The Sex Life of Zack & Cody

DISCLAIMER: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and all characters are the property of the Walt Disney Company and the Disney Channel. The writer has no knowledge of nor makes any claims about the sexuality of the actors involved. All events are completely fictional and do not reflect actual events. This story is a fictional parody that does not reflect on the sexuality of the actors or the characters.

Note: This story series includes depictions of gay sex between young teens. If that’s not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.
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“Hey, sweet thang!” The moppy haired blond boy confidently strutted up to the candy counter. Maddie offered her never-ending smile as Zack broke the drudgery of another afternoon working in the Tipton Hotel. Normally, things had a way of getting somewhat…unusual at the hotel – between the troublemaking Martin twins and her friend/rival/tormentor in London Tipton. But London was out-of-town with her father and the boys hadn’t set anything on fire or broken anything…yet.

“What do you say we go out tonight? Dinner, flowers, dancing, and then a long night of locking lips,” Zack suggested to the pretty blonde teenager.

“Zack,” Maddie’s smile never breaking, “you know I’m too old for you. You just turned 13 and I’m almost 17. I need to find someone my age and so do you.”

“When you’re 30, I’ll be 27. Now won’t you want to date a guy in his 20s when you’re in your 30s?” Zack never stopped trying.

“I’ll give you a call when I’m 30!” she sighed. “Now, unless there’s something else, I need to get back to work or I might lose my job.”

“Shouldn’t we get in some kissing practice now, so it’s natural for us then?”

“Oh, Zack! Your so cute.” Maddie walked around the side of the counter, leaned in and gave Zack a sisterly kiss on the cheek. But Zack immediately felt a reaction – down by his groin, he was getting hard. This was happening all the time lately, but Maddie’s lips brought it on instantly. Could she tell? Zack thought. Could she see? His left hand casually dropped in front of his crotch and as he smiled at his heart’s desire.

“Now shoo!” she dismissed him and turned to help an old lady looking for some mints.

Zack turned from Maddie, disappointed, and looked around the lobby. He needed to talk to someone about his constant boners. Estaban, the fun bellhop, wasn’t anywhere in the lobby. It was his shift, so he must be unloading luggage in someone’s room, Zack figured. And where was Cody? Oh yeah, studying, as usual. How could anyone do as much homework as Cody did?

“So the answer is…4.8?” Max asked, more in hope than in confidence.

“Exactly!” Cody broke into a wide grin matched by Max’s delight.

“Cody, you are such a good teacher,” his friend declared. Cody had been helping her study for math this week. Usually their friend Tapeworm helped Max study, but he had been out of school with strep throat and Cody was just as much a math genius as Tapeworm.

Max pulled off her baseball cap and let her long brown hair drop to her shoulders. When they first met, Zack and Cody thought Max was a boy. But they quickly learned that even though she was great in basketball and on bass guitar, she was definitely a girl.

Cody then felt something different and the smile drained from his face. Max had put her hand on his leg.

“W-what are you doing…?” he choked out.

“I just want to thank you for helping me,” she stared into his eyes, clearly preparing to kiss him.

“I thought you liked Zack?” Cody squeaked.

“That’s so last year!” Sam snapped back, still hurt by Zack’s rejection of her after a kiss on the basketball court.

Cody was confused. He had never thought of Max as someone to like. Sure, she was a girl, and even a pretty girl, but she was his friend who was a girl, not a girl friend. Max’s hand was still on his leg and Cody suddenly realized that he was sporting a hard-on. He looked down towards his bulge and saw that his erection wasn’t noticeable, but it felt like it was on display.

“I…I have to go…” Cody jumped up. He grabbed his books and ran out of the hotel lounge where they were studying.

“Cody, wait!” Max called, but the blond teen was off, running to find Zack.

The luggage cart was just sitting there. Normally, the bellhops kept them under careful observation – Especially since Zack and Cody tried racing them through the hallways last year and someone they both ended up in the pool. But now there was an empty cart, a long hallway, few people, and a lot of pent up energy.

