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Resident Evil: Crimson

Chapter 16

Part 1/3

            The stunning Jaguar sped out of thehypnotizing green-lit tunnel like a bullet and continued its path down thestraight road, now surrounded by menacing looking trees and haunting shadowsthat lingered and swayed like ghosts because of the strong, chilling winds. AdaWong flipped a shiny chrome switch behind the gorgeous leather steering wheelin a swift manner and the front lights flashed on in an instant; a brilliantwhite and dazzling neon blue, illuminating their route. The car's low humming motor could notbe heard through the gales that swept throughout the almost pitch-black forest,and the car smoothly purred on like a shadow in the dark with treacherousspeed.

Mark finished his bag of Reese's and threw the trash behind hischair, being careful not to spill any crumbs, and returned his focus tooutside. The very moment they had entered the woods, the knot in Mark's stomachhad tightened considerably to an uncomfortable degree, and his heartbeathastened when they became completely surrounded by blackness; only the brightheadlights and the soft neon blue glow of the polished dashboard was all thatilluminated. When he looked at Ada, she kept her cool as usual, but it didn'ttake a psychologist to spot the unease in her eyes. She too knew, that goingback to Raccoon wasn't exactly the smartest of ideas; but it was her onlychance at getting a sample. And seeing that the kid knew some of the S.T.A.R.S,she figured that she could use them to her advantage.

The driving dragged on and all Mark did was carefully stare intothe gloomy woods that had completely engulfed them for the past 20 minutes,hoping that the occasional strange ominous shadow he saw wasn't what he fearedit to be. But his mind also drifted elsewhere; he couldn't stop thinking abouthis team. They were all he had. It was a fact. Yet he couldn't help but feelthe seed of dread begin to slowly grow within him as he kept on feeding it hisinsecure thoughts. What was Umbrella going to do to them? Mark didn't startthinking of the horrible possibilities. He had seen what they have done toothers. He didn't want to know. He just didn't.

Ada: "Look" Shesaid coolly.

Mark withdrewhis eyes from his window and looked ahead. A soft glow of lights in thedistance. Ada flipped the switch and the jag's lights went out.

Mark: "Is it thebase camp or something?"

Ada: "Yes, ithas to be... Now, when we step out of the car, they may physically questionyou."

Mark didn't likethe sound of that.

Mark:"...Physically question us?"

Ada: "Well yea,we just came out of the Umbrella Tunnel, they have a right to be suspicious ifthey thought that Umbrella no longer used it."

She had a point.

            Marknodded and the glossy jaguar slowed down as they approached what looked like tobe well-sized and well-built tents built in a clearing of the woods on the leftside of the road. Ada parked the jag just a little before it and stopped theengine. She looked at Mark and then grabbed her small bag from the back andsignaled him to get out.

            Theyboth stepped out of the alluring vehicle and the chilling wind and darknessgreeted them in a disturbing way. The night was filled with sounds of swayingtrees and creepy gusts of wind. Mark instantly tensed and quickly got to Ada'sside as they started moving towards the lit tents. When they got there, Marklooked around for a moment as he stood next to Ada. There were around 7 or sohuge ass tents that could probably fit 4-5 cars in each, except for four ofthem, which were much smaller. Mark assumed them to be the living quarters.They were all arranged in two rows, a path running in between them, big enoughto move a car. The place was well lit and several metallic looking light postslittered the area, as well as one or two cameras at each end of the entrancesto the camp.

Voice: "We'vebeen expecting you." Came a calm voice behind Ada & Mark. They both turnedaround in shock and fixed their eyes upon an attractive guy, about 25 yearsold, black short hair, 181 cm, in S.T.A.R.S uniform, and what appeared to be aSamurai Edge gun nestled comfortably in his holster.

Voice: "NamesChris Redfield, follow me."


            Mark and Ada didn't say anything.Instead, they followed Chris into the very first tent they came across. Oncethey entered, all eyes fixed on them. A warm sensation washed over them as theleft the bitter cold and entered, what appeared to be, a safe haven. There werefive other people in here. It appeared to be they're control room or something.Mark didn't know. But there were computers, cables, screens, papers, and a heckof a lot of buttons all over the room. In the center was a table, where 3 ofthe 5 people sat. The other two were typing away.

Mark: "What doyou mean you've been expecting us."

Chris: "Weinstalled a camera at the entrance of the Umbrella Tunnel... Ya know, just incase." He shot Mark an enigmatic smile.

