The following story is a work of fiction. Hanson and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the characters' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that the characters are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



by hottcarter1987

Part 7: Ike's Night Out


There were a lot of girls and a sprinkling of guys at the concert, all jumping and gyrating to the R&B/hip-hop beat that came rather loudly from the stage. It was hot in the open-air arena, but though he was sweating profusely, Isaac Hanson had dressed for anonymity. He wore a stocking cap to conceal his hair, sunglasses, and one of his black-leather trench coats, none of which was keeping him cool. It was necessary, though, that no one recognized him. He had come to the concert out of curiosity--mainly to check out what the kids were listening to nowadays and to get song ideas that he could use to blend into Hanson's repertoire. The concert was taking place in New York, where he and his brothers lived, and it was a short drive away. He bought his ticket online and came by himself. He had to admit, though the music was a bit over-the-top and too oriented to tweens and teens, he found himself occasionally tapping his toes to the beat. Hanson had been recording a lot of R&B stuff lately, but that was because they enjoyed the "old-school" kind. What he was listening to tonight was fresher and a bit more upbeat, and he had already gotten some ideas in his head that he would later try out on his guitar.

The star of the show was no one else than 16-year-old pop sensation Justin Bieber. He trounced around onstage in a black leather jacket, tight black jeans, and black leather fingerless gloves. His moves were obviously choreographed to maximize his sex-symbol status with teen girls, but Ike thought that even though he performed well, it looked much too rehearsed and not nearly natural enough. He grinned as he thought of his younger brother, Zac, who would be turned on by watching the young Bieber thrusting his hips and frequently grabbing his crotch as he was currently doing on stage. Ike looked over at the only other male figure near him, who looked to be about 14 or 15, and saw that he had his hands stuffed in his baggy jeans. From the motion of his right hand, Ike figured out that the kid was playing with his dick as he intently watched the action on stage. The eldest Hanson smirked at this, knowing that Zac would have been doing the same thing if he'd come along. Ike would have been glad for the company, too, even if it was his perverted younger brother, but Tay and Zac had things to do. Ike was content to treat this as a night out for himself.

The concert was winding down, and Justin sang his show-stopper, "Baby." The kid went wild during the song. His moves featured no less than five crotch grabs (one of which included a slight crotch rub), and several hip thrusts, proving that Bieber knew how to work his stuff for the fans. As the song drew to a close, he turned his back to the audience and yelled, "UH!" His nice-looking ass showed prominently, drawing screams from his teen-girl fan base, all of whom would likely masturbate to the memory of this when they got home. Even Ike, who normally didn't get into younger guys, felt his penis jump a bit. Justin turned, thanked his audience, and to a reprise of "Baby" exited the stage. Ike was impressed enough with the teen heartthrob that he decided he'd go backstage. As a member of Hanson, he figured he could get there without an invitation, and this proved to be true. When he removed the cap and sunglasses from his sweaty head, the arena's security let him pass easily. One of the guards pointed out where Bieber's dressing room was, and Ike walked back through the maze of hallways to find it. The arena was oddly built, so navigating the corridors was a bit of a challenge. Once he saw a sign, however, that pointed to the dressing areas, he knew he was on the right track.

He approached a door with a makeshift name plate that read Justin Bieber and knocked. While he waited for the kid to open the door, he heard a quiet voice from around the corner say, "That's it, little baby. Do me good. Just like that." Curiosity got the better of him, so Ike poked his head around the corner. Seated on a crate several feet from where he was standing was one of the security guards. He was a big African-American man in his late 30's or early 40's wearing the blue t-shirt with Security on it that all the guards were wearing that night. He had a black baseball cap pulled low on his forehead and black slacks which at this moment were open in the front. Ike saw the man's king-sized dick standing straight up out of his lap, and Justin Bieber was in the process of slurping up and down on it. One of the black man's large hands was on his head, pushing him onto the big chocolate-colored organ. Ike noted the size of the cock must be 8 or 9 inches, which made him a little proud that he beat a black man with the size of his nearly 12 inches, but he marveled that Justin could take even that much meat in his throat without gagging. What amazed him even more was the fact that he now had discovered that Justin Bieber, the teen heartthrob that made millions of teen girls' pussies wet at the mere mention of his name, was now giving a blowjob to a man twice his age and apparently loving it. Ike's cock started to lengthen and harden at the erotic sight.

