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Part One

Written by Neo

Mike and Max slowly pulled into the parking space in front of the Crashdown Cafe‚. Max parked the Jeep and jumped out of it. Mike was close behind. They both ran to the doors but they were locked. Dejected they both headed towards the jeep. They both had extremely penned up sexual tensions.

"What now? I am horny as hell." Max stated.

"Well we could head over to Maria's to see if they are there," Mike said seemingly just as horny as Max. Throwing the Jeep in gear, Max peeled out of his parking space and headed for Maria's house. After the long ride down the deserted dessert roads they reached their destination. They ran up to the house and pounded on the door. Nobody answered. It was obvious that Mike was really horny from the bulge in his pants. Dejected one more time they headed back to the jeep. They turned around and headed back down the long deserted road.

"What now?" Max asked again. Mike was in a daze not paying attention to anything. He had an impish grin on his face.

"Pull over," he said urgently. Confused Max pulled over to the side of the road. Mike turned to face Max with the impish grin still on his face. With a wave of his hand Max's seat fell backwards. Confused and scared Max tried to sit up. Michael new what was going to happen and with another wave of his hand the seat grew over Max's hands and chest preventing him from getting up.

"What the hell are you doing?" Max asked.

"We are both horny and can't find the girls so we have to settle for the next best thing," Michael said still with the impish grin. With another wave of his hand Max's clothes were gone. Then his own were gone. They both had impressive cocks and both of them were hard. Max was surprised at himself for getting hard at this situation. Michael straddled Max's chest and started to fuck his face, hard. Max was groaning while his face was being force-fed Michael's cock. Relaxing more with the situation Michael pulled out of Max's mouth and turned around so that his cock dangled over Max's mouth. Michael immediatley took Max's cock in his own mouth and started to suck him off. It was not long before Max was about to reach orgasm. Michael sensed this and pulled his mouth off of Max's cock. He turned around again and impaled himself on Max's cock. The feelings of pain and pleasure mixed in Michael's ass but were soon replaced by just feelings of pure ecstasy. Michael waved his hand and allowed Max to be freed from his bonds. It was instantaneously that Max started to fuck Michael. The aggression was showing through as Max flipped Michael over and pushed his legs back. He was fucking him like a wild animal and soon came in Michael's ass load after load of hot cum shot up Michael's ass. Max pulled out of Michael and collapsed onto the seat next to him.

"Don't think that we are done yet," Michael said evilly. He waved his hand and knocked the other seat back. He waved again and flipped Max onto his stomach. Max was not fighting back and Michael was taking advantage of it. He waved again and pulled Max onto his knees. He waved one last time and once again the seat "grew" over Max's legs and over his hands. Max was helpless to whatever torture Michael had in mind for him. Max's position allowed him to rest his head on the dashboard as Michael crawled around behind him. Michael took his hand and started to smack Max's ass cheeks as Max cried out in pain. Max's cheeks were red and glowing but Michael was not done yet. He buried his head in Max's ass and started to bite at Max's asshole. Max was in sheer heaven. It was all to soon that Michael pulled his head out. He waved his hand again over his cock and had it grow to inhuman dimensions. It was 13 inches long and 5 inches wide. Michael smiled evilly as he got behind Max and placed the head of his oversized cock on Max's hole. In one long hard shove he got the entire cock in Max's hole. It caused Max to scream out in pain and tears to roll down his cheeks. Michael was possessed. He did not even give Max time to adjust to the cock in his hole before he started to pump in and out. With every thrust Max screamed in pain and cried more. The eroticism of the moment causes Michael to get off very fast. He shot a total of eight blasts of cum up Max's ass. Still crying Max was released from his bonds and threw himself on Michael. Michael thought that Max was going to kill him but instead Max took Michael in a deep passionate kiss.

"Wow, I think that we are going to be doing this again." Max said happily.


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