Star Trek: Red Squadron
Chapter 1

By: Joseph Troi

Standard Disclaimer: This story is not for the consumption of persons under the age of 18 or however old you have to be to read things like this. It is assumed in reading this material that you are over the legal age in whatever country you are in and that material that includes sex between consenting males does not offend you. Also, Star Trek and all characters are copyrights of Paramount Pictures Inc. Also this story is completely fictional and does not imply that any stars are gay/bi.

Wes walked onto the bridge with the other officers and assumed his place at the helm noting that the orientation of helm and ops was the opposite from that of the Enterprise.

"Commander Salan open hail the starbase tell them we are ready to get underway," came Eric's voice from behind him. Eric tapped his comm. badge and said, "Attention crew this is the captain, Admiral Sol to the bridge please. All crew prepare for departure." Eric settled into his command seat with grace and looked out at the vase expanse of space. "Helm, plot a course for the Naria System." Wesley tapped his console brining up the appropriate star charts and plotting the most efficient course. Wes looked back that the commanding officer, "Speed sir?" "One half impulse until we clear the solar system and then kick it up to warp five," came the captain's reply.

Admiral Sol walked onto the bridge right as the ship began to move. "Very good Captain…" she said looking at Valiant. "Thank you Admiral," was Eric's only reply. Wes piloted the ship around Jupiter and beneath Saturn and then veered off to port taking them three hundred thousand kilometers into empty space and engaged the warp engines. Eric stood from his command seat and looked at the Commander, "Commander Salan, you have the bridge. Lt. Crusher in my ready room please." Wes couldn't help but notice the touch of wickedness in Eric's voice as he walked in front of his commanding officer into his ready room.

As soon as the doors to the ready room swished shut Eric pulled Wes around to face him. "I saw you watching me Wes…" said Eric with the same wicked smile Wes had seen in his data file. "We…we were all watching you Sir," Wes stammered out. "Wes do you actually believe that I didn't notice the fire that burned in your eyes?" asked Eric. Eric touched Wes' cheek gently and then ran his fingers down the youth's slender cheekbone. "You're cuter in person than the picture in your data file," said the captain. This caused Wesley to look at him wide eyed in astonishment, but the astonishment soon faded and Wes smiled up at the slightly taller boy in front of him. Eric bent his head slightly and kissed Wesley gently on the lips causing Wesley to jump slightly before returning the kiss. Eric whispered in Wes' ear, "We'll have to finish this later. Meet me in my quarters after shift change.

With that Wes and Eric both walked out onto the bridge. Wes was so overwhelmed with excitement that he almost forgot where he was for a moment. Wes thought the shift would never end but finally the signal sounded and they all filed out off the bridge as their replacements came on. Wes and Eric went their separate ways as to not arouse suspicion and entered their own separate quarters. Wes flopped down onto his bed unable to believe what was happening. "I don't believe this is actually happening," he said to himself. Wes walked over to his desk and picked up an odd padd so that it looked like he was going to the captain on official business and walked out of his quarters.

When he arrived at Eric's quarters he hit the chime and heard Eric move to the door and open it. Eric smiled at Wes seductively and pulled him into the room, the doors closing behind him. Eric pulled Wes gently into his arms and kissed him lightly on the lips. Wes smiled and returned the kiss. "This is going to be an interesting mission," Eric said while moving Wes over to the bed.

All of the sudden red alert klaxons began to sound and a voice came over the intercom. "Captain to the bridge immediately." Wes looked up at Eric as he began to move to the door. Wes fell in behind Eric watching his cute butt as they jogged down the corridor to the turbolift. Entering the turbolift Eric ordered it to the Bridge and leaned against the bulkhead wondering exactly what was going on. The doors opened and both he and Wes were thrown against the wall as a phaser blast hit the ship.

"Shields up!" yelled Eric running toward his seat. Wes took his station at the helm and brought shields up. All of the other members of the crew ran onto the bridge and took their respective places. Admiral Sol ran onto the bridge from the turbolift. "What's going on?" said the Admiral running from the turbolift to Eric's chair. "Unknown Admiral. Commander can you identify that vessel?" said Eric calmly. "Sir, the computer identifies them as Ferengi, but I've never heard of them," Wesley turned in his chair, "Sir Captain Picard had an encounter with them when he was captain of the Stargazer. They attacked with no warning."

A burst of white light followed by a swirling sensation filled the bridge in front of the helm and ops stations. Two beings appeared from the lights holding phasers. Admiral Sol reached for his phaser but was cut short by a blast from one of the beings phaser blasts that vaporized him instantly. "What is the meaning of this!?" said Eric moving forward from his chair.

"I am Damon Ra and I want your ship," said one of the Ferengi. Eric shot a glance to Salan who read what he wanted done from his face. She tapped on her controls locking out all voice and command functions and encrypting the main functions. Ra looked at Salan and walked over to her. "What are you doing?" asked the Ferengi. "One of the shield generators was malfunctioning and I rerouted it through the secondary processor," lied the commander. "For some reason I don't believe you," said Ra. Ra gestured with his phaser, "All of you into the turbolift now!"

Eric knew he couldn't do anything right then so he nodded at his crew to go ahead. Walking into the turbolift Commander Salan grabbed one of the Ferengi's arm causing him to lose his grasp on the phaser. She threw the Ferengi against the wall and then screamed in pain as a blast from Ra's phaser hit her in the back. She fell to the deck screaming in pain and then slumped to the floor lifeless. Eric moved to her side and felt for a pulse. "You bastard! How dare you come on my ship and assault my officers!" yelled Eric. Ra smiled evilly at Eric, "Please keep in mind Captain that the only reason you are still alive is because I need you to show us how to run the ship. However, for now you are all going to the brig until we are sure it's safe." Eric frowned and looked at Wes who frowned back at him.

Arriving at the brig they were herded into one of the cells and the force field was erected to prevent their escape. Ra and his men walked out of the brig and left the Starfleet personnel alone. Eric sat down on the bench and put his head in his hands. My first mission and already I've had an admiral and my first officer die on my ship and it's been taken over by a money driven bastard from another planet. He looked at his remaining members of his crew and frowned. "Any ideas?" he asked with no emotion in his voice. Wes walked over to Eric and put a hand on his shoulder. "We need to get out of here, and I know just how to do it." Wes tapped on one of the wall panels in a sequence of corners and touching the center. The panel fell away as it accepted the code. "How did you know that?" asked Eric amazed. "Serving on the Enterprise has taught me a thing or two," Wes said smiling.

Wes unhooked the control juncture and removed it. He turned it over revealing a Starfleet access padd. He handed it to Eric who entered his access code, which lowered the invisible barrier that stood between them and the rest of the ship. Wes walked over to an equipment locker and pulled out a tricorder. He set the tricorder to emit their life signs and placed it back in the brig cell. Wes tapped the panel beside the cell and reactivated the field. "Good work Wes," said Eric smiling at his younger crewmate. "Thanks," said Wes smiling back at him.

Eric walked over and brought up a ship wide life form readout. Eric sat down in his chair when he read the screen. There were over 100 Ferengi on his ship and three more ships had come along the ship and were at station keeping off her bow. "Damn…" he said slowly. "We're out manned and out gunned. I see only one option," said Erik standing from his seat. Wes looked at him, "Self-destruct Sir?" Eric looked at him frowning, "Yeah, my first mission and I have to blow up my ship."

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