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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Revised version
By Christian Martin

Chapter 1
Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was this evil Sorcerer, who liked to enslave little boys into his castle. He captured them while they were young, and had them work real hard to clean his huge castle.

Now that dreadful old fart had a magical Mirror that could talk...That Mirror had been cast a spell that forced it to tell the truth, whatever the consequences.

The Sorcerer had one big, really big, nasty habit, he liked to show off his ass to the Mirror and ask him:

"Mirror, Mirror, tell me the truth! Who has the most beautiful ass in the world?"

Invariably, the Mirror would answer:

"Oh, but you have the most beautiful ass I've ever seen, oh Powerful amongst the Powerful, my Master the Sorcerer!"

And the Sorcerer would be overjoyed and go off on a spree of torturing his poor servants to his enjoyment.

Snow White had been at work for quite a few years now for the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer had beaten the shit out of him a couple of times a year, just to be fair, so he would not feel favoured. It's not that the Sorcerer needed any justification: he just enjoyed hearing him cry.

That fateful day, the Sorcerer asked Snow White to clean up his room and, then, finding he wanted some fun, tore his thong out and started beating the poor kid up in front of the Mirror. Having had his fun, he threw out Snow White and went to bed, exhausted by his exercise.

Chapter 2
That Fateful Day

The next morning, the mooning ritual started:

"Mirror, Mirror, tell me the truth! Who has the most beautiful ass in the world?"

But this time, the Mirror answered:

"Oh, but you may have had the most beautiful ass I had ever seen before, but now I must speak of the Truth: Snow White has the most beautiful ass I've ever seen, oh Powerful amongst the Powerful, my Master the Sorcerer!"

"But how can that be?" exploded the Sorcerer. "I wash my ass every day, three times a day, with cow cream, I have my slave boys lick my ass clean so nothing bruises it, and you DARE say that this Snow White has a nicer ass then ME!!!"

"Yes, oh Powerful amongst the Powerful, my Master the Sorcerer!" answered the Truth-saying Mirror.

"And how is it better then mine!!!!?" asked the Sorcerer, enraged!

"Yours is old and full of zits, and ungainly hairs; his is smooth as my face. Your ass is sagging with age, and you are old beyond your years while his is a round bubble butt, firm and lustrous. Your bums are reddish and sprinkled with brown dots; his are as white as snow. To complete the thing, this boy is a sight to behold, a joy to reflect overall, a perfectly symmetrical face, with beautiful full ruby lips, deep violet eyes, a beautiful short nose, and jet-black hair that cascade down on his back in the most sensuous way. He has perfectly round tits; in fact as you turned him around to spank him, there was not a single defect I could see on his body. To complete the picture, he's got a dick to die for, well over 9 inches soft, and I would give anything to reflect his hardness! It's uncut and so perfectly shaped!!! But look at you in me! You look like you lost a battle with the razor blade one too many times. Your lips are pinched in hatred. You got all sorts of nasty-looking spots all over your face! Your belly sags so much it hides the 4 inches tweety bird you see as your dick. You can't even make it hard anymore! Your tits are grossly exaggerated because your breasts are too fat! You got three chins! And look at that set of genitals: to find it you have to pee on yourself, and then track the flow up current! You got a dick that can kill for sure! It kills by horror! Look at your eyes, come close! You have more wrinkles in there then the sea has ripples! Look at your hair: long, splintered at the end, grey, untidy! This is why I say, of the two, Snow White is the most beautiful, oh Powerful amongst the Powerful, my Master the Sorcerer!"

That tirade enraged the Sorcerer beyond what you could imagine. He decided that he would beat the shit out of Snow White. So he had him queried and removed his loin clothe; taking a whip he proceeded to whip the poor lad. But on the first strike, the Sorcerer howled in pain and dropped the whip; you could see on his dirty ass a nice big deep red and purple set of marks where the cat-o-nine-tails had magically hit him.

Turning to the Mirror, the Sorcerer asked:

"Is this of your doing, you dirty Mirror?"

"Yes it is. Oh Powerful amongst the Powerful, my Master the Sorcerer!" answered the magical Mirror.

"Why so?"

"I have been instructed to protect those I find the most beautiful. And it is Snow White that I now find the most beautiful, oh Powerful amongst the Powerful, my Master the Sorcerer!"

That enraged the Sorcerer even more. He had Snow White thrown into the dungeon, and put to a starvation diet, assuming that the Mirror would change his mind, when he was presented with an emaciated Snow White.

But even after 21 days on no food and no water, Snow White remained as beautiful as the first day the Mirror had set its face on him. So the Sorcerer decided to have Snow White killed, and sent out the game warden to the forest with Snow White, with these clear instructions:

"I want you to go deep in the forest and kill Snow White. As proof of the deed, you will bring me his heart! I will then roast it and eat it!" Not surprising that he would consider cannibalism; being a Sorcerer, he believed that by eating the heart he would gain some of Snow White's courage and qualities.

The warden went off in the woods but was deeply disgusted of the Sorcerer's request. Being moved by Snow White's beautiful adolescent beauty, he killed a pig instead. After taking the heart out, he cooked the pig's meat and gave it to Snow White, with these instructions:

"See that path there? I do not know where it leads, but follow it. Never return to the castle, because the Sorcerer has given me instructions to kill you, but I cannot. I have to bring a proof to him I did the deed otherwise he will kill me on my return, so I am taking this pig's heart to him. The meat I roasted will be for you to eat along the trip, but be careful, after 2 days, this meat will no longer be edible, since I do not have the time to smoke it. Eat as much as you can, and then when the 2 days are over, throw what is left away. In the forest, you will find berries and water in profusion, as well as some edible roots and mushrooms. Be aware that with mushrooms, beautiful spells death."

With that the warden returned to the castle and delivered the heart to the Sorcerer.

Overjoyed, the Sorcerer immediately ate the heart, not even bothering to roast it.

Meanwhile Snow White had begun his trek in the forest, and walking fast, sometimes even running for long periods, as any youth in full health can, he got deep, very deep in the forest.

The next day the Sorcerer got out of his bed and looked in the Mirror. Horror! He was covered with pig's hair and his cock had taken a corkscrew look. Even his nose looked flattened like a pig's nuzzle.

He yelled for the warden to come to his office right away, but no amount of yelling could bring the warden there. He had left the day before and was now out of the Sorcerer's domain.

Disgruntled, the Sorcerer hid in his quarters and asked the Mirror what had happened. Being able to see far, the Mirror told the Sorcerer what had occurred. Too enraged to enquire further, the Sorcerer went to bed to sulk.

Chapter 3
A Cute Little House

Meanwhile Snow White had been moving ever deeper in the forest; he got deeper and deeper. The last night in the woods had shown him that most animals could be friendly, even wolves; they had come, a pack at twilight; sensing they were hungry, Snow White had shared his meat supply with them; in exchange the wolves slept with him, keeping him warm. Snow White had taken off at dusk, accompanied for a while by the wolf pack.

Now he was alone, and deeper and deeper he went into the woods. After days and days of walking, eating berries and drinking water from springs, and sharing with the wolves their body heat, he reached a clearing.

In this clearing stood a building made of stone, a house that was certainly smaller then the castle that Snow White had grown used to, but a roof. He got slowly, carefully, closer. He was weary of being caught by another disgusting old creep. He looked into the windows, and seeing nobody, he slowly opened the door, that was unlocked. He looked around and, noticing the mess, he proceeded to clean up the place. After all, the Sorcerer's training had not been for nothing,

Finally, tired, Snow White retired and finding the beds a little small, he had curled up on two beds that could easily be moved together.

Later that day, seven dwarfs were returning from their work and having washed their hands and faces in the fountain outside and taken a dip in the pool near their home, proceeded to enter their home, nude as jay birds.... Well, what do you expect? No girls around, and no reason to hide anything...they had known themselves for so, so long.

Let me give you a description of these seven dwarfs. Most of you would expect dwarfs to be disgusting, deformed, bearded old asses. But have you ever considered that, like everyone else, dwarfs have to be young before being old? These were the dwarfs now returning home: very muscled because of their hard work in their mine, and, well, you may be a dwarf in the limbs department, but who said that meant you were a dwarf in the cock department too? Young enough not to have any beard, not even needing to shave yet, and very hungry (or is it very horny, after all the horseplay that had occurred in the pool?). So they proceeded to go to their home, swatting each other's butts with their towel.

"Hey, someone has been here while we were out!" exclaimed Creamer, a nice blond guy with a big fat, uncut 6" meat dangling between his very muscled legs, as he opened the door. "It's too clean!"

