The following story is a work of fiction. Hanson and any other celebrities are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations involving minor(s). If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



by hottcarter1987

Part 8: Uncle Zac Helps Out


Taylor Hanson covered the girl's mouth with his hand as his nine-inch cock penetrated her tight 15-year-young virgin pussy. A muffled scream came from underneath his palm, but Tay didn't slow down. He was way too horny for that. He hadn't even bothered to remove his black leather jacket, his matching gloves, or his tight jeans. Once he had her in the motel room, he stripped her, pulled his pants down enough to free his dick, and lay on top of her. Now, she was his.

He had been in Central Park, trying to enjoy the day, when this nubile little girl approached him, wanting an autograph. He hadn't intend to rape her, but his thoughts about his 8-year-old son, Ezra, had been making him horny for weeks. Tay woke that morning thinking that a trip to the park, walking around and enjoying the early spring day, would help him sort out his feelings, but the erotic thoughts about his son kept making him hard. The little teenage girl he met only fueled his lust. He'd talked to her for a while before buying her a Coke from one of the street vendors, slipping in a powerful date rape drug he'd gotten from Eminem the last time he'd attended a backstage party at one of the rapper's concerts. They'd used it on a couple of girls that night and screwed them a couple of times each. The drug would knock out a person enough to easily take control of him or her, but they'd feel everything that was done to them. Tay was so horny after talking to this girl that he wanted to do her as rough and as hard as possible. She was good-looking, with long, flowing blond hair, small tits, and a nice round ass. His car was parked nearby, and after she drank the Coke, he offered her a ride home. It was in the car that the drug did its work, and while the girl lounged in the passenger seat in an almost hypnotic state, Tay drove just outside of the city and got a motel room.

Now he was humping into the helpless girl as hard as he could. He kept one hand wrapped around her throat and the other over her mouth to keep her quite while he did his business. His dick was raging as it plunged in and out of her pussy, and while she struggled some, Tay was in total control of her. "Shut up, bitch," he whispered huskily. "I just wanna get my nut. Lay there and take it." Tay didn't even remember this girl's name; she was just a means to an end. Ezra was still on his brain, and she was a convenient way to relieve his lustful thoughts. As he fucked harder and harder into her, he kept thinking how hot it would be to screw Ezra like this, only he didn't want to rape him. He wanted his son to submit willingly to him, to feel his cock in his tiny asshole, to feel the sperm that made him fill up his little boy pussy, to feel his tongue lick inside his little mouth...

"Fuck!" yelled Tay. His orgasm was beginning. His cock stiffened in the tight vagina, and with a final thrust inward, it pulsed violently and shot 7 strong ropes of cum deep into his victim. She was still screaming into his hand, her eyes tightly shut and streaming tears. Tay grunted with each throb of his dick until he was spent, and the girl passed out. When his member was drained, he pulled out. Sperm, mixed with a little blood, trickled out of the girl's cunt, and Tay wiped it up with a tissue from the nightstand before it could get on the bed. He looked down at his 9-incher and saw the blood and semen on it. It'd been a long time since he'd taken a girl's virginity, and he'd forgotten how messy it could be. He went to the bathroom and washed his cock off, and soon after redressing the unconscious girl, he drove her back to the park and left her on a bench in a secluded area. Tay was glad that the drug he'd given her would make her memories of the last couple of hours fuzzy, and she probably would not remember much of anything when she awoke. He only hoped he hadn't knocked her up. He hadn't prepared to fuck anyone and therefore didn't have a rubber with him. Tay got back in his car, lit a cigar, and drove home, his desires sated for the time being.


