by: 70s Child

The following is a story based on the characters of the Harry Potter series copy written by J. K. Rowling and movies produced by Warner Brothers. This does not suggest the sexuality of the characters, but is one of fiction, like the characters. Now the standard provisos. 1. I am not the thought police, however if you are underage and are not supposed to be on this site, well you know what to do, but I cannot stop you. 2. If you are offended by transgender or transsexuals, then I suggest you leave. 3. If you are LGBTQ haters and want to see any of us die, then I have two words for you ***SUCK IT!!!*** Now on with the story.

Six years of dealing with a rivalry between Gryffindor House and Slytherin House became very intense the beginning of the seventh year at Hogwarts. Over the summer holidays, the captains of the Quiddich teams of each house had made a bet. The loser of the match between the houses would have to be slaves to the winners for the remainder of the school term. Harry had made this bet knowing that they met Slytherin, they would defeat them. There was no doubt on who the winner would be, since Gryffindor had the best seeker at the school, but would Slytherin actually honor the bet. The match happened on a bright Saturday afternoon in September. And, as expected, Gryffindor soundly defeated Slytherin House. But when it came to honor the bet, Slytherin refused to honor the bet.

Harry had a back up plan in mind, which would actually destroy three lives, or shall it be said, drastically change the lives of three of Slytherin's most hated members. It would also teach Slytherin never to renege on a bet ever again.

Slytherin had planned a party in the Common Room of their dormitory area. Of course the it would be served by the house elves that served Hogwarts. Harry had two of the house elves help him, Dobby and Kretcher. Dobby always liked Harry from Harry's second year on and when the boy who lived ever needed a favor, Dobby would be willing to assist. Sometimes in a manner that Harry was not expecting, but of course all came out in the end. Kretcher was the house elf of the House of Black, was loyal to the house, but when Sirius died and left everything to Harry, Harry treated Kretcher with kindness. In the end, Harry freed Kretcher. The house elf, though not a fan of mud bloods, grew fond of Harry.

So Harry, with the help of Hermione, brewed a potion that would truly teach the three targets on how to honor their bets. Hermione's reason for helping with the revenge was twofold. First, the bet was not honored and, second her hatred for Draco and the two buffoons. The potion was slipped to Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, and Gregory Goyle, Draco's mindless flunkies. The potion was slipped into drinks that they were consuming. Harry, Ron, and Seamus used the Marauder's Map to watch the movements of their victims and when the trio left the Slytherin area, the three Gryffindor went into action. It had been three hours since they had consumed the potion it would take effect at the hour of midnight. At the precise hour, the two sides met in the hall and the Slytherin trio tried to bully their counterparts, but something strange happened, they grabbed their stomachs and their chest and bent over double.

"What the hell is happening to us Potter?" Malfoy demanded.

Harry just smiled and waited for the potion to take its full effect. The three were crumbled on the floor in fetal positions, moaning and crying. They felt their limbs thin, especially Crabbe and Goyle, their chest became heavier and started to stand out more. They then grabbed their crotches and felt their cocks and balls draw up into their bodies, and once where they had manhood, they now had dripping cunts. As the three Gryffindor members waited for the first part of the potion to take effect, the three Slytherin members were transformed into voluptuous teen girls. Their hair color did not change, but grew down their backs.

Harry just looked at his watch. It had been almost 14 minutes since the potion started its effects and the second stage was coming. The three Slytherin girls got up and faced the randy teen boys.

"Potter, what is the meaning of this." Draco asked in a high shrill voice. "My voice. My voice. What's happened to my voice?"

"Well since you want to act like bitches." Harry stared at them. "We made you bitches."

"What?" Draco screamed. "You can't do this."

"Ah, but we have." the dark haired boy replied. "And there's not one thing you can do about this."

"What do you mean Potter?" the blonde female asked in a frightened tone.

"Just this. You are now and forever will be female." Harry explained with a sneer on his face.

Harry continued to look at his watch and the Slytherin trio began to advance towards them.

"" Harry counted down.

At that moment the three females stopped dead in their tracks and a strange feeling overtook them. The three felt an unusual sense where there cunts were. They were dripping juices by just looking at the boys and saw the raging erections tenting their trousers.

"Over here bitches." Harry ordered.

The three walked over, Draco in front of Harry, Crabbe before Ron, and Goyle facing Seamus. The three unzipped the trousers of the Gryffindor teens and fished out their raging hard-ons. Ron, having the largest, 8" and very thick, just looked at Crabbe.

"Open that mouth of yours." he barked.

