Reaper and the Specimen Collector

Part – 1



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Poor Sam Oliver couldn't really say the last few months of his life had been anywhere near normal; not since turning twenty-one. For the first 20 years of his life, Sam had wondered why his parents always went so easy on him. There was hardly any pressure put on him and there was never anything he was expected to do but be himself. As a result of their lenient ways, Sam skipped college altogether, took a dead-end job at the local Work Bench home improvement store and spent hours upon hours playing video games. Sounds like a dream for a slacker, no? Well, everything in his world changed the very day Sam turned 21 and discovered the reason his parents always let him slide: they sold his soul to the devil before he was even born.

Even though his parents tried very hard to explain the circumstances under which they made that deal, Sam didn't want to hear it. He'd come to envy his younger brother who was the complete opposite of him╔ the one always pushed to get the straight A's and excel at everything.

Now Sam had something to excel at though. When the devil himself came to him and explained what his parents' deal would entail for him, Sam was hesitant. After all, being Satan's bounty hunter in charge of sending escaped souls back to hell wasn't exactly his dream gig╔ but he'd eventually warmed up to the idea╔ even ended up liking it though he wouldn't admit it.

His friends, Sock and Ben knew and more often then not, helped him with the escaped soul he was supposed to capture. Granted, they also had a tendency to make things worse on occasion but Sam appreciated having them around to talk to about this. Well, about this and about Andi, the girl in his very own unrequited love story.

Sam goes to great lengths to hide his new identity from the person who matters most in his world: his smart and pretty co-worker Andi. Trapped by his lack of self-confidence, Sam has loved Andi from afar, despite Sock's constant urging that he ask her out. Andi had gone away to college, but came home to her mother and her job at The Work Bench after her father died. Now she's stuck in a safe job and a safe friendship with Sam.

That is how Sam found himself in the position he was in now╔ lusting after her without the guts to ask her out. He resorted to other ways of satisfying that need, namely: his right hand.

From where he lay on his bed, he briefly looked over at his alarm clock, noticing he still had fifteen minutes before he had to be up for work. He closed his eyes again, concentrated on Andi's image in his head and sped up his hand's movements on his rock hard cock. "Fuck!" He hissed quietly to himself.

He worked his hand in a steady, firm pace, knowing his body well enough to know what worked best and how to bring himself the best possible orgasm. "Andi╔" He squeaked out as his eyes remained shut. His released neared and he could feel it. It was evident in the tightening of his handsome features╔ not that anyone was watching╔ well, actually╔

"Whoa, kid! Stop, stop╔ stop!"

Sam heard the familiar voice and almost crawled out his own skin. His hand froze, his eyes shot open and he pulled the covers up all the way to his chin. "What the╔"

"╔ hell am I doing here? Good question. Looks like I got here just in time too." The devil himself was standing beside Sam's bed with a smirk on his face.

"Get out╔ get the hell out! Can't you see I'm busy?" Sam protested.

"Yes, I can╔ and that's why I'm here." The devil replied.

"This is a new low, even for you, man." Sam was still sporting a huge hard-on and the tent was very much evident through the sheets.

"Relax, Sammy-boy╔ I'll make this quick, I promise." The devil took a seat on the bed beside Sam. "I have a new assignment for you."

"And this one just couldn't wait for your normal shenanigans?" Sam sat up in bed, still keeping the covers around his lower half, not that it did much to hide his erection.

"No, it couldn't because this one involves what you were just doing╔"

"What?" Sam was more than a little confused by now, and maybe even a little disturbed.

"Well, the assignment is the first of its kind, kid. You're not collecting a soul this time.  Need you for something else and if you're smart, you'll cooperate because it has the potential to make your life a lot easier." The devil knew Sam better than Sam knew himself so he knew Sam would, if not immediately then eventually, see what was best for him.

"I'm listening." Sam was willing to hear anything out although he'd learned to be cautious with Satan╔ nothing was ever what it seemed like and things never worked out in Sam's favor.

"I know what you're thinking," The devil said. "You're thinking that things with me are always iffy and never work out in your favor. Well, trust me on this one. This one will benefit you as much as me."

"All right. I said I was listening." Sam was getting impatient.

"Some of my advisors and I were talking╔"

"Wait a minute," Sam interrupted. "You have advisors?"

"Well, not so much advisors as petty servants. Anyway," The devil cleared his throat. "I've been thinking that maybe you were right all along and maybe this whole escaped souls bounty hunter thing is a more than one person job."

"Thank you!" Sam exclaimed.

"However, you are the best person for the job, the only one I trust to do this. Like you said to me once, I need you. It's true, I do." The devil was getting to his point but he was buttering Sam up first. "But there's no reason I can't have more than one of you, right?"

"What do you mean? Like cloning me or something?" Sam asked.

"Sort of. Some of the guys downstairs, smart scientist types, think we can do it."

"So you want to create life just to hunt down some souls? Nope. Count me out." Sam objected. The whole thing made him feel weird.

"That's where you're wrong. It's not life, it's not a human, and it doesn't have a soul. Think of it like a computer robot programmed with your soul-catching code." Satan was not backing down on this. "Think about it, Sammy. The more help I have, the less you have to do yourself. Frees up time to, I don't know, maybe go after a certain girl you may or may not know."