Ezra Hanson laid on his bed, looking at a picture of his dad in a magazine. His tiny cock was erect and pressing against the mattress through his shorts. He was humping the mattress a little as he looked at the image of his father with his two uncles in a photoshoot recently taken for a charity in which they'd participated. Ever since he'd caught his Uncle Zac sucking his dad that night several weeks ago, he'd played with himself daily dreaming of doing it to him. He wasn't sure why he felt the way he did, but his little cocklet was hard every time Daddy got near him or when he'd think of Daddy. When he rubbed it, it felt so good he couldn't stop, and if he rubbed it enough, his whole 8-year-old body would shake with the best feeling. Ezra knew enough to realize thinking about Daddy caused it, and he wanted to feel that feeling with Daddy. He reasoned that his dad would make his body shake like that a hundred times better.

Ezra turned onto his back and ran his hand into the front of his shorts. Finding his hard little prick, he began rubbing it. He thought of the quick peek of his Uncle Zac on his knees that night, sucking his dad's huge cock in and out of his mouth while Daddy closed his eyes and moaned. He remembered the dirty talk both of them made, especially Uncle Zac's remark about how Ezra would like to do Daddy's dick like he was doing. Of course, Ezra couldn't just stare, or they would have caught him. He was simply fascinated by the adult play between them, so he only wanted to listen at first. Since that night, however, his feelings of youthful lust had only grown, and he found himself thinking of his uncle in the same terms as his father. Ezra had started growing wood whenever Uncle Zac was around, and he had even caught him fondling his butt several times when they'd rough house. Daddy was never around when he did that, but little Ezra knew that Uncle Zac wanted him as bad, or more so, than Daddy.

The little boy was so engrossed in his thoughts and squeezing his little boyhood so much, he didn't realize that he was no longer alone. His first indication was a shuffling sound. Then he heard the door to his room bang slightly against the wall, followed by a low voice that said, "Shit." He jumped off the bed, extracted his hand from his shorts quickly, and stood staring at none other than his uncle, Zac Hanson. "Uncle Zac," he said. "I didn't see you there."

Zac stood at the doorway in a white wife beater and very worn, faded blue jeans. He wore no shoes, and his long hair flowed onto his shoulders. He was still sporting his mustache and goatee, and between his teeth was a lit cigar. "Sorry, little man," he said puffing. "Didn't mean to spoil your fun." He rubbed his giant bulge that Ezra noticed in his crotch. "Couldn't help myself." He looked down at the magazine open to the picture of Tay, and he didn't beat around the bush, saying, "Your dad turns you on, huh?"

Ezra felt his face get bright red. "I-uh-well..." he stammered.

Zac stepped forward, still feeling himself up. "It's okay, little man. It makes me happy to know that. It'll definitely make your dad very happy." He sat on the edge of the bed with Ezra less than a foot in front of him. He drew on the cigar and blew smoke at the ceiling. "It's just the two of us in the house, baby. Your aunts, Uncle Ike, and the kids are all gone somewhere. We can talk." He reached out and placed his hand on the little lump in Ezra's pants. "And I can show you what this is for." Zac sprouted a perverted grin. Ezra then gushed. He told Uncle Zac about how he'd started having these strange feelings for his daddy, how he saw them that night playing with each other, and how much he liked his uncle touching his pee-pee at that moment. Zac simply sat there, masturbating his nephew's bulge and taking intermittent puffs of his cigar. "Well, it's about time we get the second generation of Hanson's in on the family fun," he said when Ezra stopped talking. He proceeded to tell little Ezra about how his dad and Uncle Ike introduced him to sex, how good it felt, and how all the Hanson men knew, or would know, that they were driven to have sex with each other. He also told Ezra that his mom and two aunts, as well as his grandparents, couldn't know. "It's a little secret, understand? They wouldn't be able to understand why we do it...just that we do. They can't know, especially your mommy." He gripped Ezra tightly, and the child moaned. "You gotta promise you won't tell outside of me, Uncle Zac, or your daddy."

"Mmm," uttered Ezra. "Sure, Unc."

