The Sex Life of Zack and Cody: Brotherly Love
by DerekGuy

DISCLAIMER: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and all characters are the property of the Walt Disney Company and the Disney Channel. The writer has no knowledge of nor makes any claims about the sexuality of the actors involved. All events are completely fictional and do not reflect actual events. This story is a fictional parody that does not reflect on the sexuality of the actors or the characters.

Warning: This story series includes depictions of homosexual sex and references to heterosexual sex including mostly underage participants. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.
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While this is a "sequel," if you know the TV show characters, you don't need to read the earlier posting to enjoy this one - just know Zack and Cody have being fooling around and had a particularly memorable weekend with pop superstar Jesse McCartney and with Maddie. But the earlier ones make for good reads.
This story takes place as the end of the twins' eighth grade year when they are 14-years-old. Thanks to the many kind people who wrote to me over the last year about my Zack & Cody stories and shared interesting suggestions.

The Sex Life of Zack and Cody: Brotherly Love
The Lobby
"Oh. Ohhhh!" Teenage billionaire hotel heiress London Tipton looked around the lobby. She was standing alone. No one was coming to ask her what was wrong and how they could solve her problems. Moseby was usually quick to respond, but he deep in conversation with guests. Like they mattered. Esteban wasn't around at all - probably sleeping with another middle-aged guest. Even London knew that's what's the overly endowed bellboy liked to do. She'd have to rely on the poor girl. At least Maddie was cheap. Especially her clothes.

"Ha!" London enjoyed mocking her only real friend. She walked close to the candy counter where Maddie was staring into space. "Ohhhhh!!!" she whined. Maddie's eyes turned towards her visitor. She knew she'd likely regret saying anything, but she also knew London wasn't going away.

"Is there something wrong, London?" she asked in a flat disinterested tone.

"Maddie, I need you to find me poor people things." London waved a computer print-out in Maddie's face.

"What for?" Maddie scanned the lobby to see if she could pass this chore onto that self-absorbed bellhop Esteban or the twins or Carey or anyone.

"All my friends are doing a scavenger hunt. But I can't find some of the things." London was oblivious to Maddie's disinterest.

Maddie grabbed the list and started scanning. "You can't find a French Poodle?"

"You have a dog that speaks French? I also need a German Shepherd."

Maddie threw the paper back at London. "Not going to help."

"I don't need your help. I need you to find just one thing," London knew the easy way to change Maddie's mind. She dropped $400 on the counter. That's what she'd spend on the strap of a shoe, yet Maddie acted as if it was a treasure chest.

Maddie eyed the money. "What..."

London held the paper out and pointed. "Video of twine having sex," she read haltingly. "I figured that was a poor person thing. How does string have sex?" London offered her blank cherry smile.

"London, that says 'twins' not 'twine.' And that's gross. No deal."

London picked up the money. "Oh. Twin what?"

Maddie sighed, threw up her hands, and walked away. She didn't get far. Halfway across the lobby was her special admirer.

"Hey, sweet thang!" Zack cooed at the blond teenager. "Don't you think today is the day for us to go out?"

"Not today, not tomorrow, not ever," smiled Maddie. She found awkwardly Zack charming, but nothing more. She and Zack had fucked a few months earlier as a result of a complicated sex scheme Cody had arranged. Of course, she had lost her virginity to Jesse McCartney the night before, so any price was worth it. While she actually enjoyed the sex with Zack, she later felt uncomfortable. He was much too young for her and she was supposed to be a chaste Catholic. Her subsequent sexual interactions had been scarce and mostly handjobs. She had only slept with a couple guys since that sex-filled day by choice.

"Come on, Maddie. There must be something I can do to get you to repeat that afternoon. I'll do whatever you want. You wouldn't turn down the older and cuter of the Martin twins." Zack blinked his puppy-dog look. Maddie was long immune. But maybe she needed him. She looked around the lobby and wordlessly led Zack into a side corridor. "All right!" he cheered and followed eagerly.

The Corridor
There was no one around. Zack knew this was his opportunity to make a move and leaned in to kiss her. She stepped to the side and watched him fall over and smack his head on the opposite wall.

"Listen up, Zack. I'll tell you want," she whispered as Zack rubbed his bruised skull and bruised ego. "We'll make a trade. I'll have sex with you once, but first I need to video you and someone having sex." She shook her head in disbelief at her words, but $400 was worth the fuck and show.