Filling his lungs with air, Zack gave a war whoop and ran down the hall, pulling the cart, building up speed. When he had reached maximum foot velocity, he jumped on the cart and surfed it straight into the lobby.

“No brakes!” he warned as hotel customers dove out of the path of the speeding, runaway cart. Sadly the cart’s wheels weren’t perfectly aligned. Instead of speeding through the lobby and out the other side as Zack’s perfect plan had been imagined, the cart made a sudden turn to the left, veered into the center of the lobby, and then into a table. A table with a vase on it. More accurately, a table that recently had a vase on it.

As the cart hit the table, Zack watched with a mixture of horror and delight as the vase sailed through the air, seemingly in slow motion, and smashed all over the lobby carpet.

“What is going on in my lobby!” a voice rang out. Zack knew that voice. The hotel manger, Mr. Moseby stared incredulously at the broken vase.

“I should have known,” he said, turning to Zack. “Whenever havoc and destruction disturb the oasis of the Tipton, you are always close at hand. What were you thinking riding this…who am I asking – you weren’t thinking, as usual.”

“To be fair, Mr. Moseby,” Zack suggested, “if this cart had better wheel alignment, this whole affair could have been avoided.”

“Into my office…now!” he shooed Zack, out of the sight and gaze of the hotel guests. “Nothing to see, all resolved, welcome to the Tipton,” he smiled as he pushed Zack into the manager’s office.

Closing the door behind them, Mr. Moseby’s smile disappeared. “I’ve had enough of this. Every day it is another disaster and you are always the cause. If your mother can’t discipline you, then perhaps she needs someone to do it for her.”

Zack was confused. Moseby was always upset, but his anger was usually short-lived. “Maybe, you shouldn’t leave such breakable things lying around. You should be glad I broke it. Imagine if a guest had done it – they’d feel so terrible and wouldn’t want to stay…”

“Stop it.” Moseby interrupted him, completely serious. “No more. Now come over here.” Zack walked over to Moseby who was standing next to an armless wooden chair on the side of the room. “Drop your pants and bend over. I’m going to make sure you remember the consequences of destroying things.”

Zack tried to say something, but his usual banter had deserted him. He had never imagined this situation. His mom had never spanked them, even when they were little.

“Now!” Moseby demanded with more force than Zack had ever heard. Unsure what to do, Zack found himself unbuttoning his bulky cargo pants and dropping them to his ankles.

“The whole thing,” the manager demanded.

Zack pulled down his briefs and Moseby bent him over the chair. With his right hand open flat, he smacked the boy’s very white bottom with full force. <Smack> Tears filled Zack’s eyes, but he refused to make a sound. <Smack> <Smack> <Smack> <Smack>

His butt was glowing pink with the vague impression of Moseby’s hand. Zack could stomach pain, but the humiliation was much, much worse.

“Now, I hope that you’ll think twice about terrorizing my hotel,” Moseby said, clearly signaling that he was finished.

Zack stood up and then reached down to pull up his briefs and pants. He found that his dick was completely hard as he navigated the underwear’s elastic over it. As quickly as possible, and before he started to cry, Zack left the manger’s office and raced back up to the suite.

Cody tore down the hallway. He was so confused from Max’s pass at him. He needed to talk to Zack. Zack understood girls. Cody was so absorbed in his own thoughts that he didn’t even notice the young man in front of him.

“Ooof!” they both cried as Cody ran full steam into Lance. His math books went flying and Lance went tumbling to the floor. Lance was the 17-year-old lifeguard at the Tipton and a one-time boyfriend of Maddie’s. He was coming off shift and was dressed in only a t-shirt that read “Water Works,” the name of his band, and a tight black Speedo.

“Hey, little man, what’s the hurry?” the teen asked the silent Cody as he picked himself up off the floor.

Cody found himself staring into the good-looking face of the lifeguard. “What?”

“You know, if you just ate, you shouldn’t run. And you certainly shouldn’t go swimming for at least 30 minutes.”

