The Sex Life of Zack and Cody: Jesse McCartney
by DerekGuy

DISCLAIMER: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and all characters are the property of the Walt Disney Company and the Disney Channel. The writer has no knowledge of nor makes any claims about the sexuality of the actors involved. All events are completely fictional and do not reflect actual events. This story is a fictional parody that does not reflect on the sexuality of the actors or the characters.

Note: This story series includes depictions of heterosexual sex and homosexual sex including mostly underage participants. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true. It is simply fiction.
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The Sex Life of Zack and Cody: Jesse McCartney
The Advice
Cody was stressed. He wanted an answer now. Usually, he could come up with one on his own, but he was stuck. When tension hit, he used to go straight for blanky. But he was almost 14 now and no one in 8th grade had a blanky. So he had gone cold turkey.

Who could he talk with? Zack was out on a date with some girl. His mom was up in the suite getting pounded by Esteban, as she usually did after her show. Maddie had gone home for the night.

Looking around the lobby for Mr. Moseby, he instead spotted London Tipton stroll in with almost a dozen large shopping bags being carried by her chauffer. She saw Cody and signaled the driver to give Cody him all the bags.

“Uh, London, I'm not a bellhop. I don't work for you," he pointed out.

London reached into her purse, pulled out 20 dollars, pushed it into Cody's pocket and cheerily said, “Now you do."

Up in her massive suite, he dropped the bags in "Sweater World." London nodded as if she barely knew him and signaled it was time to go. Cody paused. “London I need your help."

She sighed. “As always. Even the smart ones come running to me to solve their problems. Isn't it enough that I am rich and beautiful, that I also have to be so wise?"

Cody began to answer, but London clicked her tongue. “Let's make this quick. Sweater World has a lot of new inhabitants to welcome. How much money do you need?"

“I don't need money," Cody began. “Zack turns 14 next week and I want to get him something really special."

“Zack's birthday is next week? When's yours?"

“London, we're identical twins. We have the same birthday."

“What a continent!"

“You mean coincidence. Anyway, I don't know what to get him? Any ideas?"

London looked as if she was thinking hard, but it turned out she was watching a fly buzzing against the wall. Cody cleared his throat. London came back to the moment. “Well, on my last birthday, Daddy said he'd get me anything I wanted. I wanted him to come home, but Daddy sent Vera Wang to design an original dress for me instead. Keira Knightley wore it to the Oscars, the thief."

“Uhhhh...Zack doesn't need a dress and I was thinking something in a lower price range."

“Hmmmm....well, why don't you ask him? Find out what he wants most in the world and get it for him. That'd be a nice gift. Yay me! Now get out."

The Idea
An hour later Zack came stomping into the Martin's suite on the 23rd flood muttering to himself as Cody read a book while lying on his bed.

Zack slammed their bedroom door. “Stupid girls. They're all talk and no action. I spent a hard-earned $4 on that hot dog and soda, and she didn't respond with anything more than a kiss on my cheek. Like she was my grandmother! I never get anywhere with girls!"

“Grandma doesn't eat hot dogs," Cody smirked. “And that was my money. You took it off the dresser. Anyway, Zack, you have been out with lots of girls." Cody always found the positive in any situation.

“Been out, but not made out! I can't believe I've barely even made out with a girl!" Zack threw his shoes and socks into the corner of their room. “I mean, I've never done almost anything with anyone. Well, except for you...but not a girl."

Cody blushed as he pickled up Zack's tossed garments and brought them to the hamper.

Zack continued. “You know what I want, Cody. I want to make sweet love to a beautiful girl all over and over and have her scream out my name. That's what I want most."

Cody's eyes opened wide. His brother had just told him what gift he wanted. A girl. He could handle that. But what girl should he get? Maybe he should ask. “Zack, if you had your pick of the girls around here, who would it be?"

“Maddie, of course. She may be ancient now at 17, but she is still a beautiful 16-year-old in my eyes."

The Pitch
The next day, Cody pressed forward. On one of her frequent breaks, Cody sat with the pretty blonde on the lobby couch nearest the candy counter. “Maddie, I have a question. Have you ever been with a boy?"

“What do you mean, Cody?" She was stunned at his uncharacteristic directness and masked it with a big smile.

“Well, have you ever had sex?"

“Why do you want to know?" Maddie had begun to blush.

“I'm just wondering."

“No, tell me why?"

“Well, I want to get Zack something special for his birthday. But to get it, I think I need to get you something special first."

“My break is almost over, Cody. And my next break won't be for..." she looked at her watch, “another 10 minutes. So, I think you need to tell me what you are talking about."

Cody spilled it. Maddie knew Zack had a crush on her, but she didn't realize how sexual the crush had become. Zack wasn't just a cute prepubescent anymore, but he was becoming a real teenage boy. Was Cody actually trying to pimp her out to his brother?

“Cody, you better think of something else. I am flattered Zack wants me to be his first, but it is never going to happen."

They sat in silence for a few minutes watching the empty hotel lobby.

Cody broke the quiet. “Severn Cullis-Suzuki."

“Did your brain just break?" Maddie looked into his eyes.

“No. I was just telling you who my first dream person would be. She's an environmental activist since she was 11 and she's beautiful too. Her dad is a great geneticist and she has worked with UN and hosted her own TV show and..."

Maddie smiled. “You are one unusual boy, Cody Martin."

They sat quietly for a few more minutes. The lobby remained empty and silent.

“Jesse McCartney."


“My dream first person is Jesse McCartney. I met him only for a moment when we fell out of that air duct into his room last year, but he is even more beautiful and perfect in person than I had imagined."

“Wow. Jesse McCartney." Cody realized that Maddie had just admitted she was a virgin referring to Jesse as her “dream first person."

Maddie was looking off dreamily. “I'd do anything to be with him."

“Would you spend the night with Zack?"

Maddie's smile disappeared. “Cody, I told you..."

“No, I get it. What I'm saying is if somehow I could get you to be with Jesse, would you be with Zack?"

Maddie laughed and shook her dirty blonde locks. “Cody, if you got me a night with Jesse, I'd do both you and your brother."

The Invite
A little more than a year earlier, the pop superstar Jesse McCartney had come to the Tipton Hotel. While Jesse was besieged by fans – including London and Maddie – he also was the victim of theft by Zack who was selling his stuff to the adoring girls outside. But somehow the two had struck up a friendship and ended up playing video games late into the night. Cody had been busy with a science competition elsewhere in the hotel (and burning a hole through the wall) and he never met Jesse. In fact, Zack later revealed that he never even mentioned to Jesse that he had a twin brother.

While Zack was out playing basketball that afternoon, Cody logged into his brother's computer. It only took a few guesses before he realized Zack's password was “password." Although Zack had tried to keep it a secret, especially from Maddie and London, Cody knew Zack and Jesse had been exchanging e-mails.