As the slurping sound reached his ears from the teenaged boy on his knees being fed the large black dick, Ike knew he had to get his horse cock into Bieber, too. He'd never attempted to get down and dirty with a boy as young, though he knew Zac had done a couple. The thought nor the opportunity never occurred to the oldest of the Hansons. Justin, however, seemed to enjoy it, and Ike realized that this was his shot at it. He began rubbing his mammoth bulge and was rewarded with the all-too-familiar tingle from his long shaft that mating time was approaching. He didn't know if Justin had ever gone all the way and had a cock up his ass, but he wouldn't remain an ass-virgin in Ike's presence for long.

Before long, the big black man began to grunt. He placed his other hand around the base of his dick and stood. Still looking down at the young pop star, he pulled him by his brown hair off his ebony sword and said, "Open up, white boy. I'm gonna shoot!" Justin obeyed silently as his jaw dropped, ready to receive his creamy reward for his hard work. With two tip-to-base strokes, the black man erupted. His cum spewed forth from his open piss slit to land in streaks across Justin's upturned face. Blast after blast of African-American seed covered the young boy, and while it was still shooting, the man jammed his love trunk deep into Justin's mouth. While he had barely gagged before, Justin was now visibly choking on the black pole as the man continued to empty his balls of all their DNA. Justin's throat tried to accommodate the river of semen, but long strands of it leaked out of his mouth and traveled down his neck to soak the black shirt underneath his leather jacket. "That's the way, baby boy," the man grunted. "You like that nigga cum, huh? You my bitch now, boy. Fuckin'-A!! Swallow Big Sam's nut, you bitch!!"

Ike nearly came himself. He'd never witnessed someone cum that long and that much before. When it was over, the man rubbed his thick dark penis all over Justin's soaked face, and he put his cock back in his pants. Justin wiped the cum off his face with a hand and licked it clean. He did this repeatedly until a majority of the salty offering was gone. "You like, man?" he asked in a somewhat raspy voice.

Big Sam, as the man had called himself, smiled widely. "You know it, little boy. I love white boys that dig big, black cock. `Sides, my wife likes givin' head, but she sure hates to swallow." He reached down and grabbed a belt from atop one of the crates and fastened it around his waist. "I got to go help straighten everything up now, boy. You come see me the next time you're in town. I wanna do more than just get my knob polished, know what I'm sayin'?"

Justin flashed his megawatt grin. "I'll be open for it, yo."

Big Sam glanced at the boy who was still on his knees. "I just bet. You have a good night." He started to leave, and Ike quickly hid behind some boxes stacked to the left of Justin's dressing room. He peeked out a bit when the black man was gone and saw Justin enter his dressing room, still licking remnants of sperm off his fingers. Ike waited outside for a good ten minutes so that the singer could get himself together before knocking on the door.


Justin Bieber entered his dressing room feeling very satisfied. He loved black dick, and Big Sam had given him an ocean full of cum for his belly. He'd been a cum hound ever since Usher had broken him in, and because his first blowjob was on a black man's member, he'd been enslaved to it ever since. He had, of course, blown white dudes as well, but none of them had the unique taste that black men had. He thought about all this as he went to the small bathroom provided for him. He washed his face and neck, dabbed on a bit of Jovan Musk to help cover the stench of cum, and sat on the couch in the small space. He reached on the coffee table in front of him for the open pack of Marlboro reds he put there and lit a cigarette. He knew that he'd have to quit before it became an addiction, but it helped relax him after a show, and it felt good to smoke after a hot sex session.

