The following story is a work of fiction. Hanson and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the characters' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that the characters are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



by hottcarter1987

Part 3: Brothers Do It Best

Isaac Hanson stood admiring the sight of his younger siblings in a heated animal fuck. He had gotten home and entered the pool room just when Zac had penetrated Taylor. Turned on, Isaac had quietly retrieved a big, thick, flesh-colored dildo from his room--one that he occasionally used on his wife--and was now rubbing it between the legs of his jeans, massaging the gigantic prick trapped there. Of the three brothers, Ike was the biggest of the bunch. He couldn't wait to pull out his 11-inch love tool and start using it. As his dick grew in thickness and in length, he coughed. Zac stopped his thrusts and turned, grinning as he saw his eldest brother. "Whassup, m'man?" Ike said.

Zac smiled broadly. "Just fuckin' my whore, baby." He pulled nearly out of Tay's anus and shoved forcefully back inside. Taylor moaned loudly, and Zac said, "The bitch likes it, dude. Wanna join in?"

"You better fuckin' believe it, bro," Ike replied. Zac pulled out, Tay sighed, and Ike stepped up to the plate. He handed Zac the dildo and flipped Tay over on his back on the pool table. Zac stripped off the remainder of his clothes and sat on the side about a foot away. He lifted his legs and sighed as he pushed the dildo into his asshole and began ramming it in and out. Ike shoved three fingers into Tay's well-fucked ass. "You ready for a man's dick now, cunt?" Taylor nodded his head and whimpered like a little girl. Ike smiled and probed Tay's boy pussy deeply. He made sure that he got deep enough to massage his brother's prostate, which cause the boy's dick to twitch violently. Ike could hear Zac panting with lust but made not move to acknowledge his other horny brother while he molested Tay. He knew Zac was getting off watching. Pulling out his fingers, Ike stepped back and stripped down to his birthday suit, letting his rock-hard penis break free.

"Mmm, yeah," Zac moaned. "I love that fuckin' donkey dick, bro." Ike's meat was a carnal work of art. Zac had ridden plenty of big cocks, none as big as Ike's, but some couldn't stay hard because of the length or the girth. His big brother's johnson, though, stood straight out from the pubes stiff as a board from base to tip. Delicious pre-cum dripped from the monstrous head. Zac was now envious of Tay, who was going to get that big tube in his love tunnel.

Ike stroked his meat a couple of times and got up on the table. Straddling Tay's head, he pointed the thick cock downward and rubbed it all over his sibling's face, coating it with generous amounts of pre-cum. As he watched, Zac pulled out the dildo and started sucking on it and savored his ass juices. Ike looked down at Tay and said, "Open that pretty mouth, baby, so I can fuck it. You know you want it." Tay smiled and parted his lips. Wasting no time, Ike forced his huge fuck muscle into Tay's mouth, burying it deep until his balls rested on his brother's chin. Ike sucked in his breath and started pounding into Tay's face, raping it with all the force he could muster. Zac matched the eldest Hanson's movements with the fake dick, thrusting it in and out expertly and wishing he were Tay right now. He grew hornier as he saw Tay's eyes water, but to his brother's credit, Tay didn't gag or even wince. It was a true sign of how much of a whore Taylor Hanson really was. He did what he was told, and he did it well.

The feeling of Tay's tight, wet throat got to Ike after several minutes. The older boy's nut sack was starting to pull upward in preparation for cumming. Not wanting that to happen at this stage, Ike thrust once more. With his mammoth cock buried deep, he panted, "You ready for me to fuck the livin' shit outta you, boy?"

He pulled out, and Taylor answered in a weak, scratchy voice, "Oh, yeah, baby. Put all of that fuckin' meat in my hole."

Ike got off the table and ordered Tay off as well. Zac pulled out the dildo and tossed it on the floor not far from the table. He went to the bar area situated on the far side of the room where the boys kept a nice stock of booze and found the cigar box behind the counter. He lit up a fresh Cuban from it and leaned against the bar, puffing away and stroking his big dick as he watched Ike lay down on his back on the table. Holding up his hard torpedo, Ike said to Tay, "Ride it, faggot." Tay climbed up and, facing Zac, lowered his hot ass onto Ike's sex tool, plunging all the way down in one fell swoop. Both boys moaned loudly--Ike's head resting on the table's surface, and Tay's head flying backward. The middle Hanson began wacking his joystick harder. Every so often, he would glance at Zac lustfully as the younger boy beat his meat and smoked his cigar. "That's it, you motherfucker!" screamed Ike. "Ride my dick! Fuck! You're so hot!!" Taylor pounded his ass on the hard rod. Zac fucked really well, but Ike's cock was phenomenal. It stretched Tay's pussy in way no one else could. The enormous head slammed into his love button, causing his whole body to quiver with ecstasy.

