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X Universe - Book 3

I Promise Forever - Chapter 3

Waking Jeff before 9am was like resurrecting the dead. It took patience, resolve, and indomitable will to get his ass moving when he was determined to stay asleep. His mother could do it almost effortlessly. That was not one of the talents Norma had passed on to me yet. I hoped it wouldn't take me too long to learn. Until then, I had to resort to devious methods.

"Jeff, it's time to get up," I said for the fifth time in five minutes. I'd shaken him. I'd pulled off the covers. I'd even tried kissing and nuzzling him into action. He doggedly remained in bed, mumbling petulantly about how he would get up when he was ready to get up. He was naked, of course, and I decided to try something more original. We had less than forty minutes to get washed, dressed, and down to breakfast to meet Bryan and Justin. If it had just been us, I'd have happily cuddled with my sleeping man until noon. It wasn't just us, and I was curious to find out if my hunch last night about Bryan had been right.

"Ok, you asked for it." I floated Jeff from the bed. He absently felt about for his pillow, but he was so determined to stay asleep that the fact he wasn't on the bed didn't register. I turned him vertical effortlessly, and pushed his weightless body to the bathroom. Turning on the shower, I adjusted the temperature and pushed him in. He was lucky I loved him, because if we'd just been roommates I'd have put him in the shower set full cold.

Jeff howled and swung about violently. I dissipated his impacts against the walls of the shower as he jerked and flailed awake. It only took a few seconds before he was sputtering, his eyes locked on me shooting daggers, and his body shaking from surprise. "DAN!"

I stepped into the shower with him, wrapped my arms about him, and nuzzled his neck. There was one thing I knew about Jeff: if I cuddled with him, for any reason, he melted almost as completely as I did when he'd kiss me. Per form, his arms wrapped around me and he let out an exaggerated sigh.

"You're lucky I love you." He grumbled, his hands wandering to squeeze my ass as his mouth latched onto my neck.

I chuckled as he began trying to work me into a sexual frenzy. This time it wouldn't work. We didn't have the time. "I was thinking the same thing... or else it'd have been a cold shower."

He pulled back and his hands twitched as they slid up to my low back. "You wouldn't..."

I raised an eyebrow. "Wouldn't I?

"Why do I love you," he complained as he let me go and reached for the soap.

I smiled. "I ask myself that same question every day."

"Asshole," he mumbled as he turned me around and started washing my back. His fingers explored me quickly as I was lathered up and then pulled back against him so he could reach around and wash my front while pressing his nicely attentive tool against my cheeks. I moaned as he throbbed forcefully enough to press into my crack.

"Jeff, we don't have time."

He pressed in further, both between my cheeks and his lips to my ear. "I don't get my morning meal?"

I laughed and bumped him away. "If you had woken up after the first dozen or so times I asked you to, yeah you would have. Now you get to go without."

"You're worse than, Mom."

I smiled. "Thanks." My hands had been lathering his chest and torso while he'd complained, and I wrapped my soapy fist around his throbber. "I bet your mother never did this." I squeezed and gave his tool a slow, firm tug.

Jeff moaned. "No, she never did that."

"Then shut up and turn around."

Jeff turned around and put his hands against the tiles. I loved him like that. His back looked so impressively wide, tapering down to his perfect, hard, dimpled ass. I rubbed and washed my way down until I was on my knees behind him, washing the backs of his thighs. He'd widened his stance when I'd gotten down there, and I was nose to ass. The situation brought back our discussion from yesterday.


"Uhm hmm?" His voice came out as a lusty purr.

"Tell me to stop if ..." I brought my hands up and firmly gripped his ass, letting my thumbs rub with enough pressure to expose his bud. Jeff tensed for a moment, but then he stopped clenching and his ass began to comply with my hands.

"Okay," was all he said before I pressed forward and brought my tongue to his opening. He'd done this to me numerous times, and it always made me delirious for him. I loved to be fucked, but there was something about how his tongue would tease me that just got my motor running.

Jeff gasped at my first lick, and my second, sighed with my third, fourth and fifth. By the time I was pressing past and tasting his quivering ring, he was moaning softly and pressing his ass against my face. I was in heaven, and from the sound of it, Jeff wasn't that far away.

