The following story is a work of fiction. Hanson and any other celebrities are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations involving minor(s). If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



by hottcarter1987

Part 6: The Struggle


Dear Daddy Tay,

Just sending you a quick note to let you know I'm doing okay. Mommy and Daddy took me to the water park the other day. It was so fun. We splashed around so much my skin was wrinkled the rest of the day. It woulda been better if you'd been there, but I guess that's too much to hope for. I don't much like school, but you said I had to go. Mommy and Daddy say that, too. So I'm sticking with it.

I also kept my promise to you that I'd stop seeing men. Since the day I made you feel good, I haven't been with anyone, and it makes me feel good not to. You said I had lotsa time for that, and I trust you. My new daddy is not like those other daddies that my real mom had. He doesn't touch me and make me do the things they did. It's not what I'm used to, but I don't mind it at all. I still sneak a smoke every now and then, but I'm trying to give that up too.

I was thinking about you the other night, and I miss you. Could you come and visit? I know you got kids and it would be a bit off to try to tell them why you'd come see me, but I really would like to see you again. If not, I understand. As much as I love Mommy and Daddy, I love you too. Hope you are okay.





With a tear in his eye, Taylor Hanson sat down the latest letter from Jordan. He was touched that the boy he had met nearly six months before took the time every couple of weeks to write to him and let him know how he was doing. At times, he felt ashamed that he had taken advantage of the former street kid and used his body, but Jordan had willingly given his body to Tay and shown the singer pleasures he had never previously known. Tay was glad, however, that he could do the boy right, and now he was with a family that loved and cherished him, and the well-written letter showed that the eight-year-old had adjusted better than anyone would have expected.

Sighing, Tay lit a cigarette and sat back in the chair of his private study. He folded the letter and put it back in its envelope and placed it in a drawer of his desk, locking it away with a key to keep away prying eyes. He had still not confided in anyone what had happened back on that October night when he had met little Jordan, especially not his perverted brothers. No one would have understood. Tay wasn't entirely sure that he himself understood. It didn't really matter. Jordan was safe and loved, and that was what counted.

In the following months, though, Tay had been struggling with another problem. The night he had sex with Jordan had brought to the surface something with which he was uncomfortable. He had been drunk that night--and Jordan, being the same age as his own son, Ezra--had made him long to have sex with Ezra. Tay wrestled with this strongly when Hanson had come home from their tour then. He'd catch himself watching Ezra sleeping in his room, his little chest rising and falling, while he rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. He'd always stop long before coming to an orgasm, but the feelings were there, and it would take a while for his erection to go away. Once, after one of these sessions, he had gone to bed with a hard-on, and his wife, Natalie, mistook this for a sign that he wanted to make love. She had stripped and pulled him on top of her, and as they copulated, Tay's mind had been filled with images of Ezra submitting to him in the same way. He had fucked Natalie deep and hard that evening, and the orgasm his big cock produced was the most explosive one he'd ever experienced. Natalie was even surprise at the sheer amount of cum he'd blasted into her vagina. Tay, of course, let her believe it was her that caused it, but as she fell asleep in his arms, he was tortured by the thoughts of taking his son's virginity.

Tay's reverie ended as he sat smoking at his desk. He glanced at the pictures of his two brothers, Zac and Ike, who with him made up the pop band, Hanson. He'd freely enjoyed sex in many different combinations with his siblings so many times. Now that they all had families, it was difficult to find the time for sexual play anymore, but they still managed, especially when they went on tour. But sex with Ezra was not something he could share with them, especially Zac. The youngest Hanson member was too perverted, having had sex with many different men and women as well as confessing to Tay recently that kiddie sex was a frequent fantasy of his. Ezra wasn't mentioned in the conversation, but Tay had noticed on more than one occasion that Zac looked at Ezra in certain ways and always found ways to touch him and hold him. It was never inappropriate touching, but Tay kept a watch on it.

