided down and ran his tongue over the cum spots on the Welshman's smooth skin. Lower and lower, feeling the rippled stomach muscles underneath his tongue, he leaned down and grasped Gareth's desperate cock.

"Im so close, babe," Gareth moaned as David jacked off his cock while kissing his sexy stomach and chest. David leaned into Gareth and kissed his lips, down to his neck, all the way up to his ear, taking a lick inside and breathing his hot breath all over Gareth's face. Gareth leaned his head up to kiss his lover and their tongues found eachothers.

"Cum for me..." David gasped through the kiss.

Gareth started pumping his hips in a fucking motion, trying to fuck his cock into David's strong hand and with a mighty groan, he came all over David's hand. David managed to catch most of it in his hand and and licked it into his mouth, afterwards kissing Gareth Bale, allowing his own cum to transfer into his mouth with passionate ease.

The two Spurs players layed on the kitchen floor, breathing heavily and once more declaring their undying love to one another.


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