I pulled back, kneading his ass as I kissed my way up his back and to his ear. After pressing myself against him, my rod nestled firmly between his cheeks, I whispered in his ear, "Is this 'not scared' enough for you?"

He nodded, pressing back against me with little humping movements.

"This is just a promise, Jeff. Maybe later, we'll start making some new memories, but I don't want to be rushed."

"We could cancel," he moaned, rubbing himself against me.

I considered it. The idea of finally giving Jeff something other than broken, horrible memories associated with this was very tempting. I knew from experience that it would be even better if we built it up for a while. I could spend the day tantalizing him. The "evil little witch" in me just couldn't resist the idea of driving him crazy. My hands slid around and tweaked his nipples, causing him to tremble. I also felt his ass almost kiss my shaft in response; I would have to remember that for later.

"Let's spend the day anticipating this, Jeff." Gods, I was trembling, "I want you so bad, baby. I've always wanted you. I want it to be perfect."

I was just holding myself against him, my hand still and my body melted against his back. He took a deep breath and stood up, turning into my arms before he kissed me slow and with lots of tongue. Damn his magic mouth; I was losing my resolve. Just when he had me ready to say "yes", he pulled back and looked into my eyes. "No first times on the tiles for me, huh?"

It took me a moment to catch up, and I grinned. "Is that really what you want, Jeff? I only went that route because I was scared we'd never get around to it." I let my nose rub against his; ok, so I like Eskimo-kisses. "I promise: this is a sure thing."

His eyes were so warm as they stared into mine. "How do you do that?"

I blinked. "What?"

"Find ways to make me love you more? Just when I think I couldn't love you any more than I do, you come out with something or do something that proves I'm wrong."

I'm certain my smile was dopey, but I didn't care. I dropped my cheek to his shoulder and nuzzled his neck to hide the tears that were filling my eyes. "I guess I just keep loving you more every moment." Why was it that at the most tender of moments, I would have a fear rear its ugly head? I clung to him, trying to push away the images from last June. I found myself trembling, and crying softly into his neck, as memories of blood, fangs and pain tried to overwhelm me. They didn't, and I whispered against him, "Don't let me go."

His arms tightened around me and he just rocked me quietly as I cried. Jeff knew all about wake-mares. Though his were rare and brief at that point, he understood. He didn't ask or press me for what was wrong. He just knew. I don't think I'd have survived the months of recovery, before or after we'd been married, if it hadn't been for his understanding. I may have been the most powerful mutant alive, but he was my hero and protector. I needed that.

We were late for breakfast. Not all that surprisingly, so were the guys. We ate a light breakfast, deciding to sample what the town had to offer instead of filling ourselves at the hotel. I noticed Bryan walking a bit like he had a wedgie. It was a sensation I knew quite well. He looked anything but unhappy about it. I grinned and winked at Justin behind Bryan's back, and the boy blushed before sending me a very happy smile.

Jeff and Bryan were playing out the roles of doting husband and boyfriend as they went to "hunt for our food". I had to laugh. They were both fans of the less popular, in America, sports: soccer, rugby, Frisbee, etc. I smiled at them as they crossed the street to "hunt" at the bakery. The "good little spouses" were left sitting on a bench.

"Why do I feel like the 'little woman'?"

I laughed at Justin's ironic grin as he asked the question.

"You shouldn't. From the look of things, you were anything but 'the little woman' last night."

Damn he was cute when he blushed. He couldn't hide the happy smile that lit his face. "Yeah, well..."

"You don't top often, huh?"

He nodded, his blush deepening. I wondered if I could get him to the color of my hair.

"Bryan still has some issues with it. That whole 'alpha male' thing. It isn't that he doesn't like it, but I think he gets worried about how much he likes it." Justin shrugged. "I don't mind. I like receiving."

"Yeah," I sighed happily.

He grinned. "So, you guys ever?"

I shrugged. "Not yet, but we haven't actually been going all the way for very long." I smiled. I was proud of the fact we'd waited. "We chose to wait until after graduation, and then I got hurt." I think my smile said how I felt more than my words, "We've been making up for the wait."

"What wait?" Jeff asked as they returned with meat fill pastries and coffees.