Lance related everything to water and the pool. Cody nodded and his eyes ran down the teen’s body and settled on the significant bulge in the Speedo. Lance was oblivious to Cody’s gaze and leaned over to pick up the younger boy’s books. Cody continued to stare, his mouth slightly open, as he watched the athletic boy’s tight ass as he reached to the floor. He handed them back to Cody who could only silently mouth his thanks.

“No harm done, right?” Lance joked. He tousled Cody’s blond hair. “Okay. Well, I’m off to band practice. We’re playing on the docks this weekend.”

Cody nodded, unsuccessfully pulling his eyes off of Lance’s package. Lance turned and continued on his way. The spell broken, Cody took off running once again and back up to the suite.

Zack and Cody
Both of their elevators opened at the same time on the 23rd floor. They had so much to tell each other, but nothing came out as they wordlessly ran into the suite and straight into their bedroom.

They began to read each other’s faces. For all their differences, the identical twins could really understand each other when they wanted to. Cody saw the pain in Zack’s eyes. Zack saw the confusion in Cody’s. Then they heard the noise.

“Yes, yes….ooooh….oohh…” It was a woman’s voice, moaning with occasionally words thrown in.

Leaving their bedroom, they realized the sound was coming from their mom’s room. Never one to leave a mystery unexplored, the twins turned the handle ever so silently and pushed open the door to Carey Martin’s bedroom.

Peering around, they saw their mom was leaning over the bed. And she was naked. But more surprising to the boys was the darker-skinned man standing naked behind her and pushing his very large cock in and out of their mother.

“Yes, Estaban, yes. Fuck me harder!”

“Little blond person, this feels so wonderful. I am very happy to be fucking you.”

“Ohhhh! Shut up and fuck me harder. Oooooh. Yes!”

The boys closed the door and returned to their room. They knew their mom had gone on some dates, but they had never thought about her having sex. And with Estaban. Estaban, who was…well, huge.

“Did you see the size of his…?” Zack asked.

Cody, who had focused on little else, didn’t want to answer, concerned what it might reveal.

“Cody, I have to talk to you, but right now I am so damn hard that I have to take care of myself. I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Me too,” said Cody. “I feel like I am going to explode. Is it just what we saw or something else?”

“Oh, Maddie keeps leading me on. I know she wants me. And then…well…promise you won’t make fun of me?”

“Sure,” the optimistic younger twin replied.

“Mr. Moseby got so mad at me for breaking some vase that…that he spanked me.”

“No way!”

Zack pulled down his pants and turned around showing his pink, inflamed behind.

“Wow! You need to do something about that or you won’t be able to sit all week.” Cody went over to his bed and pulled some Vaseline hand cream from his nightstand. “Put this on.”

While Zack began to rub some of the lotion on his butt, Cody told him about Max’s advance on him and his panic.

“Why didn’t you kiss her?” Zack asked in bewilderment. “I mean, she’s not for me, but you could have gotten some tongue out of it?” That was so like Cody, turning down a girl who was throwing herself at him.  Zack grunted as he had trouble rubbing the cream on his butt effectively.

“Here, let me,” Cody sighed, exasperated at his brother’s usual helplessness with anything practical. He grabbed the lotion, rubbed it on his hands, and pushed his brother onto the edge of his bed. With a little too much force, he began to massage the inflamed cheeks.

“Ow…gentle…” Zack warned.

Cody giggled. In response to his brother’s evil gaze, he explained. “Do you realize you are in the same position we just saw mom in?”

“Are you saying you want to fuck me?” Zack replied unamused.

“Sometimes.” Cody answered in dead seriousness stepping away from his brother’s behind.

Zack turned around and looked right into his brother’s eyes. Cody wasn’t kidding. For a while now, Zack had thought that Cody might be gay, but as identical twins, even twins who were very different, he always figured they had to be the same on that. And Zack was definitely into girls.

Cody couldn’t take it anymore and broke into full disclosure. “I ran into Lance as I came back to the suite…literally. I knocked him down. And as I looked as his body and his tight Speedo, I couldn’t help but think of how much I wanted to touch him, to kiss him…to suck him. But he walked away and I didn’t do anything as usual.”

