Legal Disclaimer. This story is about two underage boys having sex. If it is not legal for you to read this, don't.

Author's note: Some people might be put off by my choice of characters that I have made this story up about. I really don't care; it's better than the rubbish that most of the tabloids print in my opinion. I've tried to make it a nice story, but if you don't want to think about the young princes in bed together, don't read it. This story isn't meant to imply anything about anybody. Any comments will be appreciated.

The Princes Royal

The Adventures of William and Harry

by Eric Blyton

Chapter 1.

Prince Harry walked down the long hallways of the palace. He was excited and trying not to show it. His big brother was coming home today from school and Harry couldn't wait to see him. It had been over a month since they were together and with his Mummy no longer around, Harry missed Wils more than ever.

As far as Harry was concerned, the sun rose and set on William; the way he was so tall and handsome he could have girls around him from dawn to dusk, but he always had time for his younger brother and was never impatient with him. Everybody else from the Queen on down paid more attention to William. Harry understood why, of course; Wils was the heir, he was better looking, smarter and all that, but he honestly didn't care; Wils acted like Harry was the most important person to him, and Wils' opinion was really the only one Harry cared about.

He went into one of the front rooms and sat in a window where he could watch the driveway. Harry was imagining all of the new stories Wils would have for him when he saw the limousine pull up to the main entrance. He was home! Fighting the urge to run, the prince made his way to the door. He spotted his brother coming up the steps and was unable to keep a huge grin from his face. Wils noticed him and grinned back.

"Harry!" he shouted and ran up the stairs and gave him a big hug, picking him up off the ground in the process. That was another thing Harry liked about his brother; even though Wils was generally shy and reserved, he was always openly affectionate with him.

Wils put him down and took him by the arm. "Come on, I have to go say hello to Father and then we can go talk."

Harry went with his brother as they found Father. The three of them chatted for a few minutes and then he had Wils all to himself. It wasn't hard in a building as big as the palace to find a place to be alone, and soon Harry was having his ears filled with tales from his brother's school. They talked until it was time for dinner and then they joined the rest of the family to eat. After dinner Wils had to go off and talk to Father for a while, and so Harry made his way to his room. He read for a spell and then decided to take a bath. The servants would get his bath ready if he asked, but he preferred to do it himself these days. He was halfway done when he heard a knock on the door.

"Harry? It's Wils. Can I come in?"

When Harry was younger, he and Wils had seen each other naked many times, but now he was unsure. He knew Wils had matured and had pubic hair, but his own little cock had barely begun to grow and had yet to sprout the first hair. He was worried about what his brother might think, but he was afraid that if he asked him to wait until he was done, he might not see him until tomorrow.

"Come in, Wils." Harry answered with some reluctance. Wils must have picked up on it because he gave Harry a curious look when he came in. He locked the bedroom door and then came into the bathroom. He closed that door too and sat on the mat.

"How come you didn't want me to come in?" he asked with a frown on his face. "Are you mad because I was with Father so long?"

"Oh, no, Wils. I wasn't mad at you!" Harry hurried to reassure him.

"Well, what then?"

Harry just blushed. He felt really embarrassed about the whole thing and he wished Wils would just drop it.

"Is it because you're in the bath?" Wils asked. Harry just looked away and nodded.

"But Harry, I've seen you with your clothes off hundreds of times. And you've seen me. Why do you care now?"

Wils clearly wasn't going to let him off the hook, so Harry decided that he may as well try to explain.

"Well, it's just that you -- grew bigger -- and I haven't yet." The prince hadn't felt this awkward in years. He wished he could just slide down the drain.

"Oh, Harry, don't worry about that. I'm older that you, what else could you expect. You'll catch up! You don't have to be ashamed of anything. Relax, I'd hate it if you felt bad about something like that. I think you're the coolest kid in the country. You think I care if you have hair or not?" Harry could always tell when Wils was being earnestly serious and this was one of those times. He realized that he had been silly to worry about what Wils saw and to prove it he stood up in the bath and started to rinse off.

"Anyway," Wils said with a grin "You've grown a bit since I saw you last." Harry noticed that his brother was not talking about his height; Wils was staring at his young cock. He blushed again, but it was more in pride than embarrassment.

Harry finished his bath and Wils handed him a towel as he stepped out. He noticed that his brother already had on his pajamas and he asked him why.

"Oh, I decided that I wanted to sleep in here with you, if it's all right. I wanted to hear about your school since we only talked about me before. I told Tiggy and she said she didn't mind."

This was another thing about Wils that made Harry worship him; he was as interested in Harry's stories as Harry was in Wils' And the fact that Wils wanted to sleep in his room thrilled him to no end. He smiled and pulled out his own pajamas and put them on. Harry had two double beds in his room, but Wils made not effort to get in the guest bed. Much to his younger brother's delight, he slipped under the covers with him. They turned out all the lights but one dim one and Harry started telling Wils what he had been up to. Wils asked him all about meeting the Spice Girls, and he told him about the whole trip. It was getting late, but Harry still wasn't sleepy. But he was running out of things to talk about. He decided to be a little naughty.

"It's not fair, you know." He said to his brother.

"What's not fair?" Wils asked with a confused expression on his face.

"You got to see me naked, but I didn't get to see you." Harry grinned at his brother. Wils just looked more confused. Now it was his turn to blush.

"You've seen me naked before." He reminded Harry.

"Yes, but not for more than a year. And you got to see me."

Wils looked him full in the face. "Do you really want to see me?" he asked in a soft, but serious voice. Harry had started this whole thing on a lark, but now discovered that he was quite curious. He nodded at Wils. The older boy glanced at the door to make sure it was still locked and then threw back the covers. He slowly unbuttoned his pajama bottoms and then pushed them down to his thighs. Harry stared at his brother's penis absolutely fascinated. It had been more than a year since he had seen it, and that was just a quick glance anyway. It was about four inches long and seemed three times as big around as Harry's own. His brothers balls had grown as well and hung down in their wrinkled sac.

"Why is the hair so dark when the hair on your head is so blonde, Wils?" he asked.

"That's just the way it is, Harry. Most boys have black hair down there."

"Do you think I will too?"

"Well, yours might be a little red. You'll just have to wait and see." At first Wils was a little unsettled by the way his brother was studying his penis, but after a moment the feeling passed. It was only Harry after all. He would never tell anybody anything.

Harry just couldn't get over how big Wils had gotten. Staring at his brothers crotch was giving him a tingly feeling in his own. He decided to ask Wils a question about something that had been embarrassing him lately.

"Wils, do you sometimes get stiff?" he asked as he blushed again. It took a moment for William to realize that Harry was serious. Then it occurred to him that no one had ever talked to him about sex. Father, for all his good points, was incapable of talking about something like that. Mother had talked to Wils about the whole thing, but Harry had been a bit young. Grandfather would also be hopeless and the idea of the Queen of the British Isles talking to a prepubescent boy about sex was laughable. He supposed Uncle Charles might be suitable. From what Wils saw in the papers, his uncle had plenty of experience, but he wasn't here. Harry wasn't particularly close to either Uncle Andrew or Uncle Edward and so who did that leave? Just Wils himself. Not that Wils was any expert himself, but he knew all the basics. What Mother hadn't told him, he had learned from the boys at school. So he decided to answer Harry's question and any others he had.

All this went through his head in a manner of moments, so Harry never even noticed that Wils had paused before answering.

"Yes I do, Harry. All guys do when they get to a certain age. I guess it's started happening to you too, right?"

"Yea, at first it was just a little, but now it happens all the time. I'm so scared that some photographer is going to get a picture of the bulge in my shorts and put in on the front page of The Sun." William didn't think that was too likely, but since Wils had once had to suffer the indignity of seeing a picture of himself peeing on a bush outside of his school on the front page, he wasn't about to tell Harry it was impossible.

"If you play with if Harry, you'll be able to control it a little more, you know." Wils told him. Harry had a little idea of what Wils was talking about, but he wanted him to tell him so he played dumb. This whole conversation was making him feel delightful.

"Well, you know Harry, when it gets hard, you just rub it up and down."

"Right in front of everybody?" Harry asked.

"No, you silly. Only when you're alone. Then it won't happen as often."

"Will you show me how please Wils?" Harry pleaded.

`Ah, well' thought Wils `In for a penny, in for a pound.'

"All right, Harry. I'll show you. Pull your pajama bottoms down, too."

The young prince did as his brother instructed. Wils was slightly amused to note that his brother already had a hard-on. Harry's bald dick was a surprising four inches long. Wils didn't think he had been that big at his age. The thought of jerking off was making his own penis swell up as well. He touched it gently and it expanded to its full seven inch length.

"Wow!" Harry said softly as he saw his brother's equipment in all its erect glory.

"Don't worry about that, Harry. You'll get bigger soon enough. Now watch what I do with it." Wils made a fist around his rod and started pumping it. Harry watched, fascinated by what his brother was doing. After a minute, he started imitated Wils' moves on his own member. Right away he felt the good feelings Wils had talked about.

"That's it Harry." Wils encouraged him "Pull on your pud."

Harry smiled as Wils expression. He had heard it before, but had never really understood what it meant. Meanwhile, Wils was caught up in his own good feelings. It had been several days since his last orgasm and it felt good to give himself a release. Harry moved right over next to him and was staring at Wils' cock. He noticed that Wils was pumping the shaft with his right hand and at the end of each rub, he ran his fingers over the edge of his foreskin and squeezed the dark purple head. With his other hand he was playing with his bollocks, squeezing them and gently pulling on them. Harry copied Wils every move and was rewarded with more good feelings. But something seemed to be missing. He slowed down and watched Wils.

"Harry? Why have you stopped?" Wils asked.

