Disclaimer: This story is about underage boys having sex. Don't read it if you aren't supposed to or if you are put off by the idea.

The Princes Royal

The Adventures of William and Harry

by Eric Blyton


Chapter 7.

William woke up and looked at his watch on the dresser. Frowning to himself, he noticed that it was later than it seemed. Why did it seem so dark still? Slipping carefully out of the sheets so as not to disturb Harry, he went over and put on a dressing gown. Quietly opening the door, he went out into the main section to see what was up. There were a couple of servants silently gliding about and his father was sitting on the couch reading.

"Oh, good morning Wils," he said. "I'm afraid we've got a spot of bad weather. It doesn't look like we'll be able to get in any skiing today."

Looking out through the windows onto the porch, Wils could see a heavy snowfall coming down. No, they wouldn't be able to do much in this.

"I figured to let you and your brother sleep late," Prince Charles continued. "There didn't seem to be much point in waking you up. I've had my breakfast, but if you're ready, the servants can get you something now."

Wils was hungry. He thought about waiting for Harry, but left to his own devices, his younger brother would probably sleep for at least another hour. He couldn't wait that long, so he nodded and sat at the table. Once his appetite was satisfied, he went over to the couch and clicked on the TV. Picking up the phone, he asked the switchboard operator to buzz the Phillips' room and after two rings, Peter answered.

"Well, you seem to have brought quite a storm in with you," Wils said.

"Isn't it disgusting?" Peter replied. "I was just getting warmed up yesterday and now this."

"Well, I do hope It'll clear up for tomorrow since it's our last day."

"The forecast says it's supposed to, but who can tell. Meanwhile, I'm not sure what to do with the day. Do you want to come over here?"

"Honestly, Peter, I haven't gotten properly dressed yet and Harry isn't even awake. Why don't you give us an hour or so and then you and Zara can come over here. We'll find something to do."

"All right then. We'll be over in a while."

Wils hung up the phone and watched a TV show. He wanted to get dressed, but he'd disturb Harry up if he went in the bedroom for that. Time passed and he was beginning to think that he really would have to wake him when his little brother appeared at the door.

"Wils? Dad? What's going on?" he said as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

"A bit of hard luck, Harry," Prince Charles said. "The weather is going to keep us off the slopes for today. We'll just have to hope for tomorrow."

"Oh, drat!" Harry said. "Why does there have to be bad weather now?"

"Well, since you're finally up, I believe I shall go get dressed." Wils said with a grin. "You ought to as well. I've invited Peter and Zara over."

"Oh, all right," Harry said as he went back inside the bedroom. Wils followed him and shut the door. Harry had discarded his robe and was pulling on clothes. Wils did the same, only dressing for indoors. If they decided to go out later, they'd have to come back and get more to wear. Harry went sat down for a very late breakfast. Wils sat with him, sipping a glass of juice and keeping his brother company. Harry was about half way done when there was a knock on the door and Peter and Zara walked in.

"Someone slept late, did they?" Peter said in a good-natured tone as he came and put his hands on Harry's shoulders. Harry leaned back and smiled up at his cousin.

"Doesn't seem as if I missed anything," he said.

"You've got that right," Peter said. "What a frightful nuisance this is."

The two Phillips sat at the table while Harry hurriedly finished his breakfast. After that, Zara suggested that they play cards and all were in agreement. They kept themselves busy for the rest of the morning until it was time for lunch. Harry wasn't particularly hungry, having had such a late breakfast, but under Tiggy's watchful eye, he did manage to eat a respectable amount. The snow had slacked some, but the slopes remained closed. It just wasn't safe further up the mountain. Peter, seeing Harry's long face, suggested that they have a snowball fight. Once Prince Charles determined from the bodyguards that this would be safe, they all went out. Peter headed one team and he picked Harry, Tiggy and various staff members who were willing to participate. Wils headed up the other team and he wound up with Zara, Prince Charles and the rest of the staff. Harry would have preferred to be on Wils' team, but he was quite pleased Peter had picked him.

Each side had fifteen minutes to construct fortifications and then they had at it. As much as there was a point to this game, it was to try and capture the makeshift flag that each team had constructed. There were a few frontal assaults tried, but they were met with a flurry of snowballs and a retreat was required. Realizing that stealth was needed, each side sent out patrols, trying to get behind their opponents. Harry spotted his father sneaking around and caught him with a good one on the side of the head, knocking off his hat. After a while, Harry himself made his way toward enemy lines. With a little luck, he made it behind them unobserved. He dashed forward and wrapped his hands around the flag and took off. Unfortunately, Wils spotted him and with a cry, he was after him. He tackled him and wrestled him to the ground. Both of them laughed as they threw snow at each other, each stuffing it down the back of the other's collar. Hearing the commotion, Peter ran up and noticed the enemy flag where Harry had dropped hit. He deftly picked it up and sprinted back to his teams territory, ending the game with a victory for his side.

"Good show, Harry!" he said as he thumped his younger cousin on the back.

Harry glowed with pride as Peter's praise as he attempted to dislodge the snow that Wils had put down his back. Wils was doing the same and also congratulated Harry. You could always count on Wils to be a good sport. The game had taken an hour and everyone was getting cold, especially the two brothers who now had wet clothes, so Prince Charles suggested they call it a day. After arranging for the Phillips's to come over for supper, Harry and Wils went to have a soak in the hot tub.

"Well, you got me good and proper, I must say," William said as he took off his still dripping shirt.

"I'm no better off than you," Harry said, wringing out his shirt for emphasis.

Oh, Harry, don't do that!" Wils said. "You've made a puddle on the floor."

"Oh," Harry said with a start. "I guess I did."

"Well, don't just stand there, go get a towel and wipe it up."

Harry dashed into the bathroom and came back with a spare towel. He soaked up what he could, but the carpet would be damp in that spot for a while.

"Honestly, Harry," Wils said as he sat on the bed and took of his snow boots. Harry hung the towel over the laundry hamper and kicked his shoes off, too. By now, Wils had stripped of his trousers and was down to his pants. He went through the bathroom and turned on the hot tub. The bedroom door was locked and so Harry didn't even bother keeping his y-fronts on; he got naked and followed his brother.

Wils had discarded his pants and was squatting at the edge of the tub testing the water. Unable to resist the urge, Harry gave him a shove and he fell forward into the tub. A rather annoyed looking Wils stuck his head out of the water and chastised his brother.

"Harry!" he said, "This isn't a pool, you know. I could have been hurt."

"Oh, don't be such a spoilsport Wils," Harry answered. "You're just peeved because I got you."

"Well, perhaps," William said as he stood up. Suddenly, he reached out and caught Harry by the arm. With a quick tug, he pulled Harry in with him. Holding his brother face to face against his body with his right hand, he reached around with his left and delivered a quick series of slaps to Harry's bare bum, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!!

"All right," Harry said laughing when Wils stopped. "We're even, then?"

"I suppose so," Wils answered. Even thought he was no longer spanking Harry, he hadn't let him go, and his brother's body felt very hot against him.

"This feels very nice, doesn't it?" he said to Harry.

"You mean other than the stinging feeling in my bottom?"

"Of course, silly. I mean: this," Wils said as he rubbed his cock and bollocks against Harry's tummy.

"Oh," Harry said. "You mean: this." Harry pressed his own member hard against Wils' thigh. Without loosing contact, the two brothers lowered their bodies under the water. Wils sat back and kept Harry on top of him.

"You know," Harry said thoughtfully, "Once the first shock wears off, the stinging in my bum actually feels kind of pleasant. It's all tingling"

Wils smiled and took Harry's bum in both hands and massaged the cheeks. Harry responded by grinding his dick against Wils' crotch with renewed fervor. The two brothers looked into each others' eyes, their passion rising as their teenaged dicks rubbed together. Wils' cock has so hard, he felt like it was going to burst.