Chris: "Anyway,first let me introduce you to everyone. (He points to a well-built guy withvery short brown hair and a rugged, unshaven face) That's Barry Burton; he wasa member of the Alpha team, as a Backup Man. He's responsible for theadjustments and resupply of firepower for the group. This is Rebecca Chambers(He nods to a young female sitting in between the two others with short, hazelbrown hair and an angelic face); she was part of the Bravo team, Rear Security.Rebecca is an expert in the manufacture and preparation of pharmaceuticals, andis in charge of the team's overall health. And finally, (he points to anotheryoung female, her light brown hair tied into a ponytail) this is Claire, myyounger sister."

They allexchanged nods and waves.

Chris: "And wehave Jason and Freddy, two technical members."

The two guysremoved their faces from the screens and sent Mark a smile. He smiled uneasilyback.

Mark: "So-"

Chris: "Yes, weare all S.T.A.R.S, we are the `good people' and we know of your situation."

Mark looked athim for a moment. He thanked god that they didn't have to do the whole `letstalk about each others lives to get to know each other!' thing.

Mark: "When dowe start looking for them."

They guy withthe beard raised his head.

Barry: "We knowexactly where they are, Raccoon City Hospital. But we can't go out for themuntil Umbrella pull out most of their guards that traveled with the vancontaining the victims." He spoke in a strong, reassuring voice.

Mark: "When isthat"

Claire: "Wedon't know for sure, but from what we've seen, they'll probably be out in a week."

Mark blinked. Aweek?! His heart began to sink.

Mark: "What??That's crazy. We have to go ASAP!"

Rebecca: "Thereare too many of them."

He couldn'tbelieve it. He raised his voice,

Mark: "But,seriously! A week! Who knows what they could have done to the rest by then!"

Chris: "Look,I'm sorry but until they remove their people, there is nothing that we can dobut wait"

His comment wasfinal. Mark looked at Ada for support, but she was eyeing something else. He lookeddown in defeat. Whatever flicker of hope he had, was extinguished completely.

Chris: "Now,we'd love to chat and answer all your questions, but now is not the best time.It's quite late as well, (he looks at his watch) 2:34am... Listen to me, visit thesecond last tent down the row, and we'll see you tomorrow morning. Trust me."

Mark eyed himfor a moment, but then did what he was told. Chris nodded his way and thenfixed his eyes on Ada; the rest did the same.

Chris: "We needto speak with Ms. Wong."

Mark looked backup at them eyeing Ada in a suspicious manner, yet she slyly smiled back.

Ada: "Don'tworry sugar, these people don't scare me. Sleep well."

Mark nodded ather and left the tent.

            Again,he was hit by the chilling wind, his teeth began to clatter, and he rubbedhimself as he looked down the aisle of tents and began moving. He didn't knowwhat to say. One week was all that spelled in his head.


Mark stood outside the second last tent in the base. It wassmaller than the first few that lined the entrance, so he assumed this to be aliving quarter. It was probably 3 meters high and 10 by 10 meters, still quitebig. There was no apparent door except for a 2-meter zip in front of him. Andnot wanting to catch frostbite, he quickly unzipped it, stepped inside andclosed it back again. The same warm sensation washed over him and he sighed inrelief. When he turned around, he analyzed the room. It was quite comfortableactually. The floor was a lush, red carpet. Several lamps stood around. A deskwith a high-tech looking computer. A refrigerator. A huge ass couch. And nearthe back was a big king-size bed filled with many nice pillows and –

Carlos: "Hey,kiddo."

Carlos was lyingon the bed, his shirt off.

Mark's heartleaped a hundred floors, and a smile exploded on his face.

Mark: "What thefuck are you doing here!"

He ran towardsthe bed, dumping his bag on the way, and jumped on top of Carlos with glee,still not believing what he saw before him.

Carlos: "Imanaged to escape."

Mark: "What,how??"

Mark spoke in anexasperated manner.

Carlos: "The vanstopped at one point, I managed to get out of the back when no one was looking.I walked for a while and Barry found me."

Mark: "Wait,what about the others"

His face fell.

Carlos: "Theywere unconscious from the gas they had given them. Mine had worn off. Andthey're knots were too tight to untie, mine were easy. Plus, they stripped usof any weapons."

Mark didn't paymuch attention, he was just happy to see him. He smiled at him in a goofymanner and leaned in to kiss him. But he stopped as he felt whatever his righthand was resting on.

He looked downto Carlos' stomach, and on the left side was a bandage the size of a playingcard.

