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Resolutions - Chapter 11

We called Mom and Dad during one of our breathers on the flight back to school. They were worried about us and became even more concerned when we said we had to get back to school early. We didn't want them to know why. The evasion didn't work. They showed up at school, with our stuff, the next day.

Dad was fuming. "We are not leaving this school till you explain to us what the hell is going on!"

How the hell do you tell your parents you're trying to protect them from mutant-terrorists? We had no clue. Fortunately, the Professor took care of that for us. We'd called the school right after calling home and told them we were on our way. They met us with the Jet in Virginia, and we'd traveled the rest of the way back having to explain what happened.

Our parents sat in Xavier's office with stunned expressions on their faces. The Professor had made sure to give them enough information to prevent further questioning but had left out a hell of a lot. There are some things "civilians" just don't need to know.

Nora took Jeff's hand and kissed it. "I'm just glad you're alright." She looked at me and smirked. "Get over here. You're part of this family too."

I gave her a hug and kissed her cheek. "Thanks, Mom."

"They will be safe from Magneto here at school."

Dad nodded. "Thank you for explaining. This is all so unreal."

The Professor smiled. "You are welcome to stay for the remainder of the break. It seems unfair that you should be deprived of family time because of this."

Nora looked at Jack and they smiled. "We'd love to."

The Professor's smile broadened. "No, Mr. Watkins, you won't get a complete tour."

Jack laughed. "Damn."

"We'll still try to make the visit interesting."

That we did.

The Professor changed our class schedules for our final semester. I was taken out of Advanced Dance and put into full combat training. Jeff lost one of his electives as well, but it meant we'd be training together so it was all good. Kate would not be left behind. She went to the Professor the first day of classes and argued her way into combat training as well. The Professor didn't like it, but Kate wasn't someone who would take no for an answer.

"I want to make this very clear. You are -not- being trained to become members of the X-Teams. You are being trained because you've come to the attention of people who would take advantage of your lack of knowledge." Scott was standing with his arms across his chest and giving us the full power glare.

"Yes, sir." We sounded like military recruits.

Scott smiled. "When we're in here, I'm Cyclops, not sir, not Mr. Summers, not Scott. You will refer to each other by your code names. The reason for this is to keep some distance between your personal and combat identities. Understood?"

"Yes... Cyclops." It sounded weird saying it. He was wearing his combat gear so it was easier to think of him as "someone else" but it was still strange.

"Aurik, Psynique, Arcane." He pointed to us and pointed to starting positions. "Let's begin."

I was used to training with the X-Teams. Combat Training was harsher, more intense, and emotionally more exhausting. Aurik and Psynique had a harder time in the beginning than I did; they weren't used to it. After our first month, we were beginning to shape up pretty well.

Rogue and Bobby had full semesters as well. Bobby, we came to learn, had gone through combat training the year before. Rogue got self-defense training from Logan. I got the feeling that if we were ever in a fight, she'd be one nasty bitch to deal with. We all still gathered for lunches and shared experiences. Tyler, of course, was always there.

We had crashed in the lounge after another grueling session in the danger room when Tyler caught up with us. "Hey guys!"

We all waved absently. Gods, we were tired.

He plopped down on the coffee table we had our feet on and grinned. "You guys are getting sweet!"

"Huh?" I blinked at him. "What do you mean?"

"Your combat training; I've watched every session. You're almost as good as some of the X-Teams. I mean it."

Kate sat up. "Ty, how do you know that?"

He grinned sheepishly. "I run the main computer systems in the school. I keep track of security and stuff through the network. I've been watching the training sessions for years." He blushed. "I want to be in there one day; kicking ass like the rest of you."

Jeff sat up. "Ty, it's not about kicking ass. We've got some heavy people who might try something when we leave school. The training isn't to be heroes. This is to keep us alive."

Tyler's face fell. "Oh..." He got up to leave and I grabbed him and pulled him onto the couch with us. "Hey!"

"Ty, you're the coolest kid I know. You can out think all of us and you still treat us like 'we' are the special ones." He protested but I gave him a hug. "Don't rush things. You're great just the way you are!"