"I don't think I'm doing it right, Wils. I just wanted to watch you to see if I could get it right."

Wils stopped himself. He had been getting close to orgasm, but he didn't want to do that just yet. "Do you want me to show you, Harry?" he asked.

"I thought you were." Harry said

"No, I mean do you want me to show you on you." Wils clarified.

Harry looked slowly from Wils down to his own crotch. "You mean you'd -- "

"Only if you want me to, Harry."

Harry gave his brother a shy grin. "I'd really like that, Wils"

"All right then. But you have to get totally naked."

Harry quickly kicked his bottoms off and pulled his top of as well. "You too, Wils. O.K.?"

The older prince stripped off too and pulled his brother next to him. "Just lie there and relax, Harry. Don't think about anything but me touching you."

Harry gasped as he felt Wils' warm hand take hold of him. His brother was rubbing up and down on his hard penis and if felt ever so much better than when Harry was doing it himself. He felt Wils other hand gently grasp his balls and roll them around. It sent electric waves up and down his body. He never imagined he could feel so good.

"Do you like it, Harry?" Wils asked.

"Oh, yes, very much. Please don't stop, Wils." He gasped.

Wils started rubbing him faster and the feeling started to grow stronger. Harry spread his legs wide to give his brother all the access he wanted to his crotch. He opened his eyes and looked and Wils. He was smiling down at Harry and the young prince decided at that moment that he had the best brother in the whole world.

The feeling in his penis was growing ever stronger, and Harry felt like something was going to happen, but he didn't know what.

"Wils? I'm starting to feel really funny," he said.

"Just relax, Harry. That's supposed to happen."

Harry felt safe in his brother's hands so he continued to let the feeling build. Suddenly it reached a peak and his whole body tensed up. He had never felt anything like this. All he could think about was his penis that Wils was stroking up and down. He had to bite his lip to keep from crying out as new sensations overwhelmed his young body for the first time. Wils saw what was happening and stopped his motions, squeezing the head of Harry's erection with his hand. Harry had to pant to get his breath back.

"What happened Wils?" he asked in an awed voice.

"You just had an orgasm, Harry. Your first one. Did you like it?"

"Oh, yes. It was smashing! Can you do that to yourself all the time?"

"Well, you have to take a break between doing it. You can't just do it all the time Harry."

The young prince noticed that Wils still had an erection himself.

"Can I try to do it to you too Wils?" he asked.

Wils wondered if Harry would be able to bring him over the edge, but the kid clearly wanted to try and so he decided to let him.

"Sure, Harry. Just do what I did to you." he said as he laid back against the bed. Wils caught his breath as he felt the unfamiliar feeling of someone else's hands on his stiff dick. His little brother took hold of him and carefully began pumping up and down. It wasn't quite the stroke that William used on himself, but the exotic feeling of having someone other than himself play with his royal rod was more than enough to compensate. Harry's hands seemed a bit unsure, so William encouraged him.

"That's it Harry. That feel soooo good" he softly moaned. "Rub it a bit faster. And play with my bollocks too, please."

Harry did as he was instructed. As he continued, he became more sure of himself. He could tell what worked better by the way Wils breathed and the expression on his face. It felt neat to hold Wils' hot, hard cock in his hand as he vigorously stroked it.

William had his hands behind his head and his eyes were closed. He started to buck his hips slightly in motion with Harry's stroking. His balls were drawing up and he knew he was about to go over the edge. He'd forgotten to warn Harry about his sperm, but there was no time for that now.

"Faster, Harry!" he panted. "I'm about to shoot!"

His brother increased his tempo even more, tightening his grip in the process. William felt the sweet release of orgasm as a hot jet of cum shot from his cock. Harry was holding him up at a 45 degree angle and the sticky liquid landed with a splash on William's own chest. Even as he felt it land, another squirt shot out, followed rapidly by three others. Harry was still stroking him, but he looked very confused. Wils put out his hand to stop him.

"Thanks Harry" he said. "You can stop now." Harry stopped the stroking, but he seemed reluctant to let go of Wils' slowly deflating member.

"What was that, Wils?" he asked.

"Oh, I should have told you about that, Harry" he said "When you get a bit older than you are, you shoot sperm when you get that good feeling. You'll probably start to shoot soon."

"What's it like?" he asked looking curiously at the while substance on Wils bare chest. "Is it gross?"

"It's just a bit salty" Wils said as he put his finger in it and licked off a drop. "Do you want to taste it?"

"Well, all right" Harry looked a bit doubtful, but having seen Wils taste it, he figured that it couldn't be too bad. He gingerly stuck his finger in it and tasted a small drop. It was just like Wils had said, salty, but rather nice. Wils grinned at him as he licked it off his finger.

After Harry had tried it, William got a handful of napkins and cleaned himself off. He was now getting sleepy and figured they should both get to sleep. Getting Harry back into his pajamas required a bit of talking, but William figured they had better be safe.

After Wils turned off the last light, Harry turned on his side and snuggled up to him. Feeling the warmth from his big brother's body, the young prince closed his eyes and smiled as he drifted off into dreamland.

Chapter 2.

Prince William woke up with the bright sun shining through the curtains in the window. His little brother was still snuggled up next to him, and so he was careful not to move too much; he didn't want to wake Harry just yet. He quietly propped his head up and thought about last night.

Tossing Harry off and having his brother return the favor was something that he had greatly enjoyed. These days, William felt like he was randy all the time, but in his position there was nothing he could do besides play with himself. While there were any number of girls (and guys for that matter) who would go to bed with him at the drop of a hat, the risk of being found out was too high. Whoever he slept with might tell, now or in the future. His mother had found that out the hard way. Or even if his partner kept silent, one still might be found out. His father experience had proved that.

William was quite aware how much people were counting on him. He'd seen the magazines with his face on the cover asking, "Can this boy save the monarchy?" He also knew that many people wanted him to become King after Grandmum. William didn't want that; he knew how much Father wanted to be King and William felt that he should have his turn. Father had made mistakes, but who hadn't?

All the same, William knew that if the Fleet Street bastards caught him with his pants down, he would become the top story overnight. They would be all too happy to splash the details all over the papers, tearing him down just as fast as they had built him up. He had a very deep sense of duty, and there was no way he was going to let the Queen or the Country down like that.

But this was a different situation. Harry was his brother; he'd never tell anyone. He'd have just as much to lose. And how could the press find out about this? They were brothers; so what if they slept in the same room sometimes?

Not that William would force anything on Harry, but if his little brother wanted a repeat of last night, he would find a very willing partner. With a mischievous grin, Wils wondered if Harry might be interested in trying other things besides just tossing each other off.

William looked at the clock; it really was time to get up. He gently ran his hand trough his brother's reddish-blonde hair and Harry stirred.

"What time is it, Wils?" Harry asked in a sleepy mumble. Wils told him and Harry yawned as he fought his way awake. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked his older brother in the eye.

"Last night," he said awkwardly, "That wasn't a dream, was it?"

Wils knew his brother well enough to know that Harry was concerned about it.

"No, Harry, not unless you want it to be." That was his way of saying that if Harry wanted to forget it, William would let him.

"No," said Harry with increasing confidence. "I liked it. It was all right, then?"

"Just as long as we keep it to ourselves."

"Can we do it again, sometime?" Harry asked with a shy grin.

"Anytime, Harry!" Wils grinned back. "But not this morning," he quickly put in seeing Harry's face light up. "We need to get up now. Father will be expecting us."

The two boys fell out of bed and got dressed. Wils had checked the air outside and noticed that it was rather nippy, so the brothers made sure that they put on enough clothes. Then they went down to breakfast. Father was at the table, but he was mostly done.

"Slept in a bit this morning, did you lads?" Prince Charles remarked good-naturedly.

The two boys just smiled and sat down. It was the first day of the holidays; Father didn't mind if they were a bit slack. They chatted about their holiday plans as the servants brought them breakfast. Today Prince Charles had a polo match and the boys were going to watch. Later there was an official state dinner that they had to attend. But what excited the two boys most was that tomorrow they would be going to spend a week in Switzerland skiing. That had been their wish for the hols, but Father was only able to confirm it a few weeks ago.

After breakfast, Father left to go to his match and William and Harry got ready to go watch. The met up with Tiggy and got in the car. Wils felt that he was really getting a bit old for a chaperone, but the boys liked Tiggy and enjoyed her company, so he never complained about her.

They reached the playing field and got out of the car. There were a few photographers there, but none of them were being pushy or obnoxious, and so the Princes gave them a friendly wave. They got their seats and settled down to watch.

William and Harry liked watching their father play, but today their mind was more on their upcoming ski trip. They talked to each other about the various things they wanted to do in Switzerland as the match progressed. During an exciting point in the game, they fell silent and watched. After a few minutes of silence, Harry leaned over and put his mouth by Wils' ear.

"Wils?" he whispered. "It's happening again."

"What's happening Harry?"

"I've gotten, you know, stiff."

Wils looked; there was a rather noticeable bulge in Harry's trousers. He glanced around; no-one was looking at the two boys for now, but that could change at any moment.

"Take off your coat and put it in your lap," William suggested.

"But that will look suspicious, wouldn't it?" Harry said. "Besides, I shall be cold if I take it off."

"Well, just rest your hands in your lap for now, and try to make it go away," he suggested.

Harry casually rested his hands in front of him, but William watched and his brother's erection did not subside.

"What brought that on, anyway?" he asked.

"I was thinking about last night," Harry whispered back. With that put in his head, Wils found himself in danger of getting an erection himself.

"Think about something else, Harry," William advised.

"Like what?"

"Think about Lady Thatcher in her underwear."

Harry burst out in laugher at that. Tiggy gave the two boys a funny look, but then turned away and continued talking to the lady sitting next to her. After a few moments, Harry had brought himself down to just giggling.