I wrinkled my nose at the coffee Jeff handed me, and he laughed and switched our cups. Yeah he loved me, but that didn't mean he wouldn't give me grief every so often. I smiled as I caught the aroma of freshly steeped tea. Jeff took a sip of his coffee, and I answered, "We were discussing the endowment of our respective mates."

Yes, my timing was perfect. Justin and I dodged the spray of suddenly ejected coffee as Jeff sputtered and choked. Bryan looked like he'd just swallowed a bug. He hadn't spewed, but apparently I'd timed it pretty well for him also. Jeff glared at me after he wiped his chin with one of the napkins they'd brought with them.

"You were not!"

Justin came to my defense. "Well, not in so many words." He gestured with his hands, pantomiming the length and circumference of something that 'might' have been a long length of man muscle. The way Bryan's eyes went wide confirmed that it must have been fairly accurate. "We just used visuals."

The mortified look on our boy's faces had me cracking up. I just wasn't a poker player. Jeff looked at me for a moment and grumbled. "They're pulling our chains."

Bryan didn't look all that convinced as he looked from me to Justin. Justin gave away nothing, and sipped at his coffee with a simple, "Thanks for the coffee, babe."

After a few failed attempts to coax the real topic from us, we continued our walk around town. Jeff was nearly as bad as his sister when it came to shopping. He loved it with a passion I couldn't begin to understand. He didn't have to "buy" anything; he just loved the act of shopping. We could hit a dozen shops, and he was just as happy to come back at the end of the day with one silly bookmark as he was coming back loaded down with bags.

I really liked Bryan and Justin; Justin especially. Jeff took more to Bryan; typical. There was a security in being openly affectionate when you're with friends doing the same. We ended up in the late afternoon sitting on the beach and just enjoying time with new friends. Justin was sitting between Bryan's legs, leaning back with Bryan's arms around him. Jeff was between mine in a very similar position, though my arms were draped over his shoulders because he was just that much wider than me.

"So, what were you guys talking about?" Jeff tilted his head up to grin at me. He wasn't going to let it go.

"Nothing important." Ok, it was an evasion. The problem was that I wasn't sure we really wanted to share some of the "issues" that Justin had been willing to gloss past.

Jeff didn't catch the clue. He just looked over at Bryan and said, "That means it was something personal or embarrassing or both."

Bryan squeezed Justin and nuzzled his ear. "Was it?"

Justin would have made a great poke player. He just leaned back and shrugged. "Like Dan said: nothing important." He changed the subject by looking at his arms and frowning. "You know, I should be burned to a crisp. I forgot to put on lotion this morning."

Jeff chuckled. "You're just hanging around the right mutants."

That perked up their attention. "Oh?"

Jeff bumped his head back against me with a smile. "Meet, 'Mr. Sunblock'. In addition to everything else he can do, Dan can shield himself from getting burned. I bet he's been keeping us all protected all day."

I grinned and shrugged. "Guilty."

Bryan laughed. 'That is so cool."

Justin raised an eyebrow and grinned. "Some how I don't see your nickname being 'Sunblock'."

I started chuckling. "No, they call me 'Arcane'. Has more to do with upbringing than my powers." I smiled at them proudly, "I'm a ninth generation witch. At least that's as far back as we have actual history in my grandmother's line."

Bryan nodded. "I had a couple friends who were Wiccan in high school. The real thing, not 'the Craft' or 'Charmed' imitations out there." He shrugged. "You can always tell the real ones because they don't make a big deal about it. They simply 'are' and you can accept it or not, but they aren't going to prove it to you."

I nodded and had to admit I was impressed. "That's pretty astute."

Justin smiled and stroked Bryan's arm. "Yeah, he's got a pretty good way of reading people. I think the only person he messed up with was me."

Bryan nibbled Justin's ear. "I was blinded by love."

Justin looked at Jeff as Bryan tried to distract him from the conversation. "So, Dan's a human sunscreen. What can you do?"

I laughed. "Jeff's powers are a lot more fun than mine."

"Are not... they're just easier." He gave me a swat on the leg, before looking back at Justin. "Hold out your hand like 'talk to the hand'."

Justin did, even putting the attitude into his face as his hand came up. I felt Jeff's aura extend out and press against Justin's palm. It was light at first, but then he added enough pressure to point out it wasn't a tentative thing.

"You're a telekinetic?"