His eyes sparkled and he grinned from ear to ear. "Really?"

Jeff laughed and gave him a playful punch on the arm. "Yeah you are, little bro'. Anyone who tells you otherwise, you just refer them to us. We'll set the record straight."

Kate smirked. "Oh, I'd like to see you and Dan setting someone 'straight'."

We laughed. Tyler looked offended for us but he knew Kate was teasing. I smiled back. "Ok, we'll just 'queer out' all over their asses." That sent the three of us into another fit of laughter.

Tyler got agitated. "How can you guys joke about it?"

I blinked. "What's up Ty? You never had a problem with us before?"

He got out of my lap and glared at me. "I don't have a problem with you. I don't have a problem with you being gay. I have a problem with you joking about it." He had tears in his eyes as he stomped away. "Straight people don't make jokes about being straight."

I looked at Kate. "What was -that- about?"

She sighed. "You really can be clueless at times, Dan." She looked at Jeff and he just shrugged.

"Little bro' is as gay as they come, Dan. He hasn't said it yet but he is." Jeff looked a little sad. "He worships you, you know."

"Oh Gods." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Why would he worship me? I'm just a freak who has to fight every day not to go atomic."

Kate nodded. 'That's just it, Dan. You struggle every day to 'be human' and not let your power go to your head. He's practically part of the computer system. He has to struggle to not retreat into the digital world."


Jeff stood up and stretched. "You wouldn't have noticed because you didn't know him before. Tyler has been here longer than I have. He's been here since he was a kid. His powers kicked in really early. Remember the disruption when you found out your grandmother died?"

I swallowed and nodded.

"Well, he was one of the people affected big time by it. He lost total contact with machines and when his connection came back, he was still a little 'distant' from them." Jeff shrugged. "That's when he started trying to make friends."

"I didn't know." I'd never really thought about why Tyler just started showing up and hanging around us that spring. I'd just assumed he was a shy kid coming out of his shell.

Jeff smiled. "I know. The Professor talked with me about Ty when he realized Tyler was following you around like a puppy dog. He thought you might be uncomfortable with an 'admirer' but he wanted a chance for Tyler to interact more with people."

"So you invited him into the group."

Shrugging Jeff put out his hand and I took it. He pulled me off the couch. "Yeah. You said it before: I have a thing about lost puppies."

How do you deal with the fact that someone looks at you like you can do no wrong? I watched how Tyler behaved around us. It didn't take long for me to see what everyone else saw. Anything I said he took as gospel, and just one nice word from me seemed to make his whole day. I finally went to Scott about it.

He and Logan were in one of their "out of sync" periods, and it was pretty tough to be around either of them. I wished they'd just come out and tell one another how much they loved each other. Scott was in a mood when I caught him between classes.

"What is it, Dan?" His tone was less than pleasant.

"I need your advice."

He looked at me, and the doubt was written on his face. He always got this way when they were fighting. "I'm not sure I'm the best person for advice, Dan."

I rolled my eyes and shut the door to his office. "We're friends, right?"

Scott blinked, or at least paused. It's hard to tell behind those glasses. "Yeah, of course we are."

"Then can I talk to you as a friend instead of as a student?"

He frowned. "Sure, take your best shot."

He was ready for me to lay into him; I could tell by his heart beat and tension. I'd heard Rogue laying into Logan the previous day. Kate was right; gay men are drama queens. I came over to him, looked him in the eyes, and hugged him. "You're a great guy, Scott. Stop beating yourself up over this shit. You two will work it out."

He was stunned but after a moment he hugged me back. "How the hell did you grow up so fast?"

I smiled and let go. "I had great teachers." Before we got all sappy, I moved back around the desk and raised an eyebrow. "So, now that we've settled you're still cooler than Iceman's ass, can I get some advice?"

Scott smiled and shook his head. "Sure. What's the problem?"


Scott frowned. "What's wrong?"

"The kid hero-worships me, Scott. He practically bases how his day will go on whether I smile at him at breakfast. I love the kid, but how do I deal with this?"

Scott groaned and sat down. "This really isn't my strong point, Dan. The Professor would be better at giving you good advice on how to handle Tyler."