Sam had to admit, that did tempt him quite a bit. He'd been told already that no vacation time was involved in his deal with the devil so a semi-normal existence might be nice. "Can you really do that?"

"Well, we want to at least try. Nothing to lose, right?"

"All right, so what do I need to do?" Sam was willing to at least give it a try since he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

"We're going to need some of your sperm, Sammy." The devil stated, matter-of-factly.

"Are you serious?" Sam thought maybe that was some sort of joke. He hoped it was.

"Of course I am. When have you known me to joke about the job?"

"Good point." Sam conceded.

"So I hope you've been saving up because we're going to need quite a bit of it."

"How will I╔ how are you╔ is there something I can╔" Sam stumbled through his words, not quite finding the way to ask what he wanted to.

"Ah yes, the collection process. That will be quite enjoyable for you as well, my boy. I'll provide you with a vessel╔ a specimen collector, if you will, and that's where you'll deposit your loads."

"Loads? Plural?" Sam asked.

"Oh yeah. I told you, we're going to need quite a bit just to get us started. New technology and all." The devil explained. "Here's the one thing you should probably know. The specimen collector has to be a human being. Best way to make sure your spunk is well taken care of, kid."

Sam sighed, knowing there had to have been a hitch somewhere in the idea and there it was. "I don't know about this╔ that's just╔"

"No, no, wait╔ it might interest you to know that I am giving you free reign on that too. I can make the vessel anyone you want. You want me to make Andi the collector? Done!"

"No!" Sam protested. "No! Don't do that╔ I don't want to be with Andi╔ like that. No. She's special, you know. You decide╔ I don't care."

"All right. I can do that. I guess that's all for now, kid."

"No wait," Sam stopped the devil from getting up. "Will this person know that I have to╔ that they're╔"

"That you'll be unloading you sperm into them constantly? Of course. I'll take care of that╔ and you'll know who it is because every time the specimen collector is around, junior here╔" The devil stopped to grab Sam's cock through the sheets, in turn making Sam moan. "╔ will perk right up and you'll know what to do." Satan released Sam's cock from his grasp and smirked. "So, save that load, kid. You'll need it for later╔ actually I'll need it for later." And just like that, the devil was gone, leaving Sam alone in his room to contemplate what had just happened.

Sam lifted his covers and looked down at his cock, almost painful from how hard it was. "Sorry buddy. You heard the man. This is for your own good, I promise."

An hour later, Sam was walking into The Work Bench, ready for another torturous day at the job. He'd barely made it through the door when his buddy, Sock, pulled him aside.

"Hey, what's going on?" Sam asked, puzzled.

"You're wanted in the douche bag's office." Sock answered and grabbed the breakfast bar Sam was finishing and ate the rest of it himself. "Hm╔ good stuff."

"Ted wants to see me? This early? Which of the brooms got lodged up his ass this time?" Sam was not in the mood for Ted's bull. He was feeling a little frustrated thanks to his lack of release earlier.

"The really big one, it sounds like. Anyway, I'll catch up with you later, buddy." Sock said and with a couple of pats to Sam's back, sent him one his way.

Sam sighed and walked up to Ted's office, taking a pause before walking in. The door was open. "What is it this time, Ted?" He asked as he walked in, neglecting to see that Ted wasn't alone.

"Have a seat, Sam." Ted replied and motioned for the chair in front of him.

Sam took a seat and that's when he finally noticed that someone he didn't know occupied the chair next to him.

"Sam, this is Jamie╔ Jamie, this is Sam. Jamie's our newest hire here at The Work Bench, Sam." Ted informed him.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you, Sam." Jamie, a young man, looked about Sam's age, extended his hand out to his new co-worker with a smile.

Sam smiled back and shook Jamie's hand. "Nice to meet you too, Jamie." Almost instantly, Sam felt the tightening in his pants, right around the crotch area. His cock was hardening and fast and for a brief moment, he looked down at his own lap. "What the╔ wait╔ could Jaime be the╔" Sam thought to himself but didn't say aloud. He looked back up to see Jaime still smiling at him.

"And as our resident want-to-be expert, Sammy╔" Ted interrupted, snapping Sam's attention back to him. "I want you to welcome him. Take him under your wing, show him around, train him."

"Uh╔ yeah╔ sure╔ whatever you need." Sam placed his hands over his crotch, hoping to conceal his huge boner. In the back of his mind though, he was glad his release appeared to be coming sooner rather than later now that he'd met the vessel. "Is that all?"

"Yep, you're free to go." Ted announced. "Make me proud, Sammy."

"Sure." Sam said and got up, immediately turning his back to Ted so he wouldn't see his erection. "Come on, Jamie. I'll show you around."

Jamie stood up and smiled at Ted. "Thanks for everything, sir." He said and followed Sam out of the office.

Once they were clear of Ted's office, Sam whispered in Jaime's ear through clenched teeth, "Bathroom, now!"

Jamie hurried off after Sam, who seemed to be speed walking.

To Be Continued╔