Shawn + Rex: The Shower
by rychard

This story is a work of fiction based characters in the television series"Days Of Our Lives."  The show and characters are trademarks of and copyright Corday Productions Inc., in association with Columbia Pictures Television.

Previously on Days Of Our Lives: Shawn Brady and his girlfriend Belle Black had met two young half-naked strangers that they considered to be aliens.  After some minor adventures, Shawn and Belle finally got the aliens (who they dubbed Rex and Cassie) to come and hide in Shawn's house.  The two "aliens" at first could not speak, but after a night with a television set, their language skills began to emerge.

This story picks up directly after the food-fight scene in the Brady kitchen.  Shawn and Belle had tried "teaching" Rex and Cassie how to eat a civilized breakfast, but that ended with Rex and Cassie flicking Jell-O at each other.  Shawn and Belle realized they had to clean the "aliens" off, and decided to take each twin to a shower.  This is the scene that we didn't get to I imagine it! 

Shawn led Rex into the upstairs bathroom and couldn't help but smile as Rex looked around in amazement.  Rex became fixated on his own reflection in the mirror above the sink.  Shawn wondered if this was the first time Rex had ever seen himself.

"Okay, um, Rex," Shawn said, trying to get the guy's attention.  "The first thing we'll need to do--"

Shawn had to stop and physically grab Rex's shoulders to turn him away from the mirror.  Rex looked confused, but kept his eyes focused into Shawn's.

"You with me now, Rex?"

Shawn took Rex's steady stare as a "yes."

"Okay," he said, continuing, "the first thing we're gonna do is turn the shower on.  For water.  Okay?  WA-TER."  Shawn felt the need to repeat words louder and louder each time he said them, hoping to embed their meaning into Rex's brain.

Shawn turned around to face the shower, which was a separate unit from the bathtub.  It was encased by glass doors that would often fog up due to the hot showers Shawn liked taking when he was alone.  For Rex's sake, however, he thought he'd set the water temperature at a more neutral degree.

As soon as Shawn turned the water on, he heard Rex yelp and back away. He quickly turned the water off and faced Rex with concern.

"What's wrong?"

Rex stood trembling, with his jelly-stained arms folded across his syrup-stained chest.

Shawn hesitatingly approached Rex, reaching his arm out towards him.

"What's the matter," Shawn asked again.

Rex pointed in the direction of the shower.

"Oh, the water," Shawn realized, remembering back to the previous night, when he and Belle rescued Rex and Cassie from growing off the pier.  "No, no, no," he said, trying to relax Rex, "this water is okay.  No drowning here.  NO DROWN-ING."

Rex didn't seem to understand.

Shawn sighed, trying to figure out how to relate to Rex that the shower was safe.  After a minute, an idea came to him.

"Listen, the shower is safe.  THE SHO-WER IS SAFE.  I'll show you."

Shawn turned back around and turned the water on again.  He noticed as Rex continued to look scared, but didn't back away.

"It cleans you.  CLEAN."

Rex still had a look of terror in his yes, and Shawn realized there was only one way for him to show Rex that a shower was safe.

Shawn pulled off his t-shirt and let it fall to the ground.  Rex looked on in confusion.

"Look," Shawn said, "I'll show you.  Safe."

Shawn unbuckled his shorts and let them fall to the ground as well.  Standing in just his boxers before Rex, he wasn't sure if he should strip completely.

Oh what the heck, Shawn thought, I've gotten naked in the locker room in front of other guys before.  And besides, if I don't get naked for the shower, then Rex won't want to either.

Shawn pulled down his boxers and stepped into the shower nude, letting the water fall over him.  He looked over in Rex's direction.

"See, safe," Shawn said over the sound of the water.

"Safe," Rex repeated.

Rex took a deep breath and then moved towards the shower, stepping into it as well.  Shawn laughed and backed away into the corner of the shower stall.

"Okay," he said, "usually you do this one at a time, but whatever."

Rex smiled as the water hit his body.  He turned to face Shawn, so that the water was hitting his back.

"Yeah, you having a good time, buddy," Shawn asked Rex, not expecting an answer.

Shawn was not used to sharing a shower with another guy, but since there was a good chance that this guy was an alien, he didn't really see this as a gay thing.

He picked up a bar of soap from the shower caddy and showed it to Rex.

"This is soap," Shawn said.  "SOAP.  It makes you clean.  Like this, watch."  Shawn started rubbing the soap over his own smooth chest, lathering up.  "See?"

"Soap," Rex said.  "Clean."

"Right," Shawn said.  "Your turn."

Shawn handed Rex the soap.

