The following story is a work of fiction. Hanson and any other celebrities are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations involving minors. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



by hottcarter1987

Part 9: Do Me, Daddy!

Taylor Hanson entered the apartment building he shared with his family, brothers, and their families. He was exhausted. Raping that teen girl in the park took a lot out of him, and his sexual desires were only satisfied for a while. He took the freshly lit cigar out of his mouth and made his way to his floor in the building, going straight to the bathroom. Setting the cigar on the edge of the sink, he took a piss and looked in the mirror over the toilet. His hair was only slightly mussed from the forbidden acts he'd performed on the helpless girl, his slight moustache and light beard framed his thin lips which wore a most dissatisfied position. His nine-inch cock was still hard and smelled like teen pussy, and he grabbed the cigar and put it back in his mouth, watching his reflection puff smoke while his bladder emptied. It wasn't easy to pee with a hard-on, but he'd barely been able to hold it in the car. He shook his dick with a gloved hand, stuffed it back in his tight jeans, and flushed. Emerging from the bathroom, Tay decided to see where Ezra was.

It would be difficult to see his son today. The reason he even raped that girl was because all day he'd been dreaming of screwing his 8-year-old boy, and the thought had given him conflicting emotions. On the one hand, he badly wanted to pump Ezra full of his man seed. On the other, he wanted Ezra to remain pure and free of the perverted things that he and his brothers had been doing for years, even before they became the pop group Hanson. Tay still didn't know if he would be able to hold off on doing Ezra, even now that he strolled through the rooms on his floor of the building looking for the tyke. Everyone else had gone, and he'd left Zac in charge when he left. This made him nervous, too, as Zac had confessed to him a while ago that little kids were turning him on as of late. Zac was the most perverted of the three brothers, and he'd started eyeing Ezra lately. Leaving him to babysit didn't make Tay feel great, but he'd had to get away that morning for a while and had no other choice.

Tay puffed his cigar in frustration when he'd searched all the rooms, including Ezra's bedroom, without finding the boy. He decided to go up to the next level, which was Zac's family floor. He mounted the steps and started looking immediately. As he approached the end of the hall, he heard sounds coming from the last door. This was Zac's private study. He removed the cigar from his mouth and listened. He heard Zac's voice shout, "Hot motherfuckin' DAMN! That was fuckin' awesome, little baby! Tay's gonna love takin' you, boy."

Tay opened the door, and his mouth gaped at what he saw. Ezra was sitting buck naked on the edge of the couch in the room, his little cock hard as a rock. In front of him was Zac, wiping his stiff 10-inch penis over and over the boy's face. The youngest Hanson brother was smearing gobs of cum on Ezra's cheeks and lips while smiling in lust. The smell of cigar smoke and sperm permeated the room. "What the fuck is goin' on here?!" Tay shouted. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Zac and Ezra both looked up, startled at the intrusion. "Tay!" exclaimed Zac. "Oh, shit. I-uh-I..." He was at a loss for words.

Tay immediately flew to his son. "Did he hurt you? Are you all right?" The boy's face was dripping with Zac's semen, and despite himself, Tay's cock started to harden even further.

Ezra smiled at his father. "It's okay, Daddy. Uncle Zac was showin' me what you'd like." Tay was startled at this comment. "I know you like comin' to my room and rubbin' yourself, Daddy. I see you all the time when you're there with your eyes closed. I like it." The little imp looked at his uncle. "I even saw Uncle Zac put your pee-pee in his mouth and made you feel good one night." He looked back at Tay. "And I wanna make you feel good, too." He started rubbing on Tay's massive bulge. "Don't be mad at Uncle Zac. He was teaching me to be a good boy." Leaning forward on the couch, Ezra started undoing his daddy's jeans.

Zac plucked the cigar from Tay's gloved hand, took a long drag, and placed it in Tay's mouth. Exhaling, he placed his lips to his older brother's ear and said quietly, "You know this is what you want, Tay, and the little shit wants it, too. He sucks so fuckin' good. Just let it happen."

