Renewed Friendship by Travis

Author's note: This story is based on a story by Dusty Hansen found here on nifty: /nifty/gay/celebrity/chad-and-tom

It was so yummy it cried out for a sequel. This is my attempt at making that happen.

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 It had been a year to the day and Tom Welling found himself on familiar ground with the hunky One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray. The two men hadn't crossed paths since that fateful first encounter a year ago. Much had changed for both men since then, especially Tom who was married then, now divorced. Chad was sexier than ever and both men had modest film careers blossoming as well which kept them both busy. After their one night stand in Tom's hotel room, neither man thought of keeping the relationship up. Both assumed it was a one time thing. But sparks rekindled the minute each man saw each other and without much hesitiation, both men escaped yet another WB party to the sanctuary of Tom's hotel room. This time, Tom didn't find it necessary to ply Chad with drinks to have his way with the sexy blond. Chad was just as eager as Tom to renew their friendship.

They had barely made it into the room before their mouths found each others and their tongues explored familiar but forgotten territory. Tom used his height and size advantage to pick up the slightly smaller man and carry him over to the bed, mouths still locked together in a passionate kiss. Tom guided Chad gently down across the king size bed and began to undo the man beneath him's shirt. Chad moaned into the sexy brunette's mouth as his fingers skated over his already hard nipples. It all flooded back into his memory. What it had felt like to have Tom Welling kissing him, touching him. The first time they'd met he had been very drunk, but now Chad was completely aware of what was going on and what was going to happen. Moreover, he wanted it, bad. He rolled his hips up to meet Tom's. Tom groaned and broke the kiss. Pulling Chad's shirt open, he hiked up his tee shirt and began to torment Chad's nipples with his tongue and teeth. Soon shirt and tee were discarded and Tom was gently sucking and alternately biting his way from one hardened nub to the next.

Chad had never quite forgetten what this felt like. Tom's warm wet mouth on his body. Tom's tongue swirling around his nipples. Tom's teeth bruisng the flesh around them. The feel of his huge hands traveiling lower and lower towards their intended destination. Tom captured Chad's mouth again, sucking his lips, drawing his tongue deep inside his mouth. Exploring Chad's mouth thoroughly with his own tongue.

Chad moaned as he suddleny felt his balls contract and he blew his load errupting like Mount St. Helen against as Tom continued to fondle his crotch. A few aftershocks later and the blond's speech synapses started to work again. To tell the truth, Chad was a little embarrased and disappointed that he came in his pants just from a few kisses and some light fondling of his cock and nipples.

 “Er… Tom .. Fuck I just came in my pants man.. they're messed up..” Chad panted, still trying to steady his breathing.

 Tom  offered Chad a warm smile, “ No Problem man, I know I have another set of pants you can wear. I'll have these cleaned and returned to you. Take off your pants and boxers.and relax man.”

Tom slid down Chad's body slowly before standing at the side of the bed hand extended.

 As Chad stood also to took off his khakis and Calvin Klien boxers he noticed Tom staring at his still semi-hard cock standing at half mast between his legs. , Chad suddenly felt self-conscious standing completely naked in front of a fully dressed Tom. It's not like the Smallville star hadn't seen him in all his glory before, but this time it was different.

Ah Tom where are those pants?” Chad asked.

Tom smiled a predatory smile and stalked over to the pretty blond, ready to take advantage of the situation.

I’ll get them before you leave… Right now though that cock is dying to be sucked on.”

 Tom dropped to his knees and sucked the tip of Chad’s hard nine inch cock into his mouth, Tom crawled forward using his hands to push Chad back onto the bed. The One Tree Hill star lay sprawled across the bed propped up on his elbows. He was treated to the sight of Tom's beautiful pink tongue dancing across the head of his swollen shaft. It twitched as Tom flicked across the head with his tongue and teased the slit. He repeated the action over and over before slowly drawing the entire nine inches into his mouth.

Tom continued sucking on Chad’s cock, and rubbing his hands all over Chad’s taut abs and chest. Chad carded his fingers through Tom's lustrus brown hair, enjoying every moment of his cock being sucked and swallowed. Tom had almost forgotten how good it was to be with a man every now and then.  As Tom continued to work on hhad’s cock , Chad breathing quickened and his hips undulated and he enjoyed the sensations of having his cock expertly blown. He Pulled Tom up off his cock and laid the most passionate kiss on his new friend.He started to fumble with Tom’s Dress pants and Tom knowing what Chad was after helped him along. He undid his on pants and pulled his boxers off. Chad was shocked to see that his new friend Tom was just as well endowed as himself, A full eight and a half cut inches and about five inches around.  Chad pulled Tom up onto the Bed. He was desperate to reciprocate the pleasure Tom was giving him moments ago. Tom shifted so that his mouth was lined up with Chad's cock and visa versa. As the got into the 69 position.,Chad began to suck Tom's hot and hard cock into his own mouth. Tom returned the favor, resuming his tongue teasing of Chad’s cock slurping and sucking on the thick shaft.  