Cody’s hands massaging his butt and now his revelations about his desires gave Zack a wave of lust. “What are you going to do about it?” Zack asked.

Cody returned to rubbing his brother’s butt, but said nothing for a while. Then, without warning, he reached around to the front of his brother and began to stroke Zack’s 4” throbbing hard dick.

Zack, more excited than surprised, let out a sigh of pent up sexual frustration. “Suck me, Cody. Please suck me.”

Cody couldn’t remember his brother saying anything sweeter in their lives. He dropped to his knees and Zack turned around. Opening his lips, Cody gently placed them over the head of his brother’s penis. He tried to remember everything he had read late at night on the internet and what he saw in those pictures and videos he had been secretly downloading for months. And Zack thought he was always doing homework when he was on the computer. Taking another breath, Cody moved his mouth further down the shaft, taking in a couple inches. He began to gag a little, but he relaxed his throat, pulled off a bit, and began again.

Within a minute, Cody had found his rhythm. Moving up and down, over and over, on his twin’s cock. Zack’s breathing told him he was doing it right. Cody had never touched another boy sexually. In fact, his only sexual experiences with another person were a couple kisses with girls and, last summer at camp, a one-time kiss with Tapeworm just to see what it was like. Zack had done more. He had felt several girls up, even gotten under one bra, and once got a girl to touch his dick – although it was while he was still wearing pants. He had seen blowjobs on the internet and a video that his friend Bob had stolen from his dad. He knew blowjobs were supposed to be awesome – and it turned out that they were. Zack had never even thought about being with a boy, let alone his own brother, but right now he was too horny and this felt too good for him to care.

Zack pulled off his t-shirt and then pushed Cody off for a moment to kick off his sneakers, briefs, and pants in the usual heap on the floor. Left with only his socks, Zack walked over to the door, locked it, and then dropped back onto his unmade bed. But his butt was too sore to sit down, he discovered. Returning to the standing position, he signaled Cody to start again.

Cody had fantasized about his brother since he could remember having sexual thoughts. Most times when he masturbated, it involved Zack – usually imagining Zack with his latest girlfriend. But lately, it had been Cody with Zack in his fantasies. Now it was all too suddenly a reality and he wanted to make it special. Cody stood up, unlaced his shoes, pulled off his socks, polo shirt, and slacks, folded them, and placed them on top of his dresser. He was left with only his cotton briefs and the 4” tent his dick formed at the front of it.

He dropped back to his knees and decided to try something different. He thought of some of the videos and stories he had seen and started to lick his brother’s hairless ballsac. He took one of the nuts in his mouth and then the other. Cody’s right hand continued to stroke his brother while his left started to push in-between his brother’s swollen ass cheeks.

“Suck me!” his brother demanded, surprised at the daring of his very straight-laced twin. Cody complied, engulfing the 4” cock with full force, sucking him in with speed and vigor. Zack grabbed his brother’s moppy blond head and guided him back and forth with increasing speed.

“Oooooooh!” Zack shouted as he felt the semen release. Cody was surprised by the ejaculation. He was so focused on the blowjob, he neglected to prepare for the inevitable result. The sticky liquid filled his mouth unexpectedly, forcing him to pull off of his brother’s dick. Zack shot a couple final volleys; the first onto Cody’s face; the second into the air landing on the carpet. Cody coughed as he swallowed his brother’s cum in his mouth.

“That was so fucking awesome!” Zack shouted.

“Quiet!” Cody hushed him. “Mom and Estaban are next door!”

“They can’t hear a thing,” Zack said confidently and in the pause that followed they could hear Carey continuing to shout and moan.

“Estaban can go for a long while,” Cody noted.

“Maybe that’s because he has such a big dick,” suggested Zack.

Cody wiped the remaining cum from his face with a handi-wipe that he had retrieved from his nightstand. “Do you think we’ll ever be that big?”

“I don’t know. I mean, I think we’re the right size for our age.”

“I’ve seen Tapeworm naked in the shower and he has a bigger cock than us – even soft.”

