The following story is a work of fiction. Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.


Sex Team Sprouse III: A Present for Cole

by hottcarter1987


The final members of the cast of The Suite Life on Deck left the studio and went their separate ways. Filming wrapped on the final episode, "Graduation," with a lots of hugs and tears and acknowledgements, and the crew was left to clean up. The studio audience had long gone, and the party afterward was finished. The Sprouse twins, Dylan and Cole, made their way to a cab. Unlike the others, they had sneaked away to get stoned and were now pretty much baked as they climbed into the yellow vehicle and sped off into the night. Their destination wasn't the house well outside of the city that they'd mutually bought for their usual sexual exploits, but a sleazy little motel on the other side of town. While getting high, Dylan told his younger twin that he had a surprise for him--a little gift in commemoration of their completion of six years with Disney. Cole was intrigued, and he continually rubbed his penis through the fabric of his jeans, expecting the present to be something perverted and sexual.

When they got to the motel and checked into their room, Cole immediately stripped down and began fingering himself on the bed. Dylan reached in an overnight bag he'd had delivered to the room beforehand and pulled out a ten-inch glass dildo and proceeded to fuck his brother with it. Cole gasped with joy as the object penetrated him, and he asked Dylan if this was his present. "Naw, man," his brother replied as he shoved in and out of Cole's anus. "Just a warm-up."

"You...gonna...fuck me?" Cole asked between grunts.

"Hard and deep, bro, but you're present's not gonna be here for a bit." Dylan pulled the dildo out and let Cole suck on it while he stood and took off his clothes. His erect 8-inch cock throbbed as he lubed it up with some Astroglide from the overnight bag. Climbing on the bed, he glanced at the bedside alarm clock which told him it was only 9 PM. Plenty of time for a good fuck, he thought as he lifted Cole's legs and rammed his hard-on into his little brother's pussy.


The clock read 2 AM as Dylan Sprouse sat naked in the only armchair in the motel room. He smoked a cigar while watching the straight porn on the small TV while his little brother slept. He was viewing some fuck movie of football players banging cheerleaders in an orgy. His cock was erect, and his balls were recharged after his hot fuck with Cole earlier. He was waiting for Cole's "gift" to show up, but he didn't have to wait long. A knock on the door brought him out of his seat, and he went to the drawn curtains, his dick bouncing in front of him. Looking out, he smiled and crossed to the door, opening it to reveal his guest.

The guy stood in the doorway with short-cropped dark hair. He wore a black motorcycle jacket and matching gloves over a bare, very muscular chest. His very tight blue jeans didn't hide the fact that he was very well-endowed, and Dylan licked his lips as he saw the dude's long, hard cock snaking down one leg. It was pressing outward as if desperate to break free. The guy was wearing the type of motorcycle boots with a buckle on the side and straps over the foot. His face clean-shaven, and his piercing eyes flashed sexuality. The dude lit up a thick cigar and puffed it into life. Dylan took a puff of his own stogie and smiled. "Glad you could make it, stud," he said.

Boo Boo Stewart reached down and grabbed his package and grinned back. "Wouldn't have missed this party, little man." He took a long drag of his cigar, smoke coming out of his nostrils.

"I'll get him up," Dylan said as he went to the bed. He shook his brother gently. "Cole. Dude, wake up. Your present just arrived."

As the younger Sprouse twin stirred, Boo Boo asked, "Is he as good in the sack as you, babe?"

Dylan smiled. He'd been fucked by Boo Boo Stewart a handful of times and enjoyed the rough treatment the actor gave during sex. It was animalistic and hard, both traits Dylan liked to perform as a top. "Real submissive little bitch," he answered. "He'll do what you tell him, and if not, what the fuck? `Bout time you got to nail the other half of Sex Team Sprouse." He drew heavily on his cigar before reaching down and hitting Cole on the ass. "Hey, bitch, I said wake up!" Cole's eyes fluttered open, and he sat up. "Look what I brung ya, li'l bro."

Cole focused on the hot stud standing beside the bed. Boo Boo's smooth chest peeked out from the black leather, and the boy sat completely up, his cock becoming hard again. "Shit! You're Boo Boo Stewart! Fuck me!"

Still squeezing his package, Boo Boo grinned. "That's what I'm here for, blondie. I'm gonna tear you a new asshole." He unzipped his tight jeans and out popped a 12-inch thick penis. Its head dripped precum onto the carpet. Cole had taken Zac Efron, who was every bit as long as Boo Boo, but the actor's mammoth tool was twice as thick. Cole gulped. This was gonna hurt.

Dylan, with his cigar gripped in his white teeth, slapped Boo Boo on the shoulder and said, "Get to work, my man. Show my little brother exactly what he's good for. No mercy." The older twin sat back down in the chair and smoked, jacking off as he settled back to watch the show. Damn, he thought to himself, this is gonna be better'n any fuckin' porn movie.

