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                                                   My Friend D.J
                                                     Chapter 4

Todd stood at his locker waiting for the bell to ring when he saw D.J approaching.  He hadn’t seemed him since the incident in D.J’s garage and was wondering what to do. He decided just to stay put and see what would happen as D.J approached him



“So I’m having a sleepover this weekend and I wanted to know if you wanted to come?” D.J said in a nervous voice.

“Yea that would be great!” Todd said

“Ok I’ll see you there. Hey listen about last week no hard feelings ok. Stuff happens.”

Todd smiled and walked off to class happy.

D.J leaned agents the locker. He wanted to tell Todd about the thoughts he had been having for him. He wanted to tell him that he hadn’t stopped thinking about him since the day in the garage but he just couldn’t bring himself to do so. At least not here in public. But at the sleepover things would be different and one way or another he would convey his feelings to Todd.

D.J was sitting up in his room at about 4:30 on Saturday when he heard the doorbell ring. A second later he heard his mom shout out “D.J TOODDS HERE!” He immediately ran of his bed and down the stairs to meet his friend. Todd was smiling and gitty almost jumping for joy. He was carrying a sleeping bag and what appeared to be pajamas. His mom had come with him and was talking to Roseanne.

“Now Roseanne I don’t want Todd staying up past his bedtime which is 9:30. And please make sure he eats a healthy dinner and no bedtime snacks it’s very bad for a child his age.” She said mentally pointing to Roseanne.

“Don’t worry you’ll get him back alive………. or with a full refund.” Roseanne said closing the door in her face. “God does that women ever lighten up” Roseanne mumbled to herself.

“Now Todd I want you to disregard everything your mother said. Your gonna stay up all night and finish that entire box of cookies do you understand me?”

“Yes Mrs. Connor”

“Good you deserve to have at least one night as a normal child.” Roseanne said before walking into the kitchen.

After D.J put Todd’s stuff in his room they played Nintendo until dinner was ready.

“Mann Nintendo is awesome” Todd said as they were both sitting down to dinner. “Sometimes I wish my mom would stop being uptight and would just let me be a kid.”

“Mann I like the kid already.” Roseanne said.

“This food is Delicious Mrs. Conner.” Todd said

“Well don’t thank me thank Betty Crocker you see she does all the cooking in this house. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, Lasagna she cooks and I just reheat.”

“My mom cooks everything from scratch. She says processed foods are bad for you. I like your cooking better.”

“Hey Dan do you think Todd’s mom would mind if we swapped him out for D.J?” Roseanne said jokingly.

“ You can try but I think she would notice the first time D.J brings home a dead squirrel.” Dan said Jokingly

After dinner and about another hour of video games Roseanne came into the living room.

“Alright you two it’s about time you took a shower. If your gonna stay up all night I don’t want you to stink up the house all night. D.J why don’t you go upstairs and show Todd where everything is.”

D.J who was secretly counting on this as part of his plan raced up off the couch grabbing Todd’s arm and dragging him upstairs. When they got to the bathroom Todd was surprised to find D.J starting to undress.

“What are you doing? I don’t think your mom wanted us to shower together!” He said as D.J pulled his shirt over his head.

“Listen Todd” D.J said looking him strait in the eye. “I know you have feelings for me. Feelings you probably think are wrong.” Todd put his head down and D.J placed his hand on his shoulder. “The truth is after last weekend I realized I have feeling for you to.”

“Really!” Todd Said

“Really. The truth is you’re the first anyone I have ever thought about in…………. that way. I figure if both of us feel that way it can’t be wrong.” With that D.J leaned in his head lifted Todd’s chin up and kissed him.”

Todd drew his head back and just looked at D.J for a second. He wasn’t sure how this could be real and was afraid he might wake up in his bed at home wearing the underwear he stole from D.J. After a moment (and a few pinches) he realized this was

“What?” D.J said seeing Todd’s confusion.

“It’s just I never expected it to turn out this way.”

“Do you not want to do this?” D.J asked. Todd responded by taking his shirt off.

The 2 where down to their skivvies in madder of seconds and on a mutual count of 3 they both yanked the others skivvies down. For a moment the 2 just stared at each other privates that they had so acutely constructed in their imaginations. Both where hairless of course with little ball sacks still pulled tightly agents their bodies. D.J was about 2 inches long just hanging their limp. He had something Todd had never seen before. It was an extra piece of skin covering the head of the penis. It wrapped all the way around and stopped just before D.J’s pee slit. It almost looked liked a hotdog in a bun and although it was all new to Todd he liked it. Curious he reached out and touched it. D.J giggled and little as Todd’s hands explored his tool. Todd was surprised to learn that the extra piece of skin flipped back to reveal a penis which in all intensive purposes looked just like his own. D.J reached back and started the shower pulling Todd in.

D.J wasted no time at all exploring the blonde’s nether region. It was certainly different from his own (and different from what he imagined). The blonde’s penis was a wee bit shorter than his own only by a few centimeters though. D.J noticed that the skin that should have covered Todd Jr.’s head was missing. He was what his dad called circumcised. It meant his foreskin had been removed soon after birth. Although D.J knew of circumcision he could never picture exactly what a circumcised penis would look like. It looked much like his own member when his foreskin pulled back. Although it was different he liked it on Todd. It just seemed to work with him. Todd’s dick was now a full 2.5 inches hard and sticking strait out and as D.J began to take in the image and feel of Todd’s dick his own member rose up to attention as well.

The water pouring all over the 2 made their bodies glisten as they started to kiss. D.J who had gotten some sexual knowhow from his sisters began to grind his hard dick agents Todd’s. Todd began to moan out in ecstasy as the 2 young tools rubbed agents each other the water lubricating their mad thrusts. As Todd could feel the pressure start to build up in his dick D.J suddenly stopped and pulled his penis away. D.J got on his knees and a second later Todd’s erect member was in D.J’s mouth. Todd screamed out in pleasure as his thingy entered the warm confines of D.J’s mouth. As D.J moved up and down probing the head of Todd’s member with his tongue Todd screamed out louder and louder.

As D.J began to move faster and faster Todd could feel the pressure begin to build up at the base of his penis, and with each flick that D.J's tongue gave Todd’s sensitive head he got closer and closer. As D.J’s tongue came back and flicked the tips of Todd’s penis on last time he exploded. With a violent spasm he went limp and experienced the most intense orgasm of his life.

After what seemed like eternity he came too. He was lying in the tub with D.J in a crouch position just looking at him. D.J’’s member was still fully erect pointing almost strait forward. D.J had this confident smile on his face.

“How was that!” D.J said .

Todd answered back with one of the biggest smiles he had ever given and D.J looked satisfied with himself.

Without any warning D.J popped out of the tub and ran out the door. Todd wasn’t sure how he knew butt he knew their fun would continue in DJ’s room. As D.J ran his plump backside exposed Todd looked at it. He had rarely given D.J’s butt a second thought but as he stared at those 2 round globes running out the door one word came to mind…. Sexy. He wasn’t sure what it meant but he felt confident that that was the way he felt when he stared at D.J’s butt his entire body for that matter. In fact he felt something else for D.J… a bond that went beyond sexy and a bond that went beyond friendship. What had transgressed had been a special and caring act something that was unique. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it but it was something special and something to be cherished and reciprocated.  As Todd got out of the tub he had his own special act in mind. Something that involved his fingers in between a certain black haired boy’s butt cheeks.

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