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Conversations in the [   ] boxes are communicated through the headsets.


      Mark blinked a couple of times as he looked at the computer screen sitting on the office desk.

"How the fuck do I turn this on???" He whispered to himself. Baffled, he looked under the desk. There was no machine to be found. He placed the booklet and torch on the table and stood up, looking behind the desk. Nothing. Mark returned to his seat and then fumbled beneath the screen panel on the desk for any buttons. None.

"Oh come on" Mark was now lifting up the screen off of the desk. There were no wires to be found.

"Wireless computer? How does this thing work?" Mark sighed, feeling a sense of disappointment come over him. He gently placed the screen back on the empty desk. Standing up, he took his plastic cup of water and took a sip of the cool substance.

"Hope this is not drugged" He took a couple more sips as he analyzed the room that he had resided in for the last 5 minutes. Nothing special.

            Over in the corner by the water dispenser, was a plant that needed desperate watering and TLC. And on the gray door, hung a yellow calendar. Whoever it was that worked in this room had obviously not kept track of time as the calendar stated `February'. Mark ignored it and continued looking. There was nothing else except the desk and computer. Mark thought for a moment and then realized that he had finished his drink. Not wanting more, he walked over to the dispenser where a small, empty metallic bin stood. Mark nearly threw the cup in the bin before he thought to himself.

"They're gonna notice that someone's been here? Smooth Mark, real smooth"

And with that, he turned around and was about to move towards his bag with the cup when he realized a piece of paper hanging on the back wall. Mark hadn't noticed it before as his back was always against that wall. Moving over to it, he curiously read it out loud.

"Attention all workers? Blah blah blah emergency exits blah blah" Mark skimmed through the simple text.

"blah blah comp- (Mark looks at previous sentence) Hey hey hey, what's this? In order for all wireless computers to operate during working hours, the main generator in section SubA must be switched on." He frowned.

"Pshh. Now where the hell is SubA" He silently cursed to himself and then sat back down on the creaky black chair. After a short moment, Mark decided to re-enter the ventilation shaft and find a more useful room within the premises.

            He opened his bag and placed the cup and hacking booklet within. Grabbing his torch and zipping the bag shut, he stands on the black chair and struggles to climb back up into the shaft.  When he got through, his left hand scratched against the head of a screw that lined the ventilation system. He ignored the pain and little bit of blood as he adjusted himself, so that he would be in his crawling position. Mark let out a sigh; he was tired. He cursed to himself when he didn't think of having some coffee before he left. He turned around, pulled the metallic grating shut, and then turned around again, and began to move forwards.

Brrr. Brrr. Brrr.

Mark froze for a moment, and felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He hesitated for a moment. Could it be Selene? Or is it someone from the flat? Mark didn't think any further as he knew he would be in for it, big time, if it was someone from the flat. He sent his right hand to his pockets, only for his long black sleeve to be caught on his filled up belt. He pulled at it for a moment; and then it came loose.  Mark managed to find his phone within his pockets and pulled it out, looking at the screen.


Mark didn't move. He took in a deep breath before pressing the answer button.

A moment of silence passed. "Mark? Are you awake?" Giovanni's voice was soft. And he obviously thought that Mark was in his room.

"What the hell do you think!? Do you have any idea what time it is?"


"? Exactly, now, I am going to put the phone down and go to sle-"


"What is it Giovanni. Are you going to ask me to join your little VIP Club with the other two? Well, I say no, ok?"

"Please let me talk" Mark placed his head in his left hand, and sighed, closing his eyes.  

"Giovanni? I thought I made it clear for you?" Mark spoke in a soft tone. He didn't move as another moment of silence passed.

"I would like to ask you something. Please, Mark, just listen."

"Spill" Mark had now become impatient. He had a mission to complete, and a stripper to find.

"? "

"Well?? Giovanni, if you are trying to waste my time the-"

"Mark, are you with Carlos?" He stopped and could sense Giovanni's feelings overflowing on the phone. Mark thought for a moment in the dead silence that now overwhelmed the both of them. Was he with Carlos? He had never thought of it before? Carlos is a nice guy and all? but Mark didn't know. He didn't feel ready for any serious relationships at the moment.

"No" Mark could hear Giovanni smile after he replied.

"You asshole! Don't you dare think this is going to change anything between us."

"I? I know?"

"? Goodnight Giovanni" Mark's comment signaled the end of their conversation.


            Mark didn't wait and he pressed the cancel button as soon as he replied. He slipped the phone in his pocket, making sure that it was safe and secure, and then he continued crawling down the vent. Now was not the time to linger. He moved for another minute and then came by the first grate since his first room. He peered through and used his penlight to navigate through the room. It was the bathroom.

"I don't think I'd find anything here?"

            He continued along and saw his third room upon his arrival. The room was fully lit and Mark could see several computers, couches and other stuff in the room in one half of the room. He couldn't see the other half. He agreed to himself that this would be his next destination, and he started opening the metallic grating.  He managed after a few pushes and then prepared himself to jump down.


