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Author’s moment: Well it looks like the Phoenix did get a hold of Shawn, but in the end he was able to regain control of his body. But is the Phoenix truly gone or is it just waiting for the right moment to arise. Also, it looks like the wedding is about to happen. Will everything go smooth, or will there be some hiccups? I guess you will have to wait and see in the next chapter.

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Son of two X-Men Chapter-3

(Sean’s P.O.V)

Kitty and Peter were barely talking to one another but that didn’t stop them from hanging out together with us. Each day I have learned how to better myself with my powers with the help of the Professor and my mom. My parents wedding is only a week away and it is the talk of the whole school. I am looking forward for this afternoon Bobby and I are going out to the Statue of Liberty. He surprised me this morning by telling me he is going to take me there. As I sat on the floor between Bobby’s legs in our room I could feel his cock hardening up. I rubbed his leg seductively causing him to moan in pleasure. “Shawn baby if you keep this up we are going to be late for class”. I looked up to him and gave him my pouty face and he just smirked and leaned down kissing my lips. I sighed and melted into the touch of his lips and we finally got up and headed to class. I am glad that today is not a full school day because all I can think about is my date with Bobby. We got to the pool where we were to have class with Logan. We got dressed for the pool quickly and when I saw Bobby in his speedos I had to quickly think about something that would help get my dick to calm down before I stripped to my speedos. I got undressed to my speedos and we were soon told that today we would be working on our swimming. Bobby jumped in first accidently freezing the whole pool. Once he was able to get the pool unfrozen we went through the laps Logan was having us do. When class was over we went and got dress and made our way to do the test my mother wanted Bobby and I to do to see if we should be in Dr. Hank McCoy’s class.

My mom handed Bobby both a test and she told us don’t even try to cheat because the tests are different. We sat down and began our test, I scanned through the test and saw what it was and first answered the questions I knew the answers to right away. Then I worked on the others I finished my test before Bobby so I just waited for him. He finished his test and we handed them to my mom. We made our way back to our room and we quickly began peeling of our clothes off. Although we wanted to get out of the Mansion that didn’t stop us from having some fun before that. As Bobby was kissing my chest he slid his hand down to my dick and grasped it. We fell onto the bed and soon we began to slip one another’s dicks into each other’s mouths. As we were having our way Bobby went and began to slip his tongue into my ass which caused me to shoot my load all over us. Bobby smirked and laid me down on my back and replaced his tongue with his dick. We made love for almost two and a half hours until I felt his cock shooting into my ass. He pulled out me and I pulled him onto me where we just kissed. Finally we got up and went into the shower and quickly washed up.

Bobby and I just got off the Ferry and were heading to the Statue of Liberty. As we were walking and holding hands several people stared at us and didn’t hide their disgust of us holding hands. I looked at Bobby and saw the worry in his eyes; I squeezed his hand a little tighter reassuring him that he had me. A guy not much older than Bobby walked up to the two of us and I could feel his hatred towards us spewing from every pore of his body. “Well seems that to Faggots have come to see the Statue of Liberty or have you both come to spread your disease of faggot disease around to all of us”. I could feel Bobby’s hand beginning to get colder so I told him quietly in his mind <Bobby do not do it, let him go he is not worth using our powers on>. Bobby looked at me and I then looked at the guy. “Look we don’t want any trouble here we just came here to enjoy a day out just like anyone else”. We walked past him and began to walk away from him when I felt something hit me in the back of the head. I turned around and saw that he had a couple more buddies with him now and they had some rocks in their hands. I just shook it off until one hit Bobby had in the head knocking him out. I turned to face the guys and to say I was pissed is an understatement “You guys just couldn’t leave well enough alone, we were not hurting anyone and now you go and hurt my boyfriend. Big Mistake!” I focused on the guys who were throwing the rocks and I sent them flying into the water. I then grabbed Bobby and took used my powers to fly us home. I sent my mom a telepathic message and she told me she knew already and they are waiting for us. I got Bobby back home and my parents came running out. My mom took him into the hospital wing and my dad told me to follow him Professor Xavier wanted to talk with me.

We got into the study and the Professor welcomed us in with his usual smile and told me to have a seat. The Professor came over to me “Shawn I need to know exactly what happened at Liberty Island today. From what the news has shown you just attacked those young men. I know you didn’t attack them on purpose so please let me know what happened”. I looked down then at the Professor. “Bobby wanted to take me on a date to the Statue of Liberty today, so we got of the Ferry and onto the island and we were holding hands heading up the park. Well there was this guy around Bobby’s age and he began to verbally attack us for being there on a date. We ignored him and walked away. The next thing I knew he and his buddies were throwing rocks at us and all of a sudden one hit Bobby knocking him out. I got upset and they were going to attack me so I used my powers and threw them in the ocean. I am sorry if I caused problems for us or the school Professor but they hurt Bobby” I said as I began to cry. The Professor put his hand on my leg and my dad put his hand on my shoulder. The Professor looked at me “Shawn I understand exactly where you are coming from, do not worry about any trouble those boys needed to chill out and that’s exactly what they did they were not hurt so go check on Bobby and you both have a nice rest of the weekend”. I got up and hugged the Professor and my dad and told them both thank you and left to check on Bobby.

