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Son of an X-Men

My name is Shawn Douglas I just turned 13 years old and a mutant. I am about 5ft 3 and just beginning to show the signs of hair near my dick and under my arms. I have carrot blonde hair and jade color green eyes. I am naturally tanned and I am gay I have known since I was about nine. I really found out when one of my previous foster brother’s had me suck his dick. At first I didn’t want to but he being fifteen and much stronger than me I had no choice but to do it. One day he came into my room and told me to suck his dick and knowing if I refused he would start punching me so I reluctantly did as I was told. His mom my foster mom walked in on us and she flipped out she pulled me off of her son and dragged me out of her house and told me to wait on the steps until my case worker arrived. That was the beginning of what I can only describe a long line of pain and hurt in my life. Anyways back to the present time, I have never known who my parents were nor did I know why they left me to be a number in the system. I sat in my case workers office for about the seventh time since I was 5 years old. Miss Washington was a kind case worker who truly tried to find me a place to call home. But somehow I always seem to get the short end of the stick. Now here I was yet again but this time a whole new wave of problems faces me. See I was at school and being picked on for the 100th time this year when all of a sudden I screamed out enough and right before my eyes the guys who had jumped me were thrown into the air and sent flying against the walls of the gym. They began to yell freak, faggot, and mutant towards me when they got up and soon I was being dragged by security to the principal’s office for assault and battery on my fellow students.

I was taken from the office by a police officer to my case worker’s office in the county building. Miss Washington left me there in her office after getting the police report she told me she can help me and she knew a place where I will be safe and welcomed for who I am. Of course I didn’t believe her but I sat there anyways waiting for her to come back from talking to the police. As I sat there waiting I saw an old man in a wheel chair, accompanied by a man in shades, a red hair woman and woman with short white hair come near the door of Miss Washington’s office. I watched them talk to her and the woman with the red hair looked at me and I could hear her in my head “Don’t worry Shawn soon you will be safe and I can tell you that you will be around people who care about you, My name is Jean and I am also a mutant and like you I am a telepath and so is Professor Xavier, Scott, and Storm”. I could feel this overwhelming peace surround me but I quickly put up a wall around my heart and not realizing what I did I saw Jean almost collapse onto the floor. Professor Xavier quickly turned his chair towards me and smiled and told me it’s okay to feel scared.

Professor Xavier, Storm, Scott and Jean in his arms walked into Miss Washington’s office with her and closed the door. Miss Washington sat down at her desk and then looked at me with a smile on her face “Shawn Professor Xavier here is a good friend of mine and since what I have gathered happened at school today is the reason why he is here” she looked at to Professor Xavier. I turned around to him out of respect “Shawn as Jean has already told you we are Mutants, and like Jean and I you are a telepath. I run a school for mutants where they can learn to handle their powers. Now from what Alice here has told me you are a child of the state and she has agreed to sign me as your guardian if you will allow me to take you with us. I promise you no one will hurt you at the school and we do have several gay students at the school so no need to worry about that”. I looked at him with a look of shock because I have never told anyone that I was gay he just smiled and told me telepathically that he had read my mind a little bit. I told Professor Xavier that I will go with him since I have no other place to go again. I looked at Miss Washington and she got up and hugged me and told me that she will visit me whenever she gets a chance to make sure I am okay. I left with Professor Xavier, Jean, Scott, and Storm to what looked like an empty field but a jet appeared out of nowhere. We bored the jet and soon were leaving my life of being a child of the state of Ohio to becoming a student at Xavier’s School of Gifted Youngsters.

We arrived at the school within forty five minutes and were greeted by a hot young guy who looked like he was about maybe fifteen or sixteen years old. He walked up to us and introduced himself as Bobby aka Iceman. I couldn’t help but noticed how nicely fit and built he was. He wasn’t very bulky just perfectly chiseled. Professor Xavier told me to follow Bobby to my room and he will talk with me some more soon. I smiled and told him okay and I followed Bobby through the corridors below the Mansion to an elevator soon we were on the 3rd floor and he showed me to the room where I was going to be his roommate. That brought a smile to my face; I looked at Bobby “Before you accept me as your roommate I need to tell you Bobby I am gay and I hope that is not going to be a problem”. Bobby smiled and let out what sounded like a sigh of relief “I am glad you told me Shawn because I am Bi, I have a girlfriend her name is Rogue but we have never done anything besides small kisses on the lips. See she has the power to drain someone of their life force or for us mutants our abilities and life force. Don’t get me wrong I love her but I love being with a guy too” He smiled and plopped on his king size bed on his side of the room and told me the king size bed on the other end is my bed. I sat down and we talked for about an hour about our lives.

I began to tell him about what happen to me when I was eight and I began to cry he got up and walked over to me and sat next to me on my bed and held me. I felt his arms around me and it was like being wrapped up in a warm blanket and not wanting to come out of it. I was snapped out of being in his arms when someone knocked on the door. Bobby asked who it was and I could hear a girl with a strong southern accent tell Bobby to open the damn door up already. Bobby let go of me and got up and headed to the door. When he opened it a girl with brown hair, with a white stripe in it came walking in, she was pretty and she was wearing long sleeves and gloves on her hands. Right away I got the feeling this was Rogue. She talked to Bobby not realizing I was there in the room “Bobby we are going to the mall remember, Kat and them are waiting for ya ass to get down there what’s taken you so long babe?” she asked him. Bobby shut the door and pointed to me, Rogue turned around quickly and began to apologize I told her it was okay I am new here just arrived today. She asked if I wanted to go and I told her I better not Professor Xavier mentioned about wanting to talk to me some more sometime today she smiled and looked at me from head to toe “Woo doggy you are a cutie, tell ya what hun if ya ever need sumtin and can’t find Bobby here, you come lookin for me” I smiled and told her thanks. Bobby walked to his dresser and pulled a baby blue t-shirt out and he took his shirt off and I got a front row view of his six pack he winked at me as he pulled his shirt on it fit him so snug. I watched them leave and I sat there alone in my new room wondering what my new life was going to be like.

As I lay on my bed looking at the ceiling Professor Xavier told me telepathically to come down to his study so we can talk some more. I pulled my body up and followed the instructions he sent me telepathically and found him with no problem. He welcomed me into the study and told me to shut the door and have a seat in a chair. I sat down and he wheeled over to me “I am sure you must have a lot of questions, and I hope to answer them. Since it is a Friday and most students are done with classes already you will begin your classes Monday. You will have me for the first 2 hours in the morning I run a class for telepaths, than you will have science with Jean, Physical Education/Power control with Logan who you will meet later tonight or tomorrow, and then you will have Poetry with Storm. Now back to the here and now, Shawn there are several levels of Mutants. Each Mutant happens to be at a certain level with their powers, the highest level is five and they are very few of them. Jean is one of those few that are a Class five mutant. She is one of the only ones I have met until today. Shawn what I am trying to tell you are that your powers are very strong and I would like to try and read your mind to get to understand you better”. I told him okay and he told me at any time if I felt uncomfortable to just let him know to stop. I could feel Xavier begin to enter my mind and soon I was standing beside him looking at what looked like a younger Jean Grey inside a hospital and a doctor telling the nurse to get the surgery room ready ASAP that they need to do an emergency C-section right now. I looked at Professor Xavier confused and he had the same look on his face that I did. Soon we were sailing in the air and I saw Jean and what looked like Scott carrying a baby to what looked like Miss Washington’s work. I saw her hand the baby to a young man and watched her kiss the baby telling it she is so sorry but it’s to keep the baby safe. My life began to flash before my eyes when it got near the time I was forced to suck my Foster Brother’s dick I yelled stop no more and I felt a surge of power separate Professor Xavier from my mind. I looked at him and he looked shocked that I was able to do that. I began to cry and apologize because I thought I hurt him he put his hand on my leg and told me he was fine but he needs more answers.

