Prep and Landing

                       A Wayne and Lanny Love Story

It was mid October as Wane parked his snowmobile in front of Lanny's new building. Even though preparation training was still about a month away he wanted to go over some new ideas for this year's operation. Well that's what he said anyway truthfully he just wanted to see his friend.

"Pretty swank" He said as he walked into the lobby of the apartment building.

Come to think of it he had never seen Lonny's place before, they just always seemed to meet up somewhere else. He went over to the elevator bank taking a piece of crumpled paper out of his pocket.

"Tenth floor apartment 1011" He said stepping into the elevator.

He tried to envision what Lonny's apartment would look like he was such an... eccentric elf. But in a good and caring way. He thought of Lanny's smiling face those soft luscious lips, freckles and trademark red hair.

"Pull it together man!" Wayne said to himself as he snapped out of his fantasy.

"He's just a friend nothing more!" He said stepping out of the elevator.

"Why do I have to be so screwed up?" He said banging his head on the wall.

He slumped down on the floor next to the elevator. He had been working through these feelings for months and he finally thought he had them out of his system, but apparently not.

"Okay Wayne you can do this!" He said picking himself up off the floor. With a determined look on his face he knocked on the door which creped open after the third knock. Wayne stepped inside admiring Lanny's pad. It was a pretty standard apartment, spacious kitchen and living room decorated with a few odds and ends. Wayne noticed and old poster of himself hung up on the wall above the TV. He knew Lanny said he had a poster of him but he didn't actually believe it. Looking at the poster proudly hanging there on the wall made him feel... loved. He heard singing coming from the other room and slowly made his way in. Making his way into the room he didn't see anything. Hearing a door open he turned around and was standing across from a butt naked Lanny.
Wayne couldn't believe what he was seeing the elf who he had dreamed about so many times was standing before him butt naked his jingle bells in full view.

"I never imagined you could look so beautiful naked." Wayne said staring at Lanny's elf parts.

He quickly clasped his hands over his mouth but it was too late.

"What? Lanny said with a confused look on his face.

Wayne stood their frozen in terror. "How was he ever going to get out of this one? His goose was cooked." In terror he bolted from the apartment as fast as his little legs could take him.

"Wait!" Lanny cried out but he was already gone.

                             2 Weeks Later

Lanny stood outside of Magee's office. He had been trying to get in touch with Wayne for nearly 2 weeks now and still had not heard anything. He had dropped by his apartment but the landlord said he hadn't been there recently and Lanny was starting to get really worried. As far as he knew Magee was the only person who knew him better than he did.

"What can I do for you Lan?" Magee's said as he stepped into her office.

"Its Wayne I'm worried about him."

"You know it has been a while since he last called. I was starting to wonder if something was up with him." Magee said.

"I kind of feel responsible." Lanny said sitting down and telling Magee the whole story.

"And then he just ran out of my apartment and I haven't seen him since."

"Well that explains a lot." Magee said.

"Really? I still don't get it." Lanny said.

Magee rolled her eyes, Lanny was a good elf but he could be really dimwitted sometimes.

"Over the years Wayne has been known to have certain feelings for male elves. And when it comes out he gets really ashamed and depressed. The last time he dissapeared for nearly a month"

"I still don't get what that has to with me... ohh." Lanny said as a light bulb went off in his head.

"Still where so close. Why would he think he has to be ashamed about it around me? He knows I wouldn't care."

"It's nothing personal sweetie its just he was raised in a different time. It's been really tough for him and he still hasn't gotten grasp of the idea that if he lets it out he might actually be happy."

"Poor guy." Lanny said as he pondered on what it would be like to hold onto something like that for over 230 years.

"Well if anything you should be flattered sweetie."

"Do you know where I can find him?" Lanny said standing up looking determined.

"Well I can't be sure but I know when he gets sad he usually goes to his child hood home. If he's anywhere we know of he's there, and Lanny please bring him back to us." And with that he bolted out the door.

Lanny walked through the front door of the address on the paper. The house in question was way outside of the town and the entire neighborhood looked to be abandoned. He looked at the fading pictures and shriveling wallpaper. It looked like someone had been trying to keep the house looking decent and been doing a pretty bad job of it.

"Wayne!" He called out as he walked through the house.

He was about to leave when he heard crying coming from upstairs. He ascended the long staircase and inched his way in the hallway towards the sound. He turned into one of the doors and there was Wayne, sitting on a bed crying into his hands. Lanny looked at him and couldn't stand to see him in such despair. As he walked across the room Wayne lifted his head just staring at him until he was sitting next to him on the bed. Wayne leaned his head agents his shoulder very tentatively almost like he expected him to get up and walk away.

"What's wrong with me Lanny? Why can't I be normal like the other elves? Why do I have to be like this?" Wayne said starting to cry again.

Lanny opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. There was really nothing he could say. All he could do was show Wayne that he would stand by him no matter what. He put his arm around Wayne's shoulder and Wayne looked up at him, his big green eyes wet with tears and suddenly Lanny couldn't resist, he leaned in close and kissed him strait on the lips.

Wayne pulled back and now it was him with a look of confusion on his face.

"Wait so your?" Wayne said just staring at Lanny unable to finish his sentence.

Lanny Just shook his head and smiled while Wayne threw his arms around him and started to cry.

"You don't know what this means to me. After all this time im not alone anymore."

Lanny put his arms around Wayne in a big tight hug guiding Wayne's tearing face into his chest.

Wayne lie awake in bed looking at the naked Lanny fast asleep next to him. He took his finger and traced it down the small of Lanny's back into his butt crack. God was this really happening? How long had it been since the last time he was able to express his love to someone else? If there was one thing that he knew it was that he loved this elf lying next to him, and he was happy. For all that hiding and denying nothing brought him true happiness like this. He knew it wouldn't be easy but for the first time he wouldn't push it away no he would embrace it and with Lanny's help he just might be able to get through it.

                        December 25th  4:00PM

Wayne began sturring around 4:00PM on Christmas day in the apartment that he and Lanny shared as a couple. The bed was empty and for one horrible second Wayne thought he was alone again. He stared up at all the cards up on the wall from his coming out party. All his friends wishing him the best of luck even the big guy it had been great. And last night had been their first prep and landing mission together as a couple. It was an amazing rush delivering joy to children with his new partner by his side. He looked on the pillow next to him and saw an envelope.

Dear Little Drummer Boy,
Come and meet me in the living room for your Christmas present. Wear your uniform hat and nothing else!

Wayne got out of bed and excitedly grabbed his hat running down the stairs naked. He was completely baffled. Lanny had done the living room up exactly like the Terwelp house,compete with himself under the tree wearing only his elf had and a bow over his privates. Wayne loved it as it brought back all the memories of their first mission togeather.

"Well what are you waiting for big guy" Lannny siad seductivly interupting Waynes little reminicing moment. "Come over here and open your prent."

"Gladly!" Said Wayne excitedly running towards the tree.

Well for Lanny and Wayne that's all for now! Iv been in a Prep and Landing mood all day and it was between this and a term paper. So the term paper is just going to have to wait. Lol. Seriously though I would love to know what you thought? Was it good? Horrible? Did it make you cry? Laugh? I really want to know! So please email me at