"So what do you want to do?" he asked Harry.

"What about if we suck on each other again?" Harry suggested.

"All right. But we'd better go one at a time."

"Will you do me first?" Harry asked.

"Sure," Wils replied. In fact, he preferred it that way. Still holding his little brother, he moved over to the edge of the tub and lifted the smaller boy up and propped him on the edge. Harry's feet and calves were still in the water, but the rest of him was out. Fortunately, the hot water had warmed the room up, there was no danger of him getting cold. Wils maneuvered himself and gently spread Harry's legs open. His royal scepter was jutting up proudly from in between them, the red head poking out of the retracted foreskin.

"Come on, Wils," Harry encouraged, "Suck on it."

Having gotten himself comfortable, William bent his head down and took the head of Harry's prick in his mouth. He loved the taste of the clean, hot, wet skin and he ran his tongue over the edge of Harry's foreskin. Harry signed and leaned back on his hands. Gently, Wils probed the tiny hole at the end, causing his brother to quiver as he found the sensitive nerve endings. Taking it out of his mouth for the moment, he held the hard cock by the base and ran his tongue down the underside of the shaft and then on to the tight bollocks. He took the two little orbs into his mouth, rolling them around while his tongue rasped over the wrinkled scrotum. After a few minutes of this, he went back to his brother's throbbing penis, keeping one hand on the bald mound just above it and the other fondling Harry's balls. This time he went all the way, pushing the fat head past his lips and sinking down the shaft inch by inch until he was at the base. Harry's prick was slippery from his saliva and he began to slide it in and out. The other boy responded by lifting his hips up in time with Wils' motions, fucking him in the mouth. He could tell Harry was really enjoying this, and the whole thing was turning Wils' on so much, his cock was hard as granite. If he were in a deeper pool, he fancied that the weight of it would pull him under. Increasing his tempo in time with Harry's pants, he darted his eyes up. Harry's pale face was so flushed it looked sunburned. His head was tilted back and his eyes were closed. Wils saw the muscles in his arms quivering as they strained to keep him in place. Suddenly, Harry opened his eyes and let out a harsh, low cry. Wils felt his brother's cock pulse in his hand. That he expected, but he was not prepared for the hot jet of liquid that shot against the back of his throat. More in surprise than anything else, he pulled his head off of Harry's cock, still holding it at the base. Again, it throbbed in his hand and he was hit full in the face with another spurt. Realizing what was happening, he put his other hand on Harry's dick, rubbing it up and down to encourage his orgasm while his younger bother's balls emptied themselves on William's face.

"Wow!" Harry said as he returned to earth, "That was fantastic. What happened?"

"You came, Harry," Wils explained with sperm dripping down his face, "You just shot your first load."

"Really?" Harry seemed both proud and bewildered at the same time. He reached over and ran his finger along Wils' cheek, collecting some of his juice. "Why is it clear and not white like yours?"

"That's the way it is for the first few times," Wils explained. "It'll get whiter the more it happens."

"I wonder if it tastes like yours?" Harry wondered.

"It tastes fine to me," Wils said, licking some off his lip to emphasize the point. "Try it yourself."

He was expecting Harry to lick it off his finger, but instead the smaller boy slipped back into the water and moved his face right up to William. Tentatively, he put his hands through Wils' blonde hair and licked the sperm from off of his right cheek. Wils found the unexpected sensation of his brother's tongue on his face rather pleasant, and was happy when Harry moved to the other side to get the rest. When Harry moved to get the last few drops from his chin, Wils put his own hands into Harry's reddish hair and gently pulled his brother's head up slightly so their lips met. He sent out his tongue, and after a moments resistance, Harry parted his lips to admit it. Tasting his bother's salty cum, he fluttered his tongue inside Harry's mouth and the younger boy responded, awkwardly moving his own tongue over Wils'. After a brief eternity, he drew back looking Harry full in the eyes. His brother had a slightly flustered and confused look on his face.

"Boys aren't supposed to kiss other boys," Harry said in a soft voice.

"When I'm in public, I do what I'm supposed to do. When I'm with you, I do what I want to do," Wils explained in a gentle voice. "Unless you don't want to--"

Harry's response was to move forward and kiss Wils again, this time pushing his own tongue into his bother's mouth. They held each other tightly as their shared together their first real kiss, their love becoming even deeper than either of them could have imagined.

They broke apart and Harry grinned at Wils.

"Would you like me to suck on you now?" he asked.

"I shall rape you if you don't!" Wils threatened with a smile.

"Maybe later for that," Harry said as William went to the edge of the tub and got into position. Parting his bigger brother's legs to give himself proper access, Harry positioned himself and wrapped his fingers around the base of Wils' thick shaft. Darting his tongue out, he ran it over the rubbery foreskin. Wils was already leaking precum and Harry happily stuck his tongue in it, spreading it over the fat head and down the shaft. With one hand in Wils' black bush, he licked his bother's balls. They were drawing up tightly in their sac and Harry took the crown jewels into his mouth, sucking on them while he pumped the steel-hard cock with his hand. After a bit of that, he inserted the cockhead back into his mouth, massaging the shaft while he sucked it.

Harry had already scored twice today with his first real orgasm and kiss; now he decided to go for the triple crown. Ever so slowly, he started moving his lips down Wils' dick. He felt the head slide down over the roof of his mouth toward his tonsils, but did not stop. The trick, he realized, was to suppress the gag reflex and then it went down quite easily. He looked up at Wils; his brother was looking at him with excitement mixed with a little bit of concern on his face. But Harry was fine and he kept on going, gobbling Wils' cock inch by inch. A bit more and he had taken it all, his lips were securely wrapped around the base of the shaft and his nose was pressed up against Wils' pubic hair. Not content to rest on his laurels, he started moving his head back and forth, giving his brother the same mouthlove he had received. After a while, Wils began to move with him, carefully thrusting his rod into Harry's willing mouth. Harry could see the muscles in his brother's thighs tighten and increased his pace. Wils leaned forward and took Harry's head in both hands. He gripped his hair and pulled it flat against his body, his cock all the way inside Harry's mouth. Harry felt the first gush of sperm shoot down his throat, followed by several others. William relaxed and slipped his deflating member out of Harry's mouth.

"That was really something!" he said.

"You liked it, then?" Harry asked.

"Oh, it was smashing! But what about you? I wasn't expecting you to take it all. Are you all right?"

"Well, the back of my throat is a little sore, but no worse than if I'd swallowed a block of ice. It'll be fine in a few moments."

"You've had quite a day, haven't you?" William said as he slipped back into the hot water.

"Well, just because we couldn't ski doesn't mean we couldn't have fun," Harry reasoned.

"We'd better get out before Father wonders what's up," Wils pointed out.

