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                                                         Rocket Power
                                            Chapter 1: Rocket Experimentation

Otto Rocket sat watching the clock. For once he was glad that his class along with Squids class had the early break. The 10:30 bell rang and all the kids rushed out to recess. Otto met Twister and Sam in their regular spot and started talking.
"Hey guys how would you like to go to the secret spot for a little morning surfing?"
"I don't know Otto remember what happened the last time we cut school?"
"Don't worry about it Remundo or your mom won't find out this time I promise"
"What about boards? We can't stop at our houses to get them."
"Already taken care of I took the liberty of stashing a few boards the last time we were up there."
" Well I guess it couldn't heart to take one day off."
"Yea that's my squid."
The boys snuck through a hole in the fence and out to their bikes and before anyone knew it they were riding up to Otto's secret spot.
The boys stashed the bikes while Otto went and got the boards.
"Here they are Remundo's secret stash of Remundo's secret boards for Remundo's secret spot."
"Hey Otto where are Remudo's secret swim trunks?"
"Swim tru... Whoops."
"Don't tell me you don't have any swim trunks Otto"
"Well no but it's no big deal we can just surf in our clothes."
"Don't you think our parents will find it a little weird if we come home dripping wet?"
"This is just great we wasted a whole day for nothing"
"Well what we do now Otto"
Otto sat down on a rock to think for a second.
"Well we could go skinny dipping. If it's alright with you two."
"I'm cool with that I mean you're my best bro if I can't trust you to see me naked who can I trust?"
"NO WAY! No one has ever seen me naked before and I don't plan to change that!"
"Common you've said it yourself were the best friends you've ever had. If you can't trust us who can you trust? Besides it's not like you have anything we don't. Right?"
"Well... you guys promise you won't say anything to anyone else?"
"We promise"
"Aright but just this once."
"Squid being a man"
Otto slapped Squid on the back.
In a matter of seconds all 3 boys where down to their underwear. Otto and Twister where both wearing Jonny Lightning boxers where as Sam was wearing the more traditional white briefs.
"Well who's going to go first?"
`Not me! Me neither."
"Guys why don't we just all go at the same time?"
"Yea that sounds good."
Everyone put their hands on the waist band of their underwear and Sam shouted
"Alright 1,2,3 go." Sam pulled his briefs down to his ankles and proceeded to step out of them. He looked up and realized that the others hadn't done the same.
"Look Twist we finally get to see Squids tentacle." Otto said laughing.
"Yea you think it'll squirt us with ink." Twister said laughing.
Sam blushed and covered his genitals with his hands.
"Oh common Sam where only joking. We don't mean anything by it."
Actually Otto and Twister where egar to see Sam naked. They had never seen another penis before and had always wondered if everyone's looked the same as their own.
As Sam moved his hand back to his sides Otto immedialty took to studying Sam's penis. The balls where pretty much the same as his, scrunched up in that sack against his groin and Sam's shaft was hanging limp at 3 inches about the same as his.  The penis skin and the skin around it was hairless and even whiter than the rest of Sam's pale body but Otto attributed it to the briefs. However the thing that perplexed him was the head of Sam's penis. Unlike his own their seemed to be no covering skin around it as the pink head was in full view. This interested Otto almost more than he could bear but he remained from asking Sam any questions knowing he would only further humiliate him.
After a few seconds Otto and Twister pulled their boxers down to their ankles and stepped out of them.
"Finally after all these years of friendship you're finally showing me your rocket"
Otto blushed for a second but quickly began laughing with twister.
Sam took the opportunity to check out Otto as he too was curious about other boy's privates.  
Otto's balls and shaft seemed to be almost identical to his own except for their tanish color. And there was not a hair to speak of anywhere around his groin. However Otto's dickhead perplexed Sam. It looked like there was a piece of skin that covered the whole pink head. The skin was the same tanish color as the rest of his body. It hugged the dickhead tight and stopped just before Otto's pee hole. As Sam looked over at Twister he realized his dick was just like Otto's. Sam was perplexed with the fact that his 2 best friend's penises where so different from his own. However Sam was too modest a boy to be asking his friends about their penises.
After the enitial curiosity, embarrassment and awkwardness wore of the 3 boys went surfing and actually had a pretty good time. The boys felt that they were more flexible in their movements without their swimsuits and found the wind blowing through their genitals the most invigorating and pleasureful experience ever.
On the last wave of the day both Otto and Sam wiped out pretty close to each other so close that when they washed up on the beach they where entangled.
As Sam regained his senses he felt a strange yet invigorating slimy sensation on his penis. He looked behind him and realized that his penis was in Otto's mouth. He quickly pulled it out and ran out of the water to think. He sat down on the hot sand and thought about what had just happened. Even though the thought seemed gross Sam had enjoyed it. He wondered if Otto felt the same way. He decided that he would ask him but at a later date. Now was not the time.
Otto regained his senses and felt something in his mouth. He looked up and Saw Sam's hairless penis pulling away from his face. Otto got up walked to the beach and sat down on the hot sand. He had actually enjoyed having Sam's dick in his mouth. He couldn't figure out why but it gave him a feeling of pleasure. He knew he had to Talk to Sam about this but now wasn't the right time. He would wait a little while.

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