(Bobby’s P.O.V)

So I had this wonderful date planned out for Shawn and myself and it was all falling into place until this guy began to throw hateful words to Shawn and I just because we were holding hands. We tried to ignore him then his buddies joined in and began to throw rocks at us. Again we choose to ignore that as well, that is the last thing I remembered and then I awoke inside the hospital wing of the Mansion. Jean was right there when I awoke and she asked how I felt. I told her I was feeling okay then right away I asked if Shawn is okay. Jean smiled and put her hand on my shoulder “Shawn is fine Bobby he is on his way down right now” just as she said that Shawn walked in. I looked at him and smiled he ran to me and hugged me then kissed me so passionately. Jean coughed to break us up from our kiss and told me that I am okay to go. I stood up and I was still a little light headed and Shawn put my arm over his shoulder and helped me to our room.

We got to our room and he used his powers and shut the door and locked it. We got to the bed and he began to undress me and helped me into bed. I looked at him “Shawn you really are amazing and I love you so much”. Shawn smiled and kissed me “not as much as I love you Bobby”. We began kissing and soon we both were sporting raging hard cocks and I tried my hardest to stay awake but I soon fell asleep. I awoke early the next morning not knowing what time it was and yet I didn’t care I was wrapped tightly inside Shawn’s arms. Finally the urge to pee was getting the best of me so I got up and headed to the bathroom to pee. As I was standing at the toilet about to pee I felt Shawn’s arms wrap around me and his morning hard on pressing between my ass cheeks. He began kissing my neck and I laughed “Shawn you keep this up and I am going to end up peeing everywhere but in the toilet”. He let go and stood beside me and we stood there peeing.

When we were done I kissed him and we stood in the bathroom making out. Shawn turned on the shower and pulled me in kissing me tenderly. He began to wash my back and I felt him take his finger and soap up my hole and then I felt him push his cock up into my hole. As he made love to me in the shower I could feel with every push into my ass the love he had for me pulsating through my whole body. When he finally began to shoot everything his balls had built up I could feel this overwhelming love for Shawn. I shot my load all over the shower wall coating the tiles with sperm. We cleaned up and got out and got dressed and headed downstairs to meet with our friends to begin with the practice of Jean and Scott’s wedding.

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

Bobby and I made our way down to the main floor of the mansion and met with everyone to head to the chapel for the practice wedding. We got to the chapel and we went through the wedding ceremony several times just to make sure we had it down correctly. After we finished we went to a Chinese restaurant and ate. I was shocked that Logan spoke Chinese so fluently. As we exited the restaurant Logan flew up in the air and went flying through one of the other building’s windows. The Professor yelled “Its Magneto quickly we must protect the people around us”. Bobby and I right away began gathering everyone to get down into the subway and to stay there. Bobby used his powers to seal the subway entrance once the last person got in and I used my powers to drill air holes through the ice. Once we knew everyone was safe we all got into action. All of a sudden a car came flying at my mom and she stopped it in midair and set it down. I heard a baby crying from the car and I ran to the car to find a new born baby in a car seat. I grabbed the baby and told Bobby to open the sealed entrance to the subway. He quickly got the entrance open and I ran down the stairs and took the baby inside. I asked everyone if they knew who the baby belonged to and no one answered. I then scanned everyone’s mind in the subway and couldn’t find the baby’s parents anywhere. One lady with a set of infant twins told me she can look after the baby for me. I gave her the baby and told her thank you and ran back upstairs to the street and had Bobby reseal the entrance.

The Brotherhood was throwing everything they can at us and I saw Magneto keeping Logan from helping. I asked the Professor how to stop Magneto and he told me unless we could get his helmet off Eric can’t be harmed by a telepath. Pyro began dueling it out with Bobby and Mystique came running at me. I began dodging attack after attack from Mystique and she was getting angrier. I finally had enough and I sent her flying backwards into a brick wall knocking her out. I looked over to my parents and saw them fighting Magneto and Juggernaut. I saw Rogue run up to the Juggernaut and took her glove off and touched him causing him to collapse to the ground. She got his helmet off of him and that left Magneto and Pyro and Sabretooth left to deal with. I could see Sabretooth attacking Wolverine and Wolverine stood no chance thanks to Magneto. I ran up to Sabretooth and I sent him flying up into the air and then hurtling down to back down landing hard into the pavement.

