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His smooth Canadian voice echoed around the room, pulling at my heart and stretching my faded denim jeans. The pictures of him speeding around the race track at a million miles an hour in his red racing car turned me on even more. His clenched fist punches the air as he crosses the line and shoots past the chequered flag. I switched off the TV, picked up my jacket, and walked out into the dark September night.

It felt like I had been walking for hours, my heart beating fast all the way. In actual fact, its only about a ten minute walk from my apartment to the Grand Hotel where the Formula One circus was winding down after another gruelling race weekend. As I approached, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, my nerves made me unsteady on my feet. The lights blazed brightly, my head was filled with the site of crowds of people in the bars and the smell of beer, wine and champagne.

I approached the reception desk. A man dressed in a white shirt, red tie and black jacket rose from the seat behind the desk and stood up.

"Good evening Sir. And how may I help you?"

"Mr. Villeneuve is expecting me." I said, "Room 42." I added, as were my instructions.

"One moment please Sir." the man smiled as he reached for the phone and dialled a number. He look up at me again and spoke, "Your name please Sir?" he asked me.

"Ryan." I replied.

He relayed the information back down the phone line, and smiled. He placed the telephone back down. "Very good Sir. Take one of the lifts just to your left, to the 3rd floor. Mr. Villeneuve's room is on the right hand side of the corridor." he told me.

I left the reception desk and went to the set of three lifts to my left. I pressed the call button and waited for one of the sets of doors to open. My hand was shaking as I went into the lift and pressed the button for floor number 3. I was new to this job, and I could never have imagined being called upon by someone so famous, let alone someone I actually admired.

With the gentle ring of the lift bell, the doors swung open again. Taking a deep breath I walked from the lift and looked on the right hand side of the corridor. I counted down the numbers in my head; 32, 34, 36, 38 I knew I was getting closer. It was like my heart was about to leap out of my chest. 40. I had to stop for a moment to compose myself, to remind myself what I was there for. 42. Stopping outside the room I licked my lips to make them moist, I took a couple of breaths to steady my nerves. Raising my arm upwards, I knocked twice on the brushed oak door.

It seemed like years that I was standing outside the door, following the pattern of the wood grain, looking at the brass numbers shining in the centre. I saw the handle begin to turn. I could feel the air in my lungs being carried away as the door began to open. And then the proof. The guy standing in the doorway was really him, the young Canadian, 1997 Formula One World Champion. It was Jacques Villeneuve. He wore only a white bath robe, he still looked a little damp, obviously having only got out of the shower not too long before my arrival, and if I was any good at character judgement, he was totally naked underneath it.

"Hi. Coming in?" he asked me in those smooth, seductive French-Canadian tones of his. He reached a finger out and placed it under my chin, pretending to close my jaw back up which had drooped when I took a look at this famous guy in front of me.

I moved forward into the doorway, Jacques stepped aside, leaving not quite enough room for me to get in without having to brush up against him. His smell was as seductive as his voice, clean, yet 100% red blooded male. From what I had felt of his body in my all to brief close encounter, he was firm and toned. Some might say perfect. His hair was dyed blond and kind of scruffy looking, like you would maybe expect to find on a young lad after just having a shower. He had traces of black stubble on his face where he hadn't bothered to have a proper shave.

I walked into the centre of the hotel room, and took a look around my new surroundings. The white curtains where drawn and a number of lamps around the room gave the effect of very subtle lighting. The king sized bed in the centre of the room, covered in red cotton sheets was flanked on one side by a wooden desk behind which was a matching chair and on the other by a small wardrobe and a counter for making hot drinks. The bathroom was a medium sized room just as you walked into the hotel room. As I had walked past it I noticed that the light was on and the air coming from inside was warm and moist, proving to me that he had indeed only just finished washing the sweat and dirt of a hard days work at the wheel away. At the foot of his bed was a TV set, the remote control for it lay on the desk just next to the bed. I heard the click of the door closing behind me and my 'client' came back into the room.

He jumped up onto the bed and lay at the top of it. His bathrobe moved aside a little, showing his short hairy legs and baring a little more of his flesh just above his chest. He picked up the TV remote from the desk and switched the TV on and began to casually go through the channels available.

"Make yourself comfortable!" he beamed, placing his hand on the bed next to him, motioning for me to go and lay beside him. Fuck! his accent was really turning me on.

I took my jacket off and threw it down on the floor in front of the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I took my shoes off and left them there. I went up on the bed, over to where Jacques was laying. I moved right next to him, close enough for me to feel the heat coming off his body, to sense his dampness, to want him like nothing else.

"Do you ever watch the pay channels on hotel TV?" he asked me, looking straight at me as he stroked his hand up and down the long TV remote.

I swallowed hard, watching his hands work that piece of plastic. "Sometimes." I replied, my eyes fixed on what he was doing, trying to seduce me. Turning me on big time! He pointed the remote at the TV and turned it over to channel 40. A screen warning that it was a pay channel for adults only flashed up, he pressed another button and the screen was suddenly lit up. A porn movie. A gay porn movie.

