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Author’s moment: So a lot has happened in this first chapter and the reason why is so you can get a baseline on where Shawn is coming from and what he is dealing with. As you can see he has a lot going for him. He and Bobby finally got together and their love seems to be going great. The question is whether the Phoenix is going to actually going to be able to break free of its psychic cage Jean has it trapped in and take over young Shawn. Will he be able to fight the Phoenix to prevent it from taking over his body? Will the other students stop being scared of Shawn? Everything will be revealed through this story.

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Son of two X-Men Chapter-2

So I am writing this journal entry because I feel it’s important to start keeping one when I can. Before I knew it I have been here at the school for two months. Since I have been here I have learned to keep my powers mostly in control. I still had problems like when I had visions or I got really pissed off. I could feel the Phoenix still trying to get a hold of me, a couple times it has almost won, but with the help of my mom and Professor Xavier they were able to keep it at bay. Bobby and I are back in our original room in fact my parents and Xavier put in just one California King Size bed in there so we could sleep together. With the help of Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four and Dr. McCoy the danger room was rebuilt and it was also given a few upgrades. There are still some students who fear me and honestly I am okay with that at least they keep out of my way and no one dares to mess with me. Well Bobby is waking up from his nap so I better stop writing.

I put my journal away and climbed backed into bed and kissed Bobby’s soft lips as he laid there trying to wake up. Sliding my hand up and down his chest and rubbing his dick under the sheets I kept kissing him. Bobby smiled and looked at me “You know you have me spoiled waking me up like this”. I put my finger to his lips “Shush, just enjoy” he grabbed his finger with hand and began to suck on my finger turning me on. I threw the sheet back making them land on the floor and I began rubbing my cock against him and he tried to flip me so I had my back on the bed and he was stopped on top of me. But I have built up quite a bit of muscles since I first got here. Even my dick has grown it was just an inch shorter than Bobby’s now. He grabbed our dicks and began jerk them off together. I began to beg Bobby to feed my ass his cock and he took his hands and used his powers to numb my ass so he can fuck me. I loved when he did this because as he would fuck me the friction would warm the numb spots. I then felt the pressure of the head of his cock and soon Bobby was making love to me. When Bobby shot his load into my ass I was in complete heaven. Bobby kissed me and told me how much he loves me and I told him I loved him even more. Then he surprised me “Shawn I want you to fuck me, I got to know how it feels” I got him into the best position I could think of and he used his powers to numb his ass for me. I then asked if he was ready and he pleaded for me to do it. I took a deep breath and began pushing my cock into his ass. Bobby cried out a couple times and I would stop and then he got use to me and I began to make love to my man. When I shot my load Bobby gasped and he had the biggest smile on his face. I pulled out and saw he had shot a load all over his stomach; I was so into making love to him I didn’t even notice he had shot. I licked the cum from his stomach and then I kissed him passionately. When we broke from our kiss and he looked at me “Damn I can see why you like me to fuck you, I would love for you to fuck me as well anytime you want” I smiled and told him we will take turns, we got up and headed to the shower. We headed downstairs and decided to go spend time near the lake. The weekend air felt great when we got to the lake Bobby told me to watch. He went to the edge of the lake and formed a boat out of ice. He then took my hand and we got into the boat and I used my powers to move the boat. We sat in the middle of the lake in an ice boat under the warm spring air of March.

As we floated around in the middle of the lake I could feel something was coming and I didn’t like the feel of it at all. I stared down into the water trying to clear my mind and focus on the feeling but I couldn’t pin point it. Bobby shook my shoulder “Shawn earth to Shawn what’s wrong babe?” I looked at him blankly “Shawn I have been trying to get your attention for the last 15 minutes. What’s wrong and don’t tell me it’s nothing either”. I looked down at my hand that he was now holding. “Something is coming and I don’t know what it is but it’s not good at all. I am afraid Bobby I don’t know what it is”. Bobby pulled me into him and held me “Whatever it is we will face this together, you are not alone Shawn” he kissed me causing me to relax a little. He then looked down at his watch and said we better head back to the shore. I pushed us back and when we got to the shore Storm was standing at the banks “Shawn, Bobby the Professor needs all of us X-men in the study. We got out and storm gave Bobby a look that you know was about the boat. Bobby got rid of the boat and we made our way to the Mansion.

Every one of the X-men was in the study by the time we got there and when we arrived the Professor began to fill us in “Magneto and the Brotherhood are on the move. They are making their way to Washington. According to what Hank has told me the Government has the Capital and the President in complete lock down. So suit up we are going to Washington”. As everyone left the study I stayed behind just for a minute to talk to Professor Xavier. “Professor, can I talk to you for a minute” he smiled at me “Of course you can Shawn”. I sat down in a chair and looked down at my hands then at him “Bobby and I were at the lake and I got this feeling that something is coming and whatever it is it’s not good”. The Professor sat still looking out the window. “Shawn the feelings you are getting can’t be ignored, maybe it has to do about what is about to happen or maybe something else is coming. We need to approach this cautiously and carefully. Keep your eyes sharp out there today” I got up and gave him a hug and told him thank you for the talk and we left together down to the hanger. I quickly suited up and sat next to Bobby. Storm got the jet engines fired and we were soon approaching Washington.

When we arrived at the Capital Dr. McCoy came running to us saying that they just got word Magneto had just reached the city. He told us that he has an Army behind him of at least 300 mutants. Professor Xavier looked at us “Okay listen up our first priority is to protect the soldiers stationed around the Capital here, if you feel that you need to fall back to a different position then do so. Remember Magneto and the Brotherhood will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal”. Bobby and I looked at one another and told each other we loved you and left to where we were supposed to be stationed at. As I was waiting for the Brotherhood to come I could feel another telepath try to enter my mind but they didn’t stand a chance. All of a sudden all hell broke loose, the brotherhood was almost on top of us. I was dodging plasma blasts, spikes, and everything else they were throwing at us. Then the soldiers began to turn against one another and I saw Jason. I quickly was able to break the connection and while doing that I felt a stabbing pain hit me in the back. I tried gasping for air but things began to fade in and out. I heard my Mom’s voice screaming “SHAWN, NO SHAWN” then complete silence. I was heading what looked like a long dark tunnel and I could make out a small light way into the distance. Then I was ripped from the tunnel and came face to face with myself but it was different I was rating flames from my body and they were forming the shape of a bird. I knew this was the Phoenix. “Finally now that you can’t fight because you are weak and dying I can take over. You will watch through your own mind as consume your body and take over your life” I tried to scream and chase after him but I was stuck and couldn’t move. Images of the Phoenix began to surround me and then I watched as my body got up and I saw the hatred and the anger the Phoenix had spewing into its raging flames.