"Wow!" exclaimed the six others. The dwarfs spread out in the house, exploring the place; Rimmer moved upstairs, and spotted Snow White. Scared, he backed off and using his hands, he signalled to the others to join him.

"Look at that! Who do you thing he is?" he whispered.

"I don't know, but he sure is beautiful! Look at that face! And that body!!!" said Fister.

"I know you always want to play with mine! But aren't you inconsequent? Look at his size! He's huge!" stated Fucker.

"Most definitively in the meat department! I wonder how big it gets when it's hard?" replied Ridemehard.

"Stop it! I know you like to play revolving rear door with us, but this thing is going to be a little big even for your ass!" retorted Sucker.

That provoked a roar of laughter and disturbed the sleep of Snow White. He turned on his back and his dick slowly rose to its glorious 11 hard inches, very perpendicular to his body. The dwarfs, scared, kept silent, awed at the beauty of the meat. Like any youth, Snow White was horny as hell as he woke up, and slowly, very slowly, started playing with his cock. He sensuously rubbed it up and down in a rhythmic motion well known to any boy, unaware that he was of the presence of the dwarfs watching him closely, because he had kept his eyes closed.

After 5 minutes of slow and sensuous masturbation, Snow White stepped up the pace and started whipping his meat furiously, moaning heavily. Completely oblivious to his environment, he started shooting his huge, pent-up load in a shower of thick white boy-cream that sprayed rich cream right up to the ceiling and the wall behind him. Ten long thick streams of cum came shooting out. The dwarfs gawked at this display of pure boy virility, and some who were lucky to be hit by the cream felt it burn their skin. Rimmer, standing the closest even had some on his face and captured a drop with his mouth on the fly, to his delight!

Finally coming back down from his erotic high, Snow White lay still. Jacker, being slightly too curious about the huge pool of cream now cooling on Snow White's belly, stepped forward and being his usual self, tripped over Rimmer, falling face first into the huge pool of cum.

"You asshole!" exclaimed Rimmer. "You don't even want to share that boy-juice with us!"

Naturally, THAT had wakened up Snow White completely. He jumped right off the bed, dripping cum all over the sheets and the floor

"You never complained when it came to rimming it, Rimmer!" replied Jacker.

"Holy shit, you two! One, we're losing good boy juice to the floor and the linen, and you can do is squabble about your asses!" exclaimed Creamer. "And two, look at our visitor! He's scared!"

This comment had a very calming effect on the group, They stood silent, and Creamer, always the speaker for the group while dealing with strangers, stepped forward and extending his hand, proceeded to introduce himself.

"I'm Creamer, and here is Fister, Fucker, Ridemehard, Jacker, Sucker, and finally, Rimmer. Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Taking Creamer's hand, Snow White politely answered to them:

"I'm Snow White, Sir, and I come from the Sorcerer's castle. He wanted to kill me for I don't know what reason!"

"Oh! The Sorcerer!" they all said, shivering! Creamer explained their attitude.

"We are dwarfs because he cast a spell on us while we were young...He wanted to keep us young for his personal sex use. We ran away, but the spell is still effective; we are getting older normally but our growth was stifled by his spell. Otherwise we would be normal men. We would probably be dead by now had we stayed there, because the Sorcerer gets his eternal life by stealing the life of others."

"Oh I'm so sorry. How old are you now?"

"Well, I'm the oldest, I have 17 springs in my log, and the youngest is 14. And you?" replied Creamer.

"To use your expression, I'm 16 springs old!"

"Well, its not the only thing that can spring to life!" commented Fister, noticing that, even as he was talking with Creamer, Snow White was beginning to sport a nice hard-on.  After all, not only was Snow White not shy because he had had his ass exposed and beaten enough during his years that it no longer mattered, but he had played more then occasionally with other boy slaves at night. He had lots of experience, and to be honest to himself, he admitted that he admired the muscular looks of the dwarfs.

"Can we lick the cream off you body?" asked Fucker, looking greedily at the drying cum.

"Sure!" said Snow White, laying back on the bed. The dwarfs rushed to the cum service and licked him up, Creamer taking one tit, Fucker the second, while Fister licked his belly button, a beautiful innie currently filled with cum, and Ridemehard and Jacker competed to suck his dick. Rimmer lifted Snow White's legs and went for his ass, rimming deep and hard. Sucker, not to be left out, kissed Snow White on the mouth, their tongue sword-playing for the conquest of their mouths.

Before long, the magnificent erotic licking had the expected effect and Snow White was as hard as a rock. He started shooting his cream and the power of his shots was so strong they took Jacker by surprise and he coughed and released Snow White's cock. He fired volley after volley of cum, covering the dwarfs with it.

After that second explosion, Snow White was getting hungry, so he suggested it might be a good idea to eat, a suggestion well received by everyone. Fister was a fine cook, and after a quick swim in the pool, everyone walked to the table, and a chair and another set of cutlery were added to the end of the table. The 8 ate healthily, Snow White because it was his first real good meal in well over a week, and the dwarfs because working in a mine sure builds a healthy appetite.

The evening was spent discovering each other, discussing what each one liked and disliked. The dwarfs rapidly build a new bed wide and long enough for Snow White, and Fucker, being good at needle works because of his long fine fingers, sewed together pieces of linen to cover the mattress of hay and Snow White during the night. Nothing happened during that night, since the dwarfs, as well as Snow White, were tired.

Snow White studied the dwarfs. Creamer had a fat, 6 inch, uncut dick that grew to an impressive 8.5 inches hard He had blond, silky hair, deep bleu eyes, and a white complexion.

Next he turned his attention to Fister. A beautiful boy, with a pole that dangled 7", but rose stiff to his belly, a proud 9" inch rod, also uncut, with black straight hair. His skin colour intrigued Snow White: it was golden, sun tanned, but it had a very distinct undertone of brownish yellow. His eyes, slanted, were as deep black as the night without a moon. Snow White had never met an Asian, but he found the boy very fascinating.

A movement from Fucker caught his attention, and he started studying him in turn. Fucker was now playing with his soft, 8" meat, which was progressively growing to its full, glorious 10". It was cut, had a beautiful, pink, big head, but a thinner rod the then Fister. He had curly red hair, dark golden skin similar but not quite the same as Fister. But it seemed Fucker had to work for his tan, while it apparently came almost naturally to Fister. He had a face sprinkled with freckles, and the most amazing blue-green eyes Snow White had ever seen.

Then there was Ridemehard, watching Fucker work on himself with a bemused expression: 8" soft, 10" hard, cut meat, with a big head, and a rod that widens to same with as head at it's base. Ridemehard had slanted eyes too, deep green. His skin was slightly less tanned then Fister, and his black curly hair cascaded down on his shoulders.

Jacker had come as a shock to Snow White. The dick department was not exceptional: 6.5" soft and 8.5" hard. It was uncut, a big head resting on an impressively thick rod. Jacker had black, very curly hair, deep blue eyes. What fascinated Snow White were his ebony black skin and white teeth that shone in his dark face.
Sucker was another case. Not impressive in size at 5" soft and 6" hard, his cut head as wide as the shaft, which was of medium size. What fascinated Snow White where the freckles on Sucker's dick. In fact, Sucker has freckles over all of his body, from head to toe! He had flaming red hair that lay as a jungle on his head, an epidemic of freckles on his face, with a white skin. His eyes were gold, a beautiful colour on his face.

Finally Rimmer, the last of the dwarfs, but not the least: Again, not very impressive in the meat department at 6.5" at rest and 7.5" busy. It was uncut, with lots of foreskin, an advantage Rimmer was making good use of, rubbing the foreskin on the head under the scrutiny of Creamer. The rod was of medium thickness. Rimmer had black, big curly hair, with a chocolate milk skin, deep chocolate brown eye.

Chapter 4
The Dwarfs' Holidays

The weekend came, and Friday night fever. After their customary supper with Snow White, the seven dwarfs started to horseplay with each other and Snow White.
They cleared the living room of furniture and rolled out a huge, soft mat with a quick hand from Snow White.

"Why are we doing all this tonight?" asked Snow White.

"Never heard of week-ends?" replied Fucker.

"No, what's that?'

"Well, every five days, we take two days off from the mine; during Saturday, we do our laundry and clean up the house. But since you have been taking care of that while we were at the mine, we discussed together at the mine, and decided to take 2 days off rather then our customary one day off."

"Oh, and what do you do on Sunday? And what is a day off? The Saturday you describe looks much like my usual days at the castle."

"Well, what we do on Sunday you will discover tonight!" interrupted Sucker. "And it's fun!"