"Fuck, man," Tay rasped, his throat still feeling the effects of having been raped. "I love your cock! Oh, yeah!!" He looked up at Zac, who was still stroking and watching. The boy was puffing his cigar heavily, smoke curling around his head. Tay sat all the way down on Ike's penis and held it there. "C'mere, stud," Tay said to his little brother. "I want you inside me, too."

Zac smiled and quickly put out the cigar. The three boys hadn't done this in a while. Tay enjoyed double penetration, but he'd only been able to do it with his brothers, and even then they'd only done this twice. Zac ambled over to Ike and Tay and said, "All right, fag. Lean back and lift those pretty legs." Tay did as ordered. Ike reached around and pinched Tay's nipples. Zac spit in his hand and lubed up his shaft as he climbed onto the table. Tay held his legs up and wide, and Zac positioned his dick right above Ike's and pushed. The head popped in with little trouble, and Tay squeezed his eyes shut--not in pain, but in boy lust. Zac shoved until his cock was buried to the hilt in his older brother's pussy against Ike's, and after a few moments, both the elder and the younger Hanson was thrusting into their slut middle brother. They built up a rhythm to where Zac was pulling out when Ike was thrusting inward and visa versa.

"Oh, SHIT!!" yelled Taylor. "Oh, motherfuckin' SHIT!! Screw my pussy, guys!! Make me a whore!!"

"You already are, you bitch," Zac replied. He grabbed Tay by the head and drew him toward his open mouth. He invaded Tay's oral cavity, licking both his tongue and teeth obscenely as both he and Ike grounded their johnsons into Tay's stretched cunt. Ike could no longer speak. He groaned and grunted instead, pleasure shooting up and down his long shaft as it stroked against Zac's tool. Tay's anus gripped both dicks so tightly that Ike wondered if they'd ever be able to separate.

The boys humped for quite a while until Zac started to feel his cum start. He shoved his prick one last time fully into Tay before pulling out and letting Ike have the asshole all to himself. Zac quickly stood on the table and pulled Tay by the head to his twitching cock. "Eat my fuckin' load, bitch!!" he screamed. Tay wrapped his thin lips around the head of Zac's dick and slurped on it. Zac moaned, pulled out, and held Tay's head back. Tay stuck out his pink tongue and was rewarded by a large strand of Zac's boy juice. The youngest Hanson screamed as his dick pumped long, thick ropes of baby batter on his brother's tongue, chin, cheeks, forehead, and lips. He shot several strands of hot cum before coming down from the awesome orgasm. When the shots subsided to streams coming from his piss slit, Zac forced his still-hard manhood deep into Tay's mouth, and the middle brother milked the stalk and swallowed as much of the boy's offering as he could get.

Tay, though, had not slowed down on Ike's dick the whole time, and the incessant pressure on his prostate was now more than he could take. His balls drew up, and he exclaimed, "I'm fuckin' cummin'!! Fuck the cum outta me, Ike!!" Zac jumped off the table and grabbed Tay's hard tool. Wasting no time, he beat it furiously and licked the head. Taylor screamed, and his cock blasted out six bursts of pure love cream all over Zac's waiting face. Tay grunted for each burst, and Zac slurped the cock down his throat, the cum coating his mouth and throat.

As Taylor came, his ass muscles squeezed Ike's cock, and the eldest Hanson felt his horse dick spasm. "My turn, you dirty fuckin' bitch!!" he screamed as he grabbed Tay's hips and slammed them down fully on his meat. The thick tube pulsed twice in Tay's pussy before firing off a volley of ten hard spurts of jism. Tay's mind nearly shut down at the feeling of all of Ike's steaming seed spraying his intestines. He grounded his ass against Ike until his pussy had drained every drop, briefly wishing his big brother could make him pregnant.

After a few minutes, Tay got off of Ike, and both boys got off the table. The three brothers exchanged a hot kiss together, their tongues mingling and spreading the cum that Tay and Zac had emitted on each other. When they broke away, they sorted out their discarded clothes and dressed, and Zac lit up cigars for each of them. They leaned against the pool table quietly smoking and promising to themselves that having sex with each other was something they needed to do more often. Zac took a long drag of his cigar and exhaled, saying, "Next time we do this, I get the two dicks. Why should you have all the fun?" He blew smoke into Tay's grinning face.

Tay puffed and blew some smoke in Zac's face. "Oh, yeah, Zac," he replied, "you'll get your shot. Ike and me, we'll do it good for ya."

"Yeah," Ike said. "Brothers always do it best."