            He landed straight on his feet and quickly analyzed the room. He looked over to the other half of the room that he couldn't see from the vent. His attention and eyes fell upon a figure lying on a couch, with his back to Mark. Mark froze.


            The body stirred and then turned slowly. The man rubbed his eyes, obscuring the view of Mark standing in the middle of the room.

"Who goes there" As the guy spoke, rubbing his eyes, Mark quickly looked for cover.

Come on Come on! Shitload! Oh God! Fu-

            Mark's eyes laid upon a blue door at one end of the room. He sprinted towards it and pushed the door open, landing himself in a small bathroom. He shut the door with a slam and locked the bolts. Mark sat against the door and pulled out his Magnum, checking that he had loaded it correctly. He heard footsteps approach the door as Mark prayed for some miracle.

"Julius, is that you?"

Julius? Who the fuck is Jul-

            Mark remembered the disguise he used upon his arrival at the clinic. He quickly took off his bag and unzipped the front pocket, grabbing the voice toy.

"Ummm, yeah"

"?Whatcha' doin' in there?"

"I had to puke" Mark mentally slapped himself for such a dumb comment.

"That cold really got you eh?"

"Yeah, it did"

"So. What you still doing here? Did you get your stuff?"

"Uh yes? And uh someone who worked from the Clinic office called me 10 minutes ago. He wanted me to tell you that your shift is over."

"Really? Who's coming in? Dave?"

"Yes" Mark's seemed unsure, but he played along.

"Did the guy tell you why I'm going off?"

"Kind off. He said that you have an important job tomorrow, and that you should catch some good sleep for it"

"Ooh. Finally I'm getting recognized for my talents"

"(Uneasy chuckle) Uh Yeah. I think they're gonna promote you buddy"

"Yeah, I think so too" Mark prayed that the guy would stop talking now and that he just leaves. He didn't know if his persuasion skills were good.

"Well ok then. I'm leaving then"

"Umm yeah? See ya" Mark couldn't believe how easy he was.

"Good luck with your cold"

"Thank you"

            Mark waited for the footsteps to disappear. He heard a door open, and then shut. Mark waited for a moment, unsure if this was some trick. He was about to use the object to look under the door, but instead he just lowered his head and looked. It seemed clear. Taking in a deep breath, he unlocked the bathroom door and entered the room. It was clear.

"Fuck yeah" He victoriously whispered to himself. Mark couldn't help but do a small victory dance in the middle of the room.

"(Chuckle) Alright, snap out of it. You have a job" Mark stopped himself and walked over to one of the computers. It was also off.


            He sighed to himself and decided to leave the room. Bu this time, he wouldn't use the ventilation system. He moved over to the door where the guy had disappeared into and then slowly turned the door handle. Mark stepped into a dark hallway. To his left, was a long corridor that had doors that filled the area. On his right, was the front door of the clinic, leading out to the streets. And straight in front of him, was the reception. He thanked himself that the place was dark. He pulled out his pen and clicked it on. He moved over to the reception desk and started to climb over. He managed but then at the last moment he fell. He lay low for a moment, expecting noises. But heard none. He stood back up and looked at the computer screens in front of him. Also off. Mark rolled his eyes in disbelief and then found a clipboard with a piece of paper. The enrollment list. He grabbed the clipboard and began searching the girls name. Out of all 34 names, there was only one Heather. In room 13.

Jeez? 13?

            Mark placed the clipboard back in its original position and climbed back over the counter. The only way was to his right, down the hallway, as the other direction was the exit of the vicinity. He slowly made his way down the hallway, shining his torch on the doors to reveal their room numbers.






            Mark stood in front of door number 13. He was about to touch the golden door knob when the door behind him had opened. Mark jumped in horror and turned around. Apparently the person who had left the room had also jumped. Mark shone the light at the figure.

"Good evening" Came the cool voice of the female. She wore black stockings and a red dress that stopped at her thighs. She had short glossy black hair and an asian face. Mark was about to speak when he noticed some paper and a gun that the lady was carrying.

"Who are you?" Mark didn't know what else to say.

"My name is Ada Wong" Mark didn't recognize the name. He saw her notice the gun on his belt. She smiled.

"Out for a late night walk are we? Who sent you"


"Who sent you? Umbrella?" Ada aimed her gun at Mark's chest.

"N-no. I'm hear to get a patient out of here" Mark had now raised his hands up in the air.

"I'm no threat" He pleaded.

"I see" She still didn't lower her gun.

"What are you doing here?" Mark questioned.

"Hmmmm. I'm a spy. Hired from a company that rivals Umbrella. I'm here to? find out what their doing with these? patients"


"I know that kid. I got what I'm after. The only part left of my mission is to step out that front door and receive my paycheck."

"Can I go"

"Yes. And don't worry, we'll meet again" And with that, Ada Wong lowered her gun and walked down the hallway towards the front entrance.