"Yes," completed Fucker, "we call this a holiday. Now, we will have two such days a week because of your diligent work here, and we're going to enjoy ourselves to the fullest!"

The mat was now fully unrolled and covered the entire floor.

"OK, Jacker, would you please get the bucket?" asked Creamer, taking charge of the festivities.

Jacker ran out of the room and came back with a huge bucket of sweet-smelling, very slippery product, which was then put in the middle of the room. The seven dwarfs lay down on the mat, followed by Snow White, who lay in the middle of the group. Each one then selected his partner and, as convened in the mine by the well-known straw trick, Fucker had Snow White as partner.

Fucker began by softly kissing Snow White on the forehead, then on the eyes, moving to his cheeks and then his nose. He moved to the left ear, licking it deep, eliciting a giggle from Snow White. Slowly, he licked his way from the left ear to the right, staying clear of the mouth. He moved up to Snow White's mouth and kissed it gently. Snow White responded by gently licking Fucker's mouth, which opened to the soft but insistent prodding. The two started deep kissing each other, Snow White taking hold of Fucker's head and pulling it to ensure a tighter kiss lock. The breathing became difficult as the two lovers gyrated their bodies energetically around, rubbing their dicks together in the process.

Fucker progressed downwards, toward Snow White's nipples, and started sucking each one in turn, eliciting powerful groans from Snow White. The nipples were quickly as hard as his dick. But Fucker had other ideas, and did not stay up in the high zones; he moved quickly down to Snow White's belly button, and then to his now profusely leaking cock. A gentle swipe of the tongue on the underside of the cock head, at the junction of the shaft and the foreskin immediately induced more explicit comments from Snow White:

"Oh YAAAAA, Lick that head! Suck it! Suck it hard!" he yelled.

 However much he liked sucking, there was one action Fucker liked more! So he did not stay there long and began rimming Snow White, in slow, rotating motions. Then he dipped his left hand in the bucket and greased his own very hard dick. He then started fingering Snow White's ass hole, first inserting one finger, then two.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" groaned Snow White, relaxing his muscles, now knowing where Fucker was headed.

The relaxation of Snow White's rim muscles let Fucker insert a third finger easily. Fucker then pressed against Snow White's prostate, to a loud gasp from him. Then Fucker lifted Snow White's legs and pushed them back on his shoulders, gaining complete access to Snow White's now well-lubricated and relaxed rear door. Fucker moved forward, pressing his cock head between the ass cheeks of Snow White.

Snow White gripped Fucker's cock and guided its pulsating head to his rectum, and held it there. Fucker increased his pressure and Snow White took a deep breath and pushed; the head of Fucker's rod progressively entered the hole, widening the anal ring on its way. Snow White took another deep breath and relaxed his anal muscles completely. Fucker's dick head slid in, only causing Snow White a minor ping of pain.

Fucker held still for a minute, until Snow White signalled to Fucker that he was ready for more. Fucker then slowly pushed his dick deeper into Snow White, to the music of deep groans from Snow White. Finally, Fucker's pubes rested on Snow White's beefy ass. Fucker gently lowered his mouth to Snow White's and began kissing him.

Meanwhile, Creamer and Sucker had not been idle. Sucker always liked to suck on Creamer's soft 6 inches, well over 8 inches hard, that looked so impressive on so small a stature. It realy looked like a third leg, a beautiful, appetising, third leg. Not that Sucker was under-sized, but he felt inferior because of what he perceived as his puny 5 inches soft, 6 hard, compared to the others. No one had ever said anything, and quite to the contrary, everyone told him his size was a nice fit to a mouth.  So, going down on Creamer, Sucker took Creamer's sack in his left hand, massaging the balls within, while licking around Creamer's cock and around the belly button. This had the expected effects and Creamer's rod rose to the occasion, stiffening to its full glory. Sucker noticed and started licking the meat's sides, keeping clear of the head, who was hosing lots of precum by now. Then, Sucker slowly lowered his mouth over the head, to a loud gasp of Creamer, and started licking the precum that had accumulated at the tip of the foreskin. Sucker was enjoying himself to no end; he loved to suck dicks and, well, just never seemed to have enough.

Creamer slowly rotated to first get a hold on Sucker's hard-on, and, progressively, move into a classical 69 position, where he took Sucker's manhood in his mouth and started sucking on it like a lollipop. Meanwhile Sucker had slowly moved Creamer's foreskin back and licked the corona. He gently pulled the skin back up, imprisoning his tongue between the head and the foreskin.  Creamer moaned loudly at that manoeuvre, letting it known how he liked this. Sucker then proceeded to move his tongue between the foreskin and the now very sensitive head, inducing another huge groan and spasms of pleasure from Creamer.

Ridemehard had pulled his legs up so his knees were resting on his shoulders, giving a good access to his ass hole. Ridemehard's preferences were well known so Fister dutifully slammed his fist in the bucket of lubricant and proceeded deftly to lubricate Ridemehard's already pulsating ass hole.  First sliding a single finger, slowly, he rotated it first clockwise then counter-clockwise. Fister then inserted a second finger into the tight ass and started spreading the hole gently, to the groan of pleasure of Ridemehard. Gradually, a third, then a fourth finger got into Ridemehard's ever more dilated ass hole, whose pink insides were now clearly visible to the fascinated eyes of Fister. Having four fingers in, Fister then proceeded to push the palm of his hand further in, until only his thumb was out of the burning hot hole. By now Ridemehard was howling with pleasure:

"Come on, do it!! Rub that bump! Oh YAAAAAAAAAA! Get it all in, all in!!! I WAAAAAAAANT IIIIIIIIITTTTT!"

Fister was not one to be asked twice! He rapidly inserted his thumb and pushed his fist into the willing hole!


By now, the ass ring has closed around the wrist of Fister, who began moving his fist around in Ridemehard's rectum. Ridemehard rotated his entire body around the fist, much like you turn a pig on a roast.

"Fuck me hard! Come on, show me how good you are, Fister!" begged Ridemehard. Obliging, Fister began by opening his hand completely in the rectal cavity, and messaging the prostate from the interior.

"Oh! Oh! OHHHHHHHHH! Press harder, faster!!!" This continued for a while, Ridemehard trashing about more and more, as his tension climbed to its climax.

"Now! Get on with that fuck!" demanded Ridemehard. Fister again changed tactics, and started pushing deeper into the rectum until Ridemehard yelped! By then he had his fist about 8 inches inside and the hole was had widened to accommodate part of his forearm. Having noticed the comfort range of Ridemehard, Fister started pounding the hole, pulling his fist completely out to reinsert it right back in a continuous, long, piston-like motion that gradually gained in tempo.

Jacker and Rimmer had not been onlookers for long before Rimmer lifted Jacker's left leg and began a slow descent from his left foot towards his ultimate goal. He started by sucking the toes, and then licked the sole, to Jacker's ever-sharp giggles; he then proceeded slowly down the leg until he reached the tights. Changing leg, he repeated the procedure, to Jacker's delight.

Rimmer then lifted both legs on his shoulders and gave Jacker's cock head a quick flick of the tongue before moving to suck his balls. But that was not his goal. He moved down further, lifting Jacker in such a way that Jacker found himself faced with his own dick.

"Push down a little more, Rimmer! I'll be able to suck myself!" he asked, looking with envy at his own piece of meat. Naturally, Rimmer obliged, moving forward so as to put more weight on Jacker's butt. Rimmer then dove for his goal: Jacker's ass hole!

Jacker let out a loud groan as he felt Rimmer's hot, and long tongue penetrate his behind and opened his mouth to gobble down his own meat to the root. The noise of licking and sucking could be heard from the two, Rimmer fascinated by being able to see Jacker suck himself. Jacker, on his side, was more then slightly aroused by Rimmer's tongue work.

Fucker continuously varied his tempo and his thrust length and strengths, to the pleasure of Snow White, who had taken over the masturbation of his own cock. Snow White tried to match Fucker's tempo, but each time he thought he had it, Fucker changed something.

Oh God! Fuck MEEEEEEE! FUCK ME DEEEEEEEEP!" yelled Snow White.

Fucker's tempo, first short stabs, progressively changed to long, deep, slow strokes. He pulled his dick out until only the head was inside the ring, nearly popping out, then pushing his dick slowly back in.  Snow White could not believe the feeling he was getting as Fucker's dick head rubbed on his prostate, followed by the agonising slow, gentle brush of the shaft. Fucker was himself mesmerised by his own feeling: Snow White's love hole was SOOOO hot! He had difficulty figuring out why his dick could handle so much heat. He was sure that if he had held his dick in his hand, it would have burned his palms.

