Fic: Shades of Blue II

Shades of Blue

Author: Aphrodite

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Disclaimer: Fiction

Rating: R

Summary: According to David Cook, Jason Castro's eyes aren't just blue; they are a kaleidoscope of blues.

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Shades of Blue II

He wasn't sure what he had expected to happen as he drove up the mansion's driveway uninvited no less. Security stopped him and although he didn't have an invitation with him, he merely lowered his shades and exposed his identity to go through the beckoning gates. With his shades down, a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a small velvet box in another, he sauntered along the manicured lawn, seeking out familiar faces. He saw Jackie Castro, maturing at thirteen in her sweeping pink chiffon BCBG dress, with her mother as they greeted guests upon their arrival. Betsy had the widest grin ever. Michael was still with the same the girl for the last few years as they sat together on a stone bench beside a rose garden. Rene was mingling with guests, sharing a laugh with close friends as they reminisced over fond memories of the past.

David, still unrecognized by the gregarious crowd, snuck into the mansion and followed the sweeping staircase to the second floor. He heard some whispering and giggling. Following the sounds, he found himself peeking through an aperture of a room at Mandy as she struggled to get into the two sizes too small wedding gown. The girl was pretty, but, again, her beauty was no match for Jason's allure. David slipped away and trekked down the busy hallway, following echoing of sounds, trying to differentiate the colliding voices, shifting all indiscernible voices into the background in favor of the most soothing voice he had ever heard. David crept inside and followed the sound of the beautiful voice until he was leaning against the doorway of the bathroom. Jason was trying to put on his tie to no avail. His eyes downcast, he was heading out of the bathroom, calling out Michael's name when David blocked his exit and closed the door behind them.

"David." Jason gasped.

David turned the lock and moved behind the boy. "Here, let me help you." David said, grasping the hanging dreadlocks. He tucked the dreadlocks behind the boy's ear and pulled them to the back, exposing his neck. He shifted back in front of Jason, grabbed the tie, looped it around, and gently pulled on the loose end, until it rested securely around Jason's neck. "You were never good at ties." David forced a smile as he smoothed out the wrinkles on Jason's tuxedo shirt.

"David, I'm sorry I-" Jason started, but was quickly interrupted by David.

"It's okay, Jason. This is your wedding day. You don't need to apologize for anything."

"Still. I should have sent you an invitation, but Mandy thought it would be awkward for you to attend with our history together and all."

David nodded. "It's understandable."

"You're not mad, are you?"

"Nah." David shook his head, turning away abruptly to wipe a teardrop away. He hopped on the granite countertop and leaned against the wall mirror. "I can never be mad at you." He sighed deeply.

Jason turned around and joined David on the counter, sitting so close to him that their knees touched. "I'm sorry at the way we ended." Jason apologized, again. "I just didn't know how to tell you how I was feeling, how unhappy I was."

"Again, Jason. There's no need to apologize. We just weren't meant for each other."

"Yeah." The boy murmured, absentmindedly playing with the cufflinks of his shirt.

David grabbed his wrist to keep him from moving. With his free hand, he reached into his jacket pocket to retrieve the velvet box. He opened it and Jason's eyes sparkled like diamonds upon discovering the diamond encrusted ring inside. David took out the ring to slip it on Jason's finger when the boy stopped him.


"I've been holding onto this ring, waiting for the right moment to give it to you." David confessed. "I've been in love with you since the first day I laid my eyes on you."

"David, please don't do this. I'm getting married in less than two hours."

"Do you love her?"

"Of course, I do." Jason was quick to answer- much too quick.

David grasped the boy's chin and turned him until they were facing each other. "Look me in the eyes and tell me you love her."

Jason's lips trembled as he held David's hazel-grey gaze for the longest moment and answered, clenching his fists at his sides, "David Cook, I love Mandy Mayhall."

"Then why am I staring at the stormy Atlantic swirling in your eyes?" David whispered, leaning in to kiss Jason's quivering lips. He tasted the salty tears that pooled at the corner of the boy's lips. "Does she know what color your eyes are?"

"Of course, she does. She knows my eyes are blue."

"What kind of blue?"

"Doesn't matter. She's not a painter. She doesn't need to know."

"But she needs to know you." David contended.

"David, please." Jason pleaded as tears continued to cascade down his flawless face. "I'm getting married today."

"Jason." David pulled away, tugging at Jason's bottom pouty lips with his teeth, "I want to see heaven in your eyes," David said, slipping his hand between the boy's legs, rubbing his cock through the fabric of his pants. Jason tried to swat David's hand away from this crotch, but David only squeezed harder, making Jason moaned aloud and groaned as David applied more pressure on his genitals. "That's right, baby. Moan for me. Whimper for me. Cry for me!" David grunted, hoping off the counter. He stripped the boy of his belt before nearly ruining the zipper as he attempted to lower the zipper despite the boy's protest. He gripped the boy's thighs and pulled him forward as he shoved his pants and underwear to the floor, exposing him nude. Still holding the boy down, David managed to lower his zipper. He yanked the boy forward until Jason was leaning against the mirror and his legs spread wide and his puckered hole exposed and ready to receive David's engorged cock when Jason looped his arms around David's neck and pressed his tear-stained face against David's scruffy face. He whispered into his ear, "Please don't make me a sinner on my wedding day. David, please."

David paused and released his hold on Jason's legs. Jason closed his legs and slowly slid off the counter. He grabbed his boxers and pants, slipping them back on as David looked on, embarrassed and angered by himself. As Jason struggled into his pants, he was wincing in pain. David banged his head against the wall several times until Jason reached behind his head and cradled his head against the self inflicting abuse.

For the longest moment, they stood. Jason, for the first time, cradled David in his arms as the rock musician wept against him. Jason closed his eyes, dipped his head lower to whisper against David's sobbing lips.

"For what it's worth, I've never loved Mandy as much as I loved you." Jason murmured, leaning in to kiss David's lips. "And I don't think I ever will."

It was a soft, gentle kiss with no passion driven tongues dueling for dominance. David could feel the wetness of Jason's long, thick lashes against his cheeks. He could taste Jason's sweet tears on his lips. When he opened his eyes, Jason Castro was gone, off to marry a girl who could never know him the way David Cook did simply by looking into his kaleidoscope of blues.

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