She dutifully did. Ron grabbed the back of her head and slammed his turgid meat all the way into her mouth to the back of her throat. Instead of choking, she took it like a whore, lathering it with her tongue and greedily sucking on it with her tongue. The other two Slytherins swallowed the cocks presented to them and the three face fucked the not so helpless and not so unwilling sluts kneeling before them. They slammed into the throats long and hard and the three did not resist. Actually the trio of girls on the ground moaned in lustful delight and worked on the uncut cocks ravaging their mouths. After fifteen minutes of hard action, the three teen boys felt their balls churn with their contents and were ready to release it into their victims' stomachs. Their sacs pulled up and in unison, the three boys blasted teen cum down the throats and the boys bellowed in triumph. The three girls did not spill a drop. As the boys finished, they pulled out and slapped their still wet and somewhat cummy cocks on the faces of the three girls before them, smearing their features with the residue of their oral debauchery.

"Very good whores." Harry said, leering at them. "And just so you know, it will be as if you will have never existed as males. From now on your names with Dracia, Vincenzia, and Grace. We are going to sell you three to Azkaba Belize. She runs the whorehouse in Hogsmeade. I think you three will be very, very popular."

The three looked up with a hint of revulsion, but the second part was the most interesting. It required them to hypersexual twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Even while sleeping, their bodies would ache for sex.

"And there is a third part of the potion that will really make you so happy." Harry explain with contempt in his voice. "You are virgins. The first person that actually fucks you and fills you with their load, you will have their baby. The reason is that you will be ovulating at that time. But you will continue to have sex. You will want it, beg for, almost go insane until you have it. It will be worse than someone hooked on drugs. You are hooked on sex. After you deliver, you will be come virgins again and the process will begin again. And your twats will be so tight, even after many uses, so that you will give pleasure to your bed partner every time. Oh just to make life easier for you, but it would not matter to most men. You will have several orgasms as each man fucks you or uses you to his pleasure. Remember, you're whores and whores don't matter."

The three Gryffindor straightened themselves out, and with the use of the Marauder's Map and getting Neville Longbottom, snuck the three Slytherin whores out of Hogwarts' grounds. The three looked back for one last glance of the school, knowing they would never see it again.

They got to the whorehouse and the three new girls to the Madame.

"There they are." Harry said as promised.

She paid the four 1000 galleons each and allowed them the first fuck to reward them further. Seamus thought it would be appropriate that since Crabbe had been harassing Neville since the first year, the shy boy would be given the first fuck of Crabbe. The two double-teamed her, tore her clothes off and abusing her. Seamus got another blowjob and Neville slid deep into her now used pussy. Harry taught his friends a great spell.

"Memberus Engorio." he said, and the others followed.

It allowed their cocks to swell to 12" long and 8" thick. Harry had the honor of tearing the male clothes off Dracia and began to used her as he wished. He knew that this would be the final domination of his worst enemy at Hogwarts. Now the girl will have to bear his child. Malfoy was begged and pleaded for Harry to fuck her and use her.

"Oh please, fill me." she cried. "I need your seed. Make me yours. I want your baby."

Harry slammed into her over and over, while Dracia had orgasms on a continual basis. It seemed that she never stopped. The same followed with Crabbe and Goyle. Crabbe, though her mouth stuffed with teen meat, thrashed, moaned, sucked extremely hard on Seamus, and wrapped her legs around Neville's body, trying to pull him in deeper. Goyle was like Malfoy, begged Ron to take her and make her his, wanted to bear his child. The red-headed teen actually abused Grace more than the other three. He not only fucked her in the pussy, but also in the ass, and the former Slytherin boy begged for it more.

"Oh yes." she cried out. "It feels so wonderful in my ass. I love it so much, like Draco and my father would do to me."

The four Gryffindor boys were not sure what to make of the situation . They knew the potion was powerful, but not to this extent. And this sudden utterance from Goyle made the boys wonder what else did they do In Slytherin House. Harry thought he might want to turn the entire house into moaning whores. But now to breed the bitch beneath him as he was ramming harder and felt his juices ready to fill the hot pussy. The four boys knew the time had come to become fathers, though Seamus would only fill Crabbe's mouth with his load. The four roared out in triumph as their seed entered the bodies of the four former teen boys, now to become true whores for the rest of their lives. As they pulled their spent dicks out, the members returned to their normal sizes. However, the three girls were begging for more, like junkies on crack. Azkaba was ready for the solution. She had large dildos that would automatically fuck any of her girls to keep them happy, so she slipped them into the newly fucked twats and let them go.

"I want to thank you for the girls." she said to the four boys. "If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know."

"How about five percent of the profit of those girls." Harry said jokingly, not really to be taken seriously. "The way they act, they will be turning tricks until Doomsday."

"Deal." Madame Belize replied. "And if you boys want a freebie, let me know."

The three left and returned to Hogwarts. They ran into Hagrid.

"Oi boys, what are you doing out this late?" he demanded.

"Oh we went to Hogsmeade for some relaxation Hagrid." Harry replied casually.

"What's you mean by relaxation?" Hagrid inquired further.

Without explaining who the three were, Harry looked his half-giant friend.

"Well we heard there were three new girls at Madame Belize's brothel." the teen answered.

Hagrid, not one to pass up a nice piece of snatch.

"Really?" the large man said. "New girls?"

"Yeah." Harry said with a smile. "And their good too. They`re so hot for sex you wouldn`t believe it."

