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The Burnley sandwich.

Back to the championship after only 1 season in the Premier League. The Burnley players were shattered. It had began so well. Wins over Manchester United and Everton, drawing with Arsenal and even drawing at Manchester City, who are raking it in these days, were memo's to cherish forever. So sad that it all came to and end with a crushing defeat to Liverpool. And yet they defeated Spurs on the last day of the season with a 4-2 victory. Good times.

David Nugent was sweating and panting on the treadmill in the Burnley gymnasium. He still couldn't fucking believe it. He moved away from Portsmouth, hoping to avoid the chaos going on there, and here he was, on his return to where it all started for him. The frustration was showing in his handsome face as he started to push the speed buttons to ran faster, as to forget all the problems that has happened in the last few months. His bare chest heaved up and down, his awesome pcysique showed the sheer and utter definition on his toned stomach. He was so busy thinking about playing the likes of Norwich and Scunthorpe next season that he didn't hear someone entering the gym.

Steven Thompson stared at David Nugent running so determinely on the ever speeding treadmill. Steven knew that David was a sex object. Gosh he remembered those naked pics of Nugent that surviced a few years ago. How many nights didn't he wank off on those pics! Seeing David Nugent in the shower every day after training was a feast for the eyes and for his cock ofcourse. Seeing Gareth Bale in the flesh in the match vs Spurs did his wanking times no harm either! Steven wanted David so badly, and he knew that could happen. David was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, and could almost always never turn down a favour from a fellow player. Steven walked over to the steam room, taking off his shirt, showing off his sexy 6 pack abs to the 4 walls. Steven knew that he was hot himself, and has had many glorious fucking nights with the equally sexy Danny Fox. The moment that Danny arrived at Turf Moor, Steven saw the raw sex appeal that shone off the new player and took the liberty immediatly to show him around. And as soon as he discovered that the sexy former Celtic player wanted him just as much, he invited Danny over to his place and the two of them really got to know eachother...inside out! Kissing Danny Fox's neck while gripping his sexy short hair was making Steven's 7 inch cock stir once more. Steven leaned back in the steam room and allowed his body to be pampered. Caressing Danny's broad young shoulders...while the latter kissed him deeply and sucking on his tongue while reaching down and tossing his cock off until the cum spurted out and onto his hot stomach. Steven's arrousal was becoming more and more noticible until his hot cock was standing proud. He heard the door of the steam room open and looked straight in the eyes of a naked David Nugent. Steven's eyes drafted slowly and carefully over over David's upper body, those juicy nipples, the georgeous abs and stomach muscles, that shockingly sexy `V' line and ofcourse his soft 5 inch cock. Not huge in any aspects, but with such a sexy face and body, one could forgive David for that! David smiled as he saw Steven's cock that was on display and he took the liberty to go and place his georgous self next to the Scottish international.

"Good fumes, mate?" he asked Steven.

"Yeah well, i guess you could say so," Steven replied, looking David in the eye.

"Yeah, i can see that. Didn't you get some action last night or are you dreaming of fucking Danny?"

Steven froze instantly.

"Don't even try to deny it, mate. I saw you guys last week, after the Liverpool defeat. You were stuffing that sexy motherfucker with every single inch of cock that you have! Mind you, you're not bad looking yourself, Steven. Not bad at all..."

Steven smiled slyly at David, who with a twinkle in his eye, came ever closer to the Scot. David reached out and ran his fingers through Steven's wet hair while the latter's cock became as stretched as it can be, achingly erect and ready to go.

"Dave, you're making me horny here, mate. Can i feel your pecks? Gosh, you're hot."

David stood up and planted himself infront of the delicious Steven Thompson, who reached out and placed the palm of his hand on the pectoral muscles of David Nugent. The sheer warmth and hardness that sprouted from this man...Steven couldn't wait to fuck his rock hard dick into this beautiful creature. He drifted the palm of his sweaty hand upwards towards his hot nipples, rock hard because of the sensual excitement of the moment. Steven gasped as his hand traveled to David's neck and got a frim grip on his hair, running his hand through the short brown spikes.

"Who are we kidding, Steve?" David asked with a sly smile.

