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Author’s minutes: So Scott and Jean did finally get married and Shawn was able to help Kurt and Rogue out. Also Shawn seems to have a better control over his powers now he even was able to send the Brotherhood away from him and the other X-Men. But, what is to come of that, we know that Magneto doesn’t like to be defeated. Keep an eye out for more to come.

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Son of Two X-men Chapter 3

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

My parents are due back from their honeymoon any day now. Things have been very quiet as far as Magneto goes which has all a bit uneasy. My studies seem to be going great and Bobby and I can’t be in even more in love. I found Rogue smiling after her date with Kurt and she saw me and ran up to me and hugged me. I waited for the power draining from her touch but oddly it never happened when she hugged me. She quickly pulled away from me and began to panic. “Oh My Gosh Shawn I didn’t hurt you did I?” I laughed and smiled “Actually nothing happened which is odd, are you wearing your gloves” she shook her head no. We decided we better go talk to the professor about this. We knocked on the Professor’s office door and he told us to enter. As we walked in he looked up from his book “Oh this is a surprise to see you and Rogue together what brings you to my office?” I sat down “Something odd happened today Professor, Rogue came back from her date and she ran up and hugged me without her gloves on and well she didn’t drain me of my powers”. Professor Xavier looked at us with a puzzled look on his face. He then wheeled over to us and asked if he could try and read my mind. I knelt in front of him as he placed his hands on my head. We both were inside my mind standing next to one another. We walked in my mind which reminded me of a library it was full of books and file cabinets. In the middle of this library was this huge glowing orb. I looked at the professor and he just smiled “This is what makes you, you Shawn this is your mutant abilities. Just as he said that an image of me jumped out of the orb and nodded his head then spoke to us “Hello Professor Charles Xavier and Shawn. I am sure you both have many questions on whom or what I am. But first let me answer the question you came here to seek in the first place. Shawn your mutant powers are very strong, much stronger than your mother’s Jean Grey. I am part of that power you see; the Phoenix is a very powerful source of power. Very few have ever overcome it. The Phoenix wasn’t always an evil entity it was once a source of light that is what this orb is. You didn’t destroy the Phoenix Shawn, you cleansed it. Therefore you and the Phoenix have become one in the same. Now this doesn’t mean that you will lose control and it will take over it means the complete opposite. You have this power to tap in when it is needed and you will still be in complete control. Think about what happened the day the brotherhood attacked and what you were able to do. This has been your destiny since the beginning of time. Professor Xavier you have heard stories of the child of the Phoenix. But to answer the question about why your powers were not taken from the one known as Rogue is simple your powers just didn’t allow it. I must go but remember Shawn you have great power now and it will always be there to help you when you need it”. The Professor and I looked at one another as we exited my mind. Rogue looked at us with concern and I knelt down and told her what we found out.

After talking a little more with the Professor and Rogue I excused myself and told them I wanted to go to bed. Bobby was in our room talking to Peter as I walked in Peter asked if we wanted him to leave and told him to stay he is always welcome. We all talked and laughed about just normal things it felt great. Peter finally left and Bobby plopped on the bed beside me and asked where I have been. I told him what happened and he looked at me with a shocked look on his face. We talked about what I found out a little more and we then stripped out of our clothes and climbed into our bed and held one another as we fell asleep. We woke up and kissed each other good morning and climbed out of bed and showered and got dressed and headed down for breakfast than classes.

Logan led us through a long hard practice in the Danger Room. But I handled everything he was able to throw at me. As far as mine and Bobby’s other classes went smooth, I was really enjoying Hank’s class. After class Hank asked for me to stay and help him with something. I kissed Bobby good bye and told him I will see him soon. I turned back to Hank “Shawn I have been working on something and I need your help please follow me to the lab”. I followed Hank down to his lab in the sub-level and he pulled a sheet back to a device that looked like braces for legs. I looked at him oddly not wanting to read his mind out of respect. He smiled “I have been working on an exoskeleton thing for the Professor. You see this device can help give him back his legs in a way. It will not actually restore the damage that has been done to his legs but it will give him the ability to walk. See here this is a spinal cord device I like to call a centipede. The centipede will latch onto his back and attach its legs to the central nervous system and work with the brace to help him walk again. But the problem is I can’t get the system to work properly. I was hoping you can help me with that”.

Hank and I worked on this exoskeleton device and soon we had it responding perfectly to the system. Hank went to go get the Professor and soon they both returned. We went into detail on what we built and he agreed to try it out. We helped him into the leg braces and they fit him perfectly. We then helped him to a table and had him lay on his stomach as we began prepping him for the centipede. I gently put it on him and pushed a couple pin point buttons with the pin I had and it latched onto the Professor. He cried out in pain for a few minutes and then told us to keep going. Soon the device was active and the next step would be up to the Professor’s nervous system. We had the Professor sit up and slowly we went through some basic tests. We had him wiggle his toes then his feet. We then had him move his legs up and down and everything seemed to be working perfectly. The Professor than slowly slipped off the table and stood up and he had the biggest smile on his face. He walked around the lab and then Hank had him get on the treadmill and the Professor began jogging than running in place. We showed him how to take things off and how he can shut it off with his powers.