Zack had been with only one girl in his life - Maddie. So he was intrigued about her offer to film him having sex with some other girl. It was kind of hot to have sex with someone else while Maddie watched. He started to review her friends, but then simply asked, "Who?"


Zack froze. He knew that Maddie knew about him and Jesse McCartney. But he was pretty sure that no one knew about him and Cody. For over a year, Zack and Cody had been fooling around. It was mostly Cody blowing Zack, but they had done much more. Everyone understood Cody was gay, but Zack's various adventures with Cody, Bob, and a few other guys were a secret. Zack was terrified anyone would think he was gay.

"You and Cody have sex, don't you?" Maddie asked. She knew nothing of the sort, but the idea of it made her literally wet. She could feel her skin flush in excitement at just the thought.

Zack still had no response.

"Zack, it's okay. Jesse told me everything that night," Maddie was a bad liar, but this time she simply went for broke. That was her undoing. Zack knew that Jesse hadn't learned that Cody was even his brother until long after Jesse and Maddie had sex. Maddie never saw Jesse again during his stay. Zack, a polished liar and con man now recognized Maddie's reach.

He smiled and stroked her arm. "Tell you what, Maddie," he whispered, "Let's go up to my room and I'll tell you everything."

For a moment, Maddie almost said yes. That's when Cody showed up.

Cody and Zack Martin were unlikely identical twins. Although they were the same height and the same hair and looked mostly alike, they had personalities thoroughly apart. It was especially obvious by Cody's consistent oblivious perky tone. "Hi Zack! Hi Maddie! What are you up to!" Cody spoke in exclamation points.

Zack started to answer, but Maddie jumped in first. "Zack was just telling me about how the two of you have sex."

Cody was miserable at masking the truth. Even when he wanted to lie, his face was an open book. White as a sheet, his mouth dropped and eyes grew huge. Maddie smiled. She had all the confirmation she needed.

"Convince your brother," Maddie advised Zack and turned and left.

The Boys' Room
"So we have a deal?" Maddie asked. She had a video camera by her side and incredible excitement. It was only hours since her chance encounter and revelations with the Martin twins and now she might see them have sex any moment.

Zack was very unhappy. The prospect of fucking Maddie again was awesome, but he didn't like how this came about. "You video Cody fucking me. Then I have sex with you." He reviewed the terms in the simplest of words.

The deal was hard won. Cody had been furious at Zack for the past weeks. The younger twin would always bottom in everyway for Zack - sucking him, being fucked by him, and more. Yet Zack refused to reciprocate even a little. Cody had two handjobs and one partial blowjob from his brother in the past two months. Cody demanded that Zack return in kind what Cody was giving. This had led to ongoing arguments, fights, and ugliness. But it had gotten especially unpleasant when Zack called Cody his "personal suck bitch" while Cody was blowing him one night. That put an end to all sexual encounters between them.

With the revelation by Maddie of their nocturnal activities, Cody insisted that he finally get what he craved in order to agree. Cody knew that Zack had been fucked by Jesse. But Cody had never fucked Zack and he wanted to desperately. While Cody was pretty certain he'd go through life as a bottom, he didn't dislike the top position and also felt it was only equitable. Zack wanted to fuck Maddie again so badly that after intense arguing, he had agreed.

"Who gets the video?" Zack asked. For Zack, it wasn't the horror of being fucked by Cody. He was sure he'd actually enjoy it although he kept that quiet. But that was the problem. He wanted to be a sex stud like his dad, fucking girls left and right. But in the past year, he had one encounter with a girl and multiple times with boys. That wasn't right and he took out his frustration and disappointment on his brother.

"Don't worry. It is just needed for London to win some stupid scavenger hunt. Then I'll destroy it." Maddie mentally explored her house trying to find a safe spot she'd be able to hide her own personal copy. "Ready?"

The boys nodded and begin to undress. Maddie wondered if they'd make out or do any foreplay, but to her disappointment they did not. Zack was all business. She had fucked both of them and was immediately turned on at the renewed sight of their tight hairless asses. Cody sat down on the edge of his bed and Zack dropped to his knees in front of him. He yanked down Cody's pants and wrapped his right hand around Cody's already hard dick and stroked. Maddie, so shocked by the image in front of her, was suddenly jolted into action and turned on "record" on the video camera.

