Fic: Risky Business

Risky Business

Author: Aphrodite

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Disclaimer: Fiction based on fictional characters.


Fandom: Inception

Summary: Occasionally, Arthur trades sexual favors for information.

Warnings: I feel this warrants a warning as there's a hint of violence in this chapter. Don't worry. The scene has been edited out.

Author's Notes: Omfg! I'm so ecstatic. Joseph Gordon Levitt is in talks to be join the Dark Knight Rises. You know what that means, boys? Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon Levitt will reunite for another Chris Nolan film. YES!!!

Risky Business II

For the next three jobs, Arthur found himself working diligently the old fashion way in researching pertinent information on their clients. All three jobs ended successfully, filling up their bank accounts quickly to the point where they all could disappear for five years and yet still live luxuriously. Still, when a job became available, Arthur was the first one at the warehouse, already starting a file on their latest mark. He soon found himself buried in his work although he never mentioned it to either Eames, who was now keeping his distance, or Dom, whose focus was split between the job and his kids at home in Paris.

"Do you need help?" Eames asked one day.

"No," Arthur answered, sifting through stacks of paper on his desk. "I have it under control."

"If you say so, darling," Eames replied, walking away.

Arthur gathered the paper, filed them in his briefcase, and left the warehouse before anyone else. Eames couldn't help but let out a deep sigh. He waited five minutes before getting up and darting outside. He scanned all around the warehouse to find no sign of Arthur anywhere. Arthur was long gone.

Arthur held his head up as he walked into the Rosebar at Gramercy Park Hotel. His eyes were busy scanning the bar as he strolled across the checkered floors. When his eyes lay upon the well dressed man with pepper hair at the end of the bar, Arthur's eyes lit up. He walked briskly toward the bar.

"Mr. Richardson," Arthur said.

Richardson acknowledged him with a nod of his head. Having found the right person, Arthur motioned to sit down on the empty stool next to the man when Richardson stood up and grabbed Arthur's wrist.

He leaned into Arthur and whispered, "Not here. I have a room upstairs."

Arthur nodded and followed Richardson to his hotel suite. Once inside, he offered Arthur a seat on the couch in the sitting area. Arthur smiled weakly and took a seat while he disappeared. Richardson returned moments later with two glasses, each filled to the rim with sparkling wine. He handed Arthur one and kept one for himself. He settled into the couch opposite Arthur, lounging languidly, while Arthur sat at the edge of his couch.

"You should relax a little, sweetheart."

"I would, but it's rather chilly here," Arthur lied.

Richardson smiled and rested his glass on the coffee table. He got up from the couch and turned on his heels toward the kitchen. Arthur took the chance opportunity to switch glasses. He grabbed Richardson's glass and took a sip of the wine just as Richardson returned to the sitting area.

"Much better?" Richardson asked.

"Much better," Arthur answered.

"Good," Richardson responded, settling back onto the couch. "Dominic Cobb said I might be expecting you."


"He said you're phenomenal at what you do. The best point man in the business."

"Is that right?"

"But he failed to mention how beautiful you are."

Arthur swallowed another gulp of the wine before setting the half empty glass on the coffee table. Arthur lowered his eyes to the floor as Richardson rose to his feet. His feet padded across the lush carpeted floor to sit next to Arthur. He tucked his finger underneath Arthur's chin and turned his face to meet his. Once their eyes met, so did their mouths. Lips plastered together, Richardson guided Arthur backward into the bedroom.


Several long minutes later, Eames arrived to find Arthur naked, barely conscious, and bleeding as the water continued to wash away the tears and blood.

"The file. It's in the armoire," Arthur managed to say right before passing out.


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