"No one. I really wanna kiss you until you beg me for more. Take me, you hot stud!" Steven screamed exitedly and pulled David's head towards his own. The two budding footballers smashed their tongues against eachother's, both getting such a kick thinking what would happend should their other teammates see this. That only made them hornier. Steven pulled away and attacked David's neck with a venom of passion that he had for this sexy man. He reached down and softy caressed David's cock and felt it actually grow in his hand as he gently started to jerk the rapidly stiffening cock.

"Fuck you, Steven! You're not playing fair!" David moaned and pushed Steven away with such force that he landed on the bench of the steam room. He nearly jumped on Steven and kissed his hardening nipples, moving from the left to the right, not wanting to leave either of them alone for nessasary than what was needed. He licked his way down the delicious flesh of Steven Thompson's body, covering all the ridges and strong stomach muscles. This may be taboo, two men doin this, but there was no way a woman could ever know what a man really needed and wanted, sexually that is, and David knew by the sheer levels of volume coming from Steven's hot mouth that he was making his friend feel so hot and special. When he arrived at Steven's very, very stiff 7 incher, he didn't think twice. Giving one gentle stroke from top to bottom, smearing the precious glob of pre cum that was pouring from the Scot''s cock over the red, flaring cock head, he leaned in towards the thick base of the footballer cock and closed his lips on the thick flesh.

"Blimey, Dave! I never knew...fuck suck my big prick, mate! Oh man that's good!" Steven sung his emotions out in passion of what David was giving him. He reached down and gripped the bench with his left hand and started caressing David's shoulder with his right, while every now and again running his hands through David's hair. David Nugent went to town on sexy Steven Thompson's cock as he sucked and tossed the cock off as good as he could. It was so hard, hot, alive...David licked the hard flesh and kissed the top when he reached it. The shudder that went through Steven's body made him more determined to make Steven cum his sexy white footballer cum spurt onto his tongue. Steven was so hungry for the average sorta cock that was dangling between David's legs and, as close as he was, he threw David off him and the latter landed on the ground hard. Looking at Steven in confusion, the man from Scotland had other ideas. He turned around so that this face was facing David's crotch. Nugent finally got on to what Steven wanted to do and pulled his sexy ass toward him. He grabbed Steven cock and suck the hard, red flesh into his mouth, and at the same time Steven once more grabbed David's cock and tasted the sweet pre cum and delicious cock once more. The two Burnley footballers and their sexy, hot 69 wasn't going on unnoticed. The equally sexy Danny Fox had heard the noises coming from the steam room and decided to investigate, with this cock leading the way. Danny opened the door and saw Steven Thompson, who he was no stranger in having steamy sex with, and David Nugent sucking eachother's cock, so desperately to ge the other's sweet nectar.

"Is this a private meeting or can anyone join?"

David and Steven looked up from the other's crotch and saw the georgeous, young Danny Fox staring at them with nothing but lust in his eyes. Steven was the first to react.

"Get your clothes off, Danny. Im going to pleasure you like never before."

When Danny didn't react immediatley, Steven stepped forward and grabbed the hems of Danny's shirt and tore it off his body. He glided his hands all over Danny's young, strong chest while he leaned over and kissed the former Celtic player's neck.

"Fuck, i forgot how good you are with that...!" Danny moaned and he placed his hands around Steven and they started making out like they had never kissed anyone before. David wasn't about to be let out of this sexy sight happening right infront of him and he stood, up, walked over to the kissing pair and ran his hands all over Danny's ass. Gently he kneeled down and pulled down Danny's trousers. While Steven was giving Danny the kiss of his life, sucking the heck out of eachother's tongue, David began to stroke Danny's firm, hard cock through his underwear. He actually felt the cock grow inside and all thanks to his touch. He pulled down the Calvin Klein's and he felt this 9 inch cock smack him in the face.

"David, please, fuck put your sexy lips around my...ahhh fuck that's good!"

Danny arched his back and yelled as his cock was enveloped by David Nugent's hot mouth. He looked down and saw his cock going in, out, in, out of the sexy mouth. Steven went in his leaning down and kissing Danny's chest, his nipples, paying special attention to his abs and licked and kissed the strong stomach muscles. Danny Fox felt like he was on top of the world as his beautiful face was drenched in utter pleasure of his body and cock being devoured by this fellow footy players. David held the bell of Danny's cock in his mouth and then looked up at Steven.

"Danny boy, you wanna fuck me?"