His breathing was labored. Cody was shuddering in pleasure as he felt his brother's touch for the first time in weeks. "Faster," he whispered hoping his brother would show more enthusiasm and variety.

Despite himself, Cody grunted and Zack smiled. His brother was so easy, Zack thought.  Opening his mouth, he took Cody's 5" dick in his mouth. "Ooooh!" he heard Maddie gasp as he wrapped his lips around the hard member and used his tongue to caress the underside. Everyone was into it. Cody was in sheer heaven. Maddie was completely turned on. Zack was enjoying being at the center of attention and getting past some hang-ups - at least for this second.

In reality, Zack was doing a relatively terrible job compared to the suck-fests that his brother would do on him. Cody would explore every inch of Zack's body, his balls, his flesh. Zack was simply a suction hole moving back and forth on Cody's member. But with a long gap between sexual encounters, this was enough to turn Cody on.

  "Oh!" Cody grunted again in danger of releasing too soon. "Oh!"

Zack sped up, hoping to end this event and get to Maddie. Maddie was rubbing herself furiously as she tried to hold the camera state. Cody grunted louder and more forcefully.

That's when Carey walked in.

"Boys, do either of you know anything about.....OH MY GOD!"

The Suite Main Room
The boys were fully dressed and sitting on opposite ends of the couch. Maddie was long gone having left in humiliation and tears. The video camera was still there, confiscated by their horrified mother.

Carey was pacing the room. She had no preparation for this moment. What mother did? She had barely talked sex with the boys counting on their father to impart some useful knowledge to them. But she knew he had nothing to do with this.

"I don't know where to even start," Carey spoke in a quiet, despondent tone. "That you're gay? That you're brothers? That you had Maddie there filming you? That you're 14?"

"How about that we forgot to lock the door," Zack muttered trying to add humor to the moment. His mother thought he was gay. Great.

"Zack isn't gay," Cody piped up. Zack looked at his brother. What was Cody saying?

Cody continued. "I think the term is bisexual, but I don't think you should call Zack gay. He is just experimenting." This was the first almost-outing of himself that Cody had done.

Zack was surprised to hear his brother's words and pleased. 'Bisexual' was a term Jesse had used too. Zack spoke up now. "It's not like we can get each other pregnant. You always tell us to be nice to each other. So, we were being nice."

"Enough!" Carey thought she'd have a nervous breakdown. She hadn't had sex in days. Esteban was giving her the cold shoulder. The businessmen that heard her sing at the hotel were old and fat. And she couldn't find time away from the boys for a proper fuck. She couldn't handle this right now. "We're not going to talk about this any more tonight. We're all going to sleep. But you are sleeping separately. Cody, you'll sleep in my room. I'm staying here in the living room to be between you. Go to bed. We'll talk tomorrow."

The boys wordlessly brushed their teeth and sheepishly went to the different rooms. Carey heard each door lock as she made up the couch to be an extra bed. But she couldn't sleep and sat staring at the blank television for a while. She was horny. Glancing at the phone, she reluctantly picked it up and dialed a number by heart.

"Esteban? It's Carey. What are you doing right now? ...Well, I need you up here in the suite....I can't wait that long....Okay, hurry up." Carey was reluctant to resume her relationship with the bellhop. Sure the young man had a sexy accent and a giant dick, but he was utterly self-absorbed. She was still pretty and thin and hot. Why couldn't she find a decent man to fuck?

The minutes dragged on in the silent suite. Carey grew more and more tense. And she grew more and more horny. The picture in her head of the boys together was seared on her brain. She began to rub herself when he eyes landed on the video camera. "That's disgusting," she muttered even as she popped the video out of the camera, put it in their VCR and rewound it.

"This is wrong," she thought as she pressed play. "But I have to see what they were really doing before I walked in," she lied to herself. Immediately Carey saw the image of her eldest son stroking her younger son. The whole thing didn't last long. Carey had walked in only a few minutes into the blowjob. But by the time the screen faded to black, the boys' mom had brought herself to climax from the images on the screen and her own hands.

As she lay there panting, she wondered where in her room she could hide this video to keep it out of harm's way. She rewound the tape and began watching it anew. That's when she heard the knock.