After searching through his brother's cluttered e-mail, he found all the messages to and from Jesse. Mostly, the singer/actor told Zack about his shows and parts, a little about some of the girls he met and the one he was now dating, and asked about Zack's life. Zack's e-mails were far less frequent, full of spelling and grammar errors that made Cody ill, and were all very much focused on Zack.

But as he read, Cody noticed a trend. Here and there, Jesse talked about coming back to Boston, staying at the Tipton, seeing Zack, playing video games – all interesting, but not noteworthy – until he read further. “In that photo you sent me of you at the beach, you must have driven the girls wild with how hot you look. You are looking good!" And this: “I love my girlfriend and everything, but sometimes I wonder what it might be like to try something different Have you ever thought that?" And, “I was amazed by what you told me on the phone.  I totally had to take care of business after we hung up. I wonder if you and Cody will do anything more? You really let him suck you? Have you ever thought about returning the favor to him? It seems only fair. That's what friends are for. There is so much more you could have done, When I come to Boston, maybe I can show you."

Cody was stunned. First, Zack had broken their mutual promise and told Jesse McCartney about their sexual adventures. Although it seemed he had altered the details by turning Cody into his friend and not mentioning the blowjob Zack had given to Cody, the asspounding Zack gave him, and the half dozen times since then that they had repeated one or more of the acts. But more than that, Jesse McCartney masturbated to the story! That was so hot. Cody undid his jeans and pulled out his 5" dick and began to rub it.

Jesse McCartney was gay! Well, more likely bisexual. And he wanted to be with Zack. “And I worried this was going to be difficult," Cody thought. He continued to rub with one hand while typing with the other.

“Dear Jesse. Sorry I haven't written in so long, but I wanted to ponder your last message before I corresponded..."

Cody let go of his dick and stopped typing. No, he had to sound like Zack. He erased it and started again.

“Hey Dude!!!!!! whats shakin? I think it is time you cum bak to vizit me in Boston. I have some new vidgames that are awesum!!!! LOL" It pained Cody to force the spelling errors, but he had to appear authentic. “I thought about sum of the things you said and maybee I would be okay for I and you to do sum stuff. I have learned sum new stuff from Cody that I want to shew you. When can you cum? Zack."

Cody hit send. He was pleased with his forgery and especially liked the double meaning his final misspelling provided. Now, Cody just had to get the response before Zack did. That was easy enough. He set up a rule to put any e-mail from Jesse's address in a hidden folder. Then he grabbed his dick again. Imagining Jesse and his brother together, Cody took only a minute before he shot out all over his clothing. It would take work to clean it up, but it was worth it. Cody collapsed contendedly back into the chair.

The Response
Jesse's email came later that night – and if Zack had seen it first, there wouldn't have been a problem. “Hey Dude! I am coming to Boston on Saturday night and staying two days. Some promotional gig. But I made them change hotels to the Tipton. ;-) Get ready to be crushed in every possible game – and to enjoy some other games too." Cody smiled and marked the e-mail unread as he restored it into Zack's inbox the next morning while Zack was in the shower.

The Arrival
Mr. Moseby wanted to keep Jesse McCartney's arrival a secret this time. From everyone. Especially the heiress, the candy counter girl, and the Martin twins. He was an old pro at welcoming dignitaries to the Tipton. He had Jesse arrive via the backdoor into the service elevator. It wasn't glamorous, but Jesse didn't want the screaming girls outside the hotel again either. Esteban ushered Jesse and his bodyguard directly to his luxury suite. It was perfect. No one saw Jesse arrive – except for one blond boy hiding behind a potted plant in the 24th floor hallway.

"Yo dude! Come out from there!" Jesse called to Cody.

Cody reluctantly showed himself.

“I am so sorry Mr. McCartney," Moseby began to sputter, “I'll have this urchin removed at once."

“No, it's cool. Zack's my friend. He can hang with me in my room."

Moseby was so shocked by the idea that one of the Martin twins had actually befriended the popstar that he didn't correct him on which twin it was.

The Proposition
Jesse McCartney knew he was bi. He had known for a while. Sex had been part of his life forever. He had lost his virginity along with fellow Dream Street band member Matt Ballinger one night to two very aggressive high school girls when he was still in middle school. While he'd never achieve the amazing accomplishments of his later tourmate Aaron Carter, who took the virginity of both Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff, he was proud of his string of sexual conquests of the famous and anonymous during his teenage years.

Of course, he was in a boy band. Sexual hijinks and gay play seemed to be par for the course in all of them. Before he had ever had his dick touched by a girl, he had done a whole lot with his boy band companions. He liked it. It felt good.

Once he left the band, that stuff mostly stopped. He and Aaron had a few nice nights on tour – back when Aaron wasn't tattoo-laden and kind of skeevy. On Summerland nothing had happened, but his mom was always around and as a born again Christian he wasn't supposed to be having sex with anyone anyway. His Abercrombie shoots had been great diversions with some amazingly hot male and female models who were very eager. He had his one and only bisexual threeway on one of them.

He hadn't really been with a boy in a while now, but ever since meeting Zack Martin last year he couldn't get him out of mind. Maybe he reminded him of his youth and Dream Street and their innocence. He looked like Matt or maybe he reminded him of Chris. It didn't matter. He was smitten. But the boy was too young and too straight for anything to happen.

So Jesse had been stunned when Zack had called him one night out-of-the-blue to tell him about a blowjob from Cody. While he hid many of the details, Zack needed someone to tell him what he and Cody did was okay. Jesse was exactly that person, but he had jacked off three times after hanging up the phone imaging Zack being sucked and fucking with his mysterious friend Cody.

Cody had been casing the 24th floor on Friday looking for the best hiding spots outside Jesse's suite when his prey had suddenly arrived in the service elevator. Cody couldn't believe his luck. Jesse had come in on Friday, not Saturday. Zack was off at Bob's house for the night. Not only that, Jesse had seen him and assumed he was Zack. He didn't have to do anything to get into Jesse's room. Cody had been struggling on how to make this happen. Now it was unfolding before his. It seemed his birthday present plan was destined to succeed.

For the next two hours, Cody struggled to be Zack. He wasn't very good at it, but he had pretended to be his brother many times before, usually to get him out of trouble and ending up in more. Jesse was crushing him in every video game. Cody told him he was distracted.

“What's the issue, little dude?" Jesse was smoking on a joint. He held it out to Cody who declined.

“Well," Cody tried his best to sound like his brother. “You remember that time with my friend Cody? Ever since then, I thought about doing more. But that's so gay!"

“Hey," Jesse cut him off. “Don't let your narrow thinking friends define what's right and wrong, Zack. And it's much more complicated than gay or straight. There are many other possibilities."

“But Jesse, when I think of doing more, I think of doing it with you."

Jesse was stunned. He knew he had to let the boy make the first move. He had used his looks, fame, and power to get into the pants of many a teen before, but he wanted Zack to take that first step. Here it had come – very clearly and very easily.