"I don't want advice on how to deal with Tyler. I want advice on how to deal with 'being someone's hero'. I feel like I have to walk on water now and never slip up." I tried to make light of my tension and I grinned at him. "Of course, I -can- walk on water but that isn't the point."

He smiled. "Ok, I get what you mean." He shrugged. "You just be the best example of what you believe in, Dan. You live by your word and do what you say is right. When you fuck up, you face up to it and move on. You can't control how Tyler will respond when he sees you slip up. You can't live like that, so don't try. Does that make any sense?"

I sighed. "Yeah, thanks Scott." I stood up with a smile, jogged around the desk and sat down on the corner. "Ok, counselor time is over. Talk to me!"


"How many other gay guys do you know at this school in a long term relationship?"

He snorted. "None."

"Bingo. So talk to me."

For a moment I wasn't sure if he would, then he shook his head and sighed. "I don't know where to start."

"The beginning always works."

He smirked. "Smart ass."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm the only guy in this place with a better ass than you and you're just jealous."

Scott looked shocked. "Hey, you aren't supposed to be looking at your teacher's ass!"

I smiled. "I don't, I look at my friend's ass. My teacher is this perfectionist prick who never gives me a break!"

He laughed. "Ok, but this story will take a while."

"I've already finished my physics reading and homework for the next week. I can skip." I looked over at the coffee and smiled. "I'll make a new batch, you start talking."

He did.

It was about a month later that things came to a head with Tyler. Ever have one of those "encounters" that is both embarrassing and incredibly funny when you look back on it? Well, that's how Tyler finally came out.

I was trying to ignore the fact that Jeff was toweling off his hair, not having bothered to put on any bottoms after his shower. I think I had my "I'm not looking at you" face on. Of course, all I could do was think about how I "wasn't looking at him".

Jeff smirked at me as I lay on the bed trying to figure out the details of a new spell I wanted to try in the lab. I was beginning to refer to the formulas I memorized for making "things happen" with my mutant powers as "spells". Since I had to have a pretty solid idea of what I wanted, I had to find ways to force myself to "think it out". Kate helped me a lot with this. She knew my spells even better than I did.

"It is so weird to watch you work out formulas to do 'mutant magick'."

I laughed and looked up from my notes. "It helps relax me. That was one tough combat session." I couldn't help admiring the view.

Jeff grunted. "Yeah. I ache from head to toe. I can't believe Colossus hit me full force."

I smirked. "Come on, Jeff. You're tougher than he is."

"Yeah, in your dreams. Peter is at least twice as strong as I am when he's all armored up and I have no clue what could actually hurt him."

I flashed Jeff my best "superior" smile. "Well, his ass floats without gravity as easily as anyone else's!"

Jeff snarled. "Keep away from other guy's asses, bud. The only ass you get to play with is mine!"

I raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, yeah. You know I want you for your pecs and biceps. You're the ass man around here, muscle boy." I turned back to my notes.

"I think I'm going to have to make sure you know whose ass you get to think about." Without warning, he jumped me.

We struggled on the bed, my notes scattering in the chaos, and he ended up pinning me. Our pelvises were pressed together, and his naked body was looming over me triumphantly. He slowly began to grind his pelvis against mine. "Whose ass do you dream about?"

I looked up and to the left as if trying to think. "Uhm... Scotts?"

"Wrong answer!" He began tickling me, and I squirmed underneath him. Tickling was one of the few things someone could do to me that left me unable to focus enough to use my powers.

I laughed and bucked till I was declaring, "Ok, ok... your ass, only your ass!"

Jeff leaned down against me as my arms wrapped about his back. "You better not forget it." He was so damn hard against me. I was breathless from more than just the tickling. His face came closer and his lips teased mine open. I moaned as his tongue slipped in and brushed my own.

My hands began to wander over his back, feeling the strength of his muscles as he slowly humped against me. Gods it had been so long since we'd played like that. My hands slid down to his low back and I stopped. I wanted to feel his hard ass muscles clenching as he gyrated against me. I wanted to, but I didn't.