Expecting Esteban, she barely redressed as she flung the door open to find Maddie, her face puffy and pink from crying, standing there. Whatever Maddie was going to say was lost in the sight of a partially dressed Carey, enflamed with lust at the door. As Maddie began to scramble for the right words, her eyes landed on the television. Carey had paused the video instead of stopping of it. In the time elapsed, it had come off pause and resumed playing. There was little Zack sucking little Cody in full color.

Carey pulled the teen girl into the living room. They stared at each other and then at the TV. Maddie tried to speak, but Carey put her finer to her lips and said, "It doesn't matter." They fell into each other's arms, hugging first, and then their lips found each other. The kissed for what seemed an eternity before Carrie pushed Maddie onto the couch. Taking a moment to rewind and replay the video, she remove the girl's Catholic school blue plaid dress and underwear. Maddie offered no protest. Carrie's tongue did the rest. Diving into the teen's pussy, she explored areas that Maddie didn't know existed. It was difficult not to cry out in pleasure. Maddie succeeded as she was taken to new places of excitement. The whole time, she kept rewinding the video and replaying it. Maddie had never been another girl before.

Eventually, they switched places. With Carrie's guidance, Maddie learned a whole new skill and soon they were both lying naked on the couch, scissoring each other, and finding joy in each other's bodies. They never saw Cody peek out of his mother's bedroom and quickly close the door.

Carey's Bedroom
Cody could not sleep at all. He stared at the ceiling processing the events and potential outcomes over and over. As he lay there, he began to hear some unusual sounds from the living room. Concentrating on them he recognized them as his mom's sexual breathing. He had heard her with any number of men in this very room making much more dramatic noises.

Cody shook his head and then grabbed a pillow to stifle the sounds over his ears. But he knew they were out there, which made them seem even louder. He finally had to see. Cracking open the door, he witnessed the shocking sights of his mother and Maddie, completely naked, rolling around on the couch in lust. He was not all turned on it, but was tempted to wake Zack up to see it knowing he'd be interested. Instead he took a cell phone picture to possibly show him later. That's when he heard another unexpected sound.

<tap> <tap> <tap>
Someone was knocking on the wall. Standing up, he heard a whispered voice behind the wall. "Little lady," Esteban's distinct accent called out.

It was then Cody noticed that there was an obscured adjoining door to the next suite through Carey's bedroom. He'd never acknowledged it before. Pushing aside the chair in front of it and sliding the lock on the door, he pulled the door open to reveal the Latin bellhop. He was surprised. Esteban was shocked to find Cody.

"What are you doing here?" Cody asked echoing the exact question in Esteban's head.

It had been a bad night for Esteban. He had no takers from the housewives that were usually grateful fucks. He was pleased Carey had called him, but he couldn't exactly tell her son that's why he was here. But his relationship with Cody was also unusual. Unbeknownst to Carrie or Zack, Esteban had fucked Cody at his request back when the boy was 13. Age taboos didn't exist for Esteban, so he was more than prepared to repeat that one-time experience.

"I...I..." Esteban had no good excuse to explain why he was knocking on Cody's mom's door at this late hour. "Cody, do you want to have sex?"

Cody considered the offer. He was horny out of his mind - blue balls combined with shame and frustration. But he didn't want to work that hard as he'd need to on Esteban's python.

"If you want to blow me, that's find. But otherwise, I'll pass." Cody had grown more confident throughout the night.

"Blow you?" The bellhop was baffled by the assertive tone of this boy. "No! You can for me, but not me for you!"

"Then get out," Cody practically pushed the tall Latino back through the door. "And stay the fuck away from my mother or I'll tell Moseby about everything - my mom, me, the guests. Stay away from her!"

Cody closed the door on his side in the baffled face of Esteban and quickly locked it.

The Restaurant
It was rare the family ate in the Tipton's restaurant, especially for breakfast, but Carey needed to get out of the suite. She had no idea what happened to Esteban the previous night and was still shaken up by the events surrounding her sons. Zack was depressed - he wasn't going to get his time with Maddie. Both boys were incredibly horny.

"Boys, what happened last night can't continue," Carrie began over waffles and eggs.

"Why?" they answered in chorus.

"Because it is wrong. You're too young to have sex with anyone. And you can't have it with each other."

"Didn't you and Dad already have sex at 14?" Zack annoyingly asked.
"Is it 'cause we are boys?" Cody asked still uncertain of his homosexuality.