Just as he put up his feet, there was a knock at the door. "Yo, it's open," he called, figuring it would be a roadie. They all knew he smoked, so he wouldn't have to waste a good cigarette. The security in this place was top-notch, so he felt certain it wasn't a fan or anything that made their way back. Justin took a long drag of the cigarette and nearly choked on the fumes as Ike Hanson walked through the door. "Shit!" he exclaimed, a grey cloud emerging from his nostrils. "You're fuckin' Ike Hanson!"

Ike smiled and said, "The one and only, m'man."

Justin jumped to his feet and shook hands with the older singer as he approached the table. "Don't tell me you came to the show, dude." Ike nodded. "That's fuckin' awesome! What did ya think?"

Ike sat down, lit up a cigar, and gave Justin a well-rounded critique of the show. He said that he liked most of the music, and Justin's voice was well-suited to it. He also liked most of the choreography, even if it didn't seem natural enough, and the way Justin played to his audience. "But," finished Ike with a puff of his stogie, "you also need to seem more natural on stage. That `urban-street talk' you do doesn't seem in place. Doesn't seem like your being yourself."

Justin had lit another cigarette by this time. "I hear what you're sayin', yo, but Usher kinda groomed me that way, y'know? It's kinda hard to break it, know what I'm sayin'?"

Ike simply grinned. The boy was right; his speech was so laced with slang by now he'd take a long time to get rid of it. The two singers talked for a while about music, with Justin saying that he loved Hanson's music and would eventually like to record music in that style. After a while, Ike brought up the subject of girls. "Bet you have `em crawling all over you."

Justin gave him a sly look. "You know it, dude. Have to beat `em off with a stick. Just wish it was this one, yo." He grabbed his crotch.

Ike pushed the issue one step further. "How `bout other boys? Or men?"

Justin didn't know what to say to that. He stubbed out his cigarette and fumbled for what to say. "W-Whaddya mean, man? Other boys?"

Ike drew on his cigar slowly and exhaled through his nostrils just as steadily. "I mean, I saw you earlier with that black dude--what was his name? Big Sam, I think he said." Justin swallowed nervously. "Yeah, I saw the whole damn thing, boy. You were suckin' that black baseball bat like it was your last fuckin' meal. Swallowed a huge load of his babies, and told him you'd be willing for more."

Justin's brown eyes got wide as saucers. "Y-You saw that?"

"Every bit, my man."

The younger singer started rubbing his thighs with his hands. "Well, er, Sam's away from his wife a lot. They don't work the same shift, and, uhm, y'know somebody's gotta take care of his needs."

"You gay?"

"Naw, it ain't nothin' like that, yo. I jus' like dick, too." Justin was getting more nervous as he explained. He had been caught red-handed, and by one of his idols.

Ike put out the remainder of his cigar and calmly lit another. He felt his cock pulsing as it hardened in his jeans. "Well, we'll keep this between the two of us, understand? `Cause the truth of the matter is, I really liked watchin' you do that black dude. It was hot as shit."

Justin froze at the words. He then saw Ike move a hand down to his crotch. The older singer began massaging the huge bulge there. "You gay? I thought you were married with a kid."

"A couple, actually," Ike said. He gripped his boner more tightly. "And, I plan on making more babies. Doesn't stop me from havin' a good time." He paused. "Know what I'm sayin'?"

Justin broke out in a grin. He watched the man in front of him calmly smoking his cigar and nodded at his crotch. "Want some help there, big boy? You've seen what I can do." For emphasis, he licked his lips hungrily.

Ike put his cigar between his teeth and put his hands behind his head. Slouching a bit in the chair, he spread his legs wide. "Show me, slut boy. Get over here and see if you can fit this motherfucker in that hot mouth of yours." As Justin slid off the couch and walked on his knees over to him, Ike added with a smirk, "I warn you, little boy. You may have bitten off more than you can chew."