            Mark watched her go as he lowered his sweaty hands. He heard the door beep, open, and then closed, followed by another beep. She must've  known the security access code. Mark slowly digested what had happened. A Spy, sent in to recover information on the patients, for a rival company of Umbrella. Ada Wong. Mark mentally wrote the name down in his mind; he would have to discuss this with the Velvet Fox. He shut out all his thoughts and then turned around. He opened the door and found Heather lying on a bed, fastened and duck taped. Heather woke up from the slight noise of the door and saw Mark. She began whining as Mark closed the door and moved next to her.

"Shhhh. It's ok. I'm here to help." Heather stopped after Mark spoke. He began with the mouth. He pulled the duck tape off, apologizing for the pain.

"What's going on?"

"Don't worry. I'll explain everything once we get out of here" Mark unfastened the plastic cuffs on her legs and wrists. Heather got off the bed and rubbed her wrists.

"How do we get out of here?"

"The front do- Never-mind. Follow me" And with that, Mark walked over to the other side of the room and stood on a table, opening the metal grating that led into the ventilation system.

            Heather Followed Mark as they entered the booming Club Undying. It was 4 in the morning and things were still moving. Mark recognized the bar, dance-floor, hanging cages with strippers, gothic architecture, hanging chains, and the stairs on the other side of the floor. He told Heather to follow her and she obeyed. They walked around the dancing people and climbed up the glowing steps into the VIP section of the club. Over there, sitting in a booth, was the Velvet Fox. She saw us move over to her and a smile came over her lips.

"Well well, her comes the hero of the hour." Mark sat himself down opposite her as she told Heather to rest in the staff room.

"So. How was your little adventure. I hop I didn't cause too much trouble my dear wolf" She purred.

"No, I met up with a guard once or twice, but I handled him"

"You didn't kill him did you?"

"No, persuaded him to leave"

"Ah, the old fashioned way. Anything else?"

"I met a spy"

"Ooh. Who?"

"Ada Wong" She obviously seemed to recognize the name, as it showed in her expression. She leaned in closer.

"What was she doing?"

Mark spoke.  "She said that she was there to collect information on the experiments the clinic were performing, for a Umbrella-rivaling company that had hired her" Mark cracked his knuckles. She seemed to be thinking at what he had shared with her.

"Is she something I should? know about?" Asked Mark.

"Hmmm. I'll tell you later. But first let me repay you half of your reward." She reached in between her breasts and took out a bundle of cash.

"$500. Keep the change" She winked at Mark; who took the money and stuffed it in his bag.

"And what about the info?"

"I will tell you the next time you come around, for I see that you are tired" Mark nodded. He was tired. His knees were sore from crawling, and his back felt like breaking in two.


"Here, take this little coupon. Get yourself a drink downstairs before you leave. My treat. Until we meet again my wolf" She said farewell in her lustrous voice and then disappeared within the Club.

Mark stood up and slowly moved down the stairs, making his way to the bar. Once he got there, he sat on a stool next to a stranger and ordered a coke. He handed the bar tender the coupon when asked for cash. She took the coupon and then left Mark with his drink. He slowly sipped from his pink straw and played with the ice cubes. He sipped a little more and felt a tap on his left shoulder.

"Excuse me, do you have the ti-" The guy froze as Mark made eye contact with him. Mark did the same.

Oh my god! Its Jake! The Receptionist!

            Mark felt his cheeks blush a million shades of red as he lowered his eyes to his drink and then to his watch. He noticed Jake lower his head in embarrassment as well.

"Uhh? 4:37 AM" Mark didn't make any eye contact as he resumed playing with his drink, unaware of Jake.

"Um thanks" Mark nodded his head in reply. Mark tried to ignore the guy but heard him trying to speak.

"Uhh? do you? do you need a ride?" Mark thought for a moment. Damn! Is he daring or what! And well, Mark didn't feel like walking anymore. He silently rolled his eyes to himself before turning to face Jake.


"Oh ok? when do you want to leave?"

"?now? if that's ok with you"

"Oh no, its fine, follow me" Mark silently got up from his seat and took the big plastic cup of coke with him. He followed the receptionist out the front door and onto the street, where they both crossed the road and got into a black car.

"Its funny, our place is not that far you know"

"Uhh yeah? 10 minute walk" Mark sat in the front passenger seat and put on his seat belt. Jake started the car and drove off into the night.

            They both sat in silence as a red light had stopped them. This was really uncomfortable. Not only was he getting a ride from a stranger, but from a guy he had seduced. After 3 minutes, they arrived at Sky Peak Tower. They both got out of the car and walked up the marble steps and into the lobby of the skyscraper. They both got into the elevator and stood in silence; every now and then they would look at each other. It was Jake who stopped the elevator. The machine came to a halt and Mark looked over at Jake, puzzled. It was then when Mark knew what Jake was trying to do. Mark didn't hesitate. He dropped his coke on the floor and jumped on Jake, their lips engaging in a struggling dance.

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