"Oh, O.K.," Harry said, vaulting out of the tub and moving toward the shower. They shampooed and soaped themselves, and then went back into the bedroom and got dressed. If Prince Charles wondered what had taken his sons so long in the tub, he made no comment. Outside, the winter's day was drawing to a close, cut even shorter by the overcast skies. Harry and William had one of the bodyguards take them over to the Phillips' cabin. Dinner wasn't for another hour and a half, but the two boys didn't see the point of waiting around. Carrying a message from their father to Tiggy telling her to expect him promptly at dinnertime, they made their way through the twilight. After the bodyguard let them in, they went over and sat with Peter and Zara. Tiggy was rushing about, trying to arrange something or the other, but they weren't in her way, so they ignored her. After discussing the lousy weather and their hopes for an improvement tomorrow, they turned to other things. Zara surprised the boys with the announcement that she planned to get her tongue pierced. Needless to say, her mother had been less than pleased with the news. Harry himself considered it a most bizarre thing to want to do and he could read his conservative brother well enough to know that Wils was appalled by the idea, but neither of them considered it polite to say so. The one amusing thing about it would be the older members of the family's reactions to it, and Harry speculated aloud what some of them might do and say. The conversation drifted and soon supper time came. Prince Charles arrived and the servants laid down a good spread. Harry ate more roast beef than was good for him and couldn't even finish his desert. As soon as everyone was excused, he went straight to the couch and lay down. Peter came over, gently teasing him as he rubbed his cousin's protruding tummy. Prince Charles left shortly thereafter, but the boys stayed, talking long into the night. Finally, Tiggy shooed them out and they went back to their cabin. They went to their bedroom and got ready for bed.

"I envy Zara a bit, you know," William said as he took off his shirt.

"Whatever for?" Harry asked.

"Well, she can get her tongue pierced."

"You mean you want yours pierced, too?" Harry asked, rather shocked.

"Good God, no," William said, "I can't think of anything more foolish and unpleasant than a piece of metal in my tongue. Braces are bad enough. But the thing is, she can do something like that if she wants. I couldn't, and really, neither could you."

"No, I suppose not. But so what?"

"It's just that people expect us to be perfect. Every time we step outside we have to be on our best behavior or else we hear about it. It just gets to me sometimes."

"I know. It bothers me, too." In fact, Harry didn't let it bother him as much as William did, but since he wasn't the direct heir, people paid less attention to him. "It's only going to get worse as we get older, you know."

"I know. I'm resigned to it. But I don't have to like it."

The boys had gotten in bed while they were talking, but neither of them was in the mood for sex play, so they continued the conversation after William turned the light out.

"I don't suppose you want to trade places with me?" William asked in a half serious tone. "You become the king after father instead of me?"

"No, you're stuck with that, I'm afraid. Can't say that I want to do that." Again, this was a bit of a fib. More than once, Harry had wondered what it would be like to be the king. Still, as he got older, he realized just how much of a responsibility it was. He was too much of a free spirit to want to tie himself down like that.

"Perhaps I shall have a son and I can pass it straight on to him, the way people say Grandmum should do with me, skipping over Father."

"Someone has to be King, Wils."

"I know. I really shouldn't complain. You, Dad and Mum are the only ones I've ever said it to. I expect I will be the king someday and I shall try my hardest to be a good one."

"I'm sure you'll be a great King, Wils. And I'll do whatever I can to help."

"I know you will, Harry," William said as he hugged his brother, "Thank you for listening. But I guess we should try to get some sleep. And let's hope for better weather tomorrow."

Chapter 8.

Harry woke first the next day. He went to the window and looked out over the snow-covered mountains. There was no sign of yesterday's storm. Dashing back over to the bed, he shook his brother's shoulder.

"Wils, wake up! It's a splendid day!"

William opened his eyes and rubbed them.

"Has the storm blown over, then?"

"I should say so. There's not a cloud in the sky. Do get up!"

William eased his way out of the bed and got dressed along with Harry. Harry picked up the phone and got Peter on the line. He and Zara were up also, and were coming over with Tiggy to have breakfast. The two boys went into the main room to wait. Prince Charles was also awake and he chatted with them. When the others arrived, they sat down at the table.

"Well, it seems as if you to can enjoy at least one full day on the slopes." Prince Charles said to his niece and nephew.

"Well, I would have been quite disappointed if the whole trip had been a wash," Peter said.

They hit the slopes and spent the morning on the advanced runs. This tended to make the bodyguards nervous, but all they could do was keep close watch. Harry, aware that this would be his last skiing trip for several months, was making the most of it. In truth, he was a bit reckless. At one point, he was approaching a turn on the run and he had a problem with his skis. He found himself sliding sideways, toward the edge of the slope and toward the trees. Before he even had a chance to try and recover properly, there was a blur next to him and one of the bodyguards had wrapped his arm around him. With expert precision, the man brought the boy back under control as they both slowed down.

"Do be careful, your Highness," the man said.

Harry was sufficiently shaken up and embarrassed that he did slow down a bit and there were no more incidents the rest of the day. When the afternoon drew to a close, everyone had had their fill of skiing. They rode back to the cabins and prepared for an early supper. After washing up, they all sat down to enjoy the meal. Conversation was rather lax at the table. Everyone was a bit on the tired side, and they knew that most of the next day would be taken up by travel.

After eating, the Phillips retired to their cabin and Prince Charles announced his intention to turn in as well. William went into the bedroom and Harry followed him.

"You're not really going to bed now, are you Wils?" he asked.

"No. I'm tired, but not that tired. I had something else in mind."

"Oh," Harry said, quite pleased, "Care to share?"

"Well," he said as moved behind Harry, "There are still one or two things that we haven't done yet."

William reached his hands around Harry and moved them down to his crotch. With his left hand, he squeezed his brother's cock and bollocks through his trousers. Already, the younger boy's member was stiffening.

"So what did you want to try tonight?" Harry asked as William turned him around.

William moved his hands to Harry's bum and leaned back, pulling them both on top of the bed.

"Well, since I've done you twice, it only seems fair for you to do me."

Harry could tell by the amount that Wils was blushing what he was talking about, but he wanted to say it out loud, anyway.

"You mean, you want me to bugger you?"

William nodded his head and gave a nervous grin.

"If you want to," he clarified.

"You know I do," Harry said with a big smile on his face. He threw himself on top of Wils and began to hump him rather dramatically.

"I meant with our clothes off," Wils said when Harry paused for breath.

"I know, you silly," Harry said. "I was just getting warmed up."

Wils reached down and squeezed his brother's erection again. It was at full mast.

"Doesn't seem as if you need to warm up any more than that," he said.

Harry moved into a sitting position and pulled off his shirt. By the time William had done the same, Harry had his trousers down to his ankles and was kicking them off. Seeing his older brother having a bit of difficulty removing his own trousers laying down, he gave him a hand, tugging not just them down, but his pants as well, freeing Wils substantial cock which slapped against his tummy as it came loose. In a trice, he had discarded his y-fronts and was laying face down on his naked brother.

William had a bit of apprehension about being the one on the bottom, but it was overwhelmed by curiosity and desire. Plus, fair was fair and he'd been up Harry's bum twice already. The two boys' cocks were laying side by side, each feeling the pulsing heat of the other. William reached over and retrieved the lotion from his dresser.

"I think you're going to need some of this," he said as he handed it to Harry.

"Do I need to put some on my fingers first?" Harry asked a little doubtfully.

"No," Wils told him, "You should fit right in. Just be careful and do it slowly."

Harry grinned in gleeful anticipation. Wils had mentioned them doing this once or twice, but Harry hadn't been sure he'd actually let him do it. He sat up and Wils rolled over, taking his pillow and tucking it under his middle. Harry found himself looking down at his older brother's bum, propped up and waiting for him. He ran his hands over it, feeling the soft downy fuzz that sparsely covered the firm cheeks. Wils flexed the muscles in his buttocks and Harry squeezed them, admiring the round globes. In between the cheeks, he could see the pink target of Wils bumhole and he decided not to wait anymore. He squeezed out a generous amount of lotion onto his hand and coated his cock with it. It was really to much and so he wiped the excess in between Wils' cheeks, though he did not actually put any up his bum.

"Are you ready, big brother?" he asked.

"Oh yea, Harry. Stick it in me."