His lips left mine and he brought them to my ear. He chewed on my earlobe as he continued to torture me with the slow undulations of his magnificent body. When my hands stopped again at his low back, he murmured into my ear. "It's ok, Dan."

He shivered as my hands went past his hips and cupped his clenched muscles. I slowly squeezed and watched his face. His eyes were closed and he was panting a little. His heart rate had risen. I started pulling my hands away and he shook his head. "No, please, stay there." I did, massaging his buttocks as he lowered his head and started gyrating against me with agonizingly slow movements.

His movements became more urgent as he began thrusting harder against me. I was writhing against him as he pushed my shorts down, letting me free to rub against him. We both groaned as our cocks rubbed together for the first time in months. Gods I'd missed the feeling. Jeff was panting in my ear. "Oh God, Dan, I've missed this so much."

I was about to pant something in return when there was a sudden knock and Tyler came bouncing into the room. "Guys, that was such a cool..."

He froze. We froze. He looked like he was about to be sick. "Oh shit." He began to tremble. "I... God! I'm so sorry..." Turning, he ran back out of the room.

We looked at each other, stunned. Jeff slowly lowered himself down to me and began to shake. At first I thought he was crying, but then I heard him chuckling against my neck. I couldn't help it, I started to laugh. We held each other through the spasms of laughter that left us helpless on the bed. Finally, wiping the tears from his cheeks, Jeff pulled up and smiled at me. "We finally start having fun after four months and we get interrupted for the first time ever!"

That sobered me instantly. "Oh Goddess; Tyler!"

I scrambled out of bed, pulling my shorts up as I hunted for my shoes. Jeff sat up. "Tyler will be fine, Dan. I didn't go off the deep end the first time I interrupted George."

I looked at him. "Did you have some sort of crush-hero worship thing going for George?"

He frowned. "No, of course not."

"So if you just waltzed in and interrupted someone you idolized while he was having sex, would you worry if he'd get mad at you?"

Jeff suddenly caught onto my line of logic. "Oh, shit."

"Yeah," I said as I dashed out the door with my shirt in hand, "that's what I'm worried about."

Locating Tyler wasn't difficult. Like any of my friends, I could pick up his unique energy signature without blinking. What did catch me off guard was he was running for the gates. I ran for the doors and shot into the air as I finished pulling on my shirt. It was cold, hell it was winter in New York, and Tyler hadn't had time to go to his room. He must have been running blind.

I overtook him before he got halfway down the drive. Landing, I put out my hands. "Tyler, wait!"

He looked at me with such terror I was dumbstruck. You'd have thought I was Wolverine in battle rage from the way his eyes went wide and tears started falling. He started shaking, probably from his emotions and the cold. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry; please don't be mad, please." He sank down into the snow and sobbed.

That broke my heart. It was like watching your little brother look at you like you were an ogre. I dropped to my knees and pulled him into my arms, warming the air around us. "I'm not mad, Ty. I'd never hurt you."

He cried as I held him. For such a smart, mature kid, there were some things he was still totally unprepared for. He finally stopped sobbing, and he only sniffed every few breaths. I let go and lifted his chin. "You're my little bro', Ty. Even if you made me mad, I'd still love you." I really meant it. He'd been the happy face through exhausted hours, frustrating problems and times when the rest of us were bitching at each other. He'd always been the one to tell us how great we were and kept making us feel special. It was time he got something back for all the unconditional love he'd been handing out.

He blinked away a few tears. "You mean it?"

I nodded. "Have I ever lied to you?"

Tyler shook his head and took a deep breath. "No."

"I'm not lying now, Ty. I love you just as much as I love Rogue, or Bobby, or Kate. Jeff's my soul mate so I can't say I love you like him. You're family, Ty. I didn't have anyone when I came here and now I've got the best friends any guy could have. You're part of that." I grunted. "Shit I'm bad at this stuff..."

Tyler looked at me seriously. "No you're not."

I smiled. "If I keep saying I am, would you keep telling me I'm not?"

The stubborn look of determination came back to his face. Gods he was cute when he did that. "Yeah."