Tay gulped. Looking down at his now not-so-innocent son, he asked, "Are you sure this is what you want?"

Ezra smiled as he pulled on Tay's exposed hard cock. "Yes, Daddy." He opened his mouth and started sucking.

Tay's head flew back in ecstasy as the little boy slurped on his member. Lust filled his thin body, and Zac started sucking on his exposed neck. The feeling of Ezra's hot little mouth on him was so intense. Puffing the cigar, Tay asked Zac, "Have you fucked him yet?"

Zac let off Tay's neck to answer, "Naw, man. You're his daddy, so you get to bust that hot ass." He resumed his licking as Tay grunted. He could feel Ezra's throat as the child made his way down to Tay's cum-filled balls, his little tongue dancing underneath the hard shaft of his dick. Tay continued to moan as both his son and his brother worked on him before Zac stopped and said, "Lemme get that sweet boy pussy ready for ya, bro." Tay continued smoking his cigar as he watched Zac lift Ezra's butt off the couch. The boy was now bent over while taking Tay's dick. Zac suckled his middle finger and inserted it into Ezra's rectum, causing the boy to come off of Tay.

"Keep suckin', boy," Tay said as he reached down and pushed Ezra back onto his sex. The child moaned as Zac's finger made it's way deeper into his most private area. Before long, he had two, then three, fingers moving in and out. Tay held Ezra's head against him as he began a fucking motion, gagging his son. Zac got up, went to his desk, withdrew some lube and a black dildo about the size of Tay's member, and inserted it into Ezra the moment he got back, slicking it up first. The youngest member of Hanson did not make the penetration easy, and Ezra shook at the invasion of the plastic penis, but Tay held him tightly. "It's for your own good, baby," he cooed. "Daddy's gonna fuck you soon. You need your pussy loosened."

Zac licked his lips as he watched the dildo open up his little nephew. He was gentle in his fucking motion at first, but he steadily increased his speed and eventually he was able to bury the entire shaft of the fake cock into Ezra with the exception of the half-inch in his fist. "All right, bro," he gleefully said. "Your hot bitch boy can take it. Anytime you're ready, get over here and start screwin'."

Feeling that it wouldn't be too long before he shot his wad, Tay pulled out of Ezra's mouth, leaving the boy gasping. "Want Daddy to fuck your little cunt?" he asked.

"Yeah, Daddy," Ezra panted. "Please."

"Please, what, boy?" Tay taunted. "I wanna hear you say it, son. What do you want from Daddy?"

Ezra looked up at Tay with pleading eyes. "Do me, Daddy. Do my butt."

Tay smiled and walked to Zac's desk, put out the cigar, and went back to his son, his hard fuck stick bouncing with each movement. Zac pulled out the dildo, sucked it to taste Ezra's ass juices, and threw it on the floor. He lit a fresh cigar and stood in front of Ezra. Holding his still-erect penis to the child's mouth, he said, "Put this in your bitch mouth, boy." Roughly he grabbed Ezra's head and thrust into his open mouth. He looked at Tay, who was lubing up his mammoth cock. "Fuck him, Tay. Fuck him deep and bust that pretty cherry."

Without a word, Tay sank his enlarged cock into Ezra. As the head passed his son's puckered muscle, Ezra grunted and struggled. Zac placed both hands on his small head and buried his dick into the boy's throat to keep him from both pulling away and crying out. Tay took his time as he took away his son's virginity, slowly and steadily sliding his lubed stick deeper and deeper. Ezra continued to struggle, feeling as if he was taking the largest shit in the world backwards. His uncle continued to hold his little face tightly against his groin, and he could feel the thick male phallus pulsing in his esophagus. Finally, after several minutes, Tay's low-hanging balls rested against Ezra's tiny but plump ass. He sighed as the last inch disappeared inside the prepubescent rectum, which tightly gripped on his shaft. "Fuck," Tay breathed. "So tight."