(Jean’s P.O.V)

I watched in horror as I saw a spike impel Shawn right into the back and burst through his chest. I screamed out “SHAWN, NO, SHAWN”. What seemed like hours but was only five minutes I saw the impossible Shawn was getting up and the hole you could see straight through began to heal. Then I realized it wasn’t Shawn it was the Phoenix it had finally found a way to get to him. I watched in horror as Shawn began waving his arms causing both mutants and soldiers to just burst into dust. He walked over to me and had the evilest look on his face “Hello Mother” he then kissed my lips. I pushed him back “Give me back my son, you have no right to do this you are my burden to bare not his” the Phoenix smirked. “You do not tell me what I have a right to do Jean Grey. This vessel is mine now and I will never give him up. You will have to kill me before I do that and we both know you can’t do that” he shoved me to the ground. I sat there and cried. Scott came running up to me “Jean what’s wrong? What happened? Are you okay?” he said helping me up. I held him and cried “Oh Scott it’s my entire fault, The Phoenix has complete control of Shawn’s body he was shot straight through the back and out his chest. Then he got up but it wasn’t him it was the Phoenix” Scott rubbed my back and kissed my forehead “we will get our son back, he is strong he will find a way to regain control”. I looked up to Scott and knew what he was saying is true, I just hope that Shawn is still in there somewhere. We stopped hugging and ran after the Phoenix who was taking down waves of mutants with a flick of his wrist. Scott shot a blast at its back and he turned around. “Ouch that hurt Father, do that again and you will regret it. Remember you kill me you kill your son”. Scott stopped and sighed in defeat.

(Bobby’s P.O.V)

I was trying my hardest to help protect the soldiers and it seems as soon as they took one mutant down two more would charge at us. Soon we were being overrun so I ordered them to fall behind me. I took a deep breath and was able to build a 15ft thick ice wall between us and the mutants. As the soldiers began to regroup I saw Shawn coming closer towards me but something was different with him I could feel it. I watched in horror as he just caused the brotherhood army to turn to dust and then he did the same to the soldiers. Shawn came closer to me and was soon right at my face “Hello Lover how about you bend over and fuck your ass while these puny mortals watch” he said to me. I knew right away this wasn’t my Shawn. I looked at him “Go to Hell”. The Shawn like figure looked at me coldly “How dare you speak to me like that, I was giving you a chance to want to take my cock but now I see you are just an Ass So Bend Over Now”. I tried to fight it but I couldn’t I felt my free will leave me and I watched in horror as this Dark Shawn ripped my suit revealing my ass and then he shoved his cock into me hard causing severe pain ringing through my body. I felt helpless as this Shawn raped me and I saw the soldiers look in horror as he did. Then I heard Jean’s voice “Stop it now, leave him alone” I then heard her scream and that’s when I realized Shawn had stopped. I quickly turned around and I put my hand to my ass and I felt something wet I brought my hand to my face and saw blood. I looked around and saw Shawn have both Scott and Jean in the air. “SCOTT, STOP WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS” he looked at me and I went flying backwards but was caught by Logan. “Are you okay Bobby?” he asked me. I began to cry because I wasn’t okay I just got rape by my boyfriend. “Logan looked at me then to Shawn. “Listen that’s not Shawn, well it is his body but the thing inside of him isn’t him. Trust me I can smell this thing and it reeks of evil”. I looked at him oddly. The Dark Shawn came over to us “Ooo the Big Bad Wolverine has found out my secret, your right I am not Shawn that pathetic wimp is nothing compared to what I am. I AM PHOENIX and soon I will have all Mutants and these Puny Mortals worship me as the God I am”.

I stared at the Phoenix in horror, I wanted Shawn back. I watched as the Phoenix sent Logan flying into the air and disappearing. He then looked at me with that same evil grin as before “Now where were we before I was rudely interrupted. Oh yes I was making you my Bitch”. He reached for me but I fought back and screamed “Shawn if you are somewhat in there at all, Fight Baby, Fight don’t let the Phoenix do this to you. You are stronger than him please Shawn fight him”. The Phoenix slapped me hard knocking me back to the ground “Do you really think he can stop me, I am a God.” I looked at him with hatred “You may think you are a God but you are nothing compared to the man I love he is twice the being you are” I said standing up facing him face to face.

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

I kept trying to break free from the prison I was in, but the harder I tried the more I failed. I had watched in horror everything the Phoenix had done. I watched him kill mutants, soldiers, knock my parents out and the hardest part was what he was doing to Bobby. I watched as he raped Bobby and I was now watching him hurt the man I loved. I knew I had to break free if not for me then for the ones I loved. I sat down and began to meditate; I then gathered every ounce of strength I had left and began to pound at the cage I was in. All of sudden I heard a cracking sound and I knew I was about to get free. I kept pounding at the cage as it began to crack, I was now pissed I knew what I needed to do and that is at whatever it takes to stop the Phoenix I will do it. I will not let him hurt another person With the cracks spreading I was able to gain control of my body for a couple minutes I looked down at Bobby “Bobby Run as fast as you can from me, I can’t keep him back for long, just run baby and Remember no matter what happens I love you”. Bobby nodded with tears in his eyes and told me he loves me and took off running. I could feel the Phoenix trying to regain control. I held him back as long as possible until he was able to retake my body sending me back to my prison. I stood there in the prison and looked at the Phoenix who looked pissed “Stupid Boy, you have no idea what you just did. You just signed your boyfriend’s death certificate”.

(Bobby’s P.O.V)

I was being pounded by the Phoenix’s fists over and over then he just stopped and stood completely still, then I heard Shawn and I knew it was him talking not the Phoenix “Bobby Run as fast as you can from me, I can’t keep him back for long, just run baby and Remember no matter what happens I love you” he told me. I looked at him with sadness in my eyes because I knew what he was going to do if it came down to it, I told him I loved him too and ran as fast as I could away from him. My ass was killing me and still bleeding, my right eye was swollen shut and I knew my nose was busted. I ran into Scott “Bobby look at me did the Phoenix do this to you” I looked at him and all I could do was nod my head. Scott picked me up and carried me to the jet and sat me down in it and told me to stay here. I sat there shaking and crying for Shawn. I wanted my Shawn back I wanted the Phoenix gone. I know what Shawn was saying that if he has to kill himself to save us all he would do just that.

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

I looked at the Phoenix “You will never harm another soul again, if I have to kill myself to stop you I will” he stood there and laughed hysterically. “Stupid idiot you are in a Cage and you can never make me leave and I will not let you harm this vessel”. I had it at that point I punched at the cage with all my might and the cage broke and I tackled the Phoenix. It was a full scale war going on inside my head between me and the Phoenix. I knew I couldn’t let him gain control of my body because if he does I don’t know if I could stop him. I was winning and I noticed the Phoenix was growing weaker with each blow I was giving him. He looked at me “this is not possible there is no way you can have this much strength” I looked at him “believe it my strength doesn’t just come from my mutant powers it comes from my heart and the strength of the ones I love. You are done you will never hurt me or anyone else ever again”. I gathered every bit of strength I had and I sent it to the Phoenix and watched him cry out in pain and then burst into nothing right in front of me. I was now looking at the world through my own eyes and I then felt my knees give way and I collapsed to the ground. I saw my dad walk up to me and I felt him pick me up and carry me away.

I could hear the voices of my parent’s, and Professor Xavier talking about me like I wasn’t really there. I tried to tell them to stop talking about me and talk to me but I couldn’t seem to open my eyes. I could feel what I knew instantly was Bobby’s hand holding my hand. I could hear him pleading to me to wake up to just wake up. I wanted to wake up but I couldn’t I tried to think back what happened and then I remembered everything that happened with the Phoenix and what he did. I heard machines began to beep and I heard my mom yell to my dad “Get him on to his side now Scott he is Seizing up” I felt my body jolting and I felt them roll me onto my side. I stopped and I could still hear them talking.

