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                                                  My Friend D.J
                                                    Chapter 2

This chapter may seem a litte wierd at first. Just rmember i was trying to custom fit D.J and Todds first experience with each other to something that would be unique to D.J's personality aka wierd.

"So what exactly is this for?" D.J said while slamming his locker.

"It's to protect your nuts from getting accidently hit." Todd said referring to the jockstrap they had been given in GYM.

"Believe me it hurts like hell. You will be glad you have it."

"Whatever" D.J said throwing it into his backpack.

"So you waana come over after school?"

"Sure I just gotta call my mom first ill meet you at the bus."

D.J and Todd walked into the Connor house about 3:00 Pm. As they walked through the living room they saw Darlene and David on the couch.

"Hey squirt I'm supposed to be watching you so try not to do anything stupid. I don't want to have to explain to mom and dad why there's a big hole in the ceiling!"

"Ok." D.J said. And with a nod the 2 went upstairs.

"So what do you want to do?" D.J said to Todd?"

"I don't know?"

"Hey I have an idea!" D.J shouted out.
He whispered the idea into Todd's ear.

"Are you sure? That sounds kind of dangerous?"

"Don't worry I'll be fine. Besides I'm the one doing it not you."

"Alright let's give it a shot."

The 2 boys raced down the stairs and yelled "Where going to the garage" in unison as they passed the Darlene and David.

"Alright don't touch any of dad's power tools!" Darlene yelled back.
The 2 ran into the garage and locked the door.

"Are you sure your parents won't catch us?" Todd said.

"Yea they don't get home till around 6. Now how exactly do you put this on?"D.J said pulling the jockstrap out of his backpack.

"Well first you have to get naked."

"Completely? D.J said

"Completely. Then you step into the straps and pull it up like underwear until the cup covers you're... Thingy." Todd said shyly while grabbing his crotch.

D.J had a confused look on his face until he put two and two together "Oh hahah thingy."

Without hesitation D.J turned around and began to strip. He flung his t-shirt over his head exposing his back. Then he untied his shoes and stepped out of them. Next he pulled down his blue jeans exposing a pair of hulk briefs. Finally he pulled down his briefs and stepped out of his clothes. If Todd thought D.J's underwear was good he was in heaven now. He was staring as his butt which was just about the cutest thing he had ever seen. 2 perfect half spears and a perfectly centered split in between them.  As D.J slid on the jockstrap the straps on the back pushed his butt cheeks down giving D.J's rear and even more muscled look and sending shockwaves through Todd's groin.

"Is this on right?" Asked D.J as he turned around.

"What ua yea." Todd said as he came out of the trance he had been in.

"Ok then go getter the putter it should be in that pile of junk over there."

Todd went over to the pile of junk at the other end of the garage and searched for the golf putter which D.J wanted him to smack him in the nuts with. D.J said he wanted to test the cup to see if it really worked. Todd thought it a little odd but didn't object as long as he was on the giving and not the receiving end. He found it near the bottom of the pile and went back to D.J

"This one?"

"Yea that's it."

"Now your sure about this?"

"Stop worrying I'll be fine believe me iv done crazier things."

"Ok." Todd said. And with that he swung the putter into D.J's crotch.
D.J immediately grabbed his crotch.

"O my god D.J are you alright." Todd screamed.

"Yea I'm ok. It actually made my nuts vibrate" D.J said

"No way." Todd said.

"Here I'll show you. Hit me again" D.J said.

Once again Todd drew the putter back and waked D.J straight on the cup. D.J immediately took Todd's hand and shoved it down into the front of the jockstrap.

"See he said."

D.J's nuts where indeed vibrating like a batch of freshly made Jell-O but Todd was more cognizant to the fact that his hand was now touching D.J's thingy. The thing he had been fantasizing about for the past week. Without really thinking his hands began rubbing D.J's crotch exploring every inch of the hairless space. As he felt D.J harden up he quickly realized what he was doing a pulled his hand out of D.J's jock. He blushed profusely and looked down at the floor to embarrassed to meet D.J's eyes. He just stood their not saying a word. What would D.J think of him? Would he think he was a freak? He didn't want to lose D.J he was his best friend.

Without saying a work to each other D.J redressed and they went back into the house up to D.J's room. Todd got his bags and without meeting D.J's gaze told him he had to go and that he would see him around.

As Todd walked back to his house he began to cry. How could he have done something so stupid? What if D.J never talked to him again. Or worse what if D.J became his enemy? As he walked in his front door he thought "will this cost me my best friend?

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