After seeing how much joy the Professor we brought the Professor I slipped away and met up with Bobby who was just heading down for dinner. As we met at the bottom of the stairs we kissed and then headed to the kitchen. Just as we were about to eat the perimeter alarm gone off. All the younger students began to panic; Bobby and I acted fast and got them all down in the lower levels under the mansion. Just as we got the last student down below the front doors of Mansion exploded open. Several men in black uniforms with ak-47s came rushing in. Logan, Peter, Rogue, Kurt, Hank and the Professor showed up behind Bobby and me, we stood there waiting for them to attack. The Professor came beside us and looked at the troops. “Why have you come here? This is a school for children you have no right to be here” A man in a military uniform came walking in and told the men to stand down. He walked up to us and I could sense Logan’s anger rising.

The man looked at all of us then at the Professor “Ah Charles Xavier it is so nice to finally meet you. Let me introduce you to myself, my name is Stryker”. Just as he said his name Logan ran up to him “You son of a bitch get your ass out of here”. Stryker just looked at Logan and smiled “Wolverine it has been a long time, you haven’t changed one bit”. I knew what Logan was about to do so I stepped in front of the two and put my hand on Logan’s chest and told him in his mind this is exactly what Stryker wants. Logan retracted his claws back into his hands and kept his glaze on Stryker. The Professor came up and looked at Stryker “I am sorry but I need to ask you and the men you have here to leave my school”. Stryker looked at the Professor and gave a smirk at him “See I do not think so Charles, I am here on behalf of Humanity and we have come to put a stop to you mutants. Your kind is an abomination and needs to be eliminated”. He then waved his hands and the men he came in began to come in further and pointed their guns at all of us. The Professor told me in my mind to have Bobby put a wall between us and Stryker and his men. I told Bobby mentally and he shook his head okay. I used my powers to freeze Stryker and his men to give Bobby a chance to put the wall of ice up. Soon right before our eyes was a 3ft thick ice wall that reached the ceiling. The Professor had us all get to the lower level and evacuate the Mansion.

We managed to get everyone out of the mansion and we all went different ways but we are supposed to meet in a place near the Appalachian Mountains. Bobby and I drove one vehicle with eight other students in the back. I could sense their fear and I did everything I could to calm them. I grabbed the comm device in the glove box and was able to get a hold of my parents. I told them in code where to meet and I knew they understood. It was nearly morning when we reached the rendezvous point early in the morning. We drove around and we stopped at a McDonalds and got everyone breakfast and then continued to the place we were to meet up.

Soon another vehicle pulled up beside us with Logan and Storm with several other students in it. I got out and asked them where we go from here and Storm told us to follow them. We followed them high up into the mountains to what looked like a ski lodge and we then got into the garage and it was an elevator. The elevator went down and we saw the rest of the students, my parents, the Professor, and the other X-men waiting for us. The Professor walked over to Bobby and me “I am sure you both are confused about where we are exactly well this place was my family’s cabin. I had it remodeled when I had the school opened. It has everything that the school has, so please let us go meet with the other X-men and talk about what is happening”. We followed the Professor to the conference room and it had monitors and screens all over the walls, we sat down and waited for the meeting to begin.

A woman with blonde hair that seemed to shine stood up, I looked at Bobby in confusion “That’s Emma Frost another telepath she can transform her body into diamonds to protect herself” he whispered in my ear. Emma looked straight at me with a confused look on her face then I could feel her trying to read my mind. I easily blocked her causing her to stagger backwards. The Professor looked at her then me and winked at me. Emma looked back at everyone “From what I have gathered Stryker has unlimited access to anything the Government has. He also has a hidden base somewhere in Canada, where we are not sure yet. That is the least of our worries though. Stryker has gotten the help with several Senators of the U.S. Government and formed a Militia known as the “Hand of Righteous”. Now from what I was able to get this Militia are building machines that can adapt to mutants powers and use them against us. They call these machines Sentinels. When these things are to be deployed against us we are not curtain as of yet but we have people helping us with that. S.H.I.E.L.D has been monitoring all frequencies to see what they can find; they work with us because of all that we have done in the past to aide them. At the Professor’s request I have notified all the schools that help mutants and the agencies that have not turn on us for help. Sadly that is all I have gathered so far”. A man I have never seen before who was shuffling a deck of cards in the corner spoke up “So let me get this straight this Stryker guy has the Government and God knows who else helping him. Sounds like to me we just find his base of operation and blow the Son of a Bitch up” he said with a sly grin.

The Professor stood up “Now isn’t the time to be rash we need to organize ourselves and try to show that there are mutants who are on the Government’s side of the law. If we go and just blow up Stryker’s base that could cause more harm than good. We need to get all the help we can get right now no matter who it is”. Right then I knew who he was talking about and I didn’t like it. He was talking about the Brotherhood. The meeting finally came to an end and Bobby and I walked over to my parents and my mom hugged us both. “Oh thank God you and Bobby are safe” she said kissing my forehead. Emma Frost came up to the four of us and cleared her throat she extended her hand out at me “hello I am Emma Frost, sorry for the intruding into your mind but something about you seems different than the rest of us telepaths”. My mom stood in front of Emma “You will leave my son alone Emma, Do I make myself Clear?” Emma smiled softly “Of course Jean”. Something inside of me didn’t trust her I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Bobby and I followed my parents to the main floor and then they told us where are room was. I was happy they were back I really missed them.

