The following story is a work of fiction. Hanson and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the characters' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that the characters are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



by hottcarter1987

Part 5: Zac Gets Used


It was a brisk November morning when Zac Hanson awoke alone in his bed. He wasn't used to waking up with no one beside him, but this particular morning was different. His wife, Kate, had taken their toddler, John Shepherd, to visit her family for a few days, and Ike and Tay were off with their families as well. This left the youngest member of the Hanson pop group all alone in the New York complex they all shared. Zac stretched and yawned, rubbing a hand over his moustache and goatee he'd recently grown, before jumping out of bed. He passed the full-length mirror in the corner of the room on his way to the window and stopped to check out his nude body. His long brown hair was tossed about haphazardly, but still looked good. His slightly meaty body was shaped well, sparse hairs showed on his torso, and a treasure trail made its way to the bush surrounding his ample dick, which was hard as it always was when he got out of bed. He kissed at the image of himself and rubbed on the ten-inch tubesteak, murmuring, "You hot motherfucker," before going to the window and opening the curtains. Sunlight poured into the room, and Zac smiled. "What the fuck am I gonna do today?" he said out loud. He stretched again, and as his arms lifted above his head, he caught a whiff of the odor coming from his armpits. He chuckled and said, "Get rid of this man stank, for one thing." Trotting off to the bathroom to take a piss and a shower, Zac hummed a tune, wondering how he'd spend his day now that he had twenty-four hours all to himself.


After a quick shower and a light breakfast, Zac sat on the deck outside his bedroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, and lit a cigar. He preferred the thick Cuban cigars he could get from the local tobacconist a few blocks from the apartment complex, and he enjoyed the taste and aroma of one just after breakfast. Zac didn't really smoke cigarettes, though he would if he were drinking or if a cigar wasn't available, but a nice cigar was a pleasure he picked up from his brother Taylor during the recording sessions for Hanson's second album, This Time Around. He took a long drag on it and exhaled the thick smoke through his nostrils, enjoying the almost sensual pleasure of the act itself. It was at this time that a black bronco pulled up in the driveway below, and Zac's curiosity drew his gaze below. He wasn't expecting company, so he didn't know who it could be.

The bronco pulled close enough to the door that he couldn't see who was driving, so he got up and made his way downstairs. The building complex was owned by him and his brothers completely, and each sibling occupied a different floor with their wives and kids. It took Zac a couple of minutes to reach the front door, by which time the doorbell rang. Zac looked through the peephole and grinned, recognizing the figure on the other side. Sticking his cigar in the corner of his mouth, he opened the door and said, "Well, well, what the fuck do we have here?"

Kevin Zegers looked up and smiled in his usual charming way. "Whassup, bad boy?" Zac puffed his stogie and felt his dick harden. He had met Kevin several years ago right after Hanson had broke the big time, and the two had shared some interesting, and erotic, moments in the past. It was Kevin, who had starred in the Air Bud movies as well as a lot of independent releases, who had introduced the younger Zac to wild parties, pot, alcohol, and hot sex--both of the female and male kind. They usually caught up with each other every once in a while and renewed their friendship. Zac was enamored with the movie star, and his growing erection was proof. "I interrupt something?" Kevin asked eyeing the white towel encircling Zac's waist.

"Fuck, no," Zac replied. "Get that hot ass in here, dude." He stepped aside as Kevin entered the foyer. The actor was dressed in a white wife beater which showed off his toned-up body well. Tight jeans and black combat boots completed his ensemble, and his black hair was longer than Zac had ever seen it, falling down between his shoulder blades. "What brings you into this part of town?" Zac asked.

Kevin turned to him, his eyes slightly bloodshot. "Been out all night partying and fuckin' around. Thought I'd cruise by here and see what you were up to."

Zac got close to Kevin's face and looked at his eyes. "Musta been a major party, man. Your eyes are redder than a virgin's freshly-popped cherry."