Before I could saw anything Jean walked in with a panic look on her face she asked what happen she could feel the surge of psychic energy all the way down in the hospital wing. Professor Xavier began to tell her exactly what she saw and she collapsed onto the floor crying. She then walked up to me and hugged me “Oh Shawn I am so sorry that we didn’t keep you but you must know it was for your safety. I hoped that you would not turn out to be a mutant because of the harassment and danger we face each day. But because I did this you were bounced from home to home” she stopped talking and just held me tightly. I honestly didn’t know what to think part of me hated her for what she did to me but the main part understood why she did it. Scott came in not knowing what was going on he asked what is wrong with me and Jean. Jean got up and went to Scott and took his hand and told him about me. He too wrapped his arms around me apologizing for abandoning me. Professor Xavier pulled us apart and told us that this is something big and we got to keep my true identity a secret for now. Jean then looked at Xavier and asked him why I haven’t had the same problem with my power like she had with hers. Professor Xavier sat there and we could see he was thinking he finally looked at the three of us “The only conclusion I can come up with is Shawn’s mutation has been somehow balanced. I am not exactly sure how it might because he is yours and Scott’s son but I truly don’t know”. Professor Xavier then told Scott that he should take me to the mall so I can get some clothes and personal hygiene items. I told him I didn’t have any money and Scott smiled and told me he that the Professor told him to take me shopping not to take me and drop me off to let me shop on my own. I told him okay and he told me to meet him outside in five minutes.

As I left the study this huge built muscular guy with strong Hairy arms passed by me to the study “Hey Bub you must be the new kid, I am Logan also known as Wolverine, you are a bit scrawny but I am sure I can buff you up”. I felt scared thinking this guy wanted to rape me I pushed him backwards with a telepathic pulse causing him to crash into a grandfather clock. He looked at me with fire in his eyes “Now you should have done that Bub, you are not allowed to use your powers on fellow students and staff here. Now you gone and pissed me off” he threw his apple on a table and came towards me looking very pissed off. Before I knew it Jean was standing in front of me right in front of Logan and I could feel the power coming from my mom it was incredible “You harm one single hair on his body Logan I will personally take every molecule from your body and reshape you into a woman. Do Not Touch Him Got It” she yelled at him. Logan took a big gulp and nodded and walked passed us and went to the study Xavier was in. Jean turned around and looked at me with soft eyes her power level dropped to the point I couldn’t feel it anymore. “You okay Shawn? I know Logan looks and acts scary but he really is a big softy but don’t piss him off”. I told her I was fine and I will remember that thank you for stepping in I didn’t mean to use my powers it was an accident. Jean got down on one knee “I know it was an accident you don’t know how to control them so go have fun shopping with Scott okay”. I gave her a hug and told her thank you and that brought a smile to her face.

I found Scott waiting for me in a cherry red 1974 Chevy Corvette convertible. He asked if I was ready and I said yes so he told me to hop in and we were off to the mall. I got to know my dad on the way to the Mall. He told me about his childhood and how he became X-men. When we arrived at the Mall I felt like Scott and I had known each other all my life. As I entered the mall I felt this wave of anxiety hit me. Don’t think I am wrong I have been to malls before but this is the first time I have been to the mall since my mutant powers have been unleashed. As I grasped my chest trying to get myself to calm down the whole mall goes silent I feel Scott’s hand on my shoulder. “Shawn you need to listen to me, you need to calm down and relax. You froze everyone in the mall. Please Shawn relax just breathe slowly and try to calm down”. I did what I was told and soon the mall sounds began to come back and everyone was going about their business just like nothing happened. Scott scratched my head messing my hair up and I quickly fixed it. We went into a few stores and got me some new clothes, shoes, and some cool looking sunglasses.

We ran into Bobby, Rogue and their friends coming out of the arcade. Bobby saw me and smiled he came up with his friends and began to introduce them to me “Hey Shawn you did come cool, here let me introduce you to the gang this lady right here is Kitty aka Shadowcat, and the big guy next to her is Peter aka Colossus. If you and Scott like we are about to head to the Pizzeria for some lunch you should join us” he said to me. I looked at Scott and he told me he had to pick up a few things himself and he will go put my stuff in the car so go and have fun. I followed Bobby and the gang to the Pizzeria and we placed an order and found a table. Kitty began to bombard me with questions and it took Rogue to tell her to not overwhelm me with questions all in one day. I tried to answer the questions the best I could but I left out the things Professor Xavier and I have found out about who I am. Just as we got our pizza Scott arrived and sat down with us to eat. By the time it was time to head home I had gain four new friends and one of those friends I was hoping that it would involve into something more.

It was nearing dusk by the time we reached the Mansion and I was really beginning to feel tired from all that has happened in the last twenty-four hours of my life. I took my bags from Scott’s car and made my way to my room. When I walked in I found Bobby wasn’t back yet so I began to put my things away and then I began to hang up a few posters I got of a few bands I like. Since I didn’t have a step stool and really didn’t have the energy to stand on my bed to hang the posters up on the wall I tried using my powers to hang them up. It was going great until I accidently pushed one of the thumbtacks a little too hard and caused the window to break. I began to panic thinking to myself that I was going to get in serious trouble and be kicked out of here. All of a sudden a heard a knock on the door and I reluctantly opened to find Jean standing there. I began to cry and she looked at me asking what is wrong she could feel my anxiety and fear all the way in the garden. I told her about the window and she laughed and told me that’s nothing and she quickly fixed it by just looking at it. I told her if I need to pack my things I can and she looked at me “Shawn why would you be packing your bags. You are not in trouble and no one was hurt. Do not worry you are safe here and you will always have a home here”. I wiped the tears from my eyes and told her thank you. She asked if I needed any help hanging the rest of the posters up and I told her yes she waved her hand and the posters were up on the wall perfectly and pinned up with the thumbtacks. She smiled and winked at me and turned around and left.

It was near 9:30pm when Bobby came into the room I was lying in my bed just in some shorts staring at the ceiling. Bobby quietly shut the door and thinking I was asleep he didn’t turn on the light. He began to bump into things and I laughed and told him I am awake so he can turn a light on. He quickly turned the light on and let out a sigh of relief now that he can see. He looked at my side of the room “Oh sweet you like One Republic too, I have a couple of their CDs if you ever want to listen to them” he went to a bookcase and grabbed a CD and put it into the CD player. We began to listen to the CD and Bobby sat down on his bed and began to undress. I watched him out of the corner of my eyes trying not to stare too hard. When he began to unbutton his pants he stood up letting them fall to the ground revealing that he was not wearing any underwear. He wasn’t shy about showing his dick and damn it was beautiful. It was uncut with trimmed blonde hair and it was near seven inches and that’s just soft. He saw me staring “Oh sorry I forgot to tell you I don’t wear any underwear’s me and the friction don’t get along and since I can turn to ice I never have to worry about jock itch down there” he said laughing. I laughed and began to apologize for staring at him, he walked over to me and put his right index finger to my lips “Honestly I would be offended that if you weren’t starring. I think you are hot Shawn, I know we just met but you are really a very looking guy, and I think I am beginning to fall for you”. I really didn’t know what to say to him at the moment I was completely dumbfounded. When I got the words I sat up and looked Bobby in the eyes “I know what you mean Bobby because I think I am falling for you. This was way before I saw you naked it was when I first met you in the hanger”. Bobby took my hand and pulled me up so I was standing up even though I was about 3inches shorter he met his lips with mine and we kissed. The kiss lasted for almost five minutes and when we broke Bobby’s dick was jabbing me in the stomach. We didn’t do anything sexual that night we just talked and decided that we need to take this slow.

I woke up early and I was freezing, I looked over to Bobby’s bed and saw him sprawled out on his bed completely naked and uncovered. I got up and went to the bathroom and turned the shower on then relieved my bladder. I went back into the bedroom grabbed a clean pair of boxers and headed back to the bathroom. I stepped in and felt the hot water splashing against my body causing my body to relax instantly. As I stood under the shower I heard Bobby come in and he wished me good morning and he stood at the toilet to pee. Even though Bobby and I talked about taking things slow that didn’t stop me from fantasizing about him making love to me. He snapped me out of my fantasy when he asked if I minded him joining me in the shower. I took a big gulp and said “sure no problem”. He opened the shower door and stepped in, I couldn’t help and notice his rock hard cock pointing straight forward. It was nearing 10inches and almost 2inches thick. Bobby saw I was staring at his dick and I could tell he was staring at mine. Since I still hadn’t reached my height and my dick hasn’t fully grown to its full size yet as well. My dick when it’s soft is about 5inches and when it is hard its 6 ½ inches. Bobby reached forward and grabbed my dick and began stroking it. I then reached for his and began to return the favor. Soon we were both panting and moaning and ended up shooting our loads into one another’s hands. Bobby sighed and then kissed me passionately “Damn that felt great, since I have been with Rogue I have been stuck jerking myself off since we can’t do anything. So I jerk off to some of fantasies of some of the guys here at the school. We better finish cleaning up and get dress, even though it’s a Sunday I have practice in the Danger Room”. I asked him what the Danger Room was and he told me it is where the X-men train. We ended up helping one another wash each other’s backs and soon we were dress and heading out of the room. As we made our way to the main floor I was a bit scared to see a man covered in fur wearing a suit walking through the main door and heading to the study. I asked Bobby who that was and he told me that is Beast aka Dr. Hank McCoy. We made our way to the kitchen and sat down and had breakfast together, when we finished Bobby told me he would catch me later.