"Similar. I manipulate my aura to move things and such. Not the same as TK but close enough for general purposes."

Justin smiled. "David and I talk in email every so often. He said there were people with really cool powers."

I shuddered and opened my mouth without thinking, "Yeah and not so cool..."

Jeff stiffened for a moment and looked at me. "That's what you were talking about?"

I frowned. "No, that's what I've been avoiding talking about."

Sometimes you had to hit Jeff over the head with a two-by-four to get things across. I could see the understanding hit his face. "Oh."

Bryan and Justin were just watching us while we slipped into silence. I knew we had to tell them "something", even if it was only "sorry guys, but it's really private". Jeff took a deep breath and just went right into it. He held my arms a bit tighter to him, and he just looked out at the ocean, but he talked. Did I mention that Jeff was my hero? I couldn't imagine the courage it took to tell a couple of near strangers.

"Since I'm the one who pushed, I suppose I should tell you guys that this is probably TMI." He paused, squeezed my hands, and continued. "There are some mutants with powers that can be really scary. Dan's one of them, but he tries to keep them under control. I think one of the reasons I respect him so much is because I know how hard he fights to keep from just 'using them' and do some really horrible things." He paused again, shuddering a little.

"One of the side effects of my powers is that telepaths and psychics can't affect me without my knowing it and letting them." I stroked Jeff's arm reassuringly. "Jeff isn't that lucky."

"Oh shit," Justin mumbled.

"You guys don't have to hear this. The doctor says the more I can talk about it the better my recovery." Jeff gave them an apologetic look, but they both just looked back at him with sincere concern.

"No, man, it's cool. If you need to talk about it, talk about it." Bryan pulled Justin tighter to him, and Justin nodded.

Jeff looked back out at the water. "There's really no easy way to say it. A couple of guys used their powers to rape me in the gym and erase most of my memories of it." My eyes were stinging as he said it, and he pulled my arms tighter around him. "We aren't certain how long it went on, because my memories are mostly gone, but Dan saved me and stopped them." He brought my hand up kissed it before rubbing it along his cheek. It was damp. "That was the first time I ever saw Dan cut loose. I thought he'd killed the guys before I was able to stop him."

I felt like I was choking, and I kissed the top of his head, mumbling, "I wish I'd gotten there sooner."

Bryan looked pale, and Justin was crying. There wasn't much anyone could say in response to someone being raped. We all slipped into a long, heavy quiet after that. Thankfully, Bryan pulled us out of our thoughts.

"So, that's what you two were discussing while we were in the bakery?"

Justin shook his head. "Not really. We were talking about issues with 'swapping'. We left it kind of vague."

I laughed, hoping my mood would brighten. "It started when I made comment about that wedgie-walk you had this morning."

Bryan blushed, but he hugged Justin warmly. "I wanted to remind Justin there were some things about 'his gender' that I couldn't enjoy if he was a girl."

Jeff smiled as he looked at them. "Yeah, I'm hoping to get some of that too. My savior has been avoiding it, but I think we've come to an understanding."

I grinned and kissed his hair. "Yeah, yeah. Sue me for caring."

"Nah, I'll just screw you for it."

"Promise?" "Always."

"Can we watch?"

Jeff and I snapped our attention back to Bryan. He had a shit-eating-grin on his face and we knew we'd been had. We all cracked up. At least the painful part was over.

We had dinner in town, and then the four of us had a slow, romantic walk up the beach. We'd talked about childhoods and the cool things we'd seen and done, and basically got to know each other better. I'd almost forgotten how cool "real people" could be. Of course all our friends and family were "real people", but there is something about being, or being related to, a mutant that takes you out of the "realm of reality". At times, it felt like no "real person" could ever understand how we felt. I guess I had underestimated the commonality of the human existence. Jeff and I may have had the power to sink the island we were walking on straight back into the sea, but what hurt us, drove us and made us whole was the same as anyone else. We got to the hotel, and we realized, with no little bit of reluctance, that we were about to go our separate ways. Bryan was the first one to address the topic.

"Well guys, I'm going to take this guy of mine back to our room and have a more in-depth discussion about 'dimensions'." He grinned mischievously as Justin trembled. It was almost imperceptible, but I felt him melt against Bryan as the guy pulled him a bit closer. I wondered if my body reacted to Jeff that way.