Cody went for it. He slid over on the couch and gently brushed Jesse's cheek. The two boys began to lightly kiss. The 19-year-old felt himself become completely hard at just Zack's touch. The soft skin, shaggy blond locks, and fumbling tongue of Zack were all a turn on.

Cody was in heaven. While he knew he was making out with Jesse McCartney under false pretenses, all that mattered was HE WAS MAKING OUT WITH JESSE MCCARTNEY! He let Jesse's tongue enter his mouth and his hands wrap around his head. Cody began to rub his body beginning at his neck and working down. When he got to Jesse's pants, he felt something hard poking from the fabric. It took him a moment to recognize that this was the teen sensation's dick. It was hard. And it was big. And he had to have it.

Rubbing Jesse's cock through the fabric, Jesse whispered in Cody's ear, “Zack, please suck me. Please." Cody was happy to comply. He peeled Jesse out of his clothes until he was wearing nothing other than a gold chain with a cross around his neck, his watch, and a ring. Jesse's dick was beautiful. Thick and golden, it was 7.5" and uncircumcised. And it was very happy. Cody wanted to make it even happier.

Opening wide, Cody swallowed the cockhead and began to use his tongue in ways that drove Zack wild when he sucked him.

Jesse looked between his legs at the beautiful sight of old was Zack anyway?...boy worshipping his cock of his own free will. But this was not the work of a complete amateur. As Jesse had both assumed and hoped, there must be more to the Zack and Cody sex story than what Zack had shared.

With a dinner meeting with the president of Hollywood Records later that night, Jesse didn't want to waste a moment. He knew he was getting aroused, and decided it was time to move forward. Pulling a disappointed sucker off his cock, he went to work removing the boy's clothes. They were much neater and preppier than Jesse remembered Zack's outfits.

Cody didn't resist at all as the gorgeous superstar removed every scrap of his clothing and moved them towards the bed. He was so glad his dick had grown in the last year. While he felt that he was still smaller than average – based on his frequent looking at his classmates' dicks in the locker room – he felt his 5" was very nice looking. Circumcised, shapely, and at full attention. Plus, Zack's dick was the exact same size.

Jesse was delighted with what Zack looked like naked. He remembered the boy as a little chunkier, but a year had passed and he seemed to have become skinny. Jesse showed his appreciation for his partner's naked form by offering the same mouth and technique on Zack's dick that he had used to get Aaron Carter to scream like a girl in pleasure back stage.

Cody thought this might be the best moment of his life. It wasn't just that he was having sex with one of the most beautiful males on earth, but after months of lackluster return-the-favor blowjobs from Zack and occasional amateurish ones from some of the eighth grade boys, he finally was being sucked by someone with both passion and experience. Standing on the bed in the middle of this giant luxury room, Cody felt like the most important person alive. But Jesse was really good. And Cody felt his knees buckle as he fell backwards on the mattress from the waves of pleasure.

“Are you okay, Zack" laughed Jesse.

“Fuckin' awesome," Cody shouted, still keeping up the pretense.

With Cody lying on his back, Jesse resumed his sucking. It didn't take much longer. “" was Cody's best attempt at speech when his orgasm overwhelmed him. Jesse knew from personal experience how much young boys – and older ones – love to have their load swallow. And how appreciative they become. The still 13-year-old shot off numerous volleys, but none were big and Jesse swallowed it with ease.

The two boys lay next to each other on the bed for a while, cuddling and kissing, rubbing their naked bodies against each other. Cody felt Jesse's third leg brush on his own and reached over to start stroking it.

“Zack," Jesse whispered. “I need to get off."

Cody moved as if to start sucking when Jesse stopped him. “No. I want to do something else. Tell me honestly. When you and Cody fooled around, you did more than what you told me, right?"

Cody wasn't sure what Zack had told him exactly, but he knew that question's answer. “Yeah. Well, not that night," he lied. “Later, I sucked him a few times too."

“I thought so," Jesse smiled. “And did he ever fuck you?"

Cody paused. Where as this going? He told the truth for Zack. “No. He wanted to, but I wasn't ready."

“How about now? Are you ready?"

Cody wanted few things more than the feeling of being rammed by Jesse's flesh missile. But he was here on a mission and this was his chance. He had something Jesse wanted. He couldn't let it escape. “I don't think so, Jesse..." Cody began. “I mean, it's not you. If anyone was to do that I'd want it to be you. But I am a virgin and I don't think I can..."

“You'll like it, Zack," Jesse asserted, adding to pressure. “It'll make you feel good and make me feel good."

The two boys gently bantered back and forth. Cody consciously rubbed the hard 7.5" dick in front of him to keep the sexual tension at its peak. Jesse got more and more excited and eager, practically begging to fuck him.

Now Cody had his chance: “I'll do it. But I need you to do something for me too."

“Anything," Jesse replied thinking Zack would want to fuck him in return.

“Do you remember the two girls that fell out of your air duct last year?" Cody was struggling to remember every detail of Zack's interactions with Jesse.

“The silly teenage fans from the hotel. I remember."

“Well, the pretty blond one that smiled, She's 17 now. And she is in love with you. If you spent a night with her, she'd be so happy. And I want to make her happy. Then I'll do whatever you want."

“Do you mean Maddie? The one you write about all the time? I thought you were in love with her. You want me to have sex with the girl you love?"

Cody paused looking for a logical answer to this logical question. “It's complicated," he used as a dodge. “She's a virgin." Cody knew that guys craved conquering uncharted waters. Maddie was good looking and sweet too, so that helped.

“Well, I am not saying I'll sleep with her, Zack. I think it is a strange request. But I'm happy to have a pretty girl to kiss and to suck my cock. But that's all. I think it's a little weird to ask me to fuck the girl that you love."

Cody thought that Jesse made sense, but this is how it needed to go. “If you meet her tomorrow night," Cody was rubbing Jesse harder, “and do whatever, you and I can do stuff on Sunday. Whatever you want from me."

Cody increased his rubbing even more and the room fell silent. As he noticed Jesse shifting around, ready to shoot from the handjob, he said, “Cum on my face."

While jerking him, Cody aimed the big cock at his mouth and soon was rewarded with a drenching of cum. Zack had cum on his face several times, but never in the amounts that Jesse did. He got it in his mouth, his nose, and even in one of his eyes. It felt awesome.

Jesse helped him to the bathroom where he washed up, restored his clothing, and then solidified their plans. Jesse had to work all day Saturday, but he'd back in the late evening for dinner. Maddie could meet him in his suite at 10:15pm. Then he and Zack would see each other for several hours on Sunday early evening for video games and other kinds of fun. A kiss on the mouth later sent Cody off in search of Maddie, but walking two feet off the floor.

The Deal
"Shut the fuck up!" Cody had never heard Maddie curse before. “He is not."

“It is true," Cody argued. “He is in the Patriot Suite. He snuck in last night."

“Oh! My! God! Don't tell London! I need my camera and..." Maddie was flapping her arms around in crazed excitement. Cody raised his hands to stop her. He guided her in deep breathing until she calmed.