William reached back with his hands and pulled his butt cheeks apart, totally exposing himself to the younger boy. Harry scooted forward on his knees and put one hand on Wils' back. With the other, he took hold of himself and moved down against his brother's bum. Trembling with excitement, he positioned his prick against Wils' entrance. Trying to shove it in, he slipped and wound up with his dick shoved into the rear of Wils' balls.

"Try again, Harry," William encouraged, "Hold it tight and go really slow."

Harry repositioned himself for a second assault. Holding his cock half way down the shaft, but pressed it against his brother's bumhole again. Very carefully, he eased his body forward, increasing the pressure on Wils entrance. He was watching and he could see the puckered skin slowly starting to stretch open.

"That's the idea," William said as he concentrated on the unfamiliar action of relaxing his bum muscles to accommodate his little brother's hard meat. "Keep pushing."

Harry inched forward again and suddenly his head slipped in. It felt smashing! The heat from Wils' insides and the tightness squeezing his dick was the best thing he had ever felt. But as much as he wanted to, he realized that he couldn't just shove the rest of himself right in.

"Is it all right, Wils?"

"Oh, fine Harry. Go ahead and push in some more. Just be gentle."

William had felt a short stab of pain as Harry had entered him, but already it was fading and being replaced by a new type of pleasure. He wasn't sure what it would feel like when Harry got all the way up inside him, but he discovered that he was quite eager to find out.

Harry took his hand off his cock and grabbed on to Wils' side. Relaxing the muscles in his back, he eased his middle forward, sliding his cock further in between Wils' cheeks. Even going slow, it didn't take very long for him to be buried up to the hilt. As his bollocks came to rest against his brother's hot body, he lay down on Wils' back and wrapped his arms around his middle. Harry's head was resting on Wils' shoulder and he wondered if they could stay like this forever. But his hormones were urging him on. After giving Wils a minute to get used to him, he slid his hips back a bit, then shoved forward again. The friction of Wils' insides gripping his head, foreskin and shaft felt so good he nearly got dizzy.

"That's it," Wils whispered urgently, "Bugger me, Harry!"

With his brother's prompting, Harry started moving his cock back and forth in Wils' bum. William was making soft moans of pleasure as his brother's fat cockhead moved over his prostate, causing his own dick to ache as he rubbed it over the sheets. Harry increased both the speed and the length of his stokes and accidentally slipped all the way out. There was a popping sound as his dick came out and he tried to shove it right back in, but kept missing. He had to lift himself up again and watch what he was doing. Wils' bumhole was dilated open somewhat from Harry's partial deflowering of it and he had no problem sliding in back into the warm, hot, slippery hole. This time when he went in, he reached his hands around and took hold of Wils' dick. It took him a bit to get the motion of screwing Wils in sync with wanking his cock, but he managed it. Each time he pushed his meat all the way up Wils, he slid his hand down the thick shaft of his brother's prick and when he drew back for another thrust, he slid his hand back up, squeezing Wils' fat head and caressing his foreskin. The anal action felt so good that it was all he could do to hold back from riding Wils like a stallion. He slipped out again, but this time was able to re-inset his dick without taking his hands from Wils' throbbing cock. As he reentered his brother he could tell that he wouldn't last much longer.

"I can't hold it back, Wils!" he panted.

"Go ahead Harry! Wank me really fast. I'm nearly there!"

Moving his hands as fast as he could underneath Wils' body, Harry resumed his frantic thrusting. Everything was building up like a house of cards that was about to topple over. A wave of pure pleasure swept over him and he knew he was at the point of no return. Pushing himself all the way in so that his balls and hairless mound were shoved tight against Wils' smooth crack, Harry put the rest of his energy into his hands as he furiously beat his brother's meat. His pulsing cock jerked inside Wils' tight hole and he knew he was creaming the other boy's insides. William bucked back against him and the younger boy felt his brother's seed spewing out over his fingers. Their simultaneous orgasms made it impossible for to tell how much he shot up Wils, but he was sure that it was a lot. As they came down from their highest of their passion, Harry relaxed against Wils back.

"Did you like it?" he asked Wils when he caught his breath.

"It was smashing," William said, "Quite a different feeling from buggering you, but very nice, I must say. I should like you to do it again soon."

"Well, next time it's your turn to do me," Harry announced as he pulled his satisfied penis out of his brothers innards.

"Not to worry," Wils said as he rolled over, "I can't wait to ride your cute little bum again."

"You still think I've got a cute bum?" Harry asked, wiggling it around.

"Oh, yes," William said as he rubbed his hands appreciatively over the pale globes, "I wasn't fibbing about that."

"Well, I think your bum is quite sexy," Harry said with a slight blush.

"Thank you, Harry. But I imagine that I should clean my sexy bum up a bit before we get under the covers. Shall we move into the bathroom?"

The two boys got off the bed and went into the other room. Using a damp washcloth, William cleaned himself up and then wiped Harry's prick clean. This attention caused the younger boy's dick to start to lengthen and William swatted it good-naturedly.

"Stop that!" he scolded.

"He can't help it, Wils. Every time you touch me there, it wants to grow."

"I'll say. Look it's nearly back to full size again."

William was a bit tired and was quite satisfied sexually himself, so he stopped playing with Harry. Hopefully, it would go back down in a moment. He led the way back into the bedroom and wiped his cum off of the bedspread with a the washcloth. What was left would be dry by morning and then everything would be washed. There was no need for them to worry about it. As he climbed into bed, he noticed that Harry's erection had not gone away; if anything it had grown bigger yet. He turned off the light, hoping that this would somehow make it go away. The two boys lay on their backs, staring at the ceiling. William wondered if they had anything to talk about, but somehow his mind was a blank. There was silence for several minutes and just as William was starting to feel sleepy, Harry spoke.


"Yes, Harry?"

"It's not going away."

William could hear a sort of desperate urgency in his brother's voice as well as a good mixture of embarrassment and nervousness. He decided that he was being a bit selfish. Most of the time Harry accommodated his needs, it wouldn't be very difficult for him to help his brother out. He moved his hand over to Harry's middle and took the stiff rod in his hand.

"Would you like me to take care of it, Harry?"

"I didn't want to bother you," Harry apologized.

"It's no problem, Harry. I know just what you need to help you sleep."

William didn't want to have to make another trip to the bathroom to clean up, so he threw the covers back, exposing Harry's naked body. Moving his head down, he took his brother's cock in his mouth and started sucking. As he slid his tightly clasped lips up and down on the shaft, he could hear Harry's breathing getting deeper. Despite the fact that he'd had an orgasm less than half an hour ago, William could tell that it wouldn't be long before the other boy shot again. He savored the clean taste of Harry's prick and bollocks, running his tongue over the hairless skin at the base. William was sure that his brother would start sprouting reddish-brown hairs any day now, so he made the most of the smooth skin while he could. Despite being a little tired, he was in no rush to finish Harry off; he licked and sucked the other boy at a leisurely pace, stopping to put his bullocks in his mouth and to run his tongue around Harry's foreskin. This royal treatment went on for close to twenty minutes and then William noticed that Harry's breathing was getting more ragged and that he was flexing his hips, trying to fuck William's mouth. Deep throating his little brother, William moved quickly to bring him over the edge. He heard a sharp cry and then his mouth was being filled with hot, salty cum. For such a young teenager, Harry bollocks certainly produced a lot of sperm; William had to bulge his cheeks to avoid having his brother's boyjuice leak out. With a few big gulps, he swallowed the entire load and cleaned Harry's wet dick with his tongue.

"Better now?" he asked as he moved his head back up and lay down on his pillow.

Harry answered by finding William's lips in the dark and kissing him. William held his brother as their tongues found each other and wrapped themselves around each other. They stayed in this embrace for a full minute and then Harry moved back.