"Then I guess you must be right." I grabbed him and hugged him as I stood up. His feet dangled and Tyler got flustered.

"Stop getting all mushy with me."

I laughed and hugged him tighter. "Shut up, brat. You know you love it."

That stopped him. He froze for a moment and then sort of sank into my arms. He was crying again, but this time softly. "Yeah, I do. I feel so dirty, Dan. I like it too much."

I set him down. He looked so sad. "Hey, Ty." He looked at me. "You saying you're gay?"

He looked down and nodded.

I smiled and floated him into the air so he couldn't avoid looking at me. "HEY!"

I laughed. "I'm so glad you finally said it!"

Tyler blinked at me. "What do you mean?"

"Jeff and Kate have been worrying themselves sick because you wouldn't talk to us about it."

Tyler looked at me in horror. "You knew!"

I shrugged. "Actually, came as a surprise to me when they mentioned it. But yeah, Kate and Jeff figured it out a while back."

I floated up beside him and ruffled his hair. "Want to fly back? Or are you still planning on running out on your friends with nothing but the clothes on your back?"

He grinned. "Can we take the long way back? I've never flown."

I turned him around, wrapped my arms around him and laughed. "Sure, Ty. Let's check out the grounds."

After the "Tyler Incident", as we'd come to call it, Jeff had initiated a return to naked sleeping. A few nights later, we played again. We were spooned on the bed. I had my back pressed against Jeff and his ample arousal was nested between my cheeks. We'd slept like that every night and it felt so damn good.

Jeff's aura slowly crept down his arms and began fusing with mine. I trembled and closed my eyes. It felt like he was licking me with his aura. First one, then a few, then it felt like hundreds of soft, energy tongues were savoring every inch of me. I was trembling against him, trying not to make a lot of noise, but I couldn't stop the gasps of pleasure and whimpers.

My hand slid back to his hip and I stirred his aura. I couldn't do what he was doing to me. I'd never experienced anything like it. Still, just the swirling of his aura that spread over his hips and up his abs had him bucking against me with startling abandon. Neither of us lasted long. This time I came first. I gasped his name with a strangled breath and shuddered all over myself and the sheets. Jeff humped against me for a few moments longer before biting down on my shoulder to keep from yelling as his release flooded between us.

He panted against my neck as we came down from our sexual high. He started kissing my neck and I felt tears touching my skin. I rolled over and he looked at me with such incredible emotion it made my heart clench.

"I'd forgotten what it was like." His voice was just above a whisper. "God, Dan. I was so scared it would feel like... like with Jas." He lowered his head to my shoulder, crying a little. "I love you so much."

I was crying too. I sent thanks to the Goddess as I held him in my arms. Jeff was coming back, and that was worth everything.

I didn't even bother to try to stop her as the Bitch descended upon me. She gripped me like a piece of carrion, yanked my neck to the side and sank in her fangs. I let her have the body; I wasn't there. I had spread like a vapor on the breeze. I could sense everything and it didn't hurt any more. I was about to let go when I felt something.

Below us were people, people I knew. My awareness focused on what I felt and I was snapped back to my body like an over stretched rubber band. Scott, Logan, Kurt and Ororo were down there. They were alive.

The Bitch lifted her fangs from my neck and sneered into my glazed eyes. "You wasted so much of that precious blood. You're power is mine."

I actually smiled and whispered. "Sure, come and get it." She never knew what hit her.

Magick works subtly and follows ancient laws. One of the necessary components of magick is sympathy; like produces like. One way to do this is to have something of another person, like a lock of hair, skin or blood. Another way, a more powerful and costly way, is to make sure your target has something of you. This is risky, but the magick one can use when you use a part of yourself as the fuel can be mind-boggling.

She had my blood; lots of it. I reached past the cells, past the molecules, even past the atomic structure. I went to the very essence of what was there. I'd always known I could do this. Deep in the dark corners of my mind I had hidden it away. It scared me. I could create matter by shifting energy into material form. Now, I would be going the other direction. I poured myself into her and shifted everything I touched.

The explosion was unlike anything known to the world of men. Even God had to stand up and take notice.