Fic: Shades of Blue I

Shades of Blue

Author: Aphrodite

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Disclaimer: Fiction

Rating: R

Summary: According to David Cook, Jason Castro's eyes aren't just blue; they are a kaleidoscope of blues.

Author's Notes: How someone can look this increadibly flawless is beyond me. Great news coming for all the Jason Castro fans. The boy will be sharing the stage with Michell Branch in LA at the Grove on 08/19 and on 09/25, he'll be opening up the Texas State Fair. Details at Since I can't attend either shows, the long awaited single and video will make my day just fine. In the meantime, I'll just keep writing on my new muse. This story as well as my other stories are posted at Castrofics as well as other great stories by some amazing and talented writers. For visual aid, please check out this Jason Castro's Beautiful Slideshow to check out Aphrodite's newest muse.


Shades of Blue I

All of his friends warned him against attending the intimate affair. They told him just to let it be, just to forget about him, and go on with his life. There would be others after all he was a famous rock star. He could have any pick of boys his heart desired. David Cook shook his head. For David Cook, there was only one Jason Castro.

He used to tell everyone he came across that his boyfriend had the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen. They would ask him what color were his eyes because describing a person's eyes as just blue wasn't quite enough to capture such an elite title as the world's most beautiful eyes. The clarification stumped David. He didn't know how to respond. To be quite honest, he couldn't pinpoint what color Jason's eyes were. The boy's eyes were a kaleidoscope of blues, varying from the very light to the darkest blue. When the boy was happy, so full of joy with a radiating smile that stretched from ear to ear showcasing his perfect set of pearly white teeth, his eyes mirrored the Caribbean Sea-so clear, so full of life, you could see his soul through his eyes. When he was relaxed and just taking the beauty of the ocean in as he laid on the beach, soaking in the sun to kiss his already golden skin, his eyes reflected the serenity of the Pacific Ocean with delicate splashes of white water. When they made love and Jason couldn't quite control his body's every whim to David's expert ministrations, he would cry, and moan, and whimper, and cry, again. And as the boy came dramatically in his mouth, David would sneak a peek and see heaven in Jason's eyes. When he was feeling blue and cried against his chest, holding David tightly for dear life, David would lift his face and stare at the stormy Atlantic swirling in his eyes as the evening sky gave way to the midnight stars. Jason Castro's eyes were a kaleidoscope of blues, each hue reflecting his mood and spirit. David didn't need to ask how he was doing, how he was feeling. He knew just by looking into Jason's eyes. He knew when to hold him tighter; knew when to kiss his lips; knew when to tease him about his stoner vibe or magnificent ass. He also knew when to let go. The day David Cook let Jason Castro go, he couldn't tell you what color Jason's eyes were, what shades of blue they were. They were an enigma to him. He could no longer read Jason's eyes. It was a long time coming, David knew this, and had David not been too damn busy with his fucking career, he would have seen it coming and not be surprised like a deer caught in the headlights.

All the signs of the world-David's world- coming to an end were there. Jason no longer smiled when David snuggled close to him at night, spooning him. Jason's eyes no longer sparkled like diamonds in the sky when David waltzed into the room. He no longer whimpered like a love sick puppy when David teased his cock with his lips. Jason no longer cried his tears of joy after David came crashing into him. He lay taut as David pounded into him. And when David whispered, `I love you', Jason never echoed back.

The love was gone. He had to let him go.

Like a hunter seeking out its prey, David Cook stalked the sea of adoring fans for blue eyes he could take home with him. They would always throw themselves at him unlike Jason who shied away from his seduction, always enticing David in a game of cat and mouse. They were all considered attractive boys, some more than others, but none of their beauty ever paralleled what he had witnessed when Jason Castro climaxed at the peak of an orgasm with David still buried deep inside. They all had blue eyes, but nothing out of the ordinary, nothing extraordinary. Their eyes were just blue. Jason's were a kaleidoscope of blues.

David had just finished claiming his latest victim when the news on the television captivated his complete attention. Still thrusting into the boy who laid beneath him like a log, David reached for the remote control and turned up the volume louder. He leaned forward- his attention completely enraptured by the news being reported by Maria Menounos.

"Tomorrow, millions of hearts will be broken. One of music's hottest bachelors wil be officially off the market. We'll be heading to little Rockwall, Texas, where Jason Castro finally weds his long time sweetheart, Mandy Mayhall, in a private ceremony on the banks of Lake Ray Hubbard..."

The remote control slipped out of his hands as David slipped out of the boy. David slumped back against the bed, unable to speak upon spoken to. He began to cry and when his lover tried to console him, David yelled at the boy. David rose from the bed, pushing the too tanned skin, blue eyed boy out of bed. He ushered him out of his room, naked save for sheets wrapped around his waist, and slammed the door in his face. He returned to bed and cried. His phone rang repeatedly and David ignored the calls each time. The buzzing texts were also ignored as well. Moments later, Andy barged into the hotel room and found David silently crying in bed, with his body turned away from the door. Andy slid next to him and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"I'm sorry, David."

"He's getting married. He's getting married!" David wailed.

"I know. I'm so sorry, David." Andy whispered into his ear as he wiped the tears away. David only cried further.



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