The following story is a work of fiction. Hanson and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the characters' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that the characters are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact.


by hottcarter1987

Part 1: Taylor Alone

Taylor Hanson made his way to his private bedroom in the multi-room condominium complex he shared with his wife and kids as well as his fellow singing brothers, collectively known as Hanson. His wife, Natalie, was visiting friends on the West Coast with the kids and Zac's wife, Kate, and had just left thirty minutes before. Tay had just gotten back, and he was glad for the excuse to be alone. He didn't know where his brothers were, which suited him fine. He sat down at his desk and took out several sheets of lined notebook paper to jot down some lyrics for new songs for the band. Sometimes the melody came first, but today some words had popped into his head, and he needed to get them down before they disappeared into the ether. He grinned as he thought of what had caused this. As he was leaving the airport terminal, a really hot guy had passed him through the main doors. Tay's dick had instantly gotten hard as a rock as he glanced at the stud who possessed the hottest ass the music boy had ever seen. Thoughts of being with the guy caused some stirring in the back of his head, and they nagged him until this moment as his pencil touched the white sheets of paper in front of him.

It may be a good time to mention that Taylor Hanson was bisexual. Sure, he loved his family. Natalie was a great wife, and his four kids were terrific. He would not have traded them for anything. Taylor, however, had experienced gay sex on Hanson's first tour years ago—he had fucked a cute skater boy in Los Angeles—and since he had not been sexually satisfied with just women. He had only been fourteen then, and he'd had tons of experiences since then, even after he married. Natalie knew, and he played it safe with all of his boys and men. He had been strictly a top until he met Kevin Zegers, who practically had raped him with his nearly twelve-inch cock, and from that time onward, Tay liked being a bottom. Kevin had opened up the slut in him.

Suddenly, Tay found it hard to write. The lyrics were still in his head, but his cock now stirred in his tight jeans. He tried thinking of other non-sexual things to calm down, but his member kept throbbing for attention. He reached into the top drawer of his desk and withdrew a pack of cigarettes. Natalie may have been open to his sexual appetites, but she drew the line at smoking. He never lit up around her or the kids, but this was his private room, and he smoked whenever he felt like it. After lighting the cigarette, his eyes wandered around and came to rest on a picture on the desk. Originally, it had been taken as a goof, snapped about the time that Hanson's album, This Time Around, had been released. He and his brothers, older Isaac and younger Zac, had been playing around in the recording studio. A photographer who had been taking snapshots of the group as they recorded had left the camera on a tripod. The device had a timer on it. Zac, goofy as always, suggested they take a picture of the three of them as biker dudes, decked out in nothing but black leather. The boys had some of their touring gear in the studio, so finding such outfits was easy. When dressed, they stuck ultra-sexy and nearly pornographic poses as the camera went off. Tay inhaled some smoke as he looked at the picture. In it, he was on his knees dressed in skin tight black leather pants with no shirt and a studded dog collar around his neck. His head was facing Zac's crotch. His little brother was standing with his hips thrust forward, his bottom half also clothed in tight black leather. He had a motorcycle jacket on, also black, which was open and showed his bare chest and stomach. His hair was long at that time, and it was pulled into a ponytail. A snarl graced his thick pink lips, and his fists extended forward with only his middle fingers raised. Behind him was Tay's older brother, Isaac. He was dressed in a black leather vest and somewhat baggy black leather pants. He was grabbing his crotch with one hand and a handful of Tay's hair with the other, as if forcing Tay into Zac's package. After that photo session, the boys had gotten quite drunk, and Isaac and Zac—who both knew of Tay's bisexuality by then—used and abused the middle Hanson the rest of the night. Since then, the three of them occasionally got together when their wives weren't around to enjoy each other, sometimes tenderly and sometimes rough and kinky.

Tay finished his cigarette and put it out, lighting another. Smoking wasn't helping. After the memory of his first time with his brothers invaded his thoughts, he was more horny than before. Giving up on the lyrics, he made his way to the small bed in the room and laid down. He could do nothing now but give in to his hormones. With the cigarette firmly planted between his sexy pink lips, he reached down with both hands and started massaging his aching groin. The outline of his cock was very pronounced against his faded jeans. He rubbed the outline, mewling upon contact. It felt so good that he squeezed it. Pleasure shot to his brain—so intense that he nearly dropped the cigarette from his mouth. He got up and crushed it out after taking a deep drag, and, exhaling a cloud of smoke, he got back on the bed. Not able to wait any longer, he opened up his jeans, reached into his boxers, and pulled out his hard 10-inch boner, stroking it as soon as it was free. Tay closed his eyes. He pressed his head back into the pillows, and his schlong pulsed with carnal rapture. His mouth made a small “o” as his lust expressed itself in sharp, quick sounds—his dirty mind flooded with images of his brothers. He could see Zac shoving his thick boy meat deep into his throat while Isaac plowed his boy pussy with his monster cock. Tay could even feel his legs wrap around his older brother's hips as Isaac violated him, and he could almost feel Ike's penis urgently expanding to fire volleys of love juice up his sex tunnel. If Tay thought hard enough, he could even taste Zac's hot sperm blasting along his tongue, coating his throat and gagging him with the sheer volume his little bro produced...


Suddenly, without realizing it at first, Tay's face was pelted with warm, sticky ropes of jism from his own cock. He didn't think he'd been that horned up. He looked down to see his pecker squirting in violent pulses as his cum load rocketed out of the piss slit. It plastered the hair on his forehead and dripped down on his nose, lips, and chin. A few more shots deposited semen onto his smooth chest and abs. Then, it was over. A few remaining dribbles coated his fist, and Tay took a breath. He lay there for a minute, basking in the glow of the monster orgasm. He licked off the spooge from his fist and then carefully scooped up all that was on his stomach and chest, eating it immediately. He wiped his face and licked the cum until it was gone. Tay was a cum freak. He loved sucking dick, and he found it a major turn-on to taste sperm as it pumped directly into his mouth. He also enjoyed feeling a hard cock jerking around on his tongue as a guy was cumming.

Finally satisfied that he had eaten all of his baby batter, Taylor Hanson sighed and rolled over in bed onto his softening love muscle, falling asleep very quickly.