(Bobby’s P.O.V)

I was holding Shawn’s hand when the machine began to beep and he began to seize up, I was forced to let go and I watched in horror as the man I love lay on his side shaking. I began to cry because I didn’t want to lose him. When he stopped seizing I took his hand again and kissed his forehead and went to his ear “Shawn if you can hear me then please wake up. You promised me that you weren’t going anywhere don’t you dare break that promise Shawn don’t you dare” I sat back down and wiped the tears from my face. Jean came over to me and told me to go and get some sleep. I looked up at her “With all due respect I am not going anywhere I am staying right here” she looked at me and said okay and kissed my cheek. I watched Shawn lay there almost lifeless and it was killing me inside because I didn’t know what to do. Through the night Shawn had two more seizures, and each time he made came out of it. I looked at the screen each time and both the Professor and Jean kept saying they couldn’t understand why he was still in a coma, all his brain functions were normal. It was just as if Shawn just didn’t want to wake up.

(Professor Xavier’s P.O.V)

I knew the minute the Phoenix took over Shawn and I tried to help but I was not able to the Phoenix was too powerful and it knocked me out. When Jean told me that Shawn had beat the Phoenix but he was in a state of coma. I was a bit relieved to hear that he defeated the Phoenix but I was now worried that maybe it was too much for him. I stayed in the hospital wing of the Mansion with Jean and we tried to enter Shawn’s mind to see if we could help him but he kept telling us to please leave him alone. I couldn’t help but feel for him, I knew he was beating himself up for what the Phoenix did and what the Phoenix did to Bobby. Bobby had to have stitches because the Phoenix tore severely tore his rectum. But that didn’t stop Bobby from not wanting to leave Shawn’s side. I could hear what Bobby was telling Shawn and I told him to not stop telling him that because that could be the key to get him to wake up. Scott and Jean were a wreck they didn’t know what to do for their son. I too couldn’t help but feel useless, it has now been almost a week and Shawn was still not awake and all signs pointed that he should be but he just wouldn’t wake up. Hank brought me the list of causalities and we caught Magneto and Mystique and had them in special cells. I looked down on the list and saw that the Phoenix really did a number of deaths to the soldiers. I knew if Shawn ever found this out we would never get him back I quickly sent it out of my mind and burned the list.

(Scott’s P.O.V)

Day after day I checked in with Jean on seeing how Shawn was and she told me that he still wasn’t awake. I was really beginning to get worried, the fear of losing my son just after I got him back was over powering. I wanted to just take him and pick him up and hold him and tell him that it’s okay it wasn’t his fault but I knew that wouldn’t work. My son was hurting for what the Phoenix did and I knew that if he didn’t get over this obstacle than he would never be the same. I told him each day that I loved him and begged him to come back to us.

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

I knew I needed to wake up but I just couldn’t I didn’t want to face the world after knowing what the Phoenix did while it was in control of my body. He hurt the ones I loved and he raped my boyfriend. How can you come back from something like that knowing it was done by your body and you were helpless to stop the thing controlling your body from doing it? Bobby kept telling me he loved me and told me about the promise I made him, but I also knew that the promise I made him to never hurt him was broken. I sat there deep inside my head and I could hear the Professor call to me. Finally I decided to let him in, he came walking up to me and pulled a chair next to me “Shawn you can’t keep hiding in here, it’s time you wake up I promise you no one will think different of you. I am so proud of you, you were able to defeat the Phoenix on your own and regain control of your body. Your mom was not even able to do it on her own it took several strong telepaths to help her contain it. So just stop this self-abuse and wake up please”. I got up and hugged Professor Xavier and told him how sorry I was and he hugged me and told me that he loved me. I watched him fade from my mind and I was soon alone again. I took a deep breath and forced myself to wake up. I could feel Bobby’s hand tightly wrapped around mine, so I squeezed it. I heard the chair hit the floor and him yell “GUYS GET OVER HEAR HE IS WAKING UP”. I opened my eyes and my mom began shining a flashlight into my eyes “Geez mom do you have to do that right now that light is bright” she turned off the flashlight and hugged me. I looked over to the Professor and told him thank you mentally and he smiled and nodded his head at me.

My mom and the Professor insisted I stay in the Hospital for one more night of observation and I knew I don’t dare argue with them. Bobby insisted that to stay as well and it took me a while to convenience him to go to our room and get a decent night sleep. When he left I asked my mom “how is he doing?” My mom looked at me “He is going to be okay Shawn now that you are awake”. I looked away from her eyes “The Phoenix raped him Mom; I don’t think I could ever let that go. I allowed the Phoenix to hurt the man I love”. I felt my mom’s hand smack me across the face and she grabbed me and made me look at her “You Listen to me right now young man, you did not do this it was the Phoenix not you Shawn. You forget I know the Phoenix and even though it’s gone from your body it will always be a part of you now. You need to take what he did to cause this hurt and use it to make yourself a better person. If we let the things the Phoenix did while it was in control of our bodies we would be a complete vegetable. As for what is happening between you and Bobby and you feeling this way about what happened to him that is something you two needs to work out”. I looked at my mom and hugged her I asked if she is okay and she smiled and told me she is now that I am awake.

(Bobby’s P.O.V)

I made my way from the hospital of the sub levels of the Mansion to head to my room. Rogue saw me come up from the elevator and ran up to me “Bobby hun you look like shit. How is Shawn?” I looked at her and smiled softly “Shawn is awake and I think he is going to be okay”. I told her I needed to get to my room so I could shower and take a nap. She asked if I needed some help to my room and I told her I got it. I got to my room and it felt empty not having Shawn there. I stripped out of my clothes and threw them in our hamper and got into the shower. I washed my body and then carefully washed my ass. It still hurt even though the stitches had healed the tears the tenderness was still there. I stood there letting the water hit my body and I tried to think about the morning before all this happened when Shawn and I made love to one another. But when it came to remembering him making love to me my mind but it was soon replaced by what the Phoenix did to me while he was in Shawn’s body. I slid down the shower wall and began to cry. I wanted this memory to go away; I don’t want it to haunt me for the rest of my life. The water went cold but I didn’t care it at all. I sat there just crying until I couldn’t cry anymore. I got up and dried myself up and lay down on the bed.

I woke up and looked at the clock and saw it was just barely 6pm. I got up and man did I feel weak, I was about to head out of my room when it dawned on me I was still naked. I grabbed some sweat pants and a shirt and put them on and slid my shoes on and made my way to the kitchen. As I got to the main floor I saw Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch from the fantastic floor was talking to some girls. I rolled my eyes because I knew the truth about Johnny and that is he was gay he just pretended to be attracted to girls to keep the media from bugging him. I passed him and he smiled at me and I waved hello to him. I got to the kitchen and found hamburgers were made for dinner tonight. I made me up a couple and sat at the table and began to eat. Johnny came in with his normal sarcastic smile “Bobby my boy what’s going on bro, I heard you had a boyfriend. If you want someone to help keep that cold hot sexy body of yours warm I am your man” he said sitting next to me. I looked at him in disgust “Fuck you Johnny, you will always be a stuck up prick who thinks only for himself. Yes I do have a boyfriend who I love and he loves me. So how about you take your ass away from me before I freeze off your dick”. I grabbed my burgers and turned to leave. Johnny grabbed my arm “I didn’t mean to offend you Bobby, please don’t go”. I looked at him and sighed and continued out of the kitchen and then decided to go down to see Shawn.