Carey handled what she presumed was the easier question. "Oh, Cody, no. I'm a singer. I know a million gay people. Being gay is fine if that's who you are. And experimenting is usually fine too," she looked towards Zack. "I shouldn't share things, but I have experimented too. But you can't do it with your brother."

"Why? He's my best friend," Zack said to Cody's surprise.

"I don't know. You just can't. It's what the church tells us."

The Martin family was anything but churchgoers. Cody took his offensive move. "Doesn't the church say you shouldn't sleep with lots of people? But Dad does. You complain about it all the time."

"Cody, I think you'd need to ask you Dad about that, not me," Carey sighed imaging Kurt with a trailer full of skanky groupies.

 Cody kept going. "But you do it too. We hear you all the time with different guys. Just last night Esteban tried to come by to fuck you."

"Cody!" The cherubic blond boy always sounded much dirtier when he cursed because he so rarely did.

"You need to stop sleeping around before you can tell us what do," Cody concluded.

"I am your mother and I can tell you what to do even if I don't do it my...." Carey stopped. She remembered her own mother lecturing her on cigarettes, boys, drinking while modeling the opposite behavior. Carey had strived to be a cooler mom. Now, she was a slut. What grounds did she have to tell her sons anything?

"You're right," Carey sighed. "Cody, Zack, I will do my best to be a better example to you. But you have to do the same."

"Mom, we want you to enjoy yourself," Cody added. "Just use more common sense."

"And no Esteban!" Zack added protectively.

"But you need to stop too," Carey sighed at her boys much too smart and confident for their years. "I know that incest is wrong. You need to stop right now."

The Downstairs Laundry Room
Usually, the family sent the laundry out to be done by housekeeping. But after too many filthy, muddy shirts from Zack's soccer games, they had refused to keep going. Cody had agreed to do the family's laundry himself. He liked the laundry room. It was big and full of active washing machines spinning the thousands of sheets and towels and napkins used by the hotel each day. The maids were very efficient. They put in the laundry in every machine and then didn't return until 30 minutes later when they all went silent. Then they'd put in a new batch of washing as they transferred the wet, but clean items to the driers.

Knowing he had almost 30 minutes, Cody would sometimes lie on top of the machines and let their vibrations shake his small frame and excite him. Sometimes he touched himself. There was a big heavy door he would close giving him precious seconds to cover up should he need it. So a few times he jacked off while lying on the machines. At least he could throw his clothing into a washing machine right away after soaking his shirt with cum.

Today, he just closed his eyes and pondered the last 24 hours. He wanted Zack. He wanted to be inside him, to feel his physical embrace, his sexual acceptance. And he wanted Zack to be his first. Although Cody had been with a handful of guys, he had never fucked any of them. How ironic, he thought, as he stroked his hardening cock, that Maddie was the only person he ever really fucked.

Cody's concentration was legendary. He could absorb a book or a math problem and ignore the rest of the world. So it was not unusual that he didn't hear the door swing open when Zack walk in. The other Martin twin had been searching for his smarter half to figure out how they were going to get their mom to leave them alone. He was surprised to find his more timid brother lying on the washing machines with his pants around his ankles, his hand furiously working his dick. As he always discovered, there was more to Cody Martin than even he knew.

Bisexual. It was a word Cody had used to describe Zack. He had even looked it up - okay, it was at Wikipedia, where it said it was someone attracted to both guys and girls. And he had read, "Most bisexuals are not equally attracted to men and women, and may even shift between states of finding either sex exclusively attractive over the course of time." He also checked out the entry on incest, but couldn't find anything why he and his brother couldn't fool around.

Zack liked girls a lot. He thought about them all the time. He had only really been with one, but what a one it was. But he had also loved being with Jesse. And Bob made him feel good all over. And Cody, well it was almost like having sex with himself. And that was awesome. Could he like girls, but also like boys? Maybe. He didn't like kids calling Cody a fag or a queer and got into lots of fights over it. He didn't want kids calling him that either. But what Cody and he did in their bedroom was nobody's business. If they only remembered to lock the door.

Zack walked up to Cody's washing machine. His brother was oblivious to his presence. He stared down at the intense self-pleasuring Cody in which Cody was engaged and decided to take action. Leaning over and began to lick the exposed head of Cody's dick which was untouched as Cody's stroked the flesh up and down. It took a second and Cody's eyes shot open in fear then confusion. As he let his own dick go, Zack's mouth covered it bringing relief and excitement to his face.

