Legal Disclaimer. This story is about two underage boys having sex. If it is not legal for you to read this, don't.

Author's note: This is the second half of an unfinished story that I am working on. Some people might be put off by my choice of characters that I have made this story up about. I really don't care; it's better than the rubbish that most of the tabloids print in my opinion. I've tried to make it a nice story, but if you don't want to think about the young princes in bed together, don't read it. This story isn't meant to imply anything about anybody. Any comments will be appreciated.

The Princes Royal

The Adventures of William and Harry

by Eric Blyton

Chapter 6.

The morning broke and the two princes woke up. Looking out the window, they could see the sun shining down on the clean Switzerland snow.

"Looks like a smashing day, hmm Harry?" William said to his brother.

"Just lovely, Wils," Harry responded. "Can't wait to get back to the slopes."

"Well, perhaps we'd better have breakfast first,"

"Good idea. I'm famished. Do you suppose Father is up yet?"

"Oh, I imagine so, Harry," William said as he started putting on his clothes, "You know how early he tends to get up. Anyway, let's get a move on. I'm sure the maids will want to get in here to clean."

For a moment Harry worried about them finding some evidence of last night's activity. Off hand, he couldn't think of what, but he surely didn't want any of the help knowing that he'd gotten his brother to bugger him the night before.

"Um, Wils?" Harry asked awkwardly, "The maids aren't going to find anything or figure anything out are they?"

"No, Harry," William replied in a serious voice, "I'm being very careful about things like that. And you must be, too. Not because anything we're doing is wrong, but it just wouldn't do if it got out."

"Yes, I understand that, Wils. I just wanted to be sure."

"Well, it's better to be safe. Now come along, Harry. Do finish getting dressed. I'm quite hungry now."

Harry put on his shirt and the two boys went out the door. As expected, their father was sitting up reading the morning paper. Of course, it was one of the London papers; he had it delivered at dawn when it came off the satellite.

"Well then," he said to his sons, "Ready for breakfast, lads?"

They nodded and all three sat at the table. Tiggy came in and joined them as well. Prince Charles announced that he would not be able to ski much today, but that the boys would be well looked after. Their cousins would be arriving at one and would be joining them as soon as they were able. Harry fairly shoveled the food down his throat in an attempt to finish in a hurry, but Wils gently put his hand on his arm to slow him down. They wouldn't be leaving until Father and Tiggy were done, so there was no point rushing things.

After breakfast, everyone got suited up and went out to the vehicles. They drove off and were taken to the bottom of the slopes. Wils and Father went up first, and Harry got on the nest seat with Tiggy. He absently looked at her; she did look quite fetching in her ski suit, but Harry was reminded of another woman who used to sit next to him on the ski lift and had to turn away.

"Are you feeling all right, Harry?" Tiggy asked after a few moments. "Don't you feel well?"

"Just missing Mummy," Harry said slowly looking at the snowy ground pass beneath them.

Tiggy gently put her arm around the boy. She had more than enough sense to know that she could never replace Diana in the children's hearts, but she did what they could. She and Diana hadn't been friends, but in her absence, she intended to make her children as happy as she could.

Harry was actually glad Tiggy was holding him. She wasn't Mummy, but sometimes she helped. At least Father hadn't tried to foist that horrible Camilla on them. But in any case, Harry wasn't going to open up to Tiggy the way he would with Wils, so he choked his emotions back and look up.

"Thank you," he said. Tiggy just smiled at him and then the ride was over.

They were at the top of the North slope. Wils had waited for Harry and the two of them took off, bodyguards discreetly in the background. Tiggy wasn't all that good a skier, she would be some time in the decent.

The morning passed and lunch time came. Father was off meeting people, so Tiggy and the boys had a quiet lunch in the cabin. They had finished and were about to go back up the slope when an official British car pulled up. From out of the back came Peter and Zara Phillips, already dressed for skiing. Peter gave the boys a big grin as he came up and shook their hands. Zara, of course, gave them each a hug, which neither of them minded.

"So, have you left any snow on the slopes for us?" Peter asked.

"Well, of course," Wils said. "Do you want to go and check?"

"Yes, I think we'd better," Peter said with a laugh as he and William got on the lift.

William liked his cousin and looked up to him, thought with nowhere near the intense devotion that Harry felt towards himself. He was comfortable talking to him; both of them had suffered divorces, though Peter hadn't had to undergo the further tragedy that Wils had.

They chatted on their way up the mountain and caught up with each others news. Reaching the top, their waited for their younger siblings and then headed off down the slopes. It was a splendid afternoon. William made a point of staying near Harry; he didn't want his younger brother to think that he was ignoring him because someone older was there to talk to. As the day grew long, they grew tired and went back to their cabins. Zara and Peter were staying in a cabin just next to them with Tiggy in the master suite and each of them in their own room. Their mother had decided not to come and Captain Philips couldn't make it this year. Still, the cabin was a few hundred yards away, so there was plenty of privacy for all.