Wanting to get to know the mansion better I got up from the table and went to go explore the grounds. As I walked outside I looked around and saw how peaceful it was here. As I walked towards the garden I saw Storm forming small rain clouds over the plants and watering them. I walked up to her and when she saw me she smiled “Well hello there Shawn what brings you over here instead of being out and hanging out with some of the other students?” I looked around and sighed “I really haven’t made that many friends just a few and they are in the Danger Room. So I figured I would just come and explore the grounds”. Storm smiled and told me to grab the bag of potting soil and follow her. I grabbed the bag and followed her to a freshly cleaned out garden bed. She handed me some packets of seeds and told me where to plant them. Once we finished planting them we took the potting soil and mixed it with the ground dirt. Then Storm formed a rain cloud and watered the ground we just planted the seeds in. She hugged me and thanked me and I asked her if she needed anything else and she told me no. So I left her and continued to explore the grounds. I watched a few minutes of a few students playing football and laughed when I saw it was one guy against a bunch of students. Then I watched the one guy multiply himself. I continued to walk and found myself near the lake, I went towards the Willow tree that was at the water’s edge and sat down underneath it and just laid my head back and began to doze off.

I was woken up by Rogue shaking me carefully “Hey there hun didn’t mean to wake you up but Professor X has been lookin for you. He sent me to come and get you, I see you found the spot I like to come and relax at”. I told her thanks and got up and followed her back to the mansion. Professor Xavier was waiting for me in the study and when I entered he had a kind smile on his face. I saw that Jean and Scott were both there as well, I began to feel like I was in trouble but just as I began to feel that way Jean came up and smiled and winked at me. “Shawn has a seat, I must say you were a bit tricky to find but I soon realized that you were sleeping under the Willow. Anyways my dear boy the reason why I asked for you to come is not because you are in trouble but because your parents and I have been talking. Since you technically don’t have a last name and with the help of Alice Washington your dad wants to adopt you so you have his last name. As for your mom she is still your mom but until Jean and Scott marry she isn’t considered a Scott” he said laughing at the last part while giving my parents the look. “Anyways I need to see what you want, I can tell by the waves of emotions spilling from you that you are all for this but I need to hear you say it out loud”. I screamed out loud not caring who heard me “Hell Yes”. I saw Jean and Scott hug each other and smile at one another, the walked over to me and hugged me tightly until I told them I couldn’t breathe. As Professor Xavier wheeled over to his desk and called Miss Washington I couldn’t help but to think about how much my life has changed for the better in just forty eight hours.

All of a sudden alarms began blaring and a man wearing a metal helmet came into the study by throwing the doors open. Right away Jean and Scott stood in front of me to protect me. I then found out this was Magneto, he was followed by a woman completely naked with blue skin and red hair. “Charles, Charles, Charles you have been keeping a big secret from me” he said looking to the Professor to me. “You already have a Class Five Mutant it is not right that you do not share him with us. Let the boy come with me and I will train him to use his powers and become the person he is meant to be”. I began to panic there is no way I wanted to go with this guy I could feel the evil seeping from every pore of his body. My dad stepped right up to his face “If you know what is good for you, you will leave now Magneto and leave the boy alone”. Magneto looked at my dad and laughed “Stupid boy do you think you scare me, you are nothing now leave before I make the boy see why you have to wear those sunglasses all the time”. Professor Xavier wheeled over and looked up to Magneto “Eric you are not getting the boy, can’t you see he doesn’t want to go with you. You of all people know how hard it is to a child to be separated from his parents, now just leave”. I watched Magneto looked at me with an odd look then at my parents and laughed “Well this is a surprise you two had a kid, well fine I will leave but don’t think I won’t remember this Charles” he turned around and left. I began to shake and tremble and the next thing I remember was waking up in a hospital bed with both my parents standing beside me. I asked what happened and they told me that I passed out that it seem that I suffered a major panic attack which began to cause the house shake and the furniture to fly in the air. They told me that my mom and Xavier had to put me in a psychic sleep state to get me to calm down. I began to cry because I was so scared of what is happening to me. My mom hugged me and told me it’s okay to be scared and afraid. They helped me up and told me to go eat some dinner and try to take the rest of the night easy.

I followed my dad out of the hospital section of the mansion to an elevator he pushed a button and soon we were on the main floor. He patted me on the shoulder and told me if I ever need to talk about anything he is always here for me. I hugged him and told him thank you and he hugged me back and told me I was welcome. I found Bobby, Kitty, Rogue and Peter in the kitchen making sandwiches. When Rogue saw me she smiled and asked if I would like her to make me one. I told her that would be great and she quickly made me a sandwich. We sat down at the table in the kitchen and talked. Then Peter brought up what must have happened that caused my mom and Professor Xavier to put me in the psychic sleep. “I still would like to know what exactly happen, I mean the whole house was shaking we all felt it. Someone said they heard crashing sounds coming from the study and we all know this all didn’t happen until after Magneto left. Do you all think it was Jean, that Magneto tried doing something to the Professor?” he asked looking around; everyone said no they don’t think that was it. Everyone gave there idea what happened and boy they are way off. Kitty turned to me and asked me what I think it was “I really don’t know but I can tell you from what I can tell that Magneto is bad news”. They all agreed and we then changed the subject to something else. I excused myself once I was done eating I really didn’t want someone finding out that it was me that caused the issue in the house earlier.

As I walked out of the kitchen I almost bumped right into Logan. “Hey Squirt, where you off too in such a hurry?” I looked up to him. “Honestly I am just heading to my room Sir; I just need sometime alone and process everything”. He looked at me and smiled “look I know we got off on a bad start, and that’s my fault. But you can’t let people scare you, I know what happened and trust me if I was your age and I met Magneto. I would be scared too. Just remember it’s not the power that makes you who you are, it is you that makes you the person you are” he ruffled my hair and walked into the kitchen, leaving me alone. I made my way to my bedroom and got undress and put my shorts on and lay down on my bed. I reached into a small box I had put under my bed and found the baseball I put in it. I sat it on the bed and began to make it float in the air. When I finally had enough I went over to the collection of CDs Bobby has and found one and put it in the CD player. I began to fall asleep so I just used my powers and shut the player off and slid under the sheets and took my shorts off and fell asleep. I began to dream about Magneto trying to take me away from the Mansion, and that he was with my ex foster brother and they had me chained to a wall and began to whip me. My ex foster brother forced me on all four and pulled his pants down and began to rape my ass with his dick. I was crying out begging him to stop and that harder I tried to use my powers I couldn’t. I was jolted awake by a touch of something ice cold on my right hand. When I bolted sitting up looking around I saw the room was a mess and Bobby was in his ice form holding my hand. I began to breathe hard and he turned back into his regular body “Shawn I am sorry I had to wake you up somehow. Are you okay” he asked me. I just nodded and then there was a knock on the door, Bobby got up and quickly threw me my shorts and put some on himself and made his way through the derby to answer the door.