Mark: "Oh mygod! What the hell did they do to you??"

Deep concernrung in Mark's voice.

Carlos: "Don'tworry kid, it was back from the warehouse. Rebecca did a nice job of cleaningit up, so it's no biggie."

Mark slowly noddedas he got off of Carlos and sat at the edge of the bed, an expression of uneasefilling his face.

Mark: "You knowthat we can't do anything for another week..."

Carlos' facealso fell, and he whispered.

Carlos: "Yeah, Iknow."

Mark didn't sayanything; he just fumbled with his fingers.

Another momentof silence passed before Carlos cleared his throat, got off the bed, and madehis way to the mini refrigerator.


Mark looked up.

Mark: "Kinda"

Carlos: "Whatwill you have"

Mark shruggedhis shoulders,

Mark: "I don'tknow, anything."

Carlos grabbed abottle out of the fridge, opened it, took a sip, and then signaled Mark tocatch.

Mark caught thechilled bottle, opened it without looking at what it was and took a huge gulp.

Mark: "Holyfuck!?"

He coughed andchocked as the burning sensation wiped through his throat like a tsunami. Helooked at the bottle.

Mark: "...Tequila...right... who puts tequila in the fridge?"

Mark looked up atCarlos, and saw the smile that he was trying to conceal.

Carlos: "Ishould have picked the juice" he said playfully.

Mark smiled. Hecleared his throat before he took a small sip of the tequila.

Mark: "I haven'thad this in a while. Good stuff..."

            Heplaced the bottle safely on the floor and stood up, slowly stretching himself.Moaning, he carefully unzipped his heavy military vest and threw it gently onthe floor. The weight on his shoulders disappeared and he felt like he couldbreathe better. Next, was his belt; he undid it and threw it in the same spotas the vest. When that was done,he removed the two gun holsters on his thighs and lightly dropped them as well.He sighed; he had never felt this light before; it was wonderful. He tookanother sip of the tequila, and savored the intense flavor that stung his mouthand throat. Carlos was quietly watching him, his arms folded, and a slightsparkle in his eyes. Mark wasn't paying attention; he moved his hand throughhis hair and moaned, enjoying the moment of freedom. Then, he moved to his bagon the floor and took a silver case and a lighter out of one of the frontpockets.

            Slylymaking his way to a black leather chair in one of the corners of the room, hesubtly teased him with his intense, green eyes and toxic body language. Heslowly placed the tequila down. Grabbing the chair with a solid, firm grip, heturned it backwards, slowly spread his legs and sat faced to him; the leathermaking low, rope twisting sounds. He picked up the tequila and took anotherslow sip. Putting it back down, he opened the small silver case, took andplaced a fresh cigarette in his mouth, and lit it. The first puff he inhaledwas bliss; he closed his eyes and smiled slightly; a small moan of raptureescaping from his lips along with the wispy smoke. He opened his eyes.

They're eyesmet, and an electric feeling swept through both of them.

Mark: "(moan)It's getting a little hot in here..."

Mark carefullyplaced the cig down, and slowly removed his shirt; never taking his eyes off ofCarlos, who just watched him with an intense face. Mark could hear Carlos'breathing hasten as he picked up his cigarette. He smiled to himself.

He spoke withhis seductively smooth, yet raspy voice.

Mark: "Are yougoing to talk to me... or do you want to fantasize a little longer, Carlos."

            Carlossnapped out of it, breaking eye contact and all intensity that came with it. Hecleared his throat, took a deep breath, and then spoke with a firm voice as heobserved his own hand is a curious manner,

Carlos: "So...tell me about your first, official, long-tern boyfriends..."

Mark smiled alittle, and took another hit from his cigarette; blowing with the smoke thatlazily flowed in the air.

Mark: "His name wasMaloy. God... all that ever comes to mind every time I think of him was that onetime at night."

Carlos: "Oh... And what were you two doingat that time of night?"

A sly smile came upon Mark's face.

Mark: "We were... playing with each other."

Carlos continued to fiddle with hisfingers.

Carlos: "By what do you mean, Monopoly?Xbox?"

Mark gently bithis bottom lip in a playful manner as Carlos eyed his lifeline on his lefthand, before he bluntly stated,

Mark: "He wasmaking me cum."