"Yeah," I smiled, squeezing Jeff's hand, "I have a promise to keep."

Justin's eyebrows lifted a little and I wiggled mine. Jeff shifted uncomfortably and was blushing.

"Ok, now I feel like a damn bride on her wedding night. Give it a rest." He may have been embarrassed, but I could also tell he was filling out his shorts a bit more than before.

Bryan laughed. "Don't do anything I -wouldn't- do." He paused before pulling Justin away, and laughed. "Note I didn't say -couldn't-, because if I could do some funky shit like you two, I know my imagination would run wild."

I laughed and wiggled my eyebrows again. "Don't you wish you know all the things we can do."

Justin shook his head and pulled Bryan toward their room. "No. Then I'd be jealous as hell." Before they got around the corner, he looked back and went "How about a -late- brunch?"

We both laughed. I shared with them the trouble with having to wake Jeff before 'his time'. "Yeah, sound's great."

They vanished, and we made our way back to the room. As the door closed, Jeff pulled me into his arms and kissed me softly before pressing his forehead to mine. "Alone at last."

I laughed. "Getting a little anxious, huh?"

He smiled and lifted up so we could look into each other's eyes. "Not really. I think we needed the break, and the company."

I smiled back. "Me too. I'm a lot calmer than I was this morning."

His hands slid down to my low back and he pressed my body to his. He was throbbing. "Not too calm I hope."

"Oh, I think I can find a few inches of tension in me somewhere." I drew him in to another kiss, and this time our bodies got into it. Jeff floated us to the bed while we kissed, and I found myself on top of him, his hands pinned over his head and his wrists tangled in his shirt, while I kissed and licked at his pecs and chewed on his nipples.

"Make love to me, Dan," he sighed as I got his shirt completely off and sat up, straddling his hips. I didn't say anything, but our eyes met. He meant it. Nodding, I looked at the candles and they ignited. It took me a few moments to dim the lights, pull the shades and start the music, but I kept flexing my ass against his member to let him know I wasn't stalling.

I leaned down and kissed him again before whispering, "Get naked and lay face down. I'll be right back."

His eyes followed me as I left for the bathroom. He was undoing his pants and kicking off his shoes as I stepped out. Sure, it might have been more romantic to have stripped him myself, but I had other plans. I grabbed the massage oil and erotic love 'kit' that George had given us for a wedding present. Flavored lotions, "honey dust", stimulating and numbing creams and oils. I hadn't taken the time to read about all if the stuff, but apparently there was something good for just about any kind of sex play. I was greeted a naked, candlelit Jeff. He was lying down, facing away from the bathroom, and looking so good I almost didn't want to disturb him. He had no idea how beautiful he was. Sure, he knew he was attractive, but the full scope of just how attractive he was eluded him.

I slid back onto the bed, gently straddling his hips and letting my balls rest against his ass. He moaned, and I felt his glutes flex as I let my weight settle against him. I poured some oil into my hands and began working it into his back. I wasn't a professional. Hell, the only guy person I'd ever rubbed my hands over was Jeff. However, I knew anatomy pretty well and I knew Jeff's anatomy even better than my own. I used oil that was a mix of sandalwood and vanilla. It was something I thought would smell really good with Jeff's body. I'd been right. I made a note to myself to try to find him something that smelled like that as cologne.

He slowly melted as I worked his back, glutes and legs. I alternated between rubbing, kissing and licking him. At one point, I had him sighing and whimpering at the same time as I licked the spot between his balls and his ass. I cataloged every response for future reference. I wanted to give Jeff the best night of his life, and then prove it could only get better the next time.

When I ran my tongue across his bud he cried out. It was like something electric had happened. I'd felt his nerves fire and for a moment I was mesmerized. Was that what happened when he had me on edge? The next deeper explorations didn't produce the same result, but they certainly weren't duds either. My neck was aching as I feasted on him. I needed him up higher, so I grabbed his hips and pulled him up on his knees. I dove back in, trying to taste every part of him while my hands caressed his thighs and brushed his balls. Jeff was pushing back against my face, begging for more and telling me how much he wanted it.