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

My mom along with Reed Richards did some test on me to see if I suffered any mental damage from being in a coma like state. I couldn’t stop thinking of Bobby though and what happened with him. I don’t even know if he will even want to be with me after what happened to him. As I laid there thinking about everything Bobby walked in and when I saw him my heart was doing back flips in my chest. He walked over to me “Hey Sunshine, I thought you might be hungry so I brought you a burger and a coke” he handed me the burger and sat the coke on my tray next to the bed. He sat down and looked at me with the most loving look on his face and in his eyes. I sat down the burger and looked over to Bobby “Baby I know sorry doesn’t even begin to touch the surface on what happened to you” before I could finish Bobby got up and kissed me then he broke from our kiss “You talk too much, you know that”. I smiled and kissed him again “Bobby I Love You, with all my heart and I am sorry for what the Phoenix did to you, if I could only have…” once again he stopped me by kissing me. “Let me make this one thing clear right here right now Shawn. Yes it still haunts me what happened to me that night, but my love for you has never been stronger. Just as I thought he was going to hurt me more you were there to stop him, so don’t you even say what you are about to say”. I saw the tears in his eyes and I couldn’t take not holding him in my arms any longer. I ripped the wires from me and I took the IV out and grabbed bobby and held him and kissed him passionately.

My mom came running in and when she saw what was going on she smiled at me and turned around and left. We broke from our kiss and I smiled at him and I looked at my finger and saw the ring he made me was gone. “Bobby Baby I lost my ring” he looked down and we both burst into laughing. I finally asked him what happened at the Capital if Magneto succeeded. He smiled “Well since most of the Brotherhood was destroyed Magneto and Mystique were captured. They are in a special prison that Dr. McCoy created to stop them from using their powers to break out. The rest of the Brotherhood retreated and they are still looking for them”. “What about the soldiers that the Phoenix killed”, Bobby looked at me “Professor Xavier handled that part”. I laid my head back onto the pillow and looked up at the lights. Bobby combed his hands through my hair and I looked at him and smiled.

(Bobby’s P.O.V)

I know I was harsh with Shawn but he needed to let what happened when the Phoenix had control go. I wanted him back I know he won’t ever be the same person I first fell in love with but I don’t care I want him still just as much as I wanted him when I first met him. We talked for a little while longer until he fell asleep. Jean came in and told me that she will get me a blanket so I can spend the night here again. Shawn woke up just for a few minutes and looked at me “baby go get some sleep I am okay and I will see you in the morning”. I got up and kissed him and told him okay. I really didn’t want to argue with him because to be honest my body is sore from sleeping in the chair for so long. As I left I looked back at Shawn and saw him sleeping. I quietly left and told Jean and Scott good night as I made my way out of the hospital wing. I got out of the elevator and ran right into Johnny. This was the last person I needed to run into right now. I pushed by him and he grabbed my arm tightly so I turned up the chill and he in returned caused his hand to ignite on fire. I looked at him “Johnny let me go” he kept his hold on my arm. I looked at him with anger and begged him to let me go but it wasn’t doing any good.

I began to try to pull myself from his grip but the more I pulled the tighter his grip got. He pulled me into him and he planted his lips against my mine and forced his tongue into my mouth. I began to cry and continued to beg him to stop but he just kept kissing me. He then grabbed me and took me upstairs to my room. I had forgotten that he had been in my room before. He looked around and laughed when he saw I had just one bed. He threw me onto the bed and got on top of me. He then torched my clothes off and pulled his uniform off. I tried to fight him back but it was no use Johnny had one thing on his mind and I knew what that was. All of a sudden I saw Johnny flying through the air and out the door. I got up and saw Shawn standing in front of me. He reached for me and helped me up and I just cried into his shoulder. I saw Johnny come through the door and he sent a fire ball come sailing right to us but Shawn stopped it and put it out. Shawn looked at Johnny “Leave now or I swear I will make sure the only flames you will ever be able light are ones coming out of your Ass”. Johnny grabbed his suit and put it on he then looked at me “I know you want me Bobby, and the day will come when you will be begging me to fuck that ass of yours” just as he said that I saw him go flying back into the wall outside our door. Logan came in and asked “What the hell is going on here?” all I could do is cry. Shawn looked at Logan then to Johnny “You either get him out of here Logan or I swear I will hurt him. He was forcing himself onto Bobby”. Logan looked at Johnny and I watch him grab him by his collar “Come on Hot Head You, Me and the Professor are going to have a little talk about what you just pulled.

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

I was sound asleep in the hospital bed when I felt a sharp pain in my head and I heard Bobby cry out for me. I quickly woke up and looked around and didn’t see Bobby was around anywhere. I ripped my IV out and then ripped the cords off of me. My mom came in and began begging me to stop what I was doing and going and get back into bed. I looked at her “Mom I love you and know you are worried about me but Bobby needs me” I walked out leaving my mom dumbfounded. I got to our bedroom and what I saw pissed me off. Here was this guy who I must admit was hotter than hell trying to have his way with my boyfriend. I knew using my powers on a student was against the rules but something told me he wasn’t a student. I sent the guy flying backwards out to where I was standing in the hallway. I then ran to Bobby and he fell into my arms. The guy got up and sent a fireball flying towards us and I stopped it and put it out. I then sent the guy flying backwards again and caused him to crash into the wall. When Logan came in to see what the problem was I was just one step close to hurting this guy beyond the point of no return. Logan took the guy away and I just stood there holding Bobby tightly. I shut the door and sat him on the edge of the bed. He wouldn’t let me go all he did was keep crying and apologizing to me.

I held Bobby until he cried himself to sleep in my arms. I picked him up like he was nothing and sat him on the bed. I pulled the covers up around him and kissed his forehead. I quietly made my way out of the room I wanted to find out who this guy was and why he was doing this to Bobby. Logan saw me and he looked at me “Is he okay Shawn?” I looked him and I didn’t care if it was sarcastic and said “What the hell do you think Logan, that asshole was trying to rape him”. I pushed him out of the way and made my way downstairs and walked right into the study and didn’t even bother knocking. The guy who tried to hurt my Bobby was sitting next to Sue and Reed Richards and there was this huge orange rock like man standing next to the Professor. When they saw me come in the guy got scared and I was glad. The big Rock guy got in between me and the guy I looked at him “I wouldn’t try it, that asshole tried to hurt Bobby and I swear he will pay”. The Professor came up to me “Shawn I know you are pissed and I can’t blame you at all. But you will not do anything to Johnny he will be handled by Sue and Reed. I looked at the Professor shocked. “Out of respect to you Professor fine I won’t hurt him tonight but if I ever see him even near me or Bobby I will personally show him what a mutant with my powers is capable of” I turned around and left.

I got back to mine and Bobby’s room and found he was still asleep right where I left him. I undressed and climbed into bed with him. He instantly grabbed me and held onto me and whispered in his sleep “I love you Shawn”. I kissed his lips and told him I love him a well. I fell asleep and for the first time since Washington I was able to sleep without any flashbacks to that horrible day. The sun began to seep into our room and I combed my fingers through Bobby’s hair as I laid there watching him sleep. Almost an hour later he began to stir he opened his soft blue eyes. I smiled at him and kissed him good morning, he asked why I was not in the Hospital wing and I asked him what he remembered about last night. He looked at me then it came back to him. He began to panic and I grabbed his hand and told him everything is alright. He just looked at me and cried. I told him what I did afterwards and he was shock that I stood up to Professor Xavier like that. I kissed his lips again and he smiled. I then asked what he wanted to do today and he looked at me “Can we just stay here today, I miss holding you in my arms and I just want to hold you.