My dad and mom both walked in and saw the room, they quickly asked what happened and Bobby began to fill them in the best he could. My mom asked Bobby if he could go get me some water and he told her okay and left the room. Once she knew he was gone she made her way to me “Shawn honey, what happened did Bobby hurt you?” she asked as she saw the ice still on my sheet of my bed. I told her exactly what my dream was about and she looked at my dad who quickly left the room. I asked her where he was going and she told me to go tell Professor Xavier what happened and what I saw. She asked me to get a shirt on and come with her to go see the Professor. As we made it out to the hall I saw all the students were peeking from their doors trying to figure out what happened. I really felt bad for causing problems and my mom put her arm around me and told me to not feel bad what happened was not my fault. We made it to the Study and saw my dad and the Professor talking as we entered. Professor Xavier asked me to tell him exactly what took place in my dream. I was scared to tell him because I felt maybe he would think less of me since I couldn’t stop what was being done to me. He put his hand on my hand and told me if I don’t want to tell him out loud I can show him telekinetically. I nodded at him and I was soon showing him what happened in my dream. We broke from my mind and he had a worried look on his face and he looked at my parents and sighed. “From what Shawn has shared with me this was not a dream at all. It was a vision into the future; sadly the ex-foster brother that uses to have Shawn give him blow jobs is a mutant. He can bend people to do things to his will. Magneto is going to try and take Shawn, and he will use Jason to do just that”. I burst down into tears begging him to not let Magneto or Jason my ex-foster brother to take me away from here. My dad and mom sat right next to me and held me tightly telling me they will do whatever they can to make sure that doesn’t happen. Professor Xavier also told me he will do whatever he can to protect me. I told him sorry for the mess in mine and Bobby’s room and he smiled and told me that it’s nothing that can’t be repaired. He told me to head back upstairs and told me to tell Bobby that you guys are moving temporally into a spare room tell the room gets fixed. I told him okay and thanked him and told him and my parents good night.

I found Bobby sitting on his bed waiting for me, to come back. He asked me if I was okay and I told him I think so. I then finally got a good luck at the mess I made of the room. There was a desk shoved into the closet wall the bedroom window was broken out, and the desk chair was shattered. Both dressers were destroyed, I told Bobby what Professor Xavier told me and between the two of us helping one another we had all of our clothes packed and Bobby’s books and CDs. I was able to float the couple boxes to the room that we would use until we had our room back. We unpacked the things we brought and we both undressed and climber into the beds. Bobby looked over to me and seeing I was wide awake. “Shawn, I am not trying to get fresh with you, but would you like me to come over there and sleep with you just in case you have another bad dream”. I looked at him and told him I would like that, I scooted over to the other side of the bed and pulled the sheets and blanket back letting Bobby in. When his leg touched mine we both instantly sprouted hard-ons. We laughed and Bobby carefully wrapped his arms around me and we were soon asleep.

The alarm clock began to go off and I could feel Bobby’s dick pushing at my ass like it was knocking asking permission to enter my ass so it can fill me up with Bobby’s juice. Bobby woke up and apologized for his dick and I rolled over and told him I didn’t mind. We looked at one another and began to kiss, we broke from our kiss and made way to the bathroom and showered together. We helped one another with our morning woods and once we had shot our loads we washed one another up and got dress and headed down to the kitchen to eat breakfast and then we had our classes. Once we had eaten breakfast I wished my friends good bye and left them to go to my first class which was with Professor Xavier. As I was about to enter my mom stopped me and asked me if I was okay after everything that happened yesterday and last night. I told her I was okay and she told me to get to class. Professor Xavier welcomed me and the other students to the class. He then began to telling us about using our powers to levitate items or even ourselves. He asked for volunteers and several students raised their hands. I watched them and saw they were able to do what the Professor asked right away. We each took turns and when it was finally my turns Professor Xavier smiled and told me to concentrate on the orange so I did but I accidently caused him and his wheelchair to lift up in the air and turn around and I sat it back down and was about to apologize when he stopped me “Well done Shawn, even though you were supposed to lift the orange not me you were able to left something twice your own body mass” the class broke out in applause and everyone shook my hand and congratulated me as I made it back to my chair. We ended class about 9:45 and Professor Xavier gave us homework on levitation. As I was grabbing my folder he stopped me and told me for my homework he is going to have my mom help me. I told him okay and made it way to my next class outside near the track.

Logan was waiting for all of us and he was dressed in sweats, I noticed my dad was there as well. He saw me and smiled, and told me to get in line. Logan then began to tell us that we are going to be playing dodge ball today for P.E. I have always sucked at dodgeball so I was not looking forward to it. Logan began to go down the line counting by twos and soon we had our teams. He handed my team the ball first and the game was on. Surprising I was able to somehow tell exactly where the ball was going to go every time the other team was throwing the ball at us. Soon it was me and two others against eight students, but with me being able know where the ball was going to be at it was soon down to me and one student. The guy looked at me and smirked and told me that he has never lost and he is not starting now. We threw the ball back and forth not hitting one another. I finally realized he had one soft spot so I took it and he was out I had won. Logan and my dad walked onto the field and Logan looked at the student who lost “We’ll all be damn, Kyle you have finally lost a game” he said laughing. Kyle got up and I could see pure anger in his eyes, before I knew what was happening he was on top of me with glowing green fists and trying to punch me. As I was stuck under this guy none of his punches were hitting me. Logan ran and grabbed Kyle and dragged him to the Mansion. Everyone looked at me in awe and then they cheered and told me I was the new dodgeball winner. My dad asked if I was okay and I told him surprising I am fine. He told all of us to head back to the Mansion and shower then go enjoy lunch.

Once I was done with my shower and I changed my clothes I met up with Bobby, Rogue, Kitty, and Peter for lunch. We grabbed some sandwiches, chips and sodas that were put out for the students and went towards the lake and sat down to have lunch. Rogue looked at me and the asked “So suga I hear you beat Kyle in dodgeball, and I heard he went and used his powers on you. I am surprise you are not hurt his powers leave you with something to remember him by”. I saw Bobby’s face turn bright red with anger when he heard Kyle used his powers but I quickly answered Rogue “Yea I did when at dodgeball, and he did come after me and began to punch me but I guess at the last minute I was able to put a barrier around me and none of his punches hurt or touched me. Logan pulled him off of me and dragged him off to the mansion. But that’s not all that has happened today, this morning in class with Professor Xavier and the other telepath students we were supposed to make an orange float but I accidently caused the Professor and his chair to lift up and spin around and sat him back down”. Everyone looked at me with a shock look. Peter was the first to speak “Dang the only other person I have ever met here at the school to do that to the Professor’s chair and he is Jean Grey. Dang dude way to go you should take the mutant name Titan”. Everyone agreed with him, I could feel Bobby still fuming over Kyle using his powers on me so I did the best thing I could do and talked to him telepathically and told him to not worry that I am fine. I then sent him an image of what exactly happened and I could feel his anger subside.

Soon it was time to head to our next classes; I really just wanted to stay where we were at. Bobby and Rogue told me that they have Storm this next class and I told them I did too. The three of us headed to the library where we had our class with Storm. When we entered she handed me a copy of Romeo and Juliet. We sat down and she began class with welcoming me and then asking the class about what they read for homework over the weekend. Reading the book before in the past I was able to keep up with them on where they were at. We were assigned another section to read and she told us there will be a test this time since half the class didn’t do any of the reading. The whole classed moan and Storm told us it’s our own fault. When class was over I left Bobby and Rogue to head to my final class which was Science with my mom. When I entered with the other students she told us to have a seat. She then went and passed out books and told us what page to turn too. Like my mom I seemed to have a thing for science it seemed to come naturally to me. I was happy that she didn’t show me any specialty when it came to asking us questions. When class was over I stayed after everyone left and was about to tell my mom that Professor Xavier wanted me to have her help me with my homework “The Professor and I talked and yes I will help you with your homework, just follow me we are going to the Danger Room”. I told her okay and followed her to the Danger Room, there she entered a few codes and had several different size blocks came out of the ground. She told me to concentrate and try lifting one at a time, don’t think about the size of them just imagine them weightless. Within an hour I was lifting a 15 ton block 10ft into the air, I lowered it down and I was feeling really tired. My mom quickly came over and hugged me and told me she is very impressed with me and that she is proud of me. She told me to go eat something and then get my other homework done.