(Jean’s P.O.V)

When Scott and me got the call from Shawn and him telling us what happened I began to worry for him. I knew he could handle himself but he is my son and didn’t want him to get hurt. We were the first to arrive at the cabin then the Professor came walking out of the Jet. Scott and I had to look twice and the Professor smiled and told us thanks to Hank and our son he is able to enjoy walking again. He told us about the exoskeleton they made for him and then he told us about how much Shawn’s powers have grown and perfected. I was scared because I knew the Phoenix was dangerous but from what the Professor told us he seemed to be one with it. Emma Frost came up and I still didn’t like her ever since she and some other telepaths tried invoking the Phoenix out of me to give them more power. She has since apologized and changed her ways but I still didn’t like her. I decided then and there that I will make sure she keeps away from Shawn. When everyone else arrived we gathered the X-men into the conference room and I saw Emma look over at Shawn then all of a sudden she almost fell backwards onto the floor. I knew she tried to read Shawn’s mind but he didn’t allow it. I was amazed that he was able to stop Emma from doing so. When I was his age I could barely stop the Professor from reading my mind. After the meeting Scott and I gave our son and Bobby a hug. It felt wonderful to hug him; I still beat myself up on the inside for giving him up so long ago.

I watched Bobby and Shawn go up the stairs holding hands and I then looked at Scott “They truly love one another, and I pray that one day they can have a life that would be wonderful and never have to be afraid for who they are. They have it harder than the rest of us being Gay and being mutants”. Scott kissed my forehead as he held me then looked down at me “We will make sure they have that life they deserve, I want our son to enjoy being in love with Bobby as much as I love you”. I felt Logan’s anger and I told Scott I needed to go see him. Scott wasn’t all too happy about it but I knew I needed to help our friend. Logan was in the Cabin’s hanger pacing around and snarling. I walked up to him and he turned around and smiled “How was the Honeymoon for the newlyweds?” he asked. I told him it was wonderful but that’s not why I am here. We talked for almost two hours and I could see why he was angry. Stryker has done some things to him that he can’t let go of. Our conversation turned to Shawn and he told me that he had Shawn training on his level in the Danger room and he not only beat the program but he also beat Logan’s time. I kissed Logan’s head and told him if he ever needs to talk I am here for him. He hugged me softly and told me thanks and I left him alone.

(Bobby’s P.O.V)

Shawn and I got to our room and it just didn’t feel like our room back at the Mansion. We found out that we did have a toilet and sink but the shower was a general shower that we shared with the other guys on our floor. The cabin was four levels above ground and it was divided by age and gender. Shawn sat on the bed and I could tell something was eating at him so I knelt down in front of him and held his hands and he looked at me with sad eyes. “Shawn sweetheart what’s wrong you can tell me”. Shawn began to cry and I got up and sat next to him as he cried into my shoulder “I just want to be able to enjoy life for a change, my whole life I have always had to defend myself from people who hated me for being gay. I am so tired of it Bobby and now we have this Stryker wanting to hunt us down because we are mutants. Is it ever going to end?” I just held him tightly and combed my hand through his hair “I can’t answer that Shawn, no matter what or who we are there will always be someone who doesn’t like something about us. That’s the way things are, but no matter what you have me and will always have me”.

We both fell asleep holding one another close. Since I have met Shawn my whole life seemed to finally be filled with a purpose and a reason. He was truly my soulmate and I would protect him to the very last breath. I awoke in the morning and Shawn was still sound asleep, I slipped out of his arms and relieved my bladder. What clothes we had managed to gather I changed into some shorts and climbed back into bed. Shawn was awake and he looked at me with his beautiful green eyes “Morning” he said softly. I kissed him and we laughed because we both had serious morning breath. I watched him get up and go to the bathroom and then he lied down beside me and just smiled. We both were horny as hell but we didn’t make love we just held one another and it seemed that life stood still. We were brought out of our own world when someone knocked on the door. Shawn looked up and then said “Come in Peter”. Peter came in and laughed because of Shawn knowing it was him. He saw we both had hard-ons and he looked away “Sorry if I was interrupting anything, I can come back later”. He turned around and I stopped him and told him to have a seat at the bed we were just cuddling. Shawn looked at me and told me mentally something was bothering him.

Peter sat down on the bed and let out a sigh I looked at my friend “Okay bro, what’s going on you don’t seem you?’’ He looked at us “It’s me and Kitty, she wants to take things to the next level and I don’t know if I can. See I have been keeping something from everyone and I know if Kitty ever found out she would hate me”. I looked at Shawn and he shrugged not knowing what it was so I asked him what he meant. “First I want you both to know that I do love Kitty but I also, well I guess what I am trying to say I can’t stop thinking about guys as well”. Shawn got up and put his arm around Peter and I got up and did the same on the other side of him. Shawn spoke up “Okay well that means either two things you are either Bi or you are gay either way I know Kitty won’t be mad with you”. Peter looked at us and asked how he would know which one he is and we told him that if he wanted to see what he is to meet us back in our room tonight.

After Peter left Shawn and I talked a little bit about what we would do tonight and we decided to let Peter make the moves but we set some ground rules on what we would do and not do with him. We made our way to the kitchen area of the cabin and found Scott making pancakes for everyone. He told us we better grab some before they are all gone so we quickly grabbed a plate and ate our breakfast. After breakfast everyone who is part of the X-men met in the Danger room. With the help of S.H.I.E.D and the Fantastic Four the Professor and Hank were able to get the plans for the sentinels.