"That's gross, Wils!" he said through his giggles.

"That's the whole idea, Harry," William saw that his brother's boner was subsiding and so he wanted to keep the process going.

"Look at that horse over there," he said pointing out to the playing field.

"The white one with the brown spots?" Harry asked.

"No, the brown one that's going past Father right now."

"Oh. What about it?"

"Don't you think it looks just like Auntie Anne?" Wils said with a grin on his face.

With that Harry burst out laughing again and William joined him. Tiggy glanced at them again, this time she looked a bit cross so the two brothers made an attempt to get back under control. They both loved their Fathers sister, and would never say anything like that within her earshot, but she did look rather equine, after all.

Harry's erection had disappeared in all of that, and Wils made no mention of it for fear of causing it's return. Father's side won the game and they congratulated him as he came over. The rest of the day passed without incident. The state dinner was a bit of a bore, but William and Harry both knew that it was part of the job. After dinner they retired to their wing of the palace. Tiggy suggested that they have an early night since they would be traveling in the morning. As they reached their rooms, Harry turned and asked his brother a question.

"Wils, can I sleep in your room tonight?"

William knew there was more to the request than that and he smiled and nodded yes. He went inside as Harry rushed over to his room to grab his pajamas. When the two boys were safely inside, Wils discreetly locked the door.

"We should bathe before bed" William said.

"Can we bathe together then, Wils?" was Harry's response.

Again William gave him the affirmative. Lord knows he had a big enough bath. He went and started the water running. As he came back into the bedroom he saw that Harry had already stripped down to his y-fronts. William tended to wear pants under his trousers unless he was wearing shorts, but Harry still preferred briefs. William got naked and Harry slipped out of his y-fronts. Without a word, they went into the bath and got in. They splashed around for a bit and then Harry slid up right next to William.

"Can I touch it, Wils?" he asked. The older boy nodded and spread his legs a bit. Harry eagerly put his hand on his brother's penis and felt it spring to life. He grinned as he felt the firm grip of Wils' hand on his own already hard cock.

"You just feel so neat, Wils," Harry told him.

"You too, Harry. It's cool doing this with you."

By now Wils' cock had expanded to its full length and Harry pulled back the foreskin and rubbed his thumb over the plump head. Wils caught his breath as Harry's finger passed over the tiny opening and caught the sensitive skin inside. But he didn't want to cum too soon and so he stopped Harry.

"Let's wash each other, Harry," he suggested

"All right, but you go first, then."

William got a soapy washcloth and started scrubbing his brother's skin. He started at the top, giving Harry's ears a good rub and then working on his shoulders. When he got to his waist, he stopped and moved to his feet. From there he went upwards. He washed Harry's thighs and then moved to his bum. He pried apart the cheeks and gave the crack a good scrub, causing Harry to giggle. Wils held the cloth there for a moment and pressed against Harry's hole. The younger boy just looked at this but made no comment. Then he returned to Harry's cock and rubbed it for a bit. But Wils was hoping for more so he stopped and handed the washcloth to Harry.

Harry took it and repeated the process on Wils. He spent a lot of time at his brother's underarms, tickling him in the process. After that though, he quickly did the rest, not doing all that thorough of a job. He was clearly eager to get back to Wils' private parts. William grinned as Harry spread apart his bum and scrubbed his crack. Then he got back to where he really wanted to be; Wils' royal scepter which was poking out above the water. After a bit of stroking, William stopped him again.

"Let's dry off and move to the bed, shall we?" he suggested.

They stood up and let the water out of the tub. Their hard cocks were sticking straight out towards each other as they grabbed their towels. As they stepped onto the bath mat, Wils pulled Harry against him and hugged him tightly. Harry felt the warmth from their wet bodies as water dripped down on their feet. Wils' dick was pressed against Harry's tummy and his own was rubbing against his brother's thigh. William threw his towel abound Harry's shoulders and started to briskly rub him dry. Harry tried to do the same for Wils' but it was a bit awkward as Wils was somewhat taller. But between the two of them, soon both boys' bodies were dry and with William leading the way, they dashed into the bedroom and jumped on the bed.

"So can we do it now, Wils?" Harry asked with his head propped up on his arm.

"Tell you what, Harry," William said, "I had an idea. Let me try something different on you. If you don't like it, we can wank each other again. But I have an idea that you might like this even more."

"O.K. Wils, I'm game," was Harry's response. "What is it?"

"Well, I've heard about this, but that's it. I'm going to suck on you."

"You mean -- ," Harry looked down at his hairless cock sticking proudly upwards, "Down there?" William nodded his head.

"All right!" Harry couldn't believe that Wils would actually do that. It wasn't something he'd ever even imagined, but the thought of it was most delightful. And if Wils did it to him, that would mean that he could do it back to Wils! He looked over at his naked brother; Wils' dick was pulsing with lust. Harry couldn't wait for his turn.

William leaned over his brother's crotch. He had no personal experience with this, but he had heard it discussed at Eton. He knew what to do, more or less. Putting one hand on the hairless region above Harry's dick, he grasped his brother's throbbing erection with his other and gave it an experimental lick. Harry twitched as he did that.

"That felt nice," he informed William.

With growing confidence, Wils started licking the shaft up and down. It was clearly having the intended effect on Harry; he was breathing quickly and softly moaning. Then he took the next step and put it carefully in his mouth. He sucked on the head and then slowly slipped his lips down the shaft, running his tongue over it in the process. All the while, he kept one hand at the base of his brother's boner and used the other to fondle Harry's balls.

Harry didn't have the words to describe the feeling, but his body was developing a mind of its own. Almost involuntarily, he started moving his hips up and down, causing his penis to slid in and out of Wils' lips. The friction of Wils' tongue on the sensitive head of his cock was sending waved of tortuous pleasure up and down his spine. The feeling that he had first felt last night was building again, but it seemed more intense this time.

"Wils!" he gasped out.

William knew Harry was getting ready to cum and so he stated sucking even faster than before. His hands were a blur as they rubbed whatever flesh was not inside his mouth. Harry was bucking so much on the bed, Wils was worried that he was going to bash his lips against his teeth. Then he felt Harry's cock jerk in his mouth. His little brother's whole body tightened up and froze in an upward thrust. Wils fancied that he could taste the slightest tinge of salt in his mouth, but wrote it off to imagination. He put his hands under Harry's bum and held him up until his orgasm was well and truly finished. Then he gently lowered him back onto the bed.

"Did you like it?" he asked.

"Oh, you bet! That was loads better than last night, even. Do I get to do you now?"

"Sure thing, Harry," said William as he lay back on the bed. He was very happy Harry liked this and stretched his legs out in anticipation of his first blowjob.

Harry moved into position and eagerly grabbed Wils' thick cock. He just loved the feeling of the wide girth at the base. Then he ran his pink tongue down the underside. William sucked in his breath as Harry did it again. He decided to cut right to the chase and wrapped his lips around Wils' engorged head. There was no way he could see that he could get the whole thing in his mouth, but he started sucking on the fat head and first three inches. Remembering that Wils liked him to play with his bollocks, he moved one hand there and gently began running them through his fist. Keeping his brothers prick clear of his teeth, he started moving up and down on it.

William was in heaven. Having only heard about blowjobs before, he had been unable to imagine how one would feel. Harry was no expert, obviously, but the feeling of those warm lips on his teenaged cock was incredible. He had to fight the urge to shove his meat further into the other boy's mouth; he knew that would cause Harry to choke.

Harry ran one of his hands through Wils midnight black pubic hair. He was so envious of that; it just looked so neat! He couldn't wait until his own bush grew in. It was clear that Wils was enjoying this; Harry thought that his brother's cock was growing ever larger in his mouth.

"Careful Harry, I'm going to cum soon!" Wils panted.

Harry knew why Wils was warning him, but he decided to keep going. He sucked even harder and managed to get another inch of the older boy's shaft in his mouth. Wils bollocks had drawn up tight underneath his cock and Harry noticed that he was balling his fists. Wils gasped and Harry felt a warm jet of liquid erupt from the cock in his mouth and he started to swallow. Before he could get it down his throat, another spurt shot out, and another and another and another. His cheeks were puffed out from holding the sperm and he saw Wils looking at him. As soon as he was sure no more was coming, he gulped in down and released Wils cock.

"You swallowed it Harry?" Wils asked.

"Well, yes. It tasted all right last night, so I thought why not? You did me all the way, so I thought I should do you," Harry was now a little worried that he had done something he should not have. William noticed and put his mind to rest.

"That was great, Harry. I wasn't expecting you to swallow it, but I'm glad you did."

Feeling reassured, Harry moved up next to his brother and Wils gave him a big hug and pulled him on top of himself.

"Remember Harry, anytime you don't want to do something, you just let me know," he said, "And if there's something you want to try, just ask me and we can try it."

Harry just rested his head on Wils' shoulder and made no comment. He knew if he spoke, he might cry, and he didn't want to do that. He had felt so lonely lately with Wils in school and Mummy gone, but now he felt closer to Wils than he ever had.

After a few minutes of laying like this, Wils suggested that they get dressed for bed. Harry complied, a bit reluctantly perhaps, but he knew they had a long day ahead of them. They turned out the lights and climbed under the covers.

"Remember Harry," Wils said as he put his arm over his brother's shoulder, "We've got a whole week in Switzerland together."

Harry smiled in the darkness. Somehow he knew Wils wasn't just talking about the skiing.

Chapter 3.

Unlike the previous morning, neither of the princes slept in. They were too excited about their trip. Harry woke up with the roosters and jostled Wils awake, too.