Peter and Kitty were coming down the stairs when I came out of the elevator from the sub-levels. Kitty looked at me oddly “Don’t tell me you were in the hospital section” I quickly told began to explain where I was “Well since I was able to lift the Professor and his chair he told me to work with my mom on my homework. So she took me to the danger room where she had me begin to lift these blocks off all different subjects, the last brick was 15 tons” both Peter and Kitty had their mouths open shocked. They told us that no one has ever been able to do that as far as they knew. Once they got over the shock they told me that tonight was taco night so we quickly made it to the kitchen and got all the fixings for tacos. I asked where Rogue and Bobby were and Kitty told me that Rogue wanted to talk to Bobby alone about some things. When we were just about finished Bobby and Rogue arrived and right away I could tell something was off with Bobby. I didn’t want to pry so I left it alone figured Bobby will tell me when he is ready. The five of us talked and joked around but I couldn’t get over the vibes that were going on between Bobby and Rogue I could tell they were no longer together. Once we all finished eating we headed upstairs to our different rooms to do our homework.

Once Bobby and I got into our temporarily room Bobby broke down into tears as he sat on his bed. I walked over to his bed and sat down and asked what was wrong. “Since I first Rogue I thought I loved her but as time has passed that love I have for her isn’t the love she wants. Today she told me she saw how mad I was getting over what had happen to you with Kyle. She asked me if I was falling in love with you and I told her I was. She didn’t seem up set by it but she is hurt I can tell”. I just sat there and held Bobby as he cried. Finally when he stopped crying we worked on reading Romeo and Juliet together. After that I helped him with his science homework after I did mine. Once we finished we got undressed and just as we were about to climb into our own bed, I looked at Bobby “Want to sleep in my bed with me again tonight” I asked. Bobby smiled from ear to ear and told me he would love too. We climbed into my bed and wrapped our arms around one another to where our faces were snuggled onto one another’s shoulders. We both slept soundly through the night and when the alarm went off I could feel Bobby’s dick pressing up against my ass again. I turned and noticed he was still asleep so I softly began to kiss his lips. He began to stir and all of a sudden he locked his lips around me and held onto me and began to kiss me back passionately. “Well I so didn’t expect this when I woke up this morning. I must say I so can get use to this”. I smiled at him and told him so can I but we have classes and we need to get ready. He let me go and we got up he then took my hand and led me to our shower. We took care of one another just like we have done the last few mornings and then got dress and went throughout the day.

We went through learning to levitate the orange again with Professor Xavier and this time I managed to lift just the orange instead of the Professor. When it came to P.E Logan told us that today we will be in the Danger Room to work on practicing on power control. I saw Kyle have an evil smirk on his face when he looked at me and it scared me. We entered the Danger Room and once again we were broken up in two groups. Logan then had my dad set the room up to a forest. We were told that the game is capturing the flag and we can use our powers but the danger room will automatically prevent any dangerous blows to one another. He and my dad left us and we were soon on our ways. I still can’t remember what happened exactly but I woke up in the hospital to my mom shining a light into my eyes. I tried to sit up but felt a sharp pain in my side. I lifted my head up and my mom told me to calm down I am fine. I a bandage wrapped around my chest I asked her what happened and she asked what I remembered and I told her I don’t remember anything. She looked at the screen that was monitoring my heart rate “You were in the Danger Room for P.E. well somehow the safety protocols were turned off and you were hit hard by Kyle’s fist and he sent you flying and you landed on a boulder cracking a couple ribs. Bobby has been here the last two days and not wanting to leave you I think he likes you Shawn. Anyways now that you are awake I just need to check and see how you are healing and you can return back to your own room”. I laid my head back on my pillow and then looked at her “What day is it then?” she looked at me “Its Thursday around 3pm”. I sighed and carefully tried sitting up again but more cautiously. I felt the pain at my side and it almost brought me to tears but I just shook it off. My mom helped me to my feet and asked if I could make it to my room on my own. I told her yes I can, and she told me to take it easy for the next few weeks and no P.E. with Logan.

As I made it to the main floor and to the stairs that lead to the rooms Bobby came running up to me. He quickly put his arm under me and insisted that he helped me to our room. He helped me into our original room and I saw he hung up new posters of the bands I had for me. I sat down on the bed and grunted a little. Bobby sat down beside me “Man if I ever see Kyle again I will personally freeze his balls off of him” I looked at him oddly “What do you mean if you see him again?” I asked. Bobby went on to tell me that after what happened to me and reviewing all the details Professor Xavier and Logan found out that Kyle had one of his friends turn the safety off in the Danger Room, so he could attack me. Therefore, he was sent packing from the school because not only did he do that but he attacked me with his powers. I couldn’t believe I had made another student leave the school. I really felt bad I told Bobby if he could help me get to the study so I could talk to Professor Xavier. He helped me up and took me down to the study I thanked him and told him I could handle it from here. Professor Xavier was behind his desk and without even looking up from his desk he told me to have a seat. I carefully sat down and he wheeled himself out from the behind the desk and came up to me. “What can I do for you Shawn” I looked at him “Professor I heard that Kyle was kicked out of the school because of what happened to me in the Danger Room. It is my fault he was angry because I beat him in dodgeball. Professor I know how it feels to be kicked out of a home and I don’t wish that on anyone”. Professor Xavier stopped me right there and looked at me “Shawn it was not all because of what happened to you, Kyle has been given tons of warnings about using his powers against other students. That is the reason why he was kicked out he was told if he hurt one more student he was out, he flat out told me that he is fine with that because he doesn’t agree with our code he rather be with Magneto. So do not feel this is your fault that Kyle was kicked out because of you”. I told him okay but still felt bad and Xavier smiled and told me I have a kind heart just like my parents. We finished talking and I got up to leave and surprisingly found Bobby waiting for me outside the study. He told me he has dinner in the room for us so I can relax and soon we were heading to our room.

As I sat down on my bed the pain of my ribs was really begin to get to me so I tried to focus on the pain and was able to make it tolerable to handle for the moment. I saw Bobby had a pizza waiting for us at the desk and smiled. He got up grabbed both of us a couple slices and we ate the whole extra-large pizza. Even though it was still early I was beginning to get really sleepy and Bobby helped me out of my sweat shirt and saw my bandage. He kissed it gently and then slid my shoes off for me and took my socks off. He then carefully helped me out of my sweat pants and kissed my stomach. He helped me up and pulled the covers and sheet back and helped me into bed. He told me if I want him to join me in my bed he will but first he needs to do some science homework. I laid there and tried to help him with his homework, I managed to help him ¾ of the way through and he got up and kissed me and told me he has it from here. Not knowing what time it was when I felt Bobby climb into bed with me and wrap his arms around me and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning to my side killing me; I slid out from Bobby’s arms and made my way to the bathroom. I undid the bandages and saw the bruising and I sighed. I knew if I couldn’t get this pain under control I would have a really hard day. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror and began to concentrate hard on my ribs. I pictured my ribs in my mind and began to mend them I then focused on the bruising and it disappeared. I looked at myself and saw I managed to heal myself, I raised my arms jumped up and down and nothing hurt, in fact I never felt better. I saw Bobby still sleeping when I came out of the bed and smiled at him as I watched him sleep.

The alarm clock went off and Bobby woke up and quickly sat up and looked around the room and when he saw me sitting in the desk backwards watching him he smiled and asked how I felt this morning. I told him I honestly felt great and told him what I did he just smiled at me and looked at me with the biggest smile. I quickly jumped from the chair and onto him, I planted my lips to his and we kissed like our very lives depended on it. I could feel Bobby’s rock hard cock pushing u against my ass crack so I broke from my kiss and knew what I wanted to do. I slid down and brought my mouth to his dick and began to kiss his rock hard cock. Soon when I had him panting I slipped his cock into my mouth and began to suck on it. Bobby was panting and moaning and twice when I knew he was about to cum I stopped and began to lick his balls, finally when it was near the third time I kept sucking on his long hard shaft and he began to moan and tell me he is about to cum but I kept sucking I knew what I wanted. All of a sudden Bobby was grunting and I soon felt the sweat warm salty taste of his cum fill my mouth and go down my throat. Once he had shot all of what his balls had into my throat I slid his softening cock out of my mouth and moved up and kissed him again. He was still in a state of shock trying to catch his breath from what I just did. We broke from our kiss and he looked me in the eyes “Shawn I can’t even tell you how great that felt, I have had my dick sucked only once before but what you did making me shoot that hard and that many loads, damn I didn’t know I had that much in me. I can’t wait to return the favor and taste your cum trickle down my throat” I kissed his lips “Well you can return the favor tonight because now we got to hurry and shower and get downstairs for breakfast”. I began to get up and he grabbed me and picked me up carrying me into the bathroom over his shoulders and into the shower. We got our shower done and got dress, and as we were leaving Bobby pinched my ass. We made our way to the kitchen and began our day.

