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                                                    My Friend D.J
                                                      Chapter 5

Todd woke early on Sunday morning the rising sun shining through the window. He stretched for a second remembering where he was and what had transpired last night. He sat up and looked over at a butt naked D.J fast asleep. He was so cute curled up into a little ball his plump fanny sticking up in the air. His thingy was back down to its limp 2 inches on account of the cold. Todd put his fingers up to his nose and enjoyed the smell of D.J’s ass. They had certainly had some fun last night and Todd had gotten a chance to explore D.J’s insides. He threw the rest of the blanket off and took D.J’s flaccid member in his mouth. As D.J shuddered awake with a moan he withdrew his mouth and said “Good morning.” In a very sensual and loving way before climbing onto of D.J and giving him a big wet kiss.

D.J was having a particularly pleasant dream about taking care of those pests he called sisters when he felt this warm and happy sensation on his crotch. Slowly he fell out of the dream and was returned to his bed where his best friend Todd was sucking on his penis. He moaned a little and Todd looked up pleased that he was awake. He greeted him with a “Good morning” thank climbed on top and started kissing him. After the kiss Todd said “So how did you like you wake up call?” D.J responded by kissing him back.

Todd lined up their bodies so that their semi hard dicks where rubbing agents each other and began thrusting. D.J bean to moan as Todd’s circumcised member rubbed up against D.J’s foreskin covered head. The sensation was amazing and D.J wished they could just stay together forever. As they continued thrusting D.J stared at Todd’s creamy white behind. It was smaller and boney rather than plump like his own however D.J thought it was cute. The skin tone was as white as a ghost and it was obvious that Todd rarely skinny dipped or participated in other naked outdoor activities. D.J would definitely fix that. As they continued to thrust D.J took Todd’s small butt in his hands exploring it. He traced around the small cheeks than traced the center crack all the way down to his hole. Todd had used his fingers inside D.J’s hole last night. The sensation was strange at first but it got better and better than Todd had hit something inside D.J that had sent him to the stars and D.J wanted to repay the favor.

D.J withdrew his hand for a second, spat on it than traced his way back down Todd’s crack to the sweet boy pucker. He took his middle finger lubricated with his own spit and slowly inserted it. For a second Todd shuddered then giggled. As D.J got deeper the giggles turned to moans of pleasure. As DJ’s fingers went deeper Todd’s screams of pleasure got louder and louder. Finally D.J went all the way in and hit Todd’s sweet spot. D.J could see that he had just sent Todd to the moon as Todd had done for him last night. As Todd experienced his mega orgasm he sized on top of D.J just enoph to send him over the edge. They both moaned out in ecstasy as they went limp on top of each other kissing. As Todd still lay on top of him in ecstasy D.J withdrew his finger and sniffed it. It smelled uniquely like Todd. As Todd came to they looked at each other in the most loving way and just lied their kissing and grabbing each others behinds.

It was about 2:30 in the afternoon and Todd’s mom was coming to pick him up. They were both sad leave each other but D.J promised that they would be able to get together real soon. As they where hugging each other goodbye Todd stuck D.J’s hand down the back of his pants. D.J quickly realized that Todd wasn’t wearing his underwear. After a few second Todd withdrew D.J’s hand and walked out the door with his mother.

With Todd gone D.J raced up too his room to find Todd’s underwear lying on the bed with a note stuck to it saying “sniff.”
D.J brought it up to his nose to find Todd’s familiar smell on it. He fell back on his bed with the white briefs still pressed to his nose. To his surprise he found another note on the inside of the crotch.

“A little gift for your enjoyment until the next time we meet

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