His gaze then came to a picture he'd taken recently of Ezra, the oldest of his four children. The boy's hair had grown in reddish-brown ringlets around his cherubic face, and the toothy grin in the picture melted Tay's heart. The pressure in his groin, however, betrayed his underlying feelings, and Tay responded by taking a deep drag on his cigarette and exhaling slowly. Gazing at his son's picture was causing his nine-inch cock to press urgently against his faded jeans, and Tay felt he could no longer control himself. Around other people, especially Natalie, he didn't sprout wood with Ezra. But, when he was alone like this, his perverted thoughts surfaced, and he had a terrible time controlling his sexual urges. Crushing out the cigarette after a final drag, he got up to do what he had been doing the past six months or so to relieve the pressure.


Jordan Ezra Hanson looked so innocent, so pure, lying on his back in his bed. He was tangled in the Spongebob Squarepants sheets Natalie had bought for him. Standing at the door to his room, Tay gazed lustfully down at his son and pawed at his massively hard dick which bulged obscenely in his jeans. As his boy slept, nasty thoughts ran through Tay's head, and he gripped his hard baby maker harder and harder with each one. He licked his lips, and his breathing became quick and shallow. An occasional groan would emerge, but Tay was careful enough to keep it very low lest he should wake Ezra. He was, however, so intent on gazing at the child's sleeping form, and so intent on masturbating, that he didn't notice his younger brother, Zac, behind him.

Zac emerged from the bathroom just down the hall, a puff of cigar smoke escaping from his thick lips. The bathroom on his floor just above this one was without a working toilet until the repairman came the next day, so he came down to take a shit and have a final cigar before turning in for the night. When he looked down the hall, he saw Tay in his sexual reverie and grinned. He had wondered how long it would take his uptight older sibling before his sexual urges extended to his kids. Zac had started popping wood for Ezra for the last year or so, and he thought nothing of having fantasies of him and Tay showing the little squirt the ways of family sex that the brothers Hanson had long ago discovered. Zac never made a move, however--that was something a dad taught his son, and he would in no way interfere with Tay. He planned on doing it to his own boy when the time was right. Now, as he gazed at the middle Hanson as he rubbed away at the door to his son's room, Zac wanted to help him out. He stepped quietly up to Tay and gently laid a hand on his brother's moving arm. Tay's eyes popped open, startled at Zac's touch, but he kept silent. In a whisper, Zac said, "Need some help, bro? You're about to rub a hole in your crotch, man."

Tay's face turned a bright shade of red. "I-uhm..."

"Hey," Zac said flashing his most perverted smile, "don't sweat it, Tay. It's about time you developed the hots for your little boy there. Fuck, we've been screwin' each other for years. Won't be long `fore we have to include the kids, man."

Tay frowned. "It ain't right, Zac. It just ain't right."

Zac moved Tay's hand and replaced it with his own. Squeezing the bulge, he said, "A lot of people would think fuckin' your brothers is wrong, too. But we do it every chance we get. You don't have a problem with that." He rubbed Tay in circular motions, causing him to moan. "I've noticed Ezra, too, ya know. Got a cute little ass on him. But it's your duty to take him, not mine."

"I don't know."

"You'll know when the time's right. Until then..." Zac's voice trailed off, and he began undoing Tay's jeans. He pulled them down just enough to free up Tay's nine-inch penis. It was as hard as a rock, and Tay wasn't wearing underwear, making it easy to pull it out. A pearl of precum appeared on the piss slit. Zac got down on his knees and stroked the length of Tay's cock. "I'll just have to take care of this nice piece of meat. You can keep lookin' at Ezra, and I'll make ya feel real good." He licked the precum off the head before bathing the shaft of the dick with his agile tongue. Tay moaned softly again and closed his eyes, his head resting back on the door frame. Zac squeezed the shaft a bit harder until Tay opened his eyes. "Look at him, Tay. Imagine he's doing this." As Tay turned his attention back to his son, Zac opened his mouth and slipped his lips down Tay's love muscle.