Magneto sent a car flying at me and I held my hand up and stopped it and caused it to crumble into a small ball. Magneto stared at me dumbfounded which gave my dad enough time to shoot him in the back with his eyes. Logan fell hard onto the ground I ran up to him and asked him if he was okay “Don’t worry about me kid; I will be fine once I punch that asshole Sabretooth to the next world”. Just as he said that Sabretooth came running at me and Logan. Logan pushed me away just in time as Sabretooth’s claws reached for my neck. I had it with this all I raised into the air and lifted Magneto, Sabretooth, Mystique, Pyro, and Juggernaut into the air with me causing them to look at me with pure panic in their eyes. Magneto tried to use his powers and send whatever pieces of metal at me to break my concentration but it wasn’t working I was able to block all of them. I sent them flying fast towards the Hudson River and watched them splash down hard into the river. I landed softly back on the street and I walked over to Bobby and helped him up from the ground. The Professor, my parents, Logan and the rest of the wedding group came over to me and the Professor had a smile on his face “Well Shawn I can honestly say you amaze me yet again, your mom has only ever been the one to beat Magneto and his friends”. I just smiled and held Bobby’s hand as we left to head back to the Mansion.

(Bobby’s P.O.V)

It never fells when we try to have a good time the Brotherhood is always there to stop us. The Professor says it is just the way Magneto is and has been that way for a long time. Although I have to say if it wasn’t for Shawn we would all be still fighting it out with the Brotherhood and not heading back to the Mansion. We got back and the Professor told said to us it has been a long day and maybe we should head back to bed. As Shawn and I got to our room he sat down on the bed and fell back and fell asleep. I carefully undressed him and moved him to the head of the bed and covered him up. I then slipped out of my clothes and join Shawn in our bed.

The following week seemed to fly by and before anyone knew it was day of the wedding. Shawn and I went ahead before everyone with Scott and Logan. The Fantastic four along with Spiderman agreed to help keep an eye out of trouble. I had to laugh at Shawn because he kept giving Johnny the evil eye and wouldn’t leave my side. Soon the rest of the wedding party arrived and we began getting the wedding on its way. Peter had made sure everyone had sat in their proper spots. Scott, Shawn, and I stood in our spots and soon the music began to play and the Professor came rolling down while holding Jean’s hand followed by her Bridesmaids. Once she came over Beast began asking who gives away Jean and the Professor said he does. Soon Beast was beginning the wedding ceremony. I held Shawn’s hand as the wedding continued and I noticed tears of joy seeping from his eyes. Soon they exchanged their vows and then the rings. Beast gave the okay to kiss the Bride and Scott and Jean were married. I looked over towards Logan and saw the sorrow in his eyes. The Professor announced that we will have the wedding reception back at the Mansion.

(Scott’s P.O.V)

When I saw Jean coming down the Chapel isle in her beautiful white wedding dress I felt my heart beating out of my chest. It was great when I kissed Jean as my wife, I looked over towards Shawn and he had tears of joy in his eyes. We made our way back to the mansion for the reception and I was amazed how great it was. Jean left the whole wedding reception planning up to Storm and Kirk. The garden was decorated with white lilies, roses, and red table clothes. The reception went on until 3am. Most of the students had gone to bed a couple hours ago. I saw Shawn and Bobby in their chairs trying to stay awake. Jean and I smiled and we called it a night. We left early the next morning to our honeymoon in Hawaii. Jean and I were a bit worried about being so far away but the Professor assured us that everything would be fine.

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

Bobby and I woke up early to see my parents off for their honeymoon. I could feel the love and happiness just pouring from their bodies. Once they left Bobby and I returned back to our room and stripped out of our clothes and got back into bed wrapping our arms around one another and falling asleep. I woke up by Bobby softly kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear. I turned around and looked at him and smiled at him “Mmm I so love the way you wake me up, I leaned up and kissed him passionately. Our kiss lasted for almost five whole minutes. I grabbed Bobby and began to rubbing his back. Soon I could feel his dick hardening up against my stomach so I reached down and began to stroke him. In about ten minutes he was panting he was getting close to cumming so I stopped and waited a few minutes and began stroking him again. I kept doing this several times making him beg for me to allow him to cum. I then let go and got him on his back and positioned his dick against my asshole and sank it in to my ass. I rode his cock nice and hard and soon I recognized his panting and I clinched my ass as tight as possible and he shot his load into me. This caused me to shoot my load all over Bobby’s chest and I fell onto him panting.