"Let's find out, stud," Justin said. He got between Ike's legs and rubbed the bulge. "Fuck," he whispered. "It's definitely a boy." Undoing his jeans and pulling them down, Justin gasped at the monster that he uncovered. All twelve glorious inches of Ike Hanson's manhood flopped back on the older singer's stomach, easily clearing his belly button. "Shit!" Justin exclaimed. "That's not a dick, yo. That's a motherfuckin' torpedo!" His mouth fell open.

Ike puffed his cigar and grabbed the top of Justin's head by the hair. "Now that your mouth's open, slut, get it on that dick!" He held up his cock by his other hand and pushed Justin's mouth onto it. The boy gagged as Ike rammed his head down. "You wanted it, Bieber. Now swallow it!!" He watched in erotic fascination as Justin tried valiantly to take his thick rod. Tears streamed from the boy singer's eyes as his throat struggled to accommodate the massive intruder. "Don't fight it, bitch," muttered Ike. "Just start swallowin'. Let it in." Justin tried, but he couldn't quite get the girth of the thing down. Getting impatient with the boy cocksucker, Ike placed his other hand on the boy's head and said, "Like this, slut." He pushed down hard, and his cock barreled into Justin's gagging throat. The kid sputtered and chocked, tears now flowing rapidly from his eyes, reminding Ike of when he'd first treated Taylor to the joys of blowjobs. He puffed his cigar and said, "Don't suck, Bieber. Just let me take your mouth for a ride." Justin stopped trying to suck on the mammoth dick and allowed Ike to ram his member in and out. The young boy then realized that it was much easier to just focus on keeping his throat open than to do that and try to slurp on it, and his struggles ceased. Ike reached down and placed a hand under Justin's chin and felt his sex as it entered and exited. It turned him on even more, and he picked up the pace. Filthy slurping sounds came from Justin as the dick traveled with greater speed, and his tool was covered with great amounts of saliva.

Soon, however, Ike withdrew completely and let Justin catch his breath. He looked at the teen idol, marveling at the now very puffy red lips that was evidence of brutal blowjob. He put out his cigar, lit another, and pulled Justin to a standing position. He bent and gave the boy a quick kiss on the lips and asked, "Got any lube around here?"

Still panting, Justin looked at him with a bit of fear. "You're not gonna put that thing in my ass, man. It's gonna hurt, dude."

Ike wasn't in the mood to hear that. He pushed Justin to his dressing table and bent him over. He pulled off the leather jacket and pulled down his pants. Jamming two fingers in his ass, Ike said, "You ever been fucked in this sweet hole, boy?"

Justin moaned at the intrusion into his most private place. "Yeah," he muttered. "A couple of times, yo. Usher took my cherry as part of my contract with him. And I've been with Big Sam once `bout a week ago."

Ike smiled. "Good. At least you're warmed up, little boy. I want you to take a real man's cock." He felt Justin wiggle his butt. "Don't try to fight it. You want my cock in your pussy."

"Yeah," was all that came out of the teen's mouth.

"Where's your lube?" Justin reached in the dressing table and pulled out some baby oil. "That'll do. You'll need more than fuckin' spit to get my dick up there." Ike squeezed a generous amount on Justin's ass crack and pushed it up into his boy hole. When he'd lubed it up well, he slathered his dick with more and pushed the head inside Justin's tight ass ring.

"Ahh!" exclaimed Justin.

Ike slapped a hand over the boy's mouth. "Shh! You want anybody to hear? Shut up." He then rammed the rest of his baby maker inside. Justin shook violently, his sphincter protesting the entry. Ike had his way, though, and in another couple of seconds, his dong filled up the young ass pussy. He kept his hand over Justin's mouth while he proceeded to fuck him, as each thrust produced a scream from the boy. After about five minutes, though, Justin's ass ring relaxed, and the boy started grunting. Ike withdrew his hand. "You like it, bitch. You like me fuckin' that ass?"