"Yeah," said Kevin. "I ain't even been to sleep. Too fuckin' revved up." He grabbed his crotch and squeezed. A large lump could easily be seen there.

Zac smiled, pulled the cigar from his mouth, and licked his lips. He reached out and put his hand over Kevin's and helped the older boy fondle the basket. "Looks like you need to park that thing somewhere."

Kevin smiled again. "You got that fuckin' right. You know a good garage I can park this Mustang?"

Zac stuck out his tongue and flicked it up and down before starting up the stairs. "Sure do, stud. Come with me."

The two studs went up to Zac's floor and entered his bedroom. Zac sat on the bed while Kevin stood in front of him. "You by yourself, man?" the older boy asked.

"Yep," Zac replied as he puffed his stogie and began rubbing the growing bulge in Kevin's jeans. "It's just little old me here. A horny little bitch who could use a nice big hard dick to keep me company."

Kevin plucked the cigar out of Zac's mouth and put it in his own. "That's why I'm here, slut." He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. His cock was a work of art--a foot-long sausage that stood straight out from his pubes in an erotically indecent way. Zac swallowed hard as he gazed at the monster, his ass twitching in anticipation of making it pump all of its seed from the massive balls behind it into his body. Kevin grabbed Zac's long hair and pulled him to his sex. "Open up that bitch mouth and get to work," he said puffing the cigar. The Hanson boy did as he was told and was rewarded with a mouthful of thick male steak. It traveled straight into his throat, and Zac experienced the gag reflex as he did every time he swallowed a cock. Kevin liked this and grunted as he felt the wet throat struggle to take him, and the older stud didn't stop until all of his shaft had penetrated fully. Puffing away at the cigar, he grabbed Zac's head with both hands and held it steady while he began pushing in and out of those too-gorgeous lips. "Good boy," he murmured as he felt the pleasure of his act increase. "You always did know how to please a man, bitch." Zac gurgled in response and kept still while his buddy steadily increased the speed of fucking his mouth. He felt the head of Kevin's baby maker throb past his tonsils and into his larynx, and his hands reached out to grab Kevin's legs to hold him up. He was still choking on the invading meat, breathing through his nose to keep getting air, but he knew this is what turned Kevin on.

The thrusts got faster and more intense as Kevin raped Zac's throat, and the cigar the older stud was smoking got shorter and shorter. Finally, Kevin threw his head back and grunted, "Take those babies, whore! I'm cummin'...!" His dick spasmed and shot it's enormous load straight into Zac's esophagus. He was buried so deep inside that Zac tasted none of the cum that erupted from the hard sex tool, and he gulped furiously to keep from literally drowning in the sea of jizm unloading in his gullet. When he was done, Kevin pulled completely out of the singer's mouth and wiped his cock all over the upturned face. He grinned as he watched his slut still gulping down his salty offering and painted his face with the copious residue. He put out the remainder of the cigar and said, "You look like a real slut now, baby." He pulled Zac up to his feet and spun him around, pulling off the towel and throwing it in a corner. "Now it's time to fill up that pussy." He shoved Zac roughly over on the mattress until the boy was face down and his lightly hairy ass was in the air. Reaching underneath, he grabbed Zac's hard ten-inch cock and stroked it fast. This elicited a savage moan from the singer, and before long, Zac was started to ejaculate. Kevin quickly cupped his free hand under the head of the jerking dick and collected nearly all of the seed that squirted out. Some of the sperm got on the fingers of his stroking hand, so Kevin reached around and shoved them into Zac's open mouth. "Eat it off, bitch." As the singer slurped his own cum off the digits, Kevin massaged the bulk of Zac's baby batter onto his still-hard dick to coat it generously. When he was satisfied that his other hand was clean, he pulled out and grabbed another cigar on the nightstand, lit it, and kept it in his mouth while lining up his semen-lubed love muscle up to the tight orifice in front of him. As the spermy head pressed against the sphincter, Kevin lewdly growled, "You want this, bitch? You want me to breed this fine piece of ass?"