"Get up, sleepyhead. We're off to Switzerland today!" he said as he shook Wils' arm. The older prince groaned and hit Harry with his pillow. Harry just giggled and promptly clobbered his brother right back. Soon there was a full-fledged pillow fight going on, accompanied by much laughter and running about the bedroom. After a while, they quieted down; after all it was still quite early.

But there would be no going back to bed for either of them; they were fully wound up now. They got dressed and went out into the palace. It was not breakfast yet and plus it would be rude not to wait for Father so they went and sat in one of the large windows overlooking the front. The morning shift of servants was coming on duty and the palace slowly came to life. Trying to pass the time, they struck up a conversation.

"Do you still like Eton, Wils?" Harry asked.

"Yes, it's fine Harry. You know, most of the time I'm there I can pretend that I'm just another boy. The masters don't treat me any different from anybody else and I don't feel as if I'm living in a fishbowl."

"I know what you mean," Harry responded, "I don't mind if people want to take pictures of me, but I'd have preferred that the whole country not know about my horrible grades last term."

""Oh, buck up, Harry," Wils said with a grin, "At least they don't know that Father caned you over them." Harry grimaced and reached around to touch his bum, as if to rub a phantom burning sensation.

"Anyway," Wils continued, "At least your marks have been better this year. I'm proud of you, you know."

"Thanks Wils," Harry said with an embarrassed flush on his pale face. There was a long pause as both boys looked out the window. After a while, William spoke up again.

"You know what I like best about being away at Eton?" he asked. Harry just shook his head.

"Sometimes I can imagine, you know, because I'm not at home that when I come home -- ," Wils paused as a lump formed in his throat. When he continued his voice was only a hoarse whisper. "...that when I come home, everything will be right again."

His eyes misted up and he was unable to get any more words out. Harry let out a soft sob and then threw himself at Wils. The two brothers hugged each other tightly as silent tears streamed down their faces. Wils gently stroked Harry's back as his younger brother rested his head against his chest.

They stayed that way for a few minutes and then Wils gave Harry a napkin with which to blow his nose. Wiping his own eyes with his left hand, he ran his other hand lovingly though Harry's reddish hair.

"I don't like being upset Harry, but it's oh, so much nicer when you're around to be upset with," he said.

"For me, too Wils," Harry said as he blew his nose again.

"Anyway, let's try to have a good time in Switzerland, shall we?" Wils suggested.

"O.K. Wils," Harry said with a soft grin.

The two boys got up and went back to their room. The servants had done most of their packing, but they wanted to make sure they had everything they wanted. They added some books and CD's to the suitcases and then went downstairs for breakfast. Father had come down and greeted them as they sat at the table.

"So did you boys get plenty of rest last night?" he asked.

Sensing that Harry was about to burst out laughing, Wils squeezed his leg under the table.

"Yes, Father, we had an early night," he said

"Well, that's good, lads. I expect that we shall need plenty of energy today."

Father and sons dug into their breakfast and were soon finished. Their luggage had been brought down and placed in the hall by the front entrance. The limousine was loaded and soon they were on the way to the airfield. Harry didn't bother to restrain his excitement and managed to drive Prince Charles bats on the long drive. At last they reached their destination and pulled out right next to the jet. The BBC was there to cover their departure and the two boys gave the cameras a friendly wave as they climbed up the steps into the aircraft. Tiggy was already there, having arrived in an earlier car. As there were no other passengers other than the various bodyguards and staff who traveled with them, everyone was soon strapped in and the jet was taxiing down the runway. They reached cruising altitude and Prince Charles picked up a book and began to read. William put on headphones and tried to listen to music, but Harry kept nudging him to talk and so he gave it up as a bad job and chatted with his brother.

"I'm chilly, Wils," Harry announced at one point.

"Well, get a blanket and cover yourself with it," William suggested.

Harry got up and fetched a thick blanket from the front of the cabin. This was a specially modified aircraft for the specific use of the Royal Family, and so it was more like a long and narrow room in a fine house than a plane. Harry sat back down and spread the blanket over his lap and legs.

"Well, since you've got it, why not let me have some, too," said Wils.

So Harry turned it around and soon both boys were covered from their tummies down Father was sitting facing away from them and Tiggy seemed to have gone to sleep in the back of the cabin so he decided to have a spot of fun.

Wils was staring out the window looking down at the approaching French coast when he felt Harry's hand creep onto his crotch and gently squeeze his limp penis. Controlling an almost involuntary jump, he turned and looked at his brother.

"What are you doing?" he whispered as Harry continued to massage his now growing member. Harry just smiled and raised his eyebrows as if the answer was obvious, which Wils realized it was. He glanced around the cabin; they were in no immediate danger of being caught, so he decided to let Harry go ahead.

Taking his brother's silence as a license to continue, Harry slowly pulled down Wils' zipper. After that, it was easy to work his brother's fully erect cock out the front of his pants and into his hand. Keeping the rest of his body still, Harry began a steady stroke down the thick shaft. Nor did he neglect the protruding head; at the top of each stroke, he squeezed it and ran his thump over the tip.

Wils closed his eyes and relaxed. Keeping his breathing even so as not to give away their activity, he concentrated on his dick. The past two nights had improved his brother's masturbation skills somewhat. This combined with the exoticness of the locale was giving him chills up and down his spine. Harry was putting his hand down into his trousers, fondling his balls as well as his exposed cock. The temperature under the blanket was rising and Wils could feel beads of sweat forming on his legs. Carefully spreading his legs, he slumped down in his seat as Harry continued wanking him. After a few minutes he felt the familiar and delightful feeling of a building orgasm.

"You'd better stop, Harry," he whispered, "I shall shoot all over the blanket if you don't."

With a sly smile, Harry reached into his pocket, pulled out a wad of tissues and pressed them into Wils' left hand. Wils was surprised by his brother's forethought and wondered when Harry had gotten them. Nevertheless, he reached under the blanket and held them near the head of his prick for the inevitable moment that they would be needed. With his last worry disposed of, Wils allowed himself to fully enjoy his brother's stroking. His bollocks started drawing up and his cock swelled to maximum size. He gritted his teeth to keep from crying out as the feelings of pleasure hit their peak. Quickly, he wrapped the tissues around the erupting head as his dick shot out his load of sperm. Harry kept his hand around the base and firmly held it, savoring the feeling of powerful pulsing as Wils came. Fortunately, the napkins were enough to absorb all of the young prince's load and so none dripped out onto his clothes. Glancing around to make sure they were still unobserved, Wils leaned forward and stuffed them in an air sickness bag and sealed it up. Tucking himself back into his trousers, he turned back towards Harry.

"Thanks Harry," he said under his breath, "Shall I do you now?"

"If you would, please, Wils,"

"Well, we had better change places then," Wils advised. They got up and Harry took the window seat. Father turned and looked over his shoulder at his two sons.

"Harry wanted to look out the window for a while," Wils said softy by way of explanation. Prince Charles nodded his head and went back to his book. Tiggy was still asleep and Wils sat back down next to Harry. He gently slid his hand under the blanket until it was resting in Harry's lap. His little brother's boner was already at full staff and so he tugged the zipper down. Then he reached inside Harry's trousers, running his hand over the soft cotton of his pants, feeling the hot dick straining to break free. Wils moved his hand up and took hold of the elastic waistband and began working the front of Harry's underpants down. The head of the royal wiener sprung free but Wils continued pushing the briefs down until he had them tucked under Harry's compact scrotum. He gave his brother's tender orbs a good squeeze before moving on to his cock. After running his hand over the bald skin at the base, he started running it through his fingers.

Harry leaned back and smiled as Wils started stroking him in earnest. His underpants were tugging up on the underneath of his balls, giving him a pleasant ache. Wils knew just how to make him feel good. Because he was only four inches, most of his cock could fit in Wils' hand at one time and so every part was being attended to almost constantly. Wils was squeezing the base then briskly running his hand up and down the shaft. Then he started on the head, lightly pinching the foreskin and rubbing his fingers over the smooth knob. Harry sucked in his breath softly, almost biting his tongue as he fought the urge to cry out. Wils smiled at him, knowing full well that he was driving Harry crazy with pleasure.

As the temperature under the blanket climbed again, Harry's pale face began to get very flushed. Wils increased the tempo, gently urging Harry toward orgasm. He could feel the heat coming off of his brother's body. A slight slipperiness on the head of Harry's cock made Wils wonder if the head of the younger boy's dick was sweating. Suddenly Harry went rigid and clasped the armrests tightly. Wils felt Harry's dick start to twitch and pulse in his hand. Not having to worry about sperm, he decided to keep stroking his brother's cock all during his orgasm.

Harry's eyes were squeezed tightly shut as the feeling of orgasm swept over his young body. The aircraft chose that moment to enter an air pocket and the moment of free-fall intensified the feeling, making it feel as if he was cumming all the way from his chest down. At last the feeling receded and he let out his breath. His face was sweaty and Wils took out his handkerchief and gently dried if off for him.

"Thanks, Wils. That was a blast!" Harry said as he put himself away.

"It was fun, wasn't it?" came Wils' soft reply.

Having got their rocks off, they continued their conversation as if nothing had happened. The French countryside passed underneath them and soon they were beginning the decent into Geneva. They were to stop there and Father had an official engagement to attend. After that, they were to drive the final leg to Klosters. The jet passed through the clouds and they approached the city over the Lake of Geneva. The landing was uneventful and they were met as they got off the plane by the British Ambassador and the Swiss Foreign Minister. There were a bunch of vehicles and the staff made themselves busy packing everything while Prince Charles chatted with the dignitaries. Soon he was off, promising to meet the boys in a few hours. The advance party took the luggage and went on ahead to the resort. They got in the front car with Tiggy and she directed the driver to the shopping district. The tree of them passed the time looking in various shops being discreetly tailed by their contingent of bodyguards and having a light lunch. In due course, Father rejoined them and they left the city. The drive to Klosters was several hours, but it was through the mountains and Harry managed to be more restrained than he had been in the morning.