"Thank you, Wils," he said softly.

"You're most welcome, Harry," William tenderly replied.

"Do you want--?"

"No, Harry. I'm fine. Thank you for asking, though."

"Shall we go to sleep then?"

"Yes. I think perhaps we should."

"Good night, Wils. I love you so much."

"Me to, Harry. You're the greatest. Good night."

Savoring the faint aftertaste of his brother's cum in his mouth, Prince William turned on his side and went to sleep.

Chapter 9.

The buzzing of the intercom woke the two princes up with a start. Shaking his head to clear out the cobwebs, William reached for the receiver.

"Lads?" his father said. "You had best get up, now. We'll be leaving directly and I expect that you'll both be wanting breakfast."

"Yes, of course Father. We'll be out on the double."

"Time to get up, I suppose," Harry said as William put down the receiver.

"Yes, I'm afraid so. Unless you'd care to skip breakfast."

"Ha! No chance of that!"

Harry bounded out of bed and went over to his dresser. William watched his naked brother for a moment. It was so much better when Harry was his energetic old self. The bouts of sadness that the younger boy was prone to these days were so out of character and they only underlined the fact that nothing could completely make up for their loss. Trying to keep from going into a melancholy mood himself, William got up and joined his brother. Clothes for them to wear had already been laid out for them last night and Harry was already starting to dress.

"Are you trying to beat me out front so you can eat all the food?" William joked as he playfully swatted Harry on the seat of his y-fronts.

"First come, first served, slowpoke!" Harry said as he pulled his shirt on.

William gave a good-natured laugh and set about getting dressed himself. Not that there was any danger of there not being enough breakfast to go around. Despite his joking around, after he finished getting dressed Harry waited patently on the bed for William. Then they both went out and sat down. The servants went in and finished packing the boys' stuff while they ate. Shortly after they finished, the cars drove up to get them. William and Harry got into the one with Zara and Peter while Prince Charles got into the lead car. They drove down the winding mountain roads toward Geneva. There was one more official stop they had to make at the headquarters of the Red Cross and then they'd be off to the airport. The four cousins had a pleasant chat on the drive down discussing their plans for the remainder of the holidays and lamenting the fact that this portion of it was over. When they reached the suburbs of Geneva, they picked up a sizable police escort and went into the heart of the city in a leisurely pace. As they neared their destination, they saw large crowds being held at bay behind barricades. The two boys were used to this kind of attention from traveling with their mother, but this must have been the largest crowd they'd ever seen outside of Britain for their father. However, as William got out of the car, he was embarrassed to realize that the crowd of screaming teenagers was here not for his father, but for him. This was more than a little uncomfortable and it took Harry pushing at him from behind to get him out of the car door. Trying to maintain his dignity, the blushing prince walked over to his father.

"I'll go over to the left side of the crowd with Peter and Zara," Prince Charles told him. "You take your brother and go over to the right side. After about fifteen minutes we'll meet back here and go inside."

William had been hoping to take shelter under his father's wing, but it didn't seem as if that was to be. More than any time in months, the young prince missed having his mother beside him. Harry and the Phillips had joined them and he put his hand on his brother's back, directing him to their area of the crowd. He could hear the excited buzz of the hordes of girls as they approached the barricades. Some of them were boldly calling out to him and it seemed some even were proposing marriage. This was more than a little uncomfortable and he turned around to look at Harry, hoping that his brother wasn't feeling slighted by all this attention toward himself. Harry just grinned up as his blushing brother; he seemed more amused than anything. Avoiding the teenagers, William went over and spoke to a nice looking elderly lady. With Harry in tow and the bodyguards and Tiggy hovering about, William made his way down the line, politely chatting with a mix of people. There was no way he could avoid the girls entirely and those that he spoke to lit up like a flare at midnight, talking eagerly to him in their accented English. One brassy girl even invited him to her next school dance. William gracefully declined and looked back to see how Harry was doing. His brother was chatting to a boy of about seven, standing there holding his mother's hand looking awed that the young prince was talking to him. William moved on, checking his watch and noting that they were almost done. He knew that this was part of the job, but he didn't think he'd ever much care for it. A number of the people told him how much he resembled his mother. This was flattering in a way, but it was also a bit unsettling. His mother's shoes were quite big and William was not at all sure he could fill them, at least not right away.

Glancing at his watch, he was pleased to see that fifteen minutes was up. He waited for Harry to finish a chat with a middle aged lady and then they walked back over to father and the others. William looked up at the Red Cross Headquarters, admiring the symmetry of the Swiss flag with it's white cross on red background next to the Red Cross on the white flag. They went inside and met the various workers and volunteers, but this was not as bad as the crowd outside. William was able to let his father take the lead. When it was over, they went to a restaurant and had an early lunch. Their party more or less filled the establishment, which was just as well as the security detachment wouldn't have wanted many other people in the place, anyway.

After lunch they drove out to the airport. The limousines deposited them on the tarmac beside the planes Prince Charles and Tiggy got in one plane and William and Harry got in the other with their cousins. They took off and Peter went to the back of the cabin to have a snooze. Zara picked up a book and sat near her brother, quietly reading. The two brothers moved to the front of the plane and played a few games of cards.

"Do you really hate it that much, Wils?" Harry asked.

"Hate what, Harry?"

"You know, all those crowds of girls."

"Oh. Yes, it's a real bother. I can't stand the way they carry on. I mean, they don't even know me and some of them want to marry me. What's the point?"

"They think you're sexy," Harry informed him.

"Well, I don't mind that. Some of them are nice looking too, but that doesn't mean I want to marry any of them. I just wish they wouldn't go on, so. And it's only getting worse as I get older."

They finished the game and William dealt a new hand.

"Does it bother you any?" he asked Harry.

"Why should it bother me? It's you they're after."

"Well, that's the thing." William felt a bit uncomfortable discussing this part of it, but he had to know how Harry felt.

"Oh, you mean am I jealous because they make a big fuss over you but not over me?"

"Yes, precisely."

"Not to worry Wils. One little girl told me that she thought I was the cute one and she promised to marry me just as soon as she was old enough. She was quite sincere."

William laughed out loud at this; he could just picture it.

"All joking aside, Harry, how do you really feel about it?" he asked. "I'd honestly like to know."

"Two things, Wils. First of all, I don't think I'd like all those girls screaming for me much more than you do." Harry leaned forward and lowered his voice. "Second, they all want to get their hands on you so they can get you in bed, but I'm the one who has you. They call carry on all they want, but at the end of the day it's me who gets to sleep with you."

"Just wait until I get you home," William whispered. "I'm going to give you such a workout you wont know what hit you."

"Promises, promises," Harry said as he quickly squeezed William's cock through his trousers.

"Careful, Harry," William cautioned. "Zara's not sleeping."

"I know. A pity, that. But I can wait until tonight if you promise to give me a royal buggering."

"I promise. Now stop talking about it or I'll get so stiff I won't go down at all. I don't fancy the reporters taking pictures of me with my pants all bulged out coming off the airplane."

The boys resumed their card game while the continent passed underneath him. At some point, Peter woke up and joined them. They crossed the channel and descended into London. Of course there were photographers waiting for them as they disembarked, but none that presented a problem. The limos were waiting to take the two boys and their father to St. James's Palace and to take Phillips to their mother's. The four cousins said good-bye, but they'd all be seeing each other in a few days at the royal estates up in Scotland.

"I was going to spend the afternoon catching up with some of my friends from Eaton," William said as they drove along, "If that's all right with you."

"Oh, that's fine Wils. Thanks for asking. I was going to give Charlie Henderson a ring and see if he wanted to come over."