Zac grunted out, "Yes, stud, yes."

Kevin smacked Zac's plump ass so hard the sound ricocheted around the room. "I didn't hear you, fuck boy!" he shouted. "You want me to fuck your brains out?! Tell me, you bitch!!"

"YES!" screamed Zac. "Oh, fuck yes, stud!! Breed me with that fuckin' horse cock!! Make me your faggot cock whore!!"

"You got it, you pussy!!" Kevin yelled back. In one push, without bothering to finish removing his jeans, he penetrated Zac's boy hole balls deep. Zac's sperm-covered mouth opened and emitted a high-pitched squeal as the sex organ traveled into his rectum. His head was pressed against the mattress as his master mercilessly pounded into him. Though his brother, Ike, possessed a cock only one inch smaller than Kevin, the former Air Bud star fucked much, much harder and knew that Zac was really only good for one thing--taking dick. "What a fuckin' pussy you got," moaned Kevin as he kept up the jackhammer assault. "No one's got an ass like this. Fuck!! Wish I could keep you tied up in my bed just to rape you all the fuckin' time!!" Kevin smoked his cigar as he continued pummeling into his favorite slut, relishing each tortured grunt, squeal, and pant the boy produced. Nearly ceaseless dirty talk filled the room as he spoke every curse word and filthy thought he could imagine.

It wasn't long before Kevin knew the end was in sight. He grabbed Zac by the boy's long hair and snapped his neck back. His slut's mouth was wide open, and he barked at him, "Want some hot cum for that pussy? Huh? ANSWER ME!"

"Yes, sir!" shouted Zac in reply. "Give it all to me!"

Kevin smacked Zac's ass. "Why, bitch? Why should I waste pumpin' my shit in you? Huh?"

Breathing heavily, Zac answered. "You own me, stud. My cunt is not's yours!!"

"Damn right, you filthy slut!" Kevin shoved in one last time and ejaculated another river of his joy juice into Zac's abused pussy. The cum was so hot and hit his inner walls with such force, Zac actually saw stars. His own dick pulsed along with Kevin's and shot out a second wave of sperm, weaker than his first, but enough to form a nice puddle underneath him. As it slowed to a trickle, Kevin busted another two nuts in him. He pulled out of the obviously exhausted Hanson boy and wiped his spermy cock all over the reddened ass, slapping it several times. He marveled at the white semen that seeped out and down the boy singer's thighs. Then, Kevin pulled Zac by the hair until he was over the cum puddle on the bed, pushed his face into it, and ordered him to lick it up, which Zac did without question.

After a couple of minutes, Kevin pulled his jeans up and fastened them. He flipped Zac over onto his back, took a long drag of the cigar, and blew a large amount of smoke into the singer's cum-streaked face. "You are one hot motherfuckin' slut, Zac. I love fillin' you mouth and pussy with my babies. Wish I could get you pregnant. I'd fuckin' keep you that way." He lightly smacked his face and stood again. Cigar still in his mouth, he looked at his watch. "I hate to fuck and run, but I need to meet my agent. I could dump another load in ya, but that'll have to wait for another time. I'm in town for a few more days, though. I'll call ya when my dick needs to dump some more sauce. Catch ya later, fuck boy." With a final slap on Zac's ass, Kevin left.

Zac heard the front door slam, and he got up and went out on his balcony, wobbling a little after the energetic fuck he'd just been given. He watched Kevin put on a pair of sunglasses, rubbing his unbelievably still-hard cock through his jeans and puffing on the cigar. In another minute, he had driven off. Zac stumbled back to bed and laid in the wet spot where he'd lost his second load. Grabbing a cigar and lighting it, he laid there long enough for Kevin's cum to dry on his naked boy, quietly smoking while he enjoyed replaying the erotic events of that morning through his head. Before getting up and stripping the bed to wash the sheets, he puffed his cigar and smiled.

"Damn, I really like bein' a slut," he said out loud to himself.