(Shawn’s P.O.V)

We began fighting them and just like the real ones these ones adapted to each of our powers. Somehow though it wasn’t able to handle mine and I remembered the trip to my mind and what my inner self said to the Professor and me. We worked out for almost four hours it came down to me and Logan being the only ones left against six sentinels who had my parents powers, Emma’s powers, Bobby’s, Kitty’s Peter’s and Kurt’s powers as well. Finally after battling for another two hours the Professor ended the program and I was exhausted. Logan rubbed my head “You did good kid” I smiled and told him thanks and he didn’t do too bad himself for an old man. The Professor came down and we talked for a few minutes and then I left to go shower. Bobby and I stood under one of the shower heads and it took every last bit of energy I had to just wash myself. With Bobby’s help I managed to get to our room where I collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep.

{Dream of mine}

I stood in the middle of a field covered with broken sentinels all around me. I looked around and couldn’t find anyone. I let my mind stretch out and I sensed Bobby. I ran to him and found him bloody and badly injured. He was trapped under a sentinel’s hand and his breath was shallow. I knelt down and he looked at me and I cried “Please don’t leave me alone Bobby I need you”. He coughed and blood trickled from his mouth and he looked at me and put his hand on my face “I will always love you even after I leave this world I will always love you and be with you”. He began coughing as more blood came out of his mouth and nose and then I felt his hand slip from my face and fell to the ground. I cried out in pain for losing him and then I was hit and went flying through the air and landed on the other side of the field. I got up and saw a sentinel walking to me. He began using everyone’s powers against me all at once, and I fought him as hard as I can. Then he extended claws like Logan’s and it took everything I could to deflect him. I knew this was the end of me I would soon be with Bobby and everyone who died. But then I heard a voice coming out of nowhere and it was Bobby’s “Shawn, Shawn Wake Up. Please Shawn Wake Up you are having a nightmare”

{End of Dream}

I woke up and I was covered in a cold sweat and Bobby was standing over me with my parents and the Professor. I grabbed Bobby and cried “Oh my God your alive I thought I lost you” I broke our hug and I told everyone about my dream and what happened. The Professor put his hand on my shoulder “We will make sure that never happens Shawn”. I sat there in our bed crying because it felt so real, like it was more than a dream. My parents stayed with Bobby and me for a little longer and then my mom told me she will go make me a sandwich so I can get something to eat. My dad followed behind her and I looked into Bobby’s eyes and I couldn’t forget the pain and emptiness I saw in his eyes in my dream. There was a knock on our bedroom door and Bobby went to answer it. Logan was standing there and asked if I was okay and we told him I was fine and he came in and sat down beside me on the edge of the bed. “Hey Kid, I just wanted you to know I know how it feels to have dreams that frighten you. I still have nightmares about what Stryker did to me and I feel the pain in those dreams. So if you need someone to talk to I am here okay?” I smiled and thanked Logan. He got up and left and soon my parents came with Bologna sandwiches for Bobby and me.

It has almost been a month now since we evacuated the mansion. We all helped with the younger students as much as possible. It was a Friday morning when there was a loud knock on the door. Hank walked to the door and opened it revealing Magneto, Mystic, Pyro, and Juggernaut. Magneto was wearing regular clothes and he looked at Hank “hello Beast I am here to see Charles”. He reluctantly let them in and escorted them to a sitting room. The Professor came walking down the stairs and asked Bobby if he can borrow me for a little bit. I kissed Bobby and told him I will be back soon. We both went into the sitting room where Magneto and his gang were waiting. When Magneto saw the Professor he had a surprised look on his face. “Charles how are you walking?” he asked. Professor Xavier went and told him that I helped build an exoskeleton to aide him in walking. I was happy about this because Hank and I made sure that Magneto’s powers couldn’t affect the exoskeleton. The Professor began to go into detail about Stryker and the Sentinels and Magneto looked at him “Charles are you actually asking me for help, you know that I warned you this may happen one day and now that the day has come you come begging for my help. Why should I help you?”

I stepped up and looked at Magneto right in the eyes “Because whither you want to admit it or not you are scared shitless of these robots. You know deep down that everything you say you fight for and that the X-men fight for can come to an end. That is why you will help us Eric”. Magneto looked at me sternly “You stupid twit how dare you talk to me like this. You forget I can destroy these robots with the wave of my hands”. I began remembering parts of my dreams and remembered some of the things lying in the field and one was Magneto’s helmet covered in blood. I looked at him “You are wrong I have seen what can happen with these machines and I saw your helmet and it was covered in your blood. These sentinels are nothing that none of us have ever faced”. I could see the terror in his eyes and then he told me to show him. I touched his head and we both appeared in the field along with the Professor and we saw the devastation and destruction. Magneto had the look of horror on his face and we then were back in the room with the rest of his gang. Magneto got up and went to the window “Okay, Charles you have my word that the Brotherhood will help you. We cannot let this boy’s dream be our future”. Mystic looked shocked at Magneto’s answer and she stood up and was just about to say something when Magneto told her to sit down.