"Oh yes, oh FUCK YES!"

David Nugent gave Danny Fox's cock one more stroke, caressing the cock head and then lied down on the bench, waiting for that giant 9 incher to split his ass open. Danny was a beautiful sight at that moment, his 23 year old nude body, with his hard cock standing at attention. He turned David around so that the latter was on his back.

"I wanna see your sexy abs as i fuck you, you hot fucker," he said as he gently leaned in and kissed David, who sighed into the passionate kiss. David leaned back and opened his legs further so that Danny's cock was level with his fuckible ass. Danny broke his kiss and held David at his shoulders while slowly but surely pushed his big cock into the promised land, inch by inch. Steven came from behind Danny, reached around and caressed his hands all over Danny's abs. They felt rock solid and Danny sighed as he felt his big cock being developed in David Nugent's tight ass and at the same time he felt Steven Thompson started to kiss his shoulders. He leaned his head back as far as he possibly could and he started to kiss Steven back, while stretching his arm to the limit to run ihs fingers through Steven's sexy black hair. Danny started to pump his cock in and out of David's ass and the English man groaned in utter pleasure as his ass was stretched for the very first time. Steven licked his lips hungrily, in staring at Danny's slim, sexy ass and took his choice. Once more, running his hands all over Danny's chest, he gently moved to the back of the Fox and held his stiff cock in his hands. Never in his 32 year old life has he been this excited. About to fuck sexy Danny Fox who in return was fucking David Nugent, who himself was a georgeous hunk of a man. Steven felt his cock slip into the ass of his regular fuck buddy.

"Oh Danny you feel fantastic!" Steven moaned into Danny hair and he really started to pound his cock in and out of the Scot's ass.

"Fuck, your cock feels fantastic! Come on, Thompson, fuck me!" Danny screamed while he pounded his own rock hard dick in and out of David's backside.

"Both u fucker are so fucking hot! Jeez look at your hot bodies! Danny, your abs, Steven, your sexy face! I can't hold it, Danny, toss me off! Quick!"

Danny Fox leaned over David's sweaty body and gripped David Nugent's own steel hard dick and started to jerk it off at a blistering pace. David felt his balls contract against his pelvic bone and and couldn't help but to hump in cock in mid air, which was a sick sight to see, pumping it in Danny's fist. David's face overtook a sexual pleasure as he felt his cum boil in his sweaty balls and with a huge grunt he leaned back into Danny's hot body as his cum spurted out of his cock, spilling its white, slimy nectar onto the Scot's hand. David sighed as Danny still demanded every drop of his cock, bringing it to David's mouth and allowing him to taste his own cock. Seeing the sight of David eating his own cum, Danny started to fuck him harder, faster, more determined to plant his Scottish seed in David's ass and with a fierce scream, he withdrew his cock entirely and slammed it back into David and felt his globs and globs of cum blast into David Nugent's bum. Danny's hot abs contracted and his 6 pack became as highlighted as ever, really displayed how stong and sexy his muscles was. He was laying on top of the tiresome Nugent and softly kissing his strong shoulder muscles. David suddenly got an idea and he jerked his head up.

"Hey Steven, wanna cum all over me and Danny's faces?"

That sentence almost made Steven Thompson cum his sperm into Danny Fox, but he kept him in check. He slowly and carefully withdrew his red, hot, hard prick and saw his two teammates kneel infront of him. Steven felt a sence o pride as he started to jack his almost spent cock, wanting to spray his seed all over these to georgeous Burnley players. He started panting as he came ever closer, already being turned on my Danny's ass, that he felt that famliar tinkling his in balls. It was made ever worse by David Nugent sticking out his tongue and gently licking the tip of Steven's cock as he tossed it off.

"Fuck you guys, you're gonna make me cummmm....oh fuck here it comes!"

Steven Thompson's cock head opened and winked to the others two as it sprayed its saulty, spermy, white footy cum on the faces of Danny Fox and David Nugent. Globs and globs of cum raced down their hot features and David turned towards Danny and leaned in to kiss him, both of them tasting Steven's hot cum as they fought to devour eachother's faces. Steven fell to the ground, unable to stand, little drops of water dripping from his 32 year old, but yet still beautiful body, and he felt David and Danny joining him, calming him down and caressing his back and chest respectively, finally completing...the Burnley sandwich.


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