“Listen, here's the deal. But you must stay calm as I tell you this. Promise you'll stay calm? Promise? I know you aren't going to believe me, but everything I am about to say is true. Tomorrow night, you are going to have dinner and a date with Jesse McCartney in his hotel room."

Maddie looked at him as if he had just told her he had seen London in overalls and cleaning sewers.

Cody smiled and continued. “You don't have to believe me, but you'll be there tomorrow and have your date. But if is important you don't tell him certain things. First, you don't know me. I mean, you can't tell him anything about me, Cody Martin. If he asks, you heard this whole thing from Zack not from Cody. And Zack has no brothers. You've never met a Cody. Second, you can't tell him about our deal."

“What deal?"

“You said if I got you a night with Jesse McCartney, you'd go to bed with Zack."

“Oh come on, Cody. I didn't mean it."

“Well then, I didn't mean you should go meet Jesse in his room tomorrow. Forget about it."

For another five minutes they bantered and bartered. Cody knew that Maddie's desire to be with Jesse, the thrill of losing her virginity to this god would overcome any other feelings. How could it not? To live out your fantasy – your first time with Jesse McCartney. That'd be worth any price. Plus, she still didn't believe he was telling her the truth. This was some sort of trick, so no harm in agreeing.

They finally settled on a deal. Whatever she was able to do with Jesse, she would do with Zack on Sunday, their birthday. If Jesse fucked her, she'd fuck Zack. If Jesse ate her out, she'd blow Zack. And so on.

“I am relying on your word," Cody was all business. “I won't know what happens, so you have to be honest. But I know you will be, Maddie! Of course, Jesse can tell me later. Remember this is Zack's surprise present for his birthday So don't tell him anything."

The Date
Cody told Zack the next day that Mr. Moseby had reported Jesse's had been delayed in Los Angeles and he'd now arrive on Sunday afternoon. He wasn't sure how to resolve the situation in the end, but he figured once Zack slept with Maddie all would be forgiven.

At 10:15pm Saturday night, he stood with Maddie outside the 24th floor suite. Cody was wearing some of Zack's clothing. Maddie had gotten her hair done, was wearing a tight dress that was not appropriate for her church school, and looked awesome. She figured there was no harm in dressing up just in case Cody was telling her the truth. If this was a scam, Cody was taking it really far. Cody looked up at this pretty young woman and felt himself getting a little hard at the thought of Jesse and Maddie together.

The door to the suite opened and Jesse smiled when he saw Cody (still thinking he was Zack). It didn't fade when he looked at Maddie, despite her wide open mouth and disbelieving eyes. While no stunner like his girlfriend Katie Cassidy, Maddie still had her charms. She was young and cute and he knew really sweet. Just like the Dream Street days – taking the virginity of teenage girls. Cody smiled as Maddie entered the suite and he watched the door close behind them.

Cody was really horny. He thought about trying to do something with Zack, but figured that would upset the equilibrium. God, being with Jesse was so hot. It took a lot of will to hold off having Jesse enter him. He'd be only the third guy to do so – joining Zack and Esteban. Although he knew the Latino was fucking his mom pretty regularly, he hadn't been able to get the image of the huge cock between Esteban's legs out of his mind. So a couple months ago, when Esteban came looking for Carrie, who was performing downtown at a big gig, the 13-year-old found a way into the young man's pants. He wasn't proud. But holding that python and licking it, feeling all 8" enter him as he screamed with pain and ecstasy pushed aside any guilt. They never repeated the performance and Esteban was still fucking Carrie, but Cody had the memories.

He broke into a grin as he reached the suite. Everything was going great and tomorrow he and Zack turned 14. He went into the bathroom to jack off.

The Birthday Morning
Sunday seemed like any other day. Zack was still asleep as Cody jumped out of bed with his usual excitement. “Happy birthday!" he shouted only to receive a pillow hit him right in the face.

They had decided not to have a party this year as it seemed childish. Instead, they were going to go to a Red Sox game with several friends next week.

Carrie made a big inedible breakfast for them. She handed out presents. A new skateboard, some video games, and a few DVDs for Zack. A new microscope, some cooking pans, and a few DVDs for Cody. Their dad called and told them about their present – a trip to Universal Studios in Florida next month. He had a job doing music for some new television show.

“Now give each other your presents," Carrie excitedly suggested.

“I almost have yours Zack," bubbled Cody. “And I think you are going to really really like it. It's a big surprise!"

“Great!" replied Zack with suspicion. “Uhhh...your present is coming later too."

Cody knew Zack hadn't gotten him anything. It'd be fun to see what he came up with quickly today.

While Zack was in the shower, Cody called Maddie's cell phone. A very tired voice answered, “Hello?"

“Hi, Maddie. It's Cody!"

“Not so loud."

“How was last night?"

“Last night?"

“Yes, with Jesse."

“Oh. Nothing happened. So our deal is off."

She hung up the phone. Cody was shell-shocked. That didn't seem possible. Quickly, he grabbed Zack's hat and a shirt, and ran up the stairs to Jesse's suite. Banging on the door, the huge bodyguard Jesse who traveled with answered the door.


“Hi! It's me...Hey it's Zack. Is Jesse in?"

“He's busy."

“It's really important that I speak to him."

“Wait there."

The bodyguard closed the front door, Cody stood there patiently for a few minutes before the door opened again.

“You can wait here," he pointed to a couch in the main room next to Jesse's bedroom. “He's busy." The bodyguard stumbled into another room and closed the door.

Cody flopped on the couch in the luxurious suite. Amazing how his family's rooms and this giant spread were both called “suites." It was so quiet in the big space until he heard the heavy breathing and gasping. Unable to sit by quietly, he walked over to Jesse's room and pushed in the slightly ajar door.

From behind, he knew it was Maddie. She was riding Jesse who was lying on his back and grunting in pleasure. Maddie began to shout, “Yes! Yes! Yes!" when Jesse let out a loud “Oh!" and she collapsed bathed in sweat on top him.

Watching the two naked teens pant and sweat, it was obvious from the state of the room, the disheveled clothing, and the intimate way they were holding each other that this was not their first time since last night. Cody announced his presence by saying, “Nothing happened?"

Surprise turned to laughter as Maddie and Jesse broke into big smiles.

“Well, maybe something happened." She laughed again.

“You have a 2pm appointment for the surprise present, you know, Maddie."

Jesse looked confused but didn't say anything.

“I know. I'll be ready." She looked happier than Cody ever remembered.

Maddie jumped out of bed and Cody was surprised as she freely showed herself completely naked. He instantly sprang a boner as she went into Jesse' bathroom.

“She is one great fuck," Jesse was totally calm lying in the bed.

Cody turned to go, but Jesse told him to hang for a minute. Maddie soon came out of the bathroom all disheveled.

“I'm going home to shower and change. I guess I better use the back stairs so Mr. Moseby doesn't see me like this." She walked up to the bed, leaned down, and planted a sensual kiss on Jesse's lips.

