Hey guys. While im between writing my pokemon stories, I heard the story this morning that Michael Owen might be leaving Newcastle United now that they're playing in the championship. So I though this might be an interesting angle to work with.

This story has nothing to do with the real life of Michael Owen or Joey Barton. This is only a figment of my horny imagination. Please enjoy and feel free to drop me a little note about the story at larenzaprince@yahoo.com

Larenza Prince

Premier League sex


It was early morning around St James's Park and the feeling was gloomy around the Tyne area. The news that Newcastle United's golden boy Michael Owen will be leaving the club soo came as a devistation for some, relief for others and a irritation for a few more. Newcastle was a Premier League club no longer. Instead their first game of the season would be against West Brom, other than at Old Trafford at the start of the previous season. None was more devistated than Michael Owen himself. He so badly wanted to make a success after coming back to England from Real Madrid but now that Newcastle was relegated he couldn't see himself playing Championship football. Michael was so lonely as Louise was visiting her parents for the week. He felt like such a failure for Newcastle's relegation. He got up to get himself another Coke. He aimed at the brandy but he resisted. No way is he gonna get drunk, not today when he press will be all over the house like the pesky fleas that they were. He heard a noise at the back of the house and went to investigate. When he got there, he saw Joey Barton standing there with his face against the door. Michael jogged down the stairs to open the door, desperate for some company.

"Hey there Mike," Joey said in his sexy accent as Michael opened the door.

"Hey Joey. Man, im glad you're here, Louise has been away all week and im tired of sitting here all alone. Can't go out aswell without being hounded."

"Don't worry since I've got no girlfriend or wife I can stay whole day if you want me to."

Michael sat down on the sofa and pointed for Joey to join him. When he switched on the telly, there was a rebroadcast of the Manchester United vs Liverpool match which the Anfield club ofcourse won 4-1. Michael wished he could have been there but he had to be on duty with Newcastle.

"You miss those days, Mike? The days that the name Michael Owen was on all the girls's lips?" Joey asked, smiling at Michael.

"Honestly mate; I don't know what they saw in me I was just a regular footballer."

"Holy shit, Mike you have got to be kidding me! You were the sexiest thing of the nineties!"

It took a little while for Michael to understand just what exactly Joey had said and when he did, all that he could do was look at Joey, totally confused.

"Mate, come on don't go winding me up here..."

"Im not, Mike. I've heard stories, my friend. Good and nasty stories, also those that can easily get you off and get your cock spurting like champaigne. For example, Nicky Butt told me of you and the Neville brothers. Shit that must have been totally hot, Gary and Phil are fucking sexy with great bodies."

Michael Owen was stunned, like a footy fan had never seen him before, while, as Joey was talking, he was relieving that fateful Saturday night, when Gary and Phil Neville fucked and sucked him until it drained his (at the time) eighteen year old balls. Gary had literally drank all the fresh, young, white cum that the sexy innocent Michael Owen had to give.


"And then, when I received my first England cap against Spain at Old Trafford, Steven Gerrard told me an interesting story aswell...yeah man he told me how you two were inlove and having a secret relationship. Man, how you two could have thought that nobody would notice...you two couldn't keep your eyes off eachother!"

Michael's cock grew harder and harder inside his boxers as he thought back to the first time him and Stevie both admitted to eachother that the attraction between them wasn't just that. They were inlove. That night, Steven clawed into his bed with him, held Michael in his arms and the two (then) Liverpool teammates kissed ever so gently while the moonlight shone through the window, shining its light upon the two lovers, holding eachother, caressing eachother's muscular arms and chests while Michael rested his head on Steven's shoulder. When Michael moved to Real Madrid, they could no longer keep it up though.

"And finally I think you should know that Wayne Rooney isn't the most trusting person you will ever meet because he told me about the time that he first came into the England squad, and you begged him to fuck you with his long monster cock. He was only seventeen, Mike! And he fucked you good and proper, didn't he? I've been told he cums a lot."

Michael was truly uncomfortible having this conversation with Joey, but the images of Wayne Rooney, naked and his big cock throbbing in Michael's asshole was just too much. Wayne was a virgin when he fucked Michael and his cock was sooo hard and wet. When Wayne came in his ass he withdrew his cock, but Michael grabbed it and was determined to get all the cum that wasn't in his ass, into his mouth. Sucking and licking the seventeen year old cock was a major turn on for Michael and by know his cock was bursting to be free.

"So I was wondering...Gary and Phil are sexy as hell, Steven...well he is a walking orgasm and Wayne is...older, hehe but I was thinking, what do they have that I don't?"

Michael looked quickly at Joey, his eyes widening.

"Are you saying...?"