After about 20 minutes of this slow fuck, Fucker felt he was about to burst and wondered how long Snow White would be able to hold. He was updated constantly on Snow White's excitation by the grips Snow White was applying to his dick and the shortening of his breath.

"HARDER!!! FASTER!!!!" demanded Snow White, groaning and taking ever shorter breaths.

Fucker stepped up the pace and began a very rapid, forceful fuck of Snow White's willing behind, As each thrust slammed in the contact could be heard, along with the suction noise when Fucker pulled his dick out:


Snow White was now beating his meat in a full-stroke motion that capped and uncapped his dick head so fast the fist motions could not be seen with the eyes. He started firing his load high in the air. Sixteen thick huge globs of white boy cream travelled all over the place, hitting Snow White and all seven dwarfs in a shower of cream!

"Oh GOOOOOOOOOOD! OH YAAAAAAAAAAA! FUCK MEEEEEEEE! FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!" yelled Snow White as Fucker continued to plow his ass hole at an ever-quickening pace.

Fucker could not hold it any longer. The combination of being sprayed copiously by Snow White's seed and Snow White's muscles literally milking his rod at every thrust and fire brought him over the edge and he started filling Snow White's bum with his own boy cream.

"GEEEEEEZ! HAAAAAAAAAAAA! HHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Fucker yelled as he thrust his red-hot dick ever harder and deeper into the willing receptacle.

Completely spent, Fucker collapsed on Snow White's cum covered body and started his slow descent from heaven, to the sweet music of his lover's rapid breathing and racing heart.

Even if Sucker was known for his prowess of the mouth, Creamer was not deprived of talent. He slowly licked around Sucker's head, and then went for his balls. He sucked on then the other, as Sucker spread his legs wide.

Sucker sucked on Creamer's foreskin then pulled it back completely and proceeded to lick Creamer's engorged head ravenously, pushing it deep in his throat. He proceeded to massage Creamer's cock with his throat muscles, breathing by the nose.

Creamer shivered and spasmed in delight but did not neglect Sucker's pleasure. He moved his mouth on Sucker's stiffness, using his lips to seal a tight vacuum pump around the quivering meat stick.

Finally as Snow White's spray hit him on the back of his ass cheeks, Creamer started shooting his load into Sucker's willing receptacle. Sucker sucked harder, faster, swirling his tongue and milking Creamer's dick of its pent-up juices. Sucker almost drowned in Creamer's offer, culminating in 10 thick, powerful, shots. Sucker himself, his erotic height reached by the rich taste of Creamer's man-cream, started flooding Creamer's mouth with his thick, slow creaming that, not erupting, flowed more like molten lava of hot butter into Creamer's greedy mouth. Creamer loved the mixture of Sucker's cum, at once sweet but also slightly salty.

Neither moved, keeping the other's maleness into his mouth, enjoying the afterglow of a well-earned orgasm.

Fister began pumping his own meat while pounding Ridemehard's ravaged ass hole with his closed fist.

"Come on! Give me a ride! Pump that fist harder! Faster!!" asked Ridemehard

"HAAAAAA! HAAAAAAA! HAAAAAA!" chanted Ridemehard in response to Fister's increasing the pace. As Ridemehard felt the rain of cum fired by Snow White hit him on his dick and balls, and in the face, he began firing his load that sprayed up to his own face and on between his legs, lubricating Fister's dick and sliding along his pumping hand. Yet, Fister had not cum yet! He waited!

Once Ridemehard had relaxed more, Fister rapidly opened the fist he had in Ridemehard's now not so tight hole and slid his creamed-lubricated dick into the ass-imprisoned fist. He started jacking himself off in Ridemehard's ass, to the grunts and chants of Ridemehard.

Ridemehard had not even gone soft from his previous shots and now began to literally roar into another cataclysmic orgasm as the knuckles on Fister's fists rubbed his prostate while Fister jacked his red hot steel-hard meat bar. Feeling Ridemehard's second orgasm was enough to set Fister to firing his load. As he creamed the burning interior of Ridemehard, both sang their orgasm:


Fister collapsed on his side, fist and cock still into Ridemehard's now completely opened rear door. Slowly Fister removed fist his dick, then his fist from Ridemehard's hole, revealing a clear view of Ridemehard's innards, well, at least of the rectum.

Jacker greedily sucked his own dick, doing to himself what he wanted others to do him. He sucked his foreskin hard, then slid his tongue under it and caressed the underside of his dick with the tip of his tongue.  He swallowed his dick to the pubes and began a serious suction while watching Rimmer rim him furiously.

Rimmer was getting hotter by the minute, and after a time, greased his cock and climbed over Jacker, who watched, fascinated, as Rimmer's rod descended towards his now copiously wet hole. He relaxed and Rimmer's head slipped in without a hitch.

Rimmer began his pumping motion into Jacker's tight passage, in fact pumping Jacker's dick into Jacker's own mouth in the process. Rimmer held Jacker in his tight loop by virtue of having gripped Jacker at the ankles and using them as anchors to his hip movement, and also by the use of his body weight to keep Jacker pinned into the position.

Rimmer felt the surge coming and increased his pace of pumping, only to be suddenly griped by Jacker's spasming ass muscles as Jacker came in his own mouth and throat. That in turn started Rimmer into his own barrage of cum firing, feeding in the process Jacker's orgasm by the brute force that the globs of cum exerted on Jacker's innards. That orgasmic cycle lasted over 4 minutes, leaving both completely burned for the time being.

Rimmer fell on his side and his cock disengaged from Jacker's now creamed back door with a very audible plop. Jacker unfolded himself, not with some groans of pain from his overworked spine, and lay still, savouring the taste of his own cum and the burning filling of his bum's passage.

Chapter 5
The Party Continues

After about 10 minutes of afterglow, Jacker stood up and went to the well to retrieve a pail of cold water and to the cupboard to get 8 cups. The others groaned in appreciation and each one drank rapidly from the pail.

By then, everyone had recovered, and was ready for more action. Snow White looked at Ridemehard's huge dick, and already very opened ass hole, but he decided to give a try at fucking Fister, whose tight hole attracted his huge dick like a magnet. He therefore lifted Fister to his height and sucked his tongue in, clearly indicating he wanted the control this time. Fister obliged Snow White by taking a submissive, doggy posture, offering his tight hole to the intrusion of the mighty man rod.

Snow White covered his dick with the lubricant and then started fingering Fister's ass ring, sliding a finger and pressing on Fister's prostate, with the expected outcome. Fister became as hard as a rock, and moaned in pleasure. It did not take long for Snow White to open up Fister's hole. After all, it was well used by Fucker and Ridemehard. Only, Fister had not taken into account Snow White's dick diameter, which was way bigger then either of the others,

Snow White being of a gentle kind, took care of this forgetfulness by inserting a fourth finger and then his whole palm to the thumb into Fister's dark inside. When Snow White sensed that Fister was ready, he crawled between his legs and started pushing. The well-dilated hole offered some resistance, but after a couple of slaps on his ass, during which time Snow White maintained a relentless pressure, Fister found himself filled by Snow White's huge head, with some residual pain. Snow White patiently waited until he felt Fister relaxed. He pushed forward a short distance, pulled back by about half, waited, then pushed deeper. After 15 or so moves of this kind, Fister felt Snow White's pubes on his bums and asked:

"All in?"


"I've never felt SOOOOO full in my entire life.... But the feeling is great! Just let me relax a little more!"

"Go on, now! Fuck me!" commanded Fister, after taking a few minutes to adjust to Snow White's size.

The slow fuck being done under their eyes was a powerful stimulant to the other dwarfs. Ridemehard greased his rod and moved behind Snow White. In a single, swift motion, he rammed his hard dick into Snow White's moving butt. Luckily, Snow White was already dilated and well greased from Fucker's previous fuck, and after some initial pain, adjusted to Ridemehard's intrusion.

Sucker crawled on his back, slowly, under Fister, taking a classic 69 position and engulfing Fister's dick in his mouth while having a front row view of Snow White ramming Fister's ass. Fister did not hesitate a second and took Sucker's stiff peter into his mouth and started sucking it.

Creamer was not going to miss this occasion and rapidly moved between Sucker's legs and greased his hole. Then he proceeded to lubricate his own dick and started fingering Sucker's hole. After inserting three fingers and rotating them into Sucker's hole, he quickly removed them, slid in position, and rammed his dick in place, with a powerful groan matched by Sucker's muffled one.