At last they reached their resort. Everything had been arranged in advance, and so the driver took them right to their chalet. The boys and their father would have a chalet to themselves, with the bodyguards and Tiggy nearby. A member of the advance party appeared and showed them the layout. There was a central room with two couches, various seats, a large screen TV, and a fireplace (already lit). There was also a small kitchen, a bar and an office area. On one side was the master bedroom where Prince Charles would be sleeping. On the other was a bedroom that the two young princes would be sharing. Each had its own spacious bathroom, and Wils was delighted to note that their bathroom adjoined another small room that contained a Jacuzzi.

After being dismissed by Prince Charles, the valet departed and left the trio to their own devices. All the luggage had been unpacked by the servants and so they were free do to as they pleased.

"Well, I believe it's been arranged that we shall have our supper here, lads," Prince Charles said to his sons.

Both boys confirmed that they were hungry as it was getting late, Father got on the phone and let the staff know that they were ready for their meal.. It arrived promptly and soon was wolfed down. Wils and Harry settled on the two couches to watch the TV while their father got on the phone to make some calls. Once all that was taken care of, he joined them and they watched a recent movie that had just been released on video. As it ended and the credits rolled up the screen, he stood up.

"Well, I'm off to bed. I suggest you two do so as well if you want to have any energy on the slopes tomorrow."

"Good idea, Dad," Prince William said, "Come on, Harry. Let's go to bed, shall we?"

Harry stood up and turned off the TV. Father disappeared into his bedroom and the two boys went into theirs. As soon as he closed the door, Harry tackled Wils and knocked him down on the bed.

"You know I'm not going to sleep until we fool around some more!" he said.

Wils laughed at his brother's enthusiasm. He was certainly game for another round.

"All right, Harry," he said as he pushed his brother off, "But I do think that we ought to shower first, don't you?"

The younger prince responded by stripping his clothes off in record time and then scampering over to the bathroom.

"Hurry up, slowpoke!" he said over his shoulder as he went in. Wils looked at his brother's pale white bottom and took his clothes off as well.

Harry had already started the shower and Wils went in and joined him under the stream of water. Harry's dick had already started to swell, but seeing his brother's naked body completed the process. He just loved looking at Wils' cock and balls. Both of them were in a hurry to get clean and get out, and so they didn't bother washing each other.

Wils cock had expanded into an erection, too. At one point, Harry had bent over to pick up the shampoo and Wils had spied his brothers bumhole. Apart from Harry's hairless genitals, Wils was becoming increasingly interested in his brother's bum. But not having gotten to the point where he wanted to do anything about it, he didn't mention it to Harry. As they washed the last of the soap from their bodies, Wils turned off the water and they got out. Harry was rushing and did a lousy job of drying himself. Wils sighed and pulled his brother to him. He took his towel and did a thorough job of drying Harry's red-blonde hair before releasing him. The younger prince led the way back into the bedroom and went and bounced on the bed. William came over and sat next to him.

"Well, who's first then, Wils? Me or you?" Harry asked with a sly grin.

"We can do it at the same time, you know," Wils proposed.

"We can? How?"

"Well, here, you lie down like this," Wils said as he guided Harry onto his side, "And I'll turn opposite like this and there we are." The older prince had maneuvered them in a sixty-nine position and Harry found himself face to face with Wils throbbing penis.

"Wow! How did you think this up Wils?" Harry asked.

"Oh, I saw a picture of something like this once," he responded. One of his friends at Eton had shown a bunch of the boys a pornographic magazine and there were several pictures of men and women sixty-nineing. Wils had realized instinctively that it would work just as well, if not better, with two boys. He reached out and took hold of Harry's erection. As unusual, when it was hard like this, the foreskin had retracted, leaving the red head exposed and Wils reached out with his tongue and ran it over the tip. Harry gasped and Wils felt his brother's hand take firm hold of his own throbbing member.

He gently guided Harry's cock into his mouth and began to move his lips up and down on it. With practice, he found he could get it deeper and deeper in his mouth. After a few minutes, he decided to go for broke and swallowed it whole. Being only four inches in length, it wasn't that difficult and he found himself with his nose pressed against Harry's tight scrotum. Wils was glad Harry's dick was still bald; he didn't imagine it would be very comfortable for his brother if he had pubic hairs and they got caught in Wils' braces.

Meanwhile, Harry had put the tip of Wils' rod in his mouth and was giving it a good suck. He was using both hands; one to hold the base and the other to play with his brothers' bullocks. He could feel Wils' hot mouth go further and further down the base of his cock and shivered in pleasure when he took it all in. He wished he could do that to Wils, but he couldn't manage it without gagging. He'd have to get more practice before he could match Wils' feat. But he did have about half of it down.

Wils knew what Harry was trying to do, but didn't expect that he would be able to. He would have told him not to worry, but his mouth was full of young boy cock and he couldn't get a word out. He reached around and grabbed the cheeks of Harry's bum. He started squeezing them and gently pulling them apart as he continued to suck Harry's boner. He even put his tongue out and ran it over the other boy's balls.

Harry felt Wils hands pulling on his bum, and it gave him a whole new feeling. The pulling made it feel as if his cock was going even deeper into Wils' mouth than before and there was an interesting feeling that he identified as coming from his bumhole itself as Wils pulled him open. He wanted to do it back, but he had to keep one hand on Wils' shaft so he slid his other hand between his older brothers legs and took hold of one cheek and started squeezing that.

Wils was quite pleased that Harry was giving his bum some attention and he felt his orgasm coming closer. This cause him to redouble his efforts on Harry's cock and his brother responded by thrusting his hips in and out, sending his balls bouncing off Wils' nose. He also felt Harry pick up the pace on him and things came to a head very quickly.

Harry's cock started to shudder in his mouth and the younger boy desperately thrust his hips forward and held them there as if frozen. His left hand lost it's grip on Wils' cheek and slipped into his crack. As Harry pulled it back, it brushed up against Wils' puckered asshole and this sent him over the brink, too.

There was no chance to warn Harry; his mouth was still full of orgasming dick. But Harry had seen it coming; even through the haze of his own orgasm, he'd noted the swelling of Wils' head and the drawing up of his balls. He opened his throat in anticipation of the salty load. It wasn't long in coming; Wils squirted a hot blast into Harry's mouth, followed by another and another and another. Harry's gulps kept pace with the flow of semen and he was able to swallow all of it with no problems, something he was rather proud of. Wils still had his mouth on his dick, but it was going down. Harry let go of his brothers' member and felt Wils release him too.

Wils turned around and soon both were laying side by side naked on the bed. Harry looked over at him, admiring his brother's body in the afterglow of orgasm. How he wished he was just like Wils! And how proud he was that Wils seemed to enjoy looking at him just as much as he did looking at Wils.

"I love you, Wils," he said in a husky voice that broke with emotion.

"I love you too, Harry," Wils replied seriously. He reached over and pulled Harry next to him and hugged him. Their flaccid penises rubbed together as they held each other for what seemed an eternity. Then they parted and got under the sheets. Father would buzz them on the intercom when it was time to wake up, so they decided not to bother with pajamas. The door was locked, anyway.

The fresh sheets felt wonderful on their bare skin, and their bodies soon built up a pleasant warmth. Harry turned on his side and Wils pulled him back against his front so they were nestled like two spoons in a drawer. He rested his arm over Harry's side and lightly stroked his hair as the younger boy fell asleep.

William was very tired too, but his mind had not quite shut off yet. He was thinking about Harry. Just as Harry did, Wils knew why much more of a fuss was made over him. But Harry was the person he loved more than anyone in this world, and he couldn't stand for him to be hurt. That was he treated Harry like he was the special one. Mummy had treated them both as equals, but she had been the only one to really do so. Now, as far as William was concerned, Harry's heart was in his care. He would hold it like a wounded bird in his hands, giving it warmth and taking care not to bruise or crush it until it was healed. Pulling his little brother lightly against his body, Prince William drifted off into dreamland.

Chapter 4.

The two princes were woken up the next morning by the harsh sound of an electronic buzz. Realizing the source of the intrusive noise, Wils pressed the intercom button and heard his father's voice come through.

"Up and at `em, lads," Prince Charles said in a cheery voice, "Breakfast is on the way."

"All right, Dad, we'll be out in a bit," William replied and then shut of the intercom.

Harry was sitting up with a slightly dazed expression on his face. He made an attempt to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

:"Have we overslept?" he asked.

"No, I don't think so Harry," William said as strapped on his watch. "But don't you want to get an early start?"

"You bet!" said the younger boy as he jumped out of bed. He was still stark naked and Wils glanced around very quickly to make sure that all the curtains were still drawn. There were security people around after all. After verifying that their privacy was complete, William got out of bed himself. The chalet was properly heated and so he was quite comfortable despite being completely nude.

Harry was over by the chest of drawers wondering aloud which drawer the servants had put his y-fronts in. He bent over to look in the last on and his white bum offered too good a target for Wils to pass up. Moving quickly behind him, Wils delivered a sharp slap to Harry's protruding rear. With a yelp of surprise, Harry stood up and turned around.

"What was that for?" he asked his widely grinning brother.

"I'm sorry, Harry, but that was just too inviting," Wils said with a chuckle.

In fact, Harry wasn't all that put out, but there was no way he was going to let Wils get away with it, either. He tackled the taller boy and they both fell onto the bed. Wils was giggling too much to be able to defend himself very well, but even so, Harry found it difficult to turn the other boy over. Realizing that Harry wouldn't let up until he had gotten him back, Wils flipped himself and offered up his bottom. Harry gave him a couple of whacks and then stopped.

