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Ryan Giggs congratulates Wayne Rooney...the proper way

PFA Player of the Year. Top goal scorer at Manchester United and the favorite for the top goal scorer award at the World Cup in South Africa. Wayne Rooney was on fire and on top of the world at the moment. Nothing could be better. All of England wanted a piece of him and there was nothing that he couldn't get should he ask for it at Old Trafford. Still, that wasn't enough of the 34 goal striker. He couldn't believe that he was injured at this point and time, the most crucial of all times, especially with the title race being as close as it was. United's loss to Chelsea came at a terrible cost, and it seemed that whatever United did, Chelsea just wouldn't go away. Now, looking down at his young baby boy Kai, he knew that here was more important things that football. Only not all the players in the world shared these views.

Rooney stared at the trophy that he had collected that Sunday evening. He had wanted this for as long as he could remember and now it has happened. Colleen has been asleep for a while, after they layed Kai to rest, he just wanted to have some `Wayne time' for a while, on his own. It felt like only yesterday that he joined Manchester United and met...him. Seeing Cristiano Ronaldo for the first time juggled some feelings inside Wayne which he never, never thought he would experience. He was one of those who insulted `fags' and gays during his time as a teenager and when he just started out as a player, and there he was in 2004, feeling the same `poof' way about Ronaldo. Ronaldo knew that he had a large female following, and to an extend, an ever greater gay following, and he knew exactly how to turn that to his advantage. Things progressed to such a level that Ronaldo and Rooney just could not keep their hands off eachother. In 2006, their friendship went beyond just that. Everyone in the United dressing room knew that this friendship was taken a little too far. Ruud van Nistelrooy himself told captain Gary Neville that he should look into that, because whatever the status was between the two, the others didn't like it. Luckily Gary Neville had a history of gay fun with his brother Phil and former best friend David Beckham, so he took the liberty to tell Rooney about what was said. After the 2005-2006 season ended, Ronaldo kissed Rooney for the first time and told him that he felt so strong about what they were doing. Rooney and Ronaldo fell asleep in eachothers arms that night, and that was the last time they were as close, because after what happened in the World Cup in Germany in the Quarter Final match of England vs Portugal, distroyed the once close friendship once and for all. Yeah right, they made to be close on the field and in public where they had to, but other than that, Rooney wanted nothing to do with that...that bastard. And when Ronaldo left for Madrid at the beginning of the season, everyone though Wayne was sooo upset, well he wasn't and the only one who knew of this was Ryan Giggs.

At the club since 1991, Giggsy has seen and heard everything that you can possibly imagine. He once came into the dressing room seeing Eric Cantona sucking off Lee Sharpe and nothing came of it. Allthough Giggs was seen as the least likely to be gay in the Manchester United team, he was exactly that. After seeing Lee's cock being devoured back then, he was so keen to get in on the action, but since Lee left for Leeds the next season, there was no chance. So doing what several in closet gay men has done in the past and will do in the future, Ryan Giggs got married and had children, ignoring his urges to be kissed by another man, and in particular, from the in form and sexy Wayne Rooney. So after so many years of thinking it over, and coming to the same exact conclusion, Ryan thought that he might take a chance this time. He knew his body and knew that he could only go on and play for 1 or 2 more seasons and when he retires from football, he was gonna move someplace where no one knows him and suck as many dicks as possible. Ofcourse, as Ryan laughed silently to himself while thinking all of this, that was a distant dream. But Wayne Rooney wasn't a distant dream, infact he was coming him on his mobile at that very moment.

"Hey Roonster, whatsup?"

"No nothin much, Giggsy. Just wanted some company. Don't know if your wife is already sleeping, but Colleen and Kai is and i don't wanna be alone tonight."

"Wayne, that's sounds like something a single guy would say, what's wrong?"

"Ryan, i just won the one award that i wanted from the beginning of my career. Well, maybe the World Cup is excluding that, but...oh you know what i mean! Colleen and I are so tired coping with Kai..."

"Wayne, listen...listen! Okay mate, if you want me to come over, i will. Just say the word."

"Thanks Ryan. Really appreciate it, yeah?"

"I know, mate. Just give me like 10 minutes or so."