It has been nearly three months now since the attack on the school and we have used all our powers to help mutants around the world that were being attacked by Stryker and his Militia. Bobby, Logan, Hank, Pyro, I, Kurt and Peter were out on a supply run when we were attacked by one of the Sentinels. The war for our safety and lives had just turned for the worse. Since we were only about two miles from the cabin I told Kurt to get everyone to safety while I buy us sometime. I cleared my mind and tapped into the Phoenix’s powers and I was then covered in a blue flame. I floated up to the sentinel and I began fighting it. It was adapting fast to my powers but I still managed to have the upper hand. Soon three more sentinels came just as I had destroyed the first one and I kept fighting. Soon the X-men and the Brotherhood were here and I noticed we were in a field and I began to recognize it. It was the one from my dream. I screamed for everyone to leave that it was my dream coming true and the Professor and Magneto looked at one another and then me and they took off. I battled the sentinels and when I had stopped the fifth one I took off and got back to the cabin. I entered the cabin’s door and collapsed to the ground.

I could hear Bobby calling my name but I was too weak to answer him. I felt my body being lifted up from the ground and carried. I slipped in and out of conciseness and I saw the lights that led down to the infirmary and then that was the last thing I remembered. I woke up feeling rested and saw I was back in mine and Bobby’s room. I looked around and saw Bobby coming out of the bathroom and he saw me and smiled. “You’re awake; man you had I so worried”. He climbed back in our bed and combed his fingers through my hair. I sighed happily, he told me that since I am awake we should probably get up and tell the Professor what happened exactly. I told him okay and I climbed out of bed and didn’t bother putting any underwear on I just slipped into some jeans and put a shirt on and then my socks and shoes. Bobby and I headed down to the lower level and we met with everyone who looked at me and smiled. Even Magneto and Mystic were happy to see I was okay. The Professor gave me the floor and I told them what I was able to gather as I fought the sentinels. After I finished Hank stood up and took over. “We have gathered several of the remains of the sentinels and are now studying them. The outer part is plastic and the inside is of an organic metal. Magneto and I have been trying to determine its origin but he can’t even figure it out. Magneto would you like to take over?” Magneto stood up “This is no metal I have ever seen it does not respond to my mutant abilities at all. From what Beast and I have come to conclusion is Stryker has someone who is an expert in biology, chemistry, genetics, and engineering working for him to help build these robots”.

I offered my help to both to Hank and Magneto and they gladly accepted it. We broke from our meeting and Hank, Magneto, Mystic, and I all headed to the area the sentinel remains were. My heart raced when I saw the robots remains but I calmed myself down and I began helping run more tests. Soon we began to piece things together on how these things were created. I found a small chip in the cranium of the sentinel that had strange markings on it. Mystic took it and began to examine it. Soon we found that it was the initials of a mutant named Sinister. I could see the anger in Mystic and Magneto’s faces while both Hank and I looked confused. Magneto stood up and walked around a couple minutes not saying anything. “Sinister is a monster and I know that means something coming from me after all I have done. But, Sinister takes mutants and dissects them; he is just a pawn though for something far worse. A mutant who is almost complete immortal, who goes by the name Apocalypse. Apocalypse is one of the oldest mutants on this earth his story dates way back to the rise of Egypt. He was seen as a God at the time and he didn’t even think twice on killing anyone who got in his way. I admit I have done some stuff that can never be undone but Apocalypse is a mutant that I truly do not know we can stop. I suggest that we go talk to Charles about what we have found out”.

We met with the Professor and the other X-men and Magneto’s men in the conference room. We told them what we have discovered and we began to break down a way to put a stop to all of this. We first decided to find out more about Apocalypse then while that is being looked in we will take care of Stryker. Bobby and I volunteered to go to Cairo and see what we can find out about Apocalypse. Peter offered to come with us and we gladly accepted. Kitty looked upset and she walked out obviously upset. Peter got up and went after her to try and talk to her. We began to talk about Stryker and came up with a plan to stop the sentinels. Magneto, Hank, and I volunteered to work on making a device. Bobby and I decided to leave for Cairo at the end of the week. We left the meeting and Bobby and I made our way up to our room. As soon as we got to our room and shut our door there was someone knocking. I went ahead and told Peter to come in. He came in and had the saddest look on his face.

We talked and he told me that Kitty broke up with him, I asked him why and he told us that she said she didn’t want a long distant relationship. Bobby and I let Peter stay with us for the night. He fell asleep between us and I woke up feeling his raging hard on pushing against me. I didn’t want to try anything so I carefully got out of bed and I headed to the bathroom and relieved my bladder. I grabbed a towel and some clean underwear and clothes and made my way to the shower. As I stood under the shower head I felt the water splash against my body and it felt great. I stood under the water for several minutes lost inside my head. (That’s never a good thing for a telepath). I felt arms wrap around me causing me to jump and scream. I heard Bobby laughing then he kissed my neck. I gave him a playful smack and we stood there naked as can be kissing. We finally stopped and I finished up and told Bobby I was due in the lab soon. We decided to meet up for lunch and have it near the creek together.

I arrived at the lab and found Hank and Magneto talking more about the sentinels. I walked up and they told me about the device they wanted to try on a sentinel. I was reluctant but I told them okay. We took one of the cars and drove out. We made our way to Charleston where we took of the cloaking devices that hid us from the sentinels detecting our powers. Soon a sentinel came and we quickly put the cloaking devices on and went back to the cabin. As soon as we got back the lab we began working on more devices for not just us but to hide the whole school and cabin. When lunch came I excused myself and told them I have a lunch date. Bobby just finished packing us a lunch. I handed him one of the devices we made and he put it on and we headed out to the creek. It was a beautiful day and the forest was full of life. Bobby laid a blanket on the ground and pulled sandwiches, grapes, sodas, and cheese slices out of the backpack he had. We sat down and he laid my head down on his lap and fed me some grapes. I fed him cheese and we were in heaven.