Jacker did not hesitate a second. Having noticed that Snow White was also on his knees to fuck Fister, he stood, legs apart, just above Fister's back, and rammed his dick into the panting mouth of Snow White.  Seeing this gave an idea to Fucker. He stepped behind Jacker and rammed his hard dick into the fist-dilated ass hole, not even bothering with lubricating his dick further.

That left Rimmer to integrate himself in the meatball. He looked around. So many asses to lick, so many holes to rim! Finally he decided to rim Ridemehard, more because it would give him easier access to exploring Snow White's hot body then anything. He knelt behind Ridemehard and began a slow deep rimming,

With all the stimulation Snow White was getting, it did not take him long to shoot his load, grunting loudly as Jacker pummelled his face in an intense face-fuck. Snow White's orgasmic spasms cascaded around the meatball, first squeezing Ridemehard's dick and milking him to orgasm. Rimmer, having rammed his dick into Ridemehard after his initial rimming, exploded upon feeling Ridemehard's ass muscle contract during his orgasm.

Meanwhile, Fister had felt the powerful thrusts of Snow White as he orgasmed and sensed Snow White's cream flood his passage. This was enough to push him over the edge and he creamed into Sucker's mouth, to be immediately fed by Sucker's cream in exchange for his.

Naturally, Creamer sensed as Sucker orgasmed and fired his volleys of cum into Sucker's receiving hole. Now, that left Fucker and Jacker to finish off. Snow White sucked hard on Jacker's dick. He was trying to please Jacker and regain his breath after his orgasm. He pushed Jacker over and was rewarded by a thick gush of boy-cream to quench his thirst. Jacker's orgasm was heralded by Fucker's dick, and it started firing its load into Jacker's very relaxed hole.

Everyone collapsed on the floor, and basked in the afterglow of their respective orgasms.

After a few minutes, Creamer, always the leader of the group said:

"Well guys, it's getting late! We had a long day today, and I think we should go get cleansed in the pool and go to bed. We'll have lots of fun tomorrow and Sunday, because Snow White was there to do most of our chores. We still have to go out and cut some wood for the winter tomorrow. We'll try to get up early so that the chores can be done before the temperature climbs too much."

These comments elicited some disgruntled comments, but no one contested directly Creamer's decisions; they always had been of good sense up to now, and Snow White, even if he was bigger, considered Creamer as the natural leader and had no intentions of contesting his leadership.

Snow White filed out of the house and, along with the seven dwarfs, proceeded to the pool to wash. Then each one retired to his bed and slept soundly that night.

Chapter 6
A Visit

The next morning, the dwarfs were up before dawn, and Snow White was woken up by their noisy antics. He opened his eyes to the beautiful sight of Ridemehard being energetically banged in the rear by Fucker and the others watching and masturbating themselves around the couple. Already, Creamer and Rimmer had had their turn in ramming Ridemehard and cum could be seen dripping from their taut bodies and their now soft dicks.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" cried Fucker as he added his load to Creamer's and Rimmer's copious morning offering. The gush of cream provoked a third firing of Ridemehard, which creamed himself again.

Fucker was replaced by Sucker, now more the ready! Sucker slammed his cock into Ridemehard's hole in a mighty shove, and began pumping in earnest, his movements eased by the accumulated cum in Ridemehard's very open back door. It only took Sucker a couple dozen powerful thrusts for him to reach his orgasm, way too fast for Ridemehard to accompany him into what would have been his fourth orgasm of the morning.

"It's SOOOO hot! SOOOOOOOO good!" yelled Sucker as he came into Ridemehard's love tunnel. Ridemehard grunted rhythmically as each thrust of Sucker punched his prostate, holding Sucker at the waist and helping him bang he ass harder. The bed could be heard hitting the wall with each forward movement, and the house resounded with panting and grunting noises, the music of lovemaking.

Now Fister took Sucker's place and shoved his fist into the dripping backside of Ridemehard, hell-bent on repeating last night's performance! Fister did not even need to work hard to get it in. Ridemehard was well lubricated with cum and the hole was very relaxed from its previous pummelling.

"Oh yes! Fist me hard, Fister!" yelped Ridemehard at the feel of Fister's rapid intrusion. Fister quickly moved his fist in a rotating motion and, feeling Fister relaxed enough, opened his fist and slid his dick into it.

Fister then began a powerful ballet of fisting Ridemehard, fucking his own fist and Ridemehard at the same time, to the yells of intense pleasure from Ridemehard and the whistling of the other dwarfs, always fascinated by this dance of love the two managed to put up for them.

Snow White had moved closer, and watched in utter astonishment the unfolding action of love. He had been way too busy the previous night to see Fister at work, and now was all eyes, big as saucers, and his dick hard as a steel rod, its purple mushroom in plain view because the foreskin had spontaneously retracted behind the head.

It did not take long for either Fister or Ridemehard to cum, accompanied by a shower of cum of the other dwarfs, who had started jacking off in response to the show being put up by the hot pair.

Fister removed his fucking tool out of his hand. After a quick twist of his fist to remind Ridemehard of who exactly had just fucked him so hard, he pulled his fist out.

Snow White was not the shy guy! He immediately replaced Fister and slammed his beer can into Ridemehard's gaping rose bud! The dwarfs looked on, strangely muted by the spectacle of the huge rod, seemingly unending, entering Ridemehard in a slow sensuous motion, as Snow White gyrated his hips while seeking the bottom of the pit of Ridemehard.

Ridemehard groaned in ecstasy, as he felt his hole being opened deeper then even the fist of Fister had gone! Snow White immediately understood the meaning of this and began pumping powerful long thrusts into Ridemehard! The whole house shook on its foundations, to the rhythmic grunts and slapping of Ridemehard's behind by Snow White's lovemaking.

At one moment, Snow White's swings became so long that his dickhead got out of Ridemehard's hole, to reinsert itself right back in, in a long continuous, sweeping motion.  The pleasure was so intense from this that Ridemehard asked:

"Oh God!! Do that! Do THAT!!!"

Snow White, having himself enjoyed greatly the added stimulation offered by Ridemehard's ass ring to his very engorged head, obliged. The dwarfs were treated to the show of Snow White banging Ridemehard in extremely long, powerful and penetrating motions, his rod exiting completely Ridemehard's love tunnel before returning in a powerful forward push that had the entire pole inside in less then a fraction of a second.

"Oh YESSSSSSS! Damn, you fuck GOOOOOOOOD! DO IT! DO IT! DOOOOO IIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!" yelled Ridemehard, completely glazed by the intense feeling he was receiving form his rear.

After some 10 minutes of this, Snow White felt his lava boil to the surface.

"I'm CUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!" he yelled as he buried his ram rod deep inside Ridemehard, who exploded again with a savage orgasm, Ridemehard's love spasms milked Snow White of his seed as effectively as a lamb milks her mother.

Finally,  Snow White fell on Ridemehard, joining the others in being covered in Ridemehard's morning milk production. As he disentangled himself from Ridemehard, the other dwarfs were rewarded by a last show: Ridemehard's ass hole was dripping boy-milk by the bucket!

The dwarfs and Snow White moved to the pool, and washed off the cum in the cool, crystal-clear waters. After drying off, they ate a hefty breakfast and the dwarfs headed for the woods to cut a supply of logs for the upcoming winter, leaving Snow White alone until noon.

That morning, Snow White was cleaning up after the dwarfs had gone, and there came an old lady, who knocked on the door.

"What do you desire, my old lady?" asked Snow White, offering her to sit at the table.

"Well, I am going off to the market with some goods. And I needed a rest for a little while. Could you spare a glass of water?"

"Certainly, but would you not prefer fresh milk? Or fruit juice?" asked Snow White, always the generous kind.

"Oh, water will be more then enough."

Snow White offered the old lady what she asked and she drank the water avidly.

"You have been so kind. Here take this apple for your lunch today...Most people would not even give water to a man dying of thirst, these days", said the old lady as she got up to leave.

Snow White escorted her out to the clearing, and indicated to her the path that led to the Sorcerer's lands, knowing that this was probably where he old lady was headed. Snow White's notions of geography were limited, and, for him, a city was probably what lay at the foot of the castle.

Later that morning, Snow White felt hungry and, spotting the apple he had placed near the window, took a bite at it. Instantly, he felt dizzy, and fell, unconscious, on the floor of the kitchen.

About an hour later, the dwarfs returned from their logging expedition, and went to the pool to wash off the leftover of their labours.

"It's strange, Snow White usually comes to join us! Rimmer, run up to the house and see what he's doing!" requested Creamer.