Back at the palace, the two boys split up, each going to a different phone. Harry was pleased that Wils had checked with him before going off with his friends, but it wasn't necessary. He didn't want his brother to think that he had to baby-sit him. Plus, he was looking forward to telling Charlie all about his trip. He called the other boy and they arranged to meet at the palace. The driver dropped Charlie off at the front and he ran up to greet his friend. They chatted for hours, talking about what they had been up to and what various mutual friends from school were doing over the hols. All too soon, the day passed and Charlie had to go home for supper. Wils showed up a little late, earning him a frown from his father for his tardiness. Sheepishly, he sat down and apologized. Prince Charles laid out their schedule for the next day; they'd be leaving around mid-day for Scotland.

"Perhaps we should have an early night, then," William suggested.

"That's very wise, William," Prince Charles said. "Why don't you both do that?"

"If I must," Harry said, nudging Wils under the table.

"You must," his father instructed.

After dinner, the servants appeared to clear away the plates and the two princes walked up to the bedroom wing of the palace.

"My room or yours?" Harry asked as soon as they were out of earshot.

"I say, Harry, have you only got one thing on your mind?"

"Don't you?" Harry said, feeling a little hurt. Perhaps Wils didn't want to sleep with him tonight, after all.

"Actually, I have three things on my mind," William said, "You, me and a good romp!"

"Well, let's go into your room then," Harry said with his smile restored. "As long as I get my fair share, I'm happy."

Harry went and got a pair of pajamas from his room and then joined Wils. With his brother safely inside, William locked the door. They would be alone until the morning. Harry started to tug as his shirt, but William stopped him

"Wait," he said. "We have all night. Let's not rush things."

"All right," Harry said, letting his hands fall to the sides, "What do you want to do, then?"

"I want to undress you."

Harry nodded, though he was clearly eager to get on with things. William approached him and started to unbutton his shirt. When it was undone, he pulled it out of his pants and back over his arms. Running his hands over his brother's pale chest, William noticed that Harry was starting to form adult muscles. Harry's nipples were erect and William gently sucked them, causing his brother to shiver in unexpected pleasure. He moved his hands down and unfastened Harry's belt, pulling it slowly through the belt loops and then discarding it on the floor. With a quick movement of his fingers, William undid his brothers trousers and tugged them down his thighs. Harry had left his shoes in his room, so he was able to step out of them with no problem, leaving him wearing just his y-fronts which were tented out in front by his erection.

"You're really hot, Harry," William said running his hands over his brother's thighs and cotton-covered bum.

"Let me do you now, Wils," Harry said.

William stood up as his brother went to work on his shirt. Harry was taking a bit less time than his brother had, but he didn't rush things. He took Wils' shirt off, running his hands all over the teenaged muscles.

"I hope I get big and strong just like you, Wils" he said.

"You will, Harry. As much as you like sports, you'll probably be bigger."

Harry had never even thought about his nipples before Wils had sucked on them, and had been surprised by the pleasure it brought. Now he returned the favor, licking Wils' chest and gently sucking the pink skin. Wils flexed his chest muscles, and Harry felt the hard flesh appreciatively. He moved town to Wils' waist, removing his brother's belt and unsnapping his trousers. Wils was wearing silk pants underneath and they became exposed as Harry tugged his trousers off. Wils' cock was already at full staff and it was straining against the thin fabric. Harry moved it so that it was poking out of the flap in front. Without waiting for permission, he wrapped his lips around it, swallowing the fat head and about four inches of the shaft. Wils moaned softly as his brother took him into his mouth. Squeezing the shaft with one hand, Harry bobbed up and down on it for a minute and then pulled off and stood back up. William pulled his brother into a tight embrace and moved to kiss him. As their lips found each other, he moved his hands down Harry's back and slipped them underneath the elastic band of his y-fronts, massaging his bum. As their tongues ran over each other, he pulled Harry's pants down in the back and his brother freed them from where they were hooked over his erection in the front. With his y-fronts now halfway down his thighs, Harry's cock was totally naked and William bent his knees slightly so that it came to rest against his own swollen member. For a long moment they stayed like that and then they came apart. William looked deep inside his brother's eyes and saw a deeper love than he could have ever imagined, combined with a primal longing that almost frightened him in its intensity.

"Regardless of what happens in our lives, you'll always be my first and greatest love, Harry," he said.

The younger prince lit up so brightly that William has almost afraid to hold on to him. He was trying to say something, but couldn't get the words out. William put his finger over his brother's lips.

"Shh. You don't have to say it, Harry. I can see it in your eyes."

For an eternal minute they stood there, holding each other and searching each other's faces. They realized that no-one else could ever truly understand what it was like to be them and only each other would truly know how they felt. At last William realized that it was time to move on.

"Let's go shower, then, O.K. Harry?"

His brother nodded and let his y-fronts drop to the floor. William striped of his pants and they moved to the bathroom; their erections swinging and bouncing as they walked. Harry turned on the shower and they both got in. Underneath the cascading hot water, they explored each other, washing themselves as they took their excitement higher. Their bodies slippery with soap, William pulled Harry against him, moving his hands behind his brother and opening his crack. He had a glob of body lotion on his hand and he gently penetrated Harry's bum with his finger. Harry's eyes widened as he felt Wils probe inside him, coaxing his sphincter to relax. William kept it up and soon had two fingers up his brother and then three.

"Turn around," he said to Harry as he withdrew his fingers, "Bend over and grab hold of the taps."

Smiling in anticipation, Harry did as his brother suggested. With one hand on the cold tap and the other on the hot, he bent over and spread his legs, bracing his feet against the side of the tub. The hot water jetted down on his back, running down his body into his opened bum crack, causing him to shiver in pleasure at it ran over his sensitive bumhole. Making sure his footing was secure, William moved up next to his brother, steadying himself with one hand on Harry's bent back and using the other to guide his penis towards its target. Harry twitched as he brought his meat to bear against the entrance. With his fat cockhead securely pressed against his brother's love canal, William moved his free hand forward to Harry's thigh, holding the other boy steady as he pushed forward. Over the sound of she falling water, he could hear Harry gasp as his head entered him, forcing him open wide. He paused for a bit, and then penetrated deeper, filling the younger boy up with his cock. He felt his bollocks bump up against Harry's body and he moved his other hand from his brother's back and took hold of his other thigh. Holding Harry firmly, he started moving in and out of the his bum with a steady, persistent motion. Harry was holding on to the taps for dear life, enjoying this relentless massaging of his immature prostate. The position they were in made it seem as if he was being penetrated even deeper than on the previous occasions. With the sound of the water masking things, he felt no need muffle his cries and gave full voice to his passions, moaning and gasping with each hard thrust of Wils' hard cock. He could hear Wils' deep grunts and the wet slaps as their young bodies crashed together. There was one very hard, very deep thrust and Harry cried out in shocked pleasure. Wils' fingers were digging into his thighs and he could feel his brother's hot cream shooting up inside him. After a couple of moments, Wils relaxed his hands Harry felt his brother pull out of his bum.

"Wow!" was all he could say as he turned around and stood up. Wils was rinsing off his penis and Harry washed away what was left of the lotion from the outside of his bumhole.

"Well, I guess we're clean enough," William said with a smile.

"I should say so. That was one of the longest and certainly the most interesting showers I've ever had!"

Harry turned off the water and they got out, dripping onto the bath mat He tossed Wils a towel and they dried each other off. Harry was still hard as a rock and Wils was already starting to grow again.

"I think we'll be a bit more comfortable in the bedroom," William said.

Harry nodded and dashed back into the other room, funning up onto the bed and bouncing on it William came after him, holding a jar of hand lotion.