            Carlosstopped playing with his hands. Everything froze in time for a moment. Markcould hear Carlos' breathing become deeper and deeper, and his heart began topound achingly against his chest... Carlos slowly removed his eyes in a curiousmanner from his hands and fixed his eyes on Mark's strikingly attractive faceand lurid eyes. Mark sat there with his cigarette as the electric sensationcame back through him the moment they're eyes made contact; a slight tinglingnumbness... a shiver... that eerily crawled down his spine.

Another momentof silence lingered between them; only the ticking of a clock from the desk,and the slight noise of the raging winds outside rang through the thick air.

Carlos:"Pardon?" He whispered. His lips were dry, and he unconsciously licked them as hiseyes roamed Mark's chiseled front with a guilty pleasure.

Mark: "Wefucked." He said simply.

Carlos gazed atMark.

Carlos: "Wouldyou always see each other?"

Mark continuedin his delectable voice.


Carlos: "And whatkind of sexual activity or things would you be doing with Maloy?"

Mark smirked,and wet his lips.


Carlos: "That'sa little too vague."

            Anothermoment of silence passed, and Carlos removed his eyes from the floor and toMark's face for a response. Instead, a sly smile was fixed on his face, and hiseyes gazed deeply into Carlos' once again; a panther watching its new prey withsick pleasure, stripping it on the spot.

Mark: "Toovague, huh? Oh, what did you have in mind, Carlos...?" He spoke slowly. He wasenjoying this all too much.

Carlos didnothing. They're lustful moment carried on.

Mark: "...Maloyloved being on top, driving me like a fast car... we'd usually start kissing...real slow, so that this... intense... feeling washed into both of us, before allthe passion kicked in. Then... I'd feel him up and kiss and lick his body for awhile... fast... (He takes a puff of his cigarette) then slow... he would always moanin ecstasy, and he would play with his nipples as I savored every area of fleshon him..."

Carlos stoodthere as Mark replayed his sex life with Maloy. He was mesmerized andhypnotized with his cool, icy voice. He began to sweat a little, and heunconsciously moved his hand across his chest.

Mark: "Too hotin here...?" He purred.

Mark slowly gotup and moved towards Carlos, dumping his cigarette somewhere on the way. Hestopped right in front of him and gazed into Carlos' eyes. He could feel theintense body heat between them, and both of their breaths were short and rusty.

Mark began towhisper.

Mark: "...Afterall the euphoric kissing... I'd kiss him one last time on his soft, warm lips...look him in the eye... then slowly lower myself..."

Both of they'rehearts pounded and pounded.

Mark: "... He'dcontinue playing with his nipples... as I sucked on his..."

Mark's raspyvoice trailed off... and he slowly inched his face closer to Carlos; his hotbreath washing over his. They both slowly closed their eyes, and they're lipsmade contact. It was a light kiss, only for a second or two, and they bothslowly removed their faces, they're eyes slowly opening.

Mark turned around to get something, but Carlos quickly grabbedhis left arm with a tight grip and spun him around and pulled him into hisarms; his eyes filled with complete lust. Mark's heart pounded like a machineand they looked at each other for another small moment, their breaths heavy,before Carlos quickly collided his lips with Mark's with an intense force, andthey kissed like there was no tomorrow. Their tongues intertwined with eachother in a lustful dance as their soft, wet lips rubbed against each other. Thekiss was so intense that it almost got to a point that it hurt, but they bothcarried on, both oblivious to anything except to each other.

Carlos broke offthe kiss. Mark looked at him confused, catching his breath.

Mark: "What'swrong"


Carlos placedhis hands behind Mark and lifted him up in his two arms.

Mark: "Wah"

He made his way to the other side of the room and dropped Mark onthe warm soft bed. And without wasting any time, he jumped on Mark and began tokiss him the way he did before, this time, fondling Mark's hard on in his pantsas well. The heat started to rise again to a dangerous level, and Mark wantedto pace himself, yet with all the deep kissing, he found it difficult to fullyconcentrate on what was happening around him. Carlos grabbed Mark around hisneck and sucked his tongue hard as he let his weight down on top of him. Markcouldn't breathe and his heart raced so fast it felt like it was about toexplode. It savagely pounded in his ears and his entire body became supersensitized to Carlos' every movement. With Carlos on top of him, Mark roamedhis back with his hands, occasionally digging his nails into his skin wheneverit felt right. And whenever he did, Carlos would answer him with a low moan asthey kept on making out. Carlos smelled wonderfully of man; hot and sweaty, andthe tang of testosterone stung in Mark's eager nostrils. He sank into adelirium of happiness, not quite daring to believe that this was real. Carlosmoaned softly and Mark felt him push up against him. It's overpowering, kissingsomeone you're in love with. Or maybe it's just the chemistry he and Carlos hadthat was overpowering, feeling him tense and pressing, his lips soft butdemanding, his kiss gentle yet rough, and then his tongue... the man worked magicwith his tongue. And with a deep, needy groan, Carlos wrapped his strong armsaround him and moved with him.

