The following story is a work of fiction. Hanson and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the characters' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that the characters are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations involving minors. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



by hottcarter1987

Part 4: Tay's First Boy


The music was loud, and the beat was oppressive. Smoke swirled in intricate patterns in the crowded room. Sweaty bodies gyrated and occasionally crashed into one another on the dance floor. The smell of tobacco, alcohol, and the occasional joint permeated the room. The metal band on stage thrashed and screamed, their instruments adding to the cacophony of noise. Along one wall, men and women, some barely out of their teens, eyed each other in hopes of either making a connection or, at least, getting laid later on in the evening. Because it was so hot in the club, most of the guys had their shirts off, and nearly all of them were built, the sweat glistening off their torsos much to the delight of most of the women and quite a few of the men.

This was Taylor Hanson's kind of place.

He was currently out on tour with his brothers as Hanson, and the past two nights were downtime for the boys. His wife, Natalie, was home with his litter of four kids, and Tay didn't feel like fucking around with his siblings. Zac and Isaac were back at the hotel banging each others' brains out, but though the middle Hanson liked sex with them, he was after other game this night. Originally wanting some fresh female pussy, Tay's bisexual nature got the better of him when he saw some of the hot male meat in this out-of-the-way place, and his cock thickened at possibly being topped by one of these studs. None had approached him, though, and he hadn't quite found "the" one yet. He finished his cigar and signaled the waitress for his check. She came to his table and placed the bill on it. He whipped out some cash, including a generous tip, and she withdrew. He eyed her plump ass as she retreated, wondering if she'd like getting pregnant. After four kids with his wife, Tay sometimes entertained the notion of deliberately knocking up some sweet young thing just to do it. It made him horny just thinking about spreading his ample seed to as many chicks as possible--that, and knowing he'd have a kid in just about every city Hanson toured.

Tay stretched and yawned. Looking at his watch, he saw that it was just past one o'clock in the morning. Knowing he should get back to the hotel, he got up and left. The cold night air outside the club caused him to draw his black leather jacket around his torso, and he decided to forgo the taxi. It was only a few blocks to the hotel, and the walk would warm him up. He lit another cigar, one of a few he'd bummed off Zac before he left, and smoked it while walking. He was admiring his little bro's taste in thick Cuban cigars when, after completing his second block, he came upon an interesting sight.

A few hundred yards ahead, he saw a car parked at the curb of the street. The parking lights were on, and the engine was still running. Although he couldn't see the driver clearly, he saw that the figure was leaning over to the open passenger-side window. Leaning against it on the other side was a very young boy. Tay couldn't begin to guess how old, but if the child was eight it would have been a surprise. He was clad in a very worn denim jacket and worn blue jeans. The pants were very tight, and the child's bubble ass looked like a work of art underneath the bright street light which shown down from overhead. The boy's hair was long, flowing down to the middle of his back, and the color of chestnut. As the pop star drew nearer, he heard the boy's high-pitched, prepubescent voice say, "Aw, c'mon, mister. I'll make it worth your while if you let me stay with ya tonight."

The voice of the driver was gruff. "No way, kid. Can't take the chance. Now get the fuck off my car!"

"Fuck you, motherfucker!" the boy shouted as he stood. The car squealed off into the night, and the boy threw both hands up at the departing vehicle, his middle fingers extended from his fists. He reached in his jacket and pulled out a cigarette, cupping a hand over it to keep out the slight breeze as he lit it. Tay noticed he had no shirt on underneath the ratty-looking jacket. Smoke emerged from his thin lips, and the child pulled his jacket over his bare chest. He was obviously shivering in the October air, and Tay felt sorry for him.

Betting he was homeless, and was offering himself for a night in a real bed, Tay approached him. "Hey, kid, you're not near old enough to smoke, ya know."

The boy looked up at Tay and shouted, "Fuck you, bitch! What's it to you?"

Tay came up to him and saw the arrogance in his brown eyes. "Just advice, son, that's all."

"Yeah?" the boy spat. "Well, I ain't your fuckin' son, so take your advice and shove it up your ass." He turned to leave, then stopped. Taking a drag of the cigarette, he exhaled as he spoke. Turning, he said, "Sorry, man. I'm just pissed."

"At what, little man?" asked Tay.

The kid spat onto the sidewalk and looked at his feet. "I need a place to stay, and that fucker wouldn't let me stay with him. It's fuckin' cold tonight."

Tay took a long drag of his cigar and asked, "You got kicked out?"

A smirk played over the boy's face. "I'd have a fuckin' place if I got kicked out, dude. I don't got a home." He took a long drag of the cigarette and exhaled through his nostrils. "You got a place I could stay for just the night?"

Tay looked the boy up and down and smiled. "Yeah. C'mon. I'm stayin' in a hotel not far from here. You can share the room with me tonight at least." He walked past the child, who immediately followed him like a puppy. "What's your name?"