Rimmer ran up to the house and, passing in front of the kitchen window, spotted Snow White on the floor. He turned right back, running to the pool, yelling:


The other dwarfs, hearing the cries of Rimmer, all ran out of the water. Dripping wet, they ran up to the house, preceded by Rimmer, who, even if he was breathless from all the running he had been doing, was more then willing to run even more for Snow White's life.

The dwarfs all stood around Snow White's body, crying their wits out at the loss of their newly found friend.

Ridemehard inadvertently kicked the apple, which smashed the window on its way out. That snapped Creamer out of his shock and he began giving orders:

"Fucker, Ridemehard, find the object that smashed the window!"

"It's an apple!" said, sheepishly, Ridemehard, ready to be blamed for the broken windowpane.

"An apple!" exclaimed the others.

"Yes, an apple. What's so strange about that?" replied Ridemehard.

"It's that there are no apple trees near here, except in the Sorcerer's garden!" informed Fister.

"Oh no! Now we know what has killed Snow White! A poisoned apple!" exclaimed Sucker.

"Now find it! I may be able to see what kind of poison the Sorcerer used and figure a counter-poison! NOW MOVE!" ordered Creamer. Fucker and Ridemehard rushed out of the house and began looking for the incriminating evidence, their eyes not seeing very clearly because they were crying so hard.

"You four, move Snow White to his death bed, so we can do the honours properly. I will ready the sheets while you move him up!" said Creamer.

Fister, Jacker, Sucker, and Rimmer picked Snow White gently and moved him upstairs to his bed. They removed his clothes and washed him gently.

Meanwhile Fucker and Ridemehard had found the apple, whose inside, visible through Snow White's bite, was now very black. Sparked with greenish particles. They brought it to Creamer.

"Oh. No! The Eternal Kiss of Death poison!" he exclaimed.

"What is that?" asked Ridemehard.

"Snow White is not dead, but he's not alive either. He's in suspended animation. FOREVER!" explained Creamer.

"Is there anything that could cure him?" asked Fister, who had been listening from upstairs.

"Not to my knowledge..." said Creamer, completely depressed and now crying as much as the others.

"What will we do? We can't just dump Snow White!" stated, forcefully, Fucker.

"No we won't. We will take care of him for as long as we live!" exclaimed the others, in unison.

Thus, for the next year, the dwarfs took care of Snow White, washing him, combing his hair, and keeping him in pristine condition. None complained. In fact, it was quite the opposite. It was considered an honour to have the day's keeps of Snow White. Each dwarf had his day to take care of the poor lad. To keep their mine productive, the dwarfs sacrificed their Sunday to housekeeping, using Saturday to replace the 5 men-day work lost due to the safekeeping of Snow White.

Chapter 7
Freedom at Last

One day came along a young man, barely 18, wearing shiny armour, on a beautiful black horse. The armour was so shiny, in fact, that when the sun hit on it, it blinded his opponents. The lad was beautiful in his own right: deep blue eyes, golden, long hairs descending to his perfectly rounded butt, and a face chiselled in marble. He had come down in the forest, looking for some chivalry action, such as hunting dragons.

The poor beasts did not deserve their bad reputation! How would you have behaved if you had such a sore throat, so bad in fact that at every cough, you roasted your best friend?

Anyway he came upon the dwarfs' house. Ridemehard was on duty that day, but was down at the restroom to take a dump, and did not see him come in. The Knight removed his helmet, steaming under the steel plate, and took a breath of fresh air. Then he slowly explored the dwarfs' house. Having done the first floor, he moved upstairs to the second floor and fell to his knees at the sight of Snow White's beautiful, nude body, laying on his back on the bed, glowing as much as the Knight's armour did from the sun cascading through the windows of the room.

Ridemehard had not moved upstairs upon returning from the restroom, and was getting supper ready for the return of his fellow workers. Shortly after he had finished preparing the evening's meal, the others came home, and as usual, proceeded to the pool to wash.

"HEY! What's that horse doing here?" Asked Fister, alarmed!

"Damn it! Snow White!" they all exclaimed, rushing back up to the house and storming upstairs.

They were greeted with a sight they would never forget. The Knight was on his knees, sobbing heavily on Snow White's body, completely disconnected from his environment. A huge pool of tears had accumulated on the chest of Snow White, and was dripping on his sides, wetting the linen.

Creamer bravely moved forward, more then afraid of the shiny spectre he was seeing in front of him, but recognising it for what it was, armour.

"May we help you?" he asked gently.

The Knight turned his head and crying, asked:

"Who is he? I've never seen such beauty! Why does he not move? I'm so much in LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE!!!" And with that, the Knight renewed his bawling, crying his heart out, his powerful chest lifting the armour, as through it was mere cotton.

Creamer gently explained:

"His name is Snow White. He was a servant of the Sorcerer, who wanted to kill him because his beauty outshone his. He had found refuge here, but the Sorcerer found a way to poison Snow White with a vicious poison, the Eternal Kiss of Death Poison. We have no counter-poison. We have been caring for Snow White during the past year now. We will do so for as long as we live!"

The Knight had listened to Creamer's tirade and saw the intense love each dwarf had vowed to Snow White. He spoke:

"May I join you in this duty of the Gods? My life has no meaning without Snow White. I seek neither more chivalry acts nor bravery. Let the love of Snow White be my only goal!"

"Yes! You are welcome to join us!" exclaimed the dwarfs in unison.

The Knight moved to have a close look at Snow White's face, two drops of tears falling into Snow White's eyes. He then moved forward and gave Snow White a gentle, but very loving kiss on the lips.

Snow White started coughing and spit out the bit of apple that had been stuck into his mouth for the past year, not digested, but nonetheless seeping its poison into Snow White's body. The cure to the Kiss of Death Poison had been found: the Kiss of Love.

As Snow White opened his eyes, he was greeted with the beautiful sight of the Knight in armour, kneeling at his side, and looking into his beautiful eyes, he instantly felt in love with the Knight.

The dwarfs rejoiced at the rebirth of their beloved Snow White, and danced around in the bedroom.

"He's free of the poison! He's free! He's free!!!" they yelled, overjoyed.

After much rejoicing, the Knight was invited to tell his story to the group.

"Well," started the Knight, "It's a long story. And I do not know how Snow White will react to it, but I must tell the truth. I am the son if a very powerful King, his only son. One day, he caught me making love to a servant, a very beautiful boy. He had the boy circumcised, castrated, chastised, and blinded, before throwing him to the dogs. After having made me watch the whole procedure, he banned me from his kingdom, never to return unless I wanted to undergo the same treatment. I left with my horse, my armour, and my weapons. I got all this from my Dad only on the insistence of my mother. I love mother, she has always been kind to me...Dad, I cannot love anymore, not after what he had done to that poor boy. I have no respect for those who use their social position to crush the weak and the poor!"

"Oh! What a disgusting old bastard!" exclaimed the listeners.

"He would need a just and fair punishment." Said Snow White.

"For the moment, we are out of his reach, his domain ending at the edge of the forest, opposite of the Sorcerer's domain." informed the Knight.

"Hey, that gives me an idea!" exclaimed Snow White.

"Could that wait until tomorrow? Asked Jacker. "I'm starving!"

With a roar of laughter, everyone agreed that supper was more then due.

Snow White accompanied the Knight to his horse, and helped him coral the beast with the other domestic animals of the dwarfs. Then Snow White helped the Knight remove his armour and the underlying linen, which protected the Knight from direct contact with the blisteringly hot steel during the day.

The Knight washed the linen in the pool, and hanged it to dry on tree branches, completely oblivious of his nudity in front of Snow White, who feasted his eyes on the Knight's equipment. The dangling piece of meat seemed to be even bigger then Snow White's, already not a moth fly in that part of his anatomy. Snow White was particularly fascinated by the smooth, hairless, but huge balls that hanged low below. Snow White moved and started washing the Knight's body slowly, sensuously, with a washcloth and some soap that smelled of roses and lavender.

In no time, the Knight responded to Snow White's ministrations, and his manhood rose to its full glory, extending over an inch longer then Snow White's already impressive 11 hard inches.

"This is a gift of the Gods!" both though, observing each other's glory at its full mast.

The Knight could not resist any longer and began washing Snow White's back, while giving him a beautiful gentle kiss on the mouth. They rubbed their manhood together, water to their knees, and humped at each other.

Snow White started sliding downwards, first licking one nipple and then the other, to the groans of the Knight, until both were hard and stood out of his chest like tiny towers on a castle.

Then Snow White went to the belly button of the Knight, licked it deeply, to loud gasps of the Knight. Progressing ever further down, Snow White began licking the deep gold pubic hairs of the Knight, then, having wet them completely, moved down further. He sucked one huge ball into his mouth, to a sharp intake of air from the Knight, and swirled it around with his tongue. He then proceeded to do the same with the other ball, again eliciting a huge breath intake from the Knight.

