Prince of Gotham

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"Isn't it beautiful?" Poison Ivy asked the guards that dangled from her deadly ivy plants. She had come through the front door, the guards had been only too happy to let her through, after she had used her Feminine Wiles on them. She had come for the Hickman's potentilla, a rare wild flower found primarily in Northern California. She reveled in her victory. He had told her that she would be successful, but she couldn't say she believed him, not for a second. Batman and the rest of his caped crew were too busy trying to find out more about him, probably locked in some stuffy old cave without any light or plants. In addition to advice, he had given her a little gift.


"Sorry, Ivy." Nightwing said behind her.

Ivy smiled, the chance to show off her new gift, "He said you wouldn't be out tonight." She smirked.


"He? Manticore?" Nightwing asked.


Ivy pulled her hand up to her mouth, "He came bearing gifts." She said, blowing pheromones out at him.


Nightwing tried to fight the pheromones, but he couldn't resist them.


"It worked." Ivy said.


Manticore stepped from the shadows, "I told you it would." He said.




Chapter 17: Ivy Wild



Professor Calbot held up a newspaper that showed two policemen held up by two giant ivies, "Poison Ivy, once a brilliant botanist, now a super villain. Thoughts?"


"I think she's deluded." A raven haired girl said.


"Why is that, Cathy?" Calbot asked.


"She's human, not plant. And it's just crazy." Cathy said, "I guess I'm just not a big fan of hers because she sets women back a thousand years, using her body and sexuality to get what she wants."


I chuckled.


Calbot looked my way, "Something you want to share with the rest of the class, Mr. Rainer?" he asked.


"I just think it's fear. You don't like Ivy because you don't understand her." I said.


"Oh, come on, she talks to something called the Green and to plants." Cathy debated.


"Well, they talk back." I added, "I think she's brilliant, she uses her powers, not to destroy the world, necessarily, but to help plants."


"Which she believes are like the second coming!" Cathy said.


"That may be true, but Ivy pushes her own agenda and doesn't apologize. Sometimes, she may seem a little deranged and she breaks the law, which is bad, but there are worse people, like the Joker and all the mobs."


"Well, that was a great discussion, but I believe class is over." Calbot said, "See you guys next time." He said, dismissing the class, "So, do you really think Poison Ivy is a missionary?"


"I think she's completely understood." I said, "She wants the world to be just plants...and her of course."


"So, what do you think her plan is next?" Calbot asked.


"Well, Mr. Calbot..." I started.


"Frey. My friends call me Frey." Calbot said.


"Frey, I think whatever green cause needs her, that's where she'll be." I smiled, "I'd like to stay and discuss, but I really have to go. An appointment to keep."


"Of course." Frey smiled.


"It was really nice talking to you, though." I said.


"Feelings mutual." Frey smiled as I left.




"You've been searching for days and you've come up with nothing?" Nightwing asked as he stood by Batman on the rooftop of the highest building in Gotham.


Batman stood on a ledge, looking out into the city, "I've got leads, but nothing concrete." He said darkly.


"Ivy got away from me, but she won't get away next time." Nightwing said.


Batman looked at him, "She's slippery." He said.


"Yeah, she's a little hard to hold onto." Nightwing said, "Are you up for a little recon?"


"Poison Ivy?" Batman asked.


"Yeah, I figure us against her and her new and improved pheromones could work." Nightwing said.


Batman nodded, pulling out his grappling hook and swinging away.



Poison Ivy stood, carefully putting a rare flower in her satchel.


"You know," Ivy turned to see Manticore perched on the arch of the museum, "Maybe I should have gone into cahoots with Catwoman, at least she can get in and get out quickly."


"How long have you been there?" Ivy asked.


"Long enough to know you're a slow poke." Manticore said.


"This is a rare plant." Ivy said, "I'm not going to harm this plant just to push your agenda."


Manticore jumped off the arc, annoyed, "Listen, greenie, my agenda is the only thing that matters. Without me, you'd be on the first plant-mobile back to Arkham."


Ivy groaned, "Fine, what's next?" he asked.


"Did you get to the bird?" Manticore asked.


"I did." Ivy said.


"He should be here any moment." Manticore said.


"What is the master plan? To annoy Batman and Robin until they inevitably put you in Arkham?" Ivy asked.


"I'm hunting bigger fish." Manticore said, walking away.


"Where are you going?" Ivy asked.


"We're not alone." Manticore said, leaving.


"Ivy." Batman said, now perched atop the same arch that Manticore was earlier, "You're thieving days are done, Ivy."


"Oh, Persephone." Ivy groaned.


"Looks like you're caught, venus." Nightwing said.


"It's over for you, Ivy." Batman said.


"You're half right." Ivy said, "s'over for one of us, but it isn't me, bats."


Before Batman could make heads or tails of anything, Nightwing clubbed him over the head.


"Beautiful." Ivy smiled, "Make sure he doesn't walk out." She said, leaving.


"He won't." Nightwing said robotically. Nightwing watched in horror as his body brutalized Batman. Batman had even started to bleed.


"Dick..."Nightwing punched him, but he caught the next one and side-kicked Nightwing to the ground, "I don't want to hurt you."


"Not worried about that." Nightwing said, tackling Batman to the ground. The two fought, exchanging blows until Batman threw him into the wall!


"Maybe you should be." Batman said quickly, "Dick, are you alright?"


Nightwing came to, "I'm so sorry." He said.


"It was Ivy." Batman said, "When did she get you?"


"Days ago. It's potent, I didn't even know I was under." Nightwing said, "And she got away."


"I have a feeling it wasn't on her own." Batman said, looking into the distance.



I sat at my computer, re-reading the message. It was scary. Just as I was about to log off, there was another message. I opened it quickly, eager to see what it said. It read:


Welcome to the rabbit hole.