No matter how much he wanted it, the boy was going to have to be more open if he was to take me. I wasn't as thick as he was, but I wasn't a pencil dick either. I spread oil over his well tasted hole and slid my middle finger in. Jeff tensed for a moment, came up on his hands, but then he relaxed as I slowly began rotating my finger. "We'll go slow, baby. I promise."

He moaned and let me have at him. I managed to get the second finger in without any difficulty, and I started stroking in and out with slow, steady movements. Jeff was sighing every so often and his ass would grip on my fingers when I'd brush his button.

"Fuck me, Dan, please."

"We're almost there," I cooed, running my hand up and tweaking his nipple, "one more finger to be sure."

His hole had spasmed as I twisted at his nipple. I loved that feeling. I carefully slid in a third finger. Jeff gasped, and I held still. After a few moments, his ring relaxed and I began twisting them in. He was just beginning to feel open enough, when he began to tremble and I felt his sphincter clamp down on my fingers. His aura began to flare and if I hadn't disrupted it, he might have crushed my fingers. It took me a moment to realize what was going on. At first I'd thought this was a different kind of release or orgasm, but his trembling only got worse. Then I heard it, the words that always tore out my heart and made my soul bleed.

"Please, stop..." He wasn't talking to me at all. His body was going into fight or flight, and I knew he was back in the gym, bent over the bench, being torn by JAS as the fucker controlled his body's responses.

I pulled out immediately and slid up the bed so he could see my face. "Jeff, it's ok. Breath, you'll get through."

His eyes didn't register me for a moment, but then he latched on and focused. His breathing began to calm and his body practically collapsed. I pulled him to me and he cried into my chest. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."

I kissed his hair and held him as he wept. "It's ok, baby. I love you. I love you so much."

He nodded into my chest and slid up until he was nuzzled against my neck. "It felt so good, Dan. I was ready. Then it just happened. I couldn't see you or feel you, and suddenly I remembered some of the gym." He choked. "Dan, he'd made me cum; more than once. I couldn't stop him and I couldn't keep from cumming."

I stroked his back and neck as he sniffled against my neck. "It's ok, Jeff. You're safe, baby. You can remember; I'm here."

He nodded against my neck. "It's the only thing that makes me feel safe." He pulled up and looked into my tear filled eyes. "I know when we're together nothing will ever go really wrong."

"Jeff..." He put his fingers to my lips.

"This isn't the first time I've remembered..." That was news to me. He'd never mentioned any other times. "Sometimes, when you're in my mouth and we're really enjoying it, I remember." He paused to take a breath before he continued. "JAS wasn't the only one. Derek did more than just erase my memory." He closed his eyes and swallowed back what I was certain was bile. "They made be blow both of them. They face fucked me at least once, but I think it was more times than that."

I was horrified. If I'd know, I would have never let Jeff take me that way. I think he saw it in my eyes, because he shook his head. "I want to do it, Dan. I love having you in my mouth. Whenever the memories come up, I just open my eyes."

I didn't understand, and he reached up and mussed my hair. "I love your hair, Dan. I love it because it's you. No one has red hair like you. Whenever the memories come up, I just have to open my eyes." He grinned and let his fingers slide down and curled them in my pubic hair. "Derek was brown, JAS was blond, but all I have to see is all that beautiful red and I know I'm with the only guy I ever wanted to be with." His eyes held mine and I could see the sincerity and love in them. "You may hate it, but I think you're perfect just the way you are."

I know I was crying when I pulled his lips to mine and kissed him. Gods, how could I not love that man? Even with all that had happened, he still wanted me so completely that he was willing to push past death itself to have me. As I let him up, I knew without a doubt that we would get past what JAS had done. His actions had haunted us since October.

"What do you want, Jeff?"

"I want you in me. I want to look in those green eyes and at that red hair and know that the guy I love more than anything is the one taking my virginity." His eyes were still moist, but his gaze was steady. "He may have raped me, but no one's been in me, Dan. He used his hand, that's it."

I nodded and tried to get back into the mood. "I guess 'practice makes perfect'."

"You're already perfect," he whispered, "and I know it will be perfect, too."

I leaned in and pushed him onto his back while seeking his lips. Jeff let me have them, and kissed me 'til I found myself hard against him again. There were so many ways he could get me hot and bothered, but kissing was the first conscious method he'd used, and it was still the one that could get to me the most completely.