Boo Boo pulled his jeans down a bit and let his low-hanging balls out. He extended a gloved middle finger and motioned to Cole with it. "Get the fuck over here, whore. I need your bitch mouth."

Mesmerized by the big cock in front of him, Cole got on his hands and knees and crawled to it. When his mouth opened, saliva dripped from his lower lip to the bed. After reaching his destination in front of the hunk, he felt both of Boo Boo's hands gripping the back of his head, and he said, "Please be gentle."

"Shut the fuck up and suck it, bitch," Boo Boo grunted as he thrust the entire length of his baby maker inside Cole's open mouth. He was rewarded with a fierce struggle and a loud choking sound as his shaft made its way into the tight, wet throat. "That's a good slut," the actor moaned as he held Cole's head tightly with his gloved hands.

"Hot damn," muttered Dylan around his cigar. He held his erect cock so hard that the head turned purple. He then began a steady stroke as he watched the Twilight stud begin to screw into Cole's mouth with a nice, smooth rhythm. Dylan was so turned on at that moment. Boo Boo was a total sex machine. He used Cole much like a fuck doll one finds in most porno shops. The elder Sprouse loved watching the stud standing there, smoking his cigar while he pushed in and out, deliberately using Cole's head to jack himself off.

Boo Boo stared intently at his whore, smiling the entire time and occasionally talking dirty. "That's a good little bitch," he'd say. "Suck my big fuck stick. You're a better whore than your big bro said. He's watchin' us, baby. He's so getting off seein' you get what you deserve." Cole's body twitched now and then as his throat was molested. He breathed through his nose carefully to avoid passing out, but he was in a permanent state of lightheadedness. Boo Boo didn't relentlessly pound his dick in and out, but he kept a steady rhythm that kept the younger twin from getting all the oxygen he really needed. Boo Boo looked over at Dylan and said, "You like, dude?"

Dylan finished his cigar and got up, retrieved the dildo he'd used on Cole much earlier in the evening, and sat back down. "Hell, yeah," he replied before putting the glass dick in his mouth and sucking on it.

Boo Boo smirked and drew on the cigar. Turning back to his bitch, he freed one hand from the blond head and with the middle finger, reached over the wriggling body and planted it inside the previously fucked sphincter. Pulling it out, he saw the cum Dylan had deposited there earlier. "Fuckin' nice, man," he said. "Now I don't need any fuckin' lube on my dick. The faggot's spit and your jizz oughta be enough to bang him with." He replaced his middle finger into Cole's pussy and sodomized him with it, never losing the rhythm of his forced blowjob.

After about ten minutes or so, Boo Boo withdrew from Cole's mouth, leaving the boy gasping for air. He'd finished his cigar and lit another. "Turn around, faggot," he told Cole. "I wanna stretch your cunt."

"Do what he says, li'l bro," Dylan said. "I just gotta see that elephant trunk fuck your sweet ass." He took the dildo, which was glistening with his spit and held it down to his anal opening. Pulling his legs wide and hooking them over the armrests of the chair, Dylan bit down on his smoldering cigar and pushed the fake cock into his pussy. A small sigh escaped him.

Still gasping for air, Cole obeyed his master's instructions. He assumed his usual submissive posture that he used for being fucked: his head flat on the bed and turned to the side, his arms outstretched before him, his torso flat, and his firm ass high in the air. Boo Boo grunted his approval before mounting the bed behind him. He stroked his big dick to coat it with Cole's spit and aimed it at the boy's anus. "Here it comes, little bitch. Daddy's gonna take what's his."

Cole Sprouse barely felt the penetration. This was nothing like getting fucked by Zac Efron. The extra thickness of Boo Boo Stewart's mammoth penis, combined with the initial rapid thrust, nearly knocked the Disney actor out cold. Searing pain jolted to his brain. His mouth flew open as if to scream, but only a slight guttural sound emerged. His blue eyes grew as big as saucers, and they seemed to be pleading with Dylan to make Boo Boo stop. Dylan, however, was fucking himself with the dildo and deriving way too much pleasure at the scene to care. He wasn't about to help Cole out of his predicament. Cole felt a gloved hand hold him down by the back of his neck and realized that Boo Boo was going to fuck the living shit out of him. No one was going to stop this horse-hung stud. "Don't...fuckin'...move," Boo Boo hissed viciously. Cole felt the sexual organ travel steadily into his rectum until all 12 inches were buried and stretching him mercilessly.

Then the fucking began.