“Bye Maddie."

“Bye Jesse."

A few seconds after the door closed behind her, Cody said, “So are you going to see her again?"

“No way," Jesse sat up to look right at Cody. “I have a girlfriend. And Maddie's too young. And lives in Boston. She knew it was a one-night thing. But I will say we made the most of it."

“What did you all do?"

“You are a horny little pervert, Zack," Jesse shook his head in some disbelief. Cody smiled. “There are some things I am not going to tell. Let's just say that Maddie is no longer a virgin under any definition, and that my cock hurts a lot. I think this one was one too many. Six times. Whew!"

“Does that mean you don't want to..."

“Of course I do! I thought about it the whole time I was screwing Maddie. I'll be ready for you later."

Cody nodded and turned to go again.

“Wait!" Jesse called. “Come here."

Reluctantly Cody moved towards the big bed. This wasn't part of his perfectly evolving plan.

“Maddie told me today is your birthday, Zack. I wanted to give you your present."

Cody smiled. Jesse reached over and began to unbutton Cody's pants.

“What are you,...?"

“Giving you a present."

At first it was awkward for Jesse to suck Cody at that angle leaning over. Jesse tried letting his head lean over the side of the bed as Cody face-fucked him – he had only done this once before with Matt Ballinger– but he didn't like that either. Finally, he pulled Cody onto the bed and began to suck him while on his knees and Cody on his back. But Cody was small and light enough that Jesse grabbed his ass and lifted his lower body into the air, leaving only Cody's feet, shoulders and head touching the bed. Jesse sucked as he pulled the young boy's dick in and out of mouth. Then Cody felt a new sensation as Jesse inserted one of his fingers in Cody's ass. That set him off.

Cody shot into the open mouth of Jesse McCartney, pop and TV star, and watched him slurp down every drop. Jesse let Cody drop back exhausted onto the bed.

“Happy birthday, Zack!" he smiled. “You can give me the thank you note tonight."

The Present
At 2:00pm, Zack was sitting alone in his bedroom. Cody had told him to be there to get his present and to be presentable. Zack was all horned up and wanted to masturbate. But he thought he could wait until 2:05pm after he finished pretending he liked what Cody had gotten him. Meanwhile, he was making coupons to give Cody as a present. “One day without wedgies," he finished writing.

Her heard a light knock on the door and before he could say, “Come in," Maddie stepped into his room.

Maddie was wearing his Catholic School outfit. She knew boys found it hot. “Hi Zack! Happy birthday!"

“Hey Sweet thang," Zack called excitedly. “What are you doing here?"

“Well, I am delivering my present to you. This is really Cody's present to you. He arranged it all."

“Arranged what?"

Maddie knew action would get them farther than words. She waked up to the smiling but perplexed boy and planted a deep tongue kiss on him. Then another. Then another. Pulling off, she blew into his ear, running her tongue inside it and getting him to squeal. Maddie may never have fucked anyone until last night, but she already knew how to make out and how to be a cocktease.

“Why are..."

“You're 14 now. You've really wanted this. And even though this will be a one time thing, Cody thought it was about time you got your heart's desire and so he convinced me."


“That's a secret. Now, I want to make love to you Zachary Martin."

Maddie took her time stripping the boy. He was so small and so smooth. Having babysat her booger of a brother Liam, she had to resist thinking of him as she revealed this slightly doughy hairless boy. Once they got just to Zack's underwear, he began to strip her. Zack had imagined this moment countless times since he moved to Boston. Now he was going to make it happen. He summoned up all his courage and soon had Maddie's bra off and one of her breasts in his mouth.

They made their way to his bed, but Maddie saw what a mess it was and so they climbed onto the bedspread of Cody's perfectly made bed. For a while, Maddie let Zack engage in breast play alone, but this lost interest for her. She pushed him back and started kissing his nipples, which sent him into a spasm of ecstasy. As she rubbed her hands up and down his body, that felt good, she recognized the bulge in his underwear and released his cock.

Until last night, Maddie had only seen a few mature cocks – her father's when she accidentally walked in on her parents having sex, Lance, Chuck, and a couple other boyfriends. Having spent the night with a much bigger dick, it looked a little small. But it also was so cute. She could hold it in her hand with ease and she knew it'd be easier to suck on. Plus it was circumcised. She had never seen one before and found it much more attractive.

Zack closed his eyes. He'd be losing control of this situation soon. Maddie's hands on his dick ran an electrical paralyzing charge through him. What had he done to deserve this gift? And how did Cody convince Maddie to be here?

Maddie reviewed her night with Jesse. She had promised to match Jesse's actions with Zack. Let's see...she had sucked Jesse, he had eaten her out, been fucked by Jesse missionary, and then they had dinner. Then he fucked her doggie style, among other positions, and then he somehow convinced her to let him fuck her in the butt. She actually found that kind of sexy in a dirty, sinful way. They went to bed around 3am. She woke up at 6am and blew him. Then they slept again until Cody called and she had joked that nothing had happened. Then the final fuck, which Cody saw the end of. Whew! Well, she couldn't repeat all that. They didn't have all night like she did with Jesse. She was plenty sore. And she doubted the virginal boy could handle it. She'd cut it the two basics: Suck and Fuck.

The blowjob was over almost as fast it began. While Cody was a great cocksucker, his love and lust for Maddie so excited him that Zack started cumming with 30 seconds of Maddie's lips wrapped around his member. Maddie quickly swallowed his load down. That's what most of her classmates did too, she knew.

She tried to get Zack to eat her out, but he showed typical male reluctance. Yet another reason Jesse was the perfect man. So they lay together and talked quietly. It was in these moments she really liked Zack. He listened as she shared and had genuine interest in her. He had been the one to come to her birthday party when everyone else went to London's. He always was there for her. He really did love her. That was a turn on and she felt herself getting welt.

“Zack," she whispered. “I want to make love to you."

Maddie had been on the pill for over a year. Her parents and the nuns at the school would have been aghast, but more than half the girls were. The ones that weren't were the ones getting pregnant. London had been able to provide the mechanism to getting her prescription regularly filled. Since Zack was a virgin, she felt safe that he was clean and didn't feel a condom was necessary. With Jesse, she hadn't used a condom wondering if she could maybe get pregnant and have his love child.

Maddie mounted the still terrified Zack from above, lowering her pussy onto his once-again hard. “" Zack was in ecstasy. It felt so much better than he could have ever imagined and that it was Maddie above him only increased his excitement.

Zack did better this time in holding out. Three minutes before he came. Maddie smiled to reassure him. She had never been with a boy this young and wasn't used to their lack of impulse control.

“Well, you are no longer a virgin," She smiled.

Being 14 and in lust, Zack was soon hard again and asked Maddie if he could try one more time, but with him on top. God, she thought, my sixth fuck since last night. That's a hell of a beginning to having sex. She agreed.