My hands began to wander as my lips migrated from his lips to the hollow of his throat. I loved slowly exploring Jeff's body. At times I think he'd sculpted it specifically for me. Jeff moaned as I took one of his nipples in my mouth and my right hand made it past his now drooling shaft to start rubbing past his balls. I kept massaging his perineum and I kissed my way down his beautiful body to lick around his foreskin. Jeff hissed as my tongue flicked across his tip and then I dove down on him. At the same time, I let my fingers slide lower and I slipped one into him. It sank in without any resistance.

Jeff arched and sighed before he brought his hands up to my head and ran his fingers through my hair as I worked down his shaft and slide my fingers into him. He moaned again and curled his hips up, pushing himself deeper into my mouth and further onto my fingers. After a few delightful minutes, Jeff started pulling on my head. "Dan... I'm ready, already... please."

I had to admit that he was feeling pretty open. Reluctantly , I pulled off his shaft and slipped around to get between his legs. Jeff was panting and looking a bit glazed as I lifted his legs and pushed his knees to his chest. I paused grabbed the oil and hastily spread it over myself before getting into position. I looked into his eyes and saw no doubt there.

"I love you." Before he could answer, I pressed in. There was only a moment of resistance, and then I popped past his ring.

Jeff arched, gasping at my intrusion, but he didn't clamp down on me. I watched is face and how his body moved as I slid back and then deeper, back and deeper, until I found myself nestled all the way against his firm buttocks. After a few moments of staying there, I pulled back and sank in again. We both moaned. The way his body just melted as I hit bottom again had me marveling. I could see it. I could see him taking me in, not just physically, but on levels I couldn't even understand. I knew how it felt for me when he would enter me. It felt as if he was filling a part of me that there was no way I could fill in myself.

His eyes held me and I realized the joy of being in him. It overwhelmed me, and I found I had tears in my eyes. Jeff just smiled at me. It was a soft, knowing smile and he whispered, "I know... welcome home, Dan."

I pressed forward, curling his hips so that I could reach his lips. We kissed, and I got lost in the sensations. It wasn't like a telepathic connection, but it was so close that it might as well have been. I finally felt like we'd come full circle. I was still swept up in the emotions I was feeling when I felt Jeff squeeze my still throbbing shaft hard with his ass muscles. I snapped my attention back to his face, and he grinned.

"We've already had one emotional delay, Dan." He looked both needy and satisfied at once. "I've waited over a year for this. Fuck me like you mean it."

He didn't require an answer. He needed action. I gave it to him. He seldom closed his eyes, except when I thrust just right and caused is cock to pulse and his body to tremble. I wanted him to trip with me. I didn't want to have to cheat or use our powers. I wanted him to know all the pleasure our bodies and love could give.

I was wearing out by the time I stumbled across the "perfect" position. I had had to shift Jeff back when I adjusted, and as he was lengthened out and his ass rested on my knees, I happened to thrust up and he cried out. The perfect position for me was to be pressed up on my shoulders and having his thick tool slamming into me almost straight down. For Jeff, it was stretched out and having me thrust up at an angle. It as a little awkward for me, but when he cried out the second and third time I did it, I realized I'd just have to work to make this position one I could do over and over.

Jeff was arching and gripping at the sheets as I thrust harder and faster. I wasn't sure my legs could take the bent position and stress, but I did it anyway. To my amazement, he blew. His body shook, starting from his pelvis and rippling up his torso and out his extremities as he shot rope after rope of pearly white joy all over that incredible body. As with any other time we'd been together, Jeff's orgasm triggered mine, and I filled him for the first time.

When we came back from the ecstasy of our releases, I let his hips slide off my thighs and leaned forward, licking my way up his pearly, sweaty, heaving body. When I got to his mouth, Jeff pulled me to him and his tongue swept into me. We shared his essence before I left his lips and sank down to nuzzle his neck.

"I love you," I mumbled. I couldn't believe how sleepy I was. In addition to the emotional exhaustion, being the "top" was a hell of a lot more effort.

"Thanks, Dan," he whispered into my hair as my eyes grew heavy. "It was perfect..."

I didn't hear anything else he might have said. I had my man, body and soul, and all was right with the world. I slept the sleep of the truly blessed, and even the nothingness couldn't disturb me.