The following story is a work of fiction. Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here contain depictions of sexual acts with a minor and are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.


Sex Team Sprouse

by hottcarter1987



The 24-year-old mother looked down at her 7-year-old son. He was looking down at his feet, resignation all over his cherubic face. His long brown hair cascaded over his shoulders and down his plain black t-shirt. He shuffled a little in his tight jeans and tennis shoes and asked, "Mommy, do I gotta?"

Sammi Wright replied to him, "Yes, Timmy. Mommy needs a fix. So you do as you're told, you little shit." She knocked on the door in front of her.

The house they stood in front of was way outside the suburbs of Los Angeles, isolated for two miles in circumference. No one came out here regularly, not even the mail carrier, as the owners of the house had rented it without any hoopla and never used it as a forwarding address. Sammi knew the things that went on here, and that was partially why she and her son were there. She couldn't kick her dependence on marijuana, and this was the cheapest and most plentiful place to get it. The owners knew this and used it to their perverted advantage. She had met up with them in a club in the city, they had gotten high with her, and when she wanted more, they named their price. This was the second visit for her and Timmy. It wouldn't be their last.

The door opened, and a lanky blond boy of 18 stood there in nothing but tight white speedos. He was smoking a cigarette and grinning at Sammi. His medium-length blond hair was parted on his right and combed to the other side. He took a final drag and flicked the butt of the cigarette into the yard over Sammi and her son. Exhaling a big cloud of smoke, Dylan Sprouse said, "It's `bout time you showed up."

"I had to wait for the bus," Sammi replied. "You got more stuff?"

Dylan glanced hungrily down at little Timmy, who was still staring at his feet. "Oh, shit yeah, baby. Lots of it. I see you brought your usual payment." He licked his lips and grabbed his crotch, which started to bulge.

"Yeah," she said. "Let's do this. My buzz is wearin' off."

"Entrez," Dylan said as he stepped aside. The mother and son passed him through the door, with Sammi pulling Timmy by his arm. "Cole's upstairs." As they went up, Dylan perversely watched Timmy's little ass shake, and the pedo in him groaned. He and his brother--squeaky-clean stars of Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and it's spin-off, The Suite Life on Deck--had a killer thing going at this place. They had rented the house anonymously so they could party without tarnishing their good-boy image. Both were heavy into dope, booze, and sex--both of them bisexual with a wide range of perverted tastes. They were into everything and anything, and regularly performed incest with each other. Lately, they'd gotten into kids, too, and when they'd met Sammi at a seedy club in L.A. and found out she had a 7-year-old son, they made sure that she paid them for the weed they got for her with the boy. Both of them tore into the child with relish, finding out that he was submissive little fuck, used to being a fuck toy first for his perverted father, who was currently in prison, and then for his mother's various boyfriends. Timmy did as he was told and was a great fuck. Whether he enjoyed it or not, the Sprouses didn't know and, frankly, didn't care. He was a cumdump, nothing more.

Dylan shook himself out of his thoughts and followed the duo up the stairs to the bedroom he shared with his brother. Mother and son were already in the room when he got there. Cole was naked sitting in a chair by the bed. His hard 8-inch prick stood at attention as he smoked a joint. His hair was identical in color to his twin and was parted on the opposite side of his head. Cole was talking to Sammi. "I'm changin' the deal a bit tonight. Your boy still puts out for my bro, but you're gonna put out for me." He sucked on the joint and held the smoke for a minute before exhaling.

Sammi asked, "How much stuff have you got in return?"

Cole got up and went to the closet. He retrieved a big plastic bag of pot, amounting to three times what they gave Sammi on her first visit, and held it up. "This oughta keep you stoned for a while, baby. All you gotta do is make me happy tonight." He flopped the bag on top of the dresser next to the closet and stood face-to-face with the woman. He blew smoke in her face, and she sniffed it into her nose.

"You gonna use protection?" she asked being swayed by the scent of the pot. "You didn't use it on Timmy last time."

"Never gonna, either," Cole smirked eyeing the boy, who was sitting on the bed still looking down. "Little fuck needs to be barebacked. As for you, not a chance in hell. I wanna make a baby with you."

Sammi's eyes snapped open. "But why? I don't need another kid."

Cole's mouth spread into an evil grin. "I just wanna. It'd be hot." He drew on the joint and pulled her head in to his face. The two locked lips, and the Disney star exhaled directly into her open mouth. The weed was extremely strong, and Sammi's waning buzz was re-energized. "Good shit, huh?" Cole said as they parted. "We got a deal, slut?"