He was rewarded with a low but sharp intake of breath from his older brother. Instantly, Tay's hand reached out and grabbed Zac's head and pushed it until his member slid easily into the younger boy's throat. "Fuck," whispered Tay as Zac submitted to him fully. Without hesitation, he began to thrust his hips as he manipulated Zac's mouth for the expert blowjob he was getting. His eyes were transfixed on his little son, still asleep and oblivious to the erotic scene only feet from his bed. Tay began to whisper dirty things as he watched Ezra and felt Zac's hot, wet mouth and throat working him. "Oh, Zac, baby...suck it, man. Suck that dick. Oh, you're so fuckin' awesome. You always did know how to blow a cock. Mmm. Wish this was Ezra. Fuck, I'd like to see his little mouth on it. Hot damn. Just to see my little boy with Daddy's dick plowin' his throat. Oh, yeah..."

As Tay's voice trailed off, Zac pulled off of the spit-soaked love tool and whispered up to him. "Yeah, man, think of how you'd feel if Ezra came over right now and started with your beautiful cock. Imagine stuffin' it down his throat like you did me that first time. I bet his little boy mouth would love this big thing rammin' inside. Bet he'd love to taste your cock before you busted a nut in there." He licked Tay's shaft. "I know I do, big brother."

Zac resumed blowing Tay in earnest, and Tay grabbed his head and started bucking into him full force. His breathing got heavier, and he had to force himself to keep it down. As long as Ezra stayed asleep, Tay would do nothing. If he woke, however, and saw his beloved dad getting head from his uncle, Tay would end up taking his son, and Zac would help. His younger brother's dirty suggestions were getting to Tay, and the best he could do to avoid anything was to get off as quick as possible. He began fucking Zac's face as deep and hard as possible. He got turned on by hearing Zac choking on his hard nine inches and by watching him masturbate through the grey flannel bottoms he was wearing. When he felt the end was near, he whispered, "Fuck, Zac, I'm gonna cum..." He locked eyes with Ezra's innocent young face and blasted his load into Zac's sucking mouth. So much cum squirted out of his dick that it overflowed out of the corners of his brother's lips and down his chin. Zac gurgled, not able to swallow the hot sperm fast enough. Tay pulled his cock out and let it pump a couple of healthy spurts on Zac's face. When he'd stopped, he wiped the spent member all over the boy's face to coat it generously. The smell of cum became heavy, and Tay sighed. He looked down on Zac and noticed that some time during his ejaculation that Zac had shot off as well. His flannel trousers were soaked where his hard ten-inch penis rested. Both boys were panting, and Tay realized how horny he actually was, just by looking at Ezra, and this added to the disturbance he felt toward the boy.

Zac stood and pushed his tongue into Tay's mouth, giving his brother a passionate kiss. Tay could taste his own semen all in and around Zac's mouth. His hands instinctively reached around to Zac's firm buttocks and grabbed onto them as he drew Zac closer. He broke the kiss, and Zac started biting and licking his neck, and Tay whispered into his brother's ear, "Let's go to the basement, baby, and fuck like dogs in heat. I wanna screw your ass, and you can have my pussy, too."

"Yeah," Zac breathed back. "I'm so in heat, Tay. I can't stand it. We'll tell the wifeys in the morning that we had a song in our heads that we had to work out so they won't be mad that we didn't come to bed. Right now, baby, I want you to fuck me so hard and deep that I won't be able to walk for a week." He went back to licking Tay's neck as Tay pulled up and fastened his jeans. Forcing themselves apart, Zac took Tay by the hand, and they went downstairs, their hard cocks throbbing for more incestuous fun.


Jordan Ezra Hanson opened his eyes to see his dad and his uncle leave. A smile lit up his young face as he reached under the covers to play with his tiny hard penis. The sound of Tay and Zac in their lovemaking had driven him wild, but he pretended to sleep so that they could continue. He wanted Daddy to show him how to do what Uncle Zac was doing, but Daddy wouldn't come near him. As he pulled on his small wiener, he began to think about the things he wanted to do with his dad...