"I have a feeling that we're going to need this a few times tonight," he said.

"Well, I know who's bum is getting greased up next," Harry replied as he sat down on the bed and reached for the jar.

"Not so fast!" William said with a giggle. "You got to suck on me for a bit. I want to get a little taste of you before we go any further."

Pushing back with his legs, Harry positioned himself in the middle of the bed and spread his legs wide.

"All yours!" he said, looking down at his hard rod, sticking up unabashedly from his hairless round bollocks and pulsing in desire. William moved up between his brother's legs, putting his hands on the smooth thighs and licking his clean, wrinkled balls. Moving up, he licked the underside of Harry's shaft all the way up to his red head. Moving his tongue, he tasted the salty precum that was oozing out of Harry's meat. He took the whole thing in his mouth, but not for very long. He didn't want to make Harry cum yet.

"Remember when we used to play horses?" he asked Harry.

"I remember."

"Well, I want to play that now. I'll be the horse and you be the jockey."

Harry grinned and rolled to the side of the bed. William got on his hands and knees and looked sideways at his brother.

"Come on, Harry," he coaxed, "Mount me already."

With a giggle, Harry came over and climbed onto William's back. His legs were against his sides and he could feel his little brother's hot meat and bollocks on the small of his back. Harry was supporting most of his own weight, but William could still feel the pressure of his brother's bum on his lower spine. Harry slapped William's bum with his hand, urging him forward.

"This isn't quite what I had in mind, Harry," William laughed.

"I know, you silly," Harry whispered in his ear, "I'm teasing you."

"I think you're going to want this," William said, handing him the lotion.

Harry sat on his brother's back and coated his stiff prick with the lubricant. When he was done, he started inching slowly backward until his bum was hanging over. Sliding to he knees, his cock made a trail down the crack of Wils' bum and came to rest against his entrance. Harry eased himself forward, forcing his brother's backdoor open with his hard staff.

"Mmmm," he said as he stuck his dick all the way up Wils' backside.

"Ride me, Harry," Wils said.

Taking hold of Wils' hips, Harry started to plunge in and out, his stiff boyhood probing the older boy's prostate. Then he leaned forward, resting his chest against Wils' back and wrapping his arms around his middle.

"Hold on, Harry," his brother advised, "I'm going to take you for a ride!"

Harry continued to pump his hips but now Wils was moving back against him, bucking with his rhythm, their bodies smacking together with each downstroke. The smaller boy held on tighter, enjoying the ride and determined not to be thrown off. He wasn't worried about being gentle now; Wils was clearly asking him to give him all he had and responded with all his energy, slamming his rod as fast and as hard as he could up his brother's bumhole. His sexual passion was rising and all he could think about was his hard meat, held tightly in the hot embrace of Wils' insides. His bollocks were drawn up tight and he knew he was going over the edge.

"Wils," he panted, "I'm going to shoot!"

Wils relaxed his legs and collapsed on the bed, and Harry came with him. He was holding so tightly, there was no chance of him being dislodged and he sprayed his boyish sperm deep inside Wils. The tide of his orgasm slowly receded and he rolled off of his brother and on to his back.

"That was a wild ride," he said when he had caught his breath.

"It was fun for me, too."

"Didn't I hurt you a bit, Wils?"

"No, Harry, it was smashing. I'd have told you to slow down if it had hurt me."

William knew that if his brother had a bigger penis, it probably would have hurt his recently deflowered bum, but Harry was just the right size to provide pleasure for him. And as he grew bigger, Wils would be able to get used to it. He only wished his could ride his brother just as hard, but he had enough common sense to know that you can't stick seven inches of hard meat up a thirteen year old's bum and bugger away as if there were no tomorrow. He'd have to continue being gentle.

After a few minutes to recover, William turned back to Harry.

"Are you tired, or are you up for more."

"Well, I'm not up at the moment," Harry said pointing toward his limp penis, "But I'm certainly game if you want to fool around some more. Do you want to stick it up my bum again?"

"Yes, but let me get you hard again, first."

"Go right ahead, but it may take a few minutes."

William reached out and took Harry's soft boyhood in his hand. He reflected that he almost never got to play with it while it was limp; most often by the time he got his hands on it, it was fully erect. He enjoyed playing with the foreskin, retracting it to reveal the sensitive head inside. Harry was laying back with his eyes closed, clearly enjoying his brother's ministrations. As William made pumping and stroking motions with his hand, he felt Harry start to pulse underneath his fingers. He rolled the younger boy's foreskin back and forth as the cockhead became redder and plumper. In a matter of minutes Harry was fully erect.

"Well, that didn't take long, did it?" he said.

"With you touching me the way you were, did you expect anything less?"

"Are you ready for me again?"

"I'm ready if you are," Harry said as he rolled over.

"No," William said as he turned Harry over on his back again. "I want you like this."

"How's that going to work?"

"Like this, I think," William said as he took hold of his brother's lanky legs and lifted them up and forward. He pushed Harry's knees up to his chest and the young prince's pink bumhole became exposed.

"Oh, I see," Harry said as he reached up and took hold of his own legs. "I want to do you like this, next."

"Fine with me," William said as he put fresh lotion on his cock. The way Harry was laying had opened his bum cheeks and all William had to do was aim himself. Their act of buggery in the shower made it easy for him to fit his fat head inside his brother, but still he was careful. Resting his weight on his hands, he eased himself up and in Harry's bum. He watched his brother's flushed face for any sign of discomfort, but didn't see any. Harry was taking deep breaths, looking straight at William as he eased himself inside the smaller boy.

"I like being able to watch your face, Wils," Harry said, reading his brother's thoughts.

"Me to, Harry," William said as he pushed his scepter all the way in. He leaned forward and felt Harry's dick poking him in the tummy. With slow, gentle strokes, he made love to his brother, watching the passion and desire in his eyes increase with each probing thrust. He leaned his head down and kissed Harry full in the mouth, exploring the inside of his brother's mouth at the same time as he penetrated to the depths of his insides. Because he had taken the edge of his urgent need in the shower, William was able to make it last, slowing his strokes whenever orgasm threatened to end it. But at last, his body would be denied no longer. Sensing the inebitle, he increased his rhythm.

"Are you getting ready to cum, Wils?" Harry asked.

"Nearly there, Harry," he panted.

"Take it out when you do. I want you to shoot all over me."

This surprised William a bit and he thought that he'd rather cum inside Harry, but he was quite prepared to comply with his brother's request. Just as the waves of pleasure crashed over him, he pulled out of Harry with a soft popping noise and massaged his slippery prick. In seconds, he was shooting, sending out spurt after spurt of hot cum which splashed down on Harry's tummy and chest. When he stopped, he looked down at his brother. The younger boy was covered with white, sticky cream.

"What was that about, Harry," he asked out of curiosity.

"Just an idea I had. Besides, I wanted to taste some, and I couldn't have done that if you went off inside me."

Harry reached down and collected a glob off his tummy with his fingers and sucked them dry.

"Well, since that's the idea," William said as he leaned over and started to lick his hot juice off of Harry's chest.

"Wils!" Harry protested. "Get your own!"

"This is my own, silly boy," William said with a laugh as he licked around Harry's nipples.

"You know what I meant," Harry giggled. Wils was tickling him with his tongue.

"Here you go," William said as he scraped the bulk of his remaining cum from his brother's skin and offered him his fingers. Harry stuck his tongue out and licked them, sucking on each digit as if it were a miniature penis.

"What do you want to do now?" William asked when Harry finished cleaning his fingers.

"Well, I guess you'll need a few minutes to recover," Harry said as he fingered Wils' limp prick, playing with the thick foreskin.