            Notfeeling too comfortable, Mark broke the kiss and shoved Carlos off of him andswitched positions. He sat on top of him and they both looked into each other'seyes for a little while as they recovered their breaths. Then, Mark slowlylowered him self and kissed Carlos softly on the lips before he moved down toexplore his body. And damn, did he like what he was about to explore. He wanderedhis hands on Carlos' hot, chiseled chest; marveling the small soft hairs thathe felt along the way. Carlos enjoyed this newfound attention on him and heaffectionately ran his hand through Mark's hair as he continued to massage him.Mark didn't really plan, nor did Carlos, on about how their first time shouldbe. Mark just did, had to, act on pure instinct, that lined him and Carlos up,feeling the raw heat of him against his own bare chest

            Markcontinued roaming Carlos' chest with his warm hands before he fixed his eyes onone of his nipples. Instantly, he moved forward and placed his hot mouth on topof it, sucking and licking it in circles. Carlos closed his eyes, occasionallymoaning whenever Mark lightly bit his nipple. He'd bite his lower lip wheneverthe bite Mark was giving him was a little too much. Yet however the pain orsensation, he loved it.

Carlos: "Ahshit... don't stop..." he spoke in a heavy voice.

            Markswitched nipples and began devouring the other one as one of his hands moved toCarlos' steel abs and toyed with the slight hairs. His fingers would outlineevery muscle with a light touch. Carlos took Mark's other free hand towards hisface and began to suck on his index finger, licking it and even biting it. Markmoaned in delight as his finger was placed in such a hot, wet, and soft place.He was done with the other nipple and moved himself back to the top where heremoved his index finger and kissed Carlos on the lips. Then, he moved backdown; this time, to his abs, and began kissing every one of them until hereached Carlos' treasure trail, in which he gladly followed with his tongueuntil he reached the top of his pants. Here, he could easily make out Carlos'hard on straining against the fabric, just wanting to be loved.

            Heunzipped Carlos' pants and removed them with ease, dropping them on the floor.Carlos was wearing boxer briefs, and Mark began to lusciously lick the smooth fabricthat covered his thick shaft, slowly making his way up to the throbbing head,which he lightly bit in order to tease him. And it seemed to work as Carlos wasstarting to move a little in agitation. Mark didn't really want to wait, so he hastilyreleased him from the confining cotton cage and quickly took him into his mouth.Carlos immediately cried out and Mark felt a pair of sturdy hands seize hishead in a swift, aggressive manner; fingers twisting themselves into his hairas he gently worked on Carlos' bursting manhood with a growing lust. Carlos'head lolled in a most sensual way as his face showed every sign of pleasurethat burnt through him. A loud, delicious sound escaped his lips as his headrolled back again. Mark did everything. He went slow, savoring the tasty lollipopwith an insatiable hunger. He went fast, taking the entire eight and a halfdown with remarkable ease as his hands played with Carlos' balls and nipples.He'd moan every now and then whenever Carlos would shout out dirty comments andpleasurable sounds.

            Carloshalted Mark's little adventure and told him to stop. And when he removedhimself and looked up, Carlos stood off the bed and made him stand; theyattacked each other's mouths once again. Mark didn't realize that he'd undonehis pants until he felt Carlos' sweaty hands on his tight ass, aggressively clutchingand squeezing them like as if it was play dough. And then his hands movedaround, caressing Mark's hips and then making their way to his pants.

Carlos broke offthe kiss.

Carlos: "Take em'off"

His voice was deep and demanding, and a sexy smirk curled on hislips. Mark didn't hesitate one bit and he gladly removed his pants and threwthem swiftly across the room. Carlos kissed him on the forehead before he dropped to his knees,removed Mark's boxers in a few seconds, and began working his magic. And momentCarlos engulfed Mark's head, Mark had to cover his mouth with one of his hands inorder to silence himself. He shut his eyes and rolled his head back as he usedhis other hand to grope Carlos' hair. His breathing was deep and heoccasionally cursed to himself because of the intense feelings that would washover him in constant waves, some big, some small. Carlos continued to suck likea hoover on Mark's pole, varying his pace and level of suction in between gaspsof air.