Zack moved on top of her and with assistance pushed his dick in. It took a few moments before his breathing and gasping returned to normal. He began slowly, too slowly, and she encouraged speed. He didn't understand a middle ground and began to thrust like lightning. Hours of basketball and soccer practice had made his legs strong and kept him from fatigue. Jesse had been a gentle lover for the most past – although the ass fuck had been somewhat rough. She was ready for a pussy pounding.

“Yes! Yes!" she moaned. Zack took that as a sign he was doing it right. He kept pushing forward as hard and as fast he could.

“Yes! Yes!" her scream got louder. Zack concentrated with all his energy as he pushed harder and faster.

“Yes! Yes!," she said between breaths. Zack was stunned. He never expected to hear anything like that. It was his fantasy and it totally set him off. “Oh....Wow!" as he came inside her. He couldn't believe that on his third cum in less than hour so much came out and in so many volleys.

Lying on top of her, the 3" height difference she had over him meant his mouth was perfectly positioned by her breasts again.

“That was great Zack. I don't think you should always go that fast, but that was great. I can't believe how long you kept that up."

Zack glanced at a clock. He had fucked Maddie for 20 straight minutes of non-stop pounding. He smiled.

“How was it for you?" he asked with genuine interest.

“I had a whole bunch of orgasms. It was wonderful."

Zack was in heaven. “Can we do this again..."

“Let's not talk about it now," Maddie changed the subject. "˜This was a one-time birthday present from Cody and me." But she knew she was lying and that she'd fuck him again. He was available, willing, showed promise, and cared about her. She was getting flashes of lust at work all the time and had nowhere to channel it. Mr. Moseby was much too old and sarcastic. Arwin was old and weird. And Esteban – he was a manwhore and was too proud of his giant cock. Plus, he preferred sleeping with the guests.

Ten minutes later, they were both dressed and exchanged one more long kiss. “Outside of this room, everything is like before," she cautioned and immediately walked out.

Zack wanted Cody back in the room so badly – to find out how he had made this happen and to share every single detail with his twin. But he also had to get ready. He'd be seeing his friend Jesse McCartney in a few hours – and could brag how he lost his virginity that day!

The Linen Closet
Cody avoided the suite. He didn't want to explain things until he had to, knowing some of it would upset Zack. He struggled to figure out how to explain Jesse's part in the orgasmic deflowering Zack just had. Would the ends justify the means? As long as Maddie did him right, it should all be okay, he reasoned.

The last part of the obligation was for Jesse to fuck Zack. Well, Cody would have to fulfill that before Zack got to the suite. In the early evening, while still wearing his Zack outfit from the morning, Cody went straight to Jesse's suite. In the hallway, he ran into Maddie. Literally.

He helped her up and as he said, “I'm sorry."

Maddie cocked an eyebrow for a moment, but then put a hand on his shoulder. “I need something from you, Zack."

“I'm no...." He stopped. She thought he was Zack. Where was this headed?

Pushing him into a linen closet, she whispered into his ear. “I need to have you inside me again. I need to fuck you right now."

She grabbed a couple quilts from the shelves and a few pillows and tossed them onto the floor. Cody was completely passive. Mostly he was terrified. He had never lusted after Maddie. And not really after any girl. He had begun to recognize he was really only interested in boys. If Zack wanted Maddie, great. He was thrilled to help his brother. But he didn't need to go there.

The 17-year-old began to kiss and caress the petrified 14-year-old. She pushed a hand under his shirt and rubbed his chest while she nibbled on his neck and his ear. With his scientific mind for the art of discovery, Cody decided there was no reason he couldn't experience straight sex. For a girl who was a virgin less than 24-hours ago, Maddie certainly seemed to be confident and aggressive sexually. And her actions were working. Despite his conscious desires, Cody was making little chirping noises of pleasure. And he was hard. He was hard most of the time these days – any passing good looking guy could cause it, and he also had his beautiful twin brother to arouse him. But now it was a girl, or specifically the physical actions of a girl. Her tongue kisses, massaging hands, eager tongue, warm breath all made his skin tingle.

“Zack, I want to fuck you again? Can I?"

Cody simply nodded. He didn't want to lie more than he had to, but he wasn't going to miss this chance. In the confined linen closet, there wasn't much room for them. They had to lay one on top of another. Maddie was completely in charge. He had still not been able to move his hands or legs or say anything. Maddie pulled off Zack's baseball cap and then Zack's shirt that Cody had been wearing. She then turned around and unlaced his sneakers, removing each one and the sock. Wearing just pants, Maddie took his right foot in her hands and began to caress it, pushing on the bottom and sending powerful nerve pulses through the twin's skinny frame. She took his foot in her mouth and sucked on each of the toes, one-at-a-time. Cody made sure to pay attention. These were all things he could also do to a guy.

Releasing his foot, Maddie pulled off her blouse. Cody had never noticed how shapely Maddie was. Under her Tipton and School uniforms hid a sexy woman. She popped off her bra and the fed her breasts to a confused Cody. Cody's pants proved to be a little more trouble in the confined space, but by standing up, she pulled them straight into the air. Maddie smiled looking at the boner in his underwear and licked and rubbed it. Soon his underwear was gone and she also reached under her skirt and removed her own.

As she readied herself to lower onto Cody's erect dick, the boy wondered if they should use protection. He blurted out, “Condom?" And Maddie just smiled and said, “You know I'm on the pill, Zack."

Cody decided to just shut the hell up in fear of revealing his true identity. Then Maddie's warm opening surrounded him. It was a totally new feeling. Smoother and wetter and wonderful. Maddie's skirt hid the actual penetration from view, so Cody closed his eyes and enjoyed the teenager taking control. She rhythmically rode him up and down and up and down. He just lay back and thought about the boys he loved.

The Fulfillment
Zack knocked on Jesse's door and the pop star himself answered it. Zack gave him a big hug, happy to see his friend after a year.

“How's your birthday been?" Jesse asked.

“Pretty fucking awesome! I got some good gifts, but best of all was the gift my brother gave me." Zack paused for drama. “He got me into bed with my dream girl!"

Jesse smiled. “You have a brother?" he asked.

“Yeah, I ..." Zack tried to remember what he said about Cody. He couldn't, so he decided it was better to be vague. “Just one little brother. But it so awesome seeing you Jesse. I know you missed the Z-man."

Walking through the giant suite, Jesse smiled down on the boy he had thought about for the past year. There it was: the attitude, the confidence, the innocence, the mischievousness. This was the Zack he had become infatuated with.

He led Zack towards the bedroom, “Aren't we going to play any videogames?" Zack asked.


To Zack's shock, Jesse dropped his robe and was wearing only silk boxers.

“I need you Zack. I can't explain it. But I need to be inside you. Please."

Zack's mouth dropped open in shock – he hadn't actually understood Jesse's obvious hints in his e-mails and had no idea of Jesse's sexual attraction. Not knowing what to say, he let Jesse pull him onto the bed and began kissing him, his lust having built up all day. He fumbled with Zack's clothing, but soon had him stripped to underwear.