Wayne placed the mobile down and walked outside to the swimming pool. He thought of all the things that had happened to him in the last few months. It was incredible. Becoming a father or the first time, it was magical. But since then, Colleen and him couldn't find time to spend alone with eachother. Not that he blamed Kai, God he loved that boy so fucking much! But sometimes it just got too much. He and Colleen hadn't had sex for 4 months! Well, he wasn't someone who demanded a lot, but a guy is not made of stone and Wayne Rooney was horny as fuck. He looked down at the water, and then he swifty removed his shirt that he was wearing, displaying that hairy sexy chest and abs to the col water. Well, as long as im silent enough, im not gonna wake up the wife and Kai, he thought and stepped as quietly as possible into the large pool. Shit, the water felt so heavenly against his skin. He dived under the water and came up breaking throught the surface, running a hand through his wet hair. The droplets on his chest, his rough sexy face all wet, him laying on his back just floating in the water, Wayne Rooney was a dream for any gay man at that moment.

Just then Ryan was arriving at the front entrance, and decided to call Wayne on his mobile rather than risk waking Colleen and young Kai. He smiled as always when Wayne answered....he loved to hear his Scousers accent.

"Ryan, you here?"

"Yeah mate, open up."

" Im coming"

Ryan ended the call, wishing with all his heart's desire that Wayne could say those exact words to a scenario where the Roonster would be fucking his big 9 inch cock in and out of his virgin ass...fuck don't get hard now...But Ryan Giggs's cock felt like it had pole vaulted up his body as he saw a shirtless Wayne coming towards him. Okay, now this he didn't expect. Why was Wayne wet...?

"Hey mate, get that shirt off and join me for a swim. Dont wanna wake up Colleen and Kai."

"Sure Wayne. Sounds good."

As Ryan slid off his shirt to reveal the famous Giggsy chest, and he felt the cool air against his skin, and seeing Wayne semi naked in the pool, FUCK! How many times had he thought of this moment! Ryan quickly entered the water, careful not make any noise. After a while of them just talking about football and the upcoming games against Sunderland and Stoke and if they had any chance of catching Chelsea, Wayne shuddered as the cold night air decended on them. He got out, and looked at his mobile, only to see that it was already 00:45.

"Shit Ryan, im so sorry i didn't even check the time before i phoned you! Blimey mate, its too late for you to drive home now!"

"Hey how old you think i am, Wayne? I think im a big boy who can take care of himself," Ryan said, laughing slightly.

"Oh right, and i know just what a big boy you really are, yeah?" Wayne joked.

"I could have sworn you were checking me out from the first day, you horny tosser!" Ryan giggled. He and Wayne was at ease with eachother and could laugh over a innocent joke flirting. Oh how he wished it wasn't!

"Yeah man. At least you get some action. I've might as well have been celibate since Kai was born."

Now Ryan knew that he had to trade carefully. This was a touchy subject and not one to joke and make light of. He knew Wayne, and this wasn't his usual friendly manner of speaking. There came a rage withing Ryan's chest as he once more thought about the unfairness of it all. Wayne Rooney wasn't getting any, he was hot, hairy and horny...and here Ryan was, more than willing to give Rooney what he so desperately wanted and he couldn't because he was a man, not a fucking woman. Suddenly he just wanted to leave and never look Wayne in the eye ever again.

"Ryan, you okay mate?"

"Yeah, well its getting late, so...thanks for the chat and the swim and...well i'll be on my way."

"No way, man! You can sleep in the spare room. What kind of mate will i be if i let you drive home at this time? LOL, remember that time when i first met you? You were one of my freaking idols in growing up! I was a nervous wreck, mate!"

"Yeah and look at you now. Player of the Year. So proud of you, Wayne."

Ryan started to tear up slightly. Shit, he wasn't a fucking cry baby, but just the thought that he could never have Wayne or any other guy was getting too much after hiding it for so long. Seeing Wayne grow as a person as well as a footballer made him think so much of himself. Ryan's state was giving him more and more confidance and he stepped closer to Wayne.

"You've grown so much, Wayne Rooney." He said with a distant sound in his voice, reaching out and caressing Wayne's face.