Mark told his to stop unless he wanted him to blow. Andimmediately, Carlos broke off and instantly dragged Mark back to the bed again,in which he drops him and climbs on top of him; they're wet, hard erectionsrubbing against each other as they made out.

Carlos: "Do youwanna prepare-"

Mark: "No, goahead. I don't wanna wait." He said quickly.

Carlos nodded and stood on his knees, quickly lifting Mark's legsup with his two hands. He immediately spat on one of his hands and lubedhimself up for the big A. Then, he slowly placed his throbbing cock at Mark'sentrance and slowly pushed in. Mark squirmed a little, but it was all good.Carlos moaned in ecstasy as his cock was surrounded by this really hot, moistsensation. And after a little while, his cock was fully buried in Mark's warm tunnel.They both looked at each other for a moment, using the opportunity to regaintheir breathing to a composed level. Then Carlos slowly pulled out until onlyhis head was left inside. He leant over Mark's torso and pinned his handsfirmly down to the bed, their fingers intertwining. Carlos looked deep intoMark's eyes, and then he thrust up against him in one, quick, powerful push.Mark shut his eyes and clenched his teeth. Again, Carlos pulled out, only thistime faster, and he pushed back in again with an even greater force thanbefore. They both moaned, and Mark smiled in a devilish manner, which onlyprompted Carlos to start the real deal: so, he started fucking his brains out,simply.

Mark swore, groaned, and gripped the hands that were holding himdown as hard as he could. Carlos moved with an intense grace; a vigorous,energetic, and forceful manner. He'd slam all the way in as hard as he could,and as fast as he could. Sweat trickled down his face and chest, and hisbreathing grew frantic. Mark managed to get Carlos' hands off of his and hepulled Carlos down, grabbing and clawing onto his back as he continued to fuckhim as hard as possible; their hot breaths washing over each other's faces.Carlos kissed Mark and Mark bit onto his lower lip with passion. Carlos groanedand shoved his mouth into Mark's with utter reluctance. Mark played with Carlos'tongue as he continued to aggressively slam in-and-out of him. He watched Carlos'powerful chest heave above him, and his hard gasps blew on Mark's face as everymuscle in him fucked the living daylights out of the guy.

Carlos shut hiseyes now more than before, his breathing became more erratic, and he clenchedhis teeth. Mark knew what was about to happen.

Carlos: "Ahfuck! You ready to cum?"

Mark: "What?"

Carlos didn't hear him and he slightly adjusted himself so thathis cock would be hitting an untouched area in Mark's ass. He fucked harder andfaster than he did before, and the slamming was beginning to hurt. Yet, themoment he hit the spot a whole different sensation washed over Mark and hegasped in rapture as the pleasure built, and built. He grabbed the bed sheetsand grasped them as hard as he could. Carlos began to moan, and each moanbecame louder than the last one. The same happened for Mark and the orgasmbuilt itself. Carlos rammed himself into Mark, and the pain that Mark receivedmixed with the pleasure to create an unusual feeling, yet probably one of thebest things he's ever felt.

Mark: "Oh fuck don'tstop!!"

Carlos this time slowed his thrusts a little in order to createlonger, more powerful pushes. And while he was doing this, Mark decided to trysomething he read once in an article: erotic asphyxiation. He looked around andsaw Carlos pants on the bed. He grabbed it with one hand and removed theleather belt. Then, in one swift movement, he made a leash out of it and threwit over Carlos head and around his neck. He pulled.

Carlos airwaywas almost completely shut, and he immediately stopped; his face was gettinghotter.

Mark: "Shhhh...trust me."

Carlos noddedand began regaining his thrusts. This time though, he constantly slammed intoMark's pleasure spot, and Mark began to moan louder and louder.


Carlos was aboutto almost faint from the lack of oxygen yet he went harder and faster.

Mark could feelhim strain and they both began moaning as loud as they could, until Carlosthrust his cock in Mark for the last few times with such brutal force. And onthe very last hit, Carlos aimed for the spot.

Mark shouted inecstasy and had to shove his fist in his mouth as Carlos pumped load after loadinto his hot hole; his eyes clamped shut and his teeth clenched so hard. Markimmediately loosened the belt and Carlos gasped for air, choking. He fell ontop of Mark and they both lied there, gasping for air as they descended fromtheir orgasms.

After a littlewhile, Carlos lifted his head and looked at Mark.

They bothsmiled.

To Be Continued.

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