Once we finished breakfast I told my friends goodbye and quickly headed to the study for my first class. I was surprised to see I was the first one there and Professor Xavier asked how I was and I told him what I was able to do. He asked me to show him my side so I did and he commented me on what I was able to do. The other students were beginning to enter the study and soon Professor Xavier began class and told us today he is going to show us how to build a telekinetic barrier to shield our minds from other telepaths. He broke us in groups of four and we each took turns on making barriers and trying to read one another’s mind. I and one other student were the only ones who were successful of stopping our minds being read. When class ended I made my way to where P.E. was being held and my dad saw me and told me I can sit out for the obstacle course because of my ribs. I told him I was fine to participate and he reluctantly told me fine. To my dad and Logan’s surprise I was the first to finish the course and I was told that I could end the day because I was the first. I left to the mansion quickly made it to my room and took a quick shower.

I waited for Bobby and the rest of the gang outside the science classroom and when they came out I looked at them and smiled. We made our way to the kitchen and I grabbed a Cobb salad while everyone else grabbed a sandwich. We went to our spot near the lake and ate our lunch. Everyone was surprise to see how energetic I was and I had to explain to them what I was able to do. Rogue told me that the only person that she knows that can heal them is Logan he has the ability to heal instantly. Soon Bobby, Rogue and me made our way to Poetry. Storm welcomed me back and we dove right into today’s lesson. Soon it was time for class to end and I told Bobby I would see him later and made my way to Science. After Science my mom asked me to stay and once all the students were gone she told me she wanted to see how well I mended my ribs. We made our way down to the hospital wing. She had me stand behind a screen that showed an x-ray of my ribs and she told me that they are perfectly healed and no sign of bruising or internal bleeding. She hugged me “Shawn you are advancing in your powers very quickly. In just one week you have been able to master the power to lift objects way beyond your own weight. The power to heal yourself, and the Professor told me you have also mastered the ability to block another telepath from entering your mind. You are doing great just be careful that your powers do not over take you”. She kissed my forehead and told me to go find Bobby and enjoy the weekend. I made my way to the main floor and didn’t know where to find Bobby at so I quickly made my way up to our room to put my bag away. When I entered I could hear the shower running I shut the bedroom door and locked it. I then stopped at the bathroom door and watched Bobby wash his body and I instantly began to get hard. I left him alone for now because I really wanted to suck that cock of his again when he gets out of the shower.

As I was waiting for Bobby to come out of the shower I quickly changed into some shorts and waited for him on my bed. He came in whistling and wrapped in a towel. I wolf whistled at him causing him to jump because he didn’t know I was there. When he got over the shock he smiled at me and walked over and kissed me. I grabbed his towel from around his body and let it drop down to the floor. We then lay on my bed together and begin to kiss. I could feel Bobby’s dick hardening u against my stomach. He saw me smirking and I soon made my way down to his cock and began to tease him by flicking the head of his dick with my tongue causing him to gasp. He began to beg me to just suck him but I continued to kiss and tease his cock. He then told me to lie down flat on my bed on my back and he will feed me his cock. I did as he told me and was soon surprised to see that he got us in a 69 position. He then began to suck on my balls as I sucked on his. Within 15 minutes we were both feasting on one another’s sperm. We broke from one another’s dicks and Bobby got off of me and brought his body to match mine and we kissed exchanging one another’s remnants of cum with each other. We just lay in one another’s arms kissing and holding each other. Bobby looked into my eyes “Shawn is it wrong for me to say I love you, I mean it’s not because of what we just did it is because you seem to have this vibe about you that makes me feel at peace and wanting to finally admit that even though I have thought I was bi that I am truly gay. See I had my dick sucked once by a girl and it felt great but what you can do can’t even think about being with anyone else” he kissed me again. I broke from our kiss and looked at him “You know what Bobby it’s not wrong because I love you as well. You are the only one I want in my life” I stopped talking and kissed him. We both kissed once more and decided we better get dress and go down and get something to eat.

Down in the kitchen when we arrived we found a few students still in there and we went to the fridge and grabbed some taquitos and warmed them up. Bobby and I talked and joked around while we ate our dinner. When we were finished we went back to our room and quickly did our homework so we could have the whole weekend to enjoy. Once we finished our homework Bobby asked me if he could take me out on an official date tomorrow. I smiled and told him I would love that. We talked about each other for a while and I opened up to him on who exactly I was and he didn’t seem to care. I told him I was considered a Class Five mutant and he had an evil smirk on his face and pinned me to the ground and looked me into my eyes “Mm I have a man who is intelligent and a super mutant”, he then kissed me passionately as I could feel him unbuttoning my jeans. He got up from me and told me to stand up and we quickly both got undress and began making out. Soon we were both horny as hell and I couldn’t help but want to be fucked by Bobby and that cock of his. I slid down and began sucking on his dick and once it was covered with my saliva I stopped sucking and then climbed on top of him and carefully positioned my asshole right on top of his cock. I took a deep breath and began to push my ass down on his dick having to stop several times to get use to his size and the feel of his dick in me I finally was able to get the whole amount in me. We were both gasping trying to get use to this once we both were ready to begin Bobby was careful and took it slow. The pressure and the feeling of his cock penetrating me was incredible we made love for almost an hour and a half until Bobby couldn’t hold it anymore and shot his load deep into my ass. With the feeling of his cock shooting into my ass it caused me to shoot my load spraying the two of us with my own cum. Bobby pulled out of me and we kissed, while we both were catching our breath. We both finally got up and made it to the shower and watched ourselves up and climbed into my bed and fell asleep in one another’s arms.

I can’t tell you what happened next exactly because I only remember part of things. I was awoken by a huge crashing noise and I felt my body being ripped out of Bobby’s arms. I then remember someone telling me to shut up and sleep and I knew that voice. I couldn’t help myself but only too obey. I could hear Bobby screaming for the person holding me to let me go and then it was complete silence. I woke up by someone throwing water on me and found myself shackled completely naked in a cell. I looked around and quickly knew that this was the same room I had the dream about. I heard Jason’s voice telling me to shut up and I found that I lost the ability to speak out loud. I quickly began to focus on my surroundings and I built the telekinetic barrier around my mind so I could use my powers and not be a prisoner to my ex-foster brother’s powers. I watched him and Magneto walk in and right behind them was Kyle. I looked at them with the anger boiling inside of me. “Well look who is awake, now Shawn you can either remain my prisoner or you can join the Brotherhood” Magneto said looking at me. I looked at him “Go to Hell” and I spit in his face. Jason told me to stop but I had my barrier up and I was now pissed. I sent him, Magneto, and Kyle flying backwards with a telekinetic force. I undid the chains with just my will and grabbed the clothes off of the knocked out Kyle and put them on. I felt Magneto fasten another chain to my ankle but I quickly turned it to dust. I could feel the anger in me fueling my powers and it felt good. Mystique came in and charged at me but I simply pushed her aside and knocked her out. I found my way out of the place I was being held in and just as I was trying to figure out where I was both my parents and the rest of the X-men arrived in the jet. My mom quickly ran to me and could see my anger and she told me to calm down I am safe now. We got back on the jet and were soon heading back to the mansion. Bobby stayed right beside me the whole way back to the mansion and kept apologizing for not being able to stop them from taking me. I kept telling him it wasn’t his fault but he wouldn’t listen.

As the jet came to a stop in the hanger under the mansion and we began to head out of the jet my parents hugged me and told me how sorry they are. I knew it wasn’t their fault I was kidnapped it was Magneto who was at fault not anyone else. Xavier wheeled up to the three of us “Shawn I must say amazed is hardly the word that comes to mind when it comes to what you did. You were able to not only knock out your ex-foster brother, Mystique and Kyle, but you were able to knock Magneto out even with his helmet on. You young man are extraordinary and a very powerful mutant” he shook my hand and wheeled away. I was beginning to feel the after effects of using so much power. Bobby quickly ran up to me and my parents and told me that he would make sure I got to bed. We made it to the same spare room we were put in when I trashed our room and Bobby helped me out of the clothes I was wearing and into the bed. He took off his X-men uniform and climbed into the bed with me. I looked at the clock and notice it was already 7am. Bobby and I finally woke up near 4pm and he kissed me and I could see tears in his eyes “I thought I lost you Shawn. I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you” I wiped his tears from his eyes “But you didn’t lose me I am back and I promise you I am not going anywhere. Now if I remember right we have a date tonight”. Bobby smiled and told me yes we do, we got up and showered and then got dress. We made our way out of the room and right into my parents. They asked where we were going in such a hurry and Bobby told them that he wants to take me out on a date tonight if they would allow that. They looked at each other and then smiled at us told us to go and have a good time. We left and soon we were on our way to dinner. Bobby took me to this really nice Romantic Italian restaurant. We sat there and ate dinner and then once we finished went and watched the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. As the sun was setting we kissed under the pale night sky.