We ate our lunch and then we began with dessert. We both began caressing one another as we sliding our hands under each other’s shirts. We slipped our shirts off and began helping one another out of our pants. We laid there on the blanket with no care in the world. We began kissing one another than it came down into a hot steamy 69 session. We didn’t bother rushing we kept at the same pace as the other which made us both ended up cumming at the same time. We kissed and swapped the cum in our mouths with each other. I looked Bobby in the eyes and asked him to make love to me. We made love there and it was amazing. Time seemed to come to a complete stand still. When Bobby finally shot his load into me it was completely amazing. We both had to finally head back to the cabin because I needed to help work on the cloaking devices.

We got to the entrance and kissed as we headed our separate ways. I walked into the lab and Mystic looked at me “about time you get your faggot ass back here”. I looked at her “Do not call me a faggot”. She walked up to me and was just about to say something when Magneto walked up to us “Mystic do not upset Mr. Summers we need his help and I will not have you upsetting someone who is different you of all people know how it feels to be different”. Mystic stormed off and Magneto surprised me and apologized to me for her remark. I simply told him don’t worry about it and I shouldn’t have let it bother me. I followed him to where Hank was and we worked for almost three hours until we finally completed the cloaking devices for the school and the cabin. We went and placed the cloaking device in the cabin and then we had Kurt and Mystic go and put the second one into the school. We contacted the other schools throughout the world that took in mutants and gave them the knowledge on how to make the devices. Hank managed to make a device for all the X-men and the Brotherhood.

The day finally came when it was time for Bobby, Peter and I to go to Cairo. I could tell my mother was worried sick about me going. To hide what we are we took a commercial flight to Cairo. When we got there we met a friend of the Professor whose name is Mark Magnus. Whose mutant ability was to create doorways through space. Mark was very nice and he was very helpful. We went ahead and checked into the hotel we were staying in and went ahead and purchased some excavation equipment to hide what we were truly there for. Mark took us out to dinner that night and the food was delicious. We took a look around Cairo and I couldn’t believe I was in Egypt. Bobby, Peter and I headed to our hotel room and we got into the room and shut the door. Bobby winked at me and I knew what he had in mind it was time to give Peter what he has wanted to do.

We walked up to Peter who had a confused look on his face and we began to kiss his neck and rub his chest. He moaned out and we knew he liked this. We took of our shirts and then we began sucking and kissing Peter’s chest and stomach. He was perfectly toned and had no hair at all on his upper body. We undid his jeans and the slipped down to his ankles. His dick was rock hard and peeking out of his boxers. He was at least 11 inches and uncut and thick. Bobby and I both licked our lips and pulled his boxers down around his ankles. We began to kiss and lick his cock making him moan out even more. We took turns sucking on his cock and balls and soon he was leaking precum. We both were jerking our own cocks as we were pleasing Peter and soon he cried he was going to cum. Bobby took his dick into his mouth and Peter shot so much it began leaking out of Bobby’s mouth. I licked Peter’s cum from Bobby’s lips. Peter’s cum tasted good but not as good as Bobby’s. Bobby slipped Peter’s dick out of his mouth and Peter collapsed into a chair and panted. We got up and cleaned ourselves up since we both shot our own loads. We came back to Peter after we cleaned up and he had the biggest smile on his face. We all slept great that night holding one another as we slept.

The next morning we met up with Mark and we headed to one of the many libraries Cairo had and began searching information about Apocalypse. It was almost closing time until I found the information we needed. I read the document out loud “As the young Prince Ramsey-Ra fought against a being that had unworldly powers, he invoked the Gods for help who then gave him the power to entomb the being into a state of slumber. The Priests of Ra told the young Prince that there will come a time when the being will awaken and try to regain his throne as a God over all mankind. Several individuals who pose powers will fight the being but one who has the Power of Fire shaped as a bird will end the beings reign of terror forever”. Bobby looked at me because we both knew that it meant the Phoenix. I put the scroll down and put my hands on my head and sighed. I told Mark, Peter and Bobby we need to get this to the Professor now. We booked the next flight back to the States with the document tucked safely in one of our bags.

We got back to the states and we met the Professor and the other X-men and the Brotherhood back at the school. The cloaking device was working perfectly there and no one knew the school housed Mutants. We met everyone in the conference room and read them the scroll. We talked about what to do next and it was decided that we take the fight to Apocalypse. Bobby, Peter, and I found out that Stryker was stopped and they destroyed the Master Mold that was the center of the creation of the Sentinels. Hank and Mystic began to search for where Apocalypse might be hiding and Bobby, Peter, and I left to go get some much needed sleep. I couldn’t sleep that night I kept thinking about what was written on the scroll. I wrote a note for Bobby telling him I was going to see the Professor. I found the Professor and Magneto playing Chess. I knocked and asked if he minded if we talked. Magneto smiled and nodded and left us alone. We began to talk and I told him about what I was feeling. He walked over to me and sat beside me. “Shawn maybe this is part of your destiny this could be the reason why you were able to control the Phoenix now. You will not face Apocalypse alone Shawn you will have all of us behind you”. We talked a little more and I felt better, as I left Magneto was patiently waiting outside. I apologized for interrupting his chess game and he told me it was quite alright.