The two gorgeous teens – spanning the spectrum of teenagedom, the beginning and the end – rolled around on the bed. Zack had kissed Cody plenty of times in the last year. He and Bob had also started to fool around, although he hadn't told Cody. Zack had begun to think about boys who were good looking some of the time and imagined them sucking his dick, his favorite position. And while Maddie occupied most of his thoughts, and various other girls – local and famous – filled almost all of the rest of his fantatsies, he had to admit that now again he wondered what it would be like for this guy or that to blow him or even how big their dick might be. Of all the guys he imagined, Jesse had been the one show up the most.

Zack could feel Jesse's cock press against him through the boxers. The nineteen-year-old was already hard and the pressing of the large dick felt exciting. He had made the hottest guy he knew, a guy that girls drooled over, totally aroused. Zack smiled as he felt Jesse's hand move to the 5" of awakening flesh between his legs.

“Suck me," Zack boldly whispered in Jesse's ear as he began to massage him under his underwear. Jesse smiled at Zack's demand and worked his way down the pink, smooth body. He pulled Zack's underwear off with his teeth and began to kiss and lick the areas around his little pal's erection. Zack couldn't stand it. He wasn't one for foreplay and was being driven insane by Jesse's attention to everything but his dick.

“Stop fucking around, Jesse! I need you to blow me!" he shouted and begged and demanded and moaned all at the same time.

Jesse had taught Zack the lesson of anticipation. He rewarded him by taking in the entire cock in one gulp. Jesse went to work. He wanted Zack's orgasm to come quickly. He needed to fuck the boy. His sex with Maddie last night, including getting her from behind, had been physically exhilarating. But the idea of fucking Zack had kept him hard all throughout his publicity work today.

Zack loved having his dick sucked. It was probably his favorite activity other than skateboarding through the lobby to piss off Mr. Moseby.  Cody was an excellent cocksucker he had found. Bob was not. Maddie was...well, he had cum too quickly to know. Jesse was unbelievable. His breathing became heavy and labored and he involuntarily started shaking as he grabbed Jesse's head, as much to gain stability as to control it. Jesse added in a few extra licks and bites and visits to Zack's balls, but mostly to get Zack to beg him to keep sucking.

After a few minutes, Jesse was sure Zack was close. So he pulled of him completely.

Zack's eyes popped open. “Don't stop! Oh, don't stop!"

Jesse smiled. “On one condition..."

Zack started nodding. “I'll blow you next if you want."

Jesse smiled but shook his head. “Another time maybe. Today, I need to fuck you."

Zack hesitated. The one thing he had not done was lose his virgin ass as much as Cody had asked for it. But the throbbing in his dick and the beauty of the boy above him could have gotten him to agree to anything. Zack nodded. Jesse laughed and went back to work.

When Zack came, he thrashed about and screamed in ecstasy. Jesse tried to swallow his load, but Zack's movements pulled him out of Jesse's mouth spraying cum everywhere. When he finally stopped coating the bed, Zack panted and rolled onto his side, cum still dribbling out of his dick. “Fuck," was all he could say.

Jesse smiled again. “Exactly."

He didn't wash any of the cum that was on his face or chest off. He didn't clean up the bed or the naked boy lying on it. Instead, Jesse moved between Zack's legs and began a rim job. Aaron Carter was the first guy Jesse ever rimmed. Zack now felt the same exhilaration. Cody had done a lot of things with him. He had never done nearly anything around Zack's ass.

Getting Zack prepared took only a little bit. The licking of his ass got him charged up again. The two fingers he shoved in were tight, but Zack let himself relax enough that Jesse got a third one in too. He used large amounts of lubricant throughout. Jesse had fucked virgin boys before, but not since he was younger. He didn't want to hurt Zack. He stared down at the boy beneath him and paused.

Zack felt Jesse hesitate. He knew Jesse was considering all sorts of issues. Zack, fully hard again, was ready. He knew how much Cody claimed Zack's fucking of him felt great. Bob had said the same thing when he fucked him for the first time on Friday night.

Putting on his best “Mom, I'm sorry I broke that Ming vase with my baseball, but I think you are the prettiest and best mommy in the world face," Zack looked over his shoulder and said, “Jesse McCartney, would you please fuck me? Pretty please."

Jesse laughed loudly and went for it. He stroked his dick until it was back to iron hardness, split Zack's buttcheeks, and pushed right in.

Zack screamed in pain. Jesse pushed in deeper and deeper. His lust was consuming him. But he didn't want to make it miserable for Zack at this point, so he moved him into a couple different positions to minimize the initial discomfort. But it was relaxation and familiarity that would do the trick. He whispered positive statements to the smaller boy, praising him and how he looked and how good he was doing. Zack began to calm and the pain began to lessen. That's when he started to notice more of the pleasure.

Zack's initial ass-pounding was a long, drawn out affair. Jesse was desperate to make it last as long as he could. When he ultimately shot on Zack's back, he found he was still hard. So he simply flipped Zack onto his back, lifted up his legs and went back in for seconds. Zack was somewhat dazed, but in this position, he recognized Jesse could kiss him and caress his dick, which he did. The double sensation of a dick in his ass and hands on his own was new and exciting. It took just a few looks up at Jesse to reach his own level excitement and shoot directly onto Jesse's stomach.

Jesse loved the smell of cum in the air – his own mixed with Zack's. No other boy had excited him this much since Aaron Carter. Jesse still was hot for girls. But if he could be with Zack, that'd be a visit he'd make over and over. Jesse thrusted over and over and over feeling the pleasure of a hot hole and a hard dick.

“Ungh!" Jesse grunted and he pushed harder as if he could someone get further inside the Martin boy. “Yeessssss!" he shouted as his ejaculation flooded inside Zack's tight cheeks. “Yes!"

The Reveal
Cody panted on the floor of the linen closet. He had just lost his boy-girl virginity. It had been really great, but he felt weird the whole time. He was with his brother's love who had just fucked him earlier for the first time. And she thought he was Zack.

“Did you like it Cody?" she purred.

“It was great. I'd be up for that anytime." Then it hit him. “You called me Cody."

“Yeah," she agreed. “Cause that's your name. You can pretend to be Zack, I'd always know. I don't understand how anyone can't tell you apart."

“When did you figure it out?"

“Actually I came looking for you. I didn't expect you to be wearing Zack's skater boy wear, but I knew it was you. And I knew you'd never do anything as Cody. But if you were Zack..."

“Why would...?"

“Cause as you mentioned, I am a person of my word. When we made the deal, I said if you got me a night with Jesse, I'd do the both of you. Zack more than filed his end. But you needed your reward too."

Cody smiled. This might be the only girl I ever fuck, he thought to himself. And on my 14th birthday. Awesome. It felt great. But the whole time I wished it had been Jesse.