"But first," Shawn said, stopping Rex from lathering himself. "We need to get those off," he continued, pointing to Rex's shorts.  Rex looked at him confused.  Shawn sighed.  "Fine, I'll do it."

Shawn reached for the top of Rex's shorts and unbuttoned them.  He looked into Rex's eyes for a sign of discomfort, but Rex looked comfortable, as if someone was merely straightening a crooked shirt collar or something. 

Without abandon, Shawn grabbed hold of the sides of Rex's shorts and slid them down.  As he did, his left arm slightly grazed against Rex's flaccid penis.  Apparently Rex had not stolen any underwear from Salem Place.

Mimicking Shawn, Rex stepped out of his shorts and kicked them to the side.

Suddenly, the intimacy of being naked with another guy in such a closed amount of space like the shower became a little much for Shawn too handle.  He wanted this to end as quickly as possible.

"Um," Shawn stammered, "go ahead and lather up."

Rex looked at Shawn blankly.


This Rex understood, and started rubbing the soap against his chest.  He smiled as Shawn looked on.

Shawn wanted to step out of the shower, but realized the Rex would probably follow suit, and since the young man who fell from the sky needed desperate cleaning from this morning's breakfast fiasco, Shawn decided to stay in the shower with Rex until he was completely clean.

Soon, Rex's entire chest and stomach were covered with tiny soap bubbles.

"You should get your arms to, Rex," Shawn instructed. 

Again, a blank look from Rex.

"Arms," Shawn repeated.  "ARMS."  Shawn picked up his arms to punctuate his point.

Rex nodded and began to lather up his arms.

"Okay," Shawn said, "now turn back around and let the water rinse you off."  Before waiting for Rex's blank stare, he held Rex's shoulders and turned him around to face the water.

Shawn backed away as his own penis brushed against Rex's butt cheek.

Looking at Rex's back, he noticed that somehow he had gotten syrup back there as well.

"Rex buddy, you need to wash you back, too."

Rex turned and looked at Shawn with confusion.

"Your BACK."

Shawn turned around and pointed towards his own back.

Rex seemed to understand and tried to reach his arms around to lather his back, but since this was an activity that he didn't seem to have much success with he couldn't quite do it.  He turned back to look at Shawn with a hint of sadness in his eyes.

"It's okay, buddy," Shawn said.  Another deep sigh.  "I'll do it.  Give me the soap.  SOAP," Shawn repeated, with his hand extended out. 

Rex gave Shawn the soap and turned back around.

Shawn decided to do this quickly to bring this to an end as quickly as possible.  He placed the soap against Rex's back and began rubbing it against him.  In less than thirty seconds, he had lathered his complete back, stopping just above Rex's ass, which in Shawn's mind would cross the ever delicate straight-gay border.

"Okay, turn around again," Shawn said, as he turned Rex to face him, thereby letting the water clean the soap from his back.

Rex smiled at Shawn.

"Soap," Rex said.

"Yes, soap," Shawn repeated.

"Rex.  Soap.  Shawn.  Back," Rex said, carefully thinking about his words.  He placed his hand out to receive the soap.

"That's okay, Rex," Shawn said, "my back is clean."

Rex remained how he was.

"I don't need -- uh, never mind," Shawn said, figuring he was fighting a losing battle.  He handed the soap to Rex and turned around.

Shawn felt Rex place the soap against his back.  For a moment, Shawn realized how much easier it was to have someone else clean his back, and thought that maybe one day soon he might have Belle do the same thing.

He was snapped out of this thought in an instant as he realized that Rex was now using the soap to lather up Shawn's ass.  Shawn whipped around, giving Rex a small fright.

"Dude," Shawn said, "guy's don't wash each other's asses."

Rex obviously did not understand.

"That's not something that --" Shawn stopped mid-sentence as he noticed that Rex was looking no longer in his eyes, but down at his crotch.  Instinctively Shawn looked down at himself and noticed that somewhere along the line he had gotten an erection.

Rex pointed at Shawn's erection with a questioning look.

"Big now," Rex said, matter-of-factly.

Shawn laughed a little.

"Umm, yeah," Shawn said, realizing that thinking about Belle in the shower had caused this erection.  At least he hoped it did.  It couldn't have been the fact that Rex was touching his ass just minutes ago...could it?

Shawn was so lost in that thought for a moment, that he didn't notice Rex reaching down to touch his erect penis.

"Whoa," Shawn said, startled, "that's not--"

"Hard now," Rex said, as if he was learning something new.

Rex looked down at his own penis, still soft, and let go of Shawn's.

For the first time, Shawn noticed that Rex seemed to be taking an interest in the idea of nakedness, and was comparing Shawn's body to his own.