"That's a good boy," Zac said in a seductive voice. "Tell you what, you hot little baby. Let's go to my study so that I can smoke while we talk. Your mom doesn't like anyone smoking in your room, and I got things to show you." He grabbed Ezra by the hand and led him up to the next floor of the apartment complex to the level he shared with his wife, Kate, and their 2-year-old, John. Zac's private study was a few doors down from his bedroom, and, like his brothers, it was a room he could retreat to work on music ideas or other things without being interrupted. Zac also retreated in here when he wanted to smoke or drink, and he masturbated a lot there as well. A few times, he'd brought men and women up here for a wild screwing session when he was sure no one else would be home. The room itself was sparsely furnished. There was a drum set, a keyboard, and a couple of guitars in one corner. A small desk was against one wall, and a leather couch opposite the desk. A small stereo and television was there, too. Zac had Ezra sit on the couch while he put out the remainder of the cigar and lit a fresh one. While he smoked, he watched the boy lustfully. "Now," he began as he blew out a cloud of grey fumes, "I'm gonna tell you what men and boys do with each other, and then we're gonna do some of them. But your dad has to do one very important thing that I really shouldn't do. I want to--right now, as a matter of fact--but your dad should do it to you first." He then proceeded for the next half-hour to tell Ezra all about male-to-male sexual intercourse. He used vulgar terms ("fuck," "dick," "boy pussy," etc.), telling Ezra it was okay to say things like that only with his dad, Zac himself, or Uncle Ike. He should never, never say those things around other people, especially his mom or aunts. "Don't even say them around your cousins. Your uncles and I will teach them these things, too, when they're old enough. Until then, keep your mouth zipped on that." Ezra nodded, and Zac continued explaining about oral sex, copulation, masturbation, and he made sure that Ezra understood about doing what his father wanted to do to him. He wanted Ezra to understand that his father owned his little body and that he should never say no to anything Tay wanted. "He's your father, so you don't tell him what to do or refuse him. Got it?" Ezra nodded. "Good." Zac had finished his cigar and immediately lit another. "Now, let's get you some hands-on experience, little man." He puffed on his cigar and groped himself in front of his nephew. "Remember that only your daddy can fuck your ass first. I'd fuckin' love to, but he should have first crack at it. Believe me, you'll get my dick up there first time after that." Zac motioned to Ezra to stand up. "Take off all your clothes and play with your pee-pee."

Ezra got off the couch and took off all his clothes. Zac sighed as he saw his little nephew standing there with his 3-inch hard penis in his hand. "Like this, Unc?" Ezra asked, moving his hand up and down the shaft.

Zac licked his lips. His hard 10-inch cock was straining against his jeans. "Yeah, little boy. Uncle Zac likes." He reached down and grabbed the bulge and squeezed hard. Ezra shivered in prepubescent boy lust as he watched the cigar smoke curl around his uncle's head. It was the same feeling he felt when looking at his dad. "Stroke that baby cock," Zac moaned. "You're makin' Uncle Zac's dick so hard." He pulled at his crotch as he watched his nephew masturbate. He couldn't think of anything more erotic at that moment which stirred his hormones more. Ezra grew wide-eyed as he watched the bulge grow even more. Zac reached down with his other hand and started opening his tight jeans. "Wanna see my dick, Ezra? It's nice and big now." Ezra nodded without blinking.

Slowly, like a striptease artist, the youngest member of Hanson freed his sex tool, and his nephew gasped at the sight of 10 glorious, hard, dripping inches of pure man meat flick upward in the air. It bounced a couple of times before steadying itself, after which it pulsed with the lust that engulfed Zac. "Damn, Unc," Ezra said, looking at his own cock and realizing how small it was in comparison. "I'll never get that big."