"Zack, I..." Cody started, but Zack ignored him. Cody talked too much as it was. That was one reason he loved shoving his dick in Cody's mouth - to shut him up. Now he had to let his tongue do the quieting. He swirled it around the head of the cock, licking up the moist pre-cum that began to leak out. In anticipation of another visit by Jesse, Zack had been secretly practicing sucking hot dogs and salamis to try and better blow his older, more endowed friend. Cody was no sweat in comparison and he swallowed the entire shaft down to his nearly hairless balls.

Having suppressed his sexual longings since yesterday, Cody was ready to explode. It didn't take long before he was quivering in delight and began to pound the metal machines as he squirted his cum into his brother's waiting mouth. Swallowing wasn't Zack's favorite activity, but he could do it. He swallowed in the squirts of sticky liquid relishing in the joy he had brought his brother.

They lay there for a moment. Zack still holding the shrinking cock in his mouth; Cody breathing hard and smiling. Despite Zack's earlier thought about locking the bedroom door, he had neglected to do the same for the laundry room. In his rush to enter, he had left the door barely ajar. It had gently swung back open exposing the twins to anyone who passed in the halls. Lance, the dimwitted lifeguard, had been looking for extra towels. He passed the boys at the height of the action and stood transfixed. As he himself grew hard, he realized how obvious he was in his Speedo and raced to a nearby bathroom to relieve himself. London was lost. Despite growing up in the Tipton, she still couldn't always find her way. She passed by at what was the moment of climax. She was confused by the image before her, unable to comprehend what was happening, and fled at the sound of approaching footsteps. Marion Moseby patrolled his hotel halls searching for trouble and laziness. While he often uncovered the Martin twins causing havoc in unexpected places, finding them in sexual congress was completely a surprise. Embarrassed by the open display of sexuality, and finding himself aroused by it, he too fled to sort out this surprise.

Cody glanced at his watch. "The washing machines are almost done." Quickly, he leaped off the low machine and dressed. He noticed the open door, but said nothing. Zack wiped his mouth on a clean towel piled up and then threw it on the dirty pile at Cody's insistence. They scattered.

Around The Dining Room Table
"So we have a deal then?" Carey had her serious mom face on. She knew words were empty with Zack, but Cody was a boy of his word.

The boys had spoken little during this second family gathering of the day. Partially, it was due to the pent up hormones that they ached to continue to get out. Partially, it was because they didn't care what their mother had to say.

"Mom," Zack tried some sweet talk. "Let's just leave it that we'll do our best to make you proud."

"No way, amigo," Carey sighed. "You said the same thing about math...and science...and history...and English."

"And gym!" Zack defended his record and his "A" in physical education.

"We are teenagers, Mom," Cody spoke for the first time. "We will be going out dates and meeting other teens."

"I will," Zack interrupted. "I'm not sure about dork breath over here." Zack was going on reflex rather than intention.

"Yes, but not now and not each other," Carey was frustrated to be doing this alone. Her ex-husband was unavailable on his latest no-money rock tour. "And Arwin removed the lock on your bedroom door, by the way."

"Okay, we'll fool around with as many teenagers as you do, how's that." Cody had a dead-serious expression.

"Esteban is not a teenager. He's in his twenties."

"Maybe that's not what I meant," Cody tapped his cell phone although the screen was blank. He let his eyes move over to the couch from last night and then back to his cell phone. Zack and Cody's actions had, perhaps, been immoral, but the weren't actually breaking the law. Carey and Maddie were a different story.

The Boys' Bedroom - Take 2
"I don't understand why Mom let us back into the same room so easily," Zack asked. "What did I miss?"

"Nothing, Zack. Mom was probably swayed by your 'We'll try our best' argument." He put his cell phone down, smiling at the blackmail of moments ago. "Now let's get ready for bed." Cody was remaking his bed, which hadn't been touched since the videotaping the night before.

"I'm not quire ready to go to sleep," Zack practically whispered as he jammed a chair under the door handle compensating for the lost lock. Cody looked over and saw his brother rubbing the front of his red briefs. He was otherwise unclothed and looking very available and tasty in Cody's opinion.

"Interested?" Cody was likewise ready for more. But he had a different vision for the upcoming interaction than Zack did. Removing his own shirt and shorts, Cody made his way to his brother and dropped on his knees.

