The following story is a work of fiction. Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here contain depictions of sexual acts with a minor and are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.


Sex Team Sprouse II: Brotherly Fuck

by hottcarter1987



"Hot damn, you little faggot!!" Zac Efron screamed out as he made his final thrust inside the tight, warm asshole underneath him. "Gonna knock you up!! Breed that hot little pussy!! UUUHHH!!"

Cole Sprouse tried to scream as Zac's abundant seed splattered the walls of his love tunnel, but he was hampered by the older stud's leather-gloved hand holding his mouth closed. He felt the pressure of Zac's other gloved hand holding him down on his belly on his creaking bed. The Disney actor was also cumming, the warmth of his sex fluid increasingly soaking the bed sheet where his torso was trapping his hard pulsing dick. Zac's cock was harder than a rock as it throbbed inside him, spewing his nasty hot semen, and the stud grunted and cursed as he emptied his ball sack.

For the longest time, Zac stayed buried in him. Cole didn't move until his top man slowly slid out. Cole started to push himself up off the bed, but Zac grabbed him by the back of the neck and shoved him back down. "Stay right there, fag boy," Zac ordered. "I wanna see my work." Cole felt the copious semen ooze out of his hole and down his balls. He heard a lighter flick, and cigar smoke quickly permeated the room. "Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' `bout," Zac's voice said. "You always make the best whore, blondie." Cole heard clothes ruffling, and he realized Zac was getting dressed. "I gotta go. I'll call ya when I need another piece of your ass, bitch." Cole turned in time to see Zac pull on his black leather jacket over his shirtless, muscled torso and go out of his bedroom door, cigar smoke trailing behind him. He heard the stud's boots stomp down the stairs and out the door. He got up and lit a cigarette and went to the window to watch Zac Efron mount his Harley outside and speed off into the night. Cum ran down the backs of his legs as he smoked his cigarette, the rough sex leaving a dull ache in his rectum. Zac always fucked like he was raping a person, and though Cole had sworn he'd never have sex with him again, one phone call and a grunted, "I want your cunt," was all it took before Zac was there and shoving his 12-inch penis straight into Cole's body.

The younger of the Sprouse twins finished his smoke and wiped up the streaks of Efron seed from his legs. He needed a shower, but the two-hour copulation had tired him out. He flopped back on the bed and drifted off into exhausted sleep. Before his brain shut down, he wondered when his brother would be home. Dylan Sprouse had left earlier in the evening to go to a party, and Cole figured he had probably gotten stoned and was laying a hot chick or guy about then. Cole hoped he'd have sense enough to either stay the night wherever he was or take a cab back to the house. The house they'd bought was a secret to everyone but them and a very select few others. They used it to party, do dope, and generally bring guys and girls, some very underage, with whom to perform perverted sex games.

He didn't know how long exactly he'd been asleep, but he was awakened by the feeling of something pushing past his sore ass ring. "Mmmph," he said into the pillow as his senses started to revive.

"Who's been in you, man?" a voice asked.

"What?" Cole managed to reply, not recognizing the voice through his hazy mind.

"All that cum," said the voice. Cole switched on the reading light by the bed, turning to see his brother, Dylan, sitting on the bed with his finger embedded in his worn-out pussy. His twin's eyes were bloodshot, and the boy reeked of booze and pot. "You're pussy hole's red. Efron must've been here." He probed a bit deeper, and Cole winced. "Hot," muttered Dylan. He began squeezing his crotch.

"Aww, c'mon, Dyl," Cole said. "I'm tired, man. Let's do this in the mornin'."

"No can do, li'l bro," Dylan said standing. "I didn't get no fuck at the party, and I'm horny as shit." He pulled his finger out of Cole and sucked it clean of Zac's cum. He licked his lips before lighting a thick black cigar. Puffing it, he went to his brother's head and grabbed it. "Gimme some head, Cole." Dylan undid his jeans and pulled them down enough to expose his hard-on. He pressed his cock head against Cole's lips, and reluctantly, the younger Sprouse opened his mouth and accepted it. "Yeah," Dylan moaned, grey smoke emitting from his nostrils. "Suck it like a slut, dude." He pushed into his brother's face until his cock was fully embedded in the sucking mouth. Wasting no time, Dylan began a thrusting motion as he felt the warm mouth slid along his very hard shaft. "Oh, fuck yeah," he muttered, smoking the cigar fumes deep into his lungs and exhaling out of his nose.