When he told me he just wants me to stay in bed with him I couldn’t be happier. We stayed in our room all day long just cuddling and watching movies together. The only time we were apart was when I would go down to the kitchen and grabbed us some food. No one bothered us either and we didn’t mind it, I think our friends and love ones knew we both needed this. It was nearing 11pm when Bobby rolled around to look at me. I could see that he was holding back a question and by what I was feeling against my leg I knew what he wanted. So I slid down and kissed him passionately tangling my tongue with his. I grabbed his dick and he gasped and I began to jerk him off under the sheets. I stopped kissing him and slid down to his dick and began to suck on his balls and then lick his shaft. Bobby was moaning my name and begging me to suck him. I slid hick shaft into my mouth and began to suck him moving his dick in and out of my mouth. I could taste the precum leaking from his head, and it drove me to quicken my speed. I soon felt the tingling feeling I have grown so well to know that Bobby was about to shoot his load into my throat. Then I felt the sweet savory salty flavor of his cum trickling down my throat. When I stopped Bobby was gasping for air, I knew he hasn’t been taking care of his needs while I was in my self-induced coma. I could feel my own dick throbbing and wanting attention, I ignored it and I looked at Bobby “Bobby please make love to me please” I begged him. He smiled and took his finger and pushed it into my ass and used his powers to freeze numb the inside of my ass. I kept begging him to just give me his cock and then I felt a familiar pressure pushing at the entrance of my ass and then I could feel Bobby moving his dick in and out of me. I laid there as he took control of my body enjoying every bit of it. Bobby then shot his load into my ass and I shot my load underneath me. Bobby fell on top of me and fell asleep.

I woke up and I could still feel Bobby on top of me I looked at the clock an saw it was only 5:30am. I began to feel Bobby stir on top of me and he kissed my neck “Morning baby” I turned my head and smiled and told him Good Morning. He began to get up from me and we both laughed because he was stuck to me from the dried cum that was on the back. When he had us separated I got up and forgot I shot my load underneath me and I was pulling the sheets with me as the stuck to my stomach. Bobby gave me a hand and we got into the shower and washed each other up. We then got to work and cleaned up our room up and changed the sheets. We both couldn’t help but laugh at remembering how the bottom sheet was stuck to me this morning. Once the room was clean Bobby jumped on my back and making us fall to the ground. I could feel his dick hardening up against my back. I rolled on top of him and kissed him passionately. “You know that hot sex dick of yours was poking at my back. If you wanted to make love to me that bad all you have to do is plug it in”. I teased his dick with my ass causing him to grab me and roll on top of me and poking at my ass with my dick “So you want me to make love to you again” he said while nibbling on my ear. I began to tease him telling him to go ahead and try and he took a hold of my ass and I then felt him pushing his cock in me without even numbing my ass first. The pleasure and sensation of feeling Bobby push his cock into me without any preparation was surprisingly exhilarating. Bobby had me turn around so I was on my back and he managed to keep his cock inside me while I turned. He put my legs over his shoulders and kept up with his pace. I shot a massive load all over us and watched some go flying on to the wall. Bobby scooped up my cum and pulled his dick out of my ass and wiped my cum all over his shaft. He then shoved his dick back inside of me, I could tell he was trying to hold out a little longer but I want to feel his cum splashing against the walls of my ass. I tightened my ass so it clamped around his dick and then I felt what I wanted I felt the hot warm feeling of Bobby cumming into my ass.

(Bobby’s P.O.V)

Once I had shot my load into Shawn’s ass I wrapped his legs around my waist and carried him to the bed and we kissed a little more. We both knew if we didn’t get out of the room now we would most likely have someone knocking on the door to see if we are okay. We got dress and made it out to the hall and ran right into Peter and Kitty. Kitty ran up to us and hugged us both and Peter walked up and gave us both a brotherly hug. Kitty then looked at me then Shawn “We are going to the mall if you two want to come with us”. I looked at Shawn and we talked quietly between the two of us in our minds. Peter looked at me and laughs “Come on Bob’s you both need to get out of the Mansion”. Shawn sent me the okay lets go so I looked at Peter and Kitty “Alright we will go under one condition we buy you guys lunch”. Peter smiled and looked at us and smiled “you got yourself a deal”. Shawn and I followed Peter and Kitty we stopped and told Scott where we are going and he told us to go have fun. Kitty and Peter was waiting for outside near the truck. We climbed in and I could tell Shawn was still a bit nervous of about being around crowds, so as I sat down in the back with him I took his hand and held it. He looked at me and smiled.

We got to the mall and began going in and out of the shops. Shawn held my hand tight and a couple times I had to tell him to loosen his grip and he would let go of my hand and look down at his feet. I really felt bad for him because I knew he thought he was hurting me. Finally after the third time of this happening I asked Peter and Kitty to keep an eye on him while he is looking at shirts and I will be right back. I quickly slipped out of the store and made my way to the Jewelry store next door. I found the ring I wanted and I asked the sales clerk how much, I took out my wallet and handed her my Credit Card. She looked at me then asked for ID I grabbed my wallet and pulled my ID. She kept looking at me then my ID then at the Credit Card and finally smiled “I will ring this right up Mr. Drake”. She rang up the ring and I took it and my Credit Card and put it back into my wallet and headed back to Shawn. I found Kitty and Peter and asked where Shawn was and they told me he was trying on some clothes. Just as they said that Shawn walked out showing off a hot tight pair of light blue Levi’s that seem to fit his ass perfectly. He turned around and when he saw me he smiled at me. He then went back into the changing room to try some other things on. Kitty pulled me aside “Bobby where the hell did you go, you should have told Shawn you would be right back he was beginning to panic, and he kept saying he caused you to leave”. I took the ring case from my pocket and showed her it; she smiled and told me that Shawn would love it. I told her I bought one for me as well and it is to replace the promise ring that was lost in the battle of Washington.

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

As Bobby and I were in the mall and I could feel the anxiety of being around so many people building up I would accidently grasp Bobby’s hand a little too tight. He would ask me to lesson my grip and I would feel bad because I wasn’t meaning to hurt him. We walked into a store and I began to look at some shirts, I had my back turned just for a minute from Bobby, and when I turned around to ask him about what he thought about a shirt he was gone. I began to panic, Kitty came up to me and asked me what was wrong I looked at her “I…think I caused him to leave Kitty I kept grasping his hand too tight, I didn’t meant too, Oh God I just want to have him back”. Kitty hugged me and told me to relax he will be right back. She then ushered Peter over and the two of them began to help me look for clothes. They had me go into the changing room to try the clothes on. When I came out of the changing room there was Bobby waiting for me. I had to sigh in relief because I thought he left me. I went back into the changing room and tried on the rest of the clothes. I walked out and Bobby came up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and we walked to the cashier. He looked at us and rolled his eyes Bobby looked at him “Look I saw you roll your eyes and I don’t appreciate that at all. I think my boyfriend and I could find some better deals on these items somewhere else” just as I said that the manager walked up. Bobby told the manager how he didn’t like the cashier’s attitude and we are leaving. The manager was able to talk Bobby to let me buy my clothes and we got it all half off.