"Jordan," the kid answered. He flicked the cigarette into the street.

Tay took a long drag of his cigar. "My oldest son's name is Jordan. Jordan Ezra. He looks about your age." They came to a street crossing, and the fatherly instinct took over Tay. He grabbed Jordan's hand before stepping into the street. Immediately his cock jumped, and he couldn't believe it. This little moppet was turning him on in the worst way. He wasn't sure if it was the sight of him offering his body for a night out of the cold or the fact that he harbored his own secret desires of having sex with his own son, but little Jordan was bringing something to the surface. It was true that Tay had often watched his eight-year-old son sleeping and wondered what it would be like to slip under the covers beside him and feel him up. Tay had jacked off many times thinking about having his nine-inch penis sucked by Ezra and shooting his cum into the boy's mouth. He knew eventually Ezra would probably discover that the three oldest Hanson boys regularly engaged in incest with each other, and that his dad's door swung both ways, but Tay wanted his son to make that choice for himself. He didn't act on his impulses, and he definitely didn't confide in Ike or Zac, both of whom were perverted enough to pull his son into the games they played. More than once, he'd seen Zac look at Ezra in a certain way.

Tay felt a squeeze on his hand, and he brought himself out of his reverie. "Is this it, mister?" Jordan's tiny voice asked. They were in front of the hotel.

"Yeah, kid," Tay said. He crushed out his cigar with a boot, as smoking wasn't allowed in the lobby, and they walked in. Getting into the elevator, Tay pushed the button for his floor. "Now," he said as they accelerated, "couple of things. I'm here with my brothers, but they have rooms on a separate floor. Don't answer the phone if it rings, and don't answer the door. Let me do that."

Jordan looked up at Tay with a sly grin. "You want me for yourself, don't ya?"

"Uh, uhm," the pop star stammered. "N-no, it's not that." He let go of Jordan's hand, realizing he hadn't let go of it. "They wouldn't understand."

"Okay," the kid said. The tone in his voice indicated that he didn't believe Tay.

It was then that the child's body odor became readily apparent. "When'd you last have a bath, kid?" Tay asked.

"About a couple of days ago," answered Jordan. "Some guy picked me up, and I stayed with him overnight. He fucked me a couple of times, but threw me out after I'd taken a bath the next morning." The elevator stopped, and Tay asked no more as they made their way to his room. Once inside, Jordan's eyes got wide as saucers at the sheer size of the suite. "You must be fuckin' loaded, dude!"

"I got a few bucks," Tay said. He pointed to one of the two bedrooms. "You can have that room. Bathroom's over there."

Jordan unexpectedly hugged Tay around the waist, and again, Tay's dick jumped. "Thanks, mister. I'll be sure to smell real good for ya."

Not sure what to say, and certainly not sure if he even wanted to partake in what the kid was obviously offering, Tay simply said, "Dump your clothes in the hamper, and I'll have the housekeeper wash them. I'll call down to the shop in the morning and have some clothes brought up for you. In the meantime, you can wear one of the robes in the bathroom."

Jordan let him go and scampered to the bathroom. Tay stared at the closed door until the sound of water being drawn in the tub could be heard. He looked at his watch, which read two o'clock, and went to the mini-bar, took out three of the small vodka bottles there, and sat down in the recliner in front of the TV. He downed all three bottles in shots of two gulps each before getting more. He lit another cigar, uneasy about what the night would bring.



Tay awoke groggily. He felt a pressure in his groin, and not an unpleasant one at that. The vodka, mixed with the other alcohol he'd consumed that night, was still making him drunk, so he assumed what he was feeling between his legs was probably just a dream. He managed to open one eye and saw little Jordan kneeling there, rubbing his little hands up and down his crotch. Both eyes snapped open, and Tay blinked, not sure what to do. His cock was fully erect in the tight jeans he wore, and Jordan was expertly rubbing the defined bulge in a rhythmic pattern from base to tip. The outline of his thick cock was easily apparent as it snaked down his leg. Tay had not worn any underwear when he went to the club in hopes of finding a fuck partner, and now he wished he hadn't done that. He didn't move, but he knew he should stop this. He couldn't believe that he was letting a boy the age of his own son feel him up. What's more, the pleasure Jordan was giving him was incredible. All of Tay's sexual partners had been of age, except when he and Ike introduced Zac to the world of incest when he was ten, but that was different; it was his little brother, and Tay was underage himself. This was a new experience, and he found it difficult to take in. Nevertheless, Jordan's hand on his hard member made Tay moan.

"Good," said Jordan in a sultry voice no little boy should be able to possess. "You're finally awake, mister. It's time I paid you for the room." The kid's tongue emerged from his mouth, and he began licking the bulge in a way Taylor had only seen on a porn movie.