Sammi nodded her head. Dylan, who was getting hornier and hornier as he watched this scene, cross over to the bed and wasted no time in stripping off his speedo. He stroked his 8-inch penis in front of the boy and said, "Let's do this, Cole. We got us some fuckin' to do." He grabbed Timmy's head and lifted it. "Go `head, boy. You know what I need." Timmy obediently opened his tiny mouth and accepted Dylan's cock. The Disney star groaned in pleasure as the boy's lips closed around his shaft, and he wasted no time in fucking into the 7-year-old's face.

Cole got turned on by hearing the kid gag on his twin's dick, and he quickly said to Sammi, "Strip down, bitch." She complied, and Cole roughly bent her over the chair in which he had been sitting. He took a moment to step up behind his brother and looked over his shoulder. Dylan had both hands on the kid's head plowing as much dick into the preadolescent mouth as he could. Cole licked Dylan's neck and placed the joint in his mouth. Dylan took a big hit off it and held the smoke. "Do him good, man," Cole growled in his ear. "Fuck him up."

Dylan exhaled the smoke and said, "You know it, bro." He began increasing his fucking motion on little Timmy. "He's so fuckin' good at this."

Cole grinned, took a last hit off the joint, and put it out. He then knelt behind Sammi and stuck three fingers in her pussy. She moaned at his touch, and Cole smacked her ass hard. "Yeah, I know you like that, you fuckin' slut. That's only the beginning of what I wanna do to you." He hit her ass several times as he finger-fucked her. Her pussy dripped with her love juices, and Cole's fingers glistened with sexual moisture. He stood, grabbed her head, and pulled it back. "Eat it," he commanded. She opened her mouth as he rammed his wet digits inside. Sammi licked and sucked his fingers clean, and Cole grinned. "Like that, huh? I bet it tastes real good, don't it? Lemme see for myself." He bent down again and placed his mouth at the opening of her cunt and began flicking his long tongue up and down between the folds of her flesh. "Mmm," he moaned. "This is prime pussy." He smashed his face against her and started eating her out savagely.

Dylan got on the bed with Timmy and stripped him of his clothes, throwing them across the room into a corner. He laid on his back propped up on pillows and the headboard and lit a cigar he got from the end table. He made Timmy lay sideways on the bed, perpendicular to his crotch, and grabbed the boy's head. "You ain't done yet, fucker. Keep suckin' my dick!" Dylan rammed the kid's head down and continued choking him. Puffing away on his cigar, he pushed two fingers up Timmy's immature boy twat and rapidly fucked him. He watched his younger twin attacking Sammi's pussy like a man who hadn't eaten in a long time and grinned around his cigar. "That's the way to do it, man," he said to Cole. "Get that pussy!" He shoved Timmy down on his dick several more times and then pulled him off. He held the boy's face up and puffed smoke in his face. "Get on your hands and knees, baby fuck. Ass up high." The kid scrambled to comply, laying himself face down on the mattress with his tiny arms extended forward and his small butt up as directed. Dylan took the cigar out of his mouth and licked his lips. He turned and saw his brother stand and grab Sammi's head for a blowjob and gave the cigar to Cole, who put it in his mouth as he shoved his cock into the woman's mouth. Dylan leaned down and rammed a middle finger deep into the boy's hole and proceeded to rim him. Timmy moaned as the actor's tongue flicked over his stretched pucker. Despite his misgivings about doing sexual things with anybody, it felt good to him. "Fuck, so tasty..." Dylan murmured as he ate the child.

"Hot damn!" shouted Cole as he smoked the cigar and watched his brother and Timmy. He grabbed a handful of Sammi's hair and rammed his hard cock deep into her throat. She choked at the force he exerted, but he didn't care. "I love it, bitch," he said to her. "The fact you'll let us bang your little boy just to get some dope. What a fuckin' whore you are. So awesome." He held her head down on his cock. "Take all of it, you slut. You know you like my big dick in ya. I can't wait to get up in that slutty pussy of yours and impregnate you with my cum. I'm so damn horny thinkin' `bout it. Fuck!!" He finished the cigar and pulled out of Sammi's mouth. Putting the butt in an ashtray, he went to Dylan and smacked his ass. "Yo, man. Move that little faggot over and make room for me and the bitch. We'll fuck mother and son side by side."

"Shit, yeah, dude," Dylan said as he rose from Timmy's cunt. "That's wicked hot." He smacked Timmy hard on the butt and moved him over to one side. Spitting on his cock, Dylan lubed himself to get ready to fuck.