"All right then, we're even," Wils said as he stood up. "But we really should be getting dressed now. Father will be waiting."

With a satisfied smirk, Harry went and found his clothes and got dressed. Wills followed his younger brother's example and then they went into the main section of the chalet. Breakfast had just arrived and the servants were setting it out for them. Someone had brought Prince Charles a newspaper and he was pursuing it.

"Shall we get to it, then, boys?" he asked as he went over to the table.

The three sat down and between them managed to tuck away all of the food that had been brought.

"I expect that you two shall have some difficulty moving after all that!" Prince Charles remarked.

"Not likely!" exclaimed Harry as he jumped up, "I'm quite ready to go, now!"

"Well, I suggest you get your jacket and other gear, Harry. You'll freeze if you go out like that," his father said.

Harry and William went back into there room and finished dressing. Their skis and whatnot were being kept at the main lodge so they were soon ready. Joining their father, they went outside. A driver was ready to take them to the lodge and so off they went.

In a matter of minuets they had reached the main lodge and retrieved the rest of their equipment. The ski lifts were only big enough for two so Harry and his father went first while Wils rode behind with one of the bodyguards. They reached the top of one of the intermediate slopes and disembarked from the life. Harry had waited for Wils, but he was clearly impatient to go. The slopes were almost unspoiled; the only tracks were from the resort staff and security contingent who had checked out the area earlier in the morning before the princes' arrival.

"Come on, Wils!" Harry shouted as he dug in with his poles and took off. Soon both boys were going full tilt down the mountain. Sometimes William thought that his brother was daring to the point of being reckless while skiing and so he always tried to keep a close watch on him. This morning, however, he was apparently playing it safe while he got warmed up. In any case, the bodyguards were right there beside them, keeping between the two princes and the trees. As they reached the bottom, Harry turned to stop, sending up a white spray of snow.

"That was a blast, Wils!" Harry exclaimed, "Are you ready to go again?"

William nodded at they headed back to the lift. As they rode back up, they saw their Father making his way down at a slower speed than they had done. They called out to him and he waved back. Once they reached to top, they turned and headed back down.

The morning progressed, and they had a wild time on the slopes. Harry's theatrics increased as his familiarity with the mountain grew. They took a break for lunch and then went back to it. This time they moved over to one of the advanced slopes. Again, Harry exercised a bit of caution as he got used to the new route down the mountain.

William reflected on just how much he enjoyed skiing. The brisk air against his face as he plunged down the slope gave him a rush like nothing else he knew. Also, he could think without being disturbed while he was on the slopes, and he always enjoyed a chance to do that. At least, most of the time he could. He had reached the bottom of the slope where the grade had decreased to beginner's level and stopped to wait for Harry. His daydreaming was interrupted by a loud yell as Harry approached, turning his skis to stop causing a spray of snow. Unfortunately, he had not estimated the distance quite right and his momentum carried him a bit further than he'd planned. He pulled up next to Wils, holding his hand out to steady himself against the bigger boy. Wils was not prepared for this and they both overbalanced. William found himself laying in the snow with his brother on top of him.

"Harry," he said reproachfully, "Can't you watch where you're going?"

"But I shouted to you Wils." Harry protested, "I was trying to stop and I misjudged it a tiny bit. I'm sorry."

William looked up at his little brother; Harry had a worried look on his face and snow and ice were clinging to his pale eyelashes.

"It's all right, Harry," he said, "Just try to be a bit more careful, O.K.?"

The smile returned to Harry's face and he started to get off. Just then, one of the bodyguards pulled up.

"Are your Highnesses all right?" he asked.

"We're fine," William said as he got up, "Just a little tumble. Nothing to worry about."

"Just checking, Your Highness," the man responded as he took off again. William had to admire the bodyguards. They never seemed to get in the way, but whenever there was the slightest chance of danger, they were right there. It wasn't a job he would like to have, but at least it was something they chose.

They resumed skiing, but the winter day was starting to draw to a close. They had one more run down the mountain, but then went to the lodge to leave their skis. They rejoined their father who was standing with a group of men. He stepped aside to speak with them privately a moment.

"Boys, I have to talk to some people for about an hour as well as make a few calls. Will you be all right by yourselves or shall I send Tiggy over?"

"We'll be fine," William said, "Do you need us to stay here?"

"No, that's not necessary," Prince Charles replied, "You run along. I'll be along in time for supper."

Wils was quite glad, really. He was ready to get back to the chalet and he didn't feel like helping to entertain a group of strangers, but if his Father had asked it of him, he would have done in without flinching. It was his duty, after all. He and Harry went to the Land Rover and were driven back to their private chalet.

"We'll be right out front if Your Highnesses require anything," the driver said as he opened the door for them.

"Thank you," William replied, "Could you please knock and let us know when Father is returning?"

"Certainly, sir. They will let us know when he is ready to leave the main lodge and I shall inform you promptly."

With that, he closed the door and the two young princes had the place to themselves. One of the servants had lit the main fireplace, and so they took of their heavy jackets and gloves and warmed themselves. As their bodies adjusted to the temperature in the chalet, they discarded their extra clothes until they were just wearing shirts, pants and socks.

"You know what would feel great right now, Harry?" Wils asked.

"What's that, Wils?"

"A good soak in that hot tub."

Harry's pale face was already flushed from the fire, but Wils detected a further blush underneath that.

"That sounds fun, Wils. Do you mean right now?"

"Can you think of a better time?"

"No, I guess I can't. Let's go then."

Harry turned and led the way into the bedroom. Passing through the bathroom, he opened the door to the little room with the Jacuzzi. Wils fiddled with the controls and soon had it working, sending streams of bubbles into the rapidly warming water. They stripped of their shirts and trousers and piled them neatly by the door. Harry put his hands on the waistband of his y-fronts and looked inquisitively at his older brother.

"Shall we?" he asked.

"Only if you want to, Harry," Wils replied. Harry grinned at that.

"You know I do," he said as he lowered his underpants. Wils could see Harry's young cock beginning to stiffen, the pink head starting to make it's way out of the protective sheath of skin that enclosed it. William got rid of his own pants and joined his brother in his naked state. Then they both stepped into the hot water.

"You were right, Wils," Harry said as he sank up to his neck, "This feels splendid."

"It does feel good on sore muscles, doesn't it?" William said as the stretched his legs out. He stretched his arms out and rested them on the tiled edge. The tiles were still cool, but getting warmer as steam rose from the water. Harry also put his arms up and his hand came about to Wils' elbow. After a few minutes of sitting like this silently, Harry scooted over so Wils' arm was around his shoulders. William didn't need any more hints than that; he pulled Harry close to him and wrapped his arm over his chest.

"I think I know what you want," he said with a grin as he pulled Harry on to his lap.

Harry just smiled back as his brother positioned him over his middle. He was sitting in Wils' lap with his legs spread and hanging over either side. Wils' right hand was still holding his chest and his left hand was making its way slowly down to his penis. He could feel William's own fully hard shaft laying against his bum and lower back. Even in the hot water, Harry could feel the heat from the blood pulsing in his brother's engorged dick.

Because Father was not due back for a while, Wils felt no need to hurry. He was quite comfortable with his little brother in his lap and the water felt most relaxing. He made Harry giggle by lightly tickling his middle as his hand made its way down. Reaching the hairless area just above Harry's cock, he rubbed it and pressed against it. He could tell that his brother was eager for him to get to the main event, but Wils wasn't ready to do that yet. He skirted the hard little cock and moved instead to the area between Harry's thighs. He put his hand in the cleft where the crack from Harry's bum ended and pressed the sensitive flesh. Harry sucked in his breath and leaned his head back against Wils.

Moving his hand up a couple of inches, Wils stroked the underside of Harry's bollocks. The hot water had relaxed them to the point where they were actually drooping slightly. Ever so gently, he fondled the little orbs, running them through his fingers and tenderly squeezing them. Harry just sighed and closed his eyes in pleasure.

Not wanting to torture him any longer, Wils moved his hand to the base of the shaft and took hold of Harry's meat. With deliberate slowness, he moved his hand up the length until he reached the head. He grasped the foreskin and retracted it, exposing the entire pink head to the warming waters. Using his thumb, he rubbed all over fat little head, causing Harry to tremble in his arms. Then he wrapped his hand around the circumference again and began stroking with a painstakingly slow rhythm.

Every muscle in Harry's body relaxed as he surrendered completely to Wils attentions. The slow pace and the soothing waters caused his pleasure to climb in a fantastically slow fashion. But after long minutes he could feel the telltale signs of approaching orgasm and he started to squirm in Wils' lap.

This had an unintended effect on his bigger brother. Harry's bum cheeks were draped over either side of Wils cock and as he started to wiggle, he clenched them together. The bumping and rubbing on Wils was giving him his own set of pleasurable feelings. Without planning to, he began to buck back against Harry's motions.

Harry didn't know quite what Wils was up to, but he could feel his brother's rod expanding ever larger against his bum and his hand motions were increasing in speed. Sensing that Wils was enjoying the friction between his cock and Harry's bum, the younger boy started moving it around even more.

Wils held Harry tightly against him as he humped his rear. His foreskin was peeled back and the sensitive head was rubbing on Harry's soft skin. Not neglecting the younger boy's cock, he pumped it for all it was worth, he arm splashing the water with his efforts.

"Oh, Wils!" Harry cried out as his feelings peaked. Wils kept his tight grip on the younger boy's dick as it pulsed in orgasm. Pressing his own member as hard as he could against Harry, Wils achieved his own orgasm.

Harry felt the sudden, spreading warmth at the base of his spine and realized that Wils had shot his load in the water. For several moments we was unable to do anything but sit helpless in his bigger brother's lap with Wils still holding him tightly and feeling the slowly deflating dick against his bum. He couldn't remember quite when he's felt so contented.