Rex was slightly taller than Shawn, but his physical build was about the same.  Shawn had spent a lot of time working out, and wondered if there were gyms were Rex came from.  Shawn had a trail of hair leading from his belly button to his pubic hair, while Rex's lower stomach was smooth until his patch of pubes.

Shawn became uncomfortable as he noticed that Rex's penis was beginning to grow and harden.

"Um," Shawn stammered out, "look Rex, I'm going to rinse off, and then the shower is over.  Finished.  Okay?"

Rex didn't seem interested in anything Shawn was saying, as he had noticed the change in his penis.  He looked down at it with fascination.  Without embarrassment, he reached down and touched it.  Pleased by the feeling, he looked up at Shawn and smiled, as if he had just discovered the greatest feeling in the world.

Shawn had grown increasingly uncomfortable and turned away, wishing his own erection would die down.  He let the shower water fall over his back, rinsing off the soap Rex has applied.  He tried to pay no attention as Rex continued to play with his penis.

Shawn could understand Rex's newfound pleasure.  As an 18 year old virgin, he was well too accustomed to the joys of masturbation.  But he was not ready to share those joys with another naked guy in a shower that seemed to be getting smaller and smaller by the minute.

Feeling that his back was entirely clean now, Shawn faced Rex , ready to tell him the shower was over, but he was taken aback as he noticed Rex had discovered the act of stroking himself.  And not only that, but Rex, who seemed to be in absolute wonderment, reached out with his free hand to grab hold of Shawn's erect penis, apparently wanting to share the pleasure.

As Rex began to stroke Shawn's penis, Shawn wanted to back away and leave the shower, but his knees were weak and he found he couldn't move.

Rex continued to stroke both himself and Shawn, and began to breathe harder.

Shawn couldn't understand why he wasn't moving.  Perhaps, he thought, it was because this was the first time anyone other than himself was touching his erect penis, and the feeling was so new and uncharted that he couldn't back away from it.

"Rex," Shawn managed to say, "this isn't...I mean, we don't...."

Rex merely continued to smile as he stroked both himself and Shawn.

Shawn felt himself giving in to the pleasure.  He closed his eyes and let his hands fall to his sides.  He let out a soft moan as Rex's fingers gently grazed his balls. 

But he re-opened his eyes once he felt Rex's hand leave his dick.  For as much as he was hesitant about this experience at first, he knew now that there was no way that he could just leave it off like that.  He looked at Rex questioningly.

Rex returned the look by picking up Shawn's arm, and placing his hand over his cock.

The last thing Shawn would ever admit to thinking about was touching another dude's erect dick, but he was caught up in the moment, and had his primal hormones taking control.

As Shawn grabbed a hold of Rex's dick, Rex grabbed back onto Shawn's, and the guys started to jerk each other off.  Rex's body reacted noticeably different to the feeling of someone else touching him.  He began to moan and writhe.  His eyes remained open and fixated on Shawn.  Shawn tried looking away, but couldn't pry himself from the handsome visitor's smile.

Shawn held Rex's dick tighter and began stroking him faster.  He brought forward his other hand to cup Rex's balls.  Rex practically jumped out of his skin, but smiled and returned the favor.

"This...feels good," Rex said.

"Understatement of the year," Shawn replied.

Suddenly, Rex's eyes widened, and a look of panic spread across his face.

"Shawn," Rex said, "I . . . I . . . "

His body began to writhe even more . . . his knees shaking uncontrollably.  He kept one hand on Shawn's dick, and replaced the other one against Shawn's shoulder to keep balance.

Shawn stroked Rex even harder, knowing that the young man's "release" would arrive any moment.  As he stroked Rex harder and faster, Rex stroked him harder and faster, and within moments, Shawn felt that familiar and exciting feeling rush through his body.  Apparently, though, Rex had felt it first, because Shawn felt Rex's warm cum splashing all over his lower stomach.  Normally, something like that would feel disgusting to Shawn, but for some unknown reason, it drove him over the edge and he began to orgasm...shooting his cum directly onto Rex's stomach. 

Shawn thought that if Rex hadn't been there, his cum probably would have shot the furthest it ever had.

Both guys stood there, breathless for a moment, until Rex finally spoke.

"Wow," he said.

"Yeah," Shawn said.  "Wow."

Shawn looked down at the mess the two of them had made on each other's bodies.

"You know," he said, "we're going to have to shower all over again now!"

Rex smiled and picked up the soap.

"The next thing we're gonna have to teach you Rex," Shawn began, "is how to keep secrets!"

Rex smiled again, and so did Shawn.


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