Cole went to Sammi and grabbed her by the back of the head. "Get on the fuckin' bed," he ordered as he dragged her over and shoved her on her back next to Timmy. "It's time we got down to business, dontcha think, Dyl?"

"You're damn right, motherfucker," Dylan said. He placed his cock against Timmy's exposed hole as Cole pushed his against Sammi's pussy lips. "On the count of three, man. One...two..."

"Three!!" Cole shouted as both boys penetrated their targets. Mother and son shouted at the sudden invasion, their inner parts split open by the rock hard members of their studs. Cole wasted no time in becoming a living piston. When it came to chicks, he liked to fuck them hard and fast. Sammi was so wet inside her cunt that he had no problem screwing her like a rabbit. He grabbed her tits with both hands and squeezed as his hips became a blur with motion.

Dylan couldn't be a rapid in his fuck as his brother, as Timmy's ass was much tighter, but he managed a good rhythm as he held the kid face down by the back of his neck. His balls slapped audibly against the little boy, and he groaned as the preteen rectum closed tightly on his sex. He forced Timmy to look at his mother being royally fucked by Cole and said, "See that, you little shit. My brother's really givin' it to your slut momma. Won't be long `til you have a new baby brother or sister." Timmy whimpered as Dylan fucked him harder.

Cole cursed and yelled as he continued humping Sammi. She wiggled underneath of him but didn't try to stop him--she knew it would be useless, and his rock-hard dick was turning her on. She turned to see her 7-year-old son being sodomized, and this turned her on, too. She had been far too stoned the first time she brought Timmy to the Sprouse boys to watch them sexually abuse him, but now as she gazed at Dylan's big cock slamming into her boy, she climaxed hard. "Holy fuck!" Cole shouted. "This bitch is cummin'! Wooo! I think she fuckin' likes watchin' her son takin' cock! Fuck him harder, Dyl!!"

Dylan complied and fucked the boy harder. The bed creaked in protest as the twins continued their monumental copulation. At one point, Dylan turned Timmy around and made him suck on one of his mother's tits. Sammi held Timmy's head down as he suckled her fat nipple, and this cause Cole to screw her much harder than before.

It didn't take long after seeing this that the balls of the younger Sprouse drew up, and his dick pulsed. "Oh, fuck!" he screamed. "Here it comes, you fuckin' whore! Take my babies!! AAAAHHHH!!!" Cole Sprouse screeched as his dick ejaculated deep inside Sammi's cunt. His love muscle shot rope after rope of potent semen like bullets from a gun. The volume of cum was enormous and quickly filled up her love canal. He came for several minutes, but he didn't pull out. He wanted to make absolutely sure every drop of his juice stayed inside her as long as possible. He wanted make a baby.

Seeing this, Dylan's dick also started to throb. "I'm right behind ya, bro!" He shoved his whole prick deep inside Timmy's ass. "Motherfucker!! Take it all, faggot!!" he screamed as his member erupted violently into the boy. Streams of white-hot seed sprayed all inside Timmy, and he filled the child up quickly. Semen emerged from Timmy's cunt and ran down to the mattress even while Dylan's cock was planted in him. The little boy's head swam from the sensation of being flooded, and his tiny head sank down onto the bed.

Dylan's eyes were squeezed shut, his mouth wide open in a silent gasp, as his balls emptied themselves. "Here," he heard his brother tell him, and he opened his eyes to see Cole hand him a black butt plug. The younger twin had already shoved a plug into Sammi's pussy. Pointing into her gasping face, Cole said, "Don't even fuckin' think about takin' that out, bitch. I wanna make sure my shit stays in that twat to make you nice and knocked up." Dylan rammed his plug into Timmy's boy hole as Cole lit cigars for both of them. "C'mon, Dyl. Let's get some booze. That fuck made me thirsty."

"Don't go anywhere," Dylan said to Sammi and Timmy while smoking his cigar. "We'll be back."

The boys went downstairs and raided the refrigerator of all the beer and liquor it had and sat in the kitchen getting drunk, laughing and joking about the hot sex they'd just had and how much of a slut Sammi was. After finishing their cigars, Dylan rolled a couple of joints, and soon both of them were toasted. Their identical 8-inch cocks got hard again as the pot infiltrated their brains, and Cole got up and started masturbating. "Hey, man," he said to his brother. "You horny again?"

"Yeah, dude," Dylan said exhaling smoke from his joint. "I want some more boy pussy." He stood up, joint in one hand and his hard dick in the other.

"I wanna make double sure I make that bitch pregnant," Cole said with a twisted grin. "Let's go for round two."