Once we were done shopping Bobby and I stopped in at the Tailor Shop my dad wanted us to get our tuxedos at. As we stood there waiting to get the measurements the tailor came out and told us to please go in the back and strip down to our socks and underwear so he can get the most accurate measurements. I knew Bobby didn’t have anything underneath his pants so I asked Kitty for my bag of clothes I have bought and grabbed a pair of boxers I just bought. I handed them to Bobby and he laughed and told me thank you. We got undressed and made our way out and began to get measured. I kept looking at Bobby and saw how perfectly tight the boxers fitted him and it took all I could to not sport a hard on.

(Kitty’s P.O.V)

I was happy to see both Shawn and Bobby out in the mall with us. When Bobby asked Peter and I to watch over Shawn for a moment, I was a bit worried and when Shawn saw Bobby had left he began to panic. I calmed him down and Peter and I had him to go try on some clothes. Bobby came back just in time to see Shawn come out showing off a pair of pants we had him try on. When Shawn left back into the changing room I turned to Bobby and pulled him aside and I was began to let him have it for leaving Shawn like he did, then he showed me why he did what he did. The ring he got was a simple ring, but the meaning behind that ring is what made it so special. We walked back to Peter and waited for Shawn to get done changing. I watched the two of them as we went in and out of the stores, and you didn’t have to be a telepath to feel the love they shared. I looked at Peter and I knew he saw what I saw and we both just smiled. Peter and I have gotten closer with one another he was my rock just like Bobby was Shawn’s rock. We finally visited all the shops but one and that was the Tailors. I didn’t plan to go in there and I knew Peter didn’t either. Shawn and Bobby told us to wait up they need to get measured for their tuxedos for Jean and Scott’s wedding. So we went in and just as Peter and I were sitting down Shawn came running to me and asked for one of the bags of clothes he bought. I handed him the bag and he pulled out a pair of boxers I looked at him oddly and he just winked at me and left. Finally after waiting a couple hours Bobby and Shawn came out of the back and we left the tailor.

We began to talk about what we were going to have to eat since it was nearing dinner time. Shawn looked around and said he really wasn’t in the mood for fast food. Peter smiled and I knew what he was thinking when he said to us “how about Italian food then, there is a great Italian restaurant not too far from here”. We talked and decided Italian food sounded great so we made it to the truck and left to the restaurant. We got there and we were seated right away, I couldn’t help but laugh as Bobby and Shawn ordered the same thing. I found what I wanted and we were soon waiting on Peter. He seemed to take forever on deciding and when he finally did we all ordered. Peter reached for my hand and held it as we talked with Bobby and Shawn. They are truly a perfect couple. They both have been thrown into the lions' den so to speak and come out as champions.

(Bobby’s P.O.V)

Dinner with Peter and Kitty was wonderful, not once did they bring up what happened at Washington. Shawn seemed more relaxed now and he was more open and enjoying conversation. I rolled the box the ring was in around in my pocket I wanted to give it to him here in the restaurant but I wanted his parents to be a part of it though so I decided to hold it off. The bill came and I was reaching for it when Shawn grabbed it and looked at it. He smiled and grabbed his wallet and sat his credit card in the folder and handed it to the waitress. I leaned over to him “You know I was going to pay for that”. He smiled and leaned over to me “Yes I know that, that’s why I paid for it”. I was happy to see that Shawn was finally coming out of the shell he built around himself since Washington. I knew it still haunted him because he would talk in his sleep. We left the restaurant and made our way back to the Mansion. We thanked Kitty and Peter for letting us come and they thanked us for dinner.

We were just shut the door to our room when someone knock, I turned around and opened it as Shawn walked over to the bed and sat his bags down. When I opened the door I was a bit surprise to see Scott there. I invited him in and he thanked me and came in. Shawn looked up and smiled at his dad as he came in. I shut the door and walked over to the bed and sat down, when I sat down Scott looked at me then to Shawn “I just wanted to let you guys know that Logan and Hank are planning on throwing me a Bachelor’s Party in a couple weeks and I want you guys to come. But please know there will be alcohol and if you guys do drink please do be careful”. I looked at Scott “wait are you giving us permission to drink if the opportunity comes up?” Scott sighed “yes that’s exactly what I am saying. But the minute you two get out of hand I will personally cut you off”. Scott got up messed up both of our hair and wished us good night. Once he left I went and locked the bedroom door and began to undress. I took of the boxers Shawn gave me and handed them back to him. He took them and smelled them and then looked like he was in la-la land. I couldn’t help but laugh at him and he looked at me “What’s so funny?” I looked at him “like you don’t know, I see you are enjoying my scent I left on the boxers” he looked at me and winked. He then got began to take of his shirt and his pants and I smiled as I saw how much bigger he has gotten since we first met. He was no longer a scrawny kid anymore.

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

We were both so tired last night we fell asleep as soon as we hit the bed. I woke up and realized I was alone in our bed. I scanned the room and didn’t see Bobby anywhere. I got up and headed to the bathroom and I felt the shower and noticed it had not been used yet. I began to panic things began to creep into my mind. Things like Bobby has finally got tired of me and left me, and then another thought crossed my mind that Johnny Storm had come in the middle of the night and took Bobby from me. I sat on the bed trying to clear my mind of these thoughts when all of a sudden Bobby walks in carrying a breakfast tray full of fresh fruit and all sorts of delicious things. He saw me and smiled “Well I was hoping on surprising you with breakfast in bed” I got up and took the trey from him and kissed him “Oh you did surprise me Mr. Drake” I said to him as I tugged on his semi-hard cock through his shorts. We sat down and we began to feed one another the breakfast he brought in. I smiled and told him we need to get ready for our day full of classes. He frowned and then I tugged off his shorts and pulled him by the cock into the shower. He asked me if I was ready to get back into classes. I looked at him “Honestly I can’t answer that, part of me is but the other part of me is worried sick”. Bobby took my hands and pulled me into a kiss “I can understand that baby, just remember you are not alone in this” he then kissed me so long and passionate I felt like I was melting in his arms.

Our first class was of course P.E./Power Training we were told to meet down in the Danger Room. I was a bit worried because last time this happened I destroyed it and it was also when I learned about the Phoenix. Bobby held onto my hand the whole time as we made it to the Danger Room. Logan and my dad were there waiting for all of us. Logan went into detail about what we were doing here today. I was surprised when he told us we will just be doing target practice I couldn’t help but think how easy this is going to be. That is until we started the new upgrade to the Danger Room was completely remarkable. It was very hard to hit those darn targets even for me. When class ended every inch of my body ached but in a good way. Bobby and I ran and took a quick shower together and got to our Science class just in time.

Science seemed to drag on forever, I mean don’t get me wrong I love my mom and she is a great teacher but for some reason today it just seemed boring. When class was over my mom walked over to Bobby and I “Shawn I couldn’t help and notice you looked bored. So here is what I would like to do I will give you and Bobby a test that will see where you two are at and if you exceed this test I will talk to Professor Xavier and have him get you into an advance Biology class with Hank”. I looked at my mom and she smiled and kissed us both on the forehead and then told us to go enjoy lunch. We made it to the kitchen and got the things that were put out for us to have lunch. We met with our friends near the lake and sat down and enjoyed each other’s company. We sat there and talked when I saw my parents walking up to us, my dad asked if they could join us and we made space for them. My mom smiled and then looked over to Kitty and Rogue “I was wondering if you two ladies will be my bride’s maids for my wedding”. Kitty and Rogue squealed of happiness and told her yes right away. I smiled at them and felt happy that they were including my friends in the wedding. My dad then asked Peter if he would mind being an usher, and Peter looked at my dad and told him he would be honored.