"Ezra," Tay moaned. He shook his head. He must be drunker than he thought. He corrected himself and said, "I mean, Jordan. Fuck, boy, you can't do that."

Jordan ignored him and kept licking. Tay made no move to stop him, and his head began spinning. The boy stopped his oral technique and began rubbing Tay's bulge again. "That's okay, can call me Ezra if you want. Can I call you `Daddy?'"

Tay groaned louder. "This isn't right," he murmured.

"No one has to know," Jordan said in that voice again. "Your dick's so hard, Daddy. It wants me. Can I have it?" The little minx was pushing all of his buttons, and as drunk as he was and as horny as he'd been when he had left for the club, Tay was losing resistance. In the dimly lit room, Jordan had started to look a bit like Ezra, and the bottled-up sexual feelings for his son were coming to the surface.

Licking his lips, Tay moaned, "I don't know,"

Jordan squeezed the outline of Tay's cock. "C'mon, Daddy. It'll be our little secret." He paused, then said in a little-boy voice, "Pweeze?"

Any inhibition that Taylor Hanson had to that point vanished in an instant. His dick throbbed, and he abandoned all pretense. "Okay, Ezra," he said not correcting himself. "Get in your bed, son. Daddy's gonna tuck you in." He tried to stand, but the alcohol made him stumble around a bit. As if used to this kind of thing, Jordan swung one of Tay's arms around his shoulder and put one of his own around Tay's waist and helped him to the main bedroom. He helped Tay onto the king-sized bed, and Tay said, "Help Daddy out of his clothes, baby." In no time, the Hanson brother was naked, his big dick resting against his stomach. He raised his head and saw Jordan was already nude, his four-inch penis hard and sticking straight out. Tay managed to ask, "How old are you, boy?"

Jordan stood there stroking his little cock. "I just turned eight a week ago, Daddy." Every time the child called him "daddy," a shiver went through Tay's body.

"You know what you're doin', don't ya?" Tay asked.

"Sure do, Daddy," Jordan replied. Tay wiggled back on the bed, and Jordan slid on and grabbed the man's erect cock. "Thank you for letting me stay here, tonight, Daddy." With that, Jordan opened his tiny mouth and engulfed the cock.

"Fuckin' shit!!" exclaimed Tay as the boy's mouth traveled all the way down his shaft. No one but Ike and Zac had ever been able to swallow all of his dick like this little eight-year-old kid. Tay was amazed beyond belief as Jordan began sucking up and down, his prepubescent tongue flicking left and right along the shaft with each pass. Pleasure shot to Tay's drunken brain, and what little resistance he'd had before was only a memory now. "Hot damn," he moaned. "Suck Daddy's dick, Ezra! Suck it hard!!"

Jordan gurgled in delight as he obediently increased his movements. He'd been sucking cock since he was two years old, having been raped by the first in a long line of his mother's boyfriends. He'd never known his father, and the last man who had molested him had been the only one of the dozens his mother had dated who actually married her. When she died unexpectedly, the man sexually abused him a few times before drugging him and dumping him on a park bench several hundred miles from home. He'd been fending for himself for over a year now, trading sex with men so that he could survive. What he was doing this night was no different than any other night, but this guy was the nicest one he'd ever seen. Most men jumped him the minute they were alone, and most raped him outright, but this man was so different. Jordan had no hesitation in offering his well-used body to him. For the first time since he'd been forced to take a penis in his mouth, Jordan felt pleasure of his very own in showing his appreciation--not just for a warm place to sleep for the night, but for a man who didn't take advantage of him. The little boy was willing to do anything to make this guy feel good.

Tay closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the warm, tight mouth as it traveled along his very hard love muscle. Pictures of Ezra mingled with the reality of Jordan in his mind's eye. He knew this boy wasn't his son, but he couldn't keep from imagining that it was Ezra giving him the best blowjob of his life. The perverted things he wanted to do with Ezra made Tay start humping up into Jordan's mouth, but not once did he hear the child gag or protest. Tay wondered how many times this kid had done this. He knew what to do and how to please a man. A twinge of sorrow washed over the pop star, and part of him wanted to stop the boy. But, his horniness won out, and Tay surrendered to the kid. He reached down and grabbed Jordan by the top of his head. "Do a good job, Ezra," Tay slurred. "Daddy likes it." He began shoving the child's head down harder. Jordan had been holding the base of the enormous dick, but when Tay began pushing his head down, he pulled his hand away and let Tay control him. The singer was amazed anew as no gagging came from this kid. His young throat seemed to simply swallow the huge sex tube with no resistance whatsoever.

Tay continued fucking Jordan's mouth and throat until his balls vibrated. To stave off his orgasm, he roughly pulled the boy off and barked, "Go get Daddy a cigar, boy! Now!"