"You two had better hurry up," Tiggy said to the two young princes as they dropped off Peter and Zara at their cabin. Dinner is in less that an hour, and you still have to bathe."

"Sorry, Tiggy," Wils said in a slightly abashed tone. "I guess we were out on the slopes a bit longer than we had planned."

"Well, get a move on. It wouldn't do to be late."

William and Harry rushed back to their cabin. They could hear their father in his room getting ready, so they rushed past the servants and got into their bedroom. They quickly stripped and headed for the shower. Being completely immodest with each other helped them save a few minutes because they showered together. While both of them thought naughty thoughts, particularly Harry when he felt Wils cock and bullocks brush up against his side, both realized that there just wasn't the time for anything like that.

They got out and dried themselves off. Tiggy had laid out clothes for them, so there was no time wasted wondering what to wear. William inspected himself after he got dressed and decided that he looked his part. Harry unfortunately, looked a bit too thrown together.

"Come here, Harry," Wils said as he sat on the bed. Harry stood before him and Wils fingered the younger boy's tie. It was crooked and the knot was bunched.

"Really, Harry, it's not as if you haven't done this hundreds of times before," Wils said as he undid his brother's tie and did it back properly. Having fixed that, Wils unbuckled Harry's pants and tucked his shirt in. Standing up, he noticed that Harry's hair was sticking up in back. Leading him over to the vanity, he picked up a brush and combed it into place.

"I can never get that to seem to go down," Harry complained as Wils ran the brush through his hair.

"That's because you can't see which way the hair lies, Harry," Wils told him, "You always brush it the wrong way. That's why it sticks up."

Putting the brush back down, Wils held Harry by the shoulders and looked at them both in the mirror. Yes, that was much better.

"Thank you, Wils," Harry said.

"You're welcome, Harry. Let's get going, shall we? I'm sure Father is waiting."

Prince Charles was ready, but the two boys had gotten dressed in time, so he didn't say anything to them. They went to the dinner and were seated. Harry and Wils were seated at different tables, but Harry didn't mind. Zara was sitting next to him, and he always enjoyed talking to her. Harry with Uncle Andrew's daughters, but Zara was older than him and always had something interesting to say. He would have preferred being next to Wils, of course, but he couldn't expect to have him all the time. Besides, Harry had noticed how Wils had made sure not pay attention to him that afternoon, and he appreciated it greatly.

Dinner was nice, even if it went on a bit too long for Harry's liking and afterwards the four youths went to the Phillips' cabin to chat. They talked long into the evening, before Tiggy finally told them that they had better all go to bed. One of the bodyguards walked Wils and Harry back to their cabin. Prince Charles had already retired, so they quietly slipped into their room and closed the door. Harry stripped nude and waited to see what William was going to do. When he saw his brother slip into bed without bothering with pajamas, Harry did to. He was finding he enjoyed the sensation of the soft sheets on his bare skin. He wanted to continue talking to Wils, but a yawn burst out of him.

"I'm quite tired, Wils," he remarked.

"I am too, Harry. Let's just got to sleep, O.K.?"

"All right, Wils. Good night, then."

"Night, Harry," Wils said as he switched off the light. Soon both were fast asleep.

William woke up from a deep sleep. The room was still in darkness and he couldn't figure out for a moment what had awakened him. But then he heard Harry groaning next to him in the bed and he realized. In the dim starlight he could see his younger brother was tossing and turning and William decided that he'd better wake him up. He took hold of Harry's bare shoulder and gently shook it.

"Harry, wake up," he said softly, "You're having a nightmare."

It took a few moments, but Harry stopped moving and opened his eyes.


"I'm here, Harry."

"I had a bad dream."

"Yes, I could tell. It's all right, now."

"Did I wake you up?"

"Yes, but that's fine, Harry. I don't mind being woken up."

"I'm sorry."

"Shush, Harry. I said it's all right. I really don't mind."

"I think I have to pee," Harry said as he got out of bed. He had been sweating from the nightmare, but the air in the room was cool and already he felt chilly. There was no point putting on the light; there was enough light coming from behind the curtains for him to make his way to the bathroom. Harry hated to have a bright light stab him in the eyes in the middle of the night. Also, he didn't want to disturb Wils any more than he already had. He hoped his brother wouldn't think he was a baby for having a nightmare.

He took care of business and went back to the bedroom. When he got up, he had thrown the covers back and so his side of the bed was now cold. Pulling the sheets and blankets back over himself, he tried to get warm again.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Wils softly asked.

"I was dreaming I was trapped in a car," Harry said after a few moments of silence.

Wils didn't have to hear any more than that. He fully understood what Harry's nightmare was about. Sliding over on the bed, he put his arms around Harry and held him tightly.

Harry was quite glad that Wils was holding him. He'd been very near crying and didn't really want to at the moment. He was laying on his side away from Wils, and so his bigger brother's arms were wrapped around his chest and his back and thighs were pressed up against Wils' bare skin. Harry appreciated both the warmth and the comfort that Wils was providing and he squeezed his brother's hand in appreciation. Wils' response was to hold him tighter.