“And you know, Cody. I mean you may not do this much in the future, but if you ever are willing, I'd love to watch you at play with another guy."

Cody sort of froze. He hadn't realized how obvious his homosexuality was to everyone. Frankly, almost every aspect about him was a gay stereotype: From his blanky to his clothes to his neatness to his cooking to his mom loyalty to his higher pitched voice to his helpfulness and on and on and on. Maddie, he also now discovered, had a lot of kinky sides to her too.

Maddie was seated next to Cody's still naked body. He smiled at her, “I hear you and Jesse had sex four times. And then you and Zack did it..." Maddie held up two fingers, “twice. And now me. That's 7 times since yesterday. Aren't you tired? I mean it was your first time."

Maddie laughed. “I go to Catholic school. I'm spiritually built for this. Compared with my class, I am just making up for lost time." She let out a smile and a sigh. “And not a bad first day - Three different boys – one a music star god, and identical twins losing their virginity on their birthday. That's a good 24 hours. Let's see anyone at school top that! What do you think Zack will say when he learns you fucked me too?"

Cody shot up. “Oh my god, Zack. He must have gone up to Jesse's suite. I was supposed to..."

“Don't worry about it."

The Other Reveal
Zack panted as Jesse lay on top of him covered in perspiration. The nine-inch height difference had Zack almost invisible underneath. He could feel Jesse's cum run out of his ass and Jesse's finally softening dick rubbing against his own. When Jesse caught his breath, he led Zack to the bathroom where they showered together.

“Zack, that was fucking amazing," Jesse called through the water cascading on each of them. “Thank you so much. I am so glad Cody pretended to be you."

“What!!!!!" Zack pushed Jesse slightly. Dazed, he walked out of the shower and dripped onto the bathroom tile. Jesse turned off the water, wrapped himself and then Zack in a towel as the 14-year-old repeated, “What?"

Jesse dried off and helped Zack do the same, saying he'd explain everything. Still naked, they sat down on the couch and Jesse told him what he knew.

“Zack wanted to give you a special birthday present – Maddie. So he pretended to be you when I got here on Friday." Zack opened his eyes wide hearing that Jesse didn't just arrive today. “I didn't know you had a brother, let alone an identical twin and it had been a year since I saw you, so I never guessed. Well, he sort of threw himself at me and we started fooling around."

“Yeah," Zack noted, “I've been there."

“Yeah, you told me you and a Cody got together, but you never said who he was. So I told him I wanted to fuck him and he said he was virgin there and didn't want to. So he made me a deal. If I was going to fuck him, first I had to go on a date with Maddie."


“Yeah, see Maddie only agreed to be your birthday present if Cody could get her a night with me. She never imagined he could. So Maddie and I fooled around last night."

Zack was devastated. While he wasn't sure whether Maddie was a virgin when they had sex, he had always imagined her as pure. Her aggressiveness had made that seem unlikely. This cinched it.

Jesse refrained from sharing the many positions and holes he and Maddie had utilized. “But while Maddie and I were together and talking, she sort of mentioned you being a twin. Well, we talked it out and I realized that the boy I had been with was Cody not Zack. So Maddie went off with you, right? And then I got to get my end of the bargain. I thought Cody might try and come and substitute for you, so I had him distracted making sure you were the one who came here. Cause, even though your brother is cute, Zack, you are the one I wanted."

Zack was stunned. But Jesse seemed totally cool with it. “I think everyone came out ahead. I had fun with your brother and fun with Maddie and now the best time with you. Cody and Maddie can both say they've been with a pop star. You can too. And you lost your virginity in two different ways today. Not bad. I should come to the Tipton more often, You certainly take care of your guests!"

“So Cody set me up...."

“No, Zack. Your brother loves you so much. He knew the thing you wanted most was to fuck Maddie. So he got you that. You wouldn't have it otherwise, right? And Maddie wanted most to be with me and she got it. And I got to be with you, what I wanted most. All three of us got what we wanted most. That's pretty impressive."

Zack was very surprised to hear Jesse state his desire for him so explicitly. Maddie's perfection had dropped a few notches, but he knew Jesse was right. She'd never of slept with him without an outside incentive. “What did Cody get?"

Jesse smiled. “Okay, don't be mad. Maddie and I were both impressed with Cody's love for you. And we knew you'd never get him a present, right?" Zack shrugged an affirmative. “So he had the time with me on Friday pretending to be you. And today, I gave him a birthday blowjob. And right now, he's fucking Maddie."

“But Cody's gay," Zack protested, voicing what he knew but had never said.

“Yeah, so he's having a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Maddie certainly took to fucking like a duck to water. And you're straight, right? But you've been having sex with your brother for a year and with me tonight."

Zack tried adding up the pieces. It was too much to get his head around, so he just thought about himself. He had gotten to fuck Maddie twice and lose his virginity to her. That was awesome. He had gotten blown by Jesse McCartney and then fucked by him. He had learned that his brother would do anything for him, that Maddie was really a nympho and not the angel he had created, and that Jesse McCartney came to Boston just to have sex with him. That's a pretty good deal. Nothing else seemed to matter.

“Are you gay, Jesse?" Zack finally spoke.

“I don't like labels. In the pop industry, everyone does lots of things. I have been fooling around with boys since I was a pre-teen. And I have been with lots and lots of girls, especially lately. But I think you get very different pleasures from a girl or from a guy. Both are good."

“I wonder what it's like to be with both a guy and a girl at the same time," horny Zack smirked.

“Maybe you and I will have to experiment with that. And you know what I want to try?"


“Being with two adorable sexy identical twins at the same time. I wonder where I can find that?"

Zack punched Jesse in the arm. He would love five years from now to have the kind of free spirit Jesse did. His dad was in a rock band, Zack further noted. Did his dad do gay stuff?

“You are leaving tomorrow?"

“Yeah," Jesse noted. “But I'm going to try everything to come back soon. And maybe I can get you and Cody to come out to a concert or on tour with me for a while."

“But you are leaving tomorrow?"

“Yes," said Jesse affirmatively.

“That means you are here all night?" Zack's and Jesse's smiles opened wide.

Grabbing the phone, Zack called back to his suite. “Mom. I'm having a great time at Jesse's. He's asked me to hang out all night! It's summertime. No I am not being a bother." Zack knew how to seal the deal. “He even asked if Cody could come for the night too. No, he doesn't need a sleeping bag or pajamas even." Jesse started laughing. “Mom, you are embarrassing me. Don't you want the suite all to yourself tonight. All night long." She knew Esteban would be there 10 minutes after Cody left. “Well tell Cody when he comes back to the suite. Yes, I'll get some sleep. Love you, bye."

“What'll we do until Cody gets here?" Jesse asked knowingly.

“Well, we could play a video game, but I have an idea. There's another game I want to play. It's called Zack Martin Sucks and Fucks a Pop Star. Episode one – Jesse McCartney." And Zack lowered himself on the dick of his teen lover for the continuation of one most amazing birthday.

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