The other three boys nodded vigorously in agreement and tried not to laugh or give away the secret of the new girls.

"Next time I'm in Hogsmeade, I guess I'll take a look." Hagrid said.

He did the following weekend, where he paid for all three. His how 15" filled them up and they were begging for more. He filled their wombs with his seed. After he was finished, they begged him to come back again.

The three were so popular, that Azkaba was able to charge well above her normal rate. Usually she would get 75 galleons for one of her girls, but the three were being sold at 500 galleons and she was getting it.

Harry just sat back and smiled at what he did. A couple of days after they had taken the girls to the whorehouse, Dobby came to Harry.

"Dobby, is there anything wrong?" he asked.

"Harry Potter, no." Dobby said. "But Dobby must tell Harry Potter what he did to the potion."

"What Dobby?" the teen queried.

"Harry Potter told Dobby what the potion would do." the elf explained. "Dobby made the potion ten times as strong, especially the second part of it."

"Dobby, you didn't." Harry exclaimed in disbelief.

"Harry Potter is angry with Dobby." the small creature shrieked and cringed back.

"No Dobby, I'm not." he said calmly. "But why?"

"Revenge." Dobby told him. "You know how the Malfoys treated Dobby. The boy was the worst. He would make me suck his little thing until he was tired of me, then beat me severely. Now he will know how Dobby felt."

Harry could just laugh. No wonder the girls were so popular, wanting sex all the time.

"Dobby, that was perfect." Harry said. "You want to finalize the humiliation."

The house elf nodded rapidly. Harry sent an owl to Madame Belize and asked if she would allow Dobby to screw Dracia for twenty-four hours. Harry would pay her for the service. The owl came back that the house elf could have her for the time and for only 10 galleons, which Harry eagerly paid. The teen also explained the spell to enlarge the cock.

"House elves have a different spell that only work for us." he explained to Harry. "And it lets us have sex for up to four days."

When Dobby got back, he reported to Harry that Dracia was bed-ridden because she could not stand for several days, but begged for more sex after Dobby left. The Gryffindor teen smiled.

The nine months went by and, true to what Harry said, the three delivered their babies right on cue. They had boys and though not orphans, and Azkaba could not raise them in the brothel, they were put up for adoption. The Weasleys adopted the three, though the boys could not tell them they were the fathers. Mrs. Weasley had the credo that there is always room for one more. The money to raise them came from the boys, though the family were never told where the money came from. The three boys knew their fathers and bonded with them quickly. But there was one side-effect of the potion that they were not expecting. The potion made the babies sex-crazed from the time they could crawl and they only wanted dick. The three teens did not realize they fathered gay children. But they did not care because they were their children.

After a year, Madame Belize had become wealthy beyond her wildest dreams and famous because of the three girls, sent an owl to Harry, thanking him for his find. She also was willing to allow Harry any favor that she could grant. Harry came up with a little reunion of his classmates and the three girls were the entertainment. Everyone was there. The brothel was closed down for the private party. Each man had their way with them all night long. Harry also included Fred and George Weasley, Hagrid, and Professor Lupin. He wondered whether to invite Alastor Moody, but the boys said no. Rumor had it was Moody very freaky and kinky when it came to sex. He also had the three not too long ago and they could not walk for a week.

As the party went on, Azkaba pulled Harry to the side, and again thanked him for the find.

"You must tell me, who are these girls?" she questioned.

"You would not believe it if I told you." he responded.

"Okay try me." she retorted.

He explained about the bet with Slytherin House the year before and what happened when they did not honor the bet. He then explained that it was Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, and Draco Malfoy.

"You've got to be kidding me." she stated in utter disbelief.

Harry shook his head no and asked why.

"The boys fathers came in just after they had delivered the babies and they had them all night long." Azkaba answered.

The men had fucked their former sons and did not even realize or care if they did. Harry began laughing so hard that he was bent double. Ron, Neville, and Seamus came up and asked what was wrong. Between the gasps of breaths and trying to stop laughing, he explained the situation. The three joined in the joke.

"What is so funny?" the Madame asked.

"What I forgot to tell you is that they became virgins again after they delivered the babies." the dark-haired teen replied. "And the first one to fuck them after that will be the father of their next baby. So Lucious is going to be a father after all. I hope it's a son. The potion seems to create the males to be gay. That would kill the asshole."

Harry had thought about reversing the spell after a year, but why deprive people of these three giving great pleasure. And it seemed that the three were getting great pleasure from this situation also. The wizards from all over and some witches, too.

It was a night to remember and the group agreed to meet each year there after for a night of fun and debauchery.


NOTE: This is a one time story, but it was an idea that I got from the musical Wicked. Please just do not ask me how or why, it just came to me. I hope that you enjoy it. If you have any suggestions for future stories and comments, good or bad, please feel free to email me at Please put the name of the story in the subject line. Usually I have a Readers' list with my longer stories, but I will email to those who sent me one.