"Come on, Michael! You're hot, and with no wifey here, come on mate; let me make you feel good."

With that Joey Barton leaned over the sofa towards where Michael was sitting and gently touched his chim with his right thumb. Michael, with no sexual relief all week, leaned into Joey's touch and soon Joey's entire right hand was caressing the side of Michael's face.

"You know Mike, when I first saw you playing for Liverpool and in the world cup in France; I knew that I had to do this with you someday if I could. If you only knew how I dreamt of this back in 1998 and all the years there after, how I creamed myself when I heard Newcastle wanted to buy me, because I knew I would finally see you naked...Mike, you are a beautiful man. Can I kiss you?"

Michael was flabbergasted but he kept his cool. Joey Barton was totally sexy and handsome in his own right and Michael was flattered by all the kind words. Fiercely, he grabbed Joey's hand and placed it on his chest. Joey was clearly shocked, but slowly a smile was spread around his georgeous face and he sat forward and kissed Michael. The two pairs of lips crushed together like magnets when they collided and there was no turning back from there. Michael moved his hand behind Joey's neck to bring him closer while Joey ran his fingers through Michael's hair, having trouble breathing, resulting in kissing such beauty. Joey released Michael's lips, kissing the side of his neck and towards his shoulderblade. Then he stood up.

"Can you just please take off that shirt so I can kiss that fucking sexy body of yours before I go mad?" Joey spat out in all angst. Seeing Michael Owen naked in the showers after games was one thing, this was sooo erotic seeing the sexy Michael beneath him. Michael tore of his shirt to let Joey stare at the famous Owen abs and chest. Joey sank to his knees and slowly reached his hand out to touch and caress the rock hard pecs and stomach muscles. He leaned up to kiss Michael again and then he started his journey downwards, kissing Michael's neck, his shoulders, his nipples, taking just a little more time in sucking and biting them gently, exciting a groan from the Owen stud. Joey Barton placed his hands behind Michael's back, holding him and then went to work on Michael's fantastic stomach. His lips felt so good on Michael's bare stomach but he wanted to get to the ultimate prize. Slowly he placed his hand on the bulge in Michael's trousers, looking up at Michael once more.

"Mate, I have to have this. You only live once, and if I don't do this now...Michael Owen may I suck your cock?"

"Anytime, baby. It's yours. You want it so much, who am I to stop you?" Michael said in that sexy accentm smiling down at Joey. Joey gently rubbed Michael's pecks one more time and then placed his hands at the waistband of Michael's trousers. He pulled them off slowly, revealing finally what most guys and girls all over the world have or had been dreaming about. The seven inch cock of Michael Owen. It was indeed a beauty, standing proud and erect in the air. Joey lovingly smiled and took the cock into his hands. Michael started to breathe faster, his cock wasn't gonna last long, not after almost a week of no action. Joey opened up his lips and sank it down the cock.

"Oh yeah Joey that's it, suck my cock...shit man your good you sexy boy..."

Michael's sweet and nasty talk turned Joey on even more. Bit by bit he sank his lips down until, at last, the entire cock was down his throat. He moved his hands towards the insides of Michael's thighs, caressing the skin there while beginning the bobbing movement on Michael Owen's cock, up and down, up and down, he tasted the amazing and delicious flow of the pre cum as it oozes out of the cock. Michael ran his fingers through Joey Barton's black hair as his cock was sucked by the Newcastle bad boy. Joey moved his hands from Michael's thighs towards the rock hard footballer ripped abs once more, feeling them, rubbing them, caressing them over and over while he fested on the taste of the Owen cock. He took the base of Michael's cock into his right hand and stopped sucking. Just as Michael was about to ask him why the fuck he stopped, he started wanking the cock at a very fast pace. Michael screamed with delight as Joey slowly stuck out his tongue and let only the head of the red, flaring, throbbing cock touch his tongue as he wanked it. Michael simply could last no more.

"Im cumming, man! Im soooo cummmminnnnng!!!!"

Michael Owen lurched his back upwards to push his cumming cock more into the mouth of Joey Barton who felt the splashes and gushes of Michael's cum flow into his mouth and it tasted oh so fucking good. There was so much that he spat out what he couldn't swallow and threw himself into Michael's arms to kiss him, his mouth still full of the Owen cum. Along with the kissing, Joey made sure that he tranfered Michael's cum back into his mouth for the former Liverpool stud to swallow his own cum. Joey pressed his face against Michael's, kissing him full on the lips, a dream come true at last.

Thanks for reading!

NEXT: What will happen when the sexy, young Newcastle boy David Edgar comes to visit Michael? And more...Joey Barton gave Michael Owen a blowjob...can he do the same to Phil Neville?


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