Without a word, Jordan left the room and came back a couple of minutes later. He stood beside the bed and lit the cigar for Tay, puffed it a couple of times, and placed it in Tay's mouth. "Better, Daddy?" Jordan said in his little-boy voice. Tay's orgasm had subsided, and he began stroking his spit-soaked shaft. "It makes me tingly to see you smoke and play with your pee-pee, Daddy."

Tay puffed and said, "Go in the bathroom, son, and get the baby oil. Daddy needs to get your pussy lubed for his big cock."

Jordan turned around and bent over. Tay saw that his small puckered hole was already slick and dripping with oil. "I took care of it, Daddy, when I got your cigar." He climbed on the bed and straddled Tay's midsection. "Can I fuck myself on your big cock, Daddy? Pweeze? Pwitty pweeze?" Jordan reached back and grabbed Tay's dick and held it up to his asshole.

Tay couldn't believe he was about to fuck this child. "What are you?" he asked breathlessly.

"I'm your son," Jordan replied. "I'm your slut." He reared back, and the head of Tay's dick pressed against his hole. "I want you to fuck me, Daddy, and make me your bitch." Jordan bared down, opened his hole, and sank all the way down on the long, hard cock.

"Fuck!" yelled Tay as his member easily slid up into Jordan's pussy. The boy hissed as he was filled with the hard tube, and he squeezed his sphincter tightly around it. This prompted Tay to yell again, "Fuck!" Instinctively, he grabbed the child's hip and pushed him up and down rhythmically as more pleasure than he thought possible vibrated his hard shaft. Puffing the cigar, Tay shouted, "Ride it, slut, ride it!!" He looked at Jordan. The child's long brown hair bounced along with his young smooth body. Each down stroke was becoming more satisfying than the last.

"Mmm, Daddy!!" moaned Jordan. "Fuck me, Daddy! It feels soooo fuckin' good!!" He paused to let the ecstasy wash over his eight-year-old body. "Am I your bitch now, Daddy? Huh? Am I?"

Tay grunted out, "Fuck, yeah, baby boy! You're my bitch!! Take my cock like one, you baby whore!!" He grabbed Jordan and forcefully slammed him down as he thrust upward with his hips. The alcohol was making Tay do and say things he wouldn't have said, but his roughness only seemed to turn the kid on even more.

Jordan's brown eyes rolled back into his head at the renewed assault on his rectum. His head lolled back and forth, and his hair danced in wicked patterns around his face. After several of these thrusts, Tay calmed down, and the boy leaned forward. Plucking the now half-smoked cigar from the singer's lips, he got right into his face and said, "Gimme your cum, Daddy. Make me pregnant." Jordan drew deeply on the stogie, placed his lips against Tay's open mouth, and thrust his tongue inside, breathing smoke into Tay's oral cavity. He then placed the cigar back in and sat all the way down on the throbbing penis in his ass and stayed there.

This was too much for Tay to handle, and he blasted Jordan's insides with his seed, screaming around the cigar. Jordan uttered no sound at all as his own dick spasmed in a dry orgasm. He felt Tay's load shooting like bullets inside his boy pussy, and his sphincter repeatedly gripped and relaxed at the base of the singing stars cock as if milking the fleshy tube of all its semen. Tay had never cum as much or as forcefully as he did with this slut child, and Jordan had never felt such a forceful cum inside him. So intense was the orgasm for them, it caused both top and bottom to pass out, with Jordan collapsing onto Tay, who managed to get his cigar into the ashtray by the bed before his senses shut down.


The next day, Taylor called the front desk and booked his suite for the next two weeks. He told Jordan that he'd be gone the next day with his brothers but that the kid could stay on his tab for that long. After another night of sexual pleasure (this time, less frantic and more romantic), he checked out of the hotel, leaving Jordan a couple of hundred dollars in cash so the boy could go out and buy some clothes. Jordan cried when Tay left, having never been shown the kindness that the singer had shown him, but knowing that with Tay having a family, it wouldn't work out to move in with him. Tay also explained that he knew an agency in the city which would help Jordan get placed in a good foster home where he would stand a good chance of finding a family of his own. While on the road, and not mentioning it to his brothers, Tay did exactly that, and he asked the agency to not give out his name at all, but he asked to be discreetly informed of Jordan's well-being. The agency did this, and Tay was able to talk to the boy several times over the next couple of months.

Eventually, Jordan was adopted by a couple who couldn't have children. They put him back in school, and he had everything he needed and more, especially their unconditional love. Through it all, he never forgot Tay, and every time he saw a news item on TV or on the Internet mentioning Hanson, Jordan smiled.

As for Taylor Hanson, it warmed his heart to know that the little boy he picked up off the street was now in a place where he was safe and with a family to call his own. Only now, his feelings toward his eldest son had changed, and he didn't know what he'd do about it.

But that's a story for another time...