“But he’s also much taller than us – and he’s some kind of mutant. Anyway, I’m incredibly good-looking, so I’ll get whatever girls I want.”

Cody said nothing. “…Or whatever boys you want,” Zack added, recognizing how he needed to be supportive. Cody smiled and stood up. His erection hadn’t really diminished.

“You should take care of that,” Zack suggested as he hunted for his own underwear. Cody nodded and picked up the Vaseline lotion and headed towards the bathroom.

“Or maybe I should.” Zack called after him.

Cody turned in surprise. His still naked brother was facing him, eye-to-eye. While Zack was a bit more muscular and a bit huskier than Cody, naked there seemed to be little difference between them. Cody found himself acting in a totally different manner than normal. Finding new confidence, he grabbed Zack’s head from behind and planted a full lips-on-lips kiss. Zack struggled for a minute, but as Cody’s tongue pushed into his twin’s mouth, he stopped and let their mouths and tongues explore each other.

For several minutes the boys just kissed and swapped spit. When Cody pulled off, he whispered to his brother, “Suck me, Zack.”

Zack stared into Cody’s eyes and then found himself on his knees. He grabbed Cody’s tighty-whities and pulled them slowly down, watching with interest as his brother’s cock bounced as the elastic passed it.

Cody, like Zack, had only a sparse amount of pubic hair. It was so blond, it was practically invisible to the eye. Cody’s dick was identical to Zack’s. Four inches long, pale in color like the rest of their bodies, thin, circumcised, and beautiful. Zack had never really noticed that the penis could be attractive. He reached up and touched another’s boy’s dick for the first time. It was warm and Cody immediately shuddered.

“Suck me!” he begged. Zack stroked his brother with his hand, contemplating what to do. “Lie down,” he finally told Cody.

Cody lay on top of his perfectly made bed, his dick pointing straight in the air. Zack crawled between his brother’s legs at the foot of the bed and began to stroke once again. Knowing that he wasn’t upholding his end of the unspoken bargain, Zack leaned in and swallowed as much of Cody’s cock as he could.

“Watch the teeth!” Cody cried as Zack quickly covered them with his lips.

Cody offered small suggestions to Zack about where he wanted to be licked and sucked. His brother ignored him, specifically doing the opposite to maintain control. It felt great, but Cody recognized it wasn’t being done with much sexual passion. Zack is straight, Cody reasoned, so he needs to be getting something out of it. The skinny blond pushed his identical twin off his dick and pulled Zack up onto the bed. Grabbing his brother’s legs and positioning them by his own head, he adjusted his achingly hard dick opposite his brother’s mouth. Without waiting for Zack to resume the blowjob, Cody began to lick his brother’s mostly soft cock. Zack quickly got the idea and began to reciprocate. Zack knew this was called a 69, but he had never thought about it being two boys. Naked, each swallowing the other’s dick, the boys were a perfect mirror image.

With Cody pleasuring Zack at the same time, his brother began to show more passion and enthusiasm in his sucking. Cody had trouble maintaining a steady rhythm as his brother brought him closer and closer to climax. Finally, he had reached the point of no return.

“I’m gonna cum!” Cody shouted. Zack tried to pull off the meat in his mouth, but he wasn’t quick enough. An initial volley hit his tongue and the follow-ups blasts sprayed his face, chest, hair, and the bed spread.

“Fuck, Cody!” Zack pulled his dick out of Cody’s mouth and sat up, the gush of cum dripping down his face.

“Sorry, I tried to warn you. And you’re dripping on my bedspread!” Cody jumped up and grabbed some cleaning supplies from under his bed and went to work treating the stain on the quilt. Zack went into the bathroom to clean off what he could.

When Zack returned a few minutes later, Cody had been more successful in dealing with the cum stain on the bed than Zack had been in getting it out of his hair.

“You should take a shower,” Cody suggested. “But you've already had yours for this month, right?”

Zack jumped on his little brother, pushed him onto Cody’s bed, and began to tickle and wrestle him. Soon, Zack had his knees on his brother’s shoulders and his hard dick pointing at his brother’s face. Cody opened his mouth, lifted his head, and licked the head of the cock. After a minute, he dropped his head back on to the pillow.