Wayne jumped away and felt the side of his face where Ryan touched him.

"What. The. Fucking. Hell. Was. That?" He asked with a huge frown on his face.

"Wayne, you know what, im tired of living a shitting lie. This is hell. Im 35 and im not gonna take this anymore. Im into guys. I have been ever since i can remember. You call me your idol, well this `idol' of yours wanted to suck off the likes of Lee Sharpe and Brian McClair! This `idol' jerked off his cock thinking about David Beckham so many times he's lost count! This `idol' wants you to fuck him so fucking bad he will even tell you exactly that and couldn't give a fuck about what happened!"

Wayne could only state at Ryan in disbelief...Ryan It was just not freaking possible!!?

"Look Ryan, i know its late..."

"Come on Wayne, what do you take me for? Im telling you this only to have a laugh? You say you haven't gotten any sex in 4 months? Well, ive got news for you. Imagine you see someone in your life, and you fall inlove with that person, or you just want to fuck them good and proper on a one night stand. Now you, Wayne could easily go over to that woman and, with you being who you are, not to mention so shitting sexy, chances is that you'll get your rocks off. I can't go to a guy and say..."Hey baby, your place or mine?" So before you wanna complain, think about that! I know its not your problem, but just realise my position."

By this time Wayne had walked back to the pool an kneeled at the edge, completley lost for words. Ryan followed him, thinking back about a half an hour ago, when they were shirtless in the pool, his cock hardening once more.

"You know what's the most fucked up? You want sex. You and Colleen are too busy with Kai to have a moment alone. Im standing here, and ill happily let you fuck me, ill suck you off anytime...Fuck i don't even know why im saying this...just promise me you'll keep it between us, please mate. Ive done a lot for you in your career, you at least owe me that. See you at training tomorrow."

Ryan turned around, put his shirt back on and started to walk to his car. Once he arrived and started the enjin, he felt his heart break. There was so many fans he was gonna let down...ofcourse Wayne will tell the newspapers the the famous Ryan Giggs was gay and wanted Wayne to shag him. Well at least he could really start living his life now. As he started to reverse, he saw Wayne running towards him. Knowing that Wayne's ankle was not well, he stopped and climbed out.

"Wayne, come on mate, you can't put any pressure on that foot..."

"Ryan, you really want to have sex with me?"

"Wayne just forget that."

"Ryan, i may not be gay, but i know for a fact that you're a heck of a attractive guy. Your a Man United legend, and i really admire you. So if you want to do this...then...well if it's only this once, then i suppose we can...u know?"

"Wayne, do you have any idea what you're saying?" Ryan asked, visibly shaking.

"Yeah man, its not like we're gonna fall in love or anything. Nobody will know, and at least then i can i say that i tried it with a guy."

Ryan smiled broadly, and then came closer to Wayne, placing his hand on the Englishman's shoulder and rubbing it affectionately.

"You're too much, mate. Shall we go to your spare room?"

"Yeah Ryan. Im getting fucking excited!" Wayne laughed as he placed his arm round Ryan and the two friends hurried into the house. Once they got into the spare bedroom, Wayne closed the door and looked at Ryan who was seated on the bed.

"How do you wanna do this, Giggsy?" he asked.

"If its ok with you, you don't have to do a thing. Let me pleasure you."

Ryan got up and placed Rooney on the bed. He reached out and caressed his cheek while he ran his right hand over Wayne's bare torso, feeling the hairs underneath his touch and he felt Wayne starting to relax. He pushed Wayne back onto the bed, seeing him place his hands behind his head. Ryan Giggs layed his body on top of Wayne's and started kissing his chest, slowly, delicatly he ran his tougue all over Rooney's upper chest and nipples, taking the time to taste each of the little red devils in his mouth before licking his way down the rock har stomach muscles. For someone like Wayne Rooney who lacked a `real sixpack', this was even a more turn on. Wayne was certainly enjoying it, allthough he didn't make any noise, one could hear his breathing intencify. Ryan lovingly ran his hands up and down Wayne's sides as he continued his journey down his body. He reached the waistband of Wayne swimming trunks and gently ran his hand over the massive bulge.

