Star Trek: Red Squadron
Chapter 1

By: Joseph Troi

Standard Disclaimer: This story is not for the consumption of persons under the age of 18 or however old you have to be to read things like this. It is assumed in reading this material that you are over the legal age in whatever country you are in and that material that includes sex between consenting males does not offend you. Also, Star Trek and all characters are copyrights of Paramount Pictures Inc. Also this story is completely fictional and does not imply that any stars are gay/bi.

It travels through the black blanket of space ever exploring, ever striving for knowledge. Appearing for a brief second in a single spot leaving the vibrant blue trail behind emanating from her warp nacelles. The USS Enterprise travels about her mission and sitting at her helm is 14 year old, Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher.

Wes looks down at the console checking his instruments for the last time as the signal for shift change sounded and was relieved by Ensign DeSal. Wesley walked up the ramp and into the turbolift. "Picard to Ensign Crusher." Wes tapped his badge and said, "Crusher here…" "Ensign please come to my ready room as soon as you can." "I'm on my way now sir, Crusher out."

Wesley walked back out of the lift and down the ramp to the Captain's ready room. He hit the chime and waited. "Come," came Picard's voice from the other side of the door. Wesley walked in and over to the captain's desk. "You wanted to see me sir?" "Yes Wesley please have a seat." "I was contacted by Admiral Nathan Sol today requesting that you return to Earth at once to take part in mission with Red Squadron. Apparently one of their members has come down with an illness and will not be able to make the mission." Wes stood there for a second with a look of bewilderment on his face. "You mean that the academy's most elite of cadets wants me to join them for a mission?" Picard smiled at the youth from behind his desk. "Yes Mr. Crusher they do." "You will depart in 2 hours in a shuttle bound for earth where you will rendezvous with the squad and Admiral Sol. Dismissed…"

Wesley got up and began to walk out when Picard stopped him. "Oh, Wesley you've also been given the temporary rank of full lieutenant for the duration of this mission effective immediately so dress appropriately." Wes smiled and walked out and into the turbolift. "Deck 11," Wes said as he leaned against the wall waiting on the lift to take him to his quarters. Wesley walked out of the turbolift and down the corridor into the quarters he shared with his mom. Wes went into his room and retrieved his travel bag and replicated several Starfleet uniforms and placed them in his bag.

Wes walked over to his desk and pulled up the data file on his mission, which also gave the crew assignments for the mission. They would be on and old but fully functional Constitution class vessel named the USS James Kirk, registry NCC-43501. Their commanding officer would be Cadet, temporary rank of Captain, Eric Valiant. Wes opened his personnel file and almost fell back in his seat when he saw this hot 19 year old with blond hair, killer blue eyes, and a wicked smile crossing his perfect lips.

Wes got up and stripped out of his uniform and walked over to the full length mirror that was on the wall and admired his youthful, slim build as he ran his fingers along his chest and pinched his nipples lightly. He smiled at the cute boy in the mirror and ran his hands down his chest and stomach to the treasure that was hidden underneath his red briefs. Wes walked over and lay down on his bed and slipped the red briefs off and stroked his cock to its full six-inch, uncut erection. Visions of Eric began to run through his mind as he pulled on his cock. His breathing began to get more ragged as he increased his tempo and began to buck his hips into his hand. He moaned loudly as an orgasm racked his body and cum began to spray from his cock covering his chest in white gold. Wes just lay there attempting to get his breathing back under control and wondering what the next few days were going to hold for him.

After showering and dressing in his black and red uniform Wesley made his way to the shuttle bay and into the shuttle Galileo VII. Climbing into the pilot's seat he powered up the shuttle and readied it for departure. Wes tapped his comm. badge and said, "Shuttle Control this is Shuttle Galileo VII requesting departure clearance." "Shuttle Galileo this is Control. You are cleared to depart for Earth. Enterprise out." Wesley manipulated the controls and moved the shuttle through the force field that kept the vacuum of space out. Wes tapped on the panel in front of him and plotted the course setting it to autopilot and engaging it at warp four. Wes got up from the pilots seat and walked to the back of the shuttle and laid down on the small bed and drifted off to sleep.

The computer signaled that they were entering the Solar System and was dropping from warp to impulse. Wes woke up and made his way to the helm and taking the shuttle off autopilot. He tapped on the console hailing Starbase McKinley in orbit of Earth. "Starbase McKinley here. Please identify yourself." "Starbase McKinley this is Lt. Wesley Crusher aboard shuttle Galileo VII from USS Enterprise." "Yes Lieutenant, Admiral Sol and Captain Valiant have been expecting you. Please release your controls to us so that we may dock you." Wes tapped on the controls turning them over to the starbase computers. "Done Starbase you now have control." "Aye Lieutenant, sit back and enjoy the ride." Wes watched as the computer guided the shuttle into one of the side bays and touched down on the deck.

Wes got up from the pilot seat picking up his pack and opening the hatch to see Admiral Sol and the boy he had seen in the file that could only be his new commanding officer, Captain Eric Valiant. Wes walked out to meet them and shook hands with them both. "Lt. Crusher I presume," said Eric. "Aye sir, that's me," came Wesley's timid reply. Admiral Sol stepped in and said, "Well Captain since you've got your final crew member why don't we get this show on the road?" "Yes, lets," came Eric's reply.

Wes, Eric, and Admiral Sol walked out of the bay and into the corridors leading to the transporter room. As they walked in and stepped up on the pads Admiral Sol looked at the transporter chief and instructed him to beam them over to the James Kirk. As they dematerialized Wesley thought he caught Eric looking at him but he hadn't had time to make sure before the transporter effect swept him away to the transporter room of the Kirk. Eric tapped his badge and said, "Captain Valiant to all senior staff members, there will be a staff meeting in the observation lounge in ten minutes. Valiant out." "Well I'm only here as an observer so I'll let you two go about your business. I'll be on the bridge when you get ready to depart but up until then I'll be in my quarters," said the admiral as he walked out of the transporter room. Eric put his arm around Wesley's shoulders and began walking out of the room. "You're gonna be fine Wes. Not only will you be my helmsman but you will also serve as second officer." They walked to the turbolift and ordered it to the bridge where they walked over to the observation lounge.

They found the crew already at the table as they walked in. "I'd like you all to meet Lt. Wesley Crusher he will be our helmsman and second officer while Jim is down," said Eric sitting at the head of the table. Wes took his seat to the right of the captain in his seat. "Wes I'd like you to meet Commander Jill Salan our first officer and chief of security/tactical," Eric said smiling. "Hi Wes…" she said smiling at him. "We also have Lieutenant JG Tarek our operations officer, and Lieutenant Larry Young our Chief Engineer. They all said "Hi." and then turned to the captain waiting on Eric to tell them what their mission is.

The captain stood at the head of the large oval table. "Well, it seems everyone is here so I guess I should let you in on our mission. We will be doing an exploration mission of the previously uncharted Naria System in the Beta Quadrant. We will proceed immediately at warp 5 which would make our ETA five days, seven hours. Any Questions?" Eric looked around the table as they all nodded their understanding. "Well if there are no questions then you are all dismissed to your respective duties."

All this time Wes could not keep his eyes off Eric watching him talk and look around to everyone. Eric noticed that Wes was staring at him the entire time but gave not indication that the youth had been caught in the act. As the others filed out Eric turned to Wes and said, "Mr. Crusher as soon as we are clear of the solar system I wan to see you in my ready room." Wes looked at Eric in shock and meekly said, "Yes sir."

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