Gradually, he re-established control over his muscles and he turned in Wils' lap so he was facing him.

"That was fantastic, Wils," he said, "But I didn't know that you were going to cum, too."

"Neither did I, Harry," came the reply, "It just felt so good, it happened."

Harry ducked under the water to re-wet his hair. He came up with a mouth full of water and sprayed it in Wils' face. With a startled laugh, William fired back with a good splash from his hand. They played around for a bit and then stopped. Neither of them felt that their latest sexual experience needed any further comment, and so they made none.

"If we don't get out soon, we shall become as wrinkled as prunes," William observed.

Harry shook his head and stood up. The warm water had turned his penis and testicles a bright red, something Wils found very erotic somehow, and when he stood up himself, he observed that it had had the same result on him. They retrieved their clothes and towels from beside the door and dried off. William went over to the closet to find some clothes to wear around the chalet that night but Harry flopped down on the bed, apparently in no hurry to get dressed.

"Wils," he asked, "What do you think Father would say if he came back and found us laying around the chalet stark naked?"

"He'd think that we had gone raving mad," William said, "And we'd have to be mad to do it, anyway. The servants will be coming in and out and I don't fancy being naked in front of them."

"But wouldn't it be fun to see the expression on his face?"

"You can try it if you want," Wils said, "But I'll bet you wouldn't find the expression on his face funny for very long. I expect he'd drape you over his knee and give you a good thrashing for being such a fool."

"Oh, he would not!" Harry protested.

"I shouldn't want to risk it if I were you Harry," Wils said as he pulled up his pants, "Now quit fooling about and get dressed. I, for one, don't want to have to answer to Father if he comes early and finds us still undressed."

"Make me," said Harry with a defiant grin on his face.

Wils signed and moved casually over to the bed where Harry lay. Then with lightning speed, he threw himself at the younger boy and pulled him face down over his lap. Harry put up a fair struggle, but Wils was a good bit stronger, even if he almost never used his strength against him and there was little he could do. Holding Harry's hands together behind his back, Wils brought his other hand down on his brother's upturned bare bottom, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!!

All together, Wils delivered ten firm spanks to Harry's before he cried out in surrender.

"All right, Wils, I give," Harry said, "I'll get dressed now."

Wils was a little uncertain as he let him go, but Harry was smiling as he stood up and rubbed his bum.

"Well, that certainly stung," he observed.

"You did rather egg me on," Wils said.

"I know, Wils. I'm not peeved at you. I just wanted to see what you would do."

"Well, now you know. But do get dressed, Harry. It really wouldn't do if Father came back early and found you in the buff."

William went over to the closet, retrieved a pair of Harry's white y-fronts and tossed them to him. The younger boy caught them out of the air and slipped them on.

"How about if he found me just wearing this, then?" Harry asked with a mischievous smile.

"Really, Harry," William said with a slight touch of impatience. "Do you want me to smack your bum again?"

Harry just laughed and went over to his clothes. He picked out a T-shirt and a casual pair of trousers and put them on. Once he saw that his brother was just trying to get a rise out of him, William finished dressing himself. They went out into the living room and turned on the TV while they waited for Prince Charles to return. There was a pair of servants milling around, but Wils doubted that they could have heard anything through the thick, insulated walls. And even if they had, there would be no way for them to guess what the two of them had been doing. Secure in he and Harry's secrets, William leaned back into the couch and relaxed.

Chapter 5.

Darkness fell outside and William and Harry started to feel hungry. But then one of the bodyguards came in to inform them that Prince Charles was on his way. There would be supper soon enough.

The boys heard the Land Rover pull up, and then their father came in. He looked a little tired, but that was to be expected seeing as how he had been out on the slopes all day and then had to deal with various dignitaries and businessmen. He was quite happy to sit down and relax. In a casual tone, the three Windsors discussed their various adventures of the day. Of course, Harry had the most to say on this subject; he was a terror on the ski slopes and was all to happy to fill his father in on his various activities. He even acknowledged knocking Wils over, thought this brought about a slight rebuke from Prince Charles.

"You must be a bit more careful, Harry," he said to his younger son, "It won't do anybody any good if you get a broken ankle."

Harry blushed and said he would be more cautions, but William knew his brother well enough to doubt that he would follow through on this promise, even if he meant it at the moment.

The Crown Prince had also been given a briefing on the days news, which he proceeded to share with an interested Wils and a somewhat bored Harry. Of most interest to them was the on-again, off-again peace talks in Northern Ireland. Since the unrest there offered the most direct threat to their personal security, their silent wish was that this age old conflict might one day find a peaceful end.

Prince Charles then rather cautiously brought up the lawsuit filed on behalf of the boys against the Fayed family. Even thought they were minors, and their consent was not needed, Wils had insisted on being informed of all dealings with his money. He didn't want he or Harry to grow up being slaves to accountants and lawyers; he wanted to know what was going on at all times. Even thought this was a very painful subject, he had asked for updates on the legal situation surrounding his Mother's estate. At this stage, the suit was very much in the opening rounds, and Wils didn't fully understand all that the lawyers were doing, but the overall picture he got.

Harry found this even less interesting than the news and had picked up a magazine to read. Wils didn't expect his younger brother to share his concern just yet. In terms of responsibility, William's two extra years of age made quite a difference at this stage of the boys' life. But as Harry got older, Wils was determined to impress on him the value of independence. If, God forbid, something were to happen to him and Father, Harry would become the heir and Wils didn't want anybody to take advantage of an unprepared monarch. And he knew all too well that people could die unexpectedly.

The rest of the news bored even Wils. The problems of the American President, who it seemed could not control his sexual urges, merely reinforced Wils' decision to keep any sexual frolics confined to the safely of his relationship with Harry. The Arab-Israeli conflict seemed even more hopeless than the one in Ireland. There was little that Britain could do about that anyway; they had poisoned that well with their shabby treatment of the Jews after World War II and then going to war with Egypt a decade later. Like his predecessors, Mr. Blair seemed content to let the Americans, French, and Russians fight it out for influence in that region. Father wrapped up the conversation by detailing the latest economic woes in Asia and Wils was quite glad when he stopped. He was now very hungry, but since he liked his Father to share his news briefs, it was important never to appear impatient.

Harry, on the other hand, showed his delight at the conversation's end quite visibly. The help had brought in their meal and was busy setting it out on the table. The delicious smell of lamb was wafting through the chalet and making his mouth water. He couldn't wait to sit down and eat, but he knew better than to get up before his father was ready. Now that the time had come, he was not shy about going over and standing behind his chair.

William and Prince Charles joined him and they sat down. With the servants hovering silently in the background, they went over their plans for the next day. For William and Harry this boiled down to more skiing during the day. They had only been on a few of the slopes today and they wanted to run down some of the others. Prince Charles would be with them in the morning, but in the afternoon he had some engagements. The boys' cousins, Peter and Zara Phillips would be arriving in the afternoon as well, so they would have to cut their skiing a little short to meet them when they arrived. Then there was to be a formal dinner at the main lodge with some Swiss and German dignitaries. All in all, a busy day was ahead.

The main course was done and desert was brought on. Harry and William dug into the chocolate cake, tucking away two pieces each before they leaned back contentedly. Prince Charles smiled to see his boys enjoying their meal so much as the help cleared away the dishes. They got up and moved over to the couches. William suggested they play a game of Monopoly (British version, of course!), and the others agreed. Much to Wils chagrin, he was knocked out early in the game. Harry held on for a while, until he landed on Picadilly, which his father had built a hotel on. That brought him to the edge of bankruptcy, and so he threw in the towel. The game had taken more than an hour and Prince Charles announced his intention to retire to his room and read for a while before going to sleep. The boys channel surfed for a while before deciding to go in as well. William went into the bathroom to clean his teeth and Harry followed.

"Is it tricky to floss your teeth with those braces, Wils?" he asked as his brother struggled to dislodge a few stray pieces of lamb.

"It's a bloody nuisance," William replied at the floss caught on one of the metal edges, "Hope that you never have to have them, Harry."

"It's not that you look bad with them," Harry said to reassure his brother. He knew that Wils was self conscious about what they did to his appearance. "They just look so uncomfortable."

"You get used to that," Wils said, "But they get in the way."

"I imagine that chewing gum would be quite impossible."

"Amongst other things. Anyway, clean your teeth Harry. You forgot last night and that's not a good habit to get into."

Harry fixed his toothbrush and stepped up to the basin and brushed his teeth. Wils had finished and went back into the bedroom. Harry spat the toothpaste out and rinsed his mouth. He did enjoy the fresh feeling in his mouth, but having to brush them was a bit of a bother.

Harry went back into the bedroom. Wils had taken off his clothes and was laying on the bed wearing only his silk pants while reading a magazine. Looking at his older brother's muscular legs and broad back gave him a pleasant rush and thoughts started going through his head. He followed Wils example and striped down to his y-fronts. Laying close enough to William so they were touching, he also picked up a magazine.

They read silently for a few minutes and then William put down his magazine. It was obvious to him from the way Harry was pressed against his side that he wanted to fool around some more. Wils himself didn't mind; after all, Harry had seen most of the action from their earlier encounter in the hot tub.

Turning on his side, Wils ran his hand up the smooth skin on his brother's leg and thigh, coming to rest on the cotton fabric covering Harry's plump buttocks. Looking at him, Wils saw that Harry had put his magazine down as well. He gazed silently back into William's eyes waiting for the next move.

Wils gently eased his hand through the leg hole of Harry's pants, moving under the fabric and squeezing the cheeks of his brother's rear.