He put the remote down and moved his hands onto my chest. His face came closer and closer to mine. I could feel his breath against my lips as he got closer and closer. Our lips touched, so soft and warm. I opened my mouth and let his tongue invade me. We played together, wresting our tongues backwards and forwards into each others mouths. I ran my fingers through his short bleach blond hair as his hands roamed all over my body. His fingers reached to the top of my blue shirt and began to undo each of the silver buttons, brushing his fingers against my bare flesh as he went. He opened the shirt out wide and ran his hands all over my chest. His finger tips kneaded gently against each of my nipples, pinching them softly, making them harder and harder. I lifted myself up slightly to let him take my shirt all the way off and run his hands down each of my smooth arms, down my sides, all over my bare flesh.

Jacques broke the kiss. Moving himself right down to concentrate on getting rid of my pants. His undid the shiny gold buckle of my belt and almost ripped the three buttons open, and spread them wide. Underneath I could see, and feel, my prick straining to be released from my plain black boxer briefs. The soft material stretching all the way over my big stiff cock, revealing my balls tightly clenched underneath it. He looked up at me and I smiled back at this sight of Canadian beauty looking back. He took hold of either side of my jeans and pulled them back. I raised my ass from the bed as he pulled them right down, revealing my slightly hairy legs as he went. When he got to my ankles, he pulled off my socks as well, leaving all of my clothes, except for my undies, in a heap at the bottom of the bed. He kneeled there for a moment looking up at my almost naked body. He smiled.

Taking hold of the chord of that bath robe, he pulled it open. He through the material on top of my clothes and I got my first look at this hunk, stripped bare. His body was smooth. Pecs neatly moulded, hard and firm on his chest. His nipples fairly small and rounded, begging me to suck them. Only a very slight trail of hair lead from his navel, very lightly coloured, to a thin patch of the same light coloured pubes that covered the base of his cock, now standing hard, about 8" long and his balls, hanging pretty low in between those muscley hairy legs. His arms, just as muscely lay at the side of his body. I couldn't wait any longer. It was time to go to work.

I almost leapt up from my position on the bed and started to feel him all the way over with my hands. Once again our mouths met and opened, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths, exploring each others taste, wanting to be joined closer and closer together. I reached my hands down to his ass, he did the same to me. Taking a firm grip on his smooth ass we ground our bodies together. Our chests, rubbing our nipples together, making them harder and harder. Our dicks rubbed together, feeling as hard as steel, yet as soft as velvet against each other. We were both leaking precum from our dicks, making up slip and slide against each other. We fell, with Jacques on top of me onto the bed, and continued our long, enthusiastic kiss.

I pushed Jacques off me and lay him down on the bed. I climbed on top of him and began sucking on each of his nipples. Feeling them with my tongue they were as hard as bullets. I began to nip at them gently, pulling them upwards with my teeth. Jacques grunted and squirmed beneath me. Heightening my own erotic feeling, urging me to carry on, to do more and more to his hot body. There was no way I was going to let him down! I carried on downwards, darting my tongue in and out of his navel, and then following his treasure trail down to the ultimate prize.

Using my hands on the inside of his thighs, I resisted my temptation just to grab hold of his cock and wank him like there was no tomorrow. It was difficult to keep off him. I looked at his 8" erection, circumcised penis, hard, his precum dripping, making the head of his cock shine in the low lighting of the hotel room and the shaft look slippery and inviting. I couldn't hold it back any more. I took hold of his prick with my hand and gave him a couple of long hard strokes, causing more and more of his sweet precum to come flooding from the tip. I moved my mouth closer to it as I heard Jacques above me starting to moan, to beg me to take his prick in my mouth. I looked down at his prick head and took a couple of licks of his sweet man juice with my tongue, to sample his taste. He nearly blew my mind away. I had enough experience to know that different guy's cum can taste slightly different, but Jacques' was like nothing else I had ever tasted before. I had to have more and more. I almost swallowed his prick all the way down my throat in one action, just to get a better taste for this stuff. He grunted as he tried to fuck my face harder and harder . My tongue mixed with the precum on his shaft, sliding up and down, making that dark coloured prick of his even more slicker than it was to start with.

Feeling him getting closer and closer to cumming, I took my mouth of his prick, very reluctantly. It appeared to hurt him more though judging from the noises he was making. Like a baby whose had his favourite toy taken away. I swung myself around, so that we were in a sort of 69 position to give him something new to play with. I felt his hands go to my hard 7" shaft and tug it a couple of times. Getting his hands covered in my precum, he spread it all the way over my smooth belly, across and underneath my balls and up and down my ass crack. He spread my ass cheeks and ran a couple of fingers up and down there. I had no hair there. I liked to shave that off, and he seemed to be really enjoying the feeling! He tried to hump his prick, that I still had hold, that only caused more of that sweet precum to leak from the tip. My tongue, almost automatically went down to his piss slit, to take this juice straight from him. As I did so, Jacques lifted his head up to my ass, I felt his tongue up and down my crack, sending me squirming with shear pleasure each time the tip of his tongue passed slowly, oh so slowly, over my puckered ass hole.