(Bobby’s P.O.V)

Shawn, Rogue, Kitty, and Peter and I were sitting in our spot near the lake enjoying lunch, when Scott and Jean came over and asked to join us. I sat back putting my head on Shawn’s shoulder as I sat there listening to Jean ask Kitty and Rogue to be her Bride’s maids. I laughed how excited Peter got when he got asked to be an usher. I felt for the ring box I had put in my backpack and took it out and quickly put it in my pants pocket. Shawn looked at me and I could tell he was trying to figure what I was doing. When Scott and Jean were done talking I looked at my watch and saw I had enough time. I stood up and Shawn began to stand up but I had him sit back down. “I was trying to figure out the best time to do this and I guess now is the best time ever since we got Scott and Jean here as well”. I saw Kitty look at me excitedly as I cleared my throat and took the ring box from my pants pocket. I then got on one knee and looked right at Shawn “Shawn we have been through so much already and I feel our love has grown evil stronger. When you told me you lost your promise ring I made I could see the hurt and sadness in your eyes. That is why I got these” I opened the box and everyone saw the rings, Jean took Scott’s hand and had the biggest smile. I took a deep breath “Shawn what I am asking is if you would still have me as your boyfriend and when we are old enough to marry that you would have me”. I stood there and waited for Shawn to answer me. He had tears in his eyes “Bobby you don’t know how much this means to me. Yes, yes I will keep that promise I love you so much” he got up and kissed me so lovingly. I heard everyone cheer and tell us congratulations.

(Scott’s P.O.V)

As Jean and I sat there with Bobby, Shawn, Kitty, Rogue and Peter I was completely surprise what Bobby did. He took a ring box out and he then got on one knee and opened it asking my son Shawn if he would take him as his boyfriend and someday as his companion. I could feel the tears in my eyes, and Jean was crying for joy as well. Our son has been through so much in his life so far and now he has someone who loves him the way his mother and I can’t. I mean do not think me wrong I knew they were a couple before all this and they have had sex, but I just figured they would do it tell they found their soul mates. That’s why I was so taken back how I could be so blind and not see it wasn’t just a fling they had they were truly in love. When it was time for lunch to end we wished the group good bye when Jean whispered in my ear “Let’s take them all out for dinner tonight Scott”. I smiled and kissed her and told her great idea, I turned around and saw they were all still there they were all just getting up and gathering there bags. I ran back to them “To celebrate Shawn and Bobby’s promise to one another Jean and I want to take you all out to dinner tonight” they all said yes and I then told them to get to class before they are late.

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

I looked at the ring that is on my finger and I can’t believe Bobby had gotten me this ring. Some may say it is just a plain silver ring but not to me. This ring is priceless because it came to the most wonderful guy in the world. We got to Storm’s class and she smiled at us and welcomed everyone to class. She began to pass books out and I saw it was one of my favorite stories The Wind and the Willow, Storm got everyone’s attention “Now I know you are all wondering why I am having you read a children’s story well that is simple. This story has a very unique point of view and we need to open our minds to just that”. We read out of the book for the raining of the class and then she told us that homework is to do a two page paper on what we read and why we thing the author used animals instead of people. When class was over Bobby and I kissed each other good bye and I left for my class with Professor Xavier.

I entered the class and the Professor asked to talk to me for a few minutes alone so I followed him outside to the terrace. “Shawn you and I have not had a chance to talk since the incident between Bobby and Johnny. I first want to apologize to you for not stopping Johnny at that moment. I want you to know that I will make sure it never happens again. Also, you have progressed in controlling your powers much faster than any telepath I have ever known, and that goes for me as well. But I would still like to keep you as a student and open your mind to more than what you can do”. I looked out across the property then looked at him “I should be the one apologizing to you Professor after everything you have done for me, I went and snapped at you so I am sorry for that”. Professor Xavier told me it was completely okay and understandable, and we got back to the class and he right away began it

. Once class was over I was the first to leave and I met with Bobby at the front of the stairs. I took his hand and we went to our bedroom. We knew we didn’t have that much time to fool around so we just snuggled into one another and wrapping our arms around each other’s bodies. When it was getting close to the time we were all supposed to meet up with my parents for dinner Bobby and I changed our clothes and we put on the matching black dress shirts we bought at the mall on. We walked downstairs and found my parents, Kitty, Rogue, and Peter waiting for us. We left outside to the car and got in, and my parents drove us to a nice restaurant near the ocean. My dad gave the Host our name and we were then seated at a table that overlooked the beach. We ordered our food and we had a really nice meal and afterwards my parents took us to go bowling.

Just as we were about to all sit down my and put our bowling shoes on a man came up to us, and right away I could tell this guy was a mutant as well. “Well look what we got here I must say this must be my lucky night, I got the X-men and the baby X-men here. How about you guys leave or I will personally kick your ass. This here is brotherhood territory” He said to my dad as he spit this green gunk onto the floor. My mom stepped in front of my dad “We do not want any trouble; we just came here to bowl”. The guy stepped right up to my mom almost to where their noses were touching “Let me put this in simple English Bitch, leave now or you guys will be sent back to your precious Xavier in pine boxes” and then he kissed my mom and my mom sent him flying back into a shelf full of bowling balls causing the whole bowling alley to stop and see what is going on. The guy got up and cracked his neck “now see you shouldn’t have done that” the whole place started shaking and everyone began to run out of the exits yelling earthquake. The guy was soon backed up by three more mutants and they charged at us. My mom was caught off guard and sent flying down an alley into some pins. My dad tried fighting them hand to hand but he was no match for the guy he was fighting.

Soon it was a heated battle, Rogue got a hold of one of the mutants who seemed to be able to absorb my dad’s blasts from his eyes and drained his power but as she was doing it she then she was hit smacked dab in the head with a bowling ball. Bobby tried keeping them away from me; I still was scared to use my powers since the Washington episode but that all changed when this guy came and picked Bobby up and began to punch him with flaming fists. I screamed “STOP” and everyone just stopped and looked at me like I was an idiot. I was soon charged at by this toad like mutant and he smirked and looked at me “Oh you look like you can use some Toad in you” He jumped towards me but I stopped him in the air “I don’t want to hurt you” I said to him and then he spit this gunk that became like cement around my face. I quickly got it off and saw him coming back at me. I then felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder and found this wooden spike going all the way through, my mom saw me and screamed my name but I just took a big gulp of air and pulled the spike out. I didn’t have time to focus my energy on healing because another spike hit me in the leg causing me to fall to the ground. I saw Bobby get pinned down and I crawled to him and used the all the remaining energy I had to put a shield around us. I was fading in and out of consciousness when the bowling alley doors burst open and in came Logan and Storm. The mutants who were attacking us began to run and I looked at Bobby and saw that he was holding his side; I lifted up his shirt and saw that it was bruised from his abdomen to his chest. I just held him but I could feel my strength failing as well.

Waking up to the familiar sounds of hospital machinery I sighed thinking am I ever going to stop being put here. I sat up and looked around and I saw Bobby laying in a bed next to me with machines hooked up to him. I checked myself and saw the wounds hand been stitched so I concentrated and I was able to heal them. I pulled the IV out and the monitoring wires off of me and walked over to Bobby. Storm came over right away telling me I should go lie back down. I looked at her “How bad is he Storm and do not Sugar Coat it because I will know if you do” I said to her looking her straight into the eyes. She walked over to me and put her arm around me “He is getting better he has several broken ribs and one did punctured his lung. We have him in a drug induced coma right now just until it’s easier for him to breathe on his own”. I took Bobby’s hand and held it and told him I was right here.