Zac puffed his cigar and started fucking in and out of Ezra's mouth. "That's it, Tay," he encouraged. "Now, let the bitch have it. Fuck him."

Tay proceeded to move his cock, thrusting lightly at first. Ezra kept moaning and groaning as he felt his inner walls expand and contract with the motion of his dad's penis. It was painful at first, but Zac's lube was a special brand that lowered sensitivity. To the recipient of copulation, the pain faded away gradually. As Tay's dick prodded Ezra's small love nut, pleasure quickly replaced it, and the boy started to shiver with erotic feelings and sensations that all his masturbatory sessions before this moment had failed to give him. Soon, he found himself backing up to meet his father's forward thrusts. Tay marveled at the elasticity of Ezra's ass. It was so flexible on his super-hard joystick that it felt to him as if he was always meant to be fucking Ezra. Tay abandoned any reservations he'd had over porking his own boy and increased his fuck motions.

Zac began plowing his nephew's face harder. Smoke from his cigar curled around his head as he continued to draw on it. He found it more of a turn-on than he imagined to watch his older brother sodomize his own son, and his knees actually got weak as the perverted lust of the act shot through his body. He enjoyed hearing Ezra gurgle and moan around his horse cock as he plunged in and out. "You go, Tay," he muttered. "Fuck that ass, man. Show him who his motherfuckin' daddy is!"

Tay grinned at his brother. "Use that mouth, Zac. Own it like I'm owning this pretty fuck hole!" For emphasis, he smacked Ezra's ass hard. "Isn't that right, baby boy?" he rhetorically asked his son. "Daddy owns you, doesn't he? Tell Daddy what you want, son."

Zac pulled his schlong out long enough for Ezra to answer. In as loud a voice as he could, the boy screamed, "Do me, Daddy!! Harder!!"

Tay replied as Zac shoved his meat back into the child, who choked on it. "That's fuckin' right, my boy! Take Daddy's big dick in your sweet cunt!! Fuck!!" He then threw a deep, fast fuck on his oldest boy.

The two Hanson brothers molested Ezra for quite awhile until Zac started to cum. He screamed much as he had earlier in the evening and let loose with another gallon of hot, sticky man-cream. He was so deep in Ezra's throat that the torrent of love sauce skipped the kid's tongue entirely and rocketed directly into his stomach. "Son of a bitch!!" exclaimed Zac. "Take that cum, little baby!! Hot damn!!"

While Zac was releasing his seed, Tay stiffened and screamed in lust as his cock spasmed and ejaculated wad after wad of sperm deep into his son's ass. "Fillin' you up, son!! This is the stuff that made you!! Take all of Daddy!!" He slammed all of his cock into Ezra and unloaded several more streams of cum, which quickly filled the boy's ass and ran out of his boy hole, coating the backs of his legs.

Coming down off their orgasmic highs, each brother pulled out, and Ezra collapsed on the floor, gasping heavily. Zac went to his desk and lit a cigar for his brother and handed it to him. Tay began smoking it, his body tingling at the thought of what he had just done. As he looked down at Ezra and saw a satisfied smile on the boy's face, he knew this would be just one of many, many more fuck sessions he'd have. He looked at Zac, who gave him a thumbs up. "Way to go, you fuckin' pedo," he said to Tay.

Tay bent down, kissed Ezra's cheek, and said to him, "I love you, son."

"I love you, too, Daddy," Ezra replied.

Tay stood and pulled on his cigar again as Zac picked Ezra up in his arms. They went back to Ezra's bedroom, and after Zac laid the tyke on the bed, Tay crawled up next to him and placed his still hard cock against his reddened puckered hole. Zac stood beside the bed and masturbated as Tay pushed into his son's cum-filled ass and growled, "Time for round two, son."