The Knight was more then hard by that time, and his big dick was dripping precum profusely. Snow White moved up, liking the shaft on both sides, There was now lots of heavy breathing from the Knight, as through he was in a battle with a foe.

Snow White slipped his tongue between the foreskin and the head, collecting the precum accumulated there. The Knight's speech was now incoherent, consisting mostly of grunts, yelps, and moans of pleasure.

Snow White used his lips to peel back the foreskin, and then started swirling his tongue around the purplish-blue burning head, taking particular care of the underside of the crown, where all the nerve bundles merge.

Snow White then started moving his head up and down on the hot shaft, swallowing repeatedly to the pubes, and lodging the dick head deep into his throat to massage it with his muscles. The combines suction and massaging of his dick brought the Knight over the edge, and his load fired deep into Snow White's throat. Snow White wanted a taste of his lover so he gently pulled back while keeping a powerful squeeze on the Knight's shaft and sucking hard. Snow White was rewarded with another powerful gush of sweet man-cream, the ambrosia of male to male sex.

The sound of lovemaking had not gone unheard, and the dwarfs all stood around the couple, enjoying the show of Snow White savouring his lover. As he swallowed the Knight's offering, Snow White felt his own orgasm take place, even without touching himself. Powerful gushes of boy-cream were forcefully expelled by his wildly spasming dick, hitting the Knight on his legs, and some dwarfs that had moved close enough, while most of it was left floating on the surface of the pound.

As Snow White released his lover's dick, the dwarfs watched, mesmerised, as the huge, still steel-hard peter emerge from Snow White's mouth. They could not believe their eyes! Snow White had managed to put THAT huge thing into his mouth? Even S6 was left speechless.

Snow White and Knight washed in the pool, to the sight of drifting cum and the awed dwarfs.

After a hefty supper, the dwarfs discussed together about Snow White and the Knight. They all had noticed the looks of intense, unabated love the two had exchanged during their lovemaking, the wash, and the supper. So they decided to widen Snow White's bed to a double bed, and quickly proceeded to do so while Snow White and the Knight were outside under the moon light, walking in the dwarfs' garden.

Upon their return Snow White and the Knight moved upstairs and noticed the double bed.

"Oh, how caring of you!" exclaimed the Knight.

"It is nothing", said Creamer, "We have noticed the deep love you both have for each other. It is our way to say we approve of it, and that we are not jealous."

"This is the most beautiful proof of your love for us!" remarked Snow White. "Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"Let us now retire for the night," said Creamer. "We have had a tiring, emotional day, and, tomorrow, we will get up early to listen to Snow White's plan."

All nodded, and that night, the house resounded of the peaceful snores of 9 sleeping youths.

Chapter 8

Vengeance is a plate that is better eaten cold, once stated some politician. Well one year was enough for any meat to have cooled to a reasonable temperature!

The next morning, the nine avengers of the Apocalypse joined to listen to Snow White's plan. It was made of two simple combinations and met with the approval of each member.

Shortly thereafter, two dwarfs set out in opposite directions, one to go to the Sorcerer's castle and one to go to the King's castle. Each was the bearer of a message.

The message to the Sorcerer carried the King's seal, imitated by the King's son, and said:

"You think you have the nicest ass because you killed Snow White, do you? Well, wrong, you old bastard! I got the nicest ass of the two!"

The message to the King was of a different nature, but, under the skilful guidance of Snow White, carried a reasonable imitation of the Sorcerer's seal. It was thus:

"You claim you are king! King of my ass, you are! I'm going to kick your butt so hard that the little peanuts you consider your virility will dangle off your nose! I'm declaring war on you, old creep!"

The dwarfs were no dumb asses: they only delivered the message to the guards keeping the border of each domain and returned to the forest, unbidden.

The Sorcerer was enraged, and the recall of Snow White's existence did nothing to cool him off. Stupidly, he did not consult the Mirror on the message and left, with his wand, to seek revenge on the King.

Meanwhile, the King, so sure of his power, laughed at the Sorcerer's pretence, and left his castle with only a light escort of archers. The two parties marched towards each other in the forest led by false signs to a clearing.

In the clearing stood Snow White, in his full, nude glory and the Knight, fully clad in his very, very shiny armour.

The King, enraged at the sight of his son, signalled his archers to circle the clearing and shoot him from behind. They obeyed and moved slowly under the cover of the forest.

Meanwhile, the Sorcerer had also reached the clearing, and seeing Snow White, was fuming. Not paying much attention to what he was doing, he prepared to use all his power to cast a death spell onto Snow White, momentarily forgetting to conserve energy for his meeting with the King.

Just as the King gave the signal to his archers, the Sorcerer cast his spell. It hit the Knight's armour, making it a million times more brilliant then the sun, and blinding the King and his archers. The spell reflected off the armour and came right back at the eyes of the Sorcerer, killing him instantly. The Sorcerer had spent all his energy and had none left to defend himself.

The archers, blinded, had fired their volley of arrows, missing the Knight and Snow White completely, but not the King. The volley of arrows hit him in the eyes, the groin and the lungs. The King fell down, now as blind, chastised and castrated as the poor kid he had so unmercifully tortured. His dogs, which had developed a taste for human flesh after their first meal, turned on their master and devoured him alive.

The death of the Sorcerer had broken all his spells, and the dwarfs began to grow to their full height! In less then two, they tore through their now way too small clothes, and found themselves nude, behind the line of archers of the now deceased King.

By dying, the King had freed his throne, and now the Knight was the new King. This did not go unnoticed on the archers, who were relieved of the old King's death, because they had feared him a lot. He had such a vicious temper! They chanted:

"The King is dead! Long live the new King!" chanter the archers, dancing around Snow White and the Knight.

The dwarfs (well, ex-dwarfs!) now emerged from the forest, nude, and joined Snow White and the Knight in a huge group hug, to the applause of the archers.

"What happened to you, Creamer! And to you, Fister? To all of you?" asked, excited, Snow White.

"It seems that the death of the Sorcerer has broken all his spells. Maybe we should return to his castle to see what happened there?" answered Creamer.

"Good idea," replied the new King. "Men, dispose of the dogs. I do not want men-eaters in my dog pound!"

Obeying to the new King's order, the archers made short job of the dogs. They were dumped in a convenient sinkhole found near the place, along with what was left of the deceased King, not worthy of a decent burial.  A few huge rocks were then dumped over them, forever removing them from the memory of this world.

The archers and the King, accompanied by Snow White and his friends, moved rapidly across the forest towards the Sorcerer's castle. When they got there, they were greeted as heroes. All the evil deeds due to the Sorcerer's magic were destroyed, and the domain was now awash in food, and rejoicing.

That night, the dwarfs found their lost loves those boys that had stayed behind in the Sorcerer's castle, all alive and well. There was much crying, much rejoicing.
This turned into a gargantuan party where each slave boy freely participated in an unending sex orgy that covered the entire castle grounds, even making the marble floors dangerously slippery with boy cum.

"Free of slavery! Free of the Sorcerer! Free of the King's abuse!"

To which the new King answered:

"Yes, you are free, my friends, free of my Dad's abuse! You will also be free of mine. As of today, you are your own master, to serve no one!"

After more then a week of non-stop sex and eating, Snow White and the King called a meeting of the dwarfs, well, ex-dwarfs, because none of the boys was below 5' 8"!

"I now give you this castle, to care and maintain for me," said the King. "I, with Snow White, must now leave you to return to my own home, and announce to Mother my return and the death of father. I will miss you much, and the castle's gates will always be open to you, in need or in pleasure. Visit often, and I will do the same."

"I will miss you too," said Snow White. "Very much, you have been so kind to me. As a proof of my eternal gratitude, I will have your house in the forest maintained, and the gardens expanded and embellished with the most beautiful flowers and fruit trees there is to find. Expect my visit often."

Chapter 9
Return Home

There was lots of sobbing and crying from the dwarfs and their recovered lovers, but they knew this was unavoidable. So they parted, the King leaving with his archers, but promising to the boys a full training in the martial arts by the end of the winter.

Snow White and the King walked across the forest, until they reached the old home of the dwarfs. The garden had miraculously bloomed way beyond their wildest dream. Apparently, the Sorcerer had tried to cast a starvation spell but his range was not sufficient for it to take full force; now the pent-up energy of the place blossomed into magnificent vegetation.

Snow White prepared supper for the King and then after a good meal and a wash, invited him to his bed.

