The following story is a work of fiction. Hanson and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the characters' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that the characters are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.


by hottcarter1987

Part 2: Zac Attack

Tay awoke a couple of hours later and groggily took a shower. The house still seemed quiet, and he wondered where his brothers were. He washed up and shampooed his silky blond hair and even took time to shampoo his spare pubic hair. He had resolved to shave it one day because there was so little of it with which to bother. Stepping out, he dried off and wrapped a towel around his waist. He looked into the mirror, lighting up a cigarette and watched himself exhaled a cloud of smoke that obscured his features briefly. Tay admired his own elegant features now surrounded by ringlets of wet hair. Except for the towel he tied around his waist, he only wore a black corded necklace about his throat. He combed his hair so that it would dry in place and left the bathroom.

As he went downstairs to the main floor, Tay heard movement coming from the basement. The brothers kept their game room and home theater down there. The game room was huge, and one part of it contained a pool table. Someone was home, he reasoned, because he could hear the clicking of the pool balls. He went down and looked toward the open door next to the theater room. Sure enough, he could see a shadow move as whoever was there maneuvered himself around the table. He caught a whiff of a nice cigar, so he thought it might be Isaac, who enjoyed expensive cigars. He took a drag of his cigarette and went in to find his younger brother, Zac, cuing up a shot. Tay's dick started to harden underneath the towel as he gazed at his sibling. Zac was wearing a black muscle shirt with the Guns N' Roses emblem and very tight acid-washed jeans. His feet were shod in black motorcycle boots. He was bent over showing his spectacular ass as he lined up his cue stick. His brownish-blond hair was a bit mussed, and his black leather motorcycle jacket lay across one of the two chairs in the room, indicating he'd been out on his Harley. From Zac's mouth protruded a thick Cuban cigar that he was chewing on in concentration. His muscular arm was drawn back, and he thrust it forward suddenly, hitting the white cue ball which propelled one of the solids into a side pocket. Zac grinned, drew on the cigar, and stood to exhale. He then saw Tay standing at the door and said, “Hey, pussy boy. You're lookin' good today.”

Tay pulled on his cigarette a final time, crushing the rest into an ashtray against the wall. Exhaling, he replied, “Hey, stud. Where've you been all fuckin' day?”

Out and about,” Zac said as he stuck the cigar back in his mouth and lined up another shot. “Was out lookin' for pussy, but there wasn't any around today.” Zac was as sexually open as Tay, even though he had a great wife and baby. “What've you been up to?”

Tay went to the pool table, fully aware that his hard-on was lifting the towel, and leaned against it. “Tried to write some new lyrics, but couldn't concentrate on 'em,” he said slyly. Zac came around the table to meet his older brother. The way he puffed on his stogie was turning Tay on in the worst way.

Really,” the youngest member of Hanson said. He took the pool stick, and with its roundest end, placed it on top of the bulging towel. “Other things came up, huh?”

Mmm-hmm,” Tay replied. He spread his legs under the towel, and Zac began pressing the end of the stick onto the bulge. He circled the head of Tay's cock with it, causing his brother to breathe deeply.

Looks like you need some help there,” Zac said. “I'm sure we can free your mind so you can write some stuff for us to sing.” He took the stick away and reached down with his free hand to undo the towel. As it dropped, Zac grinned wickedly at Tay's exposed boner. “Well, well, what do we have here?” He grabbed the erect penis and rubbed the head with his thumb. Tay's sharp intake of breath made Zac's own member jump in his jeans. He threw the stick over across the room, wiped the copious pre-cum off Tay's dickhead, and brought his thumb up to his lips. Removing the cigar, he licked the thumb clean. “Fuck,” he murmured, “it's a boy alright.” Holding the cigar with one hand, Zac grabbed the back of Tay's still-wet head and brought their faces close. “Open that mouth, bitch,” he said before shoving his tongue into his older brother's mouth. Tay responded by allowing his tongue to glide underneath Zac's. He could feel his little brother lick the back of his front teeth, and their spittle mingled in a fiery, deep kiss. Zac pressed his crotch against Tay's leg and humped against Tay like a dog in heat, his cock throbbing with unbridled lust.

Zac explored every inch of Tay's mouth, then the boys separated, excess spit connecting their lips in strands which broke against their respective chins. Tay licked his lips, savoring the taste of Zac, and sighed, “Fuck, man, you sure know how to kiss.”

Zac smiled and put the cigar back in his mouth. “Well,” he said puffing and unzipping his fly, “you're really good at a couple of things.” He leaned back against the pool table next to Tay and pulled out his cock. “One of which is suckin' dick. Get on your fuckin' knees, pussy boy.” He stroked his erect cock, causing dribbles of pre-cum to drip out.

Tay dropped to his knees in front of his brother and gazed at the pulsing manhood. Most guys would be ashamed to admit that their little brothers would have a dick bigger than their own, but Tay was happy about Zac. The cock staring him in the face was all of ten inches, one longer than his, and very thick. It stood straight out from Zac's jeans, curving only slightly upward at the cut head. Tay delightedly lapped at the clear jizz leaking from the open piss slit and found it, as usual, as tasty as full-blown cum. He greedily slurped it all into his mouth. “I love your cock,” he murmured.