Storm left me alone as I stood by Bobby’s bed holding his hand when I knew she was gone I quickly grabbed the computer and brought the screen to see Bobby’s ribs over his body and once I saw them I took a deep breath and stared at them watching them begin to heal. I saw Bobby scrunch his teeth in pain and the machines began to beep wildly causing my mom, and Storm come running in. Just as they got to us the machines began to beep normally and Bobby woke up breathing easily. My mom began to examine him and looked him over and then looked at me “Shawn how did you do this?” I looked at her “Well I know by concentrating I can heal myself, and I saw how bad Bobby was and I knew I had to help him. So I concentrated on the broken ribs and the punctured lung and I mended them”. My mom looked at me astonished and then she hugged me “Not even I have that much power to heal someone else, I can heal myself if I focus hard enough but to heal another like this is truly unbelievable”. She then looked at Bobby “How are you feeling Bobby any problems breathing or any pain?” “Honestly I feel great no pain at all and breathing is fine, so if all possible I can I get out of here” he said to her. My mom laughed and told us to get going and take it easy.

(Bobby’s P.O.V)

I can’t remember too much on how I got put in the hospital wing, the things I do remember is Shawn crawling to me then that’s all I remember then waking up and Jean and Storm looking at me wide eyed. That is when I found out Shawn did something that I can only describe as a miracle. He somehow managed to heal my body; I kept looking at him as we were in the elevator thinking to myself that he is nothing but an angel. We got to our room and Shawn shut the door and kissed me with such lust and passion that it took my breath away. We barely made it to the bed when he had me completely naked and kissing my body. The feel of his lips against my body was amazing it sent electric shocks through my body wanting him to never stop. When he began taking my cock and pulling back the foreskin and began messaging my head with his tongue. I felt like I was going to cum right then and there. When he began engulfing my full length of my hard cock in his mouth all I wanted to do was just shoot my load down his throat. Every single time I got close to cumming Shawn would stop and kiss me, he was torturing me. When I couldn’t take it anymore I began to beg him to let me cum and he stopped and looked at me then had that mischievous smile. He then took my cock and sat down on it and he began to ride me hard. I couldn’t hold back any longer I began to fill his ass with my cum.

Shawn gasped as I shot several massive loads into him he then collapsed on top of me and we fell asleep just like that. I woke up some time in the early morning and Shawn was still sound asleep with my cock inside his ass. I pulled him even tighter into my arms and fell back asleep. We both looked up and I looked at the clock and it was nearing 12:15pm. I quickly told Shawn we need to get dress we have missed half of our classes. We quickly got dress and headed down to get the homework we missed, Jean stopped us and Shawn and I looked at one another with a panic look on our face. She looked at us both “You guys are not in trouble at all, in fact the Professor and I talked last night and we wanted you both to rest so don’t worry about being in trouble for missing classes. Shawn and I sighed in relief and then we continued to the kitchen grabbed some lunch and went back to our room. As soon as we were in our room I stripped out of my clothes and jumped on the bed. Shawn laughed and did the same thing. We both looked into one another’s eyes and you could feel our love pouring from our bodies. When we finished eating we both just laid in bed cuddling into each other.

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

I laid there with my head rested against Bobby’s chest listening to his heart beat and him breathing as he combed his fingers through my hair. We were snapped out of our alone time to someone pounding on our door. I sighed and got up and put some shorts on then tossed Bobby his shorts. Whoever was at the door was not letting up they kept pounding at the door. I opened the door seeing it was Peter. I invited him in and I could tell something was wrong. He took the chair from his desk and sat down as I sat next to Bobby at the edge of the bed. After five minutes of silence Peter looked at us “I did something I can never take back guys, yesterday I was walking with Kitty to class when I saw this girl walk out from Professor Xavier’s office with Storm. She is so beautiful and Kitty saw me staring and punched me in the arm. Well today I ran into this girl she is new to the school, and she asked me to join her for lunch. I thought nothing of it just looked at is as a friendly lunch. I ended up kissing her and it wasn’t a quick kiss it was a long passionate kiss. Well we were soon all over one another and she was taking my dick out of my pants and began jerking me off. Soon we were going at it I was having sex with her when Kitty walked over and saw it. She ran off and no one has seen her, Bobby, Shawn I am worried about her the Professor said she is somewhere in town and he will get someone to go get her. Guys will you please go find her?” Bobby and I looked at one another and we talked telepathically and we both didn’t have to convince each other to go look for Kitty. Kitty was our friend and we needed to find her. Bobby looked at Peter and told him we would go look for Kitty but he really needs to figure out how he is going to regain Kitty’s trust. Peter wiped the tears from his eyes and thanked us and left. We got dressed and went to go see the Professor.

We found the Professor talking to Storm and when we knocked he told us to come in. We told him that Peter came to us asking for help on finding Kitty and the Professor Smiled and told us thank you and of course we could help look for her. He told us of the last place he was able to census her with Cerebro and we were soon on our way. It took a while but we finally found Kitty in a park crying on a bench. I walked up to her first and she looked up to me and told me just go away. I told her I can’t do that so I sat next to her and she cried on my shoulder. Bobby sat down on her other side. Kitty looked at us and asked “why are you guys here?” I looked at her “we came to find you and take you back home to the Mansion”. She sighed and then looked away and told us she isn’t even sure she wants to after what Peter did to her. Bobby then got her attention “Kitty you and I have been friends since day one we both came to the school at the same day so listen to me right now. Peter fucked up and he is beating himself up for it, but did you stop and think just maybe the girl accidently used her powers on him not knowingly seducing him. You and I both know that it’s hard to control your powers when you first get them. Peter came into our room and told us what happened and then he broke down in tears. We didn’t come because he asked us we came because you are our friend”. Kitty looked away at stared at the fountain and sighed then said “fine I will go back but I am not going to let Peter just get away with a sorry. I laughed and told her I told him he had a lot of work to earn his trust back and that got her to laugh.

When we got back to the Mansion Professor Xavier and Storm were outside waiting for us. I knew he had gotten the message I sent him that we found her and were coming back. Kitty ran up to the Professor and hugged him telling him how sorry she was for leaving the school and the Professor didn’t say a word he just hugged her then said “Welcome back home Kitty”. We walked back into the school and Peter came running down the stairs and walked up to Kitty. Kitty slapped him and told him he needs to leave her alone. Peter looked at Bobby and me then looked at Kitty and sighed and turned around and walked away back to his room. I felt bad for Peter but I could also see where Kitty was coming from. The Professor stopped Bobby and I as we were about to head up the stairs. “Bobby, Shawn I want to thank you both for what you two did. I feel that if I was to send someone else that wasn’t a dear friend to Kitty she would have not have come back to the school. So thank you both very much”. We told the Professor no need to thank us, Kitty is our friend and this is what friends do.

To Be Continued…

Author’s Notes: Well it looks like the Phoenix did get a hold of Shawn, but in the end he was able to regain control of his body. But is the Phoenix truly gone or is it just waiting for the right moment to arise. Also, it looks like the wedding is about to happen. Will everything go smooth, or will there be some hiccups? I guess you will have to wait and see in the next chapter.