We kissed for several minutes and finally we got up and showered. We got dressed and made our way towards the kitchen where we found our friends. We talked for several minutes and we all decided we would go to the mall today. I was excited because I really wanted to get some new clothes and check out Spencers in the mall. We got a car and we headed out to the mall. I couldn’t help but noticed the sad look on Rogue’s face as we were heading to the mall. As we parked I asked Bobby if he minded if I took Rogue alone with me so she can help me get something special for him. He smiled and told me of course its okay. We all decided when to meet back together and Rogue and I went a separate way then the rest of the group. We went into American Eagle and she helped me find some new shirts. As we were looking at clothes I looked at her “Rogue I know something is bothering you and I want you to know that you can talk to me” I told her. She sighed and I could see tears in her eyes “I am tired of being alone Shawn, seeing Jean and Scott get married just makes me depressed because of my powers I can’t touch anyone”. I pulled her into a hug and I focused my powers to make a shield around me so she could hug me as well.

Once we talked some more we discussed things about at the school and I learned that Rogue had really liked Nightcrawler aka Kurt. We then talked about how they could go on a date and I came up with an idea on how we can get them to go on a date. I told her once we get back to the Mansion I will talk with Dr. McCoy. We continued shopping and she helped me find a few more clothes. We met up with Bobby, Kitty, and Peter near the food court and we decided we would go to the restaurant in the mall instead of eating in the food court. I held Bobby’s hand under the table and I had to bite my lip went Bobby reached into my shorts and began playing with my dick. We finished our lunch and we headed back home. Bobby and I put our things away and I smirked when I showed him the edible body paint I bought at Spencers. He licked his lips and I had to tell him to calm down I needed to see Dr. McCoy. He tried giving me the puppy dog face but I just kissed him and told him I will be back soon.

I found Dr. McCoy in the library reading I knocked on the door out of respect and he smiled and told me to come in. I told him about my idea to help Kurt get out of the house and enjoy life like the rest of us. He told me that I had a really good idea so we went to the science lab and began working on a device to change the outside of Kurt. This device wouldn’t affect his abilities at all; all it would do is put like holographic skin around Kurt. Dr. McCoy was getting excited about this. He looked at me “You have a great eye for technology Shawn I wish I would have thought of this a long time ago” he said rubbing my head and messing my hair up. We worked for two hours until we finally finished. He took the device and we put it on a mannequin and we pushed a button and it looked like a real person. We smiled at one another and I ran to go get Kurt and I led him down to the lab. We showed him the device and it looked like a normal watch it even told time and we showed him the button to push. He pushed it and right before us stood a human looking Kurt about 18 years old tall and skinny. The device was working perfectly we told him to try and eat a couple things and we had him pick up things and use his powers. The device didn’t once stop working, he hugged both Dr. McCoy and I told us thank you so much.

I asked Kurt to follow me because I wanted him to be able to go out and try the device out in public. First we stopped in to see the Professor and at first the Professor looked at both of us strangely and then laughed “Kurt I must say at first I thought we had a new student I wasn’t aware of and that would have been bad” we laughed with him then he looked at me “Shawn I take it this is your idea of this device. What you have done is amazing and I am sure Kurt is very happy as well”. Kurt told the Professor he was and then we left to go find Rogue. We found her sitting in the garden reading, I told Kurt to wait here for a minute and I ran to Rogue. “Well if I didn’t know better I would think you were lost in that book there Rogue”. She jumped a little and then said yea she was, I told her there is someone I want her to meet and she rolled her eyes and said fine. I waved over to Kurt to come over and when Rogue saw him she looked at me oddly. I smiled and told Kurt to show Rogue who he was. He pushed the button on the device revealing the real him. I then told Rogue Kurt wants to go try out his new skin and he needs someone to go with him. She smiled big and then whispered in my ear “I owe you so much for this, thank you Shawn”. I handed her a few hundred dollars from my wallet and told them both to go have fun to go see a movie and have dinner. Rogue took Kurt’s hand and they walked back inside.

I sat there in the garden for a few minutes when I felt the strong arms of Bobby wrapping around me. I turned my head a little and we kissed for several minutes. He sat next to me “I heard what you did for Kurt, and I hear you asked Rogue to take him out on the town. Care to tell me why you asked Rogue and we didn’t show Kurt around”. I looked around and then told Bobby in his mind that Rogue liked Kurt. He nodded his head in understanding and we sat there in the garden wrapped in each other’s arms for an hour. We finally got up and went to our room and we lie in the bed and fell asleep.

Author’s minutes: So Scott and Jean did finally get married and Shawn was able to help Kurt and Rogue out. Also Shawn seems to have a better control over his powers now he even was able to send the Brotherhood away from him and the other X-Men. But, what is to come of that, we know that Magneto doesn’t like to be defeated. Keep an eye out for more to come.