"Jeez...Ryan!" Wayne gasped as his cock swelled to its full 9 inches capacity, feeling another hand on his cock, he didn't care if it was Ryan Giggs doing it to him, fuck he felt so horny!

"Come on, Giggsy. You told me you want that cock, take it mate! Suck that big dick off! Look how hard it is for you, just for you. Take it!"

Ryan once more ran his hands all over Wayne's stomach before he felt his own rock hard cock making a camping tent in his shorts. This was now or never, he thought as he leaned down and took the still clothed cock in his mouth. Wayne arched his back due to the feeling and grabbed Ryan's hair, anything to support him not losing control. Oh, how he missed his cock being sucked...oh Ryan's mouth felt great...

Ryan knew that Wayne couldn't last much longer as 4 months would be torture for any guy and he lightly nuzzled the cock, smelling that rich, masculine aroma of a nice cock and sweaty balls. Unable to stop, the pulled off Wayne's pants, leaving the Englishman in this Calvin Klein's. He reached down and grabbed back hold of the 9 inch monster, stroking it through this underwear, makign Wayne Rooney thrash around and shudder on the bed.

"Ryan, you're not gonna stop are you, mate?"

"Not a chance you fit fucker. Im gonna ride your cock so hard, you'll be begging to cum in my ass."

"Oh fuck Ryan, im so horny, let me fuck you. Fuck!" Wayne whispered deeply as Ryan pulled off his boxers, letting his stiff dick bounce against his stomach. Already layered with a feast of pre cum leaking, Ryan knew this was it. He climbed on top of Wayne, sitting on his awesome young man's body and slowly guided Wayne's red, hard cock to his hole.

"Ohhhh fuck! Oh shit Wayne, push your hard cock in me!"

"Ryan...oh Ryan...thank you buddy...oh this is so fucking gay...fuck your ass feels good!"

Ryan Giggs felt like he was on top of the world, feeling Wayne Rooney's rock hard dick inside him. Once he got used to the feeling, he moved his ass around sideways, making Rooney gasp and hiss, before plunging his ass down Wayne's cock. Rooney layed back and enjoyed the sensations coming from his dick. Ryan started to really ride the United youngster, feeling Wayne thick stiff cock fucking in and out of his non-virgin ass made his shiver all over. Placing his hands on Rooney's chest while still fucking him was making own cock fucking hard as he felt his ass touch Wayne's balls. Ryan felt his cock being jerked off...Oh fucking shit! Wayne Rooney reached out and was jerking him off.

"Wayne...your hand feels so good on my cock, mate. Wank me harder, faster, make me cum!"

Wayne, his hand still wrapped around Ryan's dick, delibrately slowed down his actions, taking the cock and smearing the head all over his navel. Ryan moaned with the feeling, as he cockhead grazed Wayne Rooney's hairy stomach.

"I can't hold it, mate! Im gonna cum!"

Giving the head speacial attention, Wayne stroked Ryan's cock oh so fucking slowly one more time, before the on fire cock shot a massive load all over his hairy stomach. He took the time to smear the thick Welsh cum into his body, fuck it felt so warm and slimy...

Ryan, having just had the orgasm of his life, started to fuck his ass even quicker on Wayne's by now red cock. Up, down, up, down, up down.

"Ryan, can i cum in your ass, mate?"

"Fuck i need your cum, give me it Wayne. Cum in me!"

Wayne Rooney felt his balls tingle with lust and pushed his massive 9 incher to the hilt in Ryan's ass just one more time...

"Fuck Ryan, im cumming in you!"

Ryan groaned and embraced Wayne as he felt the warm Scouser sperm shot into him. It felt like a volcano erupted inside of him, so hot and wet. As Ryan collapsed on top of Wayne, he really wanted to kiss him.

"Wayne, may i?" He asked breathlessly.

"I know what you want, Giggsy. Just this once, okay?"

Ryan leaned down and placed his tired lips on Wayne's. Together, slowly as first, they found eachother's tongues and were sucking on it through the passionate kiss. Ryan ran caressed Wayne's back and moved his hands up ro ran through his short hair. And as both were laying in Wayne's spare room, kissing so romantically, they knew that they just had the experience, such which comes a lifetime.


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