"Harry," he said with a grin, "Did you know that you have a very cute bum?"

"You really think so?" Harry asked while he blushed.

"Oh, very much so," William said as he eased Harry's pants down in the back, exposing the pale, bare bottom to his touch.

Harry shifted and Wils could tell he was trying to accommodate his expanding penis. William's own member was rapidly growing and he directed it so that the head came out of the opening in the front of his pants. He was preparing to flip Harry over and swing into a 69 position when his brother spoke up.

"Um, Wils, -- "Harry said and then paused. William stopped what he was doing and looked at him. He wondered if he had misunderstood Harry's intentions.

"What is it?" he asked, "Is something wrong?"

"No!" Harry rushed to say, "It's just that -- "

"Whatever is it? Do you want to do something else? I don't mind if you do."

"Well -- do you maybe want to bugger me?" Harry said in a rush. Then he blushed deeply and turned his face into the pillow.

The only way Wils expressed his surprise was by blinking rapidly and Harry didn't notice. Seeing that his brother was embarrassed, he hurried to reassure him. He took hold of the younger boy and turned him back so that he was facing him.

"It's all right, Harry," he said, "I told you that you could ask me anything."

"Well, I didn't know how you would take that," Harry said awkwardly.

"Where did you even hear about that?"

"The boys at Ludgrove talk too, you know," Harry said. "My mate Charlie Henderson's father is always saying `bugger this' and `bugger that', and so I asked Charlie what it meant."

"What did Charlie have to say about it?"

"He seems to find the whole thing very amusing. He said his father swears like a drunken pirate and uses every curse known to man."

"Well, that's not quite what I meant, Harry. What did he think of buggering?"

"Oh, I see. Nothing, really. I don't think Charlie thinks much about that sort of stuff yet."

"Are you sure you want to try it?" Wils asked as he resumed rubbing Harry's bare bottom, "Your bumhole isn't very big, after all. It may hurt you."

"Well, if you don't mind trying it, I'd like to," Harry admitted, "But you don't have to if you don't want."

"Harry, I'd love to try," Wils said with a big smile, "Honestly, I've been thinking about it for the last day or so, but didn't want to bring it up."


"Honest. But perhaps you want to do it to me first?" he offered.

"Oh no, you do me first. Maybe I'll do you next time."

"O.K.," William said as he got up. "You just lay there for a moment. I have to get something."

Several months ago at Eton, William had listened while one of the older boys described how he had buggered his girlfriend. Wils had wondered what the point was of doing that with a girl, but didn't ask. In any case, the older fellow went had gone into graphic detail of what he had had to do before he'd been able to fit himself up her. This was knowledge that Wils now had a use for. He went into the bathroom and found what he wanted. There was some lotion that they used to prevent chapping from the cold air. He took the jar back to the bed.

"What's that for?" Harry asked. William put a dab on his finger and rubbed it back and forth with his thumb to demonstrate.

"It makes things slippery," he said. Understanding, Harry nodded his head and grinned. Wils moved over and took hold of Harry's pants.

"Well, first off, we'd better get rid of these, hadn't we?" he said as he started to tug them down. Harry lifted his hips up helpfully, and soon they slid right off. Wils was not surprised to find his brother fully erect and he reached under him and gave it a good squeeze, causing Harry to squirm with pleasure. Then Wils paused for a moment to figure out the mechanics of the thing. He wanted Harry's bum to be as accessible as possible, so he grabbed two extra pillows. Instructing Harry to raise his midsection up, he fitted them underneath the younger boy's crotch. Now Harry's bum was pointing up, waiting for Wils to have his way with it.

Quickly discarding his own pants, William moved behind Harry and gently parted his legs. He had enough sense not to try and ram himself straight in, as much as his throbbing penis liked the idea. With a large dollop of lotion on his fingers, he parted Harry's cheeks and started smearing it around his puckered bumhole. Harry just wrapped his arms around his pillow and wiggled his rear, inviting more attention.

Gently, but firmly, Wils pressed his index finger against the pink opening. The lotion eased his way, and it slid in the tight orifice. Harry made a purring sound and William's finger sunk up to the second knuckle. He started moving it back and forth, gradually increasing the depth of penetration. When he had succeeded in getting it all the way in, he withdrew it and added his middle finger to the mix. It was a pit harder penetrating this time, but he was patient and soon Harry's bum gave way to this bigger invasion. After a bit of this, Wils decided to try a third finger. If Harry could take that, he figured his cock could fit up his bum, too.

Harry lay prone on the bed, enjoying the new sensations as Wils got him ready. He understood instinctively that he had to relax, but this wasn't a muscle he was used to paying much attention to, and so he was learning it as they went along. Wils' first finger had not been any problem, and when it had gone all the way in, it had created a delightful sensation; different, but somehow similar to when Wils wanked him. The second finger had been a bit uncomfortable at first, but he made no comment, knowing that something much larger was on its way. His sphincter continued to expand and soon he felt a third finger. This was more of a challenge, and it actually hurt as went in. Still, Harry didn't say anything and the feeling passed and was replaced by much more pleasant sensations.

Wils worked his fingers around for a minute of two longer and then withdrew them.

"You still want to do it, Harry?" he asked one more time.

"Oh, yea, Wils," he said, "Stick your prick up me."

William grabbed the lotion again and coated the head and shaft of his raging boner with it. When it was thoroughly covered, he moved into position. Balancing on his knees, he placed the fat head against Harry's pulsing, pink bumhole. Despite the Wils' efforts to prepare it, it still seemed very small compared to the hard tool that was about to enter it. Very carefully, he eased his weight forward and began to push, using his hand to keep his cock on target.

Harry felt the hot flesh knocking at his back door. He was both terribly exited and nervous at the same time. As Wils leaned forward, he felt the increased pressure on his bum as Wils' cock jammed up against him. At first, it didn't seem as if he was going to be able to take it, but then the head forced its way in. Harry gasped in sudden shock.

"Did I hurt you, Harry." William asked in a concerned tone.

"No," Harry fibbed, "Just do it slowly."

The pain Harry had felt when Wils had penetrated him eased as his bottom got used to its invader and soon the hard cock was making its way deeper inside Harry's bowels. Inch by inch Wils eased it forward into the virgin territory inside his brother. When the head passed over the immature prostate Harry couldn't help but moan in pleasure. Soon he felt the unmistakable feel of Wils' pubic hair pressed up against the soft skin on his bottom and his hot bollocks resting against his own testicles.

"Wow! Are you all the way in me, Wils?" he asked.

"I'm buried up to the hilt, Harry," his brother answered.

William couldn't believe how good it felt. He had been terribly worried about hurting Harry, but the tight, hot hole that was wrapped around his cock was the best feeling he had ever had. He hadn't really expected that he would be able to get it all in, but as his brother made no complains, he didn't stop. Now that he was all the way in, he gave Harry some time to get used to it. After a minute, he pulled back about two inches and then shoved it back in. Recognizing that Harry's grunt was one of pleasure rather than pain, he did it again. Each time he drew back a bit further, until he was buggering Harry with the full length, his bullocks making a slapping noise as they bounced of his brother.

Harry stretched out his arms and clawed the sheets. The feeling of Wils' hot poker as it deflowered his bum was driving him wild. His own cock was grinding against the hot pillows underneath him. Then Wils lay down on him, even covering his arms with his own. William was heavy, but Harry didn't mind. His brother's weight served only to drive him harder against the pillows and mattress.

"You're bum feels absolutely fantastic on my cock," Wils whispered in his ear.

"You feels so good inside me," Harry panted back.

William took hold of Harry's hips and held them as he thrust as deep as he could go inside the other boy. Then he reached one of his hands further under and wrapped his fingers around Harry's rod. The urgent stroking was all Harry needed to send him over the top; the feeling of orgasm exploded and ripped through his body.

Wils felt his brother's cock pulsing in his hand, but more significantly, he felt the muscles in his bum squeeze his deeply embedded dick. That was it for him; pushing in as far as he could go, he held tightly to Harry as his penis erupted. Jet after jet of hot semen came shooting out, going ever deeper up Harry's rear passage.

Harry felt the hot juice squirting up his backside and felt Wils' body start to relax as the release took hold.

"That was wonderful, Harry," Wils gasped.

"I loved having you up my bum, Wils" he answered.

"It really felt good?"

"Oh, yes," Harry nodded.

"Well, you'll have to do it to me, next time then."

"With pleasure," Harry said with a smirk.

Wils' dick was becoming soft and he gently eased it out of Harry's bum. Harry was actually rather sorry to have Wils move off of him; he felt like there was a void where his cock had been.

"We'd better go in the bathroom and clean up a bit. We're both a bit sticky," Wils observed.

They got up and went into the next room. Harry pretended as if he was having trouble walking, causing Wils to give his teasing brother a playful slap on the bottom.

"None of that now, you silly," he said. Harry just laughed and slapped Wils back.

Using a wet cloth, they got themselves spic and span and then went back to the bed. This time they got under the covers and William turned off the light.

"Thank you for doing that with me, Wils," Harry said in the darkness.

"Shush, Harry. I enjoyed it just as much as you did. Probably more."

"Is it O.K. that we liked it? Some of the boys at school make nasty jokes about it."

"Boys make nasty jokes about all types of sex, Harry. You can't worry about that. As long as we both enjoyed it, that's the only thing that matters. And it's only our business since we're the only ones who know about it."

"You always know just what to say, Wils," Harry remarked after a short pause.

"Not always, Harry, but I'm glad you think so." There was another long pause and then Harry spoke again.

"Good night, Wils. I love you."

"I love you too, Harry," William said as he stroked his brother's hair. "I'll see you in the morning."

Afterword: This story will continue. I've got several more chapters at least. Let me know how you like it and suggestions are always welcome.