Zac puffed his cigar and smiled. "Sure you will, little man. All the Hanson men are hung like horses. Your dad's only an inch shorter but just as thick. Your Uncle Ike is bigger than me." He stroked the mammoth cock, and precum dribbled out of the tip. "You like it, boy? It sure the hell likes you." Ezra nodded, his mouth still open slightly. He didn't understand why his mouth started producing spit, but some of the drool slid over his bottom lip and down his chin. Zac told him to sit down and started to move toward him. Ezra rested his naked bottom on the edge of the couch, and his uncle stood right in front of him. Holding his engorged prick right up to the boy's face, Zac puffed his cigar and began wiping the tip of it all over the 8-year-old's face, smearing the copious precum on his cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and lips. He watched as Ezra instinctively licked the tasty liquid from his thin pink lips and swallowed it. "Good boy," Zac said in a low voice. "You're a fuckin' natural, kid. You know what to do with cum." He reached down and grabbed his nephew's head. "Why don't you give my nice, big cock a big, wet kiss, huh? It'll like that, little baby."

Tentatively, Ezra parted his lips and encircled the dripping head of Zac's cock. He slurped it quickly and pulled off, saying, "It tastes funny, Uncle Zac."

"Do it again," said Zac, his lust making his voice sound more demanding. "Get it in your mouth." He pulled Ezra's head back to his monster cock and forcefully shoved the head and the first inch of the shaft into the little boy's mouth. "Ugh," the older man grunted as his sex entered the warm, wet, prepubescent orifice. He held Ezra tight in his hand making sure the boy couldn't get away from him. He didn't want to rape Tay's kid, but he was too horny to stop now. "Suck my dick, boy. I need your fuckin' mouth." Zac tilted his head back, cigar firmly planted between his white teeth, and enjoyed the sound of Ezra gagging as his thick member moved further into the boy's mouth. He took a long drag and exhaled through his nostrils before he looked down to see Ezra tearing up as he struggled to take him. The boy was coughing in fits, and Zac looked at him with an evil grin. "You're gonna have to learn to take it all, bitch," he grunted. "That is, if you wanna be a real good fuck for your daddy." Mercilessly, he plunged his whole 10-inches down into Ezra's throat. The boy attempted to pull off, but Zac simply grabbed his head with his other hand and held him. "No, no, baby," he cooed. "You're not goin' anywhere. Not `til Uncle Zac gets his nut." He started sawing in and out of the child, gently at first, but soon the pop star was fucking the tiny mouth and throat with great strength. Tears flowed freely from Ezra's brown eyes, soaking his cheeks and causing the dried precum on his face to become moist again. He stopped his struggling against his more powerful uncle, realizing he wasn't going to get away. Zac was in full dominant mode as he violated the child. "Fuck, yeah, Ezra. Take my dick! Gonna make you our new little whore. Damn, I've wanted this so fuckin' long. Wanna to fuck the shit right outta you. Swallow Uncle Zac, you hot bitch!!"

Ezra tried to keep up with the fast pace of his uncle plowing his tiny boy mouth, but he couldn't. Spittle ran from the corners of his lips like a river. His cocklet, however, was stiff as a board, and he was enjoying being used like this. He was envisioning his father working him like this, and this thought caused his little penis to jump and spasm in a strong, dry orgasm. As a result, he clamped his mouth around Zac's baby maker tightly, and the older boy screamed with the cigar in his mouth. The large organ throbbed in Ezra's throat and began to ejaculate its pent-up load violently into the preteen child, who tried valiantly to swallow as much as he could. Sperm erupted from the sides of his mouth, however, and drooled down his chin and onto the carpet below. Zac pulled out his sex and shot the rest of his abundant load all over Ezra's face, painting it in gobs of hot semen.

Zac puffed the cigar, now nearly a stub, as he came down from the wildest, most satisfying orgasm he'd ever experienced. "Hot motherfuckin' DAMN!" he shouted. "That was fuckin' awesome, little baby! Tay's gonna love takin' you, boy." He put out the spent stub of the cigar and wiped his still hard cock all over Ezra's cum-plastered face. It was then that a voice came from the door, startling both uncle and nephew.

"What the fuck is goin' on here!" shouted Taylor Hanson, wide-eyed at the sight before him...