He began by licking the cloth, feeling Zack's hard-on grow in strength as he toyed with his brother. He once again grabbed at the elastic with his teeth and slowly worked it over the throbbing member and past his scrotum. He didn't let Zack remove the underwear, but let it hang wrapped around his knees.

Zack was ready to be engulfed, but Cody ignored his aching dick and went to his balls. Licking his almost hairless sac, Cody then took it in his mouth, working it with teeth, tongue, saliva. "Suck me!" moaned Zack.

But he was not to be satisfied. Cody turned his attention to the lowest part of the 5", licking and massaging it with his fingers and mouth. "Sit!" he told Zack who complied instantly onto Cody's bed and kicked off his underwear in the process.

Cody continued to work the shaft of his brother's cock, being careful to avoid the head altogether.  He worked Zack's legs further apart and moved back to the balls. Ignoring his brother's cries for a blowjob, he worked lower to the area between the balls and the ass, the 'perineum' Cody knew it was officially called. From there began a masterful rim job. While Jesse McCartney's work on Zack would be hard to beat - it had been Zack's first - this one surpassed it for passion, length of time, and care. Cody moved back and forth from the shaft to the balls to the ass; he began to spread it wider and wider and soon had worked a finger in while he continued to pleasure Zack with his tongue. Then two fingers.

Zack sort of knew what was happening. He knew he wasn't being blown. He knew he was in heaven. He knew Cody's fingers were in his ass. He knew, from his time with Jesse, where this would lead. But he couldn't evaluate it. The sexual pleasure was so overwhelming, he would have agreed to eat out Muriel if he had been asked right then. With his legs being pushed back over his body, Cody had now slipped off his own underwear and revealed his own throbbing dick. He grabbed some lubricant from somewhere and the wet squirt up Zack's asshole made him tingle and twitch.

Cody continued to work two fingers in and out making Zack moan. His fingers had the thickness, but not the length to prepare Zack. But he was more than 2" smaller than Jesse, so he wasn't concerned. Flashing a perky, delighted smile to his brother, whose face was tight with a mixture of pain and pleasure, Cody thrust his bareback dick into his brother's ass.

Being the top was an odd experience for Cody. He was the primary player and, like a good blowjob, it was up to him to provide the proper pleasure for his partner. He needed to adjust Zack's body and remind his to relax and go with it, but Zack was doing a pretty good job on his own. But the position they were in with Zack on his back wasn't the most comfortable for either of them.

They boys climbed on top of Cody's bed together. Zack got on his knees and Cody had a better angle of entry. Plus, Zack could use his own hips and thrust more. Cody squealed once, which cause a fit of hysterical laughter from both. Having cum earlier that day, Cody could last a little longer. But the excitement and being 14 meant he didn't have to wait long. He wanted to try out a world of positions that he had discovered online and in some books. But maybe they'd be times for that.

Cody came inside his brother. The grunts were loud and high-pitched. Carey would certainly hear if she was still in the living room. He thrust a couple final times, pulled out, flipped his brother over and swallowed his semi-hard cock in one gulp. The blowjob was strong and determined, just what Zack needed. It wasn't long before Cody was working the full circumcised flesh with ferocity, sucking in like a vacuum cleaner.

Zack's eruption was aimed at Cody's mouth. The younger Martin had pulled off at the first sign of cum and aimed the cock towards his waiting tongue. Zack shot most of it on target; the rest on his brother's nose or dripped it onto the bedspread. Cody then grabbed his brother's sensitive post-cum cock and cleaned it off. As he turned to grab a tissue, he had a second thought and leaned in kissing his brother fully on the mouth, forcing it open with his tongue and giving Zack a small taste of his own seed.

Cody then jumped up, smiled, yanked on his shorts, pushed the chair aside, and slipped out of the room to the bathroom. Zack lay there in post coital wonderment. He could still taste Cody on his lips and was covered in sweat. They boys changed places soon after. Zack cleaning himself, Cody cleaning the bedspread.

Within minutes, they were in their own beds with the lights out. They lay there in silence for what seemed hours before Zack whispered, "Cody..."

"Yes, Zack."

"That was fun."

"Good. I love you, Zack."

Zack paused, but only momentarily. "I love you too, Cody."

After a little while longer of silence, he added. "I'm going go fuck Maddie tomorrow, but how's your calendar for the weekend?"

"I think I have an opening," Cody laughed as they both drifted off to sleep.

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