“This hurts my neck. I have a better idea.” Cody pushed free of the curious Zack. The younger boy grabbed his lubricant from where he had left it on the floor and began to rub it on his ass, between the cheeks. Then he coated his hands and started covering his brother’s stiff 4” with the cream. They heard the shower from their mother’s bathroom. She must be done with Estaban, they thought, and they knew she’d sing in the shower and wouldn’t hear a thing.

“Now fuck me,” Cody demanded, leaning onto his bed with his ass pointing outward.

Zack hesitated. How far were they going to take this? He was so hard again and wanted to shoot. He might not ever get a chance like this – and he knew Cody wouldn’t tell anyone. He wasn’t sure exactly how this worked, but it must be like the pictures he had seen of men fucking woman, just in the ass instead of a pussy. With a little struggle, Zack spread his brother’s pink, hairless cheeks, located his hole, and began to push his cock in.

“Gently!” Cody gasped.

Zack complied. Pushing a little in, pulling out, adding inch by inch until he grinding his pelvis firmly against his brother’s ass. Instinct took over and Zack began to pull out and push in with growing speed and confidence. Cody groaned with an odd combination of pain and pleasure.

“Faster!” he called. “Faster!” Zack picked up the pace, pounding his brother with ferocity. The hole was so incredibly tight even Zack’s skinny dick was engulfed by it.

“Oooooooooooo!” Cody cried as he shot all over his bedspread without anyone even touching his dick.

Hearing his brother’s moan of pleasure, Zack found himself ready to release. He pulled out of Cody’s butt just in time to watch his cream coat his brother’s asscheeks and back. Zack grunted with animal delight with each spasm of cum that burst forth. The two boys didn’t move, their breathing heavy and quick.

Then they heard a knock on the door. They froze. “Boys, I’m going to work now,” Carey called from the main room of the suite. “Cody, are you still making dinner tonight for you and your brother?”

“Yes, Mom,” Cody managed to call between pantings.

“Okay, see you tomorrow. Make sure you are asleep when I get home and try not to burn down the hotel.”

“Okay, Mom,” they answered in unison.

“Are you boys alright? Anything you want to talk about.”

“No Mom,” Cody called. “We love you!” Zack added. They heard the suite door open and close.

Cody stood up and turned to his brother. “Well, that was fun.”

“Yeah,” Zack responded, sounding much more positive than he expected.

“I need to shower.”

“Me too.”

“Let’s go…” Cody led Zack into their bathroom, flipped on the shower and pulled his brother in with him. Together they stood under the warm water and rinsed the sweat, cum, and lubricant off their bodies. Cody lathered up his body with soap and then did the same to his brother. Zack’s ass was still sore from the spanking and Cody’s ass was newly sore from his brother’s pounding. Cody put shampoo on both their heads, massaging out his cum that landed in Zack’s moppy blond locks. Zack stood still, showing no resistance, but offering no assistance. Soon, both boys were clean and Cody turned off the shower.

The dried off next to each other and then returned to their bedroom. They quickly dressed – Zack into clothes pulled from the heaps on the floor, Cody into a fresh outfit from his dresser. Cody tried to treat the stain on his quilt, but knew it was hopeless. It made for a permanent reminder of the afternoon's activities.

“What do you want for dinner, Zack?”

Zack was quiet for a while. He and his brother had sucked each other. He had lost his virginity…sort of…in his brother’s butt. And it felt so good. What was the harm? They loved each other, they were as close as could be anyway, and they had found something they both enjoyed. Until he could fuck Ashley, his brother seemed like a good alternative. They were certainly stuck grounded in their room all the time. This would make for a much more interesting diversion.

“Well,” Zack finally said. “First I’d like some chicken parmigian. And then for dessert, I might just want a Cody popsicle."

Cody burst into a big grin, put his hands behind his brother’s head and pulled them together for a big kiss. The suite life of Zack and Cody would be much more lively from here on out.

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