I got back to mine and Bobby’s room and he was still asleep. I got undressed and climbed back into bed. Bobby slipped his hands over me and pulled me into him snuggling me into his body. I woke up to Bobby kissing my neck and I could feel his cock wanting to enter into my ass. I pushed my ass onto his dick and began riding him. We made love for nearly an hour until Bobby finally rewarded me with feeling my ass full of his cum. We got out of bed and headed to the shower to clean up. We walked into our shower and it felt great being able to shower in our own shower for a change. We got dressed and went to go see if anything has been found about where Apocalypse might be at. We passed Logan’s room and heard him grunting and somebody moaning. We peeked in and were shocked to see Logan and Hank going at it. Logan was huge and he was feeding Hank’s ass with his cock. Bobby and I quickly shut the door and we laughed because we both would have never guessed they were gay. We knew that if anything was found on Apocalypse it would need to wait until they were done for us to find out. We walked into the kitchen and saw Kurt and Rogue talking, Rogue had a rose in her hand and looked happy.

About a half hour after we caught Logan and Hank having sex they came into the conference room where we were all gathered in. Hank let Mystic talk about what they found “According to S.H.I.E.L.D there has been a high level of static electricity build up in the Valley of the Kings. Now from what we have learned from the scroll that Shawn, Bobby, and Peter found Apocalypse once lived with Nomads around that area when he was small. He was powerful than and like myself he didn’t look human. Anyways it is there that we believe for Apocalypse has his base at. With Charles help we contacted a group of mutants called the Eye of Ra and they are scouting the valley as we speak, so we are waiting to hear back from them. That’s all we found so now we wait”. Just as Mystic finished one of the monitors in the conference room flashed incoming call. Mark appeared on the screen as the Professor answered it. “Charles, X-men, and Brotherhood we have confirmation on Apocalypse’s whereabouts he is indeed in the Valley of the Kings. He has several mutants working for him and he also has people that almost look like the Hulk but unlike the Hulk these men are pale and have scales. I called S.H.I.E.L.D and they are contacting Bruce Banner aka the Hulk to help identify these men. Also he has a lot of sensors all throughout the valley to detect any movement, if it wasn’t for the cloaking devices that we got the plans from you guys we would not be calling you back. An archeologist unknowingly stepped into the valley and was attacked. We managed to get him out of there before he got hurt any worse and he is stable at the moment. As soon as you guys can get down here and we can end this the better. Mark out”.

We all sat there and talked about how to proceed on an attack. While we were discussing about how to put a stop on Apocalypse the monitor flashed again. The Professor answered it and a man who looked kind of scrawny came on “Professor Xavier I am Bruce Banner I was told by Nick Fury to contact you. I do know the men that look like my alternate self they are men who have tried to become the hulk. Sadly these men cannot change back to their former selves. Anyways they are to be considered hostile. While the Hulk is dangerous as Logan can testify these men have no problem killing even little old ladies if they cross paths. I can help you if you like or should I say the Hulk can help you”. The Professor told him to hold on for a second and we all then decided it would be an advantage having him with us. The Professor turned back to the screen “Bruce we all agree that the Hulks help would be much appreciated since we are unaware of these men’s abilities”. Bruce nodded “Alright I am just outside Buffalo, New York at my cabin. I can come to the school and go with you guys. I will see you in about two hours”. The final plans were set and we notified the Eye of Ra that we will be there in Egypt tonight. The Professor told us to go and relax and be ready to leave as soon as Bruce gets here.

Bobby and I spent the rest of the afternoon with my parents who to our surprise had gifts for Bobby and I. We talked about their honeymoon and we told them about Cairo. We all decided once all this stuff with Apocalypse was taken care of we would all go on a vacation together. My sixteenth birthday was coming up soon and my mom and dad asked me what I wanted to do. I looked out the window for a second then back at them “I honestly do not know what I want to do for my birthday. Right now all I can think about is this battle that we are about to have. Let’s see what happens after we fight Apocalypse and we can go from there”. My mom put her hand on my leg “we can do that sweetheart”. Bobby and I left my parents and I told him if he didn’t mind I really need to meditate and prepare myself. He offered to meditate with me and I knew I would be able to relax if he was close to me so I told him okay. We went to the garden and it was raining I sighed and said “typical here I just want to meditate out here and it’s raining”. Bobby excused himself for a minute and came back with Storm. He told her that we wanted to meditate out here but since it was raining it would be hard. She looked up to the sky and her eyes turned white and the clouds above the school disappeared and the sun was shining brightly she then looked at Bobby and I and winked and turned and left us alone in the garden.

Bobby and I sat down facing one another holding hands and began to meditate. We came together somehow inside my mind and the same glowing orb was in front of us. I came out of the orb and smiled at Bobby and I. “Bobby, Shawn I knew you both would be here and I know why you are here. Bobby I know Shawn loves you with all his heart and Shawn Bobby loves you with all his heart. The power of your love will help with the battle to come. Now I want you both to know things will get hard and Apocalypse will do everything he can to stop you Shawn. That is when you need to remember the love you and Bobby share that is the key to unlocking the full power of the Phoenix only then will you succeed against Apocalypse and his minions. Now I must go and so must you both it is time for you both to fulfill one of your destinies. Bobby and I looked at one another as we sat there and smiled and kissed each other. Just then we saw Bruce pull up in a van and we knew the time has come.