We finally came back to the Mansion after the most romantic nights I have ever had before and I can honestly say it was the best first date ever. As we came from the garage my dad stopped us and asked how the date was and we both smiled and blushed and he laughed and told us he is glad we had a good time. We got back to the room and we both undressed and since we both were not tired we began to make out which lead to Bobby feeding my ass his cock. We managed to make love for 3 hours and when we both finally shot our loads the room was spinning. Bobby scooped my cum from my chest and licked it off his fingers. I then begged him to stay inside of me, so he picked me up and we both got into bed carefully with him keeping his dick snuggled deep inside my ass. We fell asleep like that and when I awoke the next morning I could feel Bobby’s soft dick still inside of my ass. I looked over to the alarm clock and saw it was only 7:30am. I felt Bobby pull me into him closer and then felt his soft cold lips kiss the back of my neck. I giggled and told him his lips are cold and he just kept kissing me. I stayed wrapped up in his arms until we both finally had to get up and use the bathroom. We showered and got dress and met up with our friends for breakfast.

Kitty was the first to notice that something was different between Bobby and me. She then smiled and winked at us. Rogue walked up behind us and put her hands on both of our shoulder’s “Well about time you two got together” she said smiling. Bobby and I turned bright red and our friends laughed. The five of us sat and talked and were about to discuss what we were going to do today when Logan walked in and came to us “You five need to be at the Danger Room at 11am” he said. I looked at him oddly and he looked at me “Yes I said you five Shawn that includes you” he then turned and grabbed a soda and walked out. I looked over at Bobby, Kitty, Peter, and Rogue who had smiles on their faces it was Peter who broke the silence “Well looks like you are going to be an X-men now, congrats”. I couldn’t help but feel pride I was going to be an X-men. We finished our breakfast and went to the lake and just hung out tell it was time to head down to the Danger Room.

We got to the Danger Room and got suited up and I must say Bobby looked so hot in his uniform. I found mine fit me perfectly and Bobby kept looking at me with lust in his eyes. We entered the Danger Room and we were put through a simulation between my mom and me we were able to help keep any holographic brotherhood mutants and their powers from hitting anyone. When Xavier finally ended the simulation we exceeded all expectations and managed to have no causalities. We all left the Danger Room and changed out of the uniforms, once we were dressed my mom and dad were waiting for Bobby and I and they asked if we would like to join them out for dinner tonight. I looked at Bobby and we talked and decided we would. So my dad told us to be ready to go by 4:30. I grabbed Bobby’s hand and looked at his wrist and saw it was just now 1:15pm. I whispered in his ear “I know what I want for lunch and it is something that I can enjoy every savor of”. Bobby right away knew what I was talking about and we ran to the room and we quickly shed our clothes and I pushed him onto the bed and began kissing him. Soon we got into position and began sucking one another’s dicks. We both shot our loads just minutes an apart and once we sucked all the cum from each other’s dicks we straightened our bodies out and began swapping our cum inside our mouths. When we finally broke we were both sweaty and the smell of sex was all around in the room. We finally got up and headed to the shower and while we began washing each other we both got hard again. So we took turns sucking each other’s dicks. By the time we got out of the shower it was near 3:45 so we got dress and just sat down kissing.

We made our way downstairs and met my parents at the front doors. They asked if we are ready and we both told them yes. We got into the car and we were soon on our way to the city for dinner. We arrived at the Restaurant and my dad gave the keys over to the Valet attendant. We entered the restaurant and were shown to our seats. The waiter came over and we ordered our dinner, Bobby and I both ordered the Steak and Lobster. As for my parents they ordered Shrimp Scampi. The waiter turned around and left and once he was gone my dad looked at both of us and smile “Well I can see that you have fallen for each other, and son your mom and I couldn’t be happier for you. Bobby is a great and wonderful young man. As for you Bobby we are happy to have you in our son’s life but let me make one thing clear don’t you ever break my son’s heart” my dad said to the both of us. Bobby right away looked at both my parents “I would rather jump into a volcano than to ever break Shawn’s heart. Your right I do love him very much”. I looked at him and held his hand under the table and told him that I loved him very much. My mom broke our stare into one another’s eyes “Okay you two no more lustful stares at each other there is another reason we wanted to take you both out. Shawn your dad has signed the papers and you are officially a Summers now and…” she looked at my dad and grabbed his hand “your dad and I wanted to be the first to tell you and Bobby since he is just as much part of this family now. We want to get married and Scott here wants you Bobby and you Shawn to be the best man” Bobby and I both right away in unison told them we would be honored. The waiter came with our food and we talked more about the wedding and when it would be. Both my parents decided that they wanted to have it on the Mansion’s grounds and for it to be in April. We talked more about things going on at the school between the two of us. My dad paid the bill and we got the car and we headed back to the Mansion.

Once we arrived back at the Mansion Bobby and I wished my parents good night and thanked them for dinner. We made our way to the room we were staying in until ours was finished being remodeled and we stepped through the door and I used my powers to shut the door and lock it. I then looked at Bobby and he looked at me and we undressed and climbed into bed. We kissed one another and talked about both of us being the best man for my dad. Bobby then looked at me with so much love in my eyes “I hope that one day that you and I can be married to each other. I want to spend my entire life with you Shawn and only you” I looked at him. When the day comes that we both are old enough to get married I will marry you Bobby”. Bobby smiled and kissed me passionately he then told me to hold out my right hand so I did and he formed a ring made of complete ice over my ring finger and made a matching one on his. He told me it’s a promise ring. I smiled and began to kiss him with all my heart. We fell asleep snuggled tightly into each other.

When the alarm clock went off in the morning neither Bobby nor I wanted to get out of bed. We pushed the snooze button several times until it got to the point we had to get up. We showered and washed each other’s backs and then got dress and went and join our friends for breakfast. As we got down to the main floor I saw a young guy who looked to be just barely 18 walk out of the study and he waved to Bobby. I asked Bobby who that was and he told me that was Peter Parker. I looked at him confused he then laughed and told me Peter Parker is Spiderman. My jaw dropped open and Bobby laughed and told me I am cure when I have a shock expression on my face. I smacked his ass which caused him to laugh. When we entered the kitchen both Kitty and Rogue asked what was so funny and we told them I just saw Peter Parker for the first time this caused them to laugh. I stuck my tongue at them and then looked at the clock and told them I need to get to class. I grabbed a banana and made my way to Xavier’s class. When I entered he asked me to come over to him he wanted to talk to me. I walked over to him “Shawn I would actually like you to join my advance telepathy class. I have already talked to your other Professor’s about changing your schedule. So you first have P.E. then you will have Science, then Poetry and finally you will come here for your final course. It would be you and just three other students. So please go find Logan, I believe they are meeting in the Danger Room today”.

I shook his hand and made my way down to the Danger Room and Logan saw me and told me to suit up so I did. When I walked into class Bobby came up to me asked how come I was in his class and I told him and he laughed and told me I have almost every class with him now except the last one. Logan told us all to gather round and then told us today him and my dad is going to see how far we come with our powers. We each took turns and each student went in and came back out. When it was my turn I entered the danger room and Logan began the simulation at level one and before I knew it I was being tested on level nine, I still seem to handle myself so I could see Logan and my dad looking at each other and they shook their heads and I heard Logan’s voice asking me if I wanted to try level ten. He told me that level ten is the level he trains on and no safety protocols are active. I told him I can do it so he began the simulation and soon I found myself face to face with this huge metal robot and everything I used against him he would mimic it and try using it against me. He had thrown me against several walls and Logan told me he could stop it but I told him no don’t. I could see all the from my class including my mom and Professor Xavier were watching me from the observation deck. The robot threw me hard into a car and I coughed and saw I was bleeding but not wanting to stop I gathered up my anger I was feeling and used it to fuel me. I healed myself instantly and I was going head to head with the robot missing every laser blast and fist he was throwing. All of sudden I felt this sting hit me and he was shooting lasers from his eyes just like my dad does and I was sent falling. Now I was really pissed I caught myself in the air and went sailing straight for him I began to think of the robot just nothing but glass and I sent a psychic punch right into it and it shattered. Even though the robot was destroyed I could see this red flame around me and I couldn’t shut it off. I began to panic and the Danger Room began to come apart, and then everything went black.