For Boo Boo Stewart, fucking was about control. Nothing kept him hard and horny like controlling the girl or guy he was topping. Dylan Sprouse told him that when Cole topped, he was an aggressive sex machine, screwing his victims rough enough to border on rape. Now that the little blond boy was bottoming, he was nothing more to Boo Boo than a bitch to dominate. The sexy actor rammed the 18-year-old Disney star with all the strength he could muster, and he was rewarded with the delicious shouts of pain mixed with pleasure that Cole provided. Boo Boo kept a firm hand on the back of Cole's neck to hold him in place, but the boy clawed violently at the bed sheets, his head moving back and forth. Boo Boo increased his thrusts into the warm, tight boy pussy as he puffed his cigar. His foot-long dick pulsed with perverted lust as it was squeezed inside the actor's anal tube. Boo Boo smacked Cole's ass hard, took the cigar out of his mouth, and leaned down to his ear. "You like it, bitch boy?" he grunted in Cole's ear. "I think you like my big, hard cock up in that tight shitter of yours. I love makin' you my whore. I love showin' you just what you're good for." He giggled and licked the earlobe before rising again and putting his cigar back in his mouth. He began pounding Cole's ass harder and harder before rolling the boy onto his back. Lifting the kid's legs, Boo Boo pushed back in to the now-gaping boy cunt and assaulted Cole more.

Dylan was still in the middle of his self-fuck. He pushed the glass dildo deeper and deeper into himself as he watched Boo Boo molesting his little brother. No fuck movie could compare to the sight in front of him. The Twilight star was the sexiest motherfucker Dylan had ever met, and now he was using and abusing Cole as if the boy was the last slut on the planet. The older Sprouse twin moaned and groaned in unadulterated lust as he fucked himself, his engorged cock oozing precum all over his crotch and belly. He'd long ago finished his cigar, but he made no move to light another as his carnal feelings took over him. He shouted out, "Fuck that bitch!!"

"Hear that, faggot?" Boo Boo said to Cole. "Your bro's fuckin' likin' this. He likes watchin' me treat you like the fuckin' slut you are. Shit!!" Boo Boo grabbed Cole's throat with his leather-gloved hand and squeezed. Cole's mouth popped open, and Boo Boo called to Dylan without his gaze leaving his victim's face. "Yo, man. Get over here and shove that fuckin' cock down his throat. I wanna see some fuckin' incest." Dylan pulled the dildo out of his ass, lit a cigar, and went to the bed. He climbed on and let his hard dick bounce over his little brother's gaping mouth. "Take this, you hot bitch," he said as he pointed his boner downward and slipped it easily into Cole's mouth and throat. Boo Boo kept his hand on his prey's neck, and he could feel the bulge as Dylan's sex traveled into Cole's gullet. After taking on Boo Boo's massive dong, Dylan's 8-incher was easy for the younger Sprouse, and his Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed the hard shaft. Boo Boo felt Cole's throat expand, and his lust increased.

Both of the dominant boys thrusted into each end of Cole Sprouse relentlessly. Twice, Boo Boo had to pull out to apply more Astroglide, but the fuck session lasted for a good while. Occasionally, the boys would switch off, with Cole being flopped around on the bed like a rag doll as Dylan preferred taking his twin doggie-style. Eventually, they ended up as they'd started, with Cole on his back getting nailed in the ass by Boo Boo and with Dylan using Cole's mouth like a pussy.

Boo Boo was getting close to dumping his load, and he leaned in for an erotic kiss with Dylan. They explored each other's mouths with their long, wet tongues before Dylan began panting. "Aw, shit, man," he said, "I'mma gonna cum..."

"Do it, motherfucker," Boo Boo said, unbridled lust framing his guttural voice. "Drown the slut with your jizz!"

Dylan huffed and puffed, and then his eye rolled back into his head as his cock jerked inside Cole's throat. Boo Boo squeezed the younger Sprouse's neck, and even though his hand was gloved, he could feel the pulsing of Dylan's member as it pumped the boy's hot semen down into his brother. Cole gurgled and coughed but could do nothing as Dylan drained his nuts into him. The older twins twitched, moaned, and grunted throughout his orgasm, pumping several ropes of thick love juice. When he was done, he kept his cock in place.

Boo Boo started to gasp and shouted, "Holy shit!! I'm cummin'!! Gonna knock you up, you fuckin' BITCH!! FUCK!!" He jammed his 12-inches all the way inside and exploded. Cole felt his insides being bathed in a sea of white-hot sperm. Load after load splashed inside his ass, and he felt the liquid squish around Boo Boo's massive pipe. The sensation was incredible, and it nearly caused him to pass out. Dylan's tool was still deep in his throat, and he couldn't speak, but he moaned loudly. Dylan grunted as the vibrations on his dick almost caused him to cum again. After the last bit of Stewart seed had been planted in Cole's well-fucked cunt, Boo Boo pulled out and grinned wickedly at Dylan. "Now that, dude, is how your supposed to fuck a faggot." He got up, lit a fresh cigar, and put his cock, which was now semi-hard, back into his jeans. Zipping up, he thanked the boys for the awesome fuck. He leaned down and thrust his long tongue into Cole's mouth for a couple of minutes and promised the boy he would do him again. "Your pussy's too good to go without my dick for too long." Then, Boo Boo Stewart was gone.

Dylan climbed onto of Cole and kissed him. "How'd you like my present?" he asked.

"Wow," said Cole. "Now I can't wait to see what I get for our birthday."