"Oh, yeah," Justin replied. "Gimme it, yo."

"Thought you'd like it, Bieber," Ike taunted. He started to fuck harder. "Knew you'd be a good slut. I feel how your pussy's grabbin' onto my dick. It knows what you're good for." Ike started pounding into Justin, and the dressing table started to shake. Justin kept moaning as he felt Ike ram into him. His love button was on fire as the cock head smashed repeatedly into it. Usher had fucked him hard, but the music star had never filled up Justin the way that Ike Hanson was doing now. There was some pain still, but it was dulled over the pure pleasure he felt inside. He felt that he was being fucked by a real man, just as Ike had hinted. Justin laid his head down on the table top, muttering incoherently as Ike took him and made him his.

Ike grunted and puffed his cigar as he mated with the teen idol. His dick went completely inside the tight tunnel and stretched his entire rectum. It felt like a velvet glove, and Ike felt sensations in the shaft that nearly overloaded his perverted brain. Only fucking his brothers had ever felt this good, and Ike began to really give it to Justin. His bull balls slapped against the kid's smaller nuggets. Ike held on to the kid's hips as he thrust, but he didn't say much as the sodomy continued. He felt lucky to have run up on this kid, and mentally he put another notch on his imaginary sex belt.

Before long, his nuts drew up, and Ike knew it was time. "Fuck!" he exclaimed. "I'm ready to cum. Gonna breed your pussy, slut. Get ready...gonna fill that baby pussy with some cream...ARRGHH!!" Ike slammed into Justin's love tunnel full force and held his horse cock deep inside as he ejaculated. Rope after rope of scalding hot semen bathed Justin Bieber's rectum as Ike threw his head back, puffing his cigar in rhythm to the fiercest orgasm in his memory. Ecstasy washed over his tall frame, and his hips bucked as they tried desperately to drive his cock deeper into the helpless little boy in front of him. Time lost its meaning for both boys. Justin, his mouth wide open but silent, lost track of the number of shots Ike propelled into him. His 16-year-old penis throbbed violently, and his own sperm shot out of the tip like bullets against the dressing table. He never once even touched his dick, but the 7-inch pole was so stimulated by Ike's massive one pressed deeply into his prostate that it couldn't help but vomit several loads of teen cream.

Finally, both boys came down from their orgasmic highs. Ike, feeling as if he had smoked a garbage bag full of pot, light-headedly fell backward, his third leg obscenely popping out of the freshly-fucked boy pussy. He grabbed the chair behind him for support and put out the cigar. Breathing heavily, he gained erotic pleasure watching strands of his seed emerge from Justin's sphincter and stream down between the boy's legs. Justin remained where he was and tried to catch his breath. The smell of fresh cum permeated the room, even over the cigar smoke, and both Ike and Justin did not move for several minutes. "Hot damn, boy," Ike managed to say at last. "You are one sexy, grade-A faggot whore."

In response, Justin turned, got on his knees, pulled Ike's semi-hard cock into his mouth, and sucked it clean of cum and his own ass juices. Ike asked him if he was okay, and Justin grinned with his mouth full of dick. He slowly came off of it, slurping it obscenely along the way, and gulped a couple of times before answering, "I'm fine. That was one amazing fuck, yo. Won't be able to walk for a while, but that was awesome."

Ike glanced at his watch and said, "Gotta go, fuck boy. Gotta have you again. You'll have to come `round when Tay and Zac are available. They'd like a piece of that ass, too. You up for a gangbang, baby?"

Justin reached back and retrieved some sperm from his ass and licked his fingers clean of it. "Oh, fuck, yeah, dude. After that ride, I'm ready for anything."

Ike lit up another cigar, made his exit, and drove home. His dick got hard as he replayed the fuck session in his mind's eye. Pulling out his thick rod, he masturbated to a second cum on his way home, promising to himself that he would have Justin Bieber again.