I know,” grunted Zac. He grabbed the back of Tay's head. “Now take all of it, baby. Show me why we keep you in this fuckin' band.” He looked down at his older sibling as his penis entered Tay's soft, girlish lips. Tay looked up at Zac and engulfed the head. His lust-filled eyes gleamed as if he were high. He stared right into Zac's brown irises as more of the boy's sex penetrated his hungry throat. Finally, all ten inches were buried deep. Zac felt Tay's nose press into his pubic hair. He puffed the cigar and said, “Fuckin'-A, dude. That's the way. Now, do it. Blow my motherfuckin' cock.” Gripping his hair, Zac forced Tay on and off his love muscle, tinges of ecstasy shooting up and down his shaft. Tay made obnoxiously wet noises, his eyes never leaving his brother's face. The sight of Zac, smoking his cigar and looking down at him like he was nothing more than a bitch to use turned Tay on badly. Pre-cum drizzled into his mouth and all over his tongue as Zac moved in and out of his orifice. Tay knew he was good for this—a slut who knew how to please his master. Zac threw his head back in horny lust. “Fuck, yeah,” he said around his stogie. “Fuckin' that mouth like a cunt. You like it, you fuckin' bitch? Huh?” He began thrusting harder, and Tay could only grunt in reply. After a couple of good, deep pushes, Zac withdrew his cock completely. “My turn, fucker. I wanna get in some suckin' before I rape that pretty pussy of yours.” He took a long pull on the cigar and handed it to Tay. He got down on his knees as Tay took his place against the pool table and started smoking. Zac opened his mouth and took the full length of Tay's cock into his mouth. Tay cooed and threw his head back, guttural moans escaping his lips. Zac bobbed up and down, inhaling the cock like a joint. He looked up to see Tay's chin as the boy kept his head back, eyes closed. Zac could see Tay's thin lips puffing at the cigar, smoke emerging from the corners of his mouth. The youngest Hanson slurped and pulled on Tay's cock until he felt it start to stiffen, ready to explode. Quickly, he pulled off, with Tay moaning in sexual frustration. “Not yet, fuckboy,” Zac said. “I wanna fuck.” He got off his knees and plucked the cigar from Tay's mouth, put it in his own mouth, and turned his brother around on the table, pushing his head down on the top. Puffing the cigar, he jammed two fingers inside Tay's asshole, ramming them in and out roughly. “You ready for some dick, faggot?” Tay only moaned in response. Zac put out the cigar, got on his knees again, and pushed his tongue into the eager boy pussy in front of him. During the tongue-fuck, Zac alternated slurping on the musky hole and jabbing it with several fingers. He didn't keep this up for long as his very erect cock throbbed in anticipation.

Zac stood and gripped his member. “It's gonna feel so good with my dick in there,” he said in a low, sexy voice. He peeled his tight jeans down to free up his dick and hocked spit onto his index and middle fingers before ramming them into Taylor. Upon hearing the older boy's sharp intake of breath, Zac said, “Yeah, you fuckin' want it. What a fuckin' whore.” He spat another large amount of saliva into the palm of his hand and lubed his prick with it, making it shine. “You ready for me to show you what you're good for, bitch?”

Fuck, yeah, baby,” moaned Tay as he felt the head of Zac's cock press against his ass ring.

Okay, fag,” Zac said as he shoved in his fuckhole. Tay's ass gobbled up the tool, and Zac's balls slapped audibly against his brother's ass flesh. “Motherfucker!screamed Zac. His cock pumped with hot thumps as Tay's anal opening gave way. Zac shook with lust, his eyes rolling back in his head. He slapped Tay on the ass a couple of times and shouted, “Damn, what a fuckin' great ass!!”

Tay's mouth flew open. Spit dripped from his bottom lip. “Fuck me, little bro,” he panted. “Fuck me like you mean it.” With the head of Zac's prick pressed deeply into his prostate, Tay nearly passed out from the sensation.

Take it, you motherfuckin' bitch!” yelled Zac as he started pistoning in and out of Tay like a rabbit. He was in so much heat that he didn't bother to take it slowly. Tay liked it this way anyhow—just like a bitch. Zac spanked Tay hard as he fucked, the sound ricocheting off the walls of the game room like bullets. He grinned evilly as he watched his thick, hard horsecock thrust in and out of his brother's pussy in blurred speed. He bit his bottom lip as the feeling of the tight sphincter coursed up and down his hot shaft. He then reached up and grabbed the back of Tay's head and pulled his hair, snapping the elder Hanson's cranium back on his neck. “You like that, fucker?!” Zac screamed in lust.

Oh, yeah!” Tay shouted back. “Give it to me, daddy!!”

Zac pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in, still pulling Tay's hair. “I love it when you call me daddy, you bitch!” He held his cock inside for a moment. “You like daddy's dick, don't ya? Huh?”

Tay moaned deeply. Zac's extra large member stretched his anus wide and caused Tay to tremble. In a high-pitched whine, he said, “Screw your little boy, daddy. Own my fuckin' pussy.”

Zac leaned down and licked the side of Tay's face. “Daddy's gonna fuck you so damn hard, baby. I'm gonna make you pregnant.” He then resumed his fast fucking. Tay's head began bouncing up and down as Zac released it to resume his brutal penetration. The younger boy paused only to wipe the sweat from his brow.

The boys were so into their incestuous desires that they didn't hear another person enter the room...