The King and Snow White had not had much chance to inaugurate the bed in all the excitement, but now, they took the inauguration seriously!

The King began kissing Snow White on the mouth, deep-throating him with his tongue, He then moved to Snow White's tits and sucked on them heavily. Then the King moved down, licking all the way to Snow White's pubes. Snow White was now ecstatic, and he gyrated his hips violently. The King was not yet ready to suck Snow White, so he moved to his left foot and sucked Snow White's toes, before licking his sole and moving progressively along the inner leg to Snow White's tights.

The King repeated the process on the other foot and leg. By now Snow White was pulp in his hands, shaking violently with pent-up desire. The King turned Snow White on his belly and started licking his back. He moved slowly to the back's crease before the perfect bubble butt of Snow White. He licked the two bums slowly, sensuously converging towards his now quite evident target.

Lifting Snow White legs so they rested on his strong shoulders, the King pulled Snow White, still on his belly, towards his avid mouth. He swirled his tongue around Snow White's rosebud, using both hands to spread the ass cheeks to gain more access into the love tunnel.

The King then licked the perineum, moving towards Snow White's now very tight balls. He took each in his mouth, sucking avidly on one then the other, alternating rapidly between the two.

The King's dick was now fully covered with precum, completely lubricated by his natural juices. The King again rotated Snow White, so now he was on his back.

Snow White looked at the King, assenting to the King's desire. Seeing Snow White's consent, the King moved his dick head so it rested comfortably at the entrance of Snow White's love tunnel. Snow White relaxed as he felt the mounting pressure of the King's dick head increase, and shortly thereafter, it slid in easily, to a loud gasp from Snow White.

The King then pushed forward, slowly, carefully keeping an eye on Snow White's face for any sign of discomfort. As the King reached his depth, Snow White released a deep long groan of contentment. The King stayed still for a while then began a slow motion of pistoning on a short stroke. As he looked into the eyes of Snow White, the King saw unadulterated love, and total acceptance of what was happening. There was no need for words, The King sensed Snow White's needs and progressively increased the length of his strokes, as he felt Snow White's hard-on rub his chest.

That gave an idea to the King. Keeping his long slow strokes, he moved his head and took Snow White's manhood in his mouth, now sucking it in harmony with his shafting. This sure pleased Snow White, who could no longer keep quiet, and began moaning in earnest. Before long the two youths felt their dicks getting ready for their release. Both fired simultaneous volleys of cum. First, Snow White dumped his load into the King's ravenous mouth, and the King shoved his into Snow White's spasmodic ass hole, each contraction of Snow White's ass milking another shot of cum from the King's red-hot cock, and each burning lava shot inducing a similar reaction from Snow White.

"They are build for each other!" commented Fucker. Unknown to them, the Mirror had shown to their friends the progress of Snow White and the King through the forest, their arrival at their old home, and their lovemaking.

"Yes, I am so happy Snow White has found a lover fit for him!" concurred Fister.

The next morning, the King and Snow White went down to breakfast, to the knowing looks of the King's archers. How could they have missed the noise of lovemaking and bodily pleasuring that Snow White and the King had made last night! The entire forest knew the Snow White had found love.

They left the dwarfs' home and now their love nest, to return to the King's palace. It was along trip. They reached the capital city at mid-day of a three-day voyage.

Snow White was awed at the city's size, but also appalled at the condition people were living in. Dirty streets, polluted waters, and poverty beyond what he thought possible. The King noticed Snow White's sombre mood and motioned him to come closer.

"These dire conditions are the results of my Dad's policies...I will change them, do not worry."

They reached the castle, and after sounding the trumpets, had the bridge lowered.

"Lower the bridge. The King is back!" the archers yelled.

The King walked in, framed by his archers, and had the Captain of the Guard queried.

"Fetch my mother, Captain!"

The new King recognised in the Captain the torturer that had so cruelly disposed of his first love. So did the Captain.

"I have no orders to receive from a disinherited bastard!" he replied.

"We shall see!" replied the King. The archers moved around the Captain, bows tensed and arrows pointed at his throat.

"The King is dead, I am the King now!" bellowed the King. "You shall now swear allegiance or die!"

Snow White looked at the King, having never seen this side of him. But he understood that it was only through fear that the new King would be able to keep control over his kingdom, until his people learned to love him enough to accept him as leader.

"We confirm the death of the old King! Long stay in Hell for the bastard! Long live the King!" chanted the archers.

The guards, to the exclusion of their Captain, kneeled in front of the King and swore allegiance.

The Captain took his sword and charged the King. Unfortunately for him, the King had come prepared for this, and his sword had long left its furrow. With one swift motion, the King beheaded the Captain.

The Captain's body removed from the premises, and a new Captain of the Guards named amongst the Archers that had accompanied the King, Snow White and the King moved to the throne room.

"Fetch Mother!" ordered the King, Snow White on his right side.

"She is in the dungeon, Sire!" informed the new Captain of the Guards. "And the key to the door was around the old King's neck. She was fed and watered through a small opening at the bottom of the door."

"Then, tear that damn door down!" ordered the King.

Is was done as ordered, and after more then one hour of hard work, the iron hinges were removed and the door opened to let the old Queen Mother out of her year-long prison. She had lost weight, and was pale, but still as stiff as ever.

"Has my bastard husband, the King, come to his senses, and called my son back?" she snarled at the Guards coming to deliver her.

"Your Majesty, come and see for yourself!" asked the Captain, helping her walk down the spiralling staircase of the dungeon tower.

The Queen Mother was led to the Throne room to the sight of her son, always in his shining armour, kissing Snow White on the throne.

"My son! My son!" she cried, "You are alive!!! Thank God!"

With that the Queen Mother fainted into the Captain's arms, so overjoyed was she by the recovery of her son.

After mending to his mother's health, the King introduced her to Snow White.

"Mother, this is Snow White. He is my lover and will reign with me on the kingdom."

"Who will insure the perrenity of the royal family?" asked a concerned councillor.

"The next King will come from a choice made by the people. No longer will Royalty be hereditary in this kingdom. It will be based on merit only."

The return of the Knight as a King was proclaimed around the kingdom, along with the marriage of the King with Snow White.

No one had heard of Snow White in the kingdom, and most assumed it was a beautiful lady brought back from his travels by the new King. But the sex of Snow White was not long a secret, and provoked the ire of the Priests.

"Marriage is reserved for man and woman!" claimed one.

"I cannot condone sodomites!" yelled another.

The King rapidly became irritated at their bigoted attitudes, and had the Priests brought to his castle.

"Since when is marriage a question of SEX?" he asked. "It is the proclamation of LOVE, not a licence to FUCK! If it were so, I could have each and everyone of you beheaded for having sex out of wedlock!" he bellowed.

"As for not condoning sodomites! Do you really think I do not know what goes on behind the closed doors of your seminaries? Let the one of you that has not enjoyed fucking a boy come forward! I will confront that hypocrite!"

"But it's against the law!" claimed another.

"I AM THE LAW! And from now on, no one shall be punishable for having had sex in love or mutual enjoyment. But the use of power to bend a weakling to submission shall be punished by death! And that applies to you, priests! Heed the warning and leave the novices alone, or be ready to meet your Creator!"

The councillors and the priests left the palace, knowing they had lost that battle.

A few weeks later the preparations for the Marriage were completed, and those invited were now pouring into the King's castle. The seven ex-dwarfs and their lovers were naturally the most honoured guests, to the surprise of quite a few royal families, who did not understand how such lowly slaves could occupy seats and ranks they should be holding. The King explained things clearly to them:

"These people are no slaves! They are free men! Freer then you will ever be, because they freely chose to give me their allegiance, not because they are forced to do so to survive in this environment. They are also of greater value than all the overburdened heads I see here! They showed my lover, Snow White, far more kindness then you show your own children! They received me with open arms, as I travelled as a Knight! Most had received me as a lowly bastard and told me to leave your land for fear of my Dad's reprisal. They have more blue blood in their veins then all this nobility!"

On that festive day, the party started early, and lots of juices and alcohol drinks were served, along with meats and vegetables. The new King's table gained an envious reputation, especially considering the previous reputation of stinginess of the previous King.

Later that day, the King was officially crowned and Snow White received the title of King Consort to show to all that he was now the husband-wife of the King.

Late, that night, the Kings retired to their wedding room and proceeded to consume their marriage officially. This time, the King offered Snow White his ass as a gift. Their lovemaking was a prelude to a long list of nightly activities.

The kingdom lived a long and peaceful period under the guidance his two kings. They lived long and had many orgies.

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