I had no idea where I was all I could hear was a voice in my mind that sounded almost like my mom but yet it wasn’t “You have finally reached your full potential Shawn, you like your mother has the power to handle me. I am the Phoenix and I can show you great things, things that no mere mutant like that Xavier can ever dream about”. All of a sudden out of the darkness came this Flaming bird but I was sucked away from it and I awoke in the hospital with Bobby holding my hand and both my parents and Xavier around me. I sat up and told them I really need to stop visiting this place it is becoming a second bedroom. That got everyone laughing. Professor Xavier and my mom asked me how I was and I told them about the voice and then in the darkness I saw a flaming bird come near me. I could see the fear in my mom’s eyes and she told me about the Phoenix. I asked her what does it want from me and Xavier sighed “It wants to use you as its Vessel Shawn, You see the Phoenix is a very powerful telepathic creature your mom is in balance with it and therefore she can keep it locked inside a telepathic cage deep inside her mind. But from what you have told us it has found a way out and that is through you”. I looked at them and began to shake and tremble I didn’t want to become a vessel I just wanted to be me. Bobby began rubbing my hand and I instantly calmed down. My mom told me that she will help me as much as she can to build up a resistance to keep the Phoenix from taking me over completely. My parents and Xavier told Bobby to take me to our room and they told us to get some sleep and they will see us tomorrow in class.

Bobby and I entered our room and I sat down on the bed and cried. Bobby asked me what is wrong and I looked at him “My parents and the Professor are afraid of me” I said between tears. Bobby wrapped his arms around me “Listen to me Shawn, they are not afraid of you, they are afraid of the Phoenix taking over you. I have seen the Phoenix once when it took your mom over and trust me it is something to be afraid of. The Phoenix doesn’t care who it hurts and it doesn’t obey any laws because it feels it is above the law that it is a God. They do not want to see you lose yourself that is what they are afraid of” I asked him if he is sure about that and he told me he is positive that is what it is. I looked at the clock and saw it was only 7:30pm and my stomach was growling. Bobby and I both laughed and he told me he would be right back, I watched him leave the room and I decided to just lie back on our bed and meditate. I accidently heard a few students having sex but then I heard voices of some students talking about what happen today in the Danger Room with me. “Did you see what he did to the robot he just shattered it like it was nothing, and then he destroyed the Danger Room it’s going to take at least a month to fix after he destroyed it. Why would the Professor let someone so dangerous be a student here? What would have happened if one of us or another student was in that room with him?” I couldn’t take hearing anymore so I stopped listening. Just then Bobby walked back in carrying some nachos. We sat on the floor and ate our nachos and when we finished eating he threw the garbage away and we got undressed and climbed into bed.

The next morning when the alarm clock went off I was dreading class this morning. Bobby looked at me and asked me what is wrong and I told him just nervous about today. He kissed me and told me that he has my back in case someone messes with me. We got into the shower and Bobby saw my morning wood and he got onto his knees and began to slide my dick into his mouth. He kept sucking and sucking until I couldn’t hold back any longer and I shot my load down his throat. He got up and smiled and I was just about to get on my knees when he told me we didn’t really have time. I felt a bit hurt because I really wanted to feel his dick in my mouth. He kissed me “Don’t worry you will get to handle this beast later today and I will always give that hot ass of yours a good workout too”. That brought a smile to my face and gave me a new burst of energy to get through the day. We got dressed and made it down to the kitchen as we passed a couple students they would whisper and point to me. I felt like I had a kick me sign on my back. When it was time to go to P.E. we went to the field and I saw almost all the student except my friends kept a distance from me. Logan walked out from the Mansion and told us to line up so we did. He then told us that we are playing flag football and he picked two people to be Captains and had them pick the teams. Somehow I ended up being the only one not picked and both the teams were even numbered. Logan saw me looking a bit down and I saw Bobby have a sad look in his eyes wanting me to be with him. I went and sat down on the side line and watched them play.

My dad came up to me and sat down “Hey sport, how you doing?” I looked at him and sighed “Almost everyone in the class is scared of me because of what happened yesterday in the Danger Room. Dad I didn’t mean for that to happen I just remember taking the robot down and then everything went black”. My dad put his hand on my shoulder “When my powers first came to me I had a huge problem keeping them under control. Of course it is nothing like what your powers but mine caused major problems for me. I had destroyed the school gym once and that was because the coach forced me to take my glasses off and when I did I couldn’t control the beams coming from my eyes. I still can’t control it without these glasses it’s something I have to live for. I guess what I am saying is no matter what you do in life there will always be someone who will be scared of you. I know you can become something greater. Yes you lost control of your powers but that is what this school is all about, to help people like you to learn how to control their powers”. I smiled at him and told him thank you for believing in me and he gave me a pat on the back and told me he will always be proud of me. I sat there and watched the other students play and laughed every time Bobby looked my way he would blow me a kiss.

Logan called it quits and told everyone to go back to their rooms and shower. I went with Bobby and as soon as we shut the bedroom door I couldn’t help but thrust myself onto him causing him to fall over “Mm baby you smell so hot when you are sweaty” I began licking his right ear and slowly made my way down his neck to the other ear. Bobby was panting and moaning as I continued to lick all the sweat from around his neck. Sadly we had to stop and he needed to take his shower. We both got into the shower and quickly washed up and headed down just in time to for Science with my mom. We sat down and quickly got to work on reading the assignment my mom put on the board. Half way through the class Dr. McCoy came in and he told us he is going to be taking over this part of class. I asked Bobby if this is normal and he said yes it is. Dr. McCoy had us work on some chemistry and it was actually fun. Bobby and my chemical turned out perfect while some students had a bit of some issues. Class ended and we headed to meet up with the gang for lunch, we grabbed our lunch and went down to the lake. We talked about classes and I told my friends about what happened when I was knocked out. Rogue shared her story about what happen to her when she first arrived at the school with me.

When it was time to head to Poetry I couldn’t help but feel for Rogue because she experienced the same thing I have. Storm had us sit down and told us that we are going to be reading the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. She then told us our homework will be on the poem and how it affects us. Class sped by and it was soon time for me to leave Bobby and meet with Professor Xavier. I walked into the class and noticed the Professor wasn’t there yet. The students who were there looked at me and then began to whisper to each other. I didn’t need to read their minds I knew they were talking about me. So I sat in a desk near the back and began to work on my Poetry homework. Professor Xavier came in with a blonde hair woman wearing a tight blue spandex like outfit with the number four over her right breast. Professor Xavier introduced the woman as Sue Richards a member of the Fantastic Four. He went into detail on Sue’s powers and I was amazed at what she could do. She was even able to turn her clothes invisible. Once Sue talked to us the Professor told us we could all leave. As I gathered my things the Professor and Sue came up to me and I smiled at them. Professor then asked if I could stay for a few minutes and I told him yes “Shawn I mainly brought Sue to come to talk with you, see the telekinetic force you can use is similar to what she can do” I listened to him as he went into detail and then Sue and I talked for a while. She told me she needs to go but I should stop by her home when I can. I smiled and told her thanks and left to go put my things away in the room before meeting up with Bobby and the gang for dinner.

Author’s moment: So a lot has happened in this first chapter and the reason why is so you can get a baseline on where Shawn is coming from and what he is dealing with. As you can see he has a lot going for him. He and Bobby finally got together and their love seems to be going great. The question is whether the Phoenix is going to actually going to be able to break free of its psychic cage Jean has it trapped in and take over young Shawn. Will he be able to fight the Phoenix to prevent it from taking over his body? Will the other students stop being scared of Shawn? Everything will be revealed through this story.