Cole had been on the receiving end of his brother's penis so many times that he knew how to blow it without a hint of a gag. Exhausted as his body was from Zac Efron's near-rape of him, his cock grew hard under him as a result of the pleasure he was giving. As many dicks as he'd serviced, big ones like Efron, Kevin Zegers, Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, and Justin Timberlake all possessed, Cole never quite got enough satisfaction out of them as he got from Dylan. Both boys enjoyed tag-teaming little boys and girls as well as other kid celebs who liked being bottom sluts for them, and both were equally rough and aggressive. When it came to just the two of them, however, Cole was clearly his brother's bitch boy, and he knew it. Many times Dylan would only have to point at his bulging crotch, wordlessly begging his younger twin to satisfy his lust, and each and every time, Cole obeyed.

All too soon, Dylan pulled his cock from Cole's lips and said, "Assume the position, bitch." Cole lifted his weary but horny body up and turned around, lifting his ass high in the air and throwing his hands forward and flat. Dylan gripped the back of his neck and shoved him down hard, smashing his beautiful face into the mattress. With a couple of quick puffs of his cigar, he penetrated Cole's hole and felt Zac Efron's seed bathe his love tool as it traveled inside easily. Cole moaned softly into the bed. "You nasty little faggot slut," Dylan grunted as he bottomed out in his brother's pussy. "Lettin' Efron screw you like a whore. Big brother's now gonna show you who owns you. UGH!" He pounded into the sperm-laced cunt underneath of him fast and hard, smashing repeatedly into Cole's prostate, letting his free arm swing to and fro while the other kept Cole's head down. "You're my bitch, aren't ya? Say it, motherfucker."

"I'm your bitch, Dylan," Cole said, his voice muffled. "Fuck me like you mean it, baby."

"Hell, yeah!!" shouted Dylan. He smacked Cole's hip as he started to speed his fuck rhythm. "Shit!! So hot with all that sperm in ya!! Damn!!" Without removing his cock from his brother, Dylan whipped Cole around on the bed so he could climb on as well, with Cole's head in front of the headboard. The force of the copulation was so fierce that the headboard began banging loudly against the wall. With the cigar clenched in his teeth, Dylan grunted like a savage animal. His hips thrusted violently, and sweat ran down his face.

Tiring of the doggy position, the older twin pulled out of Cole, flipped him onto his back, raised his legs, and reinserted his member into Cole's now-gaping hole. Once again embedded in his brother, Dylan became a human piston as Cole shouted, "Harder, Dyl!! Gimme that fuckin' cock!!" He stared into Dylan's face. "You're so fuckin' hot, bro! Smoke that cigar and rape my hole! Fuck!!"

Puffing away at the stogie, Dylan exclaimed, "Won't be long now, bitch! I feel my balls achin' for a cum!!"

Cole reached down to his rock-hard tool, and with three quick strokes, he exploded into five hot streams of sperm that covered his chest and abs. He screamed vulgar obscenities as he shot his wad. "Do it, big brother!" he shouted. "Gimme your load!"

Dylan plunged one final time and felt his nuts churn. "SHIT!" he bellowed at the top of his lungs. He withdrew and held his dick up. Cole quickly maneuvered himself on his hands and kneed in front of him and opened his mouth. Dylan grabbed the top of Cole's blond head and rammed his 8-inch penis deep into his little brother's throat just as he ejaculated. Waves of strong-tasting semen splashed into Cole's throat, and it was all he could do to swallow it. Dylan's head reared back as the actor grunted like a wild animal as he emptied himself into his twin.

After every bit of cum had been ejected from his body, Dylan finished his cigar and put the remainder out in the ashtray by the bed. Cole collapsed on the bed, his thin body worn out from two marathon fucks within a short span of time. Dylan simply sat by the bed, rolled a joint, and lit it. He didn't bother to pull up his jeans as he smoked and watched his brother sleep. "Get your rest, bitch," he said to Cole's unconscious form as the pot worked on his brain. "When you get up, we got s'more fuckin' to do."