Both men found as steady pace against the other man's dick and sucked in unison, thrusting their hips rythmically in an out of the other's warm wet cavern. Neither wanted the sensation to end but after several minutes both men began to pump erratically as their balls began to tighten and bolts of pleasure coursed through their bodies. Tom came first, groaning around Chad's slick cock and pouring loads of hot creamy fluid into Chad’s eager mouth. Chad swallowd every shot of Tom's salty yet sweet cum. After Tom came Chad climaced for second time this evening, Tom Finally got to taste Chad’s salty cum and lapped it up eagerly. They lay in the same position for a few moments more, recupperating. Finally Tom crawled up the bed to lay face to face with his lover. They kissed, tasting themselves on each other's tongue.

Fuck… Tom That Was Awsome. I think we have to get together more often,”Chad exlamied between kisses.

 “Oh hell yeah Chad., You taste so sweet. But I am ready to go another round. I want that tight ass of yours,”  Tom Said.

Chad remembered their first encounter. He could barely sit for a week. Then he had been drunk and had felt more pleasure than pain, but the morning after was another story.

 “I don’t Know Tom your kind of big… and it's been a while...” Chad trailed off.

 “You can handle it,” Tom smirked. “I heard through the grapevine James Lafferty  your co-worker, fucks your tight ass all the time after each show.

Chad knowing he was busted laughed, “Yeah but he is smaller than you.”

 “I promise,” Tom said, situating himself between Chad's thighs, “I'll go slow. I want you to love my cock in your ass.”

Tom pulled Chad’s legs lifting them onto his sholders as he guided his cock into Chad’s nice firm ass. He slowly guided his still slick cock nudging the head at Chad's entrance. He inserted his thick cock into Chad. He had a little difficulty getting the head in there.

Tom it won’t fit…,”Chad cried out.

It will, just relax,”Tom Said.

 Tom Pushed a little harder as Chad worked with Tom to get head in. After some difficulty his huge cock slid in and the the rest was easier. Tom slid about half way in then pulled back, just leaving the tip in. He slid forward slowly about halfway in again and slid out. He repeated this action until he felt Chad relax a bit around him. The next time he slid forward, sheathing himself to his balls before gliding back out. Finally, he plunged back in and out thrusting his cock all the way in.

 “Oh fuck, I'd forgotten how awesome you feelTom,” Chad grunted. “ It hurt at first cause you head is bigger than James Cock. But it feel great now that it is in. Give me all your cock.

 “I don’t remember you talking so much before,” Tom teased before complying with Chad's wishes.

I was wasted before,” Chad said, looking up into Tom's emerald depths. “Do you want me to shut up?”

No,” Tom smiled, “It's kinda cute,” he grunted before slamming forward into the tight hole.

Oh yeah, Tommy...fuck me.”

Tom not needing to be told twice fucked the hot new WB Star, who had grown from a skinny , tall lad to nicely filled out man beneath him. He thrusted his thick shaft into Chads ass . Chad had began to relax and take full length will minimal discomfort. Tom sensing this kept up the pace aplowing in and out of Chad's ass , giving him a grade A fucking . Their bodies pressed tightly together as Chad pulled the bigger man down closer and kissed him fervently. Chad forced his tongue into Tom’s hot mouth this time intermingling their tongues together, as Tom continued to fuck him through the matress with his massive tool. Tom was close to coming .

Where you want me to come baby, I'm so close,” Tom panted.

In me,” Chad gasped. “I want you in me man. I wan't your cum inside me , fucking breed me man.”

Tom quirked an eyebrow, a little shocked at this . He was hoping Chad wouldn't ask him to pull out, like the first time they'd met. He gave Chad exactly what he wanted. He blasted his cum into Chad’s tight ass . The two men shared another passionate kiss as Tom spilled his seed inside the hot hole that sheathed his cock.

Ah yeah. Take my monster cock…,” Tom Yelled.

 After they came at least twice. They each lay together in each other arms , their legs tangled with each others.

 “That was awsome ,” They both said.

We have to do this again soon. I don't think I can wait another year to see you again,” Tom said sleepily.

 “Definitley, this has to be on going thing..,” Chad said, snuggling closer to his lover.

 Both men lay wrapped in each other's arms, content to spend the rest of the night together.The sound of Chad's cell phone jolted them out of their reverie.

Chad answered and by the sound of his voice Tom could tell it was Sophia wondering where he was..

 “Ah yeah I am hanging with few buddies, I’ll be down shortly,” Chad said. “Later..”

“ That Was Sophia she is finally ready to go home. I told her I’d be down in a few.”

 “Okay,” Tom said, a little disappointed, “ let’s get you some clothes.”

As Tom searched his dresser for some boxers and rifled through his closet for a pair of pants for his guest, Chad grabbed Tom Boxers off the floor and put him in his pocket. As a keepsake, since Tom was keeping his. Chad took the offered clothing and went to the bathroom to freshen up. After Chad was dressed, Tom walked him to the door. Before Tom could open the door Chad grabbed him and threw him up against it, laying a passionate kiss on Tom's lips. The hunky Smallivlle star wrapped his arms around the slender waist of his renewed love and returned the kiss with equal enthusiasm.

Thanks Tom I neeed this , I am glad we came up here tonight,” Chad said

I am too,” Tom smiled before stealing one last kiss. “I meant what I said about getting together soon.”

Chad looked up at the taller man, “Me too.”

He slipped his hand in his jacket pocket and handed Tom a card.

Here's where you can reach me...and return my things,” he said suggestively.

Tom studied the card flashing his patented charming smile.

I'll talk to you soon,” Tom promised.


The End.