Then I felt his tongue pressing against my hole, I pushed backwards and let Jacques slip his tongue inside my ass hole. I could feel him probing around inside me, making me feel all wet and sloppy. This feeling just helped to force me back down on his dick. I bathed his big shaft in my salvia mixed with his precum, I did the same on his balls. His almost smooth, almost hairless balls. I traced a path from underneath his balls around to Jacques' ass crack and found his hole. I pushed a finger against his hole, forcing my way inside him. He grunted, loudly, as I began to violate his body. I pressed the walls of his chute, feeling its hot softness. Then another finger and another. Three of my fingers inside him. My mouth on his dick, his tongue in my hole. This was a perfect situation!

I pushed my fingers up inside the young Canadian, further and further, as far as they could go. With each further push I made up inside him, Jacques grunted louder and louder, bucked himself against my fingers, banging the bed against the wall, probably giving whoever was in the room next-door something to talk about! He pulled his tongue out of my hole and then gripped the sides of my ass and pulled me back from his shaft. I turned around and lay down on top of him. Grinding my dick against his once again.

He kissed me again. Long and deep this time. Then he took hold of my sides and lifted me up. Like a little kid and sat me down on is chest. My soft balls rested against his skin, my prick standing up, stiff, hard, erect, he ran his fingers all over my prick, across my balls, through my pubes, smiling all the time. He reached behind me and took hold of his own prick. I knew what he wanted, and I was only too willing to oblige!

I raised my ass up off him and moved backwards, allowing Jacques to line his prick up with my hole that he had stretched open wide with his tongue. I began to lower myself on to his prick. He started to moan softly as the tip of his cock first touched my hole, I pressed down, opening my hole up for this hot Canadian racing driver. I pushed down, sliding this hot prick inside me. The tip going in, past that important ring of muscle that set of a fire in my ass. But that didn't matter to me. The horny feelings coming from my ass as I slid down along his greased up pole.

What he did next just blew my mind and took my breath away! Jacques moved his hand from his hard prick as it slid up inside me, and put them on either side of my waist. He looked up into my eyes with a glint. He took in a deep breath and pushed me all the way down onto his stiff dick in one quick move, grunting, almost screaming out loud as he did it. Then everything went quite. Only the noise of two guys like us humping on the TV behind us, the light from the tube flickering against the back wall. Me sitting down, all the way down, on my new famous mate, his prick all the way up inside his ass. My eyes closed tightly.

I could feel Jacques' dick throbbing inside me. And then move it around a little. He pushed against my prostate gland, sending an electric feeling pulsing around my prick, into my balls all the way over my body. I opened my eyes, just as Jacques took hold of my waist once again. He swung his legs over the bed and stood up, holding me close to him, holding his prick inside me. He started to hump me with that big prick of his. Short and shallow humps with his prick. I started wanking my dick, causing a steady stream of precum to leak from my prick down between us.

Keeping himself firmly inside me, Jacques put me down on the floor, bent over the bed, like a naughty schoolboy waiting for the cane. Only Jacques wasn't going to cane my ass, he was going to do something far more pleasurable! He took hold of the sides of my ass, and started to pound me. In and out, hard and fast, I could hear and feel his balls slapping against my ass with each thrust he made. His prick literally ripping me apart. He moved his hands to my ass cheeks and spread them even wider. I could feel him fingering around my hole where his prick was pounding me long and hard.

"More, more, more" I shouted out, over and over again at him. Urging him on, not wanting to stop the feeling that he was giving my ass. Jacques wasn't going to let me down. I could feel his prick slip out of me, all the way to the tip again, he used his fingers around my hole to stretch me out even wider, before plunging himself all the way deep inside me once again, pushing hard against my prostate gland, and sending me over the edge and into the biggest orgasm of my life.

My prick sprayed jet after jet of my spunk onto the bed in front of me, all over my hand, dripping down the shaft of my prick, all over my balls. Jacques hugged me close to him as my ass clamped down on his dick, not letting him thrust out. That was enough for him. He moaned loudly as he released his load inside me. His hands roamed over my balls and my prick, rubbing my cum into my skin. As my orgasm ended I could feel some of Jacques' cum dripping out of my hole, down my crack and mixing with my jizz on my balls. A great white sticky mess of male juice!

Jacques lifted me up from my position on the floor and lay me across the bed on my front. His hand went to my ass again and felt around and over my smooth skin. Then he spread my ass cheeks apart and I could feel his breath start to hit the tired flesh of my ass. Then his lips, mixing with the moistness of sweat and his cum. And then his tongue. Liking around, cleaning his cum off my ass. Tasting everything that he'd done to me. Tasting the sex. The long, hard sex provided to me by one very, very fast Canadian hunk!

The End

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