With the help of the Mark from the Eye of Ra we managed to get everyone to their headquarters in one of the Grand Pyramids. Their headquarters’ slash school was huge it was the whole pyramid and several levels underground. I noticed how uneasy Bruce was I could since it. I went over to him “hi Bruce I am Shawn I go by the name Ungathering when I am out there fighting. Anyways you okay?” Bruce looks at me and smiled softly “I don’t do to well in underground buildings. I am trying to keep myself calm for now just to keep the hulk at bay”. He went on and told me about the Hulk and how he sometimes loses control and the Hulk breaks free when he gets upset or begins to panic. I looked at him and I could since the hulk inside of him. “Would you mind me trying something, it will not hurt but I think I can help you both come to a more understanding”. Bruce was a little hesitant but he gave in. I took his hand and told him to close his eyes. We arrived deep into his self-conscience and the Hulk was there too. The Hulk saw me and he came charging at me I put my hand up “calm down Hulk I am not here to hurt you or am I here to hurt Bruce. I am a friend and I came here with Bruce to help you both out. He told me how you came to be and how you sometimes come out when he is angered or panicking”. The Hulk looked at me then at Bruce and said “Hulk listen”. I took a deep breath “Hulk we are about to go into a battle with a very powerful mutant one that is almost immortal. He has men who have tried to become like you and Bruce and we need your help Hulk. But you need to let Bruce help you fight them can you do that for us Hulk. The Hulk kept silent for a few minutes and then nodded an okay. I then told Bruce in front of the Hulk “You and he need to come into realization that this is who you are and you both need to work together. Only then can you both truly become one and work together”. We came back out of Bruce’s mind and he was much calmer now. He told me thank you and soon we headed to the Valley of the Kings.

We stepped through one of Mark’s portals and came out ready to stop Apocalypse. I saw Bruce take a deep breath and transformed into the Hulk. The Hulk looked at Wolverine and shoved him. I saw Logan growl and then said “Nice to see you to Hulk”. We made our way down to the bottom of the Valley where we ran into the beast like hulk guys. Logan and Hulk both charged at them and it was almost like the battle of the titans happening before our eyes. All of a sudden over twenty different mutants surrounded us and Magneto put his helmet on and said “Well here we go let’s stop this asshole”. We fought the mutants that were with Apocalypse. Soon Apocalypse appeared with four men standing behind him and he yelled “now my horsemen the time of Apocalypse is about to be fulfilled do what you were meant to and destroy those who oppose my reign”. The four mutants or his horsemen as he called us jumped down and began to fight us. I saw Apocalypse standing up on the hill he appeared in and I knew it was time for me to do what I had to. I looked at Bobby “I love you Bobby” and he told me he loved me and he knew what I needed to do.

I remembered what my inner self told me and I felt the love I had for Bobby and his love engulf me and just then my whole body felt this overwhelming love and a blue flame formed into the Phoenix and I shot up into the sky and landed near Apocalypse. He looked at me and snarled “You puny child I am Apocalypse you stand no chance against me”. I smiled at him “That’s where you are wrong Apocalypse I have the one thing that can defeat you and that is I have complete control of the Phoenix and I will stop you”. He came charging at me and we fought hard with both of us evenly matched. Soon Apocalypse began to wear down and I took him by the throat and picked him up into the air “Apocalypse your reign of terror will never come, I am your executioner and it is time to fulfill the Prophecy told to Prince Ramsey-Ra” I saw the terror in Apocalypse eyes and I waved my hands over the sky opening a path to the sun. I was shocked I was able to do this but I knew this was meant to happen. I threw Apocalypse through the whole and everyone turned when they heard him scream “NOOOO!” I watched Apocalypse burn up in the sun and the mutants he called his Horsemen looked around confused and asked where were they. Everyone shouted and cheered and I closed the path and softly landed on the ground and the flames disappeared. Bobby ran to me just as I collapsed of exhaustion to the ground. Everyone ran up to me and I saw Logan and the Hulk smile. An airship that looked like a military aircraft carrier arrived out of the blue and a man came down the ramp. He was African American and had an eye patch over his left eye. He looked at the Hulk who was now Bruce and nodded. He walked over to the Professor “Professor Charles Xavier we have not met directly but I am Nick Fury. I come to congratulate you on behalf of the human race on stopping Apocalypse. I also have come to take those four men away to a secured facility”. He said pointing to the hulk like beast that was lying in a pile unconscious.

That night we all celebrated and it felt great that we became one. After the party the brotherhood left and right before Magneto exited he turned to the Professor. “Oh Charles it was nice working with you again but do not forget that my feel for the Homo sapiens has not changed. He smiled and walked out of the Mansion. Things got back to normal after that Hank was asked by the President of the United States to be an ambassador for the mutants. My parents took Bobby on vacation to the Bahamas for a week. Bobby taught me how to surf and everyone was shocked when they saw our boards were complete made of ice. We got back and my parents threw me a birthday party on my birthday August 30th. I was completely excited because I had everything I have ever wanted in life. I graduated from all my classes early at the Mansion and became a teacher in Biology and Chemistry replacing Hank. The Brotherhood kept trying to cause problems but we the X-men stopped them every time. When I turned 18 Bobby surprised me on my Birthday asking me to marry him. Of course I told him yes, we got married on December 4th and my parents got us a condo about two miles from the school as a wedding gift. We loved one another so much and soon we adopted a young boy who was a mutant who had the ability to control nature.

The End