"But you're ready to go," Wils observed, wrapping his fist around Harry's pulsating member.

"Shall I do you the way you just did me?"

"I'm ready," Wils said as he rolled on his back and pulled his legs up. Harry freshened up his lotion and got into position. He looked down at his handsome brother's face as he pushed himself inside. Wils was smiling encouragingly to him as he rammed his boymeat in. Like William, having cum once, Harry was quite content to take his time, enjoying the opportunity to watch his brother's reactions as he invaded his bum. Wils was almost as fair in the face as Harry, and it didn't take much to bring a healthy pink flush to his smooth cheeks. Harry made it last as long as he could, but when his arms started to ache, he knew it was time to let it end. Wils had gotten semi-hard again and Harry leaned forward so that his big brother's meat was sliding against his stomach. Just as he started to cum, he moved down and kissed Wils, locking lips while he filled his brother up with his love. Wils embraced him as the last of his seed shot out and they rolled on their sides.

"That was fun," Harry said. "It's fun to do it fast and it's fun to do it slow. I don't know which is better."

"We'll just have to keep doing it until we figure it out," William said.

Time had passed, but neither of the brothers was quite ready for sleep yet. They lay there talking about the days to come.

"I want to go to Eaton, Wils," Harry said, "I want to be with you."

"Well, your grades have improved this year, Harry, but you'll have to keep it up. You know they won't let you in just because of who you are."

"I know Wils. I'm tired of people thinking that I'm stupid. If they want to talk about my grades, I'll give them something to talk about."

"That's the sprit! I know you're not dumb Harry, not when you buckle down and do your work."

"I don't fancy that I'll ever enjoy schoolwork," Harry admitted, "But since I have to do it, I may as well make the best of it."

"I'd be so proud to have you at Eaton with me."

That was what sealed it for Harry. With Mummy gone, Wils was the person who he most wanted to impress. He'd study every hour of the day, do whatever it took to get into Eaton.

"You know we couldn't fool around with each other there," William cautioned, "There just isn't sufficient privacy."

"I know Wils, I just want to be close to you. Messing around with you is just the icing on the cake."

"Well, in that case, I'd like to put a bit more frosting on your cake," William said reaching down and squeezing his re-energized penis. Harry grinned. He was recovering too, and was more than willing to go another round.

"Do me like this," he said, getting up on his hands and knees and wiggling his bum.

William put fresh lotion on himself and moved into position. Unable to resist the urge, he gave Harry's bum a hard slap.

"Ouch! What was that for?" Harry laughed.

"Because your bum looks even cuter with my red hand print on your white skin," William said.

"Fine, but I'm going to smack your bum good, next time."

"Fair is fair, Harry," William said as he slid his cock between his brother's cheeks for the third time that night. It took less effort than before to slip himself into Harry's tight orifice. All the same, he didn't plunge right in, he eased his prick gently forward, savoring the clenching of Harry's internal muscles. One he was securely in, he leaned down on top of the smaller boy, maximizing their body contact. Reaching around, he was not surprised to find Harry's dick had grown back to its full size and he moved down, gently playing with his brother's balls while he slowly moved in and out of his bum.

Harry felt Wils' hand on his bollocks and delighted in it. Two weeks ago, he would have never guessed that his body could give him so much pleasure, but now as his brother's rock hard prick massaged his prostate and his fingers stroked and petted his balls and the base of his hairless penis he wondered what new sensations were still undiscovered. He looked forward to months and years together with Wils, discovering all the hidden secrets of each other's bodies. On top of him, he could sense that his brother was building toward orgasm, but his shoulders ached and he could no longer support their combined weight.

"I have to shift, Wils," he said as the bigger boy paused in his thrusting, "Sorry."

"That's fine, Harry. There's one more thing I wanted to do, anyway."

William slipped out and released Harry's stiff member. He moved up to the top of the bed and sat up, leaning against the headboard. His cock was standing up ramrod straight.

"Come sit in my lap," he suggested. Harry got the idea and eagerly moved over.

"You want me to face backward or front?" he asked.

"Face me, Harry. I like to look at you."

That was fine with Harry. He maneuvered himself so that he was sitting on Wils; tummy, his bother's staff resting against his lower back.

"Sit on it, Harry," he urged. The younger boy moved his bum up and back, taking Wils' dick with one hand and guiding it to its target. With the other hand, he held on to Wils' bare shoulder, steadying himself. When he felt the hot, slippery rod come to rest against his bumhole, he started to relax his knees and in a moment Wils had popped inside. Putting his other hand on Wils' body to steady himself, Harry slowly impaled himself on his brother's throbbing cock. Soon it was all the way inside and Wils pulled him forward, kissing him passionately. Harry flexed his legs and lifted himself up again, before dropping back down the invading length. With the smaller boy setting the pace, William reached out with his left hand and started to stroke Harry's hard mast.

Harry took full advantage of the control this position allowed him, teasing Wils' cock with changing rhythms, using the other boy to fill him up and probe every part of his insides. But he couldn't make it last forever; Wils' hand on his cock was drawing forth his own orgasm. He increased his pace, bouncing up and down on Wils' lap and thighs, slamming his brother's cock and balls hard against his bum. Soon his own bollocks gave way to the inevitable, spilling out their hot, salty contents onto Wils' chest and tummy. He clenched his bum together and felt Wils' reciprocal orgasm shooting into his guts. He stopped moving, leaving Wils' erupting prick deep inside him. Wils was silently gathering the cum that Harry had shot over him, licking it off his fingers and then offering some to Harry. The younger boy took it, enjoying the taste of his sweet boyjuice. When it was all gone, the two brothers shared a salty kiss.

"Marry me, handsome Prince," Harry said as Wils slipped out of his bum and they lay on their sides. "Swoop me up on your white horse and take me away to your castle. I want to live happily ever after with you."

"Shush, Harry," William said as he kissed him again, ignoring the impossibility of the suggestion. Much as they wanted it to be, both of them knew that life wasn't a fairy tale. That didn't meant that they couldn't be happy and enjoy their time together, but both boys knew that the course of their lives would take them to other people.

William reflected on the past week. Thanks to their parents' efforts, both boys had enjoyed a happy childhood, even though Mother and Father had fallen out of love. But their comfortable security had been shattered by a man who drank too much and a gang of stalking paparazzi photographers. Now they had discovered each other in a way they had not ever considered. It didn't make their loss any less, but it gave them something new to hold on to. They looked into each other's eyes and saw the days and nights yet to come that they would share with each other and the love that would only grow.

William reached over and turned out the light, plunging the room into a protective darkness. They reached out for each other as they slid underneath the clean, soft sheets and they embraced, locking their naked bodies tightly together.

"Good night, Harry. Sleep well and I'll be here with you in the morning." William said softly into his brother's ear.

"Good night Wils. I love you more than anyone else in the whole wide world." came the whispered reply.

Holding each other securely in their warm bed in the palace, the two young Princes Royal drifted into a beautiful dream.

- The End -

Author's Afterword: That's as far as I'm going to take this story. If I continue, I'll probably just start repeating myself. If something the two princes do in real life inspires me to write anymore, I'll post it on this Archive. Thanks to the many of you who have written me about this story. I'm sorry you had to wait so long for the conclusion. My modem was fried by lighting and my hard drive damaged. This story is, of course, complete fiction. It was intended in good taste and I wouldn't not have posted it if I thought it would bring any discomfort to William and Harry. I deplore those who pry into private lives, voyeurs who live such boring lives that they seek entertainment in other's problems. Any comments you have on this story can be sent to ericblyton@hotmail.com Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

Eric Blyton - October 1st, 1998