William held his silent brother against himself for several minutes. At times like this, it was better not to speak and so neither of them broke the silence. He wondered if Harry was going back to sleep, but it didn't seem so. Wils himself was now wide awake. After awhile, he became aware of the fact that his penis was pressed up against Harry's bare bottom. Somewhat against his will, he found it beginning to stir. He hoped Harry wouldn't notice, but then again, how could he not? Despite his best intentions, his cock continued to swell and inch up Harry's cheeks.

Harry had become aware of his brother's arousal, and his own dick was now responding. He decided to speak up.

"Wils?" he said softly, "Do you want to do it to me?"

"Do what, Harry?" William asked, thought he had a reasonable idea of the answer.

"You know, bugger me," Harry whispered.

"Are you sure you want me to?"

"Yes. But will you please play with me while you do it?"

"O.K., Harry. Let me just get this lotion."

William retrieved the lotion from where he had stored it in the drawer of his nightstand and brought it under the covers. He lifted Harry's leg and propped it up on his own, spreading his brother's cheeks slightly apart. Then he squeezed some lotion out onto his hand and gently made his way into the crack. Harry gasped as the cold lubricant touched his skin, but after a moment, he was used to it. Wils coated the inside of the cheeks and pressed his finger against Harry's tight bum. It yielded quicker than the time before and Wils greased up Harry's insides. Removing his finger, he got some more lotion and coated his cock with it.

William shifted so his dick was pressed right against Harry's sphincter, but before trying to stick it in, he moved his other hand down to his brother's crotch. Gently, he ran his fingers over the tight little scrotum. Then he moved further up, wrapping his fingers around Harry's hard shaft. Holding tight to his brother's penis, he pushed his own member forward. The puckered little bumhole resisted at first, but having been entered before, it was less inclined to resist this new invasion. Wils increased the pressure and Harry's backdoor dilated enough to let his head pop in. Slowly stroking Harry's rod, Wils eased himself further in. Inch by inch, he slid his hard cock up the tight little hole. Harry clenched his cheeks together as Wils' fat cockhead passed over his immature prostate. After a few minutes of easing himself inside Harry, William found himself buried to the hilt. His balls were pressed against his brother's naked skin. But he was in no hurry to get off. Laying there in the still of the night, he felt that he could make love to Harry all night long.

Harry could tell that Wils was taking things slow, but he did not mind. Despite his raging boner, his arousal lacked its usual urgency. He felt no need for an immediate release, and if Wils wanted to make it last, he was game. Besides, Harry couldn't imagine feeling any better than he right now. The person he loved most in the world had one arm holding him tightly against him while his other hand was enclosing Harry's stiff little prick. His hero had his beautiful cock enclosed in Harry's most private place. The hot, hard flesh filling Harry up made him feel complete in a way he never had before. If time were to freeze in this moment, the young prince would be happy forever. Using the leg that Wils had draped over his thigh for leverage, Harry pushed back with his body, trying to get his big brother further inside him. Wils responded by moving his fingers over Harry's erection, playing with the sensitive foreskin and fondling the head. Harry relaxed and let Wils have his way with him.

William could tell that Harry had given himself totally to him, he responded. It meant that he would have to do all the work, but he didn't mind. With the slow pace he had set, it was almost as if he were moving inside a dream. Ever so slowly, he moved his prick in and out of Harry's bum, buggering him gently as he continued massaging his brother's cock. Harry made soft murmuring sounds as Wils mined his depths.

For long minutes, Wils maintained the same slow, steady pace, but after a time, he felt his desire beginning to rise higher. He increased the speed of his strokes, both that of his steel-hard dick inside Harry's bottom and that of his hand on the other boy's penis. Harry's breathing increased as Wils passion rose. The better it felt, the faster he went. William could feel his orgasm approach as his balls drew up close to his body, but he wanted to make sure Harry came first, and so he redoubled his efforts on his brother's member. Using both hands, he stroked its length, fondled the tight balls and ran his fingers over the hairless skin at the base. Harry cried out softy and William felt the smaller boy's body shudder in orgasm. With both hands tightly holding Harry's crotch, Wils shoved himself all the way inside the pulsing bumhole. His penis swelled to its maximum size and he shot deep inside Harry. He didn't let go even when he had shot his entire load, keeping Harry's body tight against him, enjoying the feel of his brother's warm skin against his own as his spent penis slowly deflated. Even when it was completely soft, he left it inside for a few minutes before he pulled out.

Harry sighed as his brother slipped out. There was an empty feeling in his bum now, though there was still a ghost feeling from Wils' dick being up him. Wils had some paper napkins, and was cleaning the excess lotion from their bodies. When he was done, Harry felt him hold him again. They stayed silent as their breathing got deeper. At one point Harry heard Wils mumble that he was falling